esam flying into the 'danger zone'

Top Gun - Danger Zone

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Jon Bon Jovi - its my life

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GravyFloid This is also a great song for karaoke, lol
GravyFloid You've been....Thunder struck!

AC DC - Thunder Struck

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GravyFloid This song has always made me laugh

AC/DCBig Balls

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AC_DC - Highway_To_Hell

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AC_DC - Dirty_Deeds_Done_Dirt_Cheap

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AC_DC - For_Those_About_to_Rock_We_Salute_You_

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GravyFloid Such great memories with this song...
GravyFloid This song goes out to all my friends who are fighting for our country.
GravyFloid One of my best workout songs. The intensity of this song just gets your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing
GravyFloid Great song, but the first several seconds are totally unnecessary
GravyFloid This was the first Metallica song I ever listened to...I was hooked ever since.
GravyFloid One of their best songs in my opinion
GravyFloid LEGENDARY song. The guitar solo is just amazing.
GravyFloid One of the best Metallica songs ever.


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GravyFloid I was surprised when I learned that this song was actually about cancer.
GravyFloid Another AWESOME workout song. Everytime I listen to this song, I want to drive 200 mph on an open desert road


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GravyFloid One of the best Fuel songs.
GravyFloid I know that Bob Seger wrote this song first. However, I honestly believe Metallica did a better job singing it, lol.
GravyFloid Major props to the Blue Oyster Cult for writing this song...but it NEEDS MORE COWBELL! have to admit, Metallica did a better job singing it, lol.
GravyFloid Another workout song of mine. Utterly awesome.
GravyFloid I really liked this rendition of All Along The Watchtower
GravyFloid For some reason like 60% of this track is missing. But it's still absolutely epic. One of my best workout songs.
GravyFloid Gotta keep the loonies on the path...
GravyFloid One of the best Floyd songs ever, with a guitar solo that rivals Echoes.
GravyFloid Mother, why did it have to be so high?
GravyFloid I am you, and what I see is me. Such a great song.
GravyFloid We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl.
GravyFloid Where have you been? That's ok, we know where you've been.

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

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GravyFloid I found it interesting when I found out this song was about the music industry rather than society as a whole. Although it could definitely be. (reblip)

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

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GravyFloid This is, hands down, the best song from Breaking Benjamin. Also it's one of my workout songs.


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GravyFloid That's right Iceman! I AM dangerous! (reblip)

Top Gun - Danger Zone

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GravyFloid That old man, he's a real Mutha Fugga.
GravyFloid What we've got here is....FAILURE to communicate! Some men, you just can't reach...
GravyFloid Beautiful track for such a great movie. Hands down one of Russell Crowe's best performances
GravyFloid The vocal on this track is almost angelic. Really gives you a feeling that you've just walked into the city of grandeur
GravyFloid One of the best tracks from The Dark Knight.
GravyFloid I feel like grabbing my Gladius and invading somewhere when I listen to this track
GravyFloid This is such a great track, especially towards the end. The intensity builds up in a grand finale. I love those kinds of pieces.
GravyFloid This is one of my favorite epic tracks. Also a great song for running too.
GravyFloid I'm Rick James, b*tch! Enjoy yo'self!
GravyFloid This is one of Prince's best songs. Or should I say...the artist formerly known as Prince...or the weird symbol thingy...
GravyFloid Sometimes the ugliest things take the longest time to make...and sometimes the easiest habits are the hardest ones to break.
GravyFloid Everytime I hear this song, I think of the movie "Lost in Translation"
GravyFloid One of the best Audioslave songs...ever. In fact, their first album was the best album out of all of them.
GravyFloid The music video to this song was funny. Funny part is, I had pictured driving through the desert even before I saw the video.
GravyFloid Another awesome song from their first album.
GravyFloid I love the explosive intro to this song.
GravyFloid This song just reminds me of life itself. It's a great song to listen to while taking a long walk during a nice sunset.
GravyFloid Great song. I just happen to think it's a little overrated ;)
GravyFloid OOoohhooo...Look what you've done!
GravyFloid It's better to burn out...than to fade away!!!
GravyFloid You want to impress a gal? Sing this to her.
GravyFloid This song was my favorite, until some stupid car commercial ruined it for me for a couple of years.
GravyFloid My favorite Gorillaz song!
GravyFloid I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time.
GravyFloid The song is great. Not only that, I keep thinking of one of the best action scenes ever with the club shootout in "Collateral"

Ready Steady Go

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GravyFloid SHERIF DON'T LIKE IT! ROCKIN' THE CASBAH! I love this song.
GravyFloid This is a great song to workout to.


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GravyFloid @tikkamadsen TACOOOOOOOO! NACHOOOOOOO! TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE! heh heh heh. Heh, Butthead, she said "Cornholio" heh heh
GravyFloid Don't be ashamed to be the person you are today!
GravyFloid We could conquer the world together! This is my favorite Staind song.


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GravyFloid Tell me I'm not the only one who pictures driving in an old Mustang with a shotgun and blasting witches through the window when listening to this song
GravyFloid I love the raw guitar in this track. It makes me feel like an outlaw or something.
GravyFloid This track is really foreboding, but calming at the same time.
GravyFloid It's said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is a great song.
GravyFloid This is how Billie Jean should be have been sung originally. Of course, that's not saying the original wasn't awesome either ;)
GravyFloid Such a classic Metallica song. Great memories.
GravyFloid There's nothing worse than being stuck between life and death, not being able to do anything. Legendary song.


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GravyFloid Very powerful chorus in this one RB @gogogoma @tikkamadsen Songs with powerful rifts w/o the voice getting overpowered are indicative of good quality (reblip)

Snow PatrolRun

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GravyFloid @tikkamadsen @gogogoma I'd say this is one of their better songs


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GravyFloid This track make me want to dress in a trenchcoat, go to a crowded club & sneak up on people & give them nuggies...Then flip around & dropkick people;)
GravyFloid The ethereal beauty of this track never ceases to give me matter how many times I listen to it.
GravyFloid This composition is so simple, yet conveys such raw emotion in it. I guess that's why Beethoven is still one of the most legendary composers.
GravyFloid This is one of the most awesome tracks EVER. I always finish my runs with this track.

04-Storming New Caprica

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