GrayJones The cycle of life again, this time from a father's perspective. Harry Chapin says "it scares me to death" - he's right! As well it should all of us.
GrayJones Lesser known tune from 1992. This Australian band made a splash in the early 1990's -- opened for a number of big acts but never hit the big time.

Baby AnimalsOne Word

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GrayJones Bob Geldof- about a San Diego school shooting in 1979. Became a worldwide hit, but was unofficially boycotted in the U.S. (Wikipedia)
GrayJones Yeah, mine too! @norbuck: "This is one of my favorite songs from THE OC. I can still remember how much the song inspired me while i was editing." (reblip)

The Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends".

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GrayJones This song was in Benny & Joon because Mary Stuart Masterson happened to be listening to the Proclaimers and recommended it to the producers.
GrayJones Billy Joel in 1984... I absolutely adore the harmonies in this song, and the video is lots of fun.

Billy Joel- For The Longest Time (Released '84, Billboard #14)

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GrayJones One of those songs you could "name that tune" in 2 notes. From the opening strains, it totally mesmerizes me.

Steve Perry- Oh Sherrie (Remastered Audio)

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GrayJones A wistful, longing song... quite a break from Depeche Mode's style at the time.
GrayJones Of course you can't discuss Joni Mitchell without Big Yellow Taxi. I love Amy Grant's version, but it's amazing to see Joni performing her song here.
GrayJones I was born 2 years after Joni Mitchell released this song... but somehow I feel it brings me back to that time.
GrayJones Great upbeat song from the mid 1990's. Hard to believe that's Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint, Ink) singing -- back when he had hair.


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GrayJones This was one of my favorite songs to cover when I played with my rock band in the early 1990's.
GrayJones Dr. Seuss would be proud! Moxy Fruvous opened for my band back in 1991. They were very tight, and their songs were very funny.
GrayJones Great Quantum Leap cheese. I loved the singing in this episode... better than the studio version Scott Bakula released later.
GrayJones Sweet, genuine, emotionally moving... I love songs like this, which speak about the cycle of life.
GrayJones For those of us with father issues... actually it's a deep, yet hopeful song.
GrayJones And Tom Petty rounds out my trilogy of cruising songs. Now if it was only summer...
GrayJones Another one for cruising fast. This unplugged version doesn't have the same energy as the one on the album, but it's cool if you've overplayed the CD.

EVE 6 "Open Road Song"

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GrayJones Could there be a better song for cruising in the summer with the windows down?
GrayJones My wife loves it when I sing this song to her. Cheerfully romantic, great harmonies.
GrayJones Just so you don't think I stopped listening to music in 1995.


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GrayJones If you can believe it, this is my stepson's song -- he wrote it, and is the lead singer. He's working on an album in Vancouver. Way cool, eh?
GrayJones Released 1984 - how is it I never get tired of listening to it? "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life..."

PrinceLet's Go Crazy

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GrayJones This song is forever tied to American Idol for me, but that's not a bad thing... it captures that feeling when you fall and need to get up.

Daniel Powder Bad-Day

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GrayJones Incredibly catchy chorus, but do you think this would have been a hit without Smallville?

Remy Zero: Save Me (Theme from Smallville)

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GrayJones Speaking of unplugged... I couldn't imagine losing my son the way Eric Clapton did. This is a heart-wrenching song if you put yourself in his shoes.
GrayJones I like this unplugged version of the classic Spirit of the West song from 1990. He has some interesting comments about music trends before the song.
GrayJones I've never seen people get as crazy on the dance floor as for this song. I love the Celtic influence.
GrayJones An absolute classic, and not just because of the white scarf!

StyxCome Sail Away

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GrayJones Speaking of trances -- I find Sarah Mclachlan's voice & music hypnotic. This song is no exception.
GrayJones Being of Celtic origin myself, I'm a sucker for Celtic music. This song practically puts me in a trance.
GrayJones On the topic of Mike Myers movie soundtracks, I first heard this on the "Wayne's World 2" soundtrack, and fell in love with the song.
GrayJones The "So I Married An Axe Murderer" soundtrack is one of my favorite albums. I could play it over and over again.
GrayJones Who knew a song that started with "oo ga cha ka" could be so catchy?

Reservoir Dogs 04 Hooked on a feeling

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GrayJones I visited Carolyn Arends and her family last year. She's a sweetheart in person, and really means what she sings.
GrayJones If Eve6's debut album had been a cassette tape I would have worn it out... pretty impressive for a band of high school students!

Eve 6How much longer

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GrayJones Another TV theme that became a hit song. Looking for the next one...
GrayJones Pretty amazing when a TV theme becomes a hit song. We need more of these!
GrayJones This is my favorite video of all time. I don't know another than moves me so much emotionally, with such deep social & political relevance. Powerful.
GrayJones On the topic of fashion -- why did only the drummer get the message to dress up like the Flintstones? Holy continuous beard, Batman!
GrayJones This has been way overplayed, but I remember when I first saw this video and heard the song: totally surprised, moved by its simplicity & harmony.
GrayJones Speaking of a music video shot in Toronto -- this was a huge hit in 1986, thanks to the popularity of its video on MuchMusic.

The Pursuit of Happiness "I'm an Adult Now"

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GrayJones It's hard to imagine the movie "Pump Up the Volume" without this song. It almost single-handedly set up the mood for the film.
GrayJones OK, stuck on oldies today... I love seeing the Toronto subway of 26 years ago in this video.
GrayJones Speaking of university: I loved singing this when I was in residence at York University (1991 I think). Not many rock songs for us baritones/basses.

Crash Test Dummies: Superman's Song

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GrayJones Simple song... I really connect emotionally with it. It reminds me of early relationships in university.
GrayJones Jeffster seems to love the early 1980's -- here's a Styx one from 1983 they covered. Love the video!
GrayJones An absolute classic, from 1982. Jeffster did a great job, but it was nothing like the original. ;-)


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GrayJones Before I joined my rock band in 1986, they only knew how to play this one song, and practiced it over and over. Thankfully, we diversified.
GrayJones The band name and title say it all. Great quirky favorite from the early 1990's.
GrayJones An a cappella favorite from Weird Al. He must be really successful in his relationships...
GrayJones Also unplugged, but with a lot more humor...
GrayJones I love the fast beat and energy in this song. It's a great pick-me-up, both in the music and lyrics.
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