Greenfields47 Joyride Roxette(sweden)

Roxette Joyride

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Elton John-Rocket man

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Greenfields47 Love Don Henley/Eagles,bought all his albums. lyrics of this song, Lawyers Dwell on too much on Small details,is end of BIg GOOD details. (reblip)

Don Henley-The End of The Innocence

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sunlander Many thx @dANGELofLOVE: "Lara Fabian "Light Of My Life" TY @Dancer12 @amphore @Atomik @finndc @starlingpoet @lasmart @FGS1959 @TheCode" (reblip)

Lara Fabian Light Of My Life

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bruss Neil Young--Heart of Gold--keep me searching for a heart of gold,and i'm getting old

Neil Young, Heart of gold (unplugged)

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Greenfields47 Have a listen to LOBO,see if U like@pussygalore007
Greenfields47 What simple things of life do love? Carly loves many simple things@Dancer12 @dANGELofLOVE: "@Thaiangel""" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Have a listen to this is very positive song (reblip)
MusicIsMySoul3 ~ Lonestar - Not A Day Goes By ~ Got a memory of you, I carry in my soul Wrap it close around me, when the world gets cold

Lonestar - Not A Day Goes By

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Firecracker16 =D @BarbieRay: ROTFL snaps2Ugirl! @Firecracker16 See who??rb @TropicsZ4 right,no 1 canC us. @BarbieRay: cause,like,nobody can see us,right? @TropicsZ4 (reblip)
organicsue Garth Brooks – Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
ElementsOfJazz rb from @fureousangel: Wynton Marsalis "Christmas Jazz Jam"[video] Thank you! :) (reblip)

Wynton Marsalis Christmas Jazz Jam

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Greenfields47 Blipstar@huangmarong needs 22 listeners to get 1st badge. Easy to help,just click the FAV DJ spot. @ANY DJ (reblip)

Right Here, Right Now

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dnya thanks, have not heard this before RB @Greenfields47: " many thanks....dnya" (reblip)

Moonlight Lady ^Julio Iglesias

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FM102x @Greenfields47: "tyvm@blackgrapes: "Rbn @ffunnyguy COLONIAL COUSINS-KRISHNA NEE BEGANE "wow very powerful""" (reblip)


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三橋美智也 : 今夜も星がいっぱいだ Mihashi Michiya : Kon-ya mo hosi ga ippai da

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BOB GELDOF and THE BOOMTOWN RATS-I dont like Mondays

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Greenfields47 TY rb..@droolius: "love ur new avi,very charming!xxoo@str8jgirl (reblip)
Greenfields47 "Do people like going to Pitcairn Island(population 50 ) or to Nasa-Soyuz Tech's Orbiting pitcairn ISS(population less than 50)?? @droolius" (reblip)
Greenfields47 TY rb@ca_: "é a melhor coisa pra se ouvir na vida." (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary elton john - nikita

elton john - nikita

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Greenfields47 Protest revolutions in Thailand/Kyrgyzstan. Is it because people fed up,and feeling like a another brick in the wall.
Greenfields47 Thanks abarbosa,now I know sadie@abarbosa: "Sadie is my favorite dancer ~*\o/*~" (reblip)
Greenfields47 east side to west side travel. 10 hour air travel resume between london and baghdad ,after 20 years (reblip)
Greenfields47 Belgian politics moving Yves Leterme govt coaliton in disunity, due to disunity between Dutch Parties and French Parties (reblip)
Greenfields47 BY (alphablondy) No matter who win ,crying out goes on No matter who lose,crying out goes on No matter who wins ,they got to stop the fighting (reblip)

Alpha Blondy peace in Liberia

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Greenfields47 27 days more to worldcup2010 THE ROCK,WE CAN BUILD ON (reblip)
Greenfields47 world cup fever..23 days more With team netherlands in group.. Denmark Japan Cameroon (reblip)

WK lied 2010 Nederland EDWIN SCHIPPER

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Greenfields47 Today ,conflict at US air force base ,bagram,afghanistan 10 killed and 7 injured. (reblip)

Afghan's Classical Tapay, uploaded by

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Greenfields47 4 days more only.. competitions for soccer world cup...


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De_Ann vi@fe_russo >> Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love (reblip)

Alabama Song Of The South

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Greenfields47 wcup2010 teams go up and down ..... NEDERLAND vs URUGUAY... GERMANY vs ESPANA
Greenfields47 news ,,,,2 russian spies admit using false names in arlington,virginia (reblip)
Greenfields47 thanks ,doll by doll..1st time listening to themggg@MONIKKA: "Thanks for reblipping @Greenfields47" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Slavery to worldcup2010 .. coming to a end .....Nederland vs Spain...//..11th july (reblip)
Greenfields47 @CarsonsGma<<1 more listener to 100 badge..... (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac~ I Dont want to Know

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Greenfields47 Happy birthday,,,,@BunnyHoney.....also birthday for christine mcvie-fleetwood mac (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac~ I Dont want to Know

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Greenfields47 if have more work than normal,more stressed out.. so will not do blips. Even if do blips,will not enjoy myself...@Greenfields47: hi ^^ wasn´t here (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac~ I Dont want to Know

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Greenfields47 Sam hui...medley1987...@micshelly@Kiyong @ysseou21@straywebsurfer

許冠傑- 咪當我老襯Medley 1987

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DJHep @Greenfields47: "ty rb@MrsASoprano: "@Saltydog rb@THEORDEROFEARTH: ""....Sweet love ,showin us a heavenly light."""" (reblip)

"Whenever I Call You Friend " Stevie Nicks & Kenny Loggins

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Greenfields47 "neil diamond...lady magdalene"....@dANGELofLOVE..@Dancer12@harmony60 (reblip)

Lady Magdalene Neil Diamond

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Greenfields47 dr ALBAN CASH MONEY

Dr.alban Cash Money

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Greenfields47 Glen Campbell...try a little kindness. live(2002).... @dANGELofLOVE@Dancer12@LynnSunshine

Glen Campbell Try A Little Kindness Live 2002

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Greenfields47 2010 youth olympics...1st china 3 goldmedals... 2nd Azerbaijan 2 goldmedals.. 3 rd Russia- 1 gold 2 silver .... 4th USA 1 gold 1 bronze
Greenfields47 crowded house....there goes god.... (reblip)
Greenfields47 thanks for def leppard rb @christinealbrecht: "@Greenfields47: "def leppard hysteria"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Welcome blipfm web world of DJs and thanks for add ... @birgitzz
Greenfields47 luv it @junie12e: "well... how did I get here? ~ @JonathanDune: "G'day@Greenfields47 TY Rbs!...YOU may find YOURself living n a beautiful house...""" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Enjoy new badge@Jumbojetje....some party music for U" (reblip)
Greenfields47 hi artsyboo..@Artsyboo: "This was their first Video, thank you for the re-blips they are climbing fast & the guys say thanks!!" (reblip)

PetreeMemory Lane

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Greenfields47 "TY rebel heart...the Corrs @Dancer12@dANGELofLOVE (reblip)

Rebel Heart by The Corrs

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Ric Ocasek, Crash

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Greenfields47 "TYVM ....ric ocasek...race to nowhere.....@libratsie (reblip)

Ric Ocasek, Crash

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Greenfields47 ""TYVM ....ric ocasek...race to nowhere.... .@AmyisImaginary (reblip)

Ric Ocasek, Crash

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Greenfields47 @jesseluna<<<<6 more to 500 badge... some support friends
Greenfields47 @libratsie<<<<6 more only to 5000 DJs heights.... (reblip)

(NOW ON ITUNES) DO it for PEACE (John Lennon Interview)

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(NOW ON ITUNES) DO it for PEACE (John Lennon Interview)

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Greenfields47 TY.....Peace...John Lennon ...@musicforever@PaintedDaisy

(NOW ON ITUNES) DO it for PEACE (John Lennon Interview)

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Greenfields47 ty rb@MindSight: "exactly! @ZONE: "I imagine Imagine....important reblip thx@FernandaW: "as Gandhi said:"An eye for an eye will make us all blind"."" (reblip)
Greenfields47 TY paul simon...born right time...@ladypn @Vaiva @dANGELofLOVE@Dancer12 (reblip)

Paul Simon- Born at the Right Time

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Greenfields47 "ty n happy holidays @TropicsZ4 (reblip)

Silver Bells (Metal Xmas)

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Greenfields47 ty @str8jgirl: "there's things that you know and things that you guess ~" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Metal Xmas..."" (reblip)

Happy Xmas(War Is Over) (Metal Xmas)

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Greenfields47 celebrate year eve..Happy New Year2011. (reblip)
Greenfields47 The Movie made USD 700 million,by saying this@ThaiAngel: "thxQ , was that is like a box of never knew what you gonna get ? (reblip)

Forest GumpTheme

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Greenfields47 ty@sir_edward_ross: "RB @Matericia: @TheNewDeal: David Koch (Worth $21 Billion) Thinks Public School Teachers ($43,000 a Year) Make Too Much Money." (reblip)
Greenfields47 Free all the power and give 2 the people more fights ....@straywebsurfer @aki @marigoldjp @ysseo21 @yuricca (reblip)

Dr.alban Mata Oh a Eh

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Greenfields47 The key to 2 songs,our jungles,our culture,our language and our hospitality . we believe key is.. 2 know Malaysia,is2 loveMalaysia...@c3p0

Zainal Abidin Hijau Remix

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Greenfields47 music cares not for sucees or failure is (reblip)
Greenfields47 tyrb @DJVinnje:"U see it your way,Blip DJs see it their way and i see it my way..""" (reblip)


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Greenfields47 ty rb@starsshine: "@me "TY.... simple plan....welcome to my life"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 ty@Matericia:The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises; the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness"" (reblip)

Judy Garland: Battle Hymn of the Republic

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Greenfields47 ...<<<@illie_again: "were do you find a list? @JessieDows"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 Hiya ..yup listen2 SL..@djSherryLove: "ty :) @scotlandlover: "may take a while IF they do~meanwhile relax and enjoy and adding you now :) (reblip)
Greenfields47 ty rb @tomcorc64: "buenos recuerdos, thnsk (reblip)

Neutron Dance by: The Pointer Sisters

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Greenfields47 "quarter finalist....African Cup of Nations2012...are..E.Guinea Zambia Sudan IvoryCoast ...GABON TUNISIA.....Ghana .....Mali or Guinea (reblip)


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Greenfields47 perfect world music@JessieDows:Lol@Ineluctable: "Love this, in a perfect world anyone who blipped it would get 1000 new followers immediately, thanks (reblip)
Greenfields47 rb@Greenfields47: "LOL rb@alexparr: "LOL ♥ rb @auticomics: "That reminds me, i have to water my weed. :P @alexparr: "" (reblip)

SUZI QUATRO-stick and stones-usa 1973

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Greenfields47 korea voteSAENURI (GNP)thunderstruck lost seats to get 152seats only,DEMOCRATIC UNITED at 127seats FRANCE(9days2go)@BestOfMe (reblip)
Greenfields47 sentimental is Good@ellendiane: "am one@G...@Robcamstone: "@e a very sentimental ,psychic empath... (reblip)
Greenfields47 "">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@TranceDoubt<<<<<9DJs more to 50badge"" (reblip)

Great DJ by The Ting Tings

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Greenfields47 1776 hours more2go ONLY...for LONDON..lets them BREAK the records again..LOL@lemontree10: ":D (reblip)
Greenfields47 ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@christina_Bulova<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<13DJs more to 100badge" (reblip)
Greenfields47 @Stationer : ""14 days2go UEFA EURO2012(in Poland&Ukraine)" Group C ....IRELAND SPAIN CROATIA ITALY"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 rb@Annimallover: "We ALL have GOD within us~that is why the angels work 4 us RB@alexparr: "There is good in everyone!@autiboy@alexparr@Kioni" (reblip)

Joan Osborne what if god was one of us

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scotlandlover LOL it's a bunch of props at once :) @fayezeewayzee: "Don't know what that is, but I'll TAKE IT!RB @SL "IDK bout a prize but maybe a propbomb (reblip)

Brad Paisley anything like me Lyrics

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Elton John Rock in Rio IV 2011 Goodbye yellow Brick Road

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Greenfields47 imagine hearing only.. rod stewart songs today.. will be boring :)@zoja01: "@G..deejays always better artists :) (reblip)

Great DJ by The Ting Tings

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Greenfields47 28th jan-100K...done 50props on 27th...50 more on28th @StreamingMimi

John Denver Poems Prayers and Promises

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Greenfields47 what year was 1st mobile telephoneSMS sent??? a) 1990 b)1988 c)1992 d)1989
livingrope rb@jong: "The Cure – A strange day" (reblip)
Greenfields47 ""hey rob....u must join SPOTIFY....all music stream is high quality low quality ...@Robs_Blips" (reblip)

SpotifyFor Music

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Greenfields47 103 IOC...voters,,, plus 2 IOC voters from Malaysia&Hungary voting....for olympic2020 city ...@zoja01

John Williams Olympic Spirit 1988 Summer Olympics

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Greenfields47 "....ty ralph mctell ...London @Red_Sonja (reblip)

Ralph McTell Streets of London

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Greenfields47 all the beam outs into new BLIP SPACESHIPS helped a lot:)@scotlandlover: "good luck with that :P @Greenfields47: "finally doin above 140,000 (reblip)
Greenfields47 hawk's space ship rules for ann&maryness@HawkNoize: "Against All Authority – Nothing To Lose @maryness @zoja01 (reblip)
Greenfields47 ": """124DAYS2WORLDCUP in BRAZIL... 165DAYS 2CommonwealthGAMES IN SCOTLAND .. (reblip)
Greenfields47 used to be brit (beatles)invasion of is US invasion of miloland UK??:)@milome: "internet kills all@G (reblip)
organicsue Hey Joanie & Raja! Happy EAster! xo @Greenfields47: "hi all seagulls okay today??:)@JoanieBeachMusic: "G☼☼d Aftern☼☼n fr☼m the Hampt☼ns   \︵     ︵⁄   (reblip)
Greenfields47 @JazzYogi888: "Oh no ~lol~ just hello & konnichi wa Atsuko :)@DjLerica: "Yes! ...and never forget:)@bytera: "❏ Don't Cry for the G8, (reblip)
Greenfields47 going for the GOALS??? ;)) .....for team Greece at BRASIL2014@kaltasodark (reblip)
Greenfields47 ok cool u like italian@elyssyan: "☺ T.Y@Greenfields47: """"joinin learn Italian songs class?? :))@elyssyan"" (reblip)

The Ting Tings-That's Not My Name(Live at Glastonbury 2009)

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THEORDEROFEARTH BTP @angiece: "Tegan & Sara – "Closer" (Live Session)" RAV3W #FREESPIRIT (reblip)
Greenfields47 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@DJBadBilly<<<<<<<<<<<<<only 1 deejay more to 10000badge.... 1 deejay help needed (reblip)

The 1975Chocolate

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Greenfields47 we don't know how2 utilize life in2015@THEORDEROFEARTH: "2014 broke humanitarian efforts~2015 is critical~live n Power or live n Social Relations Rb (reblip)
Greenfields47 : "tks...for coming rebuild blipcity :)@WithOutMakeUp (reblip)

"We Built This City" ~ Starship

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Greenfields47 like clark kent2...n mild mannered?? :)@SarahHorvat: "Her real disguise was a modest dress... @" (reblip)
Greenfields47 LOL :)@JazzYogi888: "well, u know, mistakes are for making ~lol~:)@Greenfields47: @40GRAUS"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 @Greenfields47: ""more new order@ Pudliszek" (reblip)

New Order Regret Oficial Video

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Greenfields47 all in the eyes of beholder@AscensionArcana: the observer changes the results of the experiment, so most everything is partially a lie"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 EAV=erste allgemeine verunsicherung ..erste ( first),,,allgemeine means general..n verunsicherung(uncertainty")...first general of uncertainty@Rosa147 (reblip)


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Greenfields47 @eloy13: "well, my friend..u is not easy to translate it correctly..LOLLOLLOL...@Greenfields47: "english version of DA DA DA LOL@eloy13"" (reblip)
Greenfields47 congrats team brazil 2nd best... in FIFA world cup2015 (under21) in NZ@BRIGLIASONGS" (reblip)
Greenfields47 rb@daytonacharger: "you forget that the first thing you need to be to be a good politican is to be a good LIAR !!!@aerowolf36: you ever @ellendiane" (reblip)
Greenfields47 keep talking at universe/earth people here... someone at blipville/internetville/on earth will listen@sapphiresanke

Stevie Nicks Talk to me Live 1987

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eloy13 thx...@Greenfields47: "more BLONDIE band....beat begining same as... underworld king of snake@eloy13" (reblip)
bigmuff79 it means "searching for the end"@purr56: "Nice song :) What does "buscando el fin" mean?" (reblip)

Flowers for Algernon Trailer

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toni_kejr Johnny Winter – Mean Town Blues (1970) (reblip)
eloy13 ...U got the cash but ur credit's no good..."Sedona"
toni_kejr Atlanta Rhythm Section-So Into You (reblip)

Atlanta Rhythm Section-So Into You

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ellendiane Jon Stewart:) x rb@Greenfields47: "Gives us merkel lol@eloy13: "and types/guyz want to govern in the future the United Statehallelujah.. (reblip)
eloy13 ...mathematics professor G47..where are U ???... "Madman´s Return" @Greenfields47
zoja01 yes@Greenfields47: "wolf facebook-google-youtube... want2 swallow small town blipville.....they want deejays here go to FB(plenty go there already) (reblip)
zoja01 perhaps succeed @Greenfields47: "No easy fight...for blipville...even boss not fighting big enough..he should sent blips2 all deejays tell $ situation (reblip)
Greenfields47 Hi...was missing..a few days.. was not working a few days@eloy13: " (reblip)
eloy13"Cocaine" CALE...

J. J. Cale, " Cocaine " ( Norwood & Hills Remix )

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Greenfields47 Blipfm software idea should never give up. they can sell it to another person...been on many websites...where there was takeover by new people@elyssyn
organicsue The Things We Do For Love / 10cc
Greenfields47 @hvo: "@Greenfields47: "@UltraMarin: "Please everybody, if we haven't done what we could have done we've tried...""" (reblip)
Greenfields47 made us rough...but never too rough (reblip)
eloy13 hi buddy..nice to CU in the club @Greenfields47 (reblip)

Kazım Koyuncu Koçari

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Greenfields47 @Besos: "is this correct?@@Greenfields47 - espero que você esteja bem" (reblip)


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Say The Word LIVE -- of Dirt and Grace -- Hillsong UNITED

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toni_kejr 2017 will go as well. I'm nearly sure ;-) @Greenfields47: "2009 gone 2010gone...@toni_kejr: "Thx. Falco is gone......@G@eloy13" (reblip)
Greenfields47 @testingaccount: "@SarahHorvat: "@THEORDEROFEARTH: "Rockstar "Thanks U Rock my Stardust ~" (reblip)

Rockstar || Lyrics

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Greenfields47 has got better by 10percent at blip..90percent more work needed to fix most of the woes ofblip@StreamingMimii: "Well, it can't get any worse, (reblip)

Ain't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got Love

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Johnny Guitar Watson,I Need It

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American Pride by Alabama

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Greenfields47 With blip platform goin the way it does....there will be few Deeejays doin emotional music rescues lol
Greenfields47 Knowledge rules.. don't believe hypes
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