Hometapes This oughta be my alarm clock...the whole dang song, but especially that bell that keeps ringing...
Hometapes Don't miss this new album of edits by Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve! CRAZY GOOD!
Hometapes japan & sweden --- together at last.
Hometapes Gray & rainy outside --- sunny & clear inside when listening to Windsurf :)
kardwell Or The Smiths. (Also: damn! Looks that's the end of tonight's Beatles theme)
WindyVieira I have someone special in mind when I hear this, someone like me who can't be caged.
leroy77 you were wrong when you said, "Everything's gonna be all right."
Clark_Griswold Listening to some wonderful Christmas music on the way home from the Christmas tree farm. :) http://twitter.com/clarkgriswld (ForBlipFmFans)
SherriJackson An Ohio(!) band that I've loved for almost half of my life. This song is particularly nostaligic for me.
tintinabulation wake up!

Rod Stewart - Maggie May Original

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Greenie for the show last night, grreeeeat encore
Greenie i was just looking for a good kravitz song! (reblip)
Greenie yeahhh dylan sounds good..

Bob DylanHurricane

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bigredrobot I sort of have Rod Stewart hair today. Sans mullet, thank goodness, but still.
Trillian Covers are good ;) While Whiny Amy gets drunk and beats up her guy. She's no good but writes good music. (reblip)
Figgywithit And all is calm, all is calm
nixie ...just because I LOVE this song.
DrAwesome I'm down with baroque harmonic pop jams.
djwashingtonson Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band

Dee Lite - Groove is in the Heart

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Figgywithit Pitchfork's 4th Best Track of 2008 (reblip)
hobbster if I remember correctly, the video for this one is fabulously lame.
MeeJong I may have mentioned before, I love the rain. (reblip)
carly love this song...was just thinking of the awesome scene in 40 year old virgin..."let's get some f*ckin french toast!"
Greenie Lyrics Born got somethin to say...

Lyrics BornPack Up

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verafero it feels like something's heating up...can I leave with u?

Justin Timberlake - Senorita

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by_starla @sophie_o how are you? getting ready for a weekend of sleeping and shopping? :)
Sandman5 The love we share, Seems to go nowhere, And I've lost my light, For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night....
Fievel The only song by them I can stand.
bendrix 16 of 35 - a very memorable blip - Thanks to @gigia on 11/27/08 -Gigia = blip.fm -sounds like a jazzy upgraded 1950s Christmas commercial- its GREAT

KoopCome to Me

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Soniktim Produced by Dr. Dre...huh? Wha?
hobbster the end of December was coming on...
ladypn @musoSF You're right! LOL! I've not seen any blip of this before. ;) (reblip)

David BowieDJ

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bendrix 20 of 35- a very memorable blip- Thanks @Poulette on 12/02/08- I dig Poulettes taste- sounds like Morcheeba or Martina Topley vs Kill Bill soundtrack
bendrix 21 of 35 - a very memorable blip - Thanks to @daretoeatpeach on 12/03/08 - music sounds Depeche Modeish vs vocals Robert Smithish (from the Cure)
bendrix 34 of 35 - a very memorable blip - Thanks to @kozmica on 12/19/08 - Very Cool Track - vocals sound like Bjork & Macy Gray merged as a drunken sailor


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marcellemml I'm waiting for my moment to come, I'm waiting for the movie to begin... I'm waiting for a revelation, I'm waiting for someone to count me in


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Greenie ya! was looking for this.. Sufjan Stevens, dumb i sound


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girrl crash and burn.


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djwashingtonson Someday At Christmas - Stevie Wonder (Motown Christmas) when we learn what lives are for there will be peace on earth
lub time 4 another classic!

The PharcydeRunnin'

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Sandman5 A satellite recalled your voice, Sent me round the world again, All the night you've dreamt away, Sent me round my heart again....
Greenie so cute! doesn't go with the love theme, but i have to play foundations next...

Kate NashBaby Love

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LauraO I just can't switch myself off When I want to so I never do Because I'm mental, be gentle, be gentle :) @colocoowl 10x (reblip)

Ani DeFranco - Not A Pretty Girl (live -w- The Indigo Girls)

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Sandman5 @evablue, It was the perfect kind of snow for making snow angels... :) (reblip)
jackikay Time and time again I play the role of fool just for you.

AdeleCold Shoulder

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jeff Just trying out the new hellotxt.com integration with Blip.fm. Let's see if this hits the blipstream
Greenie well, not internationally, yet :)
TheUnwelcomeGuest @evablue... Hey... I'm not that hardcore... And I can kick it anyway I want!
mizzle "I'm lucky I'm in Love with My Best Friend." ... Lucky (Feat. Colbie Caillat) – Jason Mraz
futurebiblehero it is minus 7 celsius over here - time for cosiness


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MeeJong I miss the empty bottle of OE dayze.

The PharcydeDrop

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Greenie @Shukitty, did some sea kayaking today... amazing..
Greenie @Mendeley, as it is in Cleveland.... where I'm NOT looking forward to returning to!!
Mendeley @Dj_Photo it's way too cold for the beach or water sports in nyc.
djwashingtonson Three Little Birds – Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley (don't worry about a thing
djwashingtonson Sean Paul - Get Busy


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djwashingtonson Dude – Beenie Man & Ms Thing (ooo the island wind is blowing through your hair
Sandman5 Standing outside the glass on the sidewalk, These people talk about impossible things, And I'm falling out of the conversation...

BeckModern Guilt

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napnyc ditto. RB @Dj_Photo man, she is freakin awesome.... (reblip)

AdeleRight As Rain

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halyne teddy picker - arctic monkeys
brandonzeuner trying this one...


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Greenie I'll be sad when i have to leave the island :(
ladypn When I'm thinking about a warm beach on a day as cold as today, I'm thinking Jack Johnson. In my review... I watch you...

Jack JohnsonGo On

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bendrix Thanks for finding this again - it is what you say! rebip=> @Saorsa A M A Z I N G - @Silvirines @lesleyn @sistema428 @zerodois @imartim @JoyUnltd (reblip)

VitasOpera 2

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djwashingtonson Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name) – Chumbawamba
halyne ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've) (buzzcocks cover) - nouvelle vague
jonasryan Completely true... but keep doing the oposite.
magali my favorite things? music of course !!!
Sandman5 Time is runnin' out, Let's roll. Time is runnin' out, Let's roll.
jeff A buddy of mine thinks these guys are the breakout band of 2009
jhidalgo ahora veintitantos años después
lub poor babes havin' nightmares!!! come here you both & i show ya how 2 get rid of bad dreams! hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
lub thanx 4 showin me these katz, am gonna call ya the hiphop guru ;) & btw, they sound as something my homies would play on their radio programs @bendrix (reblip)
Kelsey Around The Bend – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
lub hahahahaha! i was goin 2 blip this one right now!!!! you are the best, mama!!!!!!!!! @trixiedelite (reblip)
SugarShack still great :) where's the gin&tonic?


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Greenie via @wellie..... thanks from the Cleve!.....& i work with most of this group... though strangely enough we've never discussed recording together. (reblip)
OneLuvGurl I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I’m waiting for my rocket, ya'll...
Shukitty @adbert hello, you haven't been on lately, have you? Good to see you back
SlipperyDistortion Reminds me a bit of Arcade Fire at first...
Figgywithit Sonic Youth meets Death Cab for Cutie?

Ra Ra RiotEach Year

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SofiaPopia ☼☁☂☃☆♒♘♕♚☮☯♡❤
Figgywithit @nick_sorg Yeah, I have both Girl Talk albums. I kinda prefer when only two songs are mashed at once, especially when it works out as good as this.
jeff Oh yes! Something about sloppy guitars with heavy distortion works for me all of the time...
santamistura We get it on most every night when that moon is big and bright its a supernatural delight everybodys dancing in the moonlight @PerfectoVirViri
sheryonstone via @camilakise this song is too cool for school. *double *dancin


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andykaufman The new Q-tip is another great one. Funky, conscious hip-hop that will have you head bobbing. You can follow him on Twitter @QtipTheAbstract
andykaufman Kicking myself for not checking out Q-Tip's new one earlier.

Q-TipGettin' Up

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Figgywithit Is there anyone out there who has not heard this, the best blip of 08 yet?

Ida MariaOh My God

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by_starla hey there @Figgywithit! thanks for the reply earlier today. i was buried at work, so couldn't blip -- but i appreciated the song. :)

Hot Hot Heat - This Town

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bunster10 Hehe! But heck, it's going to be FREEZING here starting tonight!

Meryn CadellSweater

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DJVee It's how I like 'em.

The NationalBrainy

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jonasryan Slow kiss... Your red lips... My pointy mustache... Inside a dark room...
Radiobread @MrsASoprano What's your name, who's your daddy? mmmmm Time Of The Season - The Zombies..The Rock Machine Turns You On.. love it.. (reblip)
Antenaweb @alfonvaina Que tangas muy buenas noches!!

MGMTTime to Pretend

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rafaelboo Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley (reblip)
AprilAllYear Jason Schwartzman's new album is out next Tuesday
aeray Heard this on the radio today. I forgot that she isn't always a trainwreck.
thephillyman sounds a bit of a cross between a funky Fiona Apple and Portishead. Great cover.
Shukitty I believe in different reasons I believe in breath through seasons I believe when snow flakes fall I believe in buildings tall ...keep living


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nezua Feel the joy of being alive. It is the last day for many humans today. Ayer was the last for many. Tomorrow is not promised. Now is All. Puro sabor.
Figgywithit I found the way via someone's facebook page.
BDizzel She is the second best killer that I have ever seen...
Atomik @JRex thanks for the props - hope you are doing well tonight! (reblip)
by_starla thank you @JRex--that was really sweet of you. :)


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knitta don't get mad! in fact, lemme hit that!
knitta it's almost time to walk the dogs...

Le TigreShred A

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Radiobread mmmmm Waiting For The Sun - The Jayhawks..mmm still waiting..
santamistura oieeeeeeeee @titoliveira obrigada (reblip)

02.Belief (acoustic).mp3

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morriganfae I think this might be the only lp version amoungst dozens of live versions!

Tori AmosGod

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ladypn @lemerodrigo I'm glad it came across my blipping path then! ;) (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @kristenlou I think there should be a chain of stores called Art Crap. There's an irresistable symmetry and tension to this word pairing.
thefacultyof dammmmmmnnnnnnn dammmmnnn dammmnnn dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnn
morriganfae A song and message worth reblipping over and over again! (reblip)
bendrix Ahhh this was a memory from the Native Tongue days :) slow down............. (reblip)
ladypn @musoSF Did you just UPLOAD this??? I was looking and looking earlier for JUST this song!!! (reblip)
zayzmama Hey, how did this get in my iTunes "purchased" folder? I mean, it's awesome, and I woulda bought it, but I didn't. iTunes faeries?
ran ten, nine, eight, and I'm breaking away
Greenie oh those tropical sun rays waiting for me....
TimeDalkat dear old Van... long time no see (reblip)
elfgirl i get a little ambitious. TCB yo!
DJay more ovaltine please

The WalkmenThe Rat

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p_ferd @eltopo - Dolly and Bourroughs make an interesting couple, also soundwise :)!
SmileyD Try NOT dancing to this one while making kids lunches.... go ahead I dare you!
Greenie thanks! @efraimqueiroz... im likin psapp...

PsappKing Kong

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chickenbowie fazia tempo que não ouvia essa música.
ladypn You win the rat race if you come in first place, then a rat is all you will be. How long will this take? How long must I wait? I<3 this song. New 2me.
prehistoric One of the first songs we ever listened to together.
maika @RobertoFendler lovely! sorry props 4 u are also over 4 today! so rebliping it and sharing it with everybody! (reblip)
Shukitty ...they're coming. you just don't know it yet.
bendrix He told me he was on blip & I said: "Make sure U add my girl @lub...she knows music & hip hop better than most Kats I have ever known" & she <3's U :) (reblip)
sheryonstone @Bothan I could not resist to have a chance to rb this. thank you ^_^ (reblip)
comaboy should have gotten more play than Galang...


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Figgywithit I guess they dance on their planet...
GR8FL @Aluciel very strange... have you seen Gogol Bordello?
fsmelo Living Proof - Cat Power - Mais uma da trilha de "My blueberry nights"
alicia_ I'm developing my sense of humour/ 'til I can laugh at my face beneath your feet/
DJSTEVO so fresh ...so clean...
ladypn Dense guitar riffs, a 60'ish vibe, the rich vocal... this genre defying singer from Toronto will probably be the big thing at next years Grammys! :)


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Greenie sorry @Figgywithit....but they will be beat by the Cav's eventually!! they are (song title) :)
futurebiblehero why am i always on a plane or a fast train?
godninja @marilovisky yeah!try using safari.ie crashz on me with blip@mellomatic striker would say so anyway! love this song..
Figgywithit Winner of the Figgywithit Blip of the Month award for January.

Ida MariaOh My God

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Antenaweb Hola @Laughing Como amanece la capital? un calido abrazo desde estas estribaciones de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The CoralFireflies

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Greenie @Shukitty... i may get rid of all my technology and move to an unreachable beach town somewhere...
TriniD Time to get down to bizness....
bunster10 For a rainy day like today...
bendrix Brazilian Girls: mix reggae, samba, house, acid jazz - from NYC. This track is a Tango fusion mix (2005) (reblip)
lalamalone oh how time flies. my body aches.
elfgirl just what is it that you're sweeping under the rug? hmm...
Greenie these kids have a hard road.. it feels so good to donate, i just did!! you can feel great this V-day too.. THX www.blipathon.com @briangreene

The Shore -The Hard Road

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threebears Dropped – Phantom Planet ...re-blipping @mariajs ^_^ thanks Maria and thanks for the follow! (reblip)
Greenie 'old paper with songs written on it #13'
Greenie really goood... 'old paper with songs written on it #28'
lub you have more than 1 past mistake, babe!!! hahahahaha.........

TrickyPast Mistake

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unclarity @LeBlanc major leagues tb é mto boa! uma das minhas favoritas, mas tinha até esquecido haha! bom dia pra vc tb!
Greenie oh it certainly was, baby

MetricCombat Baby

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Greenie hot chip's all up in everyone's chips
Greenie I have the show bug... these are all bands comin to town soon...
SlipperyDistortion Thanks @DailyNoise. This is from @santamistura. @tintinabulation - Congrats on 1000+. A cozy coffeeshop out of the house sounds awesome right now. (reblip)

Bishop Allen - The Ancient Commonsense Of Things

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peachysaralynn jesus christ, that's a pretty face; the kind you'd find on someone that could say, "if they don't put me away, well, it'll be a miracle."
Greenie thx.. @Yan... for sure goin to see them when they roll through the Cleve... (reblip)
Stay19 Q-Burns Abstract Message – Puff The Magic<><>
tigertuft Dry Your Eyes, superbly evocative tune... (reblip)
bendrix This one I really Njoyed... ofcourse anything with the (Royksopp) label U know its gonna be DOPE. Thanx I dig this=> rb@coloured (reblip)
Greenie RB @hajoni... lovvvving Quantic lately.... Quantic – Juanita Bonita (reblip)
threebears thanks for yr interest - reblipping@Domarts ^_^ danke! also use studio 4 other creative projects. how about you? - if you don't mind me asking ;) (reblip)
Greenie new to me... and i found this the other day... @The_Kraken @tigeladakawaii
Atomik Kraak And Smaak – Danse Macabre - thanks @Blippo (reblip)
VikingKvinna damn, now I'm craving roast duck...

RoyksoppRemind Me

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bendrix I'm sooo feelN the message in this joint. I never heard this before ... very dope thanx sir=> rb@Ashakur (reblip)

Bob MarleyZimbabwe

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MrsHempstres @BobbyThomkin I'm only doing this bc I miss the blanket RT: thank you and do take good care (reblip)
Greenie Hanne Hukkelberg – In Here/Out There
Greenie Wolfmother – Woman - MSTRKRFT Remix
melodyofurlife Iron & Wine 2 disc b-sides collection is released today
threebears Haven't played this for at least 5 minutes. Stand up, step away from the screen, pick up an inanimate object and dance to this. (♡blipness)
Greenie Hacienda – Late Lounge Lover
Greenie vi@DaLady... nice! very beachy vibe i have going on this morning.. (reblip)
Greenie Magic Wands – Black Magic
Greenie happy find... new band..


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Greenie is this a kasabian beat in the background???
maypuffy The only not mad woman in the park
Greenie vi@greentapes Height with Friends – Baltimore Highlands (Tobacco Remix) (reblip)
Greenie Upcoming: beachland... should i go??
DarkMuse Can't believe I found this. A Live Lo-Fi Improvised Performance I did @ the Luggage Store Gallery SF 2005 Mellow ethereal ambience. Turn it up. ~X~


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Jensenfan This was a family real family group. Way before the Partridge Family on tv. At least one of them died in the floods in New Orleans after a hurricane

The Cowsills The Rain The Park & Other Things 1960's

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