You and Me Baby Aint Nothing but Mammals

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Jalapeno Fun song w/ a great message :).... You Get What You Give (reblip)
mark_till And with a freezing face I watched you fall apart. Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon (reblip)
Greythorn you gotta know about these guys since you like black lips


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mark_till Help I'm Alive by Metric

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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Greythorn they kind of get it like it's direct great heavy drumwork too but lyrics = truth


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Greythorn swirling mellow semi-dissonance reassuring and immersive great song and performance
De_Ann hey sweet..check the poems :)@BarbieRay: "hey Dawlin ~~>@ronnieron (reblip)

Junior Kimbrough "Sad Days, Lonely Nights"

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Greythorn avril on new heights with "alice" soundtrack - soaring, new ranges of emotion - pure vocals screamshout impressive (and great fan-made video too!!)
Greythorn whoa, the greatest voice to EVER ROCK!!! wow, can't believe her voice and performance!! like the feathers n stuff too!
Greythorn @comicmama: "All I need is a miracle. All I need is YOU !"oh man love this song! n can't find where to download (reblip)

80's - Mike and The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

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Greythorn @katterfelto they deserve a blip for that chorus, guy's ok too

Closing TimeSemisonic

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Jalapeno 1967 Billboard Number One Hits... The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday
Greythorn dude deserves blippin! NOT like NOT an easy song to do and he does justice to it! give a listen! hey guy great!!
deadcowaroma I haven't heard the KISS version before @craigz but I will now! : )
gypsybug Love it!! rb@TriggerHappyJack: "Under Great White Northern Lights @HaloNReverse....lurrrve this =)" (reblip)
cpcdiniz rb@sanisis55: "Sonic Youth – Kool Thing / ""oldies but goodies"" (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "Flobots – Happy Together" Love it, ty ;oP @Thunderbus: "imagine me and you i do @Jalapeno" (reblip)
lantz45 lantz45 - lemercier - "Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie."WS itunes: (reblip)


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thegeo NP: Combichrist - Kiss the Blade (Motherfucker 667)
mateusii vai se fudê vai toma no cu! UAHUAHAUAHUAHA
thegeo NP: Mindless Self Indulgence - Make Me Cum


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Greythorn @Daria67: "LOVE Eric Johnson!! Alien Love Child / EJ - Last House on the Block (rb@kirkill)" new to me & love the beat! (reblip)
Greythorn @Jalapeno: "A Girl Like You.. rb via @mwmusic ... Love this song" never heard this before unique wow! (reblip)

Edwin Collins -A Girl Like You For

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Greythorn @DirtyUrine who's need tweets when you got ministry banging away?

MinistryJust One Fix

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Greythorn rolling thunder beats kinda nice

Icon of CoilShelter

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De_Ann <Duffy- Hanging On Too Long> Blip keeps hanging I'm gonna go 4 now. Thx 4 rb's and props - love y'all! ~ ~

Duffy- Hanging On Too Long

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damiana sugarcult • pretty girl
by_starla [The Thermals - I Called Out Your Name]
DirtyUrine Congrats on the 10K badge! Well deserved bro! \m/ @Time2Burn: "Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl~~Thx to this ROCKIN DJ for the upload ===>@Metal_Rocks" (reblip)
by_starla [Novi Split - Madonna of the Wasps (Robyn Hitchcock cover)]
by_starla [The December Sound - Reminder]
ChicagosFinest "cheers"@bunq: "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! ;P ❤" (reblip)
Greythorn @lukesharp florence is great live too! int'ing mix of tunes you blipped ramones florence santana etc!
Jalapeno Wow! 13,000 listeners.. you are all so Kind And Generous. Thanks for listening to me.. All new listeners welcome.. :)

Natalie Merchant-Kind And Generous

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Carmilla Now how do I get ride of this ugly bunch of pink flowers? You didn't warn me there would be pink flowers! @das_z3d: "Lemme see if works - #iheartmom" (reblip)
tuatara @SlipperyDistortion: "@tuatara: Hi. So what's the story behind the name tuatara? Always wondered..." (reblip)
renothespinner Orianthi - Lights of Manos
makinloverite TY :) you play a nice variety too.@sandiegogil: "glad you made it back luv ur music@makinitrite: "well, had a little crash .. made it back :)"" (reblip)
Greythorn @djwttw: "The dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet." wow (reblip)
Greythorn @Lovecat: "...still counts... two hours to go on the "best coast," LoL ... ;-)" dean n britta are great! (reblip)
DirtyUrine I love... this song! lol @La_Vera_Mahshid: "all yours :-D @Sylak: "Hey! Thats my song!! ☺ @La_Vera_Mahshid: "Rammstein – Pussy | Offical Music Video (reblip)
Greythorn not for faint of ear be ready for intense noisepunk an a great perf
Greythorn @quorum: "+20K songs :: 9516 songs left :: Some people carve careers, others chisel them." blip blip reblip yeh! nicesong! (reblip)
Greythorn @A_McC: "Girls - Lust For Life" sweet like in both senses! exclnt vid! (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Time To Pretend – MGMT (live Letterman) @CherryBlossom
77ozzie "You are my bliiiss! Happy Sunday all! (reblip)


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You and Me Baby Aint Nothing but Mammals

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Greythorn @cb6889: "This editing is knarly" i cannot get enuff of 3OH!3 inc Kesha "duet" (yeh right!) n Alice/Wonderland song 'Follow me Down"! (reblip)
Greythorn @TheVampireVittoria: "Dark Greetings! Welcome to The Darkly Veil in musik!" YEH-YEH!! (reblip)

Clonecircle Behind The Wire

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YaT Gilby Clarke & Slash – Tijuana Jail || greetings to new listeners @kaldon3 @Pablo_Caldas @millsie @SayItwChocolate @Greythorn @Agapee @Matildabean
FullMetalRadio Have a good one today! Guano Apes – You Can't stop me...#\m/ (reblip)
renothespinner Special Thnx 2 My Fave >@4Sins....And Top 'O' the evening 2 You! I've been studying Etymology! (reblip)
ayogafriend Time for leftover Risotto...hey it gets better! bbl
katterfelto @NicoleVSanchez: "yes, love this song! @Greythorn: "@NicoleVSanchez: "The Proclaimers – Life With You" MAN CAN THESE GUYS SING!!"" (reblip)
ElDorkoPunkRetro American Soul Spiders - Shot by the Bad Nurse

"Shot by the Bad Nurse" by AMERICAN SOUL SPIDERS

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Greythorn @Zubenelgenubi: "RB@johno: "when the band strikes it up, this track turns into something special."" yeh, does (reblip)
Greythorn @prescottscott: "Time for leftover Risotto...hey it gets better! bbl" WOW DANCE AGAIN!! (reblip)
Greythorn @zoja01: "rb@Atomik: I dont know if there is, I wish. Maybe a remix @Greythorn" MORE comforting beats to go to sleep by! only, i'm not tired! (reblip)

Dirty Disco Youth - Bleep (Saint Pauli Remix)

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Greythorn @wire_mother: "While I'm at it, here's a rendition of the original, done by Rebsie Fairholm." now nice! (reblip)

Cursing Song (live)

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HorseShitWally @Lisa_Michele: "TY sweetie! :)@lilbratsie: "added! :) @L_M: "Just 6 more to go @pgreeso for 100 badge!!! ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪""" (reblip)
Greythorn another lovesick and the danceable one seems gone from the song list was gonna blip it
DamnTheMan One more reblip before I go. rb@harmony60: "Pat Benatar – We Belong" (reblip)
Greythorn @ladypn: "Just so-so @J2ad, I'm throwing my hands up, crying uncle, the virus winning still..." sweet little song-- (reblip)
Greythorn @syn44: "Janis Joplin – Ball And Chain live in Germany 69" jANIS RULES!! (reblip)
LocoStavos Jeff Buckley @revbeatman there is me being more vain / creepy ... i think it may be.. i have crazy death eyes sometimes, which i appreciate.

Let's Bomb The Moonlight

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Greythorn more hope u like it much as i do -dance too- wow n the guitar is really startling on this perf
ratan_freebird TYVM!!! @Eclecticist: "Congrats on 1000! rb @ratan_freebird: "RB !! @hankpoints: "nice there@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Disturbed – Stupify"""" (reblip)


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kovacsger Stone Sour – 30 30-150 Live Pinkpop 2007 HQ
Greythorn she's great, give a listen!
Greythorn FEISTY! great! give a listen! (I won't send more versions tho!)
Greythorn WHOA! CHK IT OUT!!!! newclassicnow! my fav version this song instantly! they understand it! VID GREAT TOO!

U Got The Look music video JEFF the brotherhood

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Greythorn try just a little bit harder-GREAT GUITAR LINE!!
Greythorn time for slow n sentimental - would like to see this by alvin & chipmunks or gorillazzzzzzzzz
Greythorn ok enuff slow mellow!


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Greythorn MUST LISTEN!! will send vid perf next-


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Greythorn live of 'must listen' ! whoa!

Screamager and Nowhere at O2 Islington 5th May 2009

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Greythorn @FatDaddy2 'but bein a chipmunk trufan i have to add this too! why do i like the chipmunk covers so much?'
Greythorn @amsiebee: "everyday sooner. <3 @craigz: "54 days :) <3 :)"" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Carmilla: "I love this so much. I loved it when Hazel OConnor sang it in Breaking Glass, but I think I love this version more. Soul achingly sexy." (reblip)

The Merry Thoughts "Will You"

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DamnTheMan Great blippage santos :) rb@Santosbaby: "'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome. And I don't feel light when you're gone away" (reblip)
Matokokepa0516 ~♥~ Dommin - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
honeygirl "Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan" (reblip)

Come On Over (Turn Me On)

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Greythorn @Greythorn: "@LocoStavos: "Jeff Buckley @revbeatman there is me being mor/ whoo is the artist on this song?"" oh it's DIRTY PROJECTORS right? WOW! (reblip)

Let's Bomb The Moonlight

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Greythorn @pandamarble: "why wont you give me my #iheartmom badge blip ..... you little friggers" yeh (reblip)

YeasayerMadder Red

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cryostasium @Greythorn....oh yeah....

Velocity Girl [07] A Chang

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cryostasium driving @fastfood home...maybe i'll be back...thanks to all proppers and bye @endenile @jennyleepenny @darkrider1 @camdalamb @Greythorn


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Greythorn @quorum celtic spaceout on a moonlit mountaintop-- (reblip)

lonely planet mountain girl

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Tino242 Turn on the sweat machine...
BellaForever23 Try honesty. It's a helpful tip.
Greythorn @Shellsie: "Beautifully blissful.....Sleep deep....:) @westham999" beautiful trancedeep (reblip)

bliss - kissin'

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Greythorn @Totengrber: "rb@micoy: "@ducks2007: "rb @micoy""" zoom zoom take me away zoomer (reblip)

HOCIO-Espinas Del Mal

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badtemperedzombie there's nothing like coming home after a great trip @theotherlondon enjoy the peace and quiet
cryostasium @endenile @jennyleepenny @Greythorn This is too cute for human ears. This was only meant to be heard by cats with brimless caps and platypus friends

BisDinosaur Germs

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cryostasium with super FUN video clip to go with the SUPER FUN music....I can't think seriously right's all about FUN

Circus ActBracket

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cryostasium @Greythorn: "@cryostasium - ok here's fun for you!" Lene Lovich as a Hasidic Jew??? FUN! (reblip)
cryostasium FUN FUCKIN BAND...the Tantra Monsters....barrels of Hawaiian fun...more fun than a Hawaiian pizza

The Tantra Monsters Live!

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cryostasium I'm having too much fun here..heheh THIS RULES!
Greythorn @mateusii: "vai se fudê vai toma no cu! UAHUAHAUAHUAHA" GREAT SONG, SHE HAS A AMAZIN VOICE! (reblip)
brucefraser hey there Luna @lalunajade just heading off to bed. Thought I'd say Hi. would love to see Devin in concert. Here's some SYL for ya.
renothespinner The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

The Verve Bittersweet Symphony MUSIC VIDEO

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Greythorn @Echo_L: "@SpicyPumpkin Amazing how the grey in rain can bring out the best coloUr in us. Or encourage a bad hair day.]] if u sayso must be true (reblip)
Greythorn @cryostasium --amazing performance!! she is great! tried to think of something to match, came up w/this - a fun band!
DarkRecesses @sweetcomfort32: "Gotta have my Rick!~~Rick Springfield – Love Somebody" (reblip)
Greythorn @therealmeangirl: "makes me happy all the time. <3 songs like that." KUL PERF-GIVE A LISTEN (reblip)


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Greythorn @octoberland: "via @camdalamb #honesty Fave brake-up song from my longest relationship. and in the end "I never want to see you again."" ok (reblip)
Franimal Stealing this from @nastysurprise to say #confessions All my life, if I laugh to hard, I pee my pants. (reblip)
p0rter {Palm Road - Wolf Parade - Expo 86}
Greythorn shoulda taken acid with you oh different song but it was you
pratinsky go back to birds (tigers are too dangerous) @by_starla
ChilloutScene RB @winukomi: ""G"evening bkk"Touch me ..Touch me..if u can..French Kisses"TYSM" Great groove on this one. I am well friend, hope you are too! (reblip)
Greythorn @PenelopeVintage: "All that I have is this dull paring knife peeling potatoes for the rest of my life" hope i make it to poisson rouge n see live (reblip)


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Greythorn @Literati: they are neat thanks hope to see em later this yr n also thks for nice compliment on playlists n hey great blog u got there! (reblip)
Greythorn @ilklovn: "love it :) @Fm_Junkie: "Can't forget my past, something about them Deftones that gets me going! thx rb @Darkangelkas @ ilklovn"" (reblip)

DeftonesKnife Prty

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Greythorn @CPCDINIZ: "rb@MojaveMini: "...i'm only going to do this once because it's a great song!! ;)))) @winggirl: ":) @paraboschi"""WHOA IT REALLY IS! (reblip)

The KillersMy List

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Greythorn @DJ_DanceMix: "YES! I have to spin again!! :D @MottKorn: "@DJ_DanceMix: "Excellent!! Goldfrapp – Ride a White Horse" (reblip)
Greythorn @doyler29: "Babes in Toyland - Handsome & Gretel" @cryostasium -this 1's 4 cryostasium! thank u doyler29 it is GREAT LIVE! like u sed (reblip)

Babes in toyland-Handsome Gretel live

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Greythorn @RafaelCortines: "[The Morning After Girls - Alone]" luk fwd to seein em soon here (reblip)
Greythorn @straywebsurfer: "♫ Hybrid - "Just For Today"...thanks for listening & welcome: @ChilloutScene" cn chill w this yeh (reblip)
Dolittle Oh later @all, gonna crash for a few hours

Autumn Owls Raindrops in the River

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whatevertunes Going to see CO june 7th in NYC...can't wait!! @kirste: "@whatevertunes: "rb from @Shonie1966"" (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 5865 songs left :: ... A booming voice says, "Wrong, cretin!", and you notice that you have turned into a pile of dust.
Greythorn @joe61: "The Secret Machines – Lightning Blue Eyes" (reblip)
Greythorn @WayLo: "RB @travelmaus: "@theaussienomad...I just can't help myself"" been there actually haven't left (reblip)
winter723 i love this song so much, it makes me think my feminine side is a little stronger than it should be...
Epicrates i know you have a thing for Justin Beiber @SabriESC =)

Fleeting Joys-Cloudlike Mercury

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Greythorn been there nothin to do but get screwd up over you- he's got the great guitar line tho

Screamager and Nowhere at O2 Islington 5th May 2009

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Dakeek Hurry...hurry...hurry... before I got to sack :D

Shonen Knife-I Wanna be Sedated

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marinet Beyoncé's hommage to Tina Turner... just amazing

Beyonce-Rolling On The River!

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Panda Bear live Ponytail @ Cabaret Sauvage Paris 2010

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Greythorn @DJ_DanceMix: "This track gives the energy I need to get motivated!! This track is made from scratch- @DarkIntensity's own original material :)" (reblip)

molecule baby girl 2014

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tammik RB vi@Weetz: "They're brilliant! THNX.RB@brttnybsckr: "pulled by the moonlight, somehow"" (reblip)

Ultra Vivid Scene | Mercy Seat

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irfung rb@chrisrex: "here is a band that is awesome. No really" (reblip)
Greythorn @Totengrber: "rb@Elecktra: "@Lady_Frostbite: "is conducting Emotional Exorcisms.""" whr dya git this stuff great!! (reblip)
Greythorn @droolius: "fuck yea greeny this fucking rox!@SGMan: "sweet track, thx! @greentrees: @jennyleepenny hey guys checkout>> yeh (reblip)
Greythorn @cryostasium hey great! Jarboe 1 of most amazin live perfs ever-here's a true fav Diamanda! she is AMAZIN LIVE seen here like wow so many times
Greythorn @rope 'what a perfect name' RF on triple-bill w/national n antlers nice (reblip)
Greythorn @Literati hi! that's your favorite song? I saved it to listen later but hello!
hpseaton I think partying with Gogol Bordello with be a life changing experience....

Alphabeat The Hours

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DDPlay LMAO! I guess you do! @Santosbaby: "I think i do.LOL@donnadontplay: "~ Chris Cornell ~You Know My Name ~"" (reblip)
proxility "Now I kiss you dark and long"
Greythorn @ladypn: @joe61 Have a wonderful Sunday @ladypn:) "Beck – Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground cover)" well it was Sun AM & still sorta so here goes! (reblip)
Greythorn @wayoutosphere: "TY @jeanine613 @Plan3t_t3ch : Silversun Pickups – Substitution : I had this in my head a cpl days ago." (reblip)
Greythorn @Terrebelius: "Today's headsong. Kylie Minogue vs. New Order - "Can't get a Blue Monday out of my Head"" (reblip)
Greythorn @rythaman -um but i am probly goin to over-tweet now...oh well... i like blip a lot better i mean it's the only 1 i like actually so whatever FI
AtomicHamster For @JakeHighland04 a favorite way cool oldie but goodie of yours from Ronnie on your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
Greythorn formidable guitar line deep n for all u joan-jett fans chk it out k

3oh3Dance With Me

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Greythorn @rythaman: "♪ Flobots ➸ Happy Together #CoversThatDon'tSuck" (reblip)

Flobots Happy Together

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Greythorn @NicoleVSanchez: " of my favorites! @Andres_Amador: "[ T.I. - Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) ]"" (reblip)
Greythorn @zamfir: "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Runaway" (reblip)

Siouxsie & The Banshees "Little Johnny Jewel" (11.1.87)

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Greythorn @Literati: "Cause I'll be the one be the one be the one with my heart in my lap #moonsongs" me too i mean i wish u was th moon (reblip)
Greythorn @josephj wow srsly gr8! (reblip)

Joan Jett-I Hate Myself For Loving You with lyrics

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Greythorn gotta RB cause U CANT MISS THIS! She is so in touch here!!! give a listen!! wow! quite a set of pipes there! (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone and one a little more upbeat by them.... in case you missed the last blip, this is "leaves".

06 Crazy

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Greythorn @indieearcandyforeveryone: "and one a little more upbeat by in case you missed the last blip, this is "leaves"." this is such a fuckin great song (reblip)

06 Crazy

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Greythorn @naplevente - sorry to overRB u bt gr8 playlist n u gt credits so win-win! did i say gr8 playlist u got? (reblip)
Greythorn @dbgrady -not sure what u mean but i saw like an mtv unplugged her and a piano WOW here is a great song just found 4U cause she is a great voice!!

Laura NyroWalk On By

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Greythorn @dbgrady -wow yr playlist is uh incredible !! (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE TYSM! RB @JonnyWilson: @Dancer12: BY YOUR SIDE!@dANGELofLOVE {{Moulin Rouge}} ~~#~~ [[COME WHAT MAY]] I Will Be BY YOUR SIDE Until The END OF TIME.. (reblip)
Greythorn Johnny is Tom Verlaine's apotheosis in all ways, voice guitar tune
Greythorn @fautedemieux: "luv it!" enfin je trouve cette versione beaucoup mieux que l'originelle qui me semblait toujours assez lourde (reblip)
Greythorn @beedox hey where'd you download Moose trak from? not on iTunes or Amazon, really like! this song has great lyrics! also suggest listen 2 recording
jmikeh Crooked Fingers - Sleep All Summer
justinsteiner The lead track from one of my favorite albums of the last 20 years.
Greythorn @lordprimetime ok so whatever this is it's def cool!! wow! (reblip)


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Getsuga Oh my... Kellan! *.* lol rb @GeeOh: "Definately! @n4t He is really hot! @CPCDINIZ rb@BriannaMarley Kellan Lutz is so fucking yummy in this Hinder vid (reblip)

HinderWithout You

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opus111 I wonder if Sufjan's 50 state dream is something like mine for the 250 badge. @RadioFreeIllinois
ducks2007 weird and wonderful! :) @MrBwatts

The Cramps , Let's Get Fucked Up

| play
Greythorn @cryostasium: "no frills, just 100% pure, undiluted death metal from Japan. I mean undiluted. None of that gravity blasting or technical twidilidee (reblip)
Greythorn @jeanine613: "@ccrowder: "Maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you, if you know what I mean"" ok um great um line n then u say like n u wanna beer? (reblip)
Greythorn @JosieMK what a sweet thing to say about that song! here is a nice gentle song / duet too for sometime! very gentle! good night!
arcticarab ♫ {class actress ~ careful what you say}
octoberland what do you do? answer as vague / specific as you'd like. :) @dettywulandari {einsturzende neubauten : sabrina}
octoberland cantus or wontus? {faith and the muse : cantus}
DJMicShelly RB@sazzypantrb@Micshelly: "RB@SpicaSeven: "sure is!@Micshelly:Nice one!RB@BenWright007TX:Joan Jett–Do You Wanna Touch Me(Official Music Video""""" (reblip)
Greythorn official music vid

U Got The Look music video JEFF the brotherhood

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FullMetalRadio Hey LJ! Love this tune! @lalunajade: "Sad ISIS are no more :( hi & rb@FullMetalJacket: "Isis – Holy Tears...#\m/"" (reblip)

IsisHoly Tears

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eliott_is_dead @Greythorn \o\ I'm dying to see Kick-Ass AND Scott Pilgrim /o/
Greythorn @shinji_aoki: "#nowplaying #music ♪Another Day - Strawberry Switchblade ~~ The Platinum Collection ~~ Pop " WOW this is neat!! Thanks! new? (reblip)
Greythorn @craigz: "great song- (reblip)

Sonic Youth - superstar

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