GroovyMonster HorrorPops – HorrorBeach Pt. II ...fantastic music video!!
GroovyMonster vi@yefos Love The Analog Girl (especially this song)! Thanks for the tune, the fav and welcome to! =) (reblip)
GroovyMonster Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance ...from Carnivorous Plants!

Carnivorous Plants

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GroovyMonster The Surfers – Windsurfing (1979) ...a dose of Dutch pop!
GroovyMonster The strange City of Love...


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GroovyMonster A new favorite and one of the best songs I've heard in a long time! So digging on this dark, trippy midnight vibe! ...slide:
GroovyMonster This song builds to a really nice analog-y, airy pitch. Dig it, I do. (fixed)
GroovyMonster Welcome to, @lisergio! Thanks for the add and this bit of brilliant surf music terror! =) (reblip)

Messer Chups "Go Satan Go"

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GroovyMonster @VelvetGarage Here's another insanely cool psychedelic promo vid for the new album. Dig.

"Dilation" by Satan's Pilgrims 2009 Album Preview

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GroovyMonster RB @VelvetGarage Just saw this a few days ago & bookmarked it to play for yous guys, lol. I need to start blipping more b4 it's all gone! :D ♥ this! (reblip)

"Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych-Out)" by Satan's Pilgrims 2009 Album Preview

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GroovyMonster A hymn to the Zombie Gods...
GroovyMonster Flash Gordon, the hero!

Queen -Flash Gordon-The Hero

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GroovyMonster I find this song (and video) so infectious! Hi, @krystynchong, thanks for the props! =)

The GratesAw Yeah

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GroovyMonster Been wanting to play this for a while. There's a stereo version, which is much groovier, but this will have to do for now. Such a fun, nostalgic song!
GroovyMonster My fav Kahimi song after Elastic Girl. So delicious (if I may)! Thanks @Zahgon! (reblip)

Kahimi Karie good morning world

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GroovyMonster Instrumental version of Muse's, Apocalypse Please, set to Stanley Kubrick's, Dr. Strangelove. Works well.
GroovyMonster The Mike Flowers Pops - Light my fire a good cover *should* be done. :)
GroovyMonster Keep in mind you must always be a good Ninja...


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GroovyMonster Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Brigitte Bardot) slide:
GroovyMonster RB @Zahgon: "Absolutely beautiful song from Gordon Lightfoot. For @GroovyMonster and @StreamingMimi" Finally!! Good work, man. Thanks! =) (reblip)
GroovyMonster RB @Zahgon: "Sending this one out to my J-rock friends @GroovyMonster @elmikey @janhil @Gamera @katarinax" Jetto Ninjin!!! =) Thx @Zahgon! (reblip)
GroovyMonster @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "@VelvetGarage @Haaz @GroovyMonster @Corts @surforama I'm scared! Hold me!!!" *wraps my cape around you* ^o^ Mwahahaha! (reblip)

Scopitone : Stella "Le Vampire"

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GroovyMonster Star Wars Vintage KENNER Movie Viewer 8mm footage (1977) ...straight up, this is like the coolest thing I will see this year! Brilliant.

Star Wars Vintage KENNER Movie Viewer 8mm footage (1977)

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GroovyMonster Klaatu barada nikto!


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GroovyMonster Pete Moore Orchestra – A Girl is a Girl ...Planet Earth will never be this cool again. Bums me out.
GroovyMonster Some groovy Lounge Dancers for @VelvetGarage, @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice and @Haaz.

Lounge Dancers (lounge edit)

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GroovyMonster 2 of my favorite childhood things; Speed Racer & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Together at last! LOL Oh, and @SamDrog2000, don't hate me b/c I'm groovy. ;)
GroovyMonster Scramble Over Europe '68

Scramble over Europe '68

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GroovyMonster Gotta split in a minute to play some Left 4 Dead (zombies ain't gonna kill themselves), so I'll probably be hearing this music at some point. :(

Left 4 Dead Soundtrack- 'Witch'

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GroovyMonster Look! It's Godzilla, mang! You gotta turn this up!!!
GroovyMonster I don't agree, Brook Benton, these girls have PLENTY!! =) But man, what an odd, odd video. LOL
GroovyMonster Late night motorbike ride to Heaven...
GroovyMonster This is so groovy even a Caveman can dig it!

Mr. Chop "The Caveman" music video

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GroovyMonster The Priscillas - All My Friends Are Zombies

The Priscillas 'All My Friends Are Zombies'

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GroovyMonster (((( Remix of the Living Dead )))) Turn this way up for maximum zombification!

Music Vid: Remix of the Living Dead:

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GroovyMonster Joi Lansing – Web of Love ...Mondo time.
GroovyMonster Mythos Kubrick - Atomic Bomb Explosions

Mythos Kubrick atomic bomb explosions

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GroovyMonster @Zahgon: "This is, I believe, the greatest rock group on the planet at this moment. (J-rock)" Word. (reblip)


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GroovyMonster Remove the head, destroy the brain....
GroovyMonster Mortiis – Underdog (Zombie Girls Remix) ...slide:
GroovyMonster The way out sounds of Adam Jazzchess...

ADAM JAZZCHESS "We'll See.." Music Video

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GroovyMonster Off to play some Left 4 Dead soon, so here 's a cool little music video featuring Muse & some in-game L4D footage...

Left 4 Dead Music Video: NO MERCY 4 YOU

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GroovyMonster @Zahgon Music Video - Vietnamese Go-Go dancers from the '60s & '70s in various Saigon bars and night clubs.

Vietnamese Go-Go Dancers 1960s & 1970s

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GroovyMonster Beats featuring one of my favorite movies, THE TIME MACHINE (1960)...
GroovyMonster Niiiice. Sounds like a Jess Franco film...
GroovyMonster GO!GO! 7188 - Ukifune vi@Zahgon. What a song, what a video! (reblip)

GO!GO! 7188 ukifune

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GroovyMonster Only have a few minutes before the Red Wings come on, but thought I'd blip a couple. A slide goes with this one:
GroovyMonster @Sook Miss Derringer – Unchained Melody
GroovyMonster The reverb's as wet as the waves...

The Surfites "Big Pounder"

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GroovyMonster The Girl (Marianne Faithful) On A Motorcycle...
GroovyMonster Vincent Price's Monster Mash

monster mash -vincent price cover songs

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GroovyMonster Domenico Palmieri - Nosferatu
GroovyMonster These zombies can wash my car anytime. Or eat me, whichever they prefer... =)

Naked Ape -Fashion Freak

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GroovyMonster Grindhouse – Our Feature Presentation
GroovyMonster Zombie Zombie's brilliant music video homage to GI Joes & John Carpenter...

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Driving Clip Simon Gesrel Xavier Ehretsmann

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GroovyMonster Some late-night psychedelic tripiness...

Mikis Thedorakis "Lets Dance the Jet" psychedelic 60s grooves over trippy images.

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GroovyMonster Moonbabies - War on Sound ...another great video!

Moonbabies "War on Sound"

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GroovyMonster Now this is how you make a super groovy music video! Needs a little more volume, though, so crank it mang...
GroovyMonster Susie Arioli Band – You Don't Know me ...slide:
GroovyMonster Macabre Unit - Dubstep Atom Bomb

Macabre Unit Dubstep Atom Bomb

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GroovyMonster @Zahgon Ultima Underworld music. Dig it.

Ultima Underworld: Decent ( reason remake )

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GroovyMonster Music and imagery From Herzog's NOSFERATU (1979)
GroovyMonster @Zahgon: "Hey @GroovyMonster, check this out! It's Dr. Sanchez himself performing "One Track Lover" live!" Thx! This is what Win is all about. =) (reblip)
GroovyMonster Some of my favorite moving images & sounds ever invented...


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GroovyMonster Star Wars Binary Sunset

Binary Sunset

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GroovyMonster The Spotnicks - The Rocket Man


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GroovyMonster The Surfites - Thou Shalt Drag

The Surfites "Thou Shalt Drag"

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GroovyMonster One of the best videos in existence on your Planet Earth...
GroovyMonster TORGOMIX

Haunting Torgo Remix

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GroovyMonster The Brilliant Green -Tsumetai Hana (Cold Flowers)

The Brilliant Green-Tsumetai Hana

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GroovyMonster It does indeed appear that the surf is, how you say, up...

The Surfites "Surfville"

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GroovyMonster Gloria Guida - Musica è

Gloria Guida " Musica è "

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GroovyMonster Shopping for Witchcraft supplies in 1973...

Season of the Witch (George A.Romero 1973, Donovan's song)

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GroovyMonster Won't you come along with me, I'll take you where you want to go...
GroovyMonster Persephone's Bees - Paper Plane ...Really groovin' on this stuff right now.
GroovyMonster (((( Kill the Ghoul ))))

Kill the Ghoul

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GroovyMonster Lio - Le Banana Split (Mmmm...)


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GroovyMonster Homage to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey...
GroovyMonster We Will Rock You - Planet of the Apes Style!
GroovyMonster Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space
GroovyMonster I love this fan-vid. I just think this old NASA footage goes so well with this song!
GroovyMonster France Gall - Baby Pop

France Gall Baby Pop

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GroovyMonster The Surfites - Space Mover ...If you happen to be like me & you dig both surf music AND space stuff, you'll prolly be like me and totally dig this.

The Surfites "Space Mover"

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GroovyMonster If only this had good stereo sound, to do the spot-on Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) inspired video justice. Still, so groovy!
GroovyMonster Spinal Tap – Gimme Some Money ...quality's weak, but I love '60s-era Tap videos! =)
GroovyMonster Disneyland? I'd much rather go to Zombieland!

Zombie Land

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GroovyMonster The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Sun Ain't Shining No More
GroovyMonster Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
GroovyMonster One of my fav France Gall songs. Salutations fellow hippies @VelvetGarage @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz. Thx for the props & shouts! =)
GroovyMonster @rxrx1776 Thanks for the props, fav, groovy music and, of course, may the Force be with you!! :)
GroovyMonster @1bebelestrange @Haaz @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @VelvetGarage Everything u need: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Blast Off Girls & Col. Sanders.

Blast Off Girls 1967

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GroovyMonster Beautiful music, beautiful clouds... Makes me miss Flight Simulator.

Beautiful Clouds

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GroovyMonster A bit of brilliantly creepy music by Tomandandy, from the THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake soundtrack (I actually loathe this movie, but love the original).

Paul Williams "The Hell of It" (Phantom of the Paradise)

| play
GroovyMonster @surforama One of my favorite Hawaiian songs. I can see the sun, ocean and palm trees now... =)
GroovyMonster Thanks for this @Zahgon, you're right, it's froogin great! :D Now I'm slappin' my troubles away with a Slap Chop! (reblip)

"Rap Chop" featuring Vince (Steve Porter's remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD

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GroovyMonster Awesomeness vi@Sook. Thanks for this! So too much. :) (reblip)
GroovyMonster RB @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "@VelvetGarage @Haaz @GroovyMonster @ElNito This is what we women do when no men are looking." Wow, what a waste. ;) (reblip)

The Valentine Six

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GroovyMonster Fabulous!

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Come Fly With Me

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