HannahShaya Broken Social Scene: 7/4 Shoreline

Broken Social Scene: 7/4 Shoreline

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HannahShaya The National - Sleep All Summer (feat. St. Vincent)
HannahShaya rb @FabrizioGuzmn: "Beirut - St. Apollonia" (reblip)

Beirut- St. Apollonia

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HannahShaya Love this !! @gorester: "i think this is one of the best remixes i've heard in a while." (reblip)
AlyG love love love rb@ARTWONARTOWNARTNOW (reblip)

Bjork-Pagan Poetry(live in Riverside Church New York)

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HannahShaya Like this! - rb @AshJames007: "Frightened Rabbit – "I Feel Better".....more Scottish dudes..." (reblip)
HannahShaya Be back later! ~~ Elliott Smith – See You Later
HannahShaya rb @daretoeatapeach: "Couldn't figure out why I recognized one of the dudes from the pixelated intro to the Brit show The IT Crowd til now (reblip)
threebears my body's broken your's is bent ....
musique_mondieu The Lemonheads w/Liv Tyler – Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen cover)
caumonfer [Seabear – I Sing I Swim]
HannahShaya ♫ "I won't count the scars again, Because I love you" ♫ rb @AlyG: "RB@nastysurprise72: "Nice one."" (reblip)
HannahShaya Hey, I'm the one with the freaks! :-) @hellorobert hello and prop thx @HannahShaya @JODYGIRL162 @erinagin@wordvenus ♫ Beck – Hollywood Freaks
HannahShaya Yesssss, feeling r-e-a-l-l-y gooood. ;-) ~~ rb @CooperHarris: "I've got the feeling of love... [Yup. How about you?]" (reblip)
ZumbainDallas ♥♥♥ Dance Me to the End of Love ♥♥♥ (Leonard Cohen)

Dance Me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen

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Franimal Hiya @kaaeyl I never get on Twitter! I saw that you sent me a message today! I'll try and get back to you! :) (reblip)
MrsASoprano @RoxUranus vi@RisingAngel: "@rock2monster...THE ASSHOLE SONG !......LOVE YOU MAN...LOL!" (reblip)

The Ass Hole Song

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey!! Happy Sunday. @docstimulas @carlnat @tubilino @wordvenus @frankenstrat @star45 @brudberg ~~~ "The Kissaway Trail - Smother+Evil=Hurt"

The Kissaway Trail- 'Smother+Evil=Hurt'

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HannahShaya Hey, I like this tune! Kind of .... well.... its sweet. Ya' like oysters? @BakingMan@Time2Burn@chickencatsu@AshJames007@SylentSyd@FRIEDCATFISH@
HannahShaya rb @detroitfan: "@AshJames007: "Jack Johnson – Breakdown...The best Jack Johnson song....@detroitfan @HannahShaya @ladypn"" (reblip)
HannahShaya Hey, sweet dreams, sleep well. rb @DJErmjizzle: "Off to get some zzzzzzzz's. Catch you all l8tr. Have a safe weekend...cause I'm outta here." (reblip)
thegoddess [Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You]
Fantasyisnotreality @WillCallPoliceAgain Thanks for the REblip! LOVE your name!! Here's something you might like if you liked the last song!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Love this one, too!! rb @storylet: ":-) @nbztunes: "on page 100 i found a beautiful love letter" ;-) (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “Z” listener …this one's for you! @zenaidasroots
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “X” listeners …@xelavee @ximon ------- X Japan – Silent Jealousy

X JAPAN Silent Jealousy

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Sweet Child O Mine / Taken by Trees

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ …this is going out to all “R” listeners…@Rose_bella @ROSIEOLIVEIRA @RoxUranus … and @rumplemixin

Republic of Loose Awful Cold

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ …this is going out to all “R” listeners…@RaceManNate @rachidkas @racscwb @radiobarz @RadioFreeBoston @radiojane @RaevGil @RandyElliott

Republic Of Loose-The Steady Song

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “Q” listener … only one Q !! .... @Qantic
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi back at ya'! Thanks for listening! rb @JendeMen: "Hi!!@HannahShaya: "♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “J” listeners …" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “O” listeners … @olgaduarte @OneA @onedj @OnlyMeUK @Orson @Oss @outoforder .... Oh No! Oh My! Ohhhhh!!!!! :-)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “N” listeners .... I'll never forget my N listeners..... @noiseAnnoys83 (again!) @nolia123 @norkaman @NTHS @nureinkuss

Never Forget You

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “N” listeners ..... @nadeemd @Nani1982 @nekoboke @Netaid @nihilify

Guest Room — The National

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We're So Far Away by- Mae

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Joy Division Love will tear us apart BBC version

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “G” listeners … @GravyBran @GreenAlex @Gregdtc @gretton @Greyson_Rose and ... @gwolflvr (Loveeee Black Cherry!)

David Gray, You're the World to Me, 14 Sep 2009, London

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*♥ Hey “C” listeners … ♥ @crowjane@ctivate@Curacao58@Cutty
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey “C” listeners … @CargoCulte @carlnat @CAZB @Cephy @Cfavaro @ChadThomas @Chekkov @chickenkatsu (<<hope you’re feeling better!) @chinezz09

photograph jamie cullum music video

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Suddenly

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Ha Ha High Babe
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Whatever time zone you're in, here's hoping that you enjoyed Banana Pancakes for breakfast! rb @JendeMen: "…" (reblip)

Banana Pancakes

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Agree...it's fun! rb @FollowMal: "So fun." (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @RollinsWallace ------- The Chakras – Build Me A Swan …RollinsWallace wraps up Alfred music for today…

The Chakras 'Build me a Swan'

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @AshJames007 -- Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow …definitely Arthur music
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @WillCallPoliceAgain -- The Chapters – Looking for Love ……more of Arthur music
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Oh, my. You’re barefoot. Looks like the slippers still haven’t arrived. @Time2Burn - David Grey – Be Mine ... (Arthur music...)

David GrayBe Mine

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @Intriguingds with @Blanquis26 -- David Holmes – Don't Die Just Yet ……more of Arthur music
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey there! @KristyRNinAZ @JendeMen @Kohmahts @comicmama -- David Holmes – Holy Pictures ….…more of Arthur music


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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶How have you been? @FRIEDCATFISH -- General Fiasco - We Are The Foolish …Arthur music continued....
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @vanbytheriver -- Noah and the Whale – Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered …yes, more Arthur music....
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey!! @Model_Daughters joined by @CPCDINIZ - Horsebox – --- ---- Do It To The Letter …more Arthur music... YES!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Good am/pm @broadwayg - Jamie Cullum – Photograph …broadwayg takes us to the midpont of Arthur music… (thank you, broadwayg!)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @reechoing - Jay Jay Picolet – Happy Birthday You, Arthur…Thursday is near! The anticipation! Ohhhhhhh...........
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @steveguttridge along with @BohlianSunshine and ...oh!! @DirtyUrine ...too! ----Johnny Flynn – Tickle Me Pink …yes, Arthur music!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey! @FollowMal and @Cfavaro ------ The Kooks – Shine …more Arthur music!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hi! @rockchalk75 - Lisa Hannigan – Lille … rockchalk75 keeps the Arthur music coming…

Lisa HanniganLille

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Yes, went to the very curvy Lombard Street @rachidkas ---- Mick Flannery – Safety Rope ...yes, more Arthur music!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ So the Dakar isn’t for you. Have you been to the Indy? @BakingMan - Nat Jenkins – Message …Arthur music!

MessageNat Jenkins

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ @devlps - Noise Control – City of Dreams …devlps keeps the Arthur music going. Nice...... devlps.
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Oh! @SpinninSara @alebur @Ababernardo - Republic of Loose – The Steady Song …oh, more Arthur music...Oh!

Republic of Loose The Steady Song

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ @fxp123 along with @pike360 - The Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division …more Arthur music!!!!
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey! :-) @chickenkatsu - The Undertones – Dig Yourself Deep …Arthur music kicked off by chickenkatsuuu!! Whoo hoo!! (@BakingMan, you here?)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Good Goodnight, reechoing! Sweet dreams. @reechoing
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey, take a listen! @Gen22 @ghruffo@giesebrecht @gysah@HanjaChise@HellenKellersIpod@Hercscott @HermannSantiago -"The Night, The Night" - Chet
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Yesss! It's the beginning of a great, new week! Love it. rb @speculoos: "@darita @HannahShaya : have a nice day :-)" (reblip)

Have A Nice Day Stereophonics

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ "The Night, The Night - Chet" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ It Hugs Back – "Work Day" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Guest Room — The National (reblip)

Guest Room — The National

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Yo La Tengo - Nothing to Hide (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ The Veils - Sit Down By The Fire (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Kings Of Convenience – Mrs Cold (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Republic Of Loose-The Steady Song (reblip)

Republic Of Loose-The Steady Song

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ "The Swell Season -- In These Arms" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Kings of Convenience -- "Boat Behind" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ People In Planes – Fire
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Émilie Simon – All is White
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Goatboy – Winter Tears
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Love You Madly - Cake

Love You Madly by Cake

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Thanks for the rb's & props! rb @RoxUranus "Explosions in the sky – Your Hand in Mine" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/ Ha Ha High Babe

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/ Ha Ha High Babe

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Thank you, muso, for the rb's & props! Appreciate it. rb @muso -- Keane-Again and Again (With Lyrics) (reblip)

Keane-Again And Again (With Lyrics)

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HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ My last blip before signing off. Thanks, Telma_13, for being my 700th listener! rb @Telma_13: ": "" (reblip)
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Worthy of a rb @rayven: "Keane – Somewhere Only We Know" (reblip)
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