HeadFullOfNoise Start the day off right with some "Iron Swan" by The Sword
grindx In my first band, we would listen to 1 Fugazi track and one Pailhead track before each show. ROCK!
HeadFullOfNoise Song of the evening - Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy." Great song and an awesome video.
GGLove I wanna live to be 98...............

Iggy PopGirls

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HeadFullOfNoise Time to start coding. We'll use some Sabbath to get in the mood.
HeadFullOfNoise One of my favorite songs. I can listen to it over and over.
HeadFullOfNoise This song kept me going through high school.
HeadFullOfNoise I really enjoy this cover w/ Nick Cave. Two awesome musicians in one great song!
HeadFullOfNoise I grew up on Iron Maiden. Started when I was in elementary school. Aces High is still one of my favorite songs.
HeadFullOfNoise I love the somber tone and simplicity of this song.
HeadFullOfNoise The song that led me away from "standard" metal and on to "electronic/industrial"
HeadFullOfNoise For me, Assimilate is THE song. Front 242 led me, but this song hooked me on "industrial." #1 Song in my book.
HeadFullOfNoise The band that led me into Punk

Exploited - Fuck The USA

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HeadFullOfNoise The band that seduced me merrily into the land of death metal. Ok, so it was more like being grabbed by a meat hook but still...
HeadFullOfNoise C'mon... it's Blondie! I rock at this song on drums in Rock Band 2
HeadFullOfNoise One of Tools sadder and more personal songs. I listen to it a lot.
HeadFullOfNoise Sad after the demise of Cop Shoot Cop, Firewater filled the void for me. Tod A. rocks!
HeadFullOfNoise Horror punk without being cheesy! (unlike the 'modern' incarnation of The Misfits). Just not the same without Danzig.
HeadFullOfNoise Just as Cash "stole" Hurt from Trent, Buckley "stole" this one from Cohen. Such a great cover of this song.
HeadFullOfNoise This song is almost perfection for what I like in my metal music. It makes the ears bleed!
HeadFullOfNoise While not a big Dresden Dolls fan, I really really like Amanda's solo stuff. Not really that different. Not sure why I like the solo better.
HeadFullOfNoise If you have not seen Combichrist live, DO IT! You will not be disappointed.
HeadFullOfNoise Listening to Arab Strap will make you wish you had an Irish brogue... unless you already have one. Sad, moody and damn good.
HeadFullOfNoise Punk music with smarts. What's not to love.
HeadFullOfNoise I love the original, but I think the level of creepy Manson adds is amazing.

marilyn manson - sweet dreams

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HeadFullOfNoise Another one of those "simple" songs I dig.
HeadFullOfNoise TX 'horsecore'! Dead Horse will always be a favorite.

Dead HorseTurn

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HeadFullOfNoise Dessau is one of those great bands that didn't last long and not many know about. Excellent music though.
HeadFullOfNoise STR is one of those great "noise" bands outta Kansas City, MO. It was sad to see them die off.
HeadFullOfNoise Best Jesus Lizard song. Also a song that always puts me in a good mood. Not sure why.
HeadFullOfNoise This and Raining Blood are two Slayer favorites
HeadFullOfNoise Animation sequence in the movie got me to pay more attention to this song. Both are awesome.
HeadFullOfNoise Big fan of the story and the song. For a good movie version watch "Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price. Forget that Will Smith crap.
HeadFullOfNoise Pixies rock. All that needs to be said.
HeadFullOfNoise My mother HATES Hank so much she has been physically driven out of the house when his music is played. I love his music!
HeadFullOfNoise I rather enjoy this mix using Christian Bale's freakout. Very catchy. Fav part is the "no...fuck...no" sections.


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HeadFullOfNoise Grohl on drums and Lemmy == is pure rock! Plus Suicide Girls in the video for a bonus!
HeadFullOfNoise This is my "bar song". I always check the jukebox for it and usually pissed if it's not in there.
HeadFullOfNoise Big fan of this song (and album). I actually saw the video to this song before ever hearing the album. I was immediately hooked.
HeadFullOfNoise Listened to this song way too much while in high school.
HeadFullOfNoise Excellent movie and soundtrack both by Cave (he wrote the screenplay)
HeadFullOfNoise What is there not to like about Ennio Morricone's music??
HeadFullOfNoise Love the use of harmonica in this song. Very haunting.
HeadFullOfNoise Who thought punk could be so... bouncy. "Punk Is Dead"
HeadFullOfNoise Man.. haven't listened to Tear Garden in a while


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HeadFullOfNoise Asphole! Don't take that kind of abuse from a Pigface...


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HeadFullOfNoise RSVP PLEASE / For the DETH of thee / You have little time / And you're running out of life / Happy Birthday / You're gonna die
HeadFullOfNoise I dedicate this to the little girl who deemed me "Scary Skeleton Man" The Doors - People Are Strange.
TrixieTreats the cramps ~ god monster

the cramps - god monster

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HeadFullOfNoise Kids ruin everything! Oh wait.. that's Congress that ruins everything. http://bit.ly/HKfPE

Exploited - Fuck The USA

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HeadFullOfNoise "It's always the same and it's always different. " (reblip)
HeadFullOfNoise A great song. David Byrne - "My Fair Lady"
HeadFullOfNoise KC & Sunshine Band version was in Watchmen. Made me wanna listen to the White Zombie version.
HeadFullOfNoise Shift gears. I don't like The Police version but I really like this version. "Roxanne" - Moulin Rouge
HeadFullOfNoise Run Lola ... Ruuuuuuunnn!


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HeadFullOfNoise I played this song at my wedding. Six Feet Under - "Revenge of the Zombie"
HeadFullOfNoise Found these guys by accident one day in a used record shop.
HeadFullOfNoise Cause every supersonic jerkoff who plugs into the game...
HeadFullOfNoise KMFDM SUCKS!


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HeadFullOfNoise song was used in The Watchmen and was put to good use.

Bob Dylan - Times They Are A Changing

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02 Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun

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HeadFullOfNoise wouldn't it be nice to have a detachable penis
HeadFullOfNoise Early man walked away as modern man took control...
HeadFullOfNoise Theme song for 6th street in Austin
HeadFullOfNoise March on little fire ants... March on...
HeadFullOfNoise Sepultura does a pretty good cover of this too - http://tr.im/hCRA


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HeadFullOfNoise dumbass halloween "effects" soundtracks have almost ruined this song
HeadFullOfNoise shift gears .... Napalm Death! Yes I have been told my "listening order" of music is schizophrenic. So be it.


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HeadFullOfNoise Nice texas chainsaw massacre sample in this
HeadFullOfNoise Can do without the cigarettes, but Cap'n Kangaroo and Jaeger might be interesting
HeadFullOfNoise another favorite when I was a young lad.


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HeadFullOfNoise "You never had the answers / And now you tell me the facts of life"


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HeadFullOfNoise amazing song - "Roger Waters/Pink Floyd – When The Tigers Broke Free"
HeadFullOfNoise ++++++______+++++_-------

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

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Deftones - Shove It

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HeadFullOfNoise Pissed. Let's listen to this again..."F*ck The System" - The Exploited
monkeyrodeo I certainly never expected to find this on blip \m/
HeadFullOfNoise "One hasn't got time for the waiting game..."
HeadFullOfNoise Not the season but fuck it. good song.

Fuck Christmas

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HeadFullOfNoise I dig this cover. APC put a good twist on it
HeadFullOfNoise I like the Cash version better but this will do.


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HeadFullOfNoise rather surprised to find this in Blip
HeadFullOfNoise Jello & The Melvins... a wonderfully dangerous mix

Jello Biafra with The Melvins - Enchanted Thoughtfist (Enchanted Al Mix)

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HeadFullOfNoise Song is just as creepy as the movie that inspired it
HeadFullOfNoise "Whacha Drinkin?" / "Heineken" / "Heineken? Fuck that shit! Paps Blue Ribbon!"
HeadFullOfNoise "I got an idea of something we can do with a gun..."


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HeadFullOfNoise Another favorite cover of mine. Ministry def does this song justice.

(Ministry) - Lay Lady Lay

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HeadFullOfNoise It's a shame Wes went back to working with that shit band Limp Bizkit
HeadFullOfNoise Oddly enough Black Light Burns does a pretty decent cover of this song.


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HeadFullOfNoise 5am. Time for bed. I'll leave you with "Am I awake?" - They Might Be Giants
HeadFullOfNoise This song always makes me think of The Munsters theme for some reason
HeadFullOfNoise sometimes this will just randomly get stuck in my head - Ennio Morricone – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Main Title
HeadFullOfNoise Great Ministry cover.


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HeadFullOfNoise "They'd say 'anarchy in the UK.' What the fuck's that? Anarchy in the UK. What good is that to us in Utah, America?It was a Sex Pistols thing."

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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HeadFullOfNoise such a happy tune

Laibach - Life Is Life

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HeadFullOfNoise "Die young is far too boring these days"


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HeadFullOfNoise The Cream version is good, but I really enjoy the Fudge Tunnel cover more. http://tr.im/hVYb
HeadFullOfNoise Maggots are falling ... falling like rain!


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HeadFullOfNoise dead. wait..no, Cornell is still alive just his last solo album sucked ass.
HeadFullOfNoise Paul Whiteman with Johnny Hauser – Gloomy Sunday (1936)
HeadFullOfNoise "My head is shaved, my head is wired/And like a moth that tries/To enter the bright eye/I go shuffling out of life/Just to hide in death awhile"
HeadFullOfNoise First heard a cover of this on Dogs in Space soundtrack. Great song by Nick Cave & Co. in '79? when they were "The Boys Next Door"


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HeadFullOfNoise How about some S.O.D for a bedtime lullaby. S.O.D. – "Kill Yourself"
HeadFullOfNoise I forgot to eat today. Entombed – "Chief Rebel Angel"
HeadFullOfNoise So you writhe in the deep fry / Squirm like the Earthworm / In that mud called love --- Clutch – "Earthworm"
HeadFullOfNoise Great sampling in this song. Front Line Assembly – "Vigilante"
LordBling Singing through gas masks FTW. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Kneel before Patton!
HeadFullOfNoise "Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for!"
HeadFullOfNoise Slipknot - "Everything Ends"

Slipknot - Everything Ends

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HeadFullOfNoise Zombie day! Zombie music all day long.
HeadFullOfNoise If I had a theme song, this would be it.
HeadFullOfNoise Brak spells out what love truly is

BrakLove Is...

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HeadFullOfNoise Never hire a monkey to take notes for you


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HeadFullOfNoise After the lay off, I have to ask this question a lot. Days blur together any more.
HeadFullOfNoise Psychological stress induced insomnia still prevalent.
HeadFullOfNoise Seems today is German metal day around here. Till Lindemann gets my vote for one of the most interesting front men.
HeadFullOfNoise Sweet. Just found me a box of razor blades. ;|; STG - "Razor Raped Pain"

razor raped pain

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PWEI - Pweization

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HeadFullOfNoise "I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise" :|: The Dust Brothers – "Psycho Boy Jack"
HeadFullOfNoise "...these eyes are twitching like a cup of squirming flies." KMFDM – "Flesh"


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HeadFullOfNoise Truly love this song. C17H19NO3 – "Überleben Ich Nicht"
HeadFullOfNoise Septic Death – "Demon (Inside Me)"
HeadFullOfNoise Hard wired, hard drive, spinning down / Now static is the final sound. Chemlab – "Electric Molecular"
HeadFullOfNoise Exploited – "Don't Forget The Chaos"
HeadFullOfNoise Entombed – "To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth"
HeadFullOfNoise Damage Manual - "I Am War Again"

Damage Manual , I Am War Again

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HeadFullOfNoise For my late great dane, full name Spiderbaby (taken from the film). RIP. White Zombie - "Spiderbaby"
HeadFullOfNoise job hunting and cover letter writing is making me hungry. Subhumans – "Mickey Mouse Is Dead"
HeadFullOfNoise "It's the end of mankind..hell & fire...a storm's a brewin" Ministry – Let's Go
HeadFullOfNoise Could not agree more... Meatmen – "Morrissey Must Die"
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