pegboy Another great example of New Wave progression...
pegboy Some say it's teh greatest Heads song...I would argue
pegboy I actually like the vibe on this song better...
pegboy Boy's from my home-state, make all the difference...
pegboy The Pshych Furs go commercial...


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pegboy but let's face it, this is the best-ever version

The KnackMy Sharona

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pegboy OK, cracked a pre-Super Bowl brewskie
pegboy Paul McCartney? Tell me who's singing backup and you'll win my adoration and respect... You are so correct (reblip)
pegboy My favorite thing? Hanging with my homies. Time to jump in the shower and head for a Super Bowl party....
pegboy Say Anything soundtrack, and one of the best from The Mats...
pegboy She's not. Since I don't presently have a girlfriend...
pegboy A little city with The Jam?

The JamIn The City

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pegboy I'll leave you all with a couple from The Hold Steady
pegboy that's it, stay positive...until next time...
pegboy And I give you the goodbye look for this evening. Happy blipping....
pegboy OK kids quit playing Train in Vain. Enough of Should I Stay Or Should I Whatever. Overplay THIS. My favorite! (reblip)
pegboy It's new, it's fresh, it's U2 "sexy boots"

U2Get On Your Boots

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pegboy ...just because we get around....
pegboy because they're all out to get me, that's why....
pegboy but you really can't beat the original
pegboy Chrissie hates this song. I, however, do not.
pegboy you have to check out The Breeders' 2008 offering. Cool shit.
pegboy chicks who rock for the next few blips....


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pegboy I'm making a mixtape of punk essentials, and this is on it....

Green DayLongview

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pegboy I'll take sugarless...can I get change?
Heard_of_sheep This is for Peg Boy.... Congratulations!
pegboy Everybody do the hokey pokey

R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe 1

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pegboy 80s dance party!

Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf

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karmadrome They say it's not possible to "catch up" on your sleep. A blissful ten hours of allergy-med-aided shuteye later, I can assure you: They lie.
karmadrome Are there times when a song fits your mood perfectly? I don't mean the lyrics so much as just the feel of it?
pegboy It is an all 1979 evening

The CarsLet's Go

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pegboy It is an all 1979 evening
pegboy a Clash rock block - It is an all 1979 evening...I blogged about this watershed music year at
pegboy the all 1979 evening continues....

B-52sRock Lobster

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koohii saw her play on the colbert show.

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

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koohii hola @MJIC


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koohii umm a place i would not like to visit...
Heard_of_sheep Great lyrics... You seem surprised?
koohii oh... allison moyet and vince clarke


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The Black Keys - When The Lights Go Down

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Zissy Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Fleet FoxesMykonos

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Heard_of_sheep Some more Dan Auerbach... Live! Trouble Weighs a Ton.

01 Trouble Weighs A Ton

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ladypn You got to put up a fight! & Rumble in the jungle tonight, you running for the rest of your life....

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

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ladypn Gold is another word for culture.leads to fattening of the vultures, till this bird can barely fly.
struggleville Townes Van Zandt – For The Sake Of The Song
koohii Yeah I’ve done it before And I can do it some more I’ve got my eye on the score I’m gonna cut through the floor It's too late It's too soon Or i (reblip)
nikhilsoneja Good early song from R.E.M.
ladypn This actually makes me THINK of Tokyo! :)
struggleville Stop and Listen @bobbygone23 - Chris Smither – No Love Today
struggleville Chris Smither – Leave The Light On
struggleville Michelle Shocked – Anchorage
struggleville Patty Griffin – Forgiveness
struggleville Patty Griffin – Love Throws A Line
struggleville More steel guitar please....The Shins – Gone For Good
struggleville Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Falling Slowly
misslily Aerosmith – Eat The Rich
Apdeites João Gilberto singing in Italian

Joao GilbertoEstate

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darcio_martins Jack Johnson – Plastic Jesus > Fall Line > Spring Wind *
ladypn rb @buzzedrecall Thanks for this, there are days I need a manual... ;) (reblip)
a0805h in thought about a certain nice situation when sun had already gone down long time before..
ladypn Hi @mushka! I've not HEARD this before, I of course LOVE it! Thank YOU! :) (reblip)
ladypn I couldn't agree more, @Figgywithit. Its got something about it that just cries out to me. How are you?? :) (reblip)
ladypn @Niem all out of props for you too! Are you trying to say you won't get it all done tonight, tonight? ;) (reblip)

Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas - Water Down the Ganges (Sawari)

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PostcardsfromSeletar Clementine by Pink Martini. For everyone who remembers Esther Li's video of Singapore's Secret Garden
lenore ♂ Waldeck...yaaaay ^^ ✺ (reblip)

King Sunny Ade & His African Beats -365 Is My Number-The Message

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ladypn are you really, @pyrrhoX? (DAVID SYLVIAN SINGING! YAY!) Seriously, are you going to Japan?? (reblip)


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Heard_of_sheep Here's my cue.... Signing off in Northern California!
ladypn 3rd time saying - I'm sorry you can't hear, @sheryonstone! Try FF? I answered you in 2 blips before & just answered the email. ;)
ladypn Hah! @RadioFreeIllinois! I was about to blip this! YES they were great on Fallon! ;) (reblip)


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ladypn The walls abandon shape,you've got a cheshire cat grin, all blurring into1,this place is on a mission, B4 the night owl, B4 the animal noises...
ladypn Now this kind of day has no night. Ain't got much on my mind Ain't got much on my mind 'cause I know something good this way comes

preplay for Church Of The Poison Mind

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koohii This is definitely not a shit song - kate song "shit song" VIDEO

Kate NashShit Song

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a0805h At least there's some precious music to get us through this.. :)
Heard_of_sheep I went to see Jake last night, he was amazing!! A must see!
TiagoLyra caramba, thom yorke, devir karaokê tem limites. (reblip)
NatzTunez Picture that marching band!

fleetwood mactusk

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Heard_of_sheep TGIThursday! Time to put on your red dress, ladies!
CDub1920 just love this song~ this version more than some of the the more commercial ones.
mvierow I heard this song on a U2 concert, and I just had to know what it was!
Heard_of_sheep Thank god it's Thursday...! Adios!


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seamuse ♫ The Allman Brothers Band – Trouble No More RB @djwttw :) classic Allman Bros @sheryonstone (reblip)
Heard_of_sheep I just heard this on David Dye's World Cafe... Such a great song! Sun Volt is touring the West Coast this summer! Yee ha!
loungecreature Favorite movie music. Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
MaddyTheSongWhore =) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The B-52's52 Girls

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MaddyTheSongWhore I wanna beat the hand that feeds me!!!!!
karmadrome can feel the first hint of the clever north wind and had best get moving. No clue what to do, but it needs to be sorted quickly.
Heard_of_sheep This song makes me want to cry... Sing it, Ray!
Heard_of_sheep This song is about a tornado that is actually in love with a little boy... Thanks, Neko!
Heard_of_sheep Well, at least he introduced me to Keller Williams.... ;-)
Heard_of_sheep Nice guitar - yeah! This guy has a great voice! (reblip)

Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

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ladypn Did you let your baby girl go off on a spring break party trip, @SevenTenths? :) (reblip)

Zoe PearceRailroads

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ladypn You're my real Prince Charmin', like the heat from the fire you were always burnin', &each time you're around my body keeps stallin' for your touch
Heard_of_sheep I got to see JLM at SXSW in April! She's nineteen and amazing! She's being produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys (who was also at SXSW! ;-)
Heard_of_sheep I'm going to buy a guitar and learn how to play this... ;-)
Heard_of_sheep I also saw Lisa Hannigan the same night at SXSW! Wahoo!
ladypn Speak but don't pretend, I won't defend you anymore...


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Heard_of_sheep Why thank you ;-) Have a great day!
a0805h This one sometimes makes me think of Muse.. however what an amazing song!!
ladypn baby don't forget you haven't lost it all yet don't know what your made of til the one thing that you want to come in with the dawn&suddenly changes

The FraySyndicate

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ladypn @BLUESBOOGIE Oooh love these two together! LOVE this song! (reblip)

De Phazz - The Manbo Craze (extended version)

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QueenOfRadio When I was a kid, my dad had an extensive collection of Yma Sumac 45s and thought she was the most incredible woman alive.
ladypn Hi @DownLow!! I thought you were gone for the day! (an earlier blip of yours) Nice to hear you back! (reblip)

Lets get this party started-Pink

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ladypn @SevenTenths I don't plan on serving whiskey though... ;)
QueenOfRadio I'm reblipping my pal Heard_of_Sheep's playlist, who may or may not be reblipping my pal Peg Boy's playlist, & who is drunk blipping on Mojitos. (reblip)

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

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QueenOfRadio I can't wait til Pink Martini comes to the Cascade Theatre later this year (you heard it here first, folks).
ladypn @melodyofyourlife I think its going to take an airplane to get you here tonight... :)
QueenOfRadio I just had a hankering for harpsichord.
ladypn Where were you when everything was falling apart @2redheads? :) RB as I'm OUT of props for you & LOVE this song! ;) (reblip)
QueenOfRadio This is a good transition between Paul McCartney and Puddle of Mud, in my subtle, less than humble opinion.

WeenBaby Bitch

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QueenOfRadio My 2nd favorite current song. My pal Heard Of Sheep totally hates me right now. But she'll forgive me later. (She's just jealous).
ladypn Never too down, @by_starla! Besides with the crew we've gathered, you'd soon be feeling better! ;) (reblip)


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Heard_of_sheep Here we go...!! Get your BLIP on!!
Heard_of_sheep I have no idea what this is, but I sort of like it...
Heard_of_sheep I need the real one from when I lived in Hong Kong and cried in a stadium filled with 10,000 Chinese girls when David Bowie came on and sang this song
Heard_of_sheep My gf Queen Of Radio just dropped a package of Modern Love next to me on the table...a quart sized baggie of condoms. Nice gift.
koohii Be You!!! ... Because I Can't... (reblip)
Heard_of_sheep Now ya'all don't think this is really me blipping do you? Nope, I'm passed out, head on the table, and Queen Of Radio has taken over.
QueenOfRadio It's the French Version of Guten Tag!!!!
QueenOfRadio The original and unheroinized version.

The ZutonsValerie

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QueenOfRadio I like pretty much any song named after me. I'm a Me-Song Whore.
QueenOfRadio Only I'm not really asleep.... yet.
QueenOfRadio Against the wishes of Heard Of Sheep, I'm playing this instead of Mexican Radio. I mean...come on. This is sooo much cooler! Peg Boy, can I get a 2nd?