HoneyB1DC My Way or nothinnnnn HONEYYYYYYY

Jill ScottThe Way

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HoneyB1DC its gona b alrite

Erika Badu Feat Jimmy Cliff "No woMan No Cry"

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HoneyB1DC ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Will SmithSummertime

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HoneyB1DC u dnt knw nuthn bout this

Terry Ellis ~ It's You That I Need

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HoneyB1DC what

Terry Ellis- What Did I Do To You?

| play
HoneyB1DC do u remember me

Terry Ellis-- Back Down Memory Lane

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HoneyB1DC back 2gethr now dnt leav me again U %&$#*
HoneyB1DC I Luv old jazz low down dirty sccccattttttt yesssss... sang it Sarah..I grew up singng jazz
HoneyB1DC sweet Valentine U make me smile with my heart
HoneyB1DC sweet Valentine U make me smile with my heart
HoneyB1DC SEND IN THE CLOWNS yesssssssssss My all time FAV
HoneyB1DC all time CLASSIC nothing stays the same ugh ugh ugh yessss
HoneyB1DC I walk the floor I watch the door
HoneyB1DC after hours late nite early morning lock the door and get naked
HoneyB1DC I had to do it again "one Mint Julep" hahaa caused it all have u ever felt like that...its gettn hot n here
HoneyB1DC If u disrespect evbdy tht u run n2 How n the world ya thank anybdy gona respect U
HoneyB1DC sing it W/me

Fire and Desire- Rick James and Tina Marie ((WITH LYRICS))

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HoneyB1DC what yall know bout this? U dnt knooooooow wooooooweeeeee
HoneyB1DC Give it here told ya u ddnt know bout dis

mammatapee-dont you want give me some

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HoneyB1DC is ther somthng on yor mind cause thersomthng on mine...is there?

Mammatapee-Something On Your Mind.

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HoneyB1DC U bettr get yor skates out groove w/me
HoneyB1DC ahhhhhhhhhhh yehhhhhhhhhhh sumersumersumertimmmmmm
HoneyB1DC cant u feeeeel it! I am on the floor spreadng it w/som jelly
HoneyB1DC rite me a lettr put som green beans on it
HoneyB1DC get yor ticket redy this train is leavnnnnnnnnnnnn
HoneyB1DC Crockett & Tubbs I been waitng 4 this moment
HoneyB1DC be back by thursday with utz potato chips & a coke bitch
HoneyB1DC put yor hands up 4 BIG T-TIGER WOODS! the girls got 2 know THEY R HO's!
HoneyB1DC I'm havng a good time! Superstars standng room only! Crowd went wild!
HoneyB1DC if u r older than 40 HOLLLLLLLLLA @ ME!

MAMMATAPEE! "caught up in the race"

| play
HoneyB1DC I had 2 do it agaaaaaainnnn! "ughhhhh"

mammatapee-dont you want give me some

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HoneyB1DC doooo doooo doooo doooooooo just slide bac n forth
HoneyB1DC Now tht u hav taken the class...LET'S HUSTLE!

Van McCoyParty / 47

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HoneyB1DC "ahhh ahhhh"


| play
HoneyB1DC here we go again...get on down baby


| play
HoneyB1DC mmmmm....just get n a tub & soak

Billy JoelPiano Man

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HoneyB1DC just listen u can hear AFRICA
HoneyB1DC homeless 'just 1 paycheck away" THANK ON IT!

Paul SimonHomeless

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HoneyB1DC @thedigitalbee54: "@koshnarek: ""Jack what a hack! Hit the road and don't you come back no more!""" Bye Bye smooches (reblip)
HoneyB1DC "NOW U KNOW I HAD 2"! "Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey"!
HoneyB1DC I wanna U 2 b my Lover Man!
HoneyB1DC South Africa Luv my music


| play
HoneyB1DC nice

Dorothy's Promenade

| play
HoneyB1DC yeah u ddnt know bout this did u

Letta MbuluMahlalela

| play
HoneyB1DC Introduction 2 somthng u havnt heard...sit down & stay w/4 a bit

Letta MbuluKukuchi

| play
HoneyB1DC keep listnn Hope u njoy

Letta Mbulu- Amakhamandela (Not yet Uhuru)

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HoneyB1DC work it

Tribute mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens

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HoneyB1DC If u cant afford 2 TRAVEL RITE NOW...sit bac I will take u on a ride around the world...smooches
HoneyB1DC stay rite here....Im rollng
HoneyB1DC com bac w/me 2 the Island

Anziza SalemaAmini

| play
HoneyB1DC wher r u now?

Lahat ng 'Yan

| play
HoneyB1DC smooches welcome 2 my world

me singing yan ng why ask why 吳日言- 點解問點解

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HoneyB1DC dnt leav the room THIS GIRL IS RDICULUS! woooo wish I had her range
HoneyB1DC yeh I got tht bug n me....I can sing it too!
HoneyB1DC "Let me tell U somthn"! If u hav ever wnted 2 tell him somthn or her but ddnt know how...Listen 2 this song! wooooo I gota make a call rite now!
HoneyB1DC That's rite! Honey is up late nite Jammminnn smooches

LatimoreSunshine Lady

| play
HoneyB1DC Stop playnnnn! I really thnk this is FUNNY!
HoneyB1DC well then Go! but if u wanna stay U can lmao

Latimore "Let Me Go"

| play
HoneyB1DC yeah clap yor hands on this 1..
HoneyB1DC lemme get my bell bottoms out
NB2NV Nobody's Supposed To Be Here...Deborah Cox
HoneyB1DC Summer-MADNESS! smooches late nite Blipeople Im changng gears 4 a few...What do u listen most when u r drivng? (me) gospel & jazz and a few tlk radio
HoneyB1DC This is n my heart! I walk around the house singng it...My Godfather & I sing it 2gethr..evday I thnk of HOW MUCH I HAVE BEEN THRU! switchng gears
HoneyB1DC yep if ure' up rite now..got a bill due,a child needs somthng u cant provide rite now..It will b alrite...JUST START SINGNG!!!
HoneyB1DC No Ticket NEEDED!!!!! just climb on bord...
HoneyB1DC Do Yor Best! it doesn't matter He does c u 4 who u r!
HoneyB1DC "this song has been my FIGHT song 4 a long time"!
HoneyB1DC somndy needs this IM TELLNG U! smbdy needs this...just hold on! it will b alrite....just sing it!
HoneyB1DC message n a bottle

"Message To The People" (1977)- Shirley Caesar

| play
HoneyB1DC com'on widit

Vickie Winans "Precious Lord"

| play
HoneyB1DC I made it! yes I made it!


| play
HoneyB1DC TY U 2 smooches @AndreasC4

Vickie Winans "Already Been To The Water" Havin' Chach

| play
HoneyB1DC shake it offf!

Vickie Winans "Shake Yourself Loose" Stellar Awards 2004

| play
HoneyB1DC THIS IS MY SONG! I'm singng high!!!!!!! so I'm still @ wrk DEVIL B GONE! I've tried 2 fix it on my own...ddnt work!

Work It Out

| play
HoneyB1DC 2 the sleepng Blipeople who hung out w/me...smooches may yor DREAMS B FILLED WITH peace

VICKIE WINANS "We Shall Behold Him"

| play
HoneyB1DC 2 the Blipeople who r still rollin' wit'me...smooches this is 4 U! have a Gret Day! TY 4 helpng me get thru...
HoneyB1DC THANK U Blip fam 4 yor shouts & prayers U helpd me make it thru 2nite...I promise 2 do bettr w/Thank U's....
HoneyB1DC 'its ok'! remember Talk 2 som1
HoneyB1DC simply dvine! Gota do a rush of work for 2hrs.....Morning ev1 Keep yor eye on the Sparrow
HoneyB1DC last run Bringn up the pack Bishop T.D. Jakes i cant stop now a few more
HoneyB1DC HAD 2 DO IT AGIN! yesssss I c How u wer ther 4 me....Never cld hav made it!
HoneyB1DC To my boy Derrick on Facebook keep yor hed up "D"! dnt 4got put tht call out when ure redy...
HoneyB1DC @HoneyB1DC: "To my boy Derrick on Facebook keep yor hed up "D"! dnt 4got put tht call out when ure redy..." (reblip)
HoneyB1DC 2 all the listeners/Blipeople fans evwher/Tweople/Facebook fam this is 4 U! somthng has come over me I got ride this out! Im not complanng @ all..
HoneyB1DC rolln wid'it! Take this ride with me...jazz is gospel w/a SAX
HoneyB1DC just say it! when is the last time U said THANK U 2 some1..TO GOD! not preachng not preachng just say'n 'he let me live 2 c this day" Im sharng it w/u
HoneyB1DC HOW MUCH? A LOT MORE THAN U THINK! sang it! put tht call out! Bettr calll sombdy
HoneyB1DC clap yor hands evbdy! get up! rock it! shake it off!
HoneyB1DC just had 2 do it agin! Luv is patient carng luv is kind! if som1 is beatng u rite now,kickng u,yor childrn r n danger! This is yor song hold on 2 it
HoneyB1DC let God lift u rite out of tht abusive rlationship...GOD Favored U...now LEAV! speak on it! sombdy needs 2 hear this rite now...wher u @? com'on
HoneyB1DC clap like this......wher r my people @...i dnt wanna rock alone...I need Summermadness but I will keep my clothes on lol
HoneyB1DC I wana throw n a few tunes "Ive been waitng 2 share" Jazz this up 4 a bit! Gospel is Jazzz "the diffrnce is the rob & the buildng"! as long as u sang!
HoneyB1DC To ev1 who have lost som1 special....just a little lite jazz 4 u "b kind 2 yorself"
HoneyB1DC smooth somthng 2 read to, cook,a nice song 2 play n the bacground as u call a frend u havnt spoken 2 n awhil...dnt 4get family
HoneyB1DC bcaus they play well 2gethr...I got them 2gthr c me on the right! lol
HoneyB1DC Hi Dear Sista Thank U 4 being true,being U being my frend smooches hav a peaceful evng Many Thanks 4 the Props@ladyt3xthelady


| play
HoneyB1DC Thanks 4 the shouts look 2 the sky always & u will c yor angels lookng @ U...smooches @Awannabeangel


| play
HoneyB1DC smooches Thanks 4 the shout keep smilng hav a gret nite@wdlands42


| play
HoneyB1DC U make me smile evtime u send a shout Thanks I apreciat the luv smooches@misterperturbed
HoneyB1DC This is yor wake up call "Thanks 4 the props peopl like u keep me going"! smooches Nfinity!!!!@Rarebird

Dave KozWake Up Call

| play
HoneyB1DC I feel like a Sax soaked n a cup of Java...it will only last 4awhil
HoneyB1DC Gota luv these dudes hangng out...just a lil lite info...4sure u will njoy
HoneyB1DC when it gets here will sombdy call me,send an email,text,smoke signal
HoneyB1DC Whats yor WISH! u only get 1.....
HoneyB1DC I dnt want 2 but I will....whtevr is best 4 Me!
HoneyB1DC U cant get bettr than this...but i will giv it a try...stay awhile
HoneyB1DC last dance...take my hand

Dave KozThe Dance

| play
HoneyB1DC JUST GET N THE CAR & DRIVE AROUND YOR Beltway,Prkway,Blvd,Circle..just fill-up & drive til its gone "while playng this song" U wil stil smile
HoneyB1DC if it aint GOLD! throw it back!

Dave KozGolden Lining

| play
HoneyB1DC well u know wht I think! Koz wine...well long as u dnt drink & drive...I love wine & music..I dnt abuse it! & I dnt fake da'funk!!!! smooofunk tht is!

Dave KozKoz Wine

| play
HoneyB1DC "just Caus" -it's Koz! Im lafng thts alwys a good thang! check out the vid
HoneyB1DC LIVE BABY! MOSCOW! caus its my song! say u luv me
HoneyB1DC "The Pic is shockng" dnt b alarmed its tht of a DEAR DEAR CHILD "Juliana Wetmore" The Little Girl w/o a face
HoneyB1DC Dave & Anita....Priceless

Somewhere Anita Baker and Dave Koz

| play
HoneyB1DC 1,2,3 say it w/me BADDABING!!!

Bada Bing (Dave Koz & Brian Culbertson)

| play
HoneyB1DC AFTER DARK! my mood changes 2 smoooothy I reflect on stuff & write!

After Dark-Dave Koz

| play
HoneyB1DC Thanks 4 takng ths rid w/me 1nc again All my frnds n the DJ fam U like me just the way I am the good & the bad the sad the hapy my hair strait or napy
HoneyB1DC have u ever loved sombdy soo bad u wantd 2 ride a bike 2 cleveland
HoneyB1DC CLASSSSSSSSSIC a must listen..U'll Thank me n the morng! smoosmoo
HoneyB1DC Had 2 do it again just n case somndy 4GOT!!!!!!!
HoneyB1DC To ALL my Blipeople/Facebook Fam/Tweople....smooches
HoneyB1DC "Derrick" facebook fam...Keep Yor hedup Just fall back ther wil alwys b som1 2 catch u
HoneyB1DC until we c eaothr again...I will eat oreos & drink milk
HoneyB1DC C'mon yall raise up stand up....swing w/me
HoneyB1DC if u wanna feel wht I feel...put on a set of hedphones,earplugs whtevr u got...THIS IS THE TRUTH! dnt wory I ddnt get naked..alrite lol
HoneyB1DC just 1 last cry...broken heart It's all good MOVE ON!
HoneyB1DC JUST CAUSE: this is 4ev1 out ther!!!! B strong hold on....smooches
HoneyB1DC its me live from the home of the ORANGES!!!!
HoneyB1DC I will giv u the nite If U GIV ME THE MORNING!!!
HoneyB1DC DEDICATED 2 POPPY...he's sufferng "No More"! I luv u dude!
HoneyB1DC greetngs blipeople 'wakeywakey" I gav u the nite...This is yor morng wakeup call smooches

Dave Sereny Blueberry Groove

| play
HoneyB1DC Take a smoooth ride w/me I promise 2 brng u bac
HoneyB1DC @HoneyB1DC: "I will giv u the nite If U GIV ME THE MORNING!!!" (reblip)
HoneyB1DC I saw u..Thanks 4 the luv njoy yor day smooches@dANGELofLOVE

Jeff Bradshawlookin'

| play
HoneyB1DC 2 THE WOMEN OF BLIP....SMOOCHES much luv keep smilng
HoneyB1DC To the Men of Blip....smoooooches makes 2day a day of JAZZZZZZZZ do somethng funky! walk funky! talk funky! B FUNKY!
HoneyB1DC if u wanna get dirty..dnt 4get 2 wash when u get up!

Rick Braun & Richard Elliott "Down & Dirty"

| play
HoneyB1DC "she will luv u bac"! UNLESS URE A FOOL!
HoneyB1DC Dont' know why ure up so early but since ure keepng me company lemme make u somethng...how do u like yor eggs smooches lol@nawlinswoman
HoneyB1DC nothng like eggs by the pool on a warm morning watchng gators creep
HoneyB1DC ALL dogs watchout! This is the YEAR of the CAT!
HoneyB1DC just as pretty as SUMMER but Autumn feels beter!

Peter WhiteAutumn Day

| play
HoneyB1DC 1:39am..Whts hapenn n yor life rite now? Me Im cool just thnkng bout my Poppy & wishng he cld listen 2 Summermadness w/me...smooches Poppy wtch my bac
HoneyB1DC hold'n it down

Neil Schon-Lights

| play
HoneyB1DC "rollin stone"

paul rodgers & neil schon live 1993

| play
HoneyB1DC 4 Poppy wish u cld dance w/me once again! checkout our vid on FB...Booty Shakn
HoneyB1DC Poppy somthng 4 u 2 njoy while u read...I know how u like the news..."oh I saw a gator while on vacation it was hungry wanted a Kabob
HoneyB1DC just feeln silllllllllly! laf life is toooooo short!
HoneyB1DC 2 all the Listeners who briten my day& nite I c yor eyes shining thru U watch my bac I got U! smooches
HoneyB1DC my heart is heavier than yesterday because the funeral is 2morow...but it will B alrite!!! TY 4 yor ears & shoulders I appreciate the L-O-V-E smoo
HoneyB1DC I LUV THIS SONG! ALL TIME FAV 4 sure...."wel make a wish"
HoneyB1DC "Tango" trying 2 keep it 2gether...
HoneyB1DC I just needed 2 hear this! just a feelng "playng all of them"
HoneyB1DC O' My GOODNES!!! "take my hand"!!! stop playnnn..Poppy take my hand lets dance Baby! I know they ddnt knw u bac n the day ure a diff man now GOD KNOWS
HoneyB1DC stop playnnnnn REGGAE "still waters" LMAOOOOOO

Mighty Diamonds-Still waters run deep.

| play
HoneyB1DC ALRITE I am DONE! THIS IS crazzzzzy....havng fun tho!
HoneyB1DC well my first & best! MIGHTY MIGHTY MIGHTY 4 IS ALWAYS BETTR!
HoneyB1DC SMOOCHES Sis TY 4 keepng me n the knw!@ladyt3xthelady: "This is for all the HOMIES!!!! Gone but never forgotten!!!" (reblip)

D.R.S.Gangsta Lean

| play
HoneyB1DC Im doing fine Marty! whts happnnnnn
HoneyB1DC talent is a MIGHTY THANG!

Darren Rahn Talk of the Town

| play
HoneyB1DC "WAKE UP"! get up! grooove w/me c'mon yeahhh


| play
HoneyB1DC had 2 do it agin!


| play
HoneyB1DC ok knda cute "hmmmm"

Darren Rahn Easy Does It

| play
HoneyB1DC STOP PLAYNNNNNN! play it U bettr not stop! WHATTTTT! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
HoneyB1DC evry time I look @ U I feel a rush My heads spins my mind goes blank I cannot think I just want u 2 hold me I dont want 2 b yor SECRET CRUSH

Darren Rahn with Jeff Lorber Secret Crush

| play

Double Take- Darren Rahn

| play
HoneyB1DC 2 ALL THE DADDY'S GIRLS! smooches

Daddy's Girl- Darren Rahn

| play
HoneyB1DC classsssic....BUTIFUL!

Darren Rahn ~ Take My Breath Away

| play
HoneyB1DC My Top 10 all time favvvvv's.....1
HoneyB1DC #3 just caus i cant stop singng it!!! evday evminute evtime a tune comes 2 my mind n JUNE! this will B CLOSER 2 my lips.....yeahhhhh baby! "I wannna"
HoneyB1DC she won me over when I first heard this...sang it til my brother said "please stop" while he was catchng up on "the show medium"
HoneyB1DC #4 yep thts rite....ETTA JAMES!!!!
HoneyB1DC #5 WHEN those old feelng just wont go away...been ther many a'day...smooches 55555555555555
HoneyB1DC #6 caus we stupid somtimes!! Then we wakeUP!! lol
HoneyB1DC #7 when u want som1 2 GET HERE!!!!

Oleta Adams [ Live ] GET HERE

| play
HoneyB1DC #8 dnt act like u dnt know! just caus it does wht it does
HoneyB1DC #9 just KOZ! I said so...smooches

Dave KozI Believe

| play
HoneyB1DC #10 ahhh yes...there it is well actually the list cant stop here...not now ok so much for just 10

SadeIs It a Crime

| play
HoneyB1DC #20 - #45....this is my almost TOP FAV! I hav more this is going to take awhil

Will Downing and Rachelle Ferrell-Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

| play
HoneyB1DC just caus I felt like it! smooches

Saturday night fever (Bee Gees) & We are family ( Sister Sledge)- Eseguita dai DANCE SCRATCH Live Band

| play
HoneyB1DC #52 - #59 yep I know...thts how I feel too!
HoneyB1DC 'we hav our own style" my words go on 4 miles Dnt bite my swag on the Blip Sound Stage..I promis 2 keep u happy whil ure on this page...smooches lol
HoneyB1DC #62 - #65 "street life" I wanted 2 hang n the street bcaus this song sounded sooo nterstng..My Mom said "No"!
HoneyB1DC Im out gota go My nose hurts & I wanna blow went away 4 the wkend Got real sick These fools hav mold n there hous & its real thick!
HoneyB1DC Good morning & Good Nite...smooches it has truly been a dlite..walk w/me take my hand...
HoneyB1DC hey "Nick" this is a gret BLOCKPARTY SONG LOL smooches have a JAZZY nite@NickDevious
HoneyB1DC "bob" ya' head like this!"Lean wit it" rock the shlders like this" arms up snap yeah u got it! "ahh"@HoneyB1DC: "#60 THIS IS MY JAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" (reblip)
HoneyB1DC Rain or shine gators or long vines I'll luv u whether ur'e hers or mine...LOL
HoneyB1DC destination doesnt really mattr as long as Im w/u!
HoneyB1DC brunch on the balcony gators at my feet U lookin good to me...smoo
HoneyB1DC caus I needed 2 hear this rite now..yep cant use my voice but i can pretend im singng
HoneyB1DC want 2 take a walk across the water...Culture is KEY!!!
HoneyB1DC four letter words! "listen 2 the lyrics"! Deep this is how peopl live! iN this country as well! DN'T 4GET! IF U DNT GET IT! YOU DONT GET IT!
HoneyB1DC music joins hands,links minds,crosses borders,rises over walls,travels roads..when u get 2 the end U FIND US! "Blip Fam betr than nyother social net!
HoneyB1DC had 2 share som of my Native American luvs...smooches My family background

Acoustic Lounge Joseph FireCrow

| play
HoneyB1DC ok..this was not planned I was serchng for an artist & this "ugh" c 4 yorself! cute!
HoneyB1DC fabulus!!!!!!! CULTURE!!!! Luv The People ALL PEOPLE!!


| play
HoneyB1DC music says it all

Shadows On The Wall by Douglas Blue Feather

| play
HoneyB1DC music says more than I can ever say

Sacred Space by Douglas Blue Feather

| play
HoneyB1DC superb music a must n ev colction

In The Canyon by Douglas Blue Feather

| play