Honorabledude Hey (again) ! Early NY New Wave Post Punk was Movin' as Young David was!
Honorabledude Love Junkie Chicks: a sexy re-vamp of a song by what's his name? (reblip)

Addicted to Love

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Honorabledude Don't know anythin about these French dudes but it makes me wanna' groove - "evetheone" says: "Beijo, prinçuso..vou dormir que já não tenho idade ..." (reblip)
Honorabledude Yea Paul, yea - "It's All Right Now!" (the epitome of Rock & Roll)

FreeAll Right Now

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Honorabledude Re-Mixed Raga/George Harrison's Musical Search Tribute (sorta)! (reblip)
Honorabledude Ouch! This goes out to she knows who - can't love no shadow no how, not then, not now! Let it be, baby! Let it be!
Honorabledude Look out your back door & see the Light: Listen to this Cosmic Soul version of the Eternal Blues number! (reblip)
Honorabledude Audubon Blues: the worlds too beautiful for me! (reblip)
Honorabledude O' Brother Where Art Thou? Dan the "Man of Constant Sorrow" T. Sings away the rain from the Appalachians to the Catskill Mountains! Let the sun shine!

Dan Tyminski Band sings "Rain Please Go Away"

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Honorabledude Walkin' a Narrow Path -we can stand & we can sometimes fall! Hear similarities between this song by War & Bob Marley's '73 release,"Get Up, Stand Up."
Honorabledude Old times, so very wet - many moons till I saw the Truth! Gil was singing about it all along - a sad, soulful rhythmic First Step! (reblip)
Honorabledude Connosseurs of Fila Brasilia,Howie B.& DJ Shadow may spy him a kindred soul but peel back the layers & soon the seeds of sonic synthesis are certain
Honorabledude Mmmmmm, ugh! When it's good, it's so very good! And it's sooooo good today! Breathe in the Moment & Feel IT! It's GOOOOD!
Honorabledude Honky James Brown Cheerio Soul! Have fun, but remember - always "Treat Her Right"!
Honorabledude Harry Manx plays some weird ass guitar & sings up a stormfull of mellow blues, all the way from Australia to NYC!
Honorabledude Man, how I love it when those drums come in! Thank God, it's Friday!
Honorabledude Country Tripping: I slept w/the Devil but would still like one of those suits!
Honorabledude One of America's musical myths: Legendary Singer-Songwriter Townes Van Zandt! Also check out Steve Earles new cover album of his songs!
Honorabledude When I look inside the window of my mind, I see all the different me's! Just like some movie, every life's got a Soundtrack - what songs are yours?

Season Of The Witch Al Kooper Steven Stills Mike Bloomfield

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Honorabledude Don't know much about Sam (a devil in disguise) but I'll stay away from Boston (for now) if she says so!
Honorabledude Good Spirited Pre-Gangsta Rap w/ a Conscience!
Honorabledude Higher Up Original Family Music! What ever happen to Sly?
Honorabledude The Voice: Let Mr. Excitement take you Higher! (what notes he hits)!
Honorabledude Grounded Red & Hot: Where's your Higher Ground? And how do you get there!
Honorabledude G. Master "Message" Flash fame w/ out Furious Five takes you higher!
Honorabledude Sometimes you got to be your own girlfriend - it's Springtime & the workweek's 1/2 over & I'm glad all over! (Buddy Holly inspired early British Rock)
Honorabledude Sober Brother Steve & Cousin Joe let it Roll!
Honorabledude Heart-wrenching opioid songstress from gay Pariee! (reblip)
Honorabledude Actually I prefer The Five Key's version but couldn't find a decent recording!
Honorabledude Rico bipped - roots reggee Scratchy Lee laughing! (reblip)
Honorabledude Hard Moon Stomp & Nino asks: "what became of 16 Horsepower" ? (reblip)
Honorabledude Fairytale Songstress from the Garden to You! (reblip)
Honorabledude Ilublo says it's a "driving song - but does it work sitting in front of a computer?" (reblip)
Honorabledude Relax & let it float on by - you deserve it! (reblip)

Grateful DeadRipple

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Honorabledude Even Jerry Garcia has learned something from Missing Jango's Fingers! (reblip)
Honorabledude I once got paid (sorta - free drinks at the bar) to play this (on tuba) at the Nashville airport w/some pals, for the arrival of a buddy's Mom! (reblip)
Honorabledude re-blipped ilublo/after Graham Nash (reblip)

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies

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Honorabledude Is there such a thing as "bad religion"?
Honorabledude Texas Cool Breeze Blooze!

freddy king - hide away

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Honorabledude Remember Johnny Boy (DeNiro) dancing to this in Bklyn, outside the car in "Mean Streets" just before they (him & Keitel) get blown away?
Honorabledude (electric) Modern Lovers played our Halloween Party in Boston in 1972. Jonathan never liked me much cause I was such a Stoner & he was so Straight!
Honorabledude Dig the Post-Grunge Thump & Grind You Find!
Honorabledude Some things you just don't tell anyone . . .
Honorabledude Such a sweet, gentle version of this old gospel tune made famous by the Impressions!
Honorabledude I can't believe I even found this song (or maybe it's just a "flashback")!?


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Honorabledude Who cares what games you choose (I took drugs that didn't even exist)!
Honorabledude An American version of Van Morrison's band "Them" (at least this song)!
Honorabledude Sorta-Pseudo Skaversion of Spencer Davis 60's hit!
Honorabledude Dreamtime: a Good Night Song - Thank you, Babubeth! (reblip)
Honorabledude One of the few McCartney solo tunes I like! (reblip)
Honorabledude Frank's Wayward Daughter's Hit Done Instrumentally!


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Honorabledude Pseudo-Jazz cover of Withering Bill's No Sunshine!
Honorabledude This song goes out to the first girl I never married!
Honorabledude I once won a Twist Contest as a Teen at a Pocono summer resort . . . .
Honorabledude NOT the original "Mean Ol' Train" by Papa but . . .
Honorabledude Like waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of it's time!

Artie ShawNightmare

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Chet atkins" Looney Toons Theme" (Merrily We Roll Along)

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Honorabledude Opening reminds me of J. Mitchell's "Woodstock" - @air: "@divadonna5: "@ladypn: "@ranblv Fantastic guitar! Thanks great music, "air"" (reblip)
Honorabledude A Soul Train headed to a Desperate Destination!


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Honorabledude Remember this movie? @hotbeans: "@VonD: "The Commitments – Chain Of Fools" OMG - Great Movie!!" (reblip)
Honorabledude Blue-Eyed Soul to the Max: The Boz! (reblip)

Boz ScaggsLowdown

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Honorabledude "In their early days the bros. imitated various instruments vocally in their songs. Here, John imitates the tuba while Harry is the trumpet sound." (reblip)

Mills Brothers--How 'm I Doin',Hey-Hey

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Honorabledude One of these guys is my neighbor, lol! @patita: ":D" (reblip)
Honorabledude Earth Opera-like & rebipped - beautiful, never heard before.... thank you!" (reblip)
Honorabledude Thanks to @patita - wishing everyone, night after night (and day time too!) Sweet Dreams! (reblip)
Honorabledude Fare thee well all & every girl I've known - @babubeth: ""We met when we were almost young" is one of my favorite-ever song lines" (reblip)
Honorabledude DJ Babubeth is ALWAYS blowing my mind! Where does she get all this incredible music!? (reblip)

Singin Sammy Ward - That Child Is Really Wild

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Honorabledude Saw Zooey recently in flic "The Yes Man"! She's such a dream! (reblip)
Honorabledude In High School I worked for her record company -

MelanieRuby Tuesday

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Honorabledude @MoonMaktub: "[ Bien Underground] What I need? What I need? What I need? The little something I delight. And the white sugar gently hides me" (reblip)
Honorabledude The sweetest American voice - rest on peace, Dear Richard!


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Honorabledude Rick & Levon, at home in Woodstock - enjoy!

The Munsters theme song

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Honorabledude Strange Sportstime -

Unknown Artist - Unknown Album - 03 - Unknown Title

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Honorabledude One of the many underrated woman of Rock!
Honorabledude It's such a Strange World were living in . . .


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Honorabledude Grew up hanging out at Rockaway Beach . . . .
Honorabledude Shake it, shake it, Baby now . . . . .

Parliaments - I Wanna Testify

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The Ventures "Walk Don't Run"

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Honorabledude It was discovered later on that Johnny Rivers was secretly working for the CIA at the time of this recording and . . . (reblip)
Honorabledude A Spiritual Nature Love Song sorta via Bach's "Minuet in G major" (BWV Anh. 114)

Z Z Hill - Make Me Yours .

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Bar-Kays: Soul finger 7'' A (1967)

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Honorabledude @EveySwan: "Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight ~Just be glad Mike Tyson is a fighter and not a singer. (don't tell him I said that) " (reblip)
Honorabledude @MoonMaktub: "[ Yeeeih! Need 4 speed Undergrund 2 ] Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride) There's a killer on the road (Killer, Murder) ♪♫ " (reblip)
Honorabledude The mood that moves between Seasons . . . wait, a Firefly, no a Shooting Star! Everything is changes, so fast it's too slow, to know sometimes . . . (reblip)
Honorabledude Zen Pop Music

First There Is a Mountain

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Honorabledude One night I saw Gram Parsons & EmmyLou Harris play Max's Kansas City, Dave Mason showed up & after a little discussion they decided to play this song
Honorabledude This goes out to the one I never told I loved - @ShaneBarnes says: "A sultry paen to lust and longing if ever there was one. " (reblip)
Honorabledude Jeff's Dad also came to a tragic end but the Sad Magic goes on . . .
Honorabledude Love the Lisa Loeb version too (maybe better)!
Honorabledude Props to @kopper: "This is cool enough, but the Street Cleaners' version is trashier..." (reblip)
Honorabledude Before losing his mind & killing somebody - The Spade!

DETOUR by Spade Cooley & His Orchestra

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Honorabledude Sometimes I think I like this stuff for different reasons than original DJ- @DrEdge says : "RB eh? not sure I liked it then. but a good for you now (reblip)

Pablo Cruise-Love Will Find A Way

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Honorabledude "It's not easy bein' green!" Ask any environmentalist! (reblip)
Honorabledude "I think YOU know why! (reblip)

Alicia Keys- How come you dont call me anymore

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Honorabledude Yes to UndressJess: "Another accidental find and it's pretty goofy and fun. I approve of this!" (reblip)
Honorabledude @bendrix: "I am a category 5 Tornado - I don't knock on doors - Resistance is futile - I'm snatching this track from U (reblip)

DEE DEE SHARP- mashed potatoes time

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Honorabledude @FOGGIELOANER: "@DJFrankie @jinky67 reminds me of Thingummyjig! But maybe i'm older than 2" (reblip)

Ramblin' Tommy Scott-She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain

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Honorabledude @babubeth: "An old favorite. Makes me think of snow." Makes me think of KMc! (reblip)

NicoThese Days

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Honorabledude @babubeth: "A couple of odd covers by '70s punk rock girl bands" (reblip)
Honorabledude I was looking for this version/didn't know who did it! Thanks Avivamagnolia: "Shaken by a Low Sound " (reblip)
Honorabledude Beautifully done from West Side Story . .. . .
Honorabledude The Original

Somewhere - West Side Story

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Honorabledude I thought this was me singing!?
Honorabledude This use to be an old favorite song of mine (memories of S.B.)!

Moving Down -- Sky Smeed

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Honorabledude Raw Knucklebilly Garage Thwarp!

ObitsMilk Cow Blues

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Honorabledude A menacing ballad, like Bing Crosby with a switchblade knife!
Honorabledude Spellbinding for some . . . the Dude only listens to his own tracks!

Being the Benefit of Mr Kite I want you Track 7 of 13

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Hank Ballard : Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go ( 1960 )

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junior brown & beach boys 409

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Lesley Gore -Je ne sais plus (You don't own me) French

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Honorabledude "This is the one the Chakacha's song reminded me of (at first), now I'm not to sure!
Honorabledude "Now this is hot!" @babubeth: "@leopeixoto" - reminds me of somethin' from the early 80's but can't remember the title)!? (reblip)
Honorabledude @SouthernGothic: "Sounds like horror music! I like. @Cooper_Designs: "Excellent Instrumental piece from Giorgio Moroder... "CHASE""" (reblip)
Honorabledude it's been a long time for me @LUCKYWILARD: "@Honorabledude Sometimes I just got to hear this one... I know it is over played on Rock Radio...but...." (reblip)
Honorabledude Something Lennonesque about this tune . . . .
Honorabledude "@babubeth, you kill me with this stuff (you must live in another dimension)! (reblip)

Perez PradoPatricia

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Honorabledude "Definitely" @babubeth: "funny! I do kinda live in my own world. I'm glad you like my blips.This song seems like something you'd like?@Honorabledude " (reblip)

Karen Dalton-Something on your mind / How Sweet it is

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Honorabledude "Is Brett Karen Dalton's brother? Their voices sorta mingle!"@ babubeth

Mc solaar Caroline

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Honorabledude I came across this fellow in Montreal, many moons ago, took a train to make an old love's wedding . . .
Honorabledude can't find Jurame by her . . .

Lydia Mendoza-Mal Hombre-1934

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Honorabledude Woodstock's own Magical Tunesmith Artist Visionary Jester! I love this song & the accompanying photographs on YouTube!
Honorabledude Philly Garage Band Gone Good!


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Honorabledude The perfect goodnight song for you (sweetly sad like the days end) @babubeth: "good night blippers! It's fun to be back. Sleep tight. xo" (reblip)


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Honorabledude My Goodnight Song to All And May Your Moon Shine Bright!


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MC Hammer- Can't Touch This (Real Vid)

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Honorabledude Hear Tom Verlaine's version of this . . . .
Honorabledude @abasolo: "dá p/ voltar pro começo do feriado?" (reblip)
Honorabledude @DJRoy1: "The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin' Beats. When everything labeled "electronica"" (reblip)
Honorabledude @Cooper_Designs: "reblip from @clisaj... great song" (reblip)

Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next, With lyrics.

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Honorabledude "Thanks (I think) 'cause you look too much like an ol' girlfriend (who also listened to Serge & Francois), to be blippin' around with (sigh)" @Ninette (reblip)
Honorabledude to @Ninette from Arnello (Honorabledude) Sirignano

-Articolo 31- Come Una Pietra Scalciata

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Jeff Buckley- If you see her, say hello

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Honorabledude What a sweet version of this Dylan song -

Tito canta Dylan : If you see her say hello

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Honorabledude Here's the version I was originally searching for @Ninette - Enjoy!

Francesco de Gregori - Non dirle che non è così

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Honorabledude @by_starla: "[Cat Power - Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention)]" (reblip)
Honorabledude Dylan wrote this (for her?)

"Love is Just a Four-Letter Word" Joan Baez

| play
Honorabledude Such a beautiful couple! So sorry Richard had to say Goodbye!
Honorabledude "For all those who've come & gone, I stand by the Sea & say Goodbye!" Thanks - @ColinWLewis (reblip)
Honorabledude "Alright @Shadecat, that's enough blipping for me (I've blipped the pain away) but that's the most clever, hilarious video I've seen in a long time"! (reblip)
Honorabledude Sister Edith, yes! @Ninette: "c'è qualcosa che non va..." (reblip)
Honorabledude song now reminds me of The Chung-King Express!
Honorabledude Out of all the psychedelic schlock I've blipped tonight, this one's pretty cool!
Honorabledude turnoffyourmindrelax&floatdownstream

Trader Horne- Morning Way

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Honorabledude Soul Sister Souad singing "Raoui (the story-teller) " (reblip)
Honorabledude love this rendition of Arthur Lee & Love
Honorabledude I got to say to myself, "Self, lighten up, will ya!" (reblip)
Honorabledude @by_starla: "[Ursa Minor – Silent Moving Picture] @rkmonkey--another new acquisition from yesterday's music run. " (reblip)
Honorabledude on marimba (sorta)

Bach Cello Suite Prelude

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Honorabledude @Shaman777: "@Vanderleun: "The Nightwatch: In the midnight, in the midnight, I burn the candle... Burn the candle at both ends,"" (reblip)
Honorabledude I just came in from standing under the moon & for some reason this song breaks my heart - @babubeth: "From Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks". (reblip)
Honorabledude Mornin' Ya'll (time to shake off that emotional hang-over)!
Ninette gooodmonring@aLL!

Oh! Darling - The Beatles

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Honorabledude @curb: "Forgot how much I love love this song. (Me too!) Thanks for the reminder, @Lurkey." (reblip)
Honorabledude Goin' to New Mexico tomorrow & stay at the Ghost Ranch (Georigia O'Keefe's place), then head on back to ol' Sante Fe!
Honorabledude Ja'h Man, is there - on the Mesa!
Honorabledude sounds like a band I heard out of Joshua Tree . . .
Honorabledude @tomf80: ""I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moments gone.... dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind..."" (reblip)
Honorabledude When this 1st came out I was sick in bed & it cheered me up! (reblip)
Honorabledude not to be confused w/ the Bklyn streetcorner doo-wop band of the "Hey There Little School Girl fame - dig the crazy violin! (later covered by Blondie)

The Paragons- Tide is High

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Honorabledude and here it is (what a naughty little song)!
Honorabledude @Kingsalien: "Ali Farka Toure – Heygana" True African Blues Funk! (reblip)
Honorabledude My "Feel Good" song for the day!
Honorabledude I think Jackie Wilson did this also (and if not - he should of)!!
Honorabledude Soul-shaking cover of Falcons original . . .
Honorabledude One of the first songs I played drums on . . .
Honorabledude definitely inspired the songwriting/arrangements of the notorious Phil Spector . . . .
Honorabledude the roots of Doo-Wop are quintessentially New Yawk & here's the proof!
Honorabledude remember from Scorsese's "Mean Streets" & the infamous bar room scene where drunk played by David Carradine gets killed by real life brother Keith!
Honorabledude This is all I got to say about all this rain!!
Honorabledude Thanks to Kingsalien: Dig This Vibe and enjoy the zounds (reblip)
Honorabledude a really fun song!

Sister Sooky by The Turbans

| play

The Royal Jokers "You Tickle Me, Baby" , Fortune Records 1963 (good quality)

| play
Honorabledude "Evertheone" never lets me down/always hips me to new sounds! If Jim Morrison was a Surfer this is what he would sound like! (reblip)
Honorabledude Reminds me of "Arapaho Maiden" by Woodstock's Paul McMahon! (reblip)

Paolo NutiniCandy

| play

Glory Of Love by The Velvetones

| play
Honorabledude . . . and producer Tony Gatlif (reblip)

Vengo Naci en alamo

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Honorabledude Yea, need some tender, love & care!


| play
Honorabledude The rain is coming down but we're gonna' dance & have some fun!
Honorabledude Ahhhhhhh . . . . gotta just let it rain! (reblip)
Honorabledude found-art from school kid album made for parents - amazing 12 Y/O girl - does she even know what the words really mean!?
Honorabledude @curb: "I found an old harmonica buried in my desk drawer the other day. vi@CherryBlossom" (reblip)
Honorabledude worked for a record co. after High School & had to deliver some charts to them in Atlantic City - the smoke almost knocked me down!
Honorabledude If I was an action hero (I'm actually kind of the opposite) & had my own TV show - this would be my Theme Song (Original by Eddie Floyd)!
hotbeans @RichBlood: "Ok let's Rock the World, heard?" Hollah!!! (reblip)
Honorabledude T. Nugent's Amboy Dukes


| play
Honorabledude You can't do anything BUT "Let It Rain"! (reblip)

Kenny Chesney Uncle Kracker- When The Sun Goes Down

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lanina1963 @jordan1507: "listening to A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (Single Version 1) (2001 Digital Remaster)" (reblip)
duflavioreis Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People
aliciarenee This lil' ditty has been following me around since I woke today... ((still think he should've kept "to your mom" tho))
Mekali Fancy dance moves. Or should I say sexy? :D

Bright Eyes- Laura Laurent

| play
hipEchik @hipEchik - Born on the Fourth of July - Happy Birthday Destiny!

Theme From Born on the Fourth of July

| play
sangawa Dead Kennedys by Nouvelle Vague - Too drunk to fuck

Tommy James and The Shondells, Crystal Blue Persuasion

| play
Ninette is not the way you kiss...

SmithBaby It's You

| play

Ane Brun performs Lullaby for Grown-Ups in Reykjavik

| play
Honorabledude is that Allen Ginsberg reciting Billy Jean?

OozakBilly Jean

| play
Honorabledude Billy Jean meets the Good, Bad & the Ugly in Kingston Town!
Honorabledude this is true

The Samuel Jackson Five-Easily Misunderstood

| play
Honorabledude Cool but doesn't hold a candle to Ruffin's version (hear Joan Osborne's version in Funk Bros. doc)!