HungryKid another gem i've found on here!
HungryKid original of the song that was a hit for barbra streisand.
HungryKid original of the song that was a UK hit for the love affair.
HungryKid post-diana but still supreme.
HungryKid i haven't got this, not heard it in years, but it's on here! 1980 again.
HungryKid i have got this, but wanna hear it now, and it is winter here.
HungryKid from 'pet sounds' and also known as 'hang on to your ego'.
HungryKid who did this song first? i know harmony grass had the hit.
HungryKid from their '1-2-3-4' double 7", amazing version!
HungryKid my last one tonight. 1980 again.
HungryKid Composed by John Stewart before he left the Kingston Trio, this song by The Monkees, with Davy Jones on lead, hit #1 on the Hot 100 in December 1967. (reblip)
HungryKid this is the one that really started his late '60s 'comeback'.
HungryKid yea, wake up now!

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

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HungryKid OK now into the jazz scene big time - Stan Getz, ace sax player and one of his most notable tracks... (reblip)
HungryKid let's hear robert knight, that's better.


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HungryKid i think i love this record, i think that might be uncool tho, but so what?
HungryKid beyond...

( Poppy Family - Beyond the Clouds

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HungryKid best track from greatest album ever.
HungryKid Já ouvi essa música 35 vezes seguidas no iPod. É sério. Eu fiz isso MESMO! (reblip)
HungryKid Continuo louca de paixão pelos Kinks. Ô banda subestimada. Ray Davies é fodão, gênio, muso, trovador do rock, um dos meus favoritos EVER (reblip)
HungryKid these were supposedly a bit 'twee', but i think they were bloody good!
HungryKid god, i can remember thinking this was by the supremes when i was however old i was in 1968.

Felice Taylor - I Feel Love Coming on

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HungryKid solo hit for the zombies' vocalist.
HungryKid i used to have this single but it doesn't matter cos i got it again recently on a juicy mekons 2cd compilation called 'heaven & hell'.


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HungryKid this isn't quite as good as the version on their 'english dancing master' 12" ep.
HungryKid momus monster smash (shoulda been anyway).
HungryKid this is a sandie shaw b-side. there's another one i love called 'don't you know' but that's not on here.
HungryKid oh oh oh oooh oh oh (reblip)

Back On The Chain Gang The Pretenders

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HungryKid i believe it was japan, @Sally29 - i'd forgotten that one. original of another 1981 song (that i couldn't find) coming up (reblip)
HungryKid ...and the original. never heard this before, but it's the usual soft and under-stated production you'd expect from phil spector (reblip)
HungryKid my last few blips ain't got any props, maybe someone will remember/like this one.
HungryKid blippin brill.


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HungryKid this was done by someone else about 5 years ago. i didn't think this would be on here. the only cilla record i really like.
HungryKid a 1984 UK hit for strawberry switchblade.
HungryKid rufus thomas' baby daughter thereof.
HungryKid OK, first the ballroom blitz, now the blitzkrieg bop...what's next? What am I missing? (reblip)
HungryKid standup drummers: bobby gillespie here. (reblip)
HungryKid This song became a #1 hit for The Fifth Dimension in 1969 & subsequently a popular phrase in American culture today. (reblip)
HungryKid i need another bleep or i won't get to sleep at all tonight.


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HungryKid É disso que o mundo tá precisando: mais rock and roll puro e sem frescuras.Sem chorões,coxinhas como o Bono e o Chris Martin p/ encher o saco... (reblip)
HungryKid Motorhead? como assim? @loganzito, inveja??? pq??? (reblip)
HungryKid Midnight Train To Georgia » Gladys Knight & The Pips (reblip)
HungryKid had a dream I was on top of all the highest mountains of the world. and I was blippin cold. (reblip)
HungryKid Here's one of the most popular songs of the late 20th century, & the Supremes' most successful single. It topped the Hot 100 in October of 1964. (reblip)
HungryKid This song, topped the charts in November 1965. The defiant & rebellious lyrics, were common for The Stones as they cultivated their "bad boy" image. (reblip)
HungryKid @dougAlder Thanks !!! #89 Top 100 1967 (reblip)
HungryKid the very 1st '70s UK 'punk' single it was.
HungryKid love this. purrfect piece of UK bubblegum circa 1970.


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HungryKid Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye (& tammi terrell). (reblip)

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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HungryKid not heard this/of these before. it's good tho... (reblip)
HungryKid love this, this and 'first of may'
HungryKid that's 2 UK no.1s from 1977 in a row for you!
HungryKid orig. of song covered by laura nyro. lovely


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HungryKid reblipping this (co-written by mike d'abo) song (reblip)

foundations - why do you build me up buttercup baby

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HungryKid the wonders don't care. my 2nd favourite UK punk rock group.
HungryKid i'm leaving you all with this for now.
HungryKid and here's more of his talk. you're not gettin' away from this one
HungryKid superblip

Graham Bonney - Supergirl

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HungryKid can't believe i haven't blipped this before (reblip)


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HungryKid yea solid gone it is artful dodger. this song was originally done by eddie holland, and later by motorhead (reblip)
HungryKid great album track from roy wood & co.
HungryKid The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man (reblip)

The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man

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HungryKid Love this old Beach Boys track. :) me too @ladypn (reblip)
HungryKid i wanna blip 'i want to be an anglepoise lamp' but it ain't on here

03 Dinosaur Jr-Just Like Heaven

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HungryKid a groovy thing from the late alton ellis
HungryKid i hear this on the radio at work every day! (reblip)
HungryKid another one i hear nearly every day at work
HungryKid reblip @killiterati despite what they try to tell you and what you may tell yourself, there really is so much to be grateful for. (reblip)
HungryKid johnnie walker's theme tune on radio caroline and now still on bbc radio 2 on sundays
HungryKid more 60s pirate radio jingles & the 1st track on 'the who sell out' (a great great great album).
HungryKid more beans (actually that's what i just had for tea).
HungryKid i'm gonna see how much of this album i can find on here

The WhoOdorono

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HungryKid i'd better get off my own track and reblip something else good, so... (reblip)
HungryKid this is a great record with a great guitar break and dave dee passed away at weekend
HungryKid underpants. it's not pants tho.
HungryKid goodnite blippers. this is a good one to blip out with, i'm sure some of you will agree.
HungryKid reblipping @Andyman. good one. that's it for tonite. (reblip)
HungryKid and the other side of that single (which i have in one of my little record boxes)...

The Rolling Stones Mother's Little Helper

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HungryKid ( )

Ivor Cutler I believe in bugs

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HungryKid you're welcome @RamblinMan

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay [1978]

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HungryKid oh dear, that ringo one was a less good live version, good song tho. here's another solo beatle @ladypn


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HungryKid but tomorrow never comes of course
HungryKid great song. billie davis had the UK hit version
HungryKid Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Motown all day today (reblip)
HungryKid from 'the soft parade', my favourite doors' track (reblip)
HungryKid martin gore sings on this one
HungryKid and here's his second single, from 1980
HungryKid the other single from that album
HungryKid How many times do you reckon this has been blipped on a Sunday? dunno but here's once more! @Sally29 (reblip)
HungryKid dunno if it's widely known but the harmonica player on this was rod stewart! (reblip)
HungryKid that morrissey wrote some of the saddest and funniest lyrics...ever.
HungryKid the people next door to me just played this one, so in a way it's a re-blip@them. maybe they'll give me some more ideas...
HungryKid great almost forgotten hit from 1973
HungryKid best track on 'combat rock' album
HungryKid reblip @davidwatts1978, brilliant record! (reblip)


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HungryKid ...

Brenda Holloway - Heaven Must Have Sent You

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HungryKid my favourite hot choc single.
HungryKid i can remember there being 2 songs with this title in the UK charts at around the same time in 1977, the other being by the vibrators.
HungryKid ...


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HungryKid it's by yazoo actually, alf with vince clarke. great blip @jojofm (reblip)
HungryKid p.s. found this again. love it. ken bruce plays it a lot on bbc radio 2. ain't heard it in ages tho cos we don't have that station on at work anymore.
HungryKid ...

Black Box Recorder - Being Number One

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HungryKid 3 in a row from luke haines and co.

Black Box Recorder - These Are the Things

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HungryKid the o-level single (as advertised on tv personalities' part time punks). i got this record for 10p at a carbootsale bout 15 yrs ago!
HungryKid the original moodies, fronted by denny laine. (reblip)
HungryKid i know this from listening to radio caroline in the 70s
HungryKid it's a fact that most of the UK copies of this single had a scratchy fault near the beginning.
HungryKid we know this one works. wearing it out. @djwttw. let's wear it out a bit more yea (reblip)
HungryKid reblip @rebellionlies. this debut single isn't included on any of his numerous 'best of' compilations for some reason. (reblip)
HungryKid the beatles. goodnight. x
HungryKid ain't heard this since 1982. thanx @chiron08 & @estrogen for blipping it (reblip)

Andreas Dorau - Fred vom Jupiter

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HungryKid mathematiques modernes (1982)

Disco Rough

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HungryKid i must be getting along now, bedtime, goodnite all
HungryKid aka theme from 'take 3 girls' innit
HungryKid reblip @lisias. bowie's homage to the velvet underground (reblip)
HungryKid actually from 1978, their debut single on the people unite label
HungryKid cherish - the association

Track 8

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HungryKid not too keen on travis generally but love this one
HungryKid dr hook & the medicine show (1972)
HungryKid this is on a great summertime compilation i bought yesterday
HungryKid love this song, tho i prefer the originally released version which ain't on here
HungryKid reblip @Punched I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles (reblip)