CarolannB Two more stops 4 the #TwitterExpress -- @ me if u want 2 ride this #FollowFriday b4 11:30a.m. est (reblip)
Hydrau1 Hey lets get it on check out my new blip
Hydrau1 I have to take a break, so will leave you with this, enjoy
Hydrau1 Wake up everybody, dance, dance, dance. at least have a stretch
Hydrau1 Has life turned out how you want? (reblip)


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CarolannB If everyone cared...the world would be a much nicer place to live.
CarolannB Better days...? Maybe so -- this was back in 1999.
CarolannB "There's something wrong with the world 2day, I don't know what it is...something's wrong w/our eyes...?"


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CarolannB Love this song! "woh, oh..."

Ram JamBlack Betty

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CarolannB Under the Bridge... (Red Hot Chili Peppers) When's the last time U heard this song?
CarolannB Puttin' out the Led... "D'yer Maker"
CarolannB One of my fav songs of all time: "Silent Lucidity" 'Hush now, don't u cry...wipe away the teardrop in your eye'
CarolannB N rain!!! yaay! Sunshine earlier 2day.

Blind MelonNo Rain

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CarolannB Life has been good! :) Hasn't it?
CarolannB Let's hear it for all the blue collar workers of America!

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

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CarolannB Playin' the Pink... "the lunatic is on the grass"


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star45 The Doors – Love Me Two Times – . . .
EsterCastro "Dedico essa pra minha queriiiida amiga @EsterCastro Ósculos e Bons Fluidos" - Que querido!! Obrigadaaaa @rickfire!!! Adoro essa música!!! (reblip)
CarolannB I know...I blip this one all the time, but I *love* this tune by Van Halen!
CarolannB Some people are just like "Poison" (Bell Biv DeVoe)
CarolannB Nobody's fool -- so says Cinderella
CarolannB Loved this song...still do: "Blaze of Glory" Bon Jovi
CarolannB The Crue was part of the daily wrap on most major radio stations when I was in HS...
CarolannB I used 2 walk along the shore searching 4 my msg in a bottle. Finally found 1 on the beach -- it was a novelty msg in a bottle. LOL
CarolannB Hope this plays... Bad Company (Blip has been acting very strange)
CarolannB Nazareth's version of 'Ruby Tuesday' -- interesting 2 say the least.
CarolannB G'night blippers & twitterverse! "Save your kisses for me"


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Hydrau1 @travellinghussy I think this is the one you were waiting on. LOL
Kezabian The sexiest torso in rock lol


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Hydrau1 good day to you all, 5am in sydney, hope you have a nice one

SublimeDate Rape

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Hydrau1 to my friends back home, hey globug congrats on new baby
Hydrau1 more great tunes from sublime

SublimeDoin' Time

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Silverchair - Miss You Love

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Hydrau1 not much to say today, so enjoy some songs (reblip)
Hydrau1 was told to follow straight lines
Hydrau1 Poison !!! (reblip)

Alice Cooper - Poison

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Hydrau1 "It's too good , not to, have an effect!!".. 100blips! <<<333 incubus (reblip)


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Hydrau1 Cool... (reblip)

Tag Team - Whoop The#19A1CD

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Hydrau1 Hells Bells (reblip)

ACDC - Hells Bells

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Hydrau1 vanessa williams- save the best for last (reblip)

16-Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

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Hydrau1 @MisssVee, thanks you've played some great songs over night (reblip)
MisssV33 @HydraujointLtd nawww thank you sweetie xxx and for the reblips lol (reblip)
Hydrau1 dont let the days go by... (reblip)

Bush - Glycerine

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Hydrau1 [Bo Diddley – I'm A Man] And this was the inspiration for "Whole Lotta Rosie." (reblip)

Bo DiddleyI'm A Man

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Hydrau1 @tubilino nice ......I Wan'na Be Like You, well not you but heres your choice rebliped (reblip)
Hydrau1 Rob Zombie – Pussy Liquor (reblip)
holyshadow Thanks @HydraujointLtd and @DHS (loved your pic, btw) for the props! =)
Hydrau1 @Gypsylyn♥ Leather and Lace ♥ ... I need you to love me... (reblip)
Hydrau1 Third Eye Blind. Non Dairy Creamer. ~they RTcall it KFC cuz its not really chicken..did u ever think that someone is trickin u?~LOL *Hello @haizee (reblip)
Hydrau1 ☺♥ Wishing Well ♥☺ by Terence Trent D'arby (reblip)
Hydrau1 RTThanks @HydraujointLtd and @DHS (loved your pic, btw) for the props! =) (reblip)
DownLow another one from the Ferris Beuller's Day Off Soundtrack @HydraujointLtd @SlipperyDistortion @antenaweb @photogurrl @shortygal

Love Missile F111

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Hydrau1 @DownLow, thanks, I like it (reblip)

Love Missile F111

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Hydrau1 All out of props, but heres a reblip i liked (reblip)


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Hydrau1 John Mellencamp. Human Wheels. ~human wheels spin round n round,while the clock keeps the pace~ Old Mememories (reblip)
Hydrau1 [Uriah Heep – Easy Livin'] (reblip)
Hydrau1 @patita "take a good look around you and see that you and me were meant to be for each other"!!!!!!! beautiful!!!! (reblip)
Hydrau1 old memories again Dire Straits (reblip)
Figgywithit @RadioFreeIllinois out of props, so this is the only way I can praise you back. :) (reblip)
StonyTunes @LadyFantastick - From the "Elle Driver Whistling" scene in Kill Bill 2. I wish I could whistle - maybe best U don't :-) (reblip)
crispast too much beautiful songs tonight and the limitation of 3 props....i hate it!! ..i have to rb@Adriaustin too:)..ciao@Jeffie@ladypn @wessnet@Sandman5 ! (reblip)


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StonyTunes KISS FROM A ROSE - Seal - @Krimzen @Gypsylyn - Why wouldn't U wanna be an egg?
RockItRadio Listeners...I just love to look at your DJ emblems and Photos........They're great :)
Stay19 Hypnotic piece I have an unhealthy obsession with. <><>follow these instructions do exactly as I do ...move your body closer. Love is the melody...
StonyTunes MORE THAN WORDS - Extreme - hey I better thank some blipsters for being so beautiful to me
Gypsylyn Since no one will get me a mercedes how about a ♥ Pink Cadillac ♥??
thaisypecsen @Ticostacruz Próximo passo de todos os viciados no Twitter é fazer parte do Blip! Vai ficar viciado pela metade? ENTRA!!
DownLow great cover. as @santamistura says quite frequently, "thannnnnkkkkkssssssssss!" (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE IndieFeed Community – Dave Hole - I'll Get To You - vi @ladypn THX I know U sent this to me awhile ago! Need some get AWAKE JAMS!!!
De_Ann no clue who blipped this...THX anyways! This is hilarious!!! (reblip)
StonyTunes JUST ANOTHER NIGHT WITH YOU - Mick Jagger - @Gypsylyn
adbert [Fleetwood Mac – Dreams] Quando partirai @Irish_siobhan? Fai un buon viaggio e divertiti tanto!!! :-D

Fleetwood MacDreams

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StonyTunes COME UNDONE wid Def Leppard
Loni Stevie Nicks to Lindsay Lohan 'Stand Back' "Over my dead body". Lohan wants to be Stevie SO bad. ;-P
toosweet4rnr April 10 birthdays - Steve Gustafson, American rock bassist (10,000 Maniacs)
organicsue Come on Ladies Let's Get Down, Shall We? @>----------
De_Ann I'd need it too...but you guys live a bit far off the track for me :-)@zjack@Loesje beetje honkytonk heb ik nodig. nu! thanks! (reblip)
De_Ann yesss, retro vi@Andresa The Mamas And Papas – Do You Wanna Dance (reblip)
crowjane Tell me baby~ you know you wanna~come on~ say it~
crowjane @HydraujointLtd sezTell Me Somthing Good~go on do it, you got something~ tell me. I'm listening~I'll tell you this New Z" dude" I like your smile~ (reblip)
sakotakanonosue hello! @satindoll @DeAnn @HydraujointLtd Welcome my station!Dozo yoroshiku.Funk You So-ul Much!

Chokehold feat. Guru

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feebsquared I will never tire of hearing this. Given how slow it is, it's still a dance floor banger.

M.I.APaper Planes

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sakotakanonosue @Carmel Oh...Sorry...But It's Like Tatsunoko Anime Too Much,Isn't it?! (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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MaidaValeJunction Music from Matrix II's Original Sound Track. (reblip)
soulsong4ever Sting – Fragile .Omg.I cant stand it. throw it in my face. my lack and your gain. i want to break. fragile.its ok.just break. (reblip)


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dbrekke All time favorite dance track! That organ is like sex. Really good sex.
SnakeLady I wasn't expecting this at all! :) Not sure what I was expecting... but this is a fun song!
WiessnersWeintipps ... der noch bei der Arbeit sitzt...


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P45K yet another brilliant reconstruction. lohner is one of my fave remixers out there.
DORKVADER @AnitaBreakSoon Straw Poll fav pop synth band Question is New Romantics pop synth Romantic @Bluespanther @Hydrau1 @diskurs @GAT @GR8FL @noochi @KANL
panOptiko This a delightful construction by the old Gunners
you999 The Choir - It's Cold Outside
gleegirlrock Little Richard~Lucille.....I just needed to,OK!
messinwiththekid In honor of the new (temporary) avatar @rogue_fm
crowjane @avivamagnol shares The Greaseman – Caller Asking Grease About His Talent~ girl this is funny as hell~I laughed~I cried~I PIMP~lol (reblip)
crowjane @Hydrau1 thanks for the giggles~Puddle of Mudd-met a girl Bla bla bla ~ Woe is He~lol (reblip)
Clark_Griswold 2 down! Let's Go Cubbies! Wrigley Field Fan pag >


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tygerbaby I'll be burnin' rubber, you'll be kissin' my ass - Get This Party Started (reblip)
Hydrau1 i see it happens all so suddenly
Hydrau1 heres a story....we all got one to tell (reblip)
rogue_fm @GR8FL Thx for keepin' it real. And fun. (Thx for the Night Fever remix. Nice one.)
77ozzie Saturday nite year Welcome @ladycrumbcake, @Hydrau1, #lissame73, tbonereyes, jetcloud, RNRSteve, rossautomatica, (reblip)
Hydrau1 got busy, heres something i like to play late at night

Kate BushPi

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11 - Sneaker Pimps - Low Place Like Home

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TechJunkie I like this one better than the Original (well, the Vid... Just sayin')
crowjane @broadwayg sez:Marlon sings lead on this one~ nice,never,ever hear marlonlead~Wish icouldfind *Jermaine singN Mama I think I've found that girl~*GorJ? (reblip)
Hydrau1 Nice and slow, House of the rising sun
Hydrau1 James Blunt oh shes going out for the day. Whats a bloke to do? (reblip)
crowjane @Hydrau1 sez~crowjane thanks guys~Still here dang! but had to do this for my Australian bud~ fresh out of Props and ain't blipping for more tonite (reblip)
sharonhayes Yeah-fav remix @nathangilder @Hydrau1 @dpaone @TheRedOwl @angellr @jrstratford @michaeldarwin @plecebo (reblip)
marilovisky Really? The first time? OMFG You're not doing the homework, @godninja! :P See you, Rob! Sleep well (a lot!). Take care! ;) @mellomatic Johnny Who?


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lilwldchld I'll take you where you really need to be....

INXSWhat You Need

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Hydrau1 U2-Magnificent Twitter followers thanks for support guys (reblip)


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Hydrau1 I'll take you where you really need to be....What you need (reblip)

INXSWhat You Need

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Hydrau1 @elegantslummer thanks glad you like it heres one for you
CrescentMoonglow AW's 1981 hit from "Nature of the Beast" album ("Just Between You and Me" on same one). This was their first album to go platimum internationally.
Hydrau1 Life is a "Journey"- its with "Open Arms(Live)" I welcome more ears. I've got a message to physios, "Buy appropriate exercise devices"
cakesmix @jilliansaint couldn't resist. It's like a chipmunk, slaps, kleezmer, and a casio keyboard. xD

06 - I Am A Disco Dancer - Vijay Benedict - Chorus

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Hydrau1 Always liked this girl, she reminds me of a little friend of mine. Hops says Hi Lisa
Hydrau1 Its a nice DAy its a good day to be alive and i dont care what they say..
Hydrau1 I gotta make a move to a town thats right for me.doo doo yeh a funky town (reblip)

Lipps IncFunkytown

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ladypn @Rothbard Was there I Disco counterculture? I didn't realize that! ;) (reblip)

I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Inner Life

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De_Ann @HuMBush ♺vi@NeedBlues2Live: Don't you want to go on that Slow Ride? vi@realtyman amazing & NOT Foghat {=❀ Thanx & Hello =} (reblip)
luiz_com_z @avivamagnolia, actually Raul was into anything mystical, whatever it was. He just wanted to expand his conscience in any possible way.
ladypn Wake one morning you realize your life is one big compromise...
davidmiller Hello Australia RB @Hydrau1 / Journey – Open Arms (live) (reblip)
crowjane @Bobthemediaguy invites:have a drink....have a drive...go out and see what you find. How so NOT PC (hee heeee) da daa deee daa daa~I luv this song BOO (reblip)
Hydrau1 hee heeee) da daa deee daa daa~In The Summertime (reblip)
deadwood4 i won't pay, i won't pay no waaay, why don't you getta job
Hydrau1 i won't pay, i won't pay no waaay, why don't you getta job (reblip)
deadwood4 haha @Hydrau1 - LMAO that kinda love's a crime ---> Ha had to play it again, Baa go Kiwis (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse The Mamas & The Papas – Monday Monday ~ @peterpanohno ~ Hello luv!
Hydrau1 @TrainWreckRadio Where do you find them? Nice opener to the day. (reblip)
acanuckfan -- The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) -- (reblip)
Hydrau1 -- The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) -- (reblip)
cakesmix @jilliansaint "I grew up quick and I grew up mean.."


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Hydrau1 Life aint easy for a boy named "Sue" (reblip)


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save_the_wolves Reliving last night's excellent 'Later Live' - and Carole King's re-release of the fantastic Tapestry album. On e I've treasured for years! (reblip)
Hydrau1 When you are down...Remember You've got a friend (reblip)
sakotakanonosue Hit in Japan early 80's for CM Suntory 2
DORKVADER Genre Shootout New Romantics/Synth pop v Punk Rock morning @doczok @chiron08 @DJJazzyJacq @Bluespanther @gleelgirlrock @Hydrau1 nunomontenegro @noochi
sakotakanonosue @Hydrau1 They're touring around the world,but Florian left the group in Jan. this year! So original member is just Ralf only,but they are active. (reblip)
sakotakanonosue Learn more about Kraftwerk :


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Hydrau1 Here they are Kraftwerk : (reblip)


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Hydrau1 Was a good choice thanks xxx Chasing Cars~ Snow Patrol (reblip)
Hydrau1 ...Kamasutra need I say More? (reblip)
T_DeBarros Ben Harper.In The Colors.~when ur whole world is with me into the colors of dusk~ *HI @crowjane @photogurrl @redta @hotnote @Hydrau1
Blipflirt Not long now, @Nuff55.... mwah. [Bob Dylan – Lay, Lady, Lay] (reblip)
Hydrau1 I am no good for you.....


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BlueJeanBaby I AM a paperback writer, so this seems appropriate. Paperback Writer (duh) (reblip)

Paperback Writer

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DareToEatAPeach Thanks to @leighcedar for the Wet Secrets (would've reblipped but the song cut out early). Apparently one of the band members is in Shout Out Out Out.
Figgywithit Superb songs I discovered vi@ Blip 10/10 ((( d~.~b )))
soundmangroupie It's all about the he said she said bullshit
djsurfer I feel for you


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Hydrau1 I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door....She will be loved (reblip)
Hydrau1 Missed me? This catchy tune is played by Dreden Dolls, Classic give me an opinion (reblip)
77ozzie song . you love has passed me by...I should laugh...You took me by surprise (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I am the World Trade Center – Future Sightings. From my mp3 player... Taking it down a notch just for a minute.
eSandberg :) he he. Out of props for @DearPrudns so a reblip for her. She and @CherryGhost are naughty blipping... (reblip)
Hydrau1 @BeckaBella You took me by surprise!! The Guess Who-Laughing (reblip)
Hydrau1 Move your feet, I cant cant cant stop the beat (reblip)
Figgywithit What do they do to make their vocals sound so good?
Hydrau1 To all da Fans_ King of Leon-Fans. something new for you, whos the one that moves you?

Kings Of LeonFans

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Hydrau1 I want you. yeh you know who you are, something about law of attraction im sure
RNRSteve Cat Stevens – Cats In The Cradle (original) (reblip)
Hydrau1 Love this band....You know I could use somebody>>>someone like you(K)
Hydrau1 Lets take a walk on the wild side with Lou (reblip)
77ozzie song...let's both abandon sorrow... (reblip)
Hydrau1 Cat Stevens – Cats In The Cradle (original) (reblip)
Hydrau1 @klitoria you didn't think I would reblip did you? love it but not going to write title...LOL (reblip)
Hydrau1 Im the one who wants to be with you, do you feel it too?

Mr Big - To Be with You

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Hydrau1 Not sure who blipped this today but thanks..I'm your Captain....
RockItRadio Rain, rain go away, come back another day..on second thought ...come back we need some
sandraew Thanks @Hydrau1 We've got a thing that's called radar love... (reblip)
Sparklepony [X – I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts] amazing show. This was 1st song of 3 encores! I got their set list signed by the band!
Hydrau1 I Knew I loved You....Do you love me 2?
deadcowaroma I could cook a pizza with one eye tied behind my back.
Hydrau1 Be my Baby???? Is this the right question? (reblip)
DaphneA Didn't I, Didn't I, Didn't I see you crying...
MisssV33 @incubusmylove cant 4 Black Heart Inertia to be released. How beautiful is it.? .I think you could possibly love them just as much as i do.. maybe ;)