IRON100 This one I dedicate to @jodyg. This is my favorite from awhile back.
IRON100 When I need a serious riff I can get into. Foo Fighters...
IRON100 One of my favorites from their golden era of the 1970s
IRON100 I think of this song on cold mornings in October. It reminds me of a hike I made at that time in NC.
IRON100 This song kind of typifies my distrust of all bureaucracy and government in general.
IRON100 No, I do not believe in reincarnation, but merely the similar journeys of people over time.
IRON100 I saw him do this live, and saw it the first time on "Job Man Caravan" years ago.
IRON100 The last of the really good guitar rock I remember from high school.
IRON100 If I could explain this one you would simply not believe it....
IRON100 Love this song from early college days.

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

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IRON100 This song reminds me of a tough time I went through sophomore year in college.
IRON100 My second favorite song of theirs..the first is NOT ON BLIP!!! (The Night They Drove 'Ol Dixie Down)
IRON100 Not sure why I like this just reminds me of 1973.
IRON100 I neither like Mondays nor random killings (which is what this song is about).
IRON100 This typifies my entire hatred of the Disco Era...and yes...35 years later, Disco STILL sucks.
IRON100 Some of the pre-post Disco Era stuff that the Brecker Brothers did.
IRON100 Great song...just don't get the Chez Nu stuff lol
IRON100 This reminds me so much of a time that a high school friend died...all those faded memories.
IRON100 From Falcon and The Snowman - This reminds me of a trip I made to NYC in 1984.
IRON100 As passionate as it gets...even though it is just a cover. A man who lived it 40 years before the song was written.
IRON100 I seem stuck in the 1970s....Ziggy and Davy gender and Fender-bending.
Ricardo_SSA Shake your´s saturday night
Ricardo_SSA one masterpiece...


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IRON100 The year of one hit wonders --- 1970

one hit wonders - Montego Bay

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IRON100 This reminds me of 1969 almost as much as any song I know.

Cream - White Room

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IRON100 A Cold War Ditty from the post-Police era of our favorite English Teacher turned rocker.


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IRON100 This reminds me of a special girl from Morgan City, LA...1983
IRON100 Perhaps my #2 song of 1969 - sadly, this is the AM cut.


| play
IRON100 Classic Ska gone wild...from MADNESS. Imitating this group is the only thing Gwen Stefani and No Doubt ever did.
IRON100 This song was re-recorded in 2006 for their reunion toor. This, however, is the original.
IRON100 Classic Early 80s beat group. Dig Wayne's finest hour as a lead, though he has helped so many other artists hit big.
IRON100 And you thought "Take On Me" was their only hit? Well, this was a lesser one in the US that hit big on Brit and Euro charts.
IRON100 Someone mentioned rainy night...what about the all-time rainy night hit? This too, from 1969.
IRON100 And speaking of raining all over the world..move over Brooke....A little Left Overture.
IRON100 This song was another one hit wonder.

1972 - Daniel Boone - Beautiful Sunday

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IRON100 The song, a 60s classic, the album, a 60s nightmare. Only William Shatner was more ridiculous.
IRON100 Speaking of that William Shatner disaster...try not to laugh.
IRON100 Electro-ska from Britain. This was a huge hit in 1971.
IRON100 The 1970s version of 1000 Luftballoons.
IRON100 About all I can tolerate of The Donnas, but this is pretty good.
IRON100 Classic Procol Harum..reinvented. Annie owns this.

Annie Lennox A Whiter Shade of Pale

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IRON100 Again, a great song from an artist I don't always get...
IRON100 Classic Stevie Wonder love song...
IRON100 I heard this song the first time on April 1, 1975 (long story as to why I remember this date).
IRON100 A forgotten Van Morrison classic...

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

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IRON100 Classic soul from the band that gave us Jimi Hendrix....
IRON100 The Ice had to be living in the South to hear him, but he was wonderful (He is Cook County DA now).
IRON100 Esoteric, eerie, but somehow interesting...I wish she would get off her butt and finish her next two albums.
IRON100 This singer deserves to be heard. Here's one way...
IRON100 I have ridden the road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge hundreds of times...this reminds me of it.
IRON100 Not sure why I like this song...sterile pop, but sometimes that works.
IRON100 Good night all...Save a prayer for the morning after...
IRON100 Not my favorite soul classic from Joe Tex, but good nonetheless.
IRON100 From the late 1980s, one of not so famous Stones hits.
IRON100 A tolerable grunge tune. What being the minority in a Hispanic California community is all about.
IRON100 The soft side of this (sad to say) Irish flash in the pan. They did good things for as long as these folks lasted.
IRON100 And now for the edgier side of that same flash in the pan Celtic rock band.
IRON100 Neil Young's dream about ecological catastrophy in 1971.
IRON100 Not sure why I thought of this one, but a good song (its almost the anniversary of the event).
IRON100 Then, have to love this one. From 1975.
IRON100 From 1975 also...smooth effort from Darryl Hall and...the other guy. It was always Darryl Hall writing anyway.
IRON100 Another great song that Darryl Hall wrote.
IRON100 For those George Clinton fans out there. This was one of Parliament's biggest hits.
IRON100 The second surge of New Wave...and idiotic song with an intellectual groove...
IRON100 I want the FM cover of this (Even though there a several great live performances of this, all a bit different).

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

| play
IRON100 I simply need to add this one to the Cream collection on the playlist.
IRON100 Revelation - Hardcore Country Style...interesting that both men involved in this were named John.
IRON100 Ok..ok...Their signature tune...1975, Spring.

10cc - i'm not in love

| play
IRON100 Footballin' and Ale Drinkin'. First time I ever heard "pissin'" in a refrain of mainstream pop tune. Oh, to be in a Londonderry pub....

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

| play
IRON100 A darker version of "Virgina Moon" from an earlier time (1989). To lauraw...
IRON100 Before the Smashing Pumpkins...we got some good ol 80's anger music...
IRON100 One of the original and unapologetic headbangers...still playing today.
IRON100 And he was still pro 2nd Amendment even back then...the Motor City Madman cuts loose in 1968.

Ted Nugent and Amboy Dukes-Journey to the Center of Your Mind

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IRON100 Last contribution to the psychodelic collection this evening...1967, at the tail end of the Summer of Love.
IRON100 From spring of 1974...Spring Break in Savannah is what this reminds me of..
IRON100 Try this, ye uninitiated to her work. A relatively undiscovered gem in the UK...with an artist pedigree behind her.
IRON100 This is is dedicated to by_starla. I still like this tune after all these years.
hootmama Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time But the night had already begunClimb the wall to make the sun rise in time But the night had already begun
hootmama great neil young song that still sounds good after all of these years...
IRON100 Great road song (particularly fast roads)...
IRON100 Probably the closest to faux "Madness" by Gwen and her crew...
IRON100 Gotta have a little heartbreak blues from Ms. Joplin right now.
IRON100 I love the message in this one.
calamari @melodyofyourlife Thanks so much! And your eye reference gives me an excuse to blip one of my favorite songs ever. :)
IRON100 This was my song of private rebellion against the popular kids in high school. Perhaps motivated me to be what I am today...I'm on my way!
Anne my favorite song to dance to :)
evablue group meeting time. surreal time. drowning time! uh i mean let's collaborate! w00t?
mariabercovitch Ground control to Major Tom, ground control to Major Tom...planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do...
IRON100 And now for some really early stuff from Bob Seger..good song.
evablue going to start "love my boss" series to @IRON100 for reminding me about TTWS - boss: re: wild ocean movie - can we put sardines in the schwag bag?
calamari Sugar. Oh Honey, Honey.
IRON100 Heard this on XM Deep Tracks last night. Forgot just how good and innovative this tune is.
IRON100 I decided since I couldn't find the one Clapton tune I heard yesterday that I would choose this one...
IRON100 This is dedicated to made me get out the Geeky side of Compton...
IRON100 @howardlindzon reminded me of this one. Brings back memories of bailing out of corporate America.
IRON100 Not sure why I like this song, but I just do.
DJVee @Diordan, I would never vote for a man who may leave us with Palin for President. Obama all the way. :)
IRON100 Ok, get your puppy or kitty next to you...Maestro!
IRON100 This is for my buddy Jimmy A. in Raleigh, who is a fan and friend of the artist....
IRON100 Someone kicked me into a Costello mode this PM
IRON100 Ok, you've heard this a million times...what's wrong with 1 million one on Halloween. Remember, Bobby Pickett nearly married Tammy Faye Bakker.

Monster Mash (1962)

| play
Jeffie @princesspants Never!! You made me think, of course, of Harry Chapin, so: "...she was gonna be an actress, and I was gonna learn to fly..." xoxo
IRON100 This reminds me of late October in South Carolina.
IRON100 A song that best describes my impoverished period in college. Good and bad memories...but all good eventually.
IRON100 Why not stick with the nautical theme?This reminds me of JV football...


| play
IRON100 The version of Sad Eyes I remember when I lived in Pascagoula, MS. It was Robert John's last chart run.It ain't "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" but it's OK.

Sad Eyes (1979)

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IRON100 Cream...vintage 1969.

Cream - White Room

| play
IRON100 What we lose more of each day...


| play
IRON100 Dumbest Blues/Soul ripoff by Spice Girls Wannabe (and who would wanna be?) Still pretty good though. From 1997.
IRON100 And from the "Kung Fu Fighting" era (1974), the late great organist for the Fab Four.


| play
IRON100 Reminds me of the girl I nearly married..

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
IRON100 This is my favorite Boys II Men hit. I think it is still the second biggest selling single of all time.
Jeffie @lilwldchld You gave me my 100th prop, so I just wanna "thank you"! (Sorry to hear about ankle.)
IRON100 Oh why is Election Day.
IRON100 This reminds me of Daytona Beach FL. Was in a surf shop listening to the song. The line about no one listening to the news makes me remember it.
IRON100 The guy who wrote this came up with the 7Up Uncola marketing campaign.
IRON100 The only thing good about the collaberation album...Ridin with the KANG..
IRON100 Like a rubber neck look into my past...well maybe you're just too blind too (bumpbumpbump) SEE!
IRON100 From 1968...still unique as dated as it is..
IRON100 Can't explain why this is one of my favorites....but it is very special.
IRON100 Made this Procol Harem classic her own...fantastic.

Annie Lennox A Whiter Shade of Pale

| play
IRON100 Go download Pivot...but buy it from I-tunes, even though she will give it away for free. She needs a car.
IRON100 I remember the pop art book "BUS" that he published shortly after this became a huge hit in 1967.
IRON100 Part of the back end of the 1970s art rock movement. Less successful than Yes, but very unique.
IRON100 and why not add the best Moog synthesizer rock song of all time (my candidate for best rock song of all time).
IRON100 In the mood for this...a weekend chill song...kind of explains the crazy world we live in.
IRON100 REBlogGirl The female response to What It Takes lol
IRON100 @REBlogGirl From the same era of Sinead..this one in my view has not been bested even by the remixers.
IRON100 Probably my favorite of his second tier hits...
IRON100 And why not follow up Prince with one of HIS secondary influences...
IRON100 And lets really fall off into the rhythmic cesspool of FUNK...
IRON100 Enough with the funk...and back to a less well known smooth song by Stevie Wonder.
IRON100 This reminds me of one rainy morning..
IRON100 This one reminds me of someone from Michigan...
IRON100 Nov 2003 Mid Town Manhattan diner This came up on the My buddy's favorite song about NYC.
IRON100 Great road music for a sunny November 2008 afternoon...
IRON100 33 years ago today...The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay If they'd fifteen more miles behind her.
IRON100 This is dedicated to Donna...she knows who she is :(
IRON100 and from nine months later...May 1986


| play
IRON100 Somewhat close to the comfort zone...
IRON100 Not sure what reminds me of this song, but here it goes...

DidoWhite flag

| play
IRON100 From the post-relationship blue period of 1986...summed it up nicely.

Simply Red - Holding back the years

| play
IRON100 I don't like them either, but not enough to kill someone...based on a true murder story.
IRON100 Somewhat appropos for Veterans Day, given the reference. Kenny Rogers best non-hit in my opinion.
IRON100 This reminds me of a trip along the Arkansas river, and kayaking the Buffalo River. Still, its about sailing.
IRON100 It's all they have of this classic. Want the whole thing, buy the MP3.

Joe Tex - Show Me Resample

| play
IRON100 Good description of the U.S. Stock Market currently.
IRON100 @FloridaFuture @REBlogGirl Let's get a little heavier on the rock side....
IRON100 @pumpkinshellz And all the dirty guys wearing their Izod shirts in West End of New Orelans prefered this to Quiet Riot...same year basically
IRON100 Let's relive the @JOHNABYRNE music experience...
IRON100 I dedicate this to the U.S. Automobile Industry...
IRON100 @jodyg This is my Bronx buddy's favorite song. I hear it every time I go up there.
IRON100 Chick rock..I just feel like it.
IRON100 @REBlogGirl A weird twist ultimate regret song written by two women I respect..sung by...guys...
IRON100 Let's pull out the real tear jerker...
IRON100 @REBlogGirl Talk about perverse Glen Campbell covers...this has to be one of the worst.I somehow remembered this one(and I don't think Don was drunk).
IRON100 @REBlogGirl But there is always...William Shatner defaming the Beatles.
IRON100 @REBlogGirl They didn't have Jerry Jeff Cracker will have to do.
IRON100 Damn it...I finally found it. This one is for the playlist.
IRON100 If this is all the Paul Carrack I can be it.
IRON100 My favorite Badfinger song I guess...
RobHeadrick @jamimiami The Who "Won't Get Fooled Again":
IRON100 Then there is this one....this song has triple meaning to of which deals with a very dear former girlfriend.
IRON100 This my favorite Pete Townshend produced tune next to "Won't Get Fooled Again"
IRON100 "Face the Face" reminds me of this tune. A bizarre one from Murray Head.
IRON100 Let's get back deep into 1960s re-covers...from John Fogerty and Credence.
IRON100 Love the beat of this song...
IRON100 @RustyJames Ooh!My soul! reminded me of this old David Essex song.
IRON100 From the deep slabs of funk collection...the odd ball Ohio Players dance club hit.


| play
IRON100 This is so Beatle-esque and has the feel of the Jo-Boxers. Dig Wayne could have done this.
IRON100 My favorite not-so-top 40 song by Sade.
IRON100 Delta Blues without any shoes...this sounds like the remixed original.
IRON100 @stix1972...but who can forget this one.
IRON100 @REBlogGirl This reminds me of 1996, the year my bid to re-establish my brokerage business failed...another December..
IRON100 Got this idea out of my head from listening to the 80s hit Tin Soldiers...back to Billy Jack 1972.
IRON100 What about a little ambient electronica...from one of the founders of the genre.

Kraftwerk-Aero Dynamik

| play
IRON100 WARNING: Not PG rated...heard this in a bar in Wisconsin prior to my college roommate's wedding. Definitely a cheesehead kind of song.
IRON100 Back to 1973...the last of the duo...


| play
IRON100 Heard him play this at Lulu's Bait Shack before he really had a hit.
IRON100 @Covestor - In honor of Steve Martin.
IRON100 This one reminds me so much of Atlanta...1978.
IRON100 For those of you who saw "Australia" this weekend. The best version of this song I've heard.
IRON100 Let's pull out the original one tonight. Jane is not playing the organ on this one, but she arranged it.
IRON100 Doing 90 between Dallas and Little Rock in 1980 reminds me of this one.
IRON100 This reminds me of 1st year business simulation project in graduate school...God only knows why.
IRON100 Love this one...speaking of Prince.
IRON100 I have no idea why I like this. Something about the beat...the lyrics are incredibly juvenile...
IRON100 @REBlogGirl You missed this one too I think..(I think this is the original)

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

| play
IRON100 I got Madness on the brain...Sussex Reggae...
IRON100 In memory, of John Lennon, whom we lost 30 years ago today...
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