caumonfer [Lou Reed – Perfect Day]
I_am_spie my current favourite song (tune in next week).
I_am_spie Who has time to put this stuff together? Well, thank you.

Nine Out Of Ten Caetano Veloso

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I_am_spie Ooh! It's an honest-to-goodness music video!

"In Our Talons" by Bowerbirds

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I_am_spie it's almost sweet.

NICK CAVE.Deanna(acustic versión)

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SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR (1963) by Anne Briggs

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threebears Great that there's more blippable 'white rabbits'
threebears "Song from my favorite Buffy episode "Once More With Feeling" ...quote'n'rb @library_rose ^(^ thanks .... nice one! (reblip)
lilyetc au revoir simone ~ oh you pretty things ( Bowie)@Zarabeth ~XO
TundraConundra This is dedicated to a girl I once loved in Estes Park.
threebears "@threebears@docstimulas@PavlovsStepson" ...quote'n'rb @shiner ^(^ nice one - thanks!! (reblip)

My Morning Jacket "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II"

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DareToEatAPeach Awesome blast from the past. I always think of this video in association with Virginia Woolf but forgot what the song sounds like. Tnx! @changedaworld (reblip)

Shakespeare's Sister-Stay

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lilyetc @GR8FL: so i loved the do do do song so much and wondered why and of course i adore the AAS and Kenny... so thanks for the heads up! (reblip)
lilyetc deer tick ~ art isn't real

Deer Tick- Art Isn't Real

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dickadcock I like this cover _better_ than the original (Neil D.) See what you think. ... banjo! ... Solitary Man – Crooked Fingers
TundraConundra Apparently all it takes is an endorsement by P4K... rb@Guestroom_Records: "Have you heard Dead Man's Bones? These are selling like crazy today!" (reblip)

Dead Mans Bones - My Bodys A Zombie For You

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lilyetc @trinaunz: "#new4tuesday - lou barlow Love lou, follow lou on twitter ! (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone *ahem* .. if you like mellow acoustic stuff with good rhythm then you will like him.. love this tune.. (reblip)
indyh ~♫*♪~✿*~...temptation inside your heart... ~*✿~♪*♫~
CreepingElm Never will tire of this band ....

Take Away Show-The Tallest Man On Earth- The Gardener

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Markantonio & Joseph Capriati Codice Morse

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by_starla [Hush Arbors - Devil Made You High]
mammara last one, goodnight people. (@space_cadet i didn't listened the whole album, but maybe it worths)
seeshell Heart-achingly beautiful. This man is certainly one of the greatest songwriters currently living.
seeshell for S. I love this.

Devendra Banhart Baby

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indyh ty :-)@Blurge:"One of my favorite Kinks tracks. I love it that you can hear the kick drum pedal squeak.It's a little touch,but adds so much attitude." (reblip)

Mecca Normal "Vacant Night Sky"

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lilyetc vi ms @vandaleyes ~~~ you have a very interesting brain miss thing! rb (reblip)
avivajazz Bert Jansch + John Renbourn | The Time Has Come (Anne Briggs) 1966

Bert Jansch & John Renbourn play Anne Briggs

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by_starla [Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers- "I Keep A Pilot Light"] @MusicRex @Tsauro @djwttw--you all may like AC, in case you haven't heard her already.

Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers- "I Keep A Pilot Light"

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by_starla [Foundry Field Recordings - Caribou (Pixies Cover)]
onesanz hi dear blipmuse rb@abarbosa: "And Dylan Thomas died drunk in St. Vincent's hospital..." (reblip)

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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Perfect Time by Russian Red y Depedro

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Lyla__ Animal Collective :: Winter’s Love.

Animal Collective- Winters Love

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sandyriverside What's happening @honeygirl @CargoCulte @ladypn @Shanti46 @dronnoisseur/ I was wondering when lazy ass Queens was waking up whatup @GrassyKnoll?
onceacurmudgeon blipping my top 15 songs played this year via #top15of09 in @ 10, i must thank @Atomik for this. fell in love instantly when he 1st played it.
JeffreyMarsh name of the song pretty much says it all... so cold today... 25F... at least people are carving ice sculptures (a goddess)
Talamasca How can I love a dead person so much?

Portugal The Man "Colors" (Acoustic)

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versatilevampire I hate, hate, hate prop limits !!!! @Modster: "Hold Your Head High - Heartless Bastards" (reblip)
Lyla__ Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty for Me:Uma banda que eu adoro,isso pela voz belissima da vocalista Karin Dreijer.
sandyriverside Ahh my replies are messed up! I can't see any new ones coming in. I'm not snubbing.
MsBojangles i know, sounds like a name for a Care Bear ...wonder if English is their second language? @kaosicism (reblip)
muzicmajic a master of understatement... +}
threebears "chromosome makes itself at home ... don't know how to leave it alone ... happy little cells ... molecule .. comes from an excellent gene pool .."
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * Hard To Fathom, But, More New Bands For 2010 To Take Notice Of! * : Beach Fossils -> "Daydream"
by_starla [The Insect Guide-White Flowers]
ZOEBOE @Corts. Yes very good party :} But I'm still recovering. Did u have a nice evening?
loriiseclectic coming to town in a couple of weeks
loriiseclectic @SoundSystemSDC...I have an extra ticket for Dr. Dog at the Vid on 2/11. Interested in going?
lilyetc pink mountaintops ~ vampire ~ take two , take three
lilyetc the boy least likely to ~ be gentle with me
lilyetc the morning after girls ~ anenome (bjm)
sudaca70 Inspired by @Mr_Steve -thanks!-; buenas noches, little darlings...
doubledrat Nina Nastasia – How will you love me?
Tsauro Tuner? What's that. Some new-fangled contraption? RB vi@ronherr45: "lets start with this, if you never heard the fruit bats i suggest u get tuned in" (reblip)

Bat for Lashes - Im On Fire

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chris_is_cool shiat mo fo! i need me one of these jobs
threebears reblippatwan @twanvanelk: "Good Luck At The Gunfight – Kimberly" thanks again :) (reblip)
MsBojangles i was just listening to some Buckner :) thx @JimmyDanko ...sleepy time for me now. Hope you are well, my friend. (reblip)
anothercraze Someone sweep the drunks off the floor, my dance shoes is all ready to go.

Seabear- Lion Face Boy

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anothercraze @elliott425 I once made a still life out of someone ELSE'S bong. Put some flowers in it, called it "Bong Hits for Algernon." Covers up most smells.
by_starla @everythingispop-why am I not surprised? it's such a good album. and how are you? any weekend plans? // hello @CargoCulte-i'm doing OK-how are you? :)
by_starla [Papercuts - White are the Waves] hello @Edainsmom :)
kaosicism ...the more I listen to this album, the more I get hooked....hopefully my obsession doesn't take over ;)
craigz hmm, grumbling stomach says it's time to forage.
pulsar Among the very elite of my all time faves! Enjoy your night out! RB @mrs_daniel: "@pulsar Gotta run soon and get ready to go out......" (reblip)

Richard and the Young Lions Open Up Your Door

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craigz @orangekittypie: "ok last one - gotta concentrate on work :P laters!" / good luck with the works; see you later @orangekittypie. (reblip)
I_am_spie probably my favourite talking heads song.
Mollykills hey, friend rb@DJHowieDewitt this is a nice contrast to the last thing I played. (reblip)
lilyetc minus the bear ~ pachuca sunrise
doubledrat The Blow – Hock It (YACHT Remix) im not sure why that would be necessary @okmusic. but when it comes to lover's spit ill take the fifth girl night.
DareToEatAPeach <3 Yoni Wolf "We'll part the double helix like a wishbone." vi@thesearejams (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone ohh, i love being snowed in. @makinitrite well, at least for a little while. we're only getting a little bit here.
I_am_spie someone's catching up on their Paste downloads.
craigz thanks to @SabriESC & @Epicrates for turning me on to The High Violets; really liking this one. / Hi @Modster!!
DJIrishboy This year I will not sleep my way through the winter....DOH!
by_starla [Snowglobe - Comforted] @juliewright is only 1 listener away from 250 :)
by_starla [Tiny Vipers - Dreamer] congratulations @juliewright on your new star for 250+ listeners! hello also @ThiefofJoy @milkfish @musicalmind @deluxantenna
craigz @Modster: "On Giving Up - High Places" / yah, I dig yer stuff too ;) (reblip)
by_starla [The Wooden Birds - The Other One]
I_am_spie nice, soulful version.

Lou ReedLisa Says

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CreepyGirl Hey @mark_till @CargoCulte @revbeatman @PunkBroc (hate these fuckin group " Oh, hey!'s" - sorry guys, it's not me - it's bullshit social convention)
I_am_spie british accents make everything sound better.

yo la tengo - little honda - 05 - how much i've lied

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Silverfire vi@MsBojangles heh title made me laugh. Nice find. Belle & Sebastian? Never heard before. (reblip)

Take Your Carriage Clock and Shove It

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doubledrat @eightbitkoala: "@doubledrat: no, no. you are so money (am i using that correctly or is that too swingers?). im just here to help you stay grounded. (reblip)

Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)

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FOGGIELOANER just blipped the original so it behooves me to blip this....hi there @sudaca70 ihope and assume the impact of the earthquake in chile didnt hit west? (reblip)

"Dark Sedan" by Karl Blau

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ElizaHerp @Modster: "@ElizaHerp@okmusic@Echo_L@muffinlab [Bartender says "We seemed to have lost our beloved @snugglebunny"] Or *HAVE * we...? Hmmm,@alexavier? (reblip)
anothercraze I don't like drinks with warning labels, @Echo_L. Kills all the fun. // Giddyup! It's @GrassyKnoll! The Ouija board was right this time!

Pit Er PatOmen

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lilyetc spiritualized ~ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space @sandyriverside
BeatJunkie 8D *claps* - rb vi@pecusita: "Sometimes girls get inspired by @BeatJunkie blips. Thx for props everyone! Bye" (reblip)
anothercraze Mmmm, just running over that again. IN slooooooooowmotionnnnnnn.
craigz oh, ok; 1 from Best Coast. (changed my status to *attending* from *maybe* - YAY!!!)
lafabrock Beach House - Zebra d^_^b A nice clear and thin voice and a quiet instrumental !

Beach HouseZebra

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doubledrat Emmy The Great – Everything Reminds Me Of You
futurebiblehero @Mysterymix sublime - sounds like the soundtrack for a tim burton movie never made (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon this is wonderful. i bet @weething will enjoy it. if you have any affinity towards art, i hope you do too. really inventive.

70 Million by Hold Your Horses !

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Unaturalsoul @westham999: "GR8 thx 4 rb @Unaturalsoul: "@westham999: "A close to FNL as I can find :-( Same group - Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine (reblip)
avwalker dance me through the panic, 'til i'm gathered safely in
1001songs They did some bizarre tunes in their day...this one takes on the same subject as The Jam's Smithers-Jones
melodyofurlife Clogs are, Padma Newsome and The National's Bryce Dessner band. Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Sufjan Stevens guest on this track.
MsBojangles definitely. also the artwork...soooo perfect! thanks again :) night! @JimmyDanko: "MsBojangles right on. glad you liked. :)" (reblip)
craigz Tall Dwarfs in studio. / Have to get thru some busy work; later.
Davrocks @kqrpnb-it is these guys, the artist didn't come up when it was uploaded. I really like them, they'd like you 'cause they are into scrabble
craigz OMG I wish I was in LA: Saturday @ 2:00 PM Bloomingdales Beverly Center in-store performance - for *REAL*!
DuncanDogg New Stuff I'm Curious About: Coco Sumner (her dad is Sting)
lilyetc phosporescent ~ at death , a proclamation ( sorry for that last short clip)
doubledrat Velvet Underground – New Age [69 live version] ...seems to be my fancy to make it with frank and nancy... great period video clips...
FOGGIELOANER yes, one of the best tunes I bought last year, good to see you back in the blippin' groove @OldCeltMan: "Love it :-) @droolius @Stregaserena @fretguy" (reblip)
I_am_spie Saw Real Estate and the Woods last night. They did the encore together - a real show stopper which included band members crowd surfing.
FOGGIELOANER yep @OldCeltMan: "Is it a reblip of the radio 2 one with Gary? rb@FOGGIELOANER: "listening to the Hendrix documentary on 6 right now @OldCeltMan" (reblip)
spookytooth and that one was extracted from the 7" - hence the crackles // @sickandtired
spookytooth "I don't know" doesn't mean "I don't care"
Davrocks I didn't know but it is a good pedigree thanks @Alturn8tive: "{Arms – whirring}solo project from the guitarist from Harlem Shakes if you didnt know" (reblip)


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DareToEatAPeach I'm out. Can't stay out of this Springtime any longer. Blip you later kiddos, from the comfort of my home. Today is a great day to be a bike commuter!
CreepingElm Happily ever after and after and after Spring!
Mollykills I just feel like if you don't listen to @Mollykills something really bad will happen...

The White Stripes- One More Cup of Coffee

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jtabz Thank you, @kikker ... you, too!: "two in a row @robotnik: ty" (reblip)
by_starla [Throw Me The Statue - About To Walk]

The Go-Betweens -Karen

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kaosicism song from his forthcoming album...can't help but think of one Nick Drake when listening to such, it is gorgeous :)
craigz Orange Juice had more than just "rip it up", ya know?

Here We Go Magic | "Tunnelvision"

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I_am_spie Moondog is credited as writing this glorious song.

Moondog / All Is Loneliness

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DareToEatAPeach rb@jtabz: "Hehe. Good deal, @ thesearejams. Speaking of good music..." (reblip)
bduubz thank you thank you // rb @Karuna: "Have an amazing time @bduubz :)" (reblip)
craigz heck i got up at the buttcrack of dawn and worked *all* day; it's time to get baked.
I_am_spie The Gossip - bring it on!

bring it on

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craigz "she's the queen of variation..."
by_starla [Lou Barlow - Bulletproof [La Roux Cover]]
Davrocks rb @makinitrite - love this track and hello to you @katost, off to get some work down (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach This song's been taunting me all day.
craigz @CherryBlossom: "craigz Check this one." / hiya @CherryBlossom, thanks for more AIS; so very good! (reblip)
craigz @soniktruth: "A Place to Bury Strangers – She Dies" / hi & thanks! i needed a hard out from here comes the sun, this does quite nicely. (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone i am pretty much at that point where i think ive overplayed this to myself maybe, but if you haven't heard this one yet and you like acoustic stuff...
dickadcock Ahh Spring... & a not-so-young man's thoughts ...? "I Am A Full Grown Man (I Will Lay In The Grass All Day)" – Phosphorescent
kaosicism ....don't know of this Lady Gaga but love Lissie :)
I_am_spie Blippin for D while enjoying the cool breeze from my window.

David Berkeley "Love's The Only Thing That Shuts Me Up" live at Paste

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spookytooth N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9 N°.9

Revolution 9

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Squashpants For my sweet Squash-Wife, Mr. Fish-Eggs....

Tommy RoeSheila

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New Young Pony Club — Lost A Girl

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spookytooth Alamo Race Track - 'Stanley vs. Hannah' // "don't trust the man with the creepy little eyes.." @UglyCarpet
jtabz Hehe, @ViralStyles. Friday-but-the-opposite, indeedy.
jtabz Blippin' and drinkin', @ViralStyles. Blippin' and drinkin'. (hic)
craigz I finally scored a legit copy of "the planets are blasted" at aka records (great store) in philly :)
craigz one more from j. spaceman and i'm making with the sleeps or something (ya ya, see y'all in what an hour? two?)
craigz @orangekittypie: "ok dinnertime - laters!" / yup here too :) (reblip)
craigz @amberbrown: "best coast recommendation" / that's about as good as gold :) / thanks! (reblip)

Babies - Meet Me in the City

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DareToEatAPeach Hi. Good song. @FunkShoi: "hi hi hi hi hi hihiishsih" (reblip)
evablue good song and good dancing. watch the video.

Janelle Monae Tightrope ft. Big Boi [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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sandyriverside I, uhh, I don't normally do this but, ah what the more hour before manumit.
onceacurmudgeon @walrusgumboot: "this video is fun. I am in love with Mette Lindberg" yes!!! (reblip)
bruno__ via @cammy. give props to @cammy for this song.! (reblip)
lilyetc anna ternheim ~ what have i done @by_starla ( soak soak soak )
lilyetc the pink mountaintops ~ tourist in your town

Jamie Lidell : The Ring

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muffinlab ha! me either @FunkShoi, thats why i'm auctioning em off... incaseofemergency. :) thanks btw

Ice CreamMuscles

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The Deviants-Broken Biscuits

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I_am_spie featuring mary margaret o'hara

Peanuts by Tindersticks

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melodyofurlife Treme Starts @ 10 tonight on HBO. About musicians in NO after Katrina, by the people who created The Wire
TundraConundra "So bury me in wood and I will splinter/ Bury me in stone and I will quake/ Bury me in water and I will geyser..." #NowPlaying
I_am_spie and I was just getting to know the Mae Shi @seeshell: "The Mae Shi have split, and these are the delightful leftovers. Cute & clever video." (reblip)

Signals "What Dreams"

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City and Colour Love Don't Live Here Anymore

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