Indie_Tunes So much great music out of Glasgow as of late... Thanks! rb @Davrocks (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Totally caught my ear. Dang, that's good. Came back to it twice... in the last hour. vi@space_cadet Thanks! (reblip)

Los Campesinos! 03 Romance is Boring [Romance Is Boring 2010]

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Indie_Tunes I've never seen them live. Must. Catch. Show. Love this performance. Brilliant writing...
Indie_Tunes Love this. Favorite song with sleep in the title. #insomnia
Indie_Tunes Darn just lost the blippers who were talking about this new album. Whomever you are thanks for the reminder! :)Previewing lala=loving what I'm hearing
Indie_Tunes Alright. This is pretty flipping cool. We All Have Hooks For Hands "Made Up of Tiny Lights". Great piece via @KEXP

made up of tiny lights in studio

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Indie_Tunes Drowning in work. Harlem Shakes "Niagara Falls" = apropos.
Indie_Tunes So right on. rb @Ardent: "parts & labor - nowheres nigh" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Old school Metric - "Hardwire". A classic and a staple of every house party I've ever thrown.


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Indie_Tunes Watching Monday Night Football while jamming to Hockey.
Indie_Tunes Going to be a long day... Point Juncture, WA. "Happy Ending"

04 - Happy Ending 160kbs

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Indie_Tunes Friendly Fires "Paris" ft. Au Revoir Simone + aeroplane remix = great hump day pick-me-up.
Indie_Tunes Change of pace. Hockey "Four Holy Photos" (live) - minor imperfection during first verse... :)
Indie_Tunes UM, consist of members from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Au Revoir Simone... CYHSY-esque sound, subtle, raw, simple but oh so good. CYHSY fans will like.
Indie_Tunes This disk played constantly for more than a week when it first came out... If you ever get a chance, see them live. You won't be disappointed.
Indie_Tunes The National - Alligator album is in my top 10 of all time.
Indie_Tunes Handsome Furs are my current favorite husband and wife duo. Ever so slight an edge over Arcade Fire and Mates of State.
Indie_Tunes Acoustic and live version. Wish I could do that... La Blogotheque is pretty awesome btw
Indie_Tunes Wish Carissa's Wierd would reunite. Or too much time with Band of Horses, Grand Archives & solo projects. C'mon Sub Pop
Indie_Tunes Leaving the office. Carissa's Wierd. Subtle, understated followed by layered, complexity... Loves it.
Indie_Tunes This hit the spot.

DeVotchka- "We're Leaving"

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Indie_Tunes Absolutely amazing live performance. Arcade Fire - Haiti.
Indie_Tunes Digging The Swell Season. Latest album "Strict Joy" is really good. Really like this song.
Indie_Tunes Wow. This album continues to impress. Some parts Damien Rice, a couple parts The Great Northern, some Mates of State - just all around good.
Indie_Tunes Sweet. Just got chewed out by our ECD.... The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars
Indie_Tunes Absolutely love this song from Yeasayer. Single came out Tuesday. I can't sit still when it plays... You try to...
Indie_Tunes Revisiting Yeasayer. Forgot how good this album is (All Hour Cymbals - 2007). New single has got me itching for a new album... Missed this song.


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Indie_Tunes Love this song. L.O.V.E.

Blind Pilot--Paint Or Pollen

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Indie_Tunes Ipod on fire today with old faves. Can't go wrong with Mates of State.
Indie_Tunes Listening to the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack. It's a good one... Digging this song.
Indie_Tunes It's a Handsome Furs kind of afternoon.
Indie_Tunes @jennyleepenny: "If ever again, a greeting, is sent to you ... short and sweet, to the soul, I intend ..." (reblip)

The Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends".

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Indie_Tunes Color me impressed. Catching up on KEXP Song of the Day podcast and stumbled upon this gem. Just a hint of 80s goodness. Nice. Must. Learn. More.

Port Royal-Photoshopped Prince

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Indie_Tunes Holy crap that's flipping good. Icelandic band For A Minor Reflection.

For a Minor Reflection í Kastljósinu

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Indie_Tunes I could use one right about now. Too bad I quit...
Indie_Tunes Just another manic Monday... @nothingcorporate: "I'll take "things that I am" for $600 Alex." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes 100th Blip (yes I'm a rookie). The song I've played on my Ipod the most over the last year. A whopping 64 times. BRMC - Not What You Wanted
Indie_Tunes Every time I hear this song, I'm reminded of my good friend @JimmyDanko Still amazes me that he picked up and... Good for you Jim!
Indie_Tunes It certainly does get your body movin'. And your mouth whistling...
Indie_Tunes If a few of the band members look familiar it's cause they're from Au Revior Simone and Clap Your Hand Say Yeah. One of my top 10 records for 2009.
Indie_Tunes Metric in my top 10 albums of 2009. "Fantasies" is fantastic. Metric - Blindness
Indie_Tunes Another great 2009 album in my top 10 (and everybody else). Yeah Yeah Yeahs "It's Blitz". Love the subtlety of this song.
Indie_Tunes Dig this song. Solo project "ARMS" by Todd Goldstein of Harlem Shakes.
Indie_Tunes Thanks for the reminder. Love it. RB @muzicmajic: "here come the FUZZ!" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Love it. Have you seen the accompanying documentary? So good, so inspiring. At least to me rb @muzicmajic (reblip)
Indie_Tunes It's like more can never go wrong with more Temper Trap. Thanks. rb @nothingcorporate: "Because I want more Temper Trap" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Nothing better than walking in to work on a crisp, sunny San Diego morning. Ipod is on fire. Currently SSPU: Melatonin
Indie_Tunes "Sittin here with me and mine. All wrapped up in a bottle of wine..."
Indie_Tunes Not happy about Apple purchasing - I can't see how this'll be good for Lala's customers (at least those that purchased web albums)
Indie_Tunes Holy cr@p. So very good. Never heard of 'em. Checking out their myspace now... Thanks for the intro! rb @muffinlab: "this is a really great song:)" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes I'm officially digging this band. Something about their sound... Enjoyable.
Indie_Tunes Good stuff. Just hearing for the first time.
Indie_Tunes Really enjoying these cats. Must learn more about them...
Indie_Tunes Thanks @nothingcorporate for the intro... really liking.

Scattered Pearls by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

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Indie_Tunes Bobbing head... Was in a Monday-afternoon-trance-like-state. Not any more. Thanks. rb @nothingcorporate (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Me three. @muffinlab: "oh@Fangbaby - just when i start to think nobody likes the same stuff i do...." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Love the song. Love the video. Like the album. Eh, on the band name. Can never get it right on the first try... (mental note, 5 a's, 4 n's)
Indie_Tunes No idea what they're singing but I find this calming. What a day.... and not even half way through.
Indie_Tunes Love this live performance - flipping rock n roll.
Indie_Tunes Never gets old. Love it. Thanks rb @Alturn8tive: "{Blitzen Trapper-Wild Mountain Nation}" (reblip)

Blitzen Trapper: Wild Mountain Nation

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Indie_Tunes Love it. rb @Fangboy (reblip)

Devotchka- The Clockwise Witness (in HD)

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Indie_Tunes Such a fun song. Makes me feel nostalgic for some reason - maybe cause of that slight doo-wop vibe. Thanks rb @livtiludi: "twang, twang, twang...." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Fantastic way to start Monday -- Harlem Shakes! Especially on a beautiful sunny San Diego morning.
Indie_Tunes Whatever happened to The Elected? Haven't heard a peep in forever... Beautiful song.
Indie_Tunes I miss Elefant. One of the best live shows I've ever seen.

ELEFANT "Sunlight makes me paranoid

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Indie_Tunes Oh my. I echo that sentiment. Brilliant! Thanks rb @nothingcorporate: "Something brilliant @indieearcandyforeveryone introduced me to." (reblip)

Marching Band- Travel In Time

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Indie_Tunes Absolutely love how this builds, adds layer upon layer of goodness, then crescendos, then gently, slowly retreats. Fantastic. Thanks rb @MsBojangles (reblip)
Indie_Tunes You can't go wrong with Au Revoir Simone. Thanks Dank rb @JimmyDanko (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Love this song & the band. Heard they're working on a new album... way overdue. Almost forgot about 'em. Thanks @Alturn8tive: "Ambulance LTD–Anecdote" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Crushing on Rachel Stolte of Great Northern...
Indie_Tunes Saw Spoon last Saturday night with Phoenix & Manchester Orchestra & Vampire Weekend & White Rabbits. Epic = Understatement. They all killed.
Indie_Tunes Love the songwriting. Fantastic live performance.
Indie_Tunes That's a great cover. I like. Original is fantastic. Thanks @nastysurprise72: "The music in Starbucks is too loud. I'm listening to two songs at once" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes New school Metric. Metric - Collect Call. Haven't forgotten how good "Fantasies" is.
Indie_Tunes Old school Metric. Metric - The Twist. Forgot how good "Grow Up and Blow Away" is.

MetricThe Twist

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Indie_Tunes I once bought Matt Berninger a beer. Portland, Or 2005. Yeah, that was awesome.
Indie_Tunes @JimmyDanko - hey buddy. SD says "hi". Thanks for the Sensimilla - just realized that today... :)
Indie_Tunes Might be my favorite opening 45 - 60 seconds of any song I know. You can't beat a sitar. Seriously, a sitar. So cool.
Indie_Tunes Nice! Love these lyrics. Mr Sheff is a genius. Thanks @sliddy (reblip)
artburger @Indie_Tunes thanks for the listen. You've prob heard this but I figured you'd like it anyway.
Indie_Tunes @nothingcorporate: Congrats man! I see you got off that devilish number. Onward and upwards... something to dance about.
Indie_Tunes Inspried by @livtiludi: I see your Psychedelic Furs (awesome by the way) and I raise you some Handsome Furs.
Indie_Tunes These feels very appropriate this morning. Swamped... Depeche Mode - In Chains
Indie_Tunes @struggleville I lived in Lake O for many yrs (don't smirk at that) - the bad side... :) BTW DCFC guitarist/producer Chris Walla lives in Portland...
Indie_Tunes That is tasty! Acoustic (and sounds like live) version of "Gone For Good". That's James Mercer=Portlander
Indie_Tunes Love (LOVE) this song. Isaac Brock - a Portland kid.
Indie_Tunes An absolute classic. So flipping good. From the album The Lonesome Crowded West (1997). Reminds me of Carissa's Wierd for some reason...
Indie_Tunes Britt Daniel lives in Portland, Oregon.
Indie_Tunes I've blipped this song a few times... I think my first ever message rings the most true. "Anthemic."


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Indie_Tunes Fave song with "sleep" in the title... Thank you Belle & Sebastian. Was stuck on that one for a bit... Later @nastysurprise72 Night all.
Indie_Tunes FACT: It's impossible to sit still as this song plays. Further, the rule applies to 83.37% of Ghostland Observatory songs.
Indie_Tunes "It's Blitz!" most definitely in my top ten of 2009.
Indie_Tunes "Fantasies" in my top ten albums of 2009. Love this song. Metric - Twilight Galaxy.
Indie_Tunes This album has really grown on me. Love this song.
Indie_Tunes No idea why but the opening of this song reminds me of an 80s sitcom. Not sure which... Silver Spoons, nah.
Indie_Tunes Via KEXP song of the day Podcast (1/5/10). First time hearing this. Really, really good.
Indie_Tunes Off the 2009 "Fall Be Kind" EP. This slipped under my radar after one listen... Upon further listens... Very nice.
indieearcandyforeveryone i still don't know why this wasn't put on the american version of the disc. it's f'ing awesome. no fair brits, no fair! ;)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals "Memory Lane"

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Indie_Tunes Most def! :) Album has been in constant rotation. Thanks for the intro @Davrocks: "such a good tune @Indie_Tunes hope they're still making you happy!" (reblip)


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Indie_Tunes That was awesome. Who are these cats? Thanks to you @Davrocks: "Thanks to all for sharing their wonderful love and appreciation of good music." (reblip)


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Indie_Tunes Checking them out on Lala. Digging! rb @Davrocks Pomegranates - albums 'Everybody, Come Outside' 'Everything Is Alive' 'Two Eyes EP' - all are awesome
Indie_Tunes Tough to pick a favorite The National song... this has to be up there. Inspired by @melodyofyourlife Thanks!
Indie_Tunes "Stop telling me the right way to go I'm on my own You're selling our old ways Stop telling me the right way to go"
Indie_Tunes Sunny and beautiful in San Diego. Not so fortunate in most parts of the States. Sorry blippers. To you...
Indie_Tunes Anyone else suffering through the frigid winter temps... To you...
Indie_Tunes I like. Thanks @JimmyDanko: "if you haven't heard this, take a listen. outta Santa Ana, CA" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Islands bringing the smile to my face
Indie_Tunes A lot of good songs on "Phrazes For The Young" - debut solo album. "Between Love and Hate" is fantastic - but can't find it...

Passion Pit- Let Your Love Grow Tall (Manners)

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Indie_Tunes Brrrrrr.....

Keeping warm by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Indie_Tunes Eric Johnson is speaking to me.
Indie_Tunes Something clicked today... almost like I'm listening to Fruit Bats for the first time.
Indie_Tunes Great song. Thanks @indieearcandyforeveryone: "love is the only answer... everything else is just a train wreck.." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Subtle take on a great song. Hadn't heard this. I like. Thanks @kristenboyd (reblip)
Indie_Tunes One word. Ditto! Thanks. @indieearcandyforeveryone: "can't wait for this disc. rb thx @MissLordy: "@TXBBQ nice..thanks! :)"" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes I was... the late 70's. :) Um, I'm guessing this isn't the official video. Trippy.
Indie_Tunes Dang, definitely not what I expected (re: the unbalanced, change of pace...) I really like. Thanks @droolius: "similarities@Indie_Tunes@hawaii_buzz " (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Amazing live. Aubert and Xtopher absolutely destroy. Fond memories. Thanks! RB @dW31 Silversun Pickups "There's No Secrets this Year"
Indie_Tunes I find a fatal flaw In the logic of love And go out of my head You love a sinking stone That'll never elope So get used to the lonesome...
Indie_Tunes Revisiting some favorites this afternoon. This never gets old.
Indie_Tunes My favorite song from this now defunct group...
Indie_Tunes The National circa 2000 or 2001. Inspired by @whistlin_indie Thanks!
Indie_Tunes One of many surprisingly good songs from this unlikely duo. Who knew..? Really like the album. RB @bellalane: "@spacespencer" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes "But someone They should have warned you When things start splitting at the seams and now The whole thing's tumbling down"
Indie_Tunes Brilliant piece of writing: "I'm at the end This here my rope Another year to write and read the book I wrote Now dialing out For a good time........"
Indie_Tunes Old school Metric. Emily Haines=fantastic then and now.
Indie_Tunes Whoa. New found respect. That was awesome! Check the link. @cuezaireekaa: "Check this out. i really enjoy tUnE-yArDs" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes First time hearing this. Credit to the nameless intern that just told me to check him out... Good stuff.
Indie_Tunes Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson "Shampoo"
Indie_Tunes Travis - All I Want To Do Is Rock
Indie_Tunes Revisiting fave albums of 2009. Heart Middle Cyclone. Heart Neko.
Indie_Tunes Wow. That was flippin' awesome. Hadn't heard that. Thanks @space_cadet (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Dang, so good. Like this a lot. Never heard it before... Thanks @MsBojangles (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Just picked up End Times. Mark Oliver Everett (E) does not disappoint. So far, so really good.
Indie_Tunes Can't help but sing along. Insp by @Silverfire Thanks!
Indie_Tunes That is so flipping good!! Love it. Thanks @indieearcandyforeveryone: "i love these live versions. you can see/feel the emotion that much easier." (reblip)

Fanfarlo acoustic version of "Comets"

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Indie_Tunes What's your favorite song of all time? This is up there for me (msg, always seems timely and just plain good).
Indie_Tunes Insp by @sethdeckard Thanks much!

Pieces of What- MGMT

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Indie_Tunes Via KEXP. Kinda Modest Mousey... I def like. Latest album came out 12/31/09. You can download an mp3 and learn more here:
ShesAllWrite @AprilJ You have a great weekend yourself! #covers ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs (cover The Ramones) – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Indie_Tunes That was AWEsome! Thanks @ShesAllWrite ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs (cover The Ramones) – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Indeed! Thanks for the intro @nothingcorporate: "Something you might find interesting." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes So nice. Went back in time for this one. Love it. Thanks @thegoddess: "indeed! [Phoenix - If It's Not With You]" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Oh wow. Totally agree. Thanks for sharing - first I'm hearing this collab @DJ_HeckaCool: "such a perfect collaboration. Great, great song." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes You rock! Thanks bro. Miss you too buddy! @JimmyDanko: "this one's for @Indie_Tunes Happy Birthday! Hope you day = awesome. Miss you bro..." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Very nice. Thanks @infoperks & @katost: "Forest Fire – Slow Motion"" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Love it. Thanks @scound: "[Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds]" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Enjoyable. Dig the sing along towards the end of the song. Would be fantastic live.
Indie_Tunes Like this a lot. Thanks for the intro @winggirl (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Currently my favorite song on the album. So good. Thanks @Davrocks (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Been to Walla Walla. Not to Youngstown. @JimmyDanko if u haven't already dwnld this album 4free. You'll like: Thanks to @Davrocks
Indie_Tunes "... You can say what you want you're forgiven Well happy f*cking congratulations Well everyone, everyone wins..."
Indie_Tunes Insp by @Dolittle Thank you! :) Love this song.
Indie_Tunes Damn that's good. @indieearcandyforeveryone: "i agree. this was the one that immediately grabbed my attention. @treehouse408: "and this one..." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Are you an RAA fan @winggirl I think you'll like this (or you already do) :)
dj_AM just got tuned into this guy; good stuff :)
jimi_pen Keepaway –> Yellow Wings
Indie_Tunes Really like this. Not the best recording... absolutely love her voice.
Indie_Tunes "...It's always like this like this like this like this like this like this like this like this..."
Indie_Tunes Thanks @DJ_HeckaCool: "El Perro Del Mar AND Lykke Li" (reblip)

El Perro Del Mar "Change Of Heart" w/ Lykke Li

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Indie_Tunes Hiya @MissLordy Travelin, friends in town, fun stuff... :) How are you? MissLordy: "Indie_Tunes hey you!! where u been? this song!! :)"

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

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Indie_Tunes Ooh, nice one. Later @Lovecat: "ah, an old favorite ... / i'm off ... blip at ya all later ... ;-)" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Might have to do the same :) Thanks for the intro @space_cadet: "Yeah, I'm blipping this every day. It won't last forever." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes "...Dip the toe in the ocean. Oh how it hardens and it numbs. The rest of me is a version of man, built to collapse into crumbs..."
Indie_Tunes Can't get enough FR as of late. New, old, whatever... totally speaking to me. Frightened Rabbit - "The Loneliness and the Scream"
Indie_Tunes My fav. Song shreds at the end :) No prob @nothingcorporate: "Indie_Tunes thanks for the intro. I hadn't heard these guys before and I'm digging it."
Indie_Tunes Song absolutely tugs at me... Love it.
Indie_Tunes Whoa! 1st time hearing. Really like. Dwnld MP3 + much much better recording here:

Fences performs "Sadie" at MFNW

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Indie_Tunes Love this. Loney, Dear - "Summers"

Loney Dear, Summers

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Indie_Tunes More old school The National. 2003ish :)
Indie_Tunes Love 'em too :) Thank you @MojaveMini: "...another of my once-a-day blips;) them!!" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Pardon my french but f4ck... I like. Thanks for the intro. Where from @midnightwalker: "@nastysurprise72 "Their album is full of potential hits!"" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes "...They say, "Time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take""

Son, Ambulance- The Invention of Beauty

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Indie_Tunes Totally, TY!! So many levels/layers of goodness. @makinitrite: "@indieearcandyforeveryone totally dig their sound thanks for sharing this jewel..." (reblip)
nastysurprise NEW National. Yes, that's Sufjan Stevens singing background vocals.
Indie_Tunes Classic. "...and I know I can walk along the tracks//It may take a little longer, but I'll know how to find my way back..."
MakePhantoms Feel free to blip this one all over. ;) If you dig it, that is.

Make PhantomsHEAT!

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MakePhantoms And here's one more before I sign off for the night. Enjoy! :)
Indie_Tunes Ditto :) Thanks @okmusic: "Awwwwww man. . . I'm a little late with the love on this." (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Future Islands mini-marathon.
Indie_Tunes Hi @tinynow I'm diggin' them. Fantastic sound that melds 80's goodness with synth-pop. They're pretty awesome.

Future Islands Long Flight.wmv

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indieearcandyforeveryone have you heard these guys yet? @Indie_Tunes i haven't been able to take their album off my main playlist yet and it's been there for awhile...
Indie_Tunes Picked up both of their releases today and listened to them all afternoon. Really, really good. @indieearcandyforeveryone @Dolittle @starrynight
Indie_Tunes Radical Face - Touch The Sky EP out today on iTunes (another Ben Cooper project).
Indie_Tunes Yo La Tengo - “With A Girl Like You“ (Troggs cover). Via La Blogotheque. Brilliant.
Indie_Tunes The girls looked beautiful in blue//One took my hand & said I love you//I know I'll never know your name//Yeah but it's okay we'll love for just today
Indie_Tunes Later all. Thanks for the props and RBs.
Indie_Tunes i could listen to this a million times in a row
Indie_Tunes New Tegan & Sara is good - I like. Early Tegan & Sara is fantastic - I love! From 1999s Under Feet Like Ours LP - "This Is Everything" live. So good.
Indie_Tunes Quick blip pit stop whilst on set... Thinking about catching TT at Club Nokia in LA tonight. Anyone going?
Indie_Tunes Mmm, fuzzzzz. From 2006's Pet Grief.
Indie_Tunes A ton of strong new blippers... A few of my new faves= @my13personalities @polecatswagger @mariko_me Digging your plays. Thanks :)
Indie_Tunes I don't know much but a crutch is a crutch // If it's holding you from moving on
Indie_Tunes Done and done :) @winggirl: "@Indie_Tunes got it TY - ya should delete the blip before u start getting emails about Russian brides!" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes Dig the build up of this piece.
Indie_Tunes & if theres any love in me dont let it show :) Great lyrics TY @MadMud: "no longer feel the great weight of ordeals that can make this life so unkind" (reblip)
Indie_Tunes If Beirut had a baby it would grow up to be Alaska in Winter - "Close Your Eyes We Are Blind"
MissLordy I luv this song and I luv her version...her accent is so cute!!! :)
Indie_Tunes Long day... no rest for the weary.
Indie_Tunes First time hearing this group. Like them.
Indie_Tunes All the hammer and scrape//Has been chipping away//At the lustre of life//So I will but I am so tired//If I can shake myself// I can dance with you...
Indie_Tunes Fell in like with The Sounds this afternoon. The Sounds - "Dorchester Hotel". Really, really like :)
Indie_Tunes Fave album over the last few weeks. Fantastic.
Indie_Tunes I'm never going to know you now//But I'm gonna love you anyhow
Indie_Tunes Really good stuff. 1st single taken from their debut album (drops 11/22). Dig the video and their sound. I'm keepin an eye out for these kids...
paraboschi @Indie_Tunes: "<--- is in heaven right now. Jamming to The Big Roar - The Joy Formidable's latest. Oh my..." ty! (reblip)
Indie_Tunes So very good. Can't wait for this album.
Indie_Tunes To the blippers suffering through chilly weather :) Another from the new TRAA album (it's really good).
Indie_Tunes I hope your heart is good and strong // If you find yourself in my arms
Indie_Tunes Been listening to the album all day. It's fantastic. Posted a few other from the album... @paraboschi do you use dropbox?
Indie_Tunes L-o-v-e The Cave Singers. My favorite from them :) @notquiteGonzo
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