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Warcraft- Stormwind theme

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speedyconkiwi LOL i hate to admit but it's not even that bad

ENNIO MORRICONE -"Silhouette of Doom" (1966)

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bevparis if you just listen to one song today - listen to this one, the BEST of NZ music

bjork human behavior

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Matokokepa0516 I think I need to go, I've been awake since 10 last night...haven't slept yet. I couldn't sleep, eat, or concentrate at work...sucked. BABE...
kiddo84 it's good2 hear that. me is fine but hungry :) should eat sth... @SkyeCebh: "I Am. Which is good enough for now :) Ty <3 You? :) (reblip)
Becka_911 RB @ReflectionSymmetry: "@PeterArceo: "Talking about cars....made me want to listen to The of my all-time favorite songs of that time:"" (reblip)

The CarsDrive

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BeatJunkie I needed to hear this again - and at 4am and sleepless is the perfect time...rb @Crabcakes (reblip)
dzurillaville Mmmmmm. ~~ Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin'
Mitzelplik Nirvana - Penny Royal tea

Penny Royal Tea-Nirvana

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kimme23 Tyler@Camellia: "rb... good morning Mr. Taylor; going ... down!? ... ty for rb! @kimme23" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @shea: "@RumoreRitmo: "My g-g-g-g-g-generation" "Y don u all jus fade away"" (reblip)
adidash מתנגן לי בראש כבר מאתמול....
spikelet Classic kiwi song!

ScribeNot Many

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Phoenixbird Listening to ...and/or singing along with ...Eldorado Overture - Can't Get It Out Of My Head
karelcuypers Beetje tempo jongens ! You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC (Lyrics)
TBFKA I saw the sign@A_DJ_Banana: "@harmony60: "Ace Of Base – The Sign"" (reblip)

Ace Of BaseThe Sign

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renothespinner "The Cranberries - Dreams......It's never quite as it seems.." (reblip)

Deep Purple Wasted Sunsets + Lyrics

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TheK1D Mika – Big girls you are beautiful // I <3 this song
carvefx Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Texas Flood
TheK1D Mika – Lollipop

Mika Lollipop

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daytonacharger @Vaiva----BB KING & David Gilmour---Eyesight To The Blind----a really Great song & video which "bloody well ROCKS"!!!! (reblip)
carvefx Janis Joplin – Work Me Lord
Shadowcat83 Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers
themegastar1 Guns N' Roses- Estranged. Only on Themegastar1.
lasmart Face the Face

Pete Townsend -Face the Face

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Annie Lennox-A Thousand Beautiful Things

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TheK1D Nickelback – How You Remind Me ... takes me back to my youth

Nickelback This Is How You Remind Me

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fletch_009 @mark_till: "The Veronicas - Uprising (muse cover acoustic)" (reblip)
Flying_Buttress The White Stripes – In the Cold, Cold Night. Ever notice how your body temperature plummets when you're supposed to be asleep?
genexiswolf96 i was so stupid in love.... i thought you were the one... but i guess i was wrong!!!!!!! you broke my heart.... you will never deserve me...
kashmir Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Hey JoeJimi Hendrix

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Marco74 @sinistercinnamon: ""If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break."" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks

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sylfmc There was music all around.. just leaving town - one of ma fave bands ever
TweakerRay Great Advert made by Guy Ritchie... feat. Clive Owen and Madonna and "Song 2" by Blur
mrrowe8 hey @a0k 4 u ,i c u like the off beat ,hope ur old enough to have enjoyed a scooby snack in ur seat and the best damn midnight movie ever
1001songs Another song I won't hear tomorrow night. Wonder if they'd let me write their set list ?
Geoff710 This just started on my iTunes ~ Coldplay masterpiece (reblip)
Botado @mrrowe8: "4 the real black sabbath fans ,not those that think ironman was it." (reblip)

Black Sabbath-Wizard

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nikkirev Innocent and sweet

Alanis Morisette - Im a Bitch Im a Lover

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StockJock "Hey, I hope you know I'm taking all of this time with me when I go..." John Petrucci...

Robert Plant-Darkness, Darkness

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ximon more time, but I luv this vid... ;-) Ciao!!!!!!
denisalvesbh nohhhh essa aqui nao tem nem o que falar de tao foda!!!


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spangila Metallica – The God That Failed
CouchBoy classic blast from the past... quiet, loud, quiet, loud :-)
harmony60 i will..take care also..see ya me a'nite...tyvm..rb @Jentern: harmony60 Hope you have a good night, dear! Take care!" (reblip)
420star OMG! I LOVE THIS SONG! I 1st heard it on Pump Up the Volume starring Christian Slater. Dig this dudes deep voice. YUMMY! #Nowplaying Leonard Cohen (reblip)
obockstal By the grace of God Almighty And the pressures of the marketplace The human race has civilized itself It's a miracle

Sarah mclachlan- Possession (piano version)

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Chupie White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
technogiant OMD – Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc)

mc202 + sh101 + tr909 + sonor mini mammut

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GR8FL let's dance... same rhythm as oye como va, yes?

Des'ree Life

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Devina_W And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time.
marijaanadj Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
J_Kal qué canción tan increíblemente sexy! independientemente de la letra, es para hacer el amor, definitivamente. Quiero hacer el amor escuchando-la
marijaanadj Nice! Hi & RB @Time2Burn: "Godsmack – Moon Baby" (reblip)

GodsmackMoon Baby

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marijaanadj Korn – Somebody Someone

KornSomebody Someone

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marijaanadj The Dead Weather – The Difference Between Us
marijaanadj Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye - Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
Renato Metallica – Devil's Dance
JOBsmith @wesk: "Love the drum intro..." (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks (STUDIO VERSION)

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wesk Wish the quality was better, but love this song.
marijaanadj rb @Totengrber: "rb@TarinnAdaria: "Placebo-Ion ......"" (reblip)

Placebo-Ion Video

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marijaanadj rb @kiddo84: "RB @Darkangelkas: "02 Tool – Jambi - 10 000 Days"" (reblip)
marijaanadj rb @tamara_petrovic: "@Naestopaz: "so needed, ty@zeldaslaughter: "@Alfea: "Björk °*° All Is Full of Love"""" (reblip)
marijaanadj Pulp Fiction OST - Son of a Preacher Man


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Devina_W Joe Satriani – Why - this song is perfect in nearly every way. (reblip)

Joe SatrianiWhy

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marijaanadj yup! I had some obligations, but intend to go back to bed :D @Time2Burn: "TYVM! & Hello!! Your up early? :-) @marijaanadj: "Auto RB & Hi!!! @Time2Burn (reblip)


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theonionroute @LAcasaBLANCA @nawlinswoman @WhiteHouse Midnight Oil - "Truganini" AND #fish #er #men TAMBIEN ... #bpOiLspiLL

Midnight OilTruganini

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marijaanadj Thanks....heheee crazy me! :)) @Travis286: "A+ on the tweets today, lol @marijaanadj: ";) Thank you! <3" (reblip)


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marijaanadj Hmmm..... @Travis286: "Hmm who else loves this song???" (reblip)

St. AngerMetallica

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bytera Elbow performing 'The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver' at the Nationwide Mercury Prize '08.

Elbow Performing at the Nationwide Mercury Prize 2008

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bytera Porcupine Tree – Time Flies /// This is one of the best songs I've heard.
bytera Roger Waters – Leaving Beirut
marijaanadj System Of A Down – Old School Hollywood
DJschootgenoot @GGDANCE: "@Micshelly: "Yeahhh!Tsm!:o)RB@SpicaSeven: ""BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Etta James – Midnight Hour """" (reblip)
atank some-things-are-better-2x..........rb@Carmilla rb@atank" (reblip)

she's my addiction third realm

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TasteOfJ @bankaiAP: "Rage on@rami4real_: "#ReblippingMe Listening to Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name // A kick ass song!!!!!! #Fuckyeaah"" (reblip)
D_Press Another one for your "cure" day ;) @sedefic
DJNickPapag We have a big team right?@dANGELofLOVE: Queen ~.~THERE'S [A KIND OF MAGIC] ON BLIP EVERY DAY! Thanxx For Your Fabulous [MUSIC] My Friend @DJNickPapag" (reblip)

Queen A Kind Of Magic [High Definition] HD

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Fifis I'm getting better with Fruity Loops :-)

Yoga Flame Lupe Fiasco Enemy Of The State

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DJMicShelly Tysm!:o)RB@lelordgs: "AC/DC – Breaking The Rules" (reblip)
dcychan A must RB 4 Sade :) TY@just_some_lady: "+=[ Baby Father - Sade ]=+ ... she liked his eyes, she wanted more... ♥" (reblip)
marijaanadj Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
bytera One of my absolute fave *Elbow* bluesy songs, "Grounds for Divorce". // #acoustic #blues #kickass
marijaanadj rb @idaipaix: "kill bill ost" (reblip)

Kill Bill Theme

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divadonna5 TY@Ted_Striker32: ""Siting on a park bench . . ." @CMDoria: "Jethro Tull – Aqualung"" (reblip)

Aretha Franklin` Angel`

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wesk "We're on the train.."

Styx- Suite Madame Blue (Audio Live 1975)

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faberit Grande Waters......

The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard ~ Roger Waters (1992)

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dailymoz This nonsensical song was written to mimic the phonetics and inflections of English. Never fails to crack me up.


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cpcdiniz rb@Frauenpower: "Nickelback – This Afternoon" (reblip)
SpinitSammy 2 in a room - Wiggle it... ooh ooh oh oh ooh ooh oh oh!!!

2 in a RoomWiggle It

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Jjim08 Lookin' for a Woman to Court and Spark......
atlantean7001 Cheesy tune of the day featuring some rather small blue puppets.

Jon English-Six Ribbons-Against The Wind-

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RoxP @vicprusiana it's the long weekend! Take A Load STP sang:)
djJamezzz Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
Michalitgirl בוקר טוב Listening to The Police – Walking On The Moon
rachidkas "Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One" (reblip)
harmony60 Chicago Happy Man

Chicago Happy Man

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25jd1 @euphro: "RB @rachidkas: Great choice and great memories :)" (reblip)

Fleetwood MacDreams

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PabloM Muse - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (reblip)

Muse 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 2002

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ankita_gaur urw sweetie :)@Ttddman: "OH YEAH LUV THIS ONE HUN THX@ankita_gaur: "Ride the Lightning – Metallica (studio version)"" (reblip)
Sheribaby_SPH @ElZorro what kind of music do you like most? BTW I've had you as a favorite DJ for -- ever-- I think (reblip)

The Cramberries Zombie

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jesusalbertoaraujo una maravilla! @VinylVenus: "Try a little Pagan Poetry" (reblip)

BjorkPagan Poetry

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NICOSICO Let the Ape bring you a slice of future
GGDANCE @Babygirlxx8: "Janis Joplin - Cry Baby (live in toronto 1970)" (reblip)
Lil_Wing Radiohead ~ Nobody Does It Better ~ Makes me feel sad for the rest... (reblip)

Radiohead Nobody does it better

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Lil_Wing Santana ~ Love of my Life ;-) X You & me were gonna dance, dance, dance..

Santana Love of my Life

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tudoaocontrario Oasis – Don't look back in anger

Don't Look Back In Anger

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EmperorJoeDuke Santana - El fuego ( I think that's some sort of Mexican fighting chicken )

SantanaEl fuego b2b

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alexparr This one sounds like a good one to start with DJNickPapag LOL :)) (reblip)
Devina_W have loved this song forever but since BOY was released its hit our charts again...

Poi EPatea Maori Club

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delcentro RT @talite: "Una rolita para hoy: Telepopmusik – Breathe">>> Wow, hace tanto que no escuchaba Telepopmusik (reblip)


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Kenny Wayne Shepherd "Blue on Black" Live At Guitar Center's King of the Blues

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renothespinner Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep/Dali Paintings ....Good Night Blip World..Thnx 4 Props/Reblips/Replies & Special Thnx 2 New Listeners! (reblip)
renothespinner Inspired by >@octoberland: "{the big pink : velvet}" Good day! d:-o (reblip)
renothespinner Dreamin' w/@SliverMoon: "Dreamer ~*~"...Good Evening! Nice 2 C the Netherlands in the FINALS! :-{} :))) Best of Luck!! (reblip)


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renothespinner Spinnin' w/@charlesdemar: "Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug." Oop's 4 U...Roxy's always worth a reblip!! >-) (reblip)
renothespinner GR8 Pull!@ladypn: "One of my favorite songs too! Its great to be reminded how lucky we are! ;) rb@LoneStarTim" (reblip)
innoutwindows and my punishment is?@MicShelly: "Ha!CaughT ya!hehe;o)@innoutwindows: "UR sooo funny!YES I AM!:o)@MicShellyR u hoppin n outta windows again! (reblip)
demimatt @rachidkas: "TYSM!"rb@zoja01: Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson – Ghost Riders in the Sky"" (reblip)
scotlandlover going to see him this week (peter that is) rb @sir_edward_ross: "RB @hawaiibuzz: "Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way (Live)" (reblip)
kiddo84 I used to know who I was untill you came along.. I return2 the only place I've ever felt that I belong #home \\ Иite all <3 (reblip)
djaces29 The Flying Burrito Brothers – Wild Horses
rocket1206 RB VI@PinkPrism:David Gilmour recording A Pocketful of Stones at Astoria.His security tapes cut to make a lovely artistic song just makes my so happy. (reblip)

David Gilmour recording "A Pocketful of Stones" in Astoria (

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JOBsmith @wesk: "rb vi@kittycat62: "good morning!@Dancer12: "TyRB@fxp123 "Crimson and Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells"""" (reblip)
yahowa57 R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People (reblip)

Rem Shiny Happy People Music Video

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Gypsylyn my life is in chaos..;-)@Chow322: "you have left me ? i've missed you @Gypsylyn: "Hey..;-)@Chow322: "hey u @Gypsylyn: "I'm a ~ Gypsy ~ (reblip)


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marijaanadj A MUST RB @DamnTheMan: "A must listen to DJ right here ---> rb@romanus: "Stone Temple Pilots :: Interstate Love Song"" (reblip)
wesk tY! @ellendiane: "@wesk: "Haven't heard this in a while."me neither-thanks for the listen:) smashmouth- walking on the sun" (reblip)
wesk Nice one! rb vi@sooze27: "Jeff Beck- Where were you" (reblip)

Jeff Beck- Where were you HD (Live performance) HD

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wesk Good point! @renaud_favier: "Revolution is always cunning, otherwise it's just demonstration ;-) @wesk: "..."" (reblip)
wesk rb for sure @jeffreyy: "found p&rbs, tysm, jeff beck vi@innoutwindows" (reblip)

Jeff BeckPork Pie Hat

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wesk rb vi@sribler: "Led Zeppelin" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Baby Come On Home (STUDIO VERSION)

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wesk Will go hear Train and John Mayer tonight.


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marijaanadj RED – Breathe Into Me

REDBreathe Into Me

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DjLx44 vi@CMFlinn: "Uriah Heep – July Morning" (reblip)
bankaiAP I kinda miss your old avitar@dahaze: "ty!:)@Joleesa: "Purple Haze ✥ #GrooveArmada"" (reblip)

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Crimson and Clover

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AtheDJ Enya – Wild Child

EnyaWild Child

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Bustinha @dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥♦♥♥♦♥♥ {[Video]} ♥♥♦♥♥♦♥♥ [[ Between Mind And Heart ]] ♥♥♦♥♥♦♥♥" (reblip)

between mind and heart-Enigma

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "Wings for Marie, Pt. 1" ♥ [.."You believed in me. A passionate spirit. Uncompromised boundless and open"..] ♪

Elvis Presley One Sided Love Affair

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Solvetsch rb @anatos: "Clan Of Xymox – Back Door" (reblip)

One Republic: Secrets. Official music video.

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suckmydeck NOSTALGIA 77 ft. ALICE RUSSELL "Seven Nation Army" gonna fight them all...
Ran_Manwen Memory of autumn.. melancholy rb@DJrythaman: "Coldplay べò The Scientist" (reblip)
AtheDJ Rhianna vs Pink – Family Umbrella [Martinn Bootleg]
wesk Good job blipping this one! @kirkill: "Rush – Lessons" (reblip)


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wesk thx! @divadonna5: "ur on a guitar roll here@wesk: "ty! @Annaleise: "@wesk: "One of my (many) favorite songs from Monte."""" (reblip)
wesk Nice one from your blipping beginning ;-)@divadonna5: "Heavenly vocals. Simple instrumentation. Soothing. Makes me feel like a kid again." (reblip)
wesk Vinne! Yeah! @kirkill: "Vinnie Moore - Se Cabo - GROOVY!" (reblip)

Vinnie Moore Se Cabo (Santana)

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wesk One of my top ten guitar songs. Passion out the ying-yang.
wesk Auto rb! @TropicsZ4: "Led Zeppelin – Boogie with Stu #deepclassicrock" (reblip)
DJBocaSalles Very pretty! Roy Orbinson – Pretty Woman
MoodMusic Had this song in my head for a week
wesk Seen this? Bubbles lays it down. @kirkill

Bubbles plays "Closer To The Heart" with RUSH

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The Beatles-In My Life

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marijaanadj Tom Petty - Last Dance with Mary Jane

Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty

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1brwneyedgirl Mad love for Rob Thomas!!!! @Fabio1974: "Matchbox 20 – 3am (Storytellers Live)" (reblip)
1brwneyedgirl it is 11:30 here..good evening =)) @renaud_favier: HowDy This Morning (or Whatever in Canada) ? @1brwneyedgirl: "nice"" (reblip)
1brwneyedgirl =) G'nite =) @renaud_favier: "You Know Why ... ;-)))))) Good Nite, Don't Forget to Remove Them To Sleep ;-) @1brwneyedgirl" (reblip)

Lady GaGa- So Happy I Could Die [Full Song+Lyrics]

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Dancer12 Graduation Ceremonies for you @gpharley Don't forget me, it's been a fun class! have great week, luv u . . ..

Sara Brightman- Harem (HD)

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VanityOhVanity @octoberland: "gustar :) 3 of 3 nicked from @alekr2o: "Massive Attack – Live With Me"" Live with me instead (reblip)
MEXCAN @NicoleVSanchez: "sounds like a good idea, I'll talk to you tomorrow :-) @Andres_Amador: "[ Sheryl Crow - All I Want To Do ]"" (reblip)
TheBirdman Last dose of EC for tonight. Enjoy.
MC_Ro TYVM!! I love this one! <3 @iMickeyD: "Hi there! Happy Fried - eh? This one is for @divadonna and @MC_Ro! hugz" (reblip)
nicklokes #hehe hi love~ @Jazzhole: "I've always been a sucker for the tasty 70s style guitar riffs in this tune. Rb & thanks to the charming @nicklokes." (reblip)

"Carnival" Natalie Merchant

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Sidonia my favorite djs play well this evening yeahhh@Schoork: "The Scorpions – The Zoo" (reblip)

The ScorpionsThe Zoo

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Angel- Natasha Beddingfield

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1brwneyedgirl good nite <3

More then Words by Extreme ( with lyrics)

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ankita_gaur Kings of Leon – Closer

Kings of LeonCloser

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AtomicScott ahaha, so funny! Don't ya' think?
1brwneyedgirl Heyy Girl!! on the house =)) how goes it? @BattLady: "GOOD we need it! @1brwneyedgirl: "Bars open all nite=)@sefrond: "I NEED 2, please @1brwneyedgirl (reblip)
Spiritually_Raw @j2dahizzay: "Talk to Donna Psychic Medium on Ask Our Intuitives #askintuitives Call 248-545-7685 #CBSradio #talk #newskyradio" (reblip)

Stevie Nicks- Talk To Me [Official Music Video]

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wesk Not too bad. rb/ty! @LindyLuv: "Robin Trower #cover ~ "Bridge of Sighs" [ty@Vix_Rock]" (reblip)
wesk COOL! TY!!@akadjwttw: "@wesk. you may enjoy this killer version of "Goodnight Rose", as well. i ♥ the intro more than the actual song! (reblip)

ryan adams. hrs. goodnight rose. henry rollins show

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THEWHITELION ""Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes" In your eyes I am complete" (reblip)
La_Vera_Mahshid Does this work too? lmao! RB "@whatevertunes: "Every time someone blips a song w/the word SEX in it we do a shot!" @biap

WASP Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Watch In High Quality

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hinder-lips of an angel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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renothespinner TY! rb@KJ80: "~Nights in White Satin~" **Good Evening #KJ!** xo :) (reblip)
Spiritually_Raw Find your good thing... (reblip)
bytera la vida es una larga canción... no es asi @sooze27? ... =)
PetDogShop Alannah Myles – Black Velvet #Nipclub Ok all you Groovecats love this xx
LastGoodbye The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreaming
DJheavy The Chemical Brothers – The Golden Path
Spiritually_Raw Call 1-888-856-8399 ..find all you need to know about the love of your life (reblip)
Spiritually_Raw Call 1888-856-8399 to get your a reading with our lovely Intuitives. (reblip)

Enigma -- Temple Of Love.

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