finestsuit good morning @by_starla..! :-D here's something different for ya ~ have a wonderful day! ~
Rufus_T_Firefly's a one way trip, awol runaway... beefheart dc punk. so good.
calamari @pafurada Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you too.
calamari @elizs Thanks! And a Happy New Year to you :)
hufeisen Schiebe Files von Festplatte zu Festplatte. Und in iTunes. #frühjahrsputz
formalhaut keeps you healthy and in good shape all the time
paisley Lower the dynamite – D.J. Magic Mike
Chekkov @santamistura Positive Vibration for You too :-)
Chekkov @magali's also a very good Sunday-Morning-Snow-Flake-Music :-) (reblip)
thundercunt ✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺✹ ✺
thundercunt ✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉
NickNixon everybody knows the number one song in heaven is something by cliff richard
NickNixon consider me devastated.

Devastatin Dave - Zip Zap Rap

| play
wurst @klitoria another one filed away in the '90s vault in my brain.
Schnuchten a quiet tune and a slow starter but nice

Carl Craigat les

| play
QuicksandRangero The fantastic soundscape of Martin Hannett, the famous producer at Factory Records - he died in 1991
QuicksandRangero "Bright-white clubbing Oh isn't it wild?"
QuicksandRangero Old school rap gem - produced by Mantronix; thanks@humbert15 for the Art Pepper-blip
QuicksandRangero Kit Clayton on the traces of Detroit techno
QuicksandRangero Early Deep House classic, but better look out for the club mix on the sampler "The Garage Sound Of Deepest New York"
formalhaut Ladies & gentlemen, it's boarding time! @chiron08 @klitoria @tanzbunny @pappwixe @JamesJoyes23 @driczz @melpimenta @magali @all have a nice friday


| play
QuicksandRangero tks @Stendhal for introducing me into the funky mysterious world of Arthur Russell
QuicksandRangero To continue: Main Source with "Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball" from their album "Breaking Atoms" (1991)
QuicksandRangero Essential contribution of 808 State to acid, the original track is even better
QuicksandRangero Again from the 90s - the Fatboy Slim remix of "Brimful Of Asha" from Cornershop
QuicksandRangero House pioneer Mike Dunn gives credits to the heroes of black music
yatzy Here comes the mirror man!
QuicksandRangero Move D - Jus House; taken from the sampler "14 tracks of narcotic House"

Move DJus House

| play
QuicksandRangero Klein & M.B.O. - Dirty Talk; back to the beginning of Chicago house # 7
QuicksandRangero The Children (Adonis & Jamie Christopher) - Freedom; back to the beginning of Chicago house # 6

the children (adonis & jamie christopher) freedom, 1987 dj international 12''

| play
QuicksandRangero This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm; back to the beginning of Chicago house # 5 (instead of the original track by On House not available on Blip)
QuicksandRangero Santos - Space The Box; back to the beginning of Chicago house # 4

SANTOSSpace The Box

| play
QuicksandRangero Candido - Dancin' and Prancin'; back to the beginning of Chicago house # 1
squidbrain I can't find "Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus" so this'll have to do.
Chekkov Special Case, my batterie runs out of capacity...
QuicksandRangero Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle - "I speak at schools a lot cause they say I'm intelligent No, it's cause I'm dope, if I was wack I'd be irrelevant"
Kaethe_Cox @gingerlipstick thanks to you - have a nice day!!!


| play
oswald808 wanted 'girls don't count' but it aint on here
stefankm En af de mærkeligste og længste introer på et housetrack jeg kender. Men efter countryguitar og eurodance er det ren bliss.
stefankm The red planet will appear only when your mind is open.
QuicksandRangero Steve Bug - A World Without (released in 2007) - great hypnotic track
humbert15 Howdy blippers - discovered Pivot from RA: interesting...

PivotSweet Memory

| play
humbert15 More Pivot - I like these boys!


| play
QuicksandRangero Mighty percussive dub techno from Deadbeat out off his 2008 album "Roots And Wire"
QuicksandRangero Mikkel Metal - Third (Lufth Remix); excursions in dub techno # 4
QuicksandRangero Beat Pharmacy - Here To Go; excursions in dub techno # 5
QuicksandRangero Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Phase90 Restructure); excursions in dub techno # 12 - last one for today
QuicksandRangero Scion - DJ Set; excursions in dub techno # 10

sciondj set

| play
QuicksandRangero Echologist aka Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy - Dreadscapes; excursions in dub techno # 7
pazamorta Basic Channel fans, once more, unite around this fire!
DiscoOutcasts Moodymann - Shades Of Jae... INcoming>>>
DiscoOutcasts Liquid Liquid - Optimo. another class new york band.. disco not disco x

Liquid LiquidOptimo

| play
QuicksandRangero Good morning @all - let's celebrate this saturday
Chekkov Weekend is near! I can hear it... :-)
mancho Mas limonada, por favor


| play
yatzy is sitting at a fashion fair where the neighbour booth has been playing Duffy non-stop since 9 a.m.

Chicks on speed Fashion

| play
yatzy Intention: Start a dance craze.
humbert15 more chug... (both the last 2 from the Nobody Knows Anything Supersoul Recordings compilation, which is quite good)
fisherprice BR has a unique and unmistakable melodic sound, rife with strange harmonies and signature changes. Must be that Italian - Japanese fusion.
QuicksandRangero The video to this song was filmed at Ruhr-University Bochum; it has nice optical effects which are fitting excellent with the music
ChristofferMalling @liquido : Kunne ikke være mere enig mht. Pixies. Her er én som jeg tit kan blive afhængig af.
QuicksandRangero Jörg Burger aka Geometric Farms with an track off the Pop Ambient album on Kompakt (2001)
Cysquatch Carry The Zero - Built to Spill
p_ferd carsten nicolai a.k.a noto / alva noto

Alva NotoU_08-1

| play
Schnuchten I just love this one! I know many have blipped it before. But here it comes one more time :)
lub yeah! a new upload... this was not on searches i did b4 :) 4 the girls!!! @ladypn @GR8FL @28apple_chic @stay_loose @patricia_coelho @MeeJong @JTB...


| play
DiscoOutcasts Lexx - Sirocco.. like most of there music, classy electronic disco sounds


| play
ovvo How to break the loop?

OvalDo While

| play
DiscoOutcasts R-Theme (Mayday Mix) – R-Tyme... Detroit techno by Derrick May & Darryl Wynn from 1989.. yep.. (reblip)

Mujava Township funk radioclit rmx Master

| play
DiscoOutcasts Chakachas -Jungle Fever... outcast detonation... x
DiscoOutcasts Mark E & Dragon - Good Times (Quiet Village Remix) deep bliss
humbert15 I defy you not to shake something while this is playing
humbert15 talking of Mekon...they don't come more uplifting than this :)
DiscoOutcasts Come Let Me Love You [Shep's Master Mix] – Jeanette ''Lady'' Day... outcast detonation.. love prelude records! x
ChristofferMalling Kraftwerk (cont.): @ekman: Thx for bringin' KW into play. This German version has a wierd voiceover where the line ends on "Sekt" (de: champagne).wtf?

KraftwerkDas Modell

| play
DiscoOutcasts Gatto Fritto - Bursting The Bubble... well & truly burst..
QuicksandRangero thanks @APB1 - great track, reminds me of the early A Guy Called Gerald (reblip)


| play
PeteScotch time for a nice bit of techy dubstep
QuicksandRangero La Gente - DiscoTech; A little electro house intermezzo in my 60s garage punk excursion

DiscoTechLa Gente

| play
mian make a decision, a precondition, we got the choice if it all goes wrong.
DiscoOutcasts Dj Harvey - Love Finger... pysch disco soul from Harvey's "black cock" series...Extremely rare on vinyl with the japanese paying good money for them

Vapors - Turning Japanese

| play
yatzy Are they trying to kill us with this new design?
Wavidus .... new knees that would be nice ...
Casualty .....for all those 21st century boys
QuicksandRangero Hi and thanks @trepanado for Voodoo Ray Remix...I'll be debuting an acid house party in april 7th in Sao Paulo... I wish you great luck and big fun :) (reblip)
RustyJames simplesmente apaixonado por Darien Brahms :)
Tomas is AWAKE! and is up for drinks and dinner. in half and hour
QuicksandRangero A great cover to drift further in any musical sphere somewhere between punk and funk
danielbeattie @Casualty Freescha track was cool. Cheers. Milieu is one of my fave artists at the moment.
anjuscha the neighbour's cat just came for visit :) schönen tag @riot36
ovvo Hope that this butterfly effect could push you into a real deep listening experience. Bye Bye for now...
littlefunk "Midnight in a Perfect World" For quiet midnight.
vutheara Kraftwerk – Autobahn (Berlin)
littlefunk From "Batman". Funky pop music by Prince.


| play
littlefunk From "Trouble Man". Sexy jazz funk by Marvin Gaye.
Moe_Rituri Lovely. Ethereal. Jesu updates the shoegaze canon. We are not worthy! We are not worthy!


| play
Moe_Rituri One of my favorite Cure b-sides ever. Another little gem from the late eighties.
Moe_Rituri Another great Mancunian foursome delivering the goods with grace and thunder. This song was one of their many peaks of their career.
Moe_Rituri Here's some Detroit electro from ya. DIve! Dive! Dive!
magali @formalhaut:Next week in Adam! Ich bin dabei ! Kommst du mit?
newNEWwave Not a big R&B fan, but love sound of someone beating the crap out a set of drums. Lots of cool sounds in here.

Amerie1 Thing

| play
das_Vakuum Und auch hier darf alles geschüttelt werden, was nicht abfällt.
Ono1969 @formalhaut great minds think alike? ^_^ Good night!
littlefunk Jazzy afro beat groove.I love this "Water No Get Enemy" - Fela Kuti
pazamorta Front 242 covered by Underworld! Grrrrrrrreeat! vi@paeix vi@invisible (reblip)
Casualty thats where i need to go

COILDisco Hospital

| play
QuicksandRangero Loch Ness Monster - ska classic!


| play
littlefunk Horns Blow! "Sexual Healing" by Hot 8 Brass Band.
p_ferd • º ° ˚ * ❍ * ˚ ° º • • º ° ˚ * ❍ * ˚ ° º • • º ° ˚ * ❍ * ˚ ° º •
adbert [David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street] Hello @Sally29! "Somebody to love" was made for MAX VOLUME. That's a fact! Happy Monday!!! :-)
Ono1969 Last breakcore track for tonight
girltulala "I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb. I am a world's forgotten boy."
sunnysunnysunny gee, most of my work-related blips are actually boss-related. here goes!
punchdrunkdaisy My heart is dreaming that Paris is screaming, Paris is screaming all night long..
Moe_Rituri Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
Moe_Rituri Speaking of burning sensations. I'm actually talking about the band, you creeps!
littlefunk jazzyなfelaも良いですね。喜んでもらえて嬉しいです。こういう感じだとRed Hot+Riotってコンピが面白いですよ@JTB
humbert15 late night music


| play
MsRedPen Starting the day with some reblips. This one's from @gobcarlqvist (reblip)
littlefunk Jazzy bounce. "Mystic Bounce" - Madlib


| play
vutheara Justice – Phantom Pt. II
closedmouth been too busy to blip, but this track has grown on me
p_ferd Thanx for all the good vibes and have an wonderful day ♥♥♥ !!! @santamistura @Sakena @MeeJong @lub @chiron08
cejas still in my lucky Friday....fortune cookie.
littlefunk Who says a funk band can't play Rock? "Super Stupid" - Funkadelic
danielbeattie Gentle Morr Musicish electronic pop.


| play
digidew dance avec moi (listen to the piano!)
digidew roisin rocks!


| play
EarCandy the first I fell in love with- I'm trying to resist blipping 4 more of their tracks- Nujabes in moderation I say. This Japanese group has talent!
JamesJoyes23 @JTB ;-) nice to see u.......°°°°°°°°☠☠☠


| play
littlefunk Mellow groove. "Summer Breeze" played by Jackie Mittoo.
humbert15 last but definitely not least on my all-time top 15 albums: Silentintroduction by the incomparable KDJ. Hey that was fun!
littlefunk "I'm Doing Fine" - Amp Dog Knight Amp Fiddler meets Kenny Dixon Jr(Moodymann). Deep dance track.
littlefunk "Beautiful Life" - GUI BORATTO
minimoonstar oh yeah, their new single.........brb sudden urge to fire up Katamari Damacy
littlefunk Groooovy!!! "The Number Song(Cut Chemist Party Mix)" - DJ Shadow
lwsrc eat... human... flesh...
lwsrc thanks @anjuscha your set is amazing!

Akufenradio shuffle

| play
coloured hold me, kiss me ... ♥ mmmmmhhhhh ;) sonnigen Tag @gReg0r muß mal raus in die Sonne! (reblip)

Pacific!Hold Me

| play
formalhaut bevor ich den abflug mache – noch was in eigener sache… :)

Dirty Mutha (Crookers RMX)

| play
plasticsounds Mulatu – Astatke (enzyme glitch mix) lovely idm + glitch (reblip)
plasticsounds ...Burnt Friedman – Fucking Long Time (reblip)
plasticsounds @Hnomad my bet is on money mark as the true clutchy hopkins (reblip)

Money MarkCry

| play
plasticsounds Flevans – Sweep Definitive!!!!!!!!!!!
lwsrc ah, gigolo, da muss man noch einen schritt zulegen ... @klitoria
wsgbane Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this song is annoying as hell and catchy at the same time.
p_ferd It's getting too late … Again ,)!! But it's springtime and even the cat is a bit crazy.
Golp Dean & Britta – Friday I'm In Love
oprincipal Microhouse? I called it minimal groove it
oprincipal This title was any kind of a bullfight remembrance?

Metro AreaMiura

| play
chengie @torresk one minute to midnight~hahaha~~haha~~
Moe_Rituri 80's afropop hit remixed by Hardfloor. @klitoria danke for listening. Goodnight blippers and twitters! Lovely.


| play

Telepopmusik - Dont Look Back

| play
littlefunk Funky man.He's strange but so charming. "Old Times Were Good Times" - Son Of Dave
littlefunk アテネフランセ知らなかったです。映画見れるんですね。これは良いサービス。@JTB
littlefunk From "Jackie Brown" "American Gangstar". Great soul number by Bobby Womack.
littlefunk From "Harder They Come". Good voice. I can't say anymore.
p_ferd MmmmMmmmssorrynoisybutI'mallforthissoundssz ✰♥ sssatthemomentsssaturdayszswUuuuushh,)!
littlefunk "House Of Jealouse Lovers" - The Rapture
Shepherds back to 1983...The The - perfect....bonus track on the album "Soul Mining" (reblip)

The ThePerfect

| play
Shepherds Ratatat – Mirando (Animal Collective remix)
littlefunk From David Lynch's film "Lost Highway"
littlefunk Jockey Full of Burbon! 映画音楽は良いの多いですね。From "Mulholland Drive"  @JTB
littlefunk それに、音楽とリンクさせて映像を見る方と話せるのも嬉しいですね。@JTB
littlefunk ただ爆音のヘドウィグも映えそうですね。露骨な音楽系映画もまた見たいなぁ。@JTB
littlefunk 快楽とダメージのバランスが難しいところ。爆音映画祭でも同じですかね。@JTB
toysrevil if you're listening in now, it means you're not out partying this friday night. no worries, blip-party with me here. pour yourselves a cold one :)
humbert15 ok wrapping up the disco hour now with Sister Sledge
humbert15 might as well go the whole hog now I'm tripping up over my flares...

Bee GeesNight Fever

| play
Balder this is dub music .. nothing comes slightly near this, take a break, turn up your speakers and kick back and relax for 8 minutes ...
humbert15 great houseparty on Sat night. I *think* I played this (bit of a blur, frankly...)
p_ferd Prrretty sprrringy sprrringidi sprrringgtime!! Rb@BlzBob :-) (reblip)
Schnuchten Tonight you will be mine! vi@Casualty (reblip)


| play
Balder had to put this up on blip, second release on my LMH LMTD label - really nice minimal dub @intinet @yourwife @Schnuchten @Stendhal @JTB @ABoyNamedSue
p_ferd Mmmmm. A lovely day for a flower-track from Kill Bill vol. 1 (one of my favorite movies). @MeeJong Do u like this ;-)?
Kamillae having my first cup of coffee for days, but no cigarette, although I've been meaning to start smoking for years, hooked on second hand smoking though
oprincipal the fix! william burroughs memories
magali .... Oh my god !!! ... Can we live without Internet ? I think so !
puntito hey little gothic girl, watch out you might get a sun tan! very good humour without hurting anyone. check it!
p_ferd I loooooove this voice and this language, but only understand the title in english ^_^ !!
jamreilly r/b thanks @steno **simply irresistable** Ninja Tune / Xen Cuts (1) #11 (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Thanks again @Ono1969 for your great uploads. I also bought this one: in 1990. My fav was "The Scheme" by F-X-U.
ABoyNamedSue This guy is on some weird industrial glitch clap hip hop rap type of shit. I can dig it!!!

Mux Mool_Night Court

| play
ABoyNamedSue @tigertuft Well I can´t say I remember too much about clubbing from back then, mostly because I was still a twinkle in my dads eye.
ABoyNamedSue @Kaethe_Cox I wish you an even nicer day :) And enjoy Bryan Ferry on this track.

DJ HellU Can Dance

| play
littlefunk Beautiful Life良い曲ですよね。Guiは最近かなり気になってます。この曲もそうですが、@JTB
QuicksandRangero @DaHilster - great track by DJ Pierre & Co. (reblip)


| play
BoZaN go for synth-pop for few songs :)
Balder dance this mess around ... great great song ... (reblip)
noisegirl It's been way too long since I've heard this dance hall masterpiece.
p_ferd Haha, funny samples from Haruomi Hosono, one of the most innovative artists/producers in Japanese popular and electronic music since early '70s …
harukb Lioが「元祖・テクノポップアイドル」と聴かされ育ってきました。信玄の隠し湯くらいあらゆるとこに存在する
Ono1969 Back! And seriously in need to blow off some steam...
Ono1969 That's all from me... thank you and good night! m(_ _)m
intinet another brick in the electronic wall
lwsrc oh, my god, it's full of minimal


| play
noisegirl Wow! Sweet little pre-electro pop tune remade. Reblip from @DJstromer19 (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Disko ! ....................... You Don't Care.
NaomiMoore we zitten wel weer dezelfde golflengte golf ;) (reblip)
pazamorta Dancefloorrrrrrr vi@curatEar (Enjoy the Silence meets New Order via The Communards or Bronski Beat?) (reblip)
Arajay most psychotic jam band ever
yatzy New morning auditory discoveries | @noisegirl = cool DJ (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue I was looking for new single, which is great by the way. Then I stumbled over this. Never really dug any of Deloreans other remixes, but this is ace.
Shepherds Telefon Tel Aviv – The Worst Thing In The World (Jay Haze Remix)