Jackiekie Always a pleasure to hear this song...

Etta JamesAt Last

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Jackiekie It's sunny now, but I see dark clouds in the sky...
Jackiekie Memories... lalalalalalaaaaaa la... not this song... :P
Jackiekie Fiquei uma semana com essa música na cabeça! :P
Jackiekie @guiguigostation Porque sei que acha o vídeo dessa música engraçado n_n
Jackiekie The movie was really sad... And I really like this song.
Jackiekie Do you remember a movie with this song?
Janete @jackieckie e pro Lindinho também,é alegrinha acho que ele vai gostar
Jackiekie Sorry for the melancholy of this morning songs. They're beautiful though...
Jackiekie @guiguigostation: Estava a pensar nessa música ontem, mas não lembrava o nome! n_n (reblip)

. Love song for a Vampire .

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Jackiekie To Chibi-chan with love! ;)

Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK"

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Janete @guiguigostation Muitos beijinhos procê querido!!!! (reblip)
Janete @jackiekieE aí Jackie!!!Essa música me lembra de você

db boulevard point of view

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Janete É uma das melhores dele,na minha opinião
Janete This song is really sad...and true
Janete "Come with me,come with me we´ll travel to infinity"
Jackiekie I like it in his voice too! :P

Mad WorldGary Jules

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Jackiekie I'd love to see this song in Sing Star! XD

BesourosFor No One

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Jackiekie "Cute" that's what I thought first time I heard them :P Srly, I like them a lot :)

the strokeslast night

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Janete @guiguigostation era pra ser outra música,mas eu fiz bagunça...longa história
Jackiekie I just want the skirt and the long Jacket, thanks ! n_n

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

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Jackiekie Very interesting sound, imho! =)

Arcade FireWake Up

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Jackiekie Essa música é muito doida... Pena que Amy também é :P

valerie- amy winehouse feat mark ronson

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guiguigostation Interesting

Glass music-Dance of the sugar plum fairy-Tchaikovsky

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guiguigostation Bela música, bela representação da família Bach. (reblip)

Bach. Cantata BWV 30. Magdalena Kozena.

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Janete Such a long time that I didn´t hear this

Jean-michel Jarre-Rendezvous IV (R'Houston pt4)

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Jennifer Paige crush

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Deoxy this is on repeat (and repeat) for meh.

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

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Deoxy and again, I shall attempt to sleep. night@all.
Jackiekie @Deoxy Thanks! ;)

Jack Peñate 'Be The One'

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Marilyn Monroe-Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

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Jackiekie @ Guiguigostation Thank you, Kido! What would I do without you?

Sarah McLachlanAdia

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Jackiekie Really cool beat!

Golden Silvers 'True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)'

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Deoxy thinking about audio quality, copyright, and new media. :)


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Deoxy what's up! so much to discuss! goodblip@adversary1 (reblip)
Deoxy I saw that you purchased the walkmen. kudos@adversary1
Deoxy How have you been a "DJ since Jun 10, 2009?" confused@DJCopyleft

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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Deoxy rb@adversary1 And this song gave me chills of the good kind! (reblip)
Janete I was thinking about this song days ago
Jackiekie @guiguigostation Thanks for the song, dear! n_n Another from the 80's for you... It seems we keep going back there, don't you think?
Jackiekie Sorry, my time machine isn't working very well... It keeps taking me back to the 80's...

Drive (The Cars)

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Janete I just wanna know what´s the meaning of anti-folk

Kate NashMouthwash

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guiguigostation Achei lindo esse clipe, com cenas tão românticas = )

TracesGloria Estefan

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Jackiekie @Janete: "Blue is my favorite colour,because "the black will be white and the white will be black but the blues are still blues" Love this one :) (reblip)
guiguigostation @Jackiekie Uma vez você me contou a história, mas não me lembro mais

Radical Face 'Welcome Home'

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Janete There are many things that I am not,but there´s one thing that I can´t deny
Janete Big me to talk about it

Foo FightersBig Me

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guiguigostation Outra vez!Quem mandou deixarem "unavailable" : P
LynnSunshine me too@Jackiekie: "Oh... me likes this sound very much! :P" (reblip)

Lisa mitchell neopolitan dreams

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Jackiekie I like this song so much, how could I forgot it? :P

Summer Sun

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Janete I never meant to be the needle that broke your back

Cat PowerHe War

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Janete Não podia terminar o dia sem blipar essa ^_^
Janete @guiguigostation Lizstomania,Bachmania,Chopinmania,Vivaldimania e,é claro Mozartmania ^_^
Janete Eu gosto dessa versão,tô nem aí pros que se arrepiam só de ouvir falar o nome Tiago Iorc
nofz305 "..You think that you're the sun,The whole world revolves around you.."
Jackiekie @Deoxy: "mwahaha. @mettee @NotAsPunkAsYou " Hey! I really like this one! :D (reblip)

BjörkCome To Me

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nofz305 I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out


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nofz305 "..But everytime I reach for you, You slip through my fingers.. "


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guiguigostation Paul Carrack-Harvest For The World


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Jackiekie @guiguigostation Gosto muito dessa música, ouvi uma vez no carro da Chi e não sabia quem cantava. :D (reblip)
Janete The 90's again in my head
guiguigostation Emfim lembrei o nome : 0

Pandora's boxOMD

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Jackiekie Gosto tanto dessa música, mas não posso cantar junto porque estou rouca :P

Kid AbelhaGrand Hotel

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Janete Pois é...eu tava assistindo ao programa Alto Falante outro dia ea pareceu essa banda
Janete Essa é uma banda de jazz do Brasil que eu gosto muito!

Delicatessen Jazz

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Janete Baby You Should Know is unavaliable...
guiguigostation Não estou conseguindo fazer o Previw hoje : /
Jackiekie Há tempos não ouvia essa música! n___n
Janete Gosto dessa (e gosto do Coldplay também = P)
Janete Keane n__n


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guiguigostation Bring back that sunny day

Classic IVStormy

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Peter Bradley Adams-Song for Viola

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kaoruo thanks rb @kockey: "今日はこのぐらいで" (reblip)

Uyama HirotoOne Dream

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Renan Luce La lettre

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guiguigostation Lembranças de épocas tão inocentes ^ ^

The Beatles Pepperland Instrumental

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セルロイドスター FEAT 佐田真由美 music by トベタバジュン

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guiguigostation Georgy porgy, pudding pie, kissed the girls and made them cry
Jackiekie Just listened on the radio...
Jackiekie @kaoruo That's very good ^___^ (reblip)

KIMBRA | Simply on My Lips

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kaoruo I live in Japan. This is an appeal of support to Haiti.Thank you for your kindness.@alapinto: "thnx for prps hope you are safe & well, love to Haiti" (reblip)
Jackiekie @Janete: "@guiguigostation: "Secret Garden -> Elan" Gostei ^_^" Eu também gostei! >_< (reblip)

Secret GardenElan

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Jackiekie "Tell me, tell me, will you walk with me, just for a little while" :D
Jackiekie @Janete gosto muito dessa música, o chibi chan também. Ele corre para ver a propaganda toda vez que ouve essa música na tv! :D
Jackiekie I go I go I go... good night blipers! o/
Jackiekie "let's just be super cute girls" :P Good morning, blipers!

AnnA TsuchiyaAh Ah

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Janete MCA cantando Portishead é algo que merece ser conferido,curiosa essa versão de Glory Box,não?
Janete Mais uma versão curiosa >_<

インド音楽舞踊ユニット ターラ

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The Bird And The Bee-My Fair Lady

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kaoruo Nice! thanks rb@nofrills: "Video: Yeasayer in the studio. // Hello and thanks for props, replies and reblips. :) @Nymph @dronnoisseur @bankaiAP" (reblip)


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Lemon Jelly Tribute: The Staunton Lick

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Jackiekie @omlounge Best video ever! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Sour Hibi no neiro

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Janete @CalMa: I heard this yesterday and I didn't know who was playing (reblip)
MykeGreywolf Power metal is best metal. Also, Guitar Hero blah blah blah.
Jackiekie Uma das minhas favoritas em 2010 :)
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