FarEastPROJECT Scratch that. The third installment ("The Second Raid") has it's moments...
FarEastPROJECT The theme song for the Korean romantic comedy hit movie "My Sassy Girl." One of my favorite movies.
fredsablan it's late and this song works just fine for me
mrskutcher I love this song @aplusk this song is on my new flick Spread (reblip)
aplusk wifey and I got this artist recommend at the same time (reblip)

Crazy - Ray Lamontagne

| play
aplusk Filet Mignon for the ears I'm not mad at this at alllllll (reblip)

AdeleBest for Last

| play
aplusk another toon from my new movie Spread. Coming this august. This song is pure mellow.
aleferreira I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had ME.
yoochun Hearing this song live made my life.
yoochun This song makes me want to be loved unconditionally.


| play
yoochun I listen to this song when I'm sad a lot. I mean, with lyrics like "Ridiculously these thoughts still torment me" you can't go wrong
IndieGoGirl Thanks @crisrocs & @TheWeekInSound - you both have superior taste in music!
aleferreira De aniversário pra o @willmurai: Here in your bedroom, I feel safe from the outside.I can tell that you're changing, but still I feel so high! :D
aleferreira Was this over before. Before it ever began. Your Kiss,your Clothes,your Clutch. Like the devils got your hand! You were my greatest mistake !!!!
aleferreira You make breaking hearts look so easy, seems like you’ve done this before? A machine where your heart once was slowly takes the place of y-o-u.


| play
aleferreira We could scream all night. You know there's l-o-v-e still left inside. Stop saying you're sorry! Hate Me! For every honest word that you postpone!
aleferreira Finally opened up my eyes. Revolution's not easy with a Civil War on the inside. No need to hide anything anymore.


| play
aleferreira Cause sometimes I miss knowing someone's there for me and feeling free. Free to stand beside the ocean in moonlight ... (L)

YellowcardBack Home

| play
aleferreira I wish we could open our eyes to see in all directions at the same time. Oh what a beautiful view!! If you were never aware of what was around you.
TimMothE For Brian, "Oh how I meant to tease him. Oh how I meant no harm. Touching his back with my hand I kiss him." Get well, my best friend.
Baja I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face
Baja They keep things loose, they keep it tight. Everybody's dancing in the moonlight.

Toploader - Dancing In The Moonlight

| play
Elling_ Blind - Placebo <3


| play
thecarl @thekrose got me into this song from one of his blips, ive been obsessed w/ this song ever since


| play
Baja I love rock n' roll, so put another dime in the jukebox, baby...
jtbritto theres only one thing two do three words four you, i love you, Scott! it's been one month, here's to many, many more! :-)
Elling_ @bailarina Maaal reina! Pero ahí vamos! :) (reblip)

CakeWar Pigs

| play
Elling_ Llegando de grabar y sigo maluqueins! :S
Elling_ @bailarina que gracias! No se me estrese reiniiiiiiiita!
Elling_ @bailarina uuuh, acabo de acordarme que ya hace un año que nos conocimmos :P
Elling_ @all Good night blippers @bailarina pero lo vi ;) que te rinda esta noche reinita! :)
jahammer the song that made me fall in love with jack johnson's music
poeticimmortal "... i could hold you for a million years. to make you feel my love..."
MaggyTheBrave How stylish! Track Of The Cat / Pram (vi@Morganna42) (reblip)
DoubleDigitCatastrophe you can't await your own arrival, you've 20 seconds to comply

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
sergiofelter Adem in en uit (met of zonder mondkap?)

lucie silvas breathe in

| play
JaseyRae (Goodnight Princess - Pauline)psychedelic, babyboy :)
koduckgirl Laibach – Across the Universe angelic
JaseyRae (Stuck on Repeat - Little Boots) Orgaasmic xx
Xurk One of the best intros a song can have for occasions when it's suddenly put on by a DJ and you get to exchange expressions of glee with your friends.
AmandaLee well the lightning just made my lights flicker so I'll say goodnight.
marmedman Taylor Swift -Fifteen// Sing with me! When you're fiiiiiiffteeeeeeeen. HAHAHAHA.

Taylor SwiftFifteen

| play
marmedman Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing// Enough with Taylor.
JaseyRae Magnetic Baby - Semi Precious Weapons ][ ive been magnetic since i was a baby!
deWethouder in Den haag begint de lucht al langzaam Oranje te kleuren...
JaseyRae Catch my Disease - Ben Lee ][ That's the way i like it ;;)
deWethouder oi, deze heb ik nog op 12" oldskool :D
Baja "The moment I wake up. Before I put on my makeup..."
JaseyRae Make you feel my love - adele ][ i will try (reblip)
JaseyRae I love Rock&Roll - J.J&the Blackhearts ][ so put another dime in the jukebox baby! :D (reblip)
JaseyRae Supermassive Black Hole - Muse ][ orgasmic like fkwoaah<3
meriel [The Hours - Alphabeat] Do I have to wait soooo long?

AlphabeatThe Hours

| play
JaseyRae Love Song - 311 ][ whatever words i say, i will always love you. (reblip)

311Love Song

| play
jtbritto i swore i'd never fall again, but this don't feel like falling...


| play
bobscopper ~Maybe we don't want to be found~YOU know... (reblip)
JaseyRae Hands off..She's mine! - The English Beat ][ Eheeha, like a reserved, funky bar fight. :D (reblip)
yoochun If you walk me to the car park, I won't go. Oh Pete. ;__;

Pete YornUndercover

| play
JaseyRae I Get Around - Dragonette ][ as i slip back into last night's dress..
Elling_ Me voy pa' mi casa a descansar todo el día!
calamari Listening to The Whip "Trash" - Continuing my at-work dance party. This cubicle is gettin' hot!!

The WhipTrash

| play
JaseyRae Youth Games - The Mission District ][ Im sorry that youre leaviiiing..
JaseyRae Suspicious Character - The Blood Arm ][ I like all the girls, and all the girls like me ;;)
JaseyRae Shut up and let me go(LAZRtag Remx) - The Ting Tings ][ reminiscent: Deirdre is my Dance <3
JaseyRae Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra ][ My Baby Shot Me Down
JaseyRae Bang - Rye Rye ft. MIA ][ thanks to @RandMan for a gleamin raaaad electro blip <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Sleep - The Dandy Warhols ][ rest assured, ill be hitting the hay softly and OFFICIALLY :D last blip for the early morn! x (reblip)
mdesjardins Awesome cover of Sweet Child of Mine (2nd time I've blipped this)

04 I think Im in Love

| play
bstngirl For a teenie bopper star...this guy surprised me. The acoustic guitar mellows me out, get past the intro and listen to his soothing voice!! :)
thatissodope Lenny Kravitz – Again || God, I love Lenny Kravitz so much!

Lenny KravitzAgain

| play
JaseyRae Only One Acoustic - Yellowcard ][ @casey_kent mimsky this reminds me of sooo many things.. (reblip)
sarah__o eels, praticando a melancolia desde...
JaseyRae Can't take my eyes off you - Muse ][ like heaven to touch..<3 (reblip)
mimacruz This could be the last day that I hold my breath and wait for you. :P (reblip)
libertyhallstudios Grooviest Chunk of a riff we have heard in years! ;)
JaseyRae Muay Thai - Jiraphand Ong- Ard ][ Learning the respect steps..muay thai! later yall :)
JaseyRae I'm in Miami, Bitch - LMFAO ][ I'm rockin bangs x)
JaseyRae How we used to live(Aim Remix) - Saint Etienne ][ i said, you said..
bobscopper i've met these type of women...this song IS about me.
JaseyRae Standing in the way of control - The Gossip ][ Beth Ditto is gleamin brill like she was born to be. <3
JaseyRae Yellow(coldplay cover) - Jem ][ you know i love you so, ;) mellow yellow ya'll.
JaseyRae Seventeen - Casxio ][ if you want some yummy lo fi disco soul ;;)


| play
JaseyRae It's About Time - Lillix ][ Yes, It's all about Life :) (reblip)
JaseyRae Slow Down Blues - Joe Satriani ][ only coz @SandroC is so gleamin raaad. I luff yer blips dear <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Best Days of your Life - Kellie Pickler ft. TaySwift ][ pop-tinged pickle. huge crossover. I like! :D ch-check!
JaseyRae Rattled by the Rush - Pavement ][ Im getting addicted to this drunkrock-a-babies. ;;)
JaseyRae Dance the Night Away - Sweet Rush ][ @hwaiting @jimmyeatworld @thatissodope @Stanisms @marmedman @SandroC @RandMan @casey_kent :D <3youuu
JaseyRae Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath ][ for @johncmayer 's chocolate soup. x
JaseyRae Trouble - nevershoutnever! ][ im in trouble, im an addict..im addicted to this, :)
JaseyRae The Scientist - Coldplay ][ Coz i miss this :)
JaseyRae I Don't know - Lisa Hannigan ][ a cute lo fi take... <3
JaseyRae The Police and the Private - Metric ][ yo @meriel i see you like YYY. Thizzis Metric, ch-check! ;;)
meriel [Sweet 16 - Thunderheist] Cool! // Thunderheist for you, @cillian23!!! (reblip)
JaseyRae Negai Wa Hitotsu - Younha ][ ive gota big lesbo crush on tis korjap ladyfinger <3

Younha - Negai Wa Hitotsu

| play
meriel [If You Were Alien - The Brunettes] Just blip-ing it again! :) Such a cute and sweet song! :>
meriel [Last Day Of Our Love - The Bird And The Bee] OMG @cillian23! I love The Bird and the Bee!!!! You din?! :D
JaseyRae I'm a broken heart - The Bird & The Bee ][ yes! @meriel i super heaaaart this sunshine ;;)
Elling_ Couldn't be without that blip XD @DJLavinator
JaseyRae Daniel - Bat for Lashes ][ Paying homage to Karate Kid. Right on ;;) <3
Toast_Scratcher Metallica – Whiplash. Because I can.


| play
thatissodope Because of You- Marques Houston || Yall MUST hear this. Especially @cillian23! The chorus... incredible. :D


| play
Toast_Scratcher The Lonely Island – I'm On A Boat [Explicit]
JaseyRae Trash - New York Dolls ][ blip blip blippin. <3 (reblip)

New York DollsTrash

| play

Meiko - Reasons to love you

| play
glove1111 <3 we can roll around and find out upside down.
JaseyRae Reasons to love you - Meiko ][ a sweet sad smoothie. <3 (reblip)

Meiko - Reasons to love you

| play
JaseyRae California - The Kooks ][ I guarantee you, youve never seen anything like this ;;) GOODMORNING!

The KooksCalifornia

| play

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

| play
JaseyRae Epic Last song(Lifelike Remix) - Does it offend you, yeah? ][ im on sweet chronic,haze on dancepunk/electro/experimental shizbang<3 @rtsnance ;;)
JaseyRae Let's Make Out(Album Version) - Does it Offend You, Yeah? ][ baby,baby,ive loved you a long tiiime. ;D

Does It Offend You Yeah - Lets Make Out (Album Version)

| play
JaseyRae Kissy Sell Out(remix) - Does it offend you, yeah? ][ its bangin'! warning:Like it scratches your ears. heavy <3
JaseyRae Consequence - The Notwist ][ Some noisepop, but its melllow yellow a bit. Let's slow it down x
JaseyRae Gone Gone Gone - The Notwist ][ noisepop/ambient has never been this good :)
JaseyRae Good Lies - The Notwist ][ we'll remember good lies.. <3
JaseyRae One with the Freaks - The Notwist ][ @RandMan @hwaiting @LadySandStorm @patita @sandro C for a lil break from all electro melonades <3
JaseyRae Handson Us - The Notwist ][ What ever does Handson us mean?! anyway, it sounds really creepy. melonade. x
RandallBlips night all and thanks to all props and great blips tonight @gracieriots @mmemaledicta @cillian23 @JMuse @catonthewall and mannnyy mooore.
JaseyRae Of Moons Birds and Monsters(HG! Remix) - MGMT ][ hold my breath til the sky comes back. synth/psychedelic pop for noon<3
JaseyRae Electric Feel - MGMT ][ ya might like @thecarl ;;) You like you some MGMT, dont you? <3

MGMTElectric Feel

| play
JaseyRae Kids - MGMT(soulwax remix) ][ AAH! Sounds like a bubblegum pop intertwined with pretty psychedelic melonades. ADDICTIVE! @meriel
TimMothE Because it's the sexxiest song ever. ;)
JaseyRae Boys with Girlfriends - Meiko ][ an acoustic smoothie, y'all. @patita thnx for the night blip :)
JaseyRae A Bitter Song - Butterfly Boucher ][ all i need is a bitter song to make me feel better. <3
JaseyRae How Lucky We Are - Meiko ][ from synthpop,hyperreal glamour&trash to pretty ACOUSTIC:)
JaseyRae Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5 ][ like burning chili, can you taste it? ADAM woo! <3
JaseyRae Poker Face(Drlkt Freddie King of Spades Remix) - Lady GaGa ][ the awesomest rmx to date <3 p-poker fayyzz (reblip)
meriel [How Deep Is Your Love - The Bird and the Bee] :>
JaseyRae 3 Little Words(A1 bassline/Inside out boy rmx) - Frankmusik ][ he's unbelievably addictive. cant get enouuuugh! x
JaseyRae Jerk It - Thunderheist ][ like a fateful booty smack. Dance party anyone? <3

ThunderheistJerk It

| play
JaseyRae Kiss with a Fist - Florence and the Machine ][ like a punky Feist :D fascination, ye <3
JaseyRae Hosanna - Hillsong ][ prolly my fave from United's tracks. I miss God. x


| play
JaseyRae Postcards from Italy - Florence and the Machine ][ lotsa pretties..im in love :) glad u lyk @meriel ;;)
JaseyRae Galaxy of the Lost - Florence and the Machine ][ im sick of your mouth.xx
JaseyRae Toy Story 2 - Sarah McLachlan ][ SNIIIIIFF!:( classic. im gonna watch this again <3
AmandaLee @RaevGil morning! well it is about 1:40 in the morning here :-)
JaseyRae Questions - Jon Mclaughlin ][ id marry him if he wasnt married x.x JM looove:)@AmandaLee
AmandaLee starving for truth, I'm closer then where I started
threebears We shut the cat in the living room overnight, but he just slept all night on the sofa. quote'n'rblip @cleanskies ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
JaseyRae Hospital Beds - Florence and the Machine ][ Her accent is schmexy x) @threebears @AmandaLee @evablue @meriel :)
JaseyRae Hanging by a Moment - Lifehouse ][ I'm falling more in love with you ;;) <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Sky - Joshua Radin(ft. Meiko) ][ a dreamy duet from two acoustic angels <3
JaseyRae Again - Lenny Kravitz ][ aww @disashi ;;) (reblip)

Lenny KravitzAgain

| play
RavitLevrann the ultimate break-up song.
JaseyRae On my own - Les Miserables ][ I miss this :(
JaseyRae Sharper Than a Knife - Parralox ][ that your love cute me sharper than a knife.. absolutely deelish. its sinful. <3
AmandaLee wham-wake me up ** don't ask, I won't tell**
JaseyRae I fell in love with a drum Machine - Parralox ][ you dont love me like how i love you <3
thatissodope Switchfoot – Dare You To Move || I never get tired of listening to this.
thatissodope Dakota Moon - A Promise I Make || "Girl, youre every breath I take." ROMANTICCC :>

14_A Promise I Make_Dakota Moon

| play
JaseyRae Gloomy Planets - The Notwist ][ Im helplessly in love with the awesome sauce who is TN <3 @thatissodope ;;)
thatissodope Dishwalla - Every Little Thing || Make me wanna cry.. @cillian23

Dishwalla - Every Little Thing

| play
JaseyRae Go Ahead, I Dare You to - The Chairs ][ tell your sister, she's got nice hair x) <3
JaseyRae Insomnia(Korean Version) - Wheesung ][ so effin better that craig david's. It's virally delicious. Take a bite at this <3


| play
JaseyRae Daft Punk is Playing in my House - Magic Arm ][ cool beans <3 listeeeeeen (reblip)
JaseyRae My Wish - Rascal Flatts ][ @bobscopper im sorry i totally messed up yer name in my recent blip. forgive me. music, hug :)
JaseyRae Deserter(four tet remix) - Matthew Dear ][ a great lullaby hoax <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Saturdays - Cut Copy ][ since im getting back to synthpop roots. myt as well Cut Copy :D

Cut CopySaturdays

| play
JaseyRae Art Bitch - CSS ][ come on and get on that beat. heavy shiz this one. x

CSSArt Bitch

| play
JaseyRae Never Think - Robert Pattinson ][ OMFXGZ :)) It's actually good! <3 acoustic smoothie <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae They Keep Chasin Me - Sweet Rush ][ ooh-wie; some dance electro-hop <3 iz hawt! iz hawt!
der favourite band if not live. has anybody seen jamie stewards solo project?

Xiu XiuPox

| play
bobscopper from the happy list...little hearts give up heat,when they're beating this way! (reblip)

Happy Ever After

| play
JaseyRae Infectious Love(Live house stage) - Toshikazu Tanaka ][ I love me some Jap electropop/game goodness<3
JaseyRae Isn't she Lovely - Stevie Wonder ][ Isnt she lovely? ;;) unbeatable kiss to wonder <3 @bobscopper hello:)


| play
meriel [Love Letter To Japan - The Bird and the Bee] Ooooo, TB&TB goodnesssss!
bobscopper i would like to look inside that lil' bean of mine,but,it seems i lost it,lol@cillian23

Etta BakerLost John

| play
meriel [Everybody's Changing - Keane] Try to understand that I'm trying to make a move just to stay in the game!
JaseyRae Obsessions - Marina and the Diamonds ][ No remix. PURE PRETTY. Diamonds <3 original:)
meriel [Take My Heart - SoKo] You can! Forever if you want! :))

SokoTake My Heart

| play
JaseyRae Big Boy(SSION's Bang Bang Rmx) - Jeppe ][ SO. FAKEN. HAWT. :o
JaseyRae Ramalama(bang bang) - Roisin Murphy ][ Ferocious. Graawr, sugar. <3
JaseyRae Tell Everybody - Roisin Murphy ][ @meriel @thatissodope @Nymph you'll like this ferosh chick. she's smooth yet so bangin'! x
JaseyRae New Soul - Yael Naim ][ FAVE SONG OF THE YEAR <3333333 for my sluggers, @thatissodope @yoochun @meriel @Stanisms @Nymph @bobscopper

Yael NaimNew soul

| play
JaseyRae Read My Mind - The Killers ][ FOR RAISSA ISABELLA S. CANO <3 she'll see this ryt after she signs up for twitter=)) promised her anyway :)
JaseyRae When You Were Young - The Killers ][ @djblip WOW, im just new to Blip but yeah thanks! xD
meriel [Across The Universe - Jim Sturgess] @merel I can't decide! Rufus, Fiona, or Jim?!
JaseyRae Get Free - The Vines ][ I'm gonna get freeee!! ;;D Rock-awalla!

The VinesGet Free

| play
JaseyRae Dangerous and Sweet - Lenka ][ But everything goes in, and it stings <3 how can trouble sound so...sweet?! :)@thatissodope @evablue @bobscopper
JaseyRae Trouble is a friend - Lenka ][ i wont let him win but im a sucker.. <3 its sinfully dreamy x
JaseyRae The Show - Lenka ][ make it stop or else my heart's going to..pop! :D earcandy, y'all! <3

LenkaThe Show

| play
bobscopper [The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)] (reblip)
JaseyRae Like a song - lenka ][ ill just rewind to when im wrapped in your arms.. <3 it makes me want to cryy

LenkaLike A Song

| play
JaseyRae Gravity Rides Everything - Lenka ][ gotta see, gotta know right nooow <3 acousticpop smoothie yet again x)
JaseyRae Skip along - Lenka ][ all alone in the big bad world, but im not gonna get worried because youre gonna skip along <3 listen, it's pure pretty!


| play
JaseyRae Some Velvet Morning - realove(primal scream ft. Kate moss) ][ @bobscopper this is another orgasmic one in my list today xx (reblip)
JaseyRae The Way I am - Ingrid Michaelson ][ if you were falling, then i would catch you <3 @meriel for you, sugar. @toriebaby hey;)
JaseyRae Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson ][ storm is coming, but i dont mind <3 makes me feel pretty&sad @meriel :)
JaseyRae Little Romance - Ingrid Michaelson ][ You're in the mood for a little romance, you're in the mood for love ;;)@thatissodope nyt slug:)
JaseyRae Untitled - Ingrid Michaelson ][ he will take care of me, he will smell like the sea <3 ;;) for every blipper who hears this:)
JaseyRae Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson ][ i just wanna be okay! be okay! be okay! i just wanna be okay today! :D
JaseyRae You and I - Ingrid Michaelson ][ we may not have money, but we have our love to pay our bills <3 x) too cute, too cute!
JaseyRae Over the Rainbow - Ingrid Michaelson ][ a soothing classic, lovingly re-poured by Ingrid <3
JaseyRae masochist - Ingrid Michaelson ][ she said youre a masochist ;;) so pull up your sleeves :)
JaseyRae Overboard - Ingrid Michaelson ][ Im a big girl now, see my big girl shoes! <3 fall overboard :)
JaseyRae Hold On - KT Tunstall ][ but i think you knoooooow ;;)

KT TunstallHold On

| play
JaseyRae I don't want you now - KT Tunstall ][ what you created for yourself in spite of mee! <3
JaseyRae We will not grow old - Lenka ][ she's a happy gem, im glad! @bobscopper lenka's not done yet ;;)
JaseyRae Dreamworld - Rilo Kiley ][ some alternative rock for the night, coz were living in a dreamworld, baby ;)
JaseyRae Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley ][ i was your silver lining, but now im gold <3
JaseyRae Breakin' up - Rilo Kiley ][ ooh-wie, bubblegum electric intro <3 YOUKNOWYOUWANTTOHEARIT ;;)Are we breakin up? @davidwatts1978 heylo:)
JaseyRae Close Call - Rilo Kiley ][ Tell me now, what would you do? xx @bobscopper @Nymph @RandMan and for everyone else listening <3
JaseyRae Smoke Detector - Rilo Kiley ][ It's a fun alt rock to my surprise! <3 My eyes burn, everybody smokes! :D
JaseyRae The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service ][ Where are you? Izz dreaamyyy <33 Listen, slugger. x
JaseyRae Clark Gable - The Postal Service ][ so he faked it.... ;;) This is unbelievably electro and amazing!
JaseyRae Recycled Air - The Postal Service ][ I wanted to float on with this song. It's truly DIVINE. :) ch-check blippers!
threebears @briangreene .. no haven't seen the missing cans of radioactive matter ... but maybe take a look at what's going on in Chernobyl and Kiev? :( :( :(


| play
JaseyRae Be Still My Heart - The Postal Service ][ It tickles your heartbones <3 @RandMan the blip was so boom. Here's another ;;)
RandallBlips @davidwatts1978 luv'n this kick, beat and roooollllll'wit'it! (reblip)
JaseyRae Brand New Colony - The Postal Service ][ if you love yourself some smooth sail indie electro<3 @bobscopper thnx bliptoast<3 @RandMan *bows*
JaseyRae Such Great Heights(John Tejada Rmx) - The Postal Service ][ this sounds electric hot yet it can lull someone to sleep. that awesome<3
threebears i'm pretty fine at last. well, i had this obsession to return in order to dance! partquote'n'rb@formalhaut ^_^ thanks. So pleased that you're well :D (reblip)
JaseyRae Galaxie - Laura Veirs ][ when you sing, the stars fill up my eyes <3 electro pretty ;)

laura veirsgalaxies

| play
JaseyRae Black Gold Blues - Laura Veirs ][let's shine shine shine <3 @eightbitkoala heylo:D @threebears alt rock smoothie for youu :)
JaseyRae Rapture - Laura Veirs ][ with photographs and magnetic tapes <3 ::) everything's smooth sailing.

Laura VeirsRapture

| play
JaseyRae Spike Drivers Blues(Mississippi John Hurt)- Laura Veirs ][ wont you tell him im gone? <3 strings sound like gently plucked grass:)
JaseyRae The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script ][ How can i move on when im still in love with you? <3 ;;)
aquaflush good song, awesome band name :) (reblip)
JosephRanseth Honest question.... If I Go Crazy, Would You Still Call Me Superman? :)
Aluciel "I will think of you often when I am in less than pants". <3 the Antonio skit. Check out an episode here! http://bit.ly/Pp851 #ilovethestate
JaseyRae She's so lovely - Scouting for Girls ][ HELLO BLIPPERS! You guys are looooovelyyy ;;) <3
JaseyRae Elvis Ain't Dead - Scouting For Girls ][ lol @bobscopper here's a rockin' slime pop <3 im fairly getting hooked to SFG agaaain =X
JaseyRae I'm not over you - Scouting for Girls ][ Im not over you, and i know i should be xx
bobscopper i'm sorry just a flavor of what Really is,no big deal,i don't want to be left alone.
JaseyRae I wish I was James Bond - Scouting For Girls ][ No emo songs todayyy..im too happy! <3 :D
JaseyRae Mountains of Navaho - Scouting for Girls ][ I dont know what went wrong, i woke up one day and youre gone.. xx
JaseyRae Keep On Walking - Scouting For Girls ][ @casey_kent this one's for youuuu slugger<3 aside from "cut your hair" of course :D enjoy!
threebears the maccabees ads on the top of the page are &%@*! irritating me they keep dropping down without a click - anyone else?
JaseyRae Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand ][ I say don't you know! You say you don't go! I say... take me out! <3 thizizmy FIRSTLOVE xx
JaseyRae Deadwood - Dirty Pretty Things ][ My first post-punk rev for the night:) when they forget your naaaaaame! xx
JaseyRae Bang Bang You're Dead - Dirty Pretty Things ][ augh, flippin-tasty. so.damn.hot.this.one <3
JaseyRae If You Love a Woman - Dirty Pretty things ][ I do! And theyre my hot twittoasts;) @casey_kent @thatissodope @meriel @Stanisms @bobscopper @theisaofoz
JaseyRae Hippy's Son - Dirty Pretty Things ][hush hush my looove:) even when they shout, they still sound adorable! xD
JaseyRae Best Face - Dirty Pretty Things ][ pretty raaad. ch-check! ;) the accent is yummy<3
JaseyRae Civil Sin - Boy Kill Boy ][ you are mine only! It's civil lies, it's civil sin ;) more post-punk comin yer waaay!
Antenaweb Saludos @tuilino ! Buen Fin de Semana !!

RoyksoppRemind Me

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JaseyRae Suzie - Boy Kill Boy ][ Im yours toniiiight! <33 This is blippin' amaziiing<3 @bobscopper check!

Boy Kill BoySuzie

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JaseyRae On And On - Boy Kill Boy ][ closer than you ever needed, on and on and on and on! <3 thanks to you i never trusted love.
JaseyRae No Conversation - Boy Kill Boy ][ candy kisses, missing wishes <3 PPR all the waaay:)
JaseyRae Trash - The Whip ][ so.damn.hot not post-punk but i cant resist!thanks! @calamari this is gonna be so reblipped in my list ;) (reblip)

The WhipTrash

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JaseyRae Rootless Tree - Damien Rice ][ reminds me of a lot of sweet troublemaking <3 @bobscopper @RandMan @eightbitkoala @evablue @RavitLevrann
JaseyRae Look After You - The Fray ][ heehee yes @eightbitkoala this is a good reply to sweet troublemaking, yes! :D <3
weknowplato another song is up. "Satellites"!! This is our minor hit that was featured in an episode of "Gossip Girl"
JaseyRae Satellites - We Know, Plato! ][ and you are a shooting star to me <3 another dreamy smoothie @anitachrys @patita tell your friends bout this band:) (reblip)
JaseyRae How it Ends - DeVotchka ][ OMG. THIS IS...TRULY DIVIIIINE <3 ch-check! @rtsnance @LadySandStorm :D:D:D
JaseyRae Such A Lovely Thing - DeVotchKa ][ like a mexican circus, it's refreshing <:D
JaseyRae For Emma - Bon Iver ][ For _ _ _ _ :) I pray you think of me too <3

Bon IverFor Emma

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JaseyRae Babies - Bon Iver ][ It's called Babies, as in like...*whistles* this is windy good. <3 i can lull myself with this<3

Bon IverBabies

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JaseyRae 7 Stars - The Apples in Stereo ][ let's get some twee pop now, 'kay? Munch on <3 @bobscopper @antenaweb @anitachrys @RavitLevrann @calamari xx
JaseyRae Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men - The Strokes(ft. regina spektor) ][ the dream duet <3 loves it, slugs.
JaseyRae Come Away with Me - Norah Jones ][ It's been fun blippin post-punk rev to soul smoothies to you loves. Last blip, come away with me ;) nyt!
JaseyRae Playhouses - TV On the Radio ][ Track on my tragedy, sunshine chills. <3 more post-punk maladies ;)
JaseyRae My First Wedding - The Wombats ][ this is my first wedding, can i hope this is my last? ::D
JaseyRae Patricia the Stripper - The Wombats ][ it's such a bad idea, to fall in love with a lady of the night <3 @rtsnance @bobscopper @poeticimmortal hello!
JaseyRae Lost in the Post - The Wombats ][ she was sign, sealed, lost in the post! :D post-punk feveerrrr!
fredsablan yes, i'm a member of this band...but i still love hearing this song
JaseyRae Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats ][ I'm back in Liverpool and everythings pretty much the saaaaame <3333
JaseyRae Kill the Director - The Wombats ][ ive met someone who makes me feel SEASICK! xD like flippin hotcakes <3 Listen!
JaseyRae Moving to New York - The Wombats ][ still cant get enough, @Aluciel @LadySandStorm @Nymph @eightbitkoala @threebears :D enjoyy!!
JaseyRae Little Miss Pipedream - The Wombats ][ deelish like franz ferdinand with a less crisp brit accent <3
JaseyRae Sexy results - Death From Above 1979 ][ dance punk all niiight! <3 thanks @eightbitkoala i loved thinktank x)
JaseyRae Little Girl(MSTRKRFT rmx) - Death from Above 1979 ][ sinfuuuuuuully deelish <3
JaseyRae Atlantis To Interzone - Klaxons ][ turn up the party, y'all!! xx
JaseyRae Gravity Rainbow - Klaxons(Van She Rmx) ][ like a hot pina colada under a lime light <3 perfect for fading into the night:) @weknowplato @Aluciel
JaseyRae It's Not Over Yet - Klaxons ][ I've lived for you..Ill die for you ;;)
Aluciel It's nearing 2am, and while I'm not sleepy, I should at least attempt to get some sleep. G'night, blippers! *muah* I'll be back tomorrow! ^_^
JaseyRae Over and Over - Hot Chip ][ cool tunes, cool beats. everything's coolioooo <3
JaseyRae All Over Again - Locksley ][ you gonna, gonna start all over again!! @everyooooone <3
JaseyRae Why Cant I be You - Locksley ][ a little kiss kiss kiss, now help me ouuutt! <3 indie powerpop rock :)
JaseyRae Don't Make Me Wait - Locklsey ][ One look was all it took, you were in my head my darling <3 somehow you're still the one :)
JaseyRae Preparedness - The Bird and The Bee ][ Do you know who i am, who i am? :)
JaseyRae Sewn - The Feeling ][ Give me the song, and ill sing it like i mean it. <3 melonades to goooo

The FeelingSewn

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JaseyRae Fill My Little World - The Feeling ][ Hey show some love! You aint so tough! Fill my little world right up! <3
JaseyRae We Heart Our Hive - Q And Not U ][ not much songs on blip :( @fredsablan ooh, death from above 1979 <3 yay youre blippin! x
JaseyRae Overnight Sensation - The Raspberries ][ @patita hello! whats yer kind of music? :)
JaseyRae I'm No Superman - Scrubs Theme song! ][ Out the door, just in time, head down the 405.. <3 @Stanisms @aureliustjin @fredsablan :D:D

Scrubs Theme Song- Im No Superman

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JaseyRae Holding Me Up - The Dandy Warhols ][ strumming magic for y'all. <3
fredsablan i'm a sucker for this song and will sing along every time i hear it.

The VerveSonnet

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JaseyRae Boys Better - The Dandy Warhols ][ DARIA! some psychedelic rock tamali for my sluggers <3 @TheDandyWarhols @RaevGil @bobscopper @weknowplato :)
JaseyRae Yellow Raspberry - Xiu Xiu ][ It's a weird tune altogether but it's viral like woah ;;)ch-check!!
JaseyRae I Love the Valley - Xiu Xiu ][ getting addicted to this virus now x) deelish shizbang righttahere<3 @der since u like xiu xiu too ;)
JaseyRae My Kind of Lover - Locksley ][ you've been gone for so long <3 @josephranseth hello! kudos to pink's sober ;;)
JaseyRae I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand ][ back to post punk rev coz im kewl lyk that <3
JaseyRae I Don't Wanna - The Von Bondies ][ Do you like some garage-rock, bliptoast? ;;)
JaseyRae Pale Bride - The Von Bondies ][ makes we want to spend more time with youuuuu! xx
JaseyRae Please Please Man - The Von Bondies ][ DO YOU LIKE THE WAY I TAAAALK?!! <3 :D hah, cool cool.
JaseyRae We Are All Colors - Fever Marlene ][ I am a color that breaks up spectrums of light in your veins ;;) dance-punk has never been this dreaaamy <3
JaseyRae Oh Berlin - Fever Marlene ][ i'll be by your side :)
JaseyRae When Daniel Goodings Made it Rain - Fever Marlene ][ One day, daniel did not com overrrr xx hawt,hawt dancepunk<3
JaseyRae U R A Fever(Jazzsteppa Remix) - The Kills ][ only when you have a feverrr. So.orgasmic.lyk.fkwoah. xx @bobscopper how old are you? lol
JaseyRae Black Rooster - The Kills ][ I kinda figured that out grandpa :) @bobscopper its all good. its amazing how yer music taste is versatile!
JaseyRae Wait - The Kills ][ YES!! More English indie rock yes!! More The Kills! <33

The KillsWait

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JaseyRae The Song That Kills - One Weekly Gun ][ like a complete trickery from lullaby to hardcore murder <3 its gorgeous.
JaseyRae My Own Sweet Nothing - One Weekly Gun ][ clap yo hands, sugar <3
JaseyRae As Time Goes By - One Weekly Gun ][ This is not art. This is pure Momentum. xx
JaseyRae God Bless The Dubious - One Weekly Gun ][ Amen, you rascal. :D
JaseyRae I am a Pirate, You are a Princess - PlayRadioPlay! ][ gottsa looove ;;)
JaseyRae At this Particular Moment In Time - PlayRadioPlay ][ cute beats <33
JaseyRae Shattered - Kreesha Turner ][ mellowyellow coz im feeling so jellow, say whaat?! xD
JaseyRae C'mon, C'mon - The Von Bondies ][ couldnt resist garage rock danciiiiing x)
threebears after @GR8FL's blipping of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game .. another definitive version. "what wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you" love the end :(
JaseyRae Happy Ending - Mika ][ This is the hardest story ive ever told. <3 some piano smoothie. x

MikaHappy Ending

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JaseyRae You're not Coming Home Tonight - First Aid Kit ][ you dont know how hard it is to woooork! <3 Pretty night @GR8FL :)
JaseyRae Fake/Real - First Aid Kit ][ it's indietronica at its smoothest <3 @RandMan @bobscopper @josephranseth @calamari @eightbitkoala :)
JaseyRae Pervigilio - First Aid Kit ][ what makes me wonder is how you get away with youre lies ;;) some luhvleee strum and blending <3
JaseyRae Tiger Mountain Peasant Song(fleet foxes cover) - First Aid Kit ][ where did they go graceful in the morning light? <3
JaseyRae Lua - Bright Eyes ][ i know it's freezing, but i think we should walk. :) indie folk smoothie, yes? goodmorning @Baja @patita @marmedman :D

Bright EyesLua

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poeticimmortal "... there's something dancing here in the shadows, and i wish it were us..."
JaseyRae No One Would Riot For Less - Bright Eyes ][ so love me now...you kiss my mouth, hell is here. <33
JaseyRae Take It Easy(Love Nothing) - Bright Eyes ][ I was a fool, you were my friend... <3 it's like sexual bubblegum, it's confusing =/ lol
JaseyRae Kids(MGMT cover) - Ben Lee ][ You were a child, crawling on your knees.. <3 like a warm cocoa for a cold weather xx @Aluciel @poeticimmortal :)
JaseyRae Hope for the Hopeless - A Fine Frenzy ][ mellowyellow some more. I appreciate you blip not too loud music for a while <3 let's take it slow..
threebears fed up, irritated and tearing your hair out when Maccabees ads gets in your way??? I was, until I saw the light & realised that I was projecting my fr
JaseyRae Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy ][ Your fingertips across my skin, <3 G'morn @eightbitkoala :)
JaseyRae I will Follow You into the Dark - Amy Millan ][ Love of mine, someday you will die.. <3 like tic-tac candies sprawled lavishly in my tongue. :)
JaseyRae Borrowed Time - A Fine Frenzy ][ @eightbitkoala glad u do :) it's like a smoothie with vanilla chips on top <3
JosephRanseth Beautiful piano, beautiful lyrics, beautiful philosophy for life: "I Know That I'm Good For Something....All Or Nothing." :)