JazzDen Ladies this is for you from me, I will always dedicate my blips to the ladies. I trust my brothers will understand. Ladies, for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Once again for the ladies, those strong beautiful ladies who always seems to have or backs when we need it most. To you ladies, I say, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies as usual, this is for you and I hope u r enjoying it. Am having fun with these songs and am hoping that u r having fun with them too, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen A really sad one my friends. You know I love my music Sad, Slow and Sweet. That does it for me every time. Drives me over the edge. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Takes me back to my days of 'puppy love'. It was not good to tell a girl that you loved her. I've never accepted that. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another very pretty, very resigned song for the ladies, ENJOY!!!

Sami Jo Cole "Tell Me A Lie" (Studio Version) HQ STEREO Sound

| play
JazzDen Another very bitter-sweet song of resignation for the ladies. It may be very peculiar but these are the songs that does it for me. Ladies, ENJOY!!!

Juice Newton- Angel Of The Morning

| play
JazzDen Ladies, you know me, this is the type of music that I love. Another one for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Mr Larry Santos for the ladies. This song is by one brother, getting involved with a lady but feeling sad for her former beau. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, do you see what we guys go through at times? Hope you are enjoying this one. Its a very pretty one and its sad, sweet and slow, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies we are getting down to serious business now. Yeah this is the real deal and we gonna have loads of fun. ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen In this one he is either singing about a love affair or his then cocaine addiction. Ladies you know which 1 am gonna go with, huh? ENJOY my QUEENS!!!
JazzDen Another sad one dedicated to the ladies. Ladies we celebrate you for your love, your dedication and your patience. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Mr. Pendergrass for the ladies (as usual). Ladies please give this a listen, hope you like, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, please listen to this one, its from me to you. I have been put through a lot on FB by persons who don't even know me. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, am sending these from BLIP.fm, it appears that am on FB but am not. Check my status and click the link. ENJOY!!!

teddy pendergrass-ALL I NEED IS YOU-1979-

| play
JazzDen Ladies, it's ten times out of ten. Coming to you from BLIP.fm, am having fun as usual and its upsetting some people but that's their problem. ENJOY!!!

Teddy Pendergrass Nine Times Out Of Ten

| play
JazzDen Ladies this is Isaac is in the house. This brother is smooth, too smooth is you ask me but that's another story. Ladies, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, this brother is dangerous. This is the most clever attempt at hitting on a friend's girl that I have ever seen. This guy is good. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this brother sounds tormented but be careful cuz he's dangerous. You have been warned. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yes ladies, this is the way its with me. Its gotta be man and woman. Ladies, ENJOY!!!

ImpactMan And Woman

| play
JazzDen Ladies, sometimes we gotta go down this road. Its not a nice place to be but, sometimes we gotta do it instead of prolonging discomfort. ENJOY!!!

The StylisticsGo Now

| play
JazzDen Ladies, this is Mel and Tim with one of their hits from yesteryear. Please check out what these brothers are saying. This is from me to you, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, ladies you know we celebrate you, each day, everyday. That's just how we roll in the Jazz Den. Compliments of BLIP-fm. ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies lets cruise away from here, don't you refuse, the way in clear. This is a really smooth flowing glowing song. Ladies for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another one of those sad sweet songs. Somehow although this is supposed to be a break up, it doesn't any sadness at all. Ladies, for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies you are every time a lady. Yeah and I love you. Its just the way it is. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yeah ladies - stuck on you, needed a friend and the way I feel now I guess I'll be with you 'til the end. This brother was on a role, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, these boys are bad, supposed to be singing about a dog but I was never very sure of it. Ladies, for you, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, one of my favourites from back in the day. BOJ parties, Concourse Lounge. Need I say more. ENJOY!!!

The O'Jays-Your Bodys Here With Me (1982)

| play
JazzDen Ladies you're forever mine, all because you're my kind, I got what you want, you got what I want, we were made for each other. Powerful, ENJOY!!!

THE O'JAYS-forever mine

| play
JazzDen Ladies, please listen to the words of this song. Am sending it to you. Please reflect on it. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, you will be hearing this one often cuz apart from the fact that its lovely, I am in love with the lady in yellow since high school. ENJOY!!!

The ritchie family-the best disco in town

| play
JazzDen Yeah ladies, bump because its disco time. Another hit from back in the day. Ladies ENJOY!!!

Penny McLean Lady Bump Disco 1975 Extended

| play
JazzDen The JazzDen on BLIPfm, gets your groove on. We got the 70's & 80's old school thing locked, there is no competition, we are the best. Plain & simple.
JazzDen Ladies, this boy sure got his thing cooking back in the 70's and 80's. Harry Wayne Casey and his band, says to shake your booty, back in the day.

kc and the sunshine band shake, shake, shake

| play
JazzDen Friends, do you remember this one? Was all the rage about 1975. Those were the days of disco dance groups, Blacker Shades, Funkie Flea, J-Five plus 1

Jimmy Castor Bunch, "The Bertha Butt Boogie"

| play
JazzDen Another favourite of dance groups. JBC TV - Where It's At, Saturdays 5:30pm. Maxie Clan, Tchalla, Seego, Bowl Up, famous Where Its At disco dancers
JazzDen Another favourites at parties in the 70's. Songs like this would be played at about 3:00am or there about. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another Jamaican classic. This one was also played between 3:00 and 4:00am toward the end of the party. Many fond memories with this one. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen One more of the Jamaican classics, this was a monster hit when I was in prep school. Really goof early music from Jamaica, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Right back to prep school I go, please listen to this one. This is more a comic than for dancing, like I said, its very funny. Check it out.
JazzDen Another very entertaining piece by Mr Comic Pluto Shervington himself. Very very funny, check it out and am sure you'll enjoy it.
JazzDen Pluto once again with his very comedic music. I think I was in Grade 8 (second form) when this was released. Very entertaining, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Pluto doing his thing again, this was an outcry against the political order of the day. very entertaining nonetheless, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another or Pluto's comical messages. Ras Tafarians do not eat pork, most do not eat meat. This song is about one who decided to try to eat pork.
JazzDen Another comic hit from back in the day by Mr Ernie Smith. Ernie and Pluto were the headliners then although Pluto had more hits than Ernie. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Hits from the early days of Jamaican music. Desmond Dekker and the Aces - 007, from back in the days of ska, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Desmond Dekker & the Aces doing Rude Boy Train. These guys deserves credit for shaping the music in those days. I don't think they got recognized.
JazzDen Friends, life's a bitch at times, huh? Whenever you get beat down, just get up, hold your head up high and walk away. Its hard but you gotta do it.
JazzDen Ladies, you know I love them sad, right? So you are not surprised at this selection, right? We have all been here, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies another sad one coming to you. The Temptations with the RUFF man Mr David Ruffin out front. This has to be one of the most unique voices in R&B

The Temptations : I Wish It Would Rain ( 1967 )

| play
JazzDen Ladies, sometimes we guys do this, huh? You know you got us good, right? You call the shot most of the times (or so us guys think LOL LOL), ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this is for you (as usual), because as many times as we've shared love and made love, it just doesn't seem to be to be enough, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen So baby, whadya wanna do, am here baby, am ready baby am patiently waiting. Ladies, why don't we stop all the talking, why don't we stop wasting time?
JazzDen Ladies, what am I gonna do with you? Been making love for hours and baby we still going strong. Ladies this is the mood of the moment, ENJOY!!!

Barry White- What Am I Gonna Do With You

| play
JazzDen Ladies, let the music play, we gonna 'dance' the night away, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies sometimes we really try, we really try but the distance is just too great and so sometimes we falter. A beautiful Jamaican song, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We are winding down for the night ladies, you know I got a thing fr this song too, right? Well if you know me you would know that I do. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this is good night, was a pleasure for me, and I hope it was for you too. Have a pleasant evening. Ciao!!
JazzDen Ladies, do you remember this one? Really really pretty song, from me, for you, ENJOY!!!

Force M.D.'s Tears

| play
JazzDen Ladies, please return our love to me girl, forgive me for the wrong I've done, from me to you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, the Beegees and they say nobody gets too much heaven, is it true? Is it? LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, have ever been here? You actually asked how can love so right turn out to be so wrong? Been there myself, was a long time ago though LOL LOL.
JazzDen Ladies, I want my life to be, there with you, there with you. Baby do you know what its like to love somebody the way I love you? From me, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, how deep is your love? I wanna feel you in my arms again, come to me on a summer breeze....you know the rest. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, I kinda feel like this song is about me, well I guess time will tell. For you, ENJOY!!!!
JazzDen Ladies? Been there myself. Takes a while to stop doesn't it? Even then you keep going back. Can you ever really stop? I don't know. Hurts like hell.
JazzDen Ladies we are winding down now. As usual it was my pleasure, pleasure was all mine. Hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. Goodnight.

Lee Oskar Before the Rain

| play
JazzDen Ladies you know that sometimes I gotta get a last one in, right? Well this is it tonight. I believe in miracles, you sexy thing, ENJOY!!!

Hot Chocolate You sexy thing [High Definition] HD

| play
JazzDen Ladies as usual we celebrate you. Loving you is easy cuz your beautiful. This is a really beautiful song, dedicated to the ladies as usual. ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen @JazzDen: "Ladies, you know I love them sad, right? So you are not surprised at this selection, right? We have all been here, ENJOY!!!" (reblip)
JazzDen Ladies, this boy is bad, he's got some of the best set of pipes in the business. This is main man David Ruffin, ladies, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, this is how am feeling right now. Feeling very good, in a very happy place right now. Brother David says everything coming up love, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, the man is in the house, Mr David Ruffin, Still one of the best in the best after so many years. We gotta give this guy his props. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies am hoping you are enjoying these hits. This is raw talent, no digital manipulation, just raw talent. This raspy baritone is simply the best.
JazzDen Ladies, a very young David Ruffin leading the Temptations in this one. ENJOY!!!

David RuffinMy Girl

| play
JazzDen Ladies, I know am not losing you LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies this one so good I had to send it again. A sad really sweet sentimental one and you know that's me all the way. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, more Temptations, this time let by Mr Ali-Olie Woodson. This guys got some good pipes too but in my view David's still the man. Ladies, ENJOY

TemptationsLady Soul

| play
JazzDen Ladies, you are gonna love what am doing, tonight am gonna love you all over. Mr Levi Stubbs & the Four Tops. This guy sings with tears in his voice.

The Four Tops-Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over

| play
JazzDen Ladies we are winding down but we gonna leave in a very mellow mood. Yeah who's that lady, beautiful lady, really fine lady. Ladies, its you, ENJOY!!!

The Isley Brothers-Who's That lady

| play
JazzDen Ladies we are slowing the pace, you know I'll always come back to you. Yes, cuz you got me hooked, really good. Ladies for you, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, by now you know am living for the love of you, right? This is how it is, in The Jazz Den. W are gonna be listening to jazz later this week.
JazzDen Ladies, am leaving you with this one this evening. Was lots of fun for me, hope it was the same for you too. Let's join the caravan of love, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies you know I was gonna do this, right? LOL LOL You ought to know by now. Lakeside, ladies I wanna hold your hand, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is for all you ladies, you hardworking ladies, you ladies who are both mother and father, I say shame on you my brothers. You ought to do better.


| play
JazzDen Ladies, once again we are bringing this evening to an end. Was really fun being here, thanx for stopping by. Ladies, hugs and kisses, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, as you come walking over, am waiting to show you, crimson and clover, over and over. Ladies, I love this one, and am trusting that you do too.
JazzDen Ladies, I leave you with this and I know you will all love this one. I must be a psychic. Ladies, listen to this, its dedicated to you, ENJOY!!!

I Am WomanHelen Reddy

| play
JazzDen Ladies, this is goodnight. Hold on to your dreams and never ever allow anyone else to determine how you feel about yourself. Listen, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, seems I can't leave tonight, another hit from yesteryear by Champagne saying Maybe We Can Try Again.

♫♫ Try Again

| play
JazzDen Ladies, its late in the evening now so we gotta get our grooves on. This song is rated Adults 21 and Over. This sister is singing about a slow tongue.

★ Millie Jackson ★ Slow Tongue ★ [1983] ★ "E.S.P." ★

| play
JazzDen Ladies, this is a song about hurting, Millie is so good, you can almost feel the pain in her voice. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies this is also a sad one, seems a brother wanna see his name in lights, so he gotta go. The sister tell him to go, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, sister Millie again, singing and longing for her man to be with her now. Ladies sometime we say things that we immediately regret, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this is the way you do it, huh? LOL LOL. So happens that a brother likes it like this sometimes. LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, there aint no woman like the one I've got, aint no woman like you cuz you're who I got.
JazzDen Ladies, you're sweet like a honey bee...... you now what happens next am sure LOL LOL. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, I need your loving, this is it for the third time tonight. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this girl's a real sweetheart, such a pity she had to leave us so early. One of the most recognizable voices. R.I.P. Laura, we miss you.
JazzDen Ladies, as usual this is for you, hope you like Laura as much as I do, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies Ti Amo (I love you). ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies you know jazz is my thing especially swing, this is classic swing and a very recognizable piece by the Glen Miller Band, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies we are celebrating swing tonight. We will be seeing Bird, Coltrane, Mingus, Gillespie, Miles, Sandoval, between tonight and tomorrow night,

Glen Miller In The Mood

| play
JazzDen Ladies I had a tough day, so am gonna hit the sack and get some rest. Will be exploring swing and free jazz tomorrow night, Lata. CHEERS!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this girls really hurting. A song made famous by the RUFF man Mr David Ruffin backed up by The rest of The Temptations. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, yes this is so right, so apt, so pertinent, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, you know I love them sad and very emotional, check out this one. Really pretty, not as popular as the others but still very good, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this is a young more risque Gladys. Very unusual to hear Gladys singing a song like this but it shows that she has depth, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, Sunday early morning Jazz jam session. The Bird and his boys doing their thing - Yardbird Suite. Classified as a must have for jazz lovers.
JazzDen The Bird once again. This boy died in 1955 at 35 years, just as he was transcending mortal status as a jazz musician. Such a pity he dies so early.
JazzDen Bird, Mr Bebop himself. One of his signature pieces. If you don't have this one, your jazz collection is hurting badly. Dazzling virtuosic complexity.

Charlie ParkerKo Ko

| play
JazzDen Another big one from the Bird. He sure makes that pipe talk. Another signature piece which has more or less become a standard among jazz musicians.
JazzDen Another Bird masterpiece. In my opinion the movements are not a complex as in Ornithology. Feels a little cooler and smoother too. Bird's the man.
JazzDen Bird at his best. This one seems to transcend bebop and approaches free jazz. Something like what Coltrane would play. Music for jazz connoisseurs.
JazzDen This is whats its all about. Coleman Hawkins - Mr Swing, Bird - Mr Bebop, note the difference in their playing. Fantabulous - if there is such a word.
JazzDen So good, almost had to have a cigarette after. Had to go again, so folks here it is... again. Same jam session possibly different camera and angle.
JazzDen There is a difference between bebop and free jazz. Listening to this piece immediately after hearing Bird brings it across well (in my humble opinion)
JazzDen Thelonious Monk and Coltrane playing together here at the JazzDen. Doesn't get any better than this. Melodious thunk piano and free jazz tenor sax.
JazzDen Monk & Coltrane again. Monk - very vigorous 'attacks' with unexpected pauses (melodious thunk) of varying durations. Coltrane - smooth fluent. SUPERB.
JazzDen Am so in a happy place with this one. Coltrane signature. This is it. This is the one. This one. None other. Coltrane setting the Sunday morning mood.
JazzDen JazzGuide its an honor, Cubalibre, S17, Pluckdaddy thanx a bunch. Fantastic music, fantastic friends, we all in a happy place in the JazzDen on BLIPfm
JazzDen @JazzDen: "Sorry had to re-blip. Am trusting that are having as much fun as I am right now. Definitely a 'must have' for any serious jazz collector." (reblip)
JazzDen Monk and Coltrane once again. I cannot hear enough of these guys. This is jazz on a whole different level. The Blue Monk. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen I'm old fashioned alright and in my opinion when it comes to music, there's jazz then there is noise with varying degrees of disorganization. LOL LOL.
JazzDen We are checking out John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie to see what he will do this Sunday morning. One of the founding fathers of bebop and modern jazz.
JazzDen Dizzy doing Hot House. This boy has an afro latino cross over feel to his music. Makes him unique. Latin king Arturo Sandoval is one of his proteges.
JazzDen The Afro-Latino cross-over sound comes across very noticeably in this piece particularly in the percussions and piano. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Dizzy doing a piece made famous by Lady Ella Fitzgerald. Hard bop with his usual afro latino over and under tones. This boy's music is very complex
JazzDen Dizzy and his protege Arturo Sandoval. The ultimate gesture for me is when Dizzy hands Arturo his trumpet. Ultimate respect from teacher to student.


| play
JazzDen This is a home-made jazz video being played on a Big Daddy with 500 Reasons from the Backing Track King being played in the background. Kinda OK dude.

Sunday Morning Jazz

| play
JazzDen Modern contemporary, can be listened to.
JazzDen Coltrane, this is it for now friends. Afro Blue, free jazz, fluent, fee, smooth. breezy, bubbly. This is what the Trane is known for. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Masekela, African jazz, hard bop, pop cross-over. Hard driving baseline with solid percussions. Ratchets up your energy and give you extra 'oomph'.
JazzDen Its been jazz all day, so am gonna close with some old school R&B. Ladies on FB and Twitter, hope you like this one. Its from me to you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, The Dells and we are saying "Stay In My Corner". These five brothers have given us so,e really great music over the years. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, one of my favorites from The Stylistics. Airion Love leads. A very pretty but very sad song. This is a tear-jerker. Ladies, For you. ENJOY!!!

The StylisticsGo Now

| play
JazzDen Mr Modern contemporary himself. We gotta give it up for Grover, this boy is bad. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen More modern contemporary from Grover, teaming up with Zack Saunders. Music for jazz lovers, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen More Africa, this one from ENYA, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Afer Ventus is Latin for African Wind, ENJOY!!!

Enya- Afer Ventus

| play
JazzDen Africa, need I say more? I think not. LOL LOL.


| play
JazzDen God Bless Africa, land of my fore-fathers, their fathers and their fathers before them.
JazzDen Ladies I have been having some tough days at the office but you're always on my mind. Some of my brothers tare deadbeat dads, but we all aren't bad.
JazzDen This is another bad brother. Ladies am sending this one to you, yeah I will be concentrating on you alright. This is all for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Has this happen to you ladies? Oops I shouldn't have asked, am sorry, please forgive me. I plead the fifth, you know I would, right?
JazzDen Ladies, this brother is hurting like hell. Leave with dignity my brother. Ladies, sometimes this happens as a results of decisions that you make.

Congratulations jeffrey osborne

| play
JazzDen Ladies, life is such a peculiar experience. We all have good days as well as bad one. Ladies let this be one of your good days, ENJOY!!!

ON THE WINGS OF LOVE (Jeffrey Osborne)

| play
JazzDen Yeah, brothers, she's my private property so don't come hanging around my woman no no. I hold the title in my hand, we took oh from the preacher man.

Dells ` Private Property`

| play
JazzDen Yeah ladies, am giving you a standing ovation as we celebrate you. Ladies, for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yeah, its was this goooood. Oh what a night. Left me speechless. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is for Julie-Ann on FB, anything that you want, you gotta qualify my love, you should be mine LOL LOL. Ladies, hope you all love this one, ENJOY!

Jeffrey Osbourne You Should Be Mine (woo woo song)

| play
JazzDen Sad, sweet and slow, the three 's'-es, that how I love my music. Another monster hit from back in the day, The Chi-Lites, ENJOY!!!

The Chi-lites "Have you seen her"

| play
JazzDen Another sad and lonely one from back in the day, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Mr and Mrs Allen, you gonna climb the stairway to 'heaven', now huh? LOL LOL. Jackie is you start this. LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We are stepping up the pace a bit now, here it comes, the express. Lets see if we remember how to disco dance. ENJOY!!!

ExpressBT Express

| play
JazzDen Friends please remember that the lead singer Marcia Barrett is a Jamaican. Makes it sound even better, huh? LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Do you remember this group? They really knew how to do their thing, right? Well lets check them out again, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Thanx for stopping by Isyaias Sawing (isyaias) on twitter. Really appreciate it man, hope you having fun jamming with us, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen YAABBA (Yet another ABBA - LOL LOL) these folks are fantastic, must admit to having had a crush on the lady with black hair, back in the day, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another favorite of dance groups. JBC TV - Where It's At, Saturdays 5:30pm. Maxie Clan, Tchalla, Seego, Bowl Up, famous Where Its At disco dancers (reblip)
JazzDen The JazzDen on BLIPfm, gets your groove on. We got the 70's & 80's old school thing locked, there is no competition, we are the best. Plain & simple." (reblip)
JazzDen They recently removed the video for this one, but the music still available, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this boy sure had this thing cooking back in the 70's and 80's. Harry Wayne Casey and his band, says to shake your booty. (reblip)

kc and the sunshine band shake, shake, shake

| play
JazzDen Ladies this is for you, us brothers love it when you say this to us.
JazzDen Thanx for the props (johnnyrobati) really appreciate it man. This is the bad girl from back in the day. This girl is HOTTTTT. She feels love? ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Brothers this girl says she needs some 'hot stuff' we can assist her, right? LOL LOL. Gonna ease her 'pain' LOL LOL. Ladies, forgive me, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Brothers this girls says we make her love cum down, LOL LOL. We cant afford to disappoint her right? Ladies, again please forgive me, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Do you remember this one? Really popular back in the mid 1970's. This was the dance to do, ENJOY!!!

Van McCoy Do The Hustle TOTP

| play
JazzDen This is another anthem back in the day. Am sure you are enjoying this one, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen I so remember this one, really a good one back in the day, ENJOY!!!!
JazzDen Another disco favorite from back in the day, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Brothers and sisters do not do this. Its something that has destroyed many friendships which existed since childhood. Makes beautiful music though.
JazzDen Another one with message in the music. Friends, think about this. Bobby and Candi teaming up for this one. Check it out.
JazzDen My kinda music, sad, sweet and slow (3 s-es). Been there myself, was a long time ago, wallowing in self pity can be so joyful though, a paradox, huh?
JazzDen This girl sounds tormented, seems she's trying to get some kind of acceptance for the life she has lived so far. Check it out, very interesting.

Nancy Wilson I've Never Been to Me

| play
JazzDen We did say risque. This song is very risque in a very subtle way, try to see if you can figure it out. Let me know what you think. LOL LOL.
JazzDen Another kinda risque song and music video, I love this one so much, check it out and see if you can detect the subtle signals in both video and lyrics
JazzDen Definitely risque and way way out there on the fringe of society after all she's just 16 years old, right. A monster hit from back in the day, ENJOY!!

Into The Night-Benny Mardones

| play
JazzDen We have been out there on the fringe for a while, we gotta get back in the realm of wholesome-ness now. No better way to do so than with the family


| play
JazzDen Once again we bring the family together after being out on the fringe with Sandra on FB and her pee-pee thing for the evening LOL LOL. Check this out.

The O'Jays Family Reunion

| play
JazzDen A group from back in the day, brings back memories of so many BOJ parties, SIGHHHHH, the good ole days. ENJOY!!!

Try AgainChampaign

| play
JazzDen Back to BOJ after work Jamz we go with this one. This was one of the favorites of my bredren Mario Birch R.I.P. Rest easy Alwyn Mario, miss you man.
JazzDen To all my friends who are single and may be thinking about taking the plunge, check this one out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Hmmm....I am not gonna ask any questions or say anything save and except, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yeah its time to dance to a love song, let this one take you away, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another from The Manhattans from back in the day, BOJ parties again, those days were so much fun, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is/was lock down music back in the day. Concourse lounge, BOJ Auditorium. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another smooth one from this group of brothers. These boys are good at what they do, no, no, they are not good, they are excellent. Check this out.
JazzDen A really pretty one from back in the day, I really love this one, hope you do too, ENJOY!!!

The Manhattans Here comes the hurt again

| play
JazzDen We have settled somewhere between the late 1970's and the mid1980's with the Manhattans. The name of these guys orchestra was Little Harlem I believe
JazzDen We are gonna close with this one for tonight my friends, hope it was fun for you, thank you for listening and have a good night.


| play
JazzDen Easy Sunday morning groove, this one is from my prep school days, ENJOY!!!

Ernie smith

| play
JazzDen Another one from way way back in the day. Even listening to this brother speak, it sounds like he has music in his voice. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen A very interesting combo, there is calypso, jazz guitar & piano, percussion sounds like a latin cross-over mix. Very interesting indeed. Check it out

Ernie Smith-Invitation

| play
JazzDen A smooth African groove in the Sunday morning, only thing better than this right now is ackee, salfish and roasted yellow-heart breadfruit with pear.
JazzDen Ladies, this is Luther and Gregory, a really pretty one from back in the day. These two brothers could really sing. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is another for DWEETSWEET and DWEETSWEETR on Twitter. I got a caning for singing this song in Prep school from Mrs Walker, me and Oliver Stirling
JazzDen A bubble gum rock song from way way back in the day, one of my favorites in prep school.
JazzDen Another bubblegum rock song from way way back in the day. Another of my prep school favorites.


| play
JazzDen You guessed it, another hit from my prep school days. This one is for my very dear friend from prep school. Petal this is for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen I have been playing songs from my prep school days. We played this at breaking in July of 1972 just prior to first form at our Beloved Alma Mater.
JazzDen We played this at our Christmas party in first form LOL LOL.
JazzDen Another one from Prep school. I think I was in Grade 4 when this was released. LOL LOL.

Jackson FiveABC

| play
JazzDen Another from way back then, I think I was in Miss Julie's class then (Grade 2). We used to think we were so cool because we knew the words LOL LOL.
JazzDen Never knew what this was about, a boy (Anthony Lincoln) said it was about cocaine, but I never knew what was cocaine. Prep school innocence I guess.


| play
JazzDen Another from way back in the day. Prep school once again.
JazzDen Here it is, another hit from way way back in the ground
JazzDen Ladies, have a nice weekend. The brother in the song is scared to give the lady a 'talk', all he can say is have a nice weekend baby. Ladies ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Brother Barry is gonna take you away ladies, this brothers music is rated X-Adult 21 and Over. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We getting down to business early tonight; ladies you got a long hard 'road' tonight. Fasten your seat belts we'll be climbing the stairway to heaven.
JazzDen To all the distant lovers, that's so hard to deal with, right? Hope you are all doing fine, my friends. This one is for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, you know this is especially for you, right? Yeah it is. Distance can't separate us, huh? The still images are kinda risque, brothers, ENJOY!!!

the OJAY's 'I WAnt YoU Here WIth Me'

| play
JazzDen This is for special lady Salome on FB. Rose girl, hope you like this one, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is sad, you knew this is how I love my music, right? Ever been here? Am sure we've been on both sides at some time or another, ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen A monster hit from back in the mid 1980s, this brothers got some good pipes. Really check this one out, listen to what we call message in the music.

James IngramJust Once

| play
JazzDen This is for Julie-Ann on FB, hey Jules, hope you like this one as much as I do, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, check this one out, a really pretty one. Love one day at a time and if it don't work out, its gonna be alright. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yes we are now back in the early 1980's a mega-hit, brings back many many BOJ after work jams to my mind. Really smooth one, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is a special request, a beautiful song for an equally beautiful lady. Ladies, give this one a listen, Freddie's the man, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another Freddie for the ladies. We continue to celebrate the ladies here at The Jazz Den. Ladies its all about you, everyday, that's how its is here.
JazzDen Ladies have you ever found yourself experiencing thoughts like this? What do you do at this point? Please let us know, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Arguably one of Freddie's best songs, check out the lyrics in this one. Really deep. Ladies this is from em to you, ENJOY!!!

"All I'll Ever Ask" --- Freddie Jackson featuring Najee

| play
JazzDen Ladies this brother says "give in to love", are you gonna do as he asks? Check this one out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another special request, for special lady Julie-Ann. Classy one for a classy lady, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, for real, this is true, good night, stay safe, stay beautiful. May be off air tomorrow night, let's wait and see.


| play
JazzDen Friends, message in the music, check it out. Ladies, especially the ladies, really check this one out. Its dedicated to you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Let's say something nice to at least two persons each day. One may be a friend but the other, a perfect stranger. Am wondering how many will try this.

Only the Strong Survive (Billy Paul)

| play
JazzDen Brown, chocolate, caramel, make each of us proud. We gotta uplift each other, stop tearing at each other. Think about this, really think about it.

Billy PaulBrown Baby

| play
JazzDen Yes, together as a race, the human race. Lets stay together, its the only way that we can all work together and protect each other. Lets do this!!!

Everybody Is Breaking Up lets Stay Together by Mr. Billy P.

| play
JazzDen Celebration of the ladies. Yes this is for all the ladies who visit The Jazz Den. You are all fine, sophisticated, strong, loving, no-nonsense ladies.
JazzDen Yeah, ladies, how're you doing, I hope you're fine. I'll see you when I get there, baby am coming home to groove. You be ready for good loving.

Lou Rawls I'll See You When I Get There

| play
JazzDen A really sad one from way back. If the daddy was there it could have ended differently. Brothers play with your sons, tell them that you love them.

Candi Staton In The Ghetto

| play
JazzDen Ladies you all know that your smiles are very pretty and you make our hearts beat wild, right? LOL LOL. For my sisters on Twitter and Facebook.

the impressions-talking about my baby-

| play
JazzDen All my sisters on Facebook and Twitter are fine, they got class and they got soul. Brother Curtis sure got some big choppers though LOL LOL.

THE IMPRESSIONS-woman's got soul-1965-

| play
JazzDen Friends, as Buju says, life's not an easy road. We all have good and bad days. Enjoy the good days and praise God especially on the bad ones. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Friends, really check out the lyrics. Especially for my sisters, those strong beautiful sisters who keep us moving forward. We celebrate the sisters.
JazzDen To my sisters who are both mother and father also my brothers who are both mother and father, the Big Man said Lo, I will be with you always.
JazzDen We are closing for the evening and I dedicate this to my sisters. I'm so proud to be loved by you and I love you too. From my brothers and I, ENJOY!!!

The Impressions-I'm So Proud

| play
JazzDen We now say goodnight and thanx for stopping by. Was a real pleasure for us and we hope it was the same for you too. Goodnight.
JazzDen A monster hit from back in the disco era, I remember really getting down to this one. SIGH!!! I really thought I was an excellent dancer.

B&T ExpressExpress

| play
JazzDen Another mega-hit this guy and his band was one of the disco giants. Bell bottoms, afros, ladies looking so fine and really getting down too.
JazzDen Another disco favourite from back in the day.
JazzDen Same hit, different source. The Stylistics, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Ladies, you know how we do it in The Jazz Den, huh? That's right, we always celebrate you, our sisters. We also love our music, sad sweet slow, ENJOY!


| play
JazzDen Ladies this is from The Jazz Den on BLIPfm especially for you. We love it slow, sad and sweet and we always celebrate our ladies, Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Speeding it up a bit for this one, my sisters, you are all too good to be forgotten. The Jazz Den celebrates you whenever we select music. ENJOY!!!

The ChiLites-Too Good To Be Forgotten

| play
JazzDen Celebrating our ladies, Oh girl how we depend on you, that's the way it is, here in The Jazz Den. Ladies on FB and Twitter, how you are enjoying this.

chilites oh girl

| play
JazzDen Specially request for a Nubian Queen, Julie-Ann on FB, Julie we know you love this one. It from us here at The Jazz Den for you. Baby sis, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen For Mrs Ann Richards on FB, from hubby and The Jazz Den. Folks its ok to dance, the floor is all yours. Memories of Mellow Canary Disco LOL LOL.
JazzDen We celebrate the ladies, over and over and over again ad infinitum. The Jazz Den, ladies enter free, brothers are welcome listen from outside LOL LOL.
JazzDen We going back in time now about 1975-76. Lady Natalie Cole, this girl is sweet. A major hit for her in the disco era, ENJOY!!!

Natalie ColeMr Melody

| play
JazzDen The Jazz Den is rocking, another hit from the Disco Era. SIGHHH!!!!, those were the good old days.
JazzDen The Jazz Den is burning, do you remember this one? This is a Mega-Hit. After this hit, Disco Inferno clubs sprung up in every country.
JazzDen The sound of the engine revving up was omitted from this clip but its still come across. I used to get down to this one too LOL LOL.
JazzDen Another monster hit from back in the day, the bigger the headache the bigger the pill, the bigger the doctor the bigger the bill, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another big one from way back when, seems these songs are age-less, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen I was in third form when this one was released, actually thought I could dance LOL LOL. This was the height of the disco era, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Friends, we need each other, lets try to get along. Another one from back then, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We are closing for the evening, gotta go hit the sack, sure was fun for us tonight....and we hope it was the same for you too.
JazzDen Yes, I know it was completely unexpected, country & western? LOL LOL I always wanted to select this one but never got the chance, so am doing it now.
JazzDen We close with this one, here at The Jazz Den we got so much love for our sisters, ladies, every time we do this, we do it for you, ENJOY!!! Goodnight.
JazzDen This is how I used to feel sometimes, especially after a Saturday of 'clubbing'. Sunday morning Grooves coming to you from The Jazz Den, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen A really sweet one from the late great Mr Marty Robbins. A sweet, sad very melodic one from way back when, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We gonna be getting into a few gun fights, so if you can't handle violence, then this is not for you. One of my faves as a young boy in prep school.
JazzDen This is a sad one, consider the lead character, seems he was trying to change his life, but as is often the case, ones past catches up.

Marty Robbins Sings 'Running Gun.'

| play
JazzDen This is the JazzDen and we are starting to set up for tomorrow. For the ladies, always for the ladies, that's all we do at The Jazz Den. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yeah, we are always in love at The JazzDen. We love the feeling too. Ladies, check this one out, I know you will love this one. Not played very often.
JazzDen We all have our dreams, sometimes they are not properly thought out and so we get knocked, but hey this is life, its about learning from mistakes.
JazzDen Friends, we all fall in love and sometimes the love dissipates for a number of reason. Whenever this happens we gotta get it back. Check this out!!!
JazzDen Thanks Believer (BLIPfm). We continue to celebrate our lovely ladies on FB, Twitter and BLIPfm. At The JazzDen, we love you everyday and everynight
JazzDen Ladies, this is The JazzDen on BLIPfm and yes you're the girl that was made for me, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen To my friend who says she's 'melting', as the song says work your fingers till their black and blue, check this out. LOL LOL. Really check it out.
JazzDen Another very sweet one for the ladies. This is what The JazzDen is all about. This is all we do, every day, every night, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, computer love for you from The JazzDen. This is what the talkbox can do. To you from BLIPfm to the ladies on FB, Twitter and BLIPfm, ENJOY!!!

Roger Troutman- I really want to be your man

| play
JazzDen Ladies, we are saturated with emotions just about now, check this one out. Really smooth, the talkbox is always near with this brother. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Thanx fellow DJs mark_till & DJ_ELove3000 of BLIPfm. Thanx for the props and the re-blips. Ladies, is it your face am seeing on my computer screen?
JazzDen Bad girl Millie, am not gonna say anything cuz this one speaks for itself, ENJOY!!!

Millie Jackson Slow Tongue explicit adult

| play
JazzDen Ladies, it got really hot a few moments ago so we are cooling it a bit with the greatest pan flutist that ever lived. From Romania, The Lonely Sheperd
JazzDen Another very relaxing one, the Nightingale. Gotta cool things down a bit, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Another very relaxing one, the Nightingale. Gotta cool things down a bit, ENJOY!!! (reblip)


| play
JazzDen We are closing with this one for now, gonna have some dinner . A really good one from back in the day, very soothing after all that 'heat', ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Goodnight friends, thanks for stopping by, a lot of persons were checking out the music but not commenting, that's ok too. Have a great evening. Lata.

Lee Oskar - Before The Rain

| play
JazzDen Ladies, we been absent most of the night, but we are closing with this one, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen We are going off to sleep now ladies, as usual this is for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is The JazzDen from BLIPfm sending greetings to friends on FaceBook and Twitter. This is Linden Roberts aka Half Pint, ENJOY!!!

Half PintGreetings

| play
JazzDen Ladies on FaceBook and Twitter this is The JazzDen doing it, the only way we know how as we celebrate you and show lots of love and respect to you

Half Pint-Hold on

| play
JazzDen Friends, lets level the vibes, we doing reggae tonight. Bredrens hold a lady and onoo come on pon dih rub-a-dub scene. LOL LOL.
JazzDen Wha yuh seh tuh a lady who a try gih yuh a six fih a nine? Too experienced to be taken for a stroll, too experienced for someone to rock and roll?

Barrington Levy Too Experienced

| play
JazzDen My favourite groups back in the day. RIP Puma , love you girl and I miss you. Nuff respect mih bredren Michael. Black Uhuru coming from The JazzDen
JazzDen Ring the alarm, uptown girl asking for Tenor Saw. This one is for a dear friend Mrs Ann Richards. Ann careful, seems you brucking out on us LOL LOL.
JazzDen I got a stalk of sensemillia, growing in my backyard. LOL LOL. Duckie, Puma & Mickie.

Black UhuruSinsemilla

| play
JazzDen Ann, this is for you, sorry bout the hijacking of your computer Phillip LOL LOL. I share you pain my brother LOL LOL, Ann for you, ENJOY!!!

Tenor SawLots Of Sign

| play
JazzDen This one is for Anty, Cindy, Seree, Rere and Flames Heart on FaceBook. Thanx for the props to awannabeanangel on BLIPfm, CHEERS!!!
JazzDen To all the lovely ladies, who are rocking at The Jazz Den on Facebook and BLIPfm, Dem deh girl deh nuh outta dem timing, ENJOY!!!

Tenor SawFever

| play
JazzDen This bredren lived near me, long time we nih link mih bredren. We used to call him Palmer Dawg, RIP to Rema Dawg, Deego Dawg, Nas, Speshy and Trigga.
JazzDen This Bredren lived around the road from me too. Tristan mih bredren. Yam Yow, Foody Garth, Bunna, Polly Femus really miss unoo, gone too soon.
JazzDen Sugar Minott mih bredren, long time. Ladies, these songs took me way back, had to show love and respect for those bredrens who are no longer here.
JazzDen Wayne Sleng Teng Smith, used to hang out pon dih corner with us sometimes in front of Chip May shop. From 39 to 35. 1000% Reggae.
JazzDen Know this bredren too, ladies if you understand what 'a would deh wid yuh' means, please put the translation to standard english in your comments LOL!
JazzDen Was all the rage in the mid-70's. At the time all of us on the corner used to think we could sing and that we sounded like Leroy. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Back to the Mid-70's Leroy is calling for peace and love. Was really violent back then even moreso than today. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another social commentary and message from a very young Leroy. Check out the lyrics '...from the prison to the morgue to the cemetery...', ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Bunny Diamond used to live down the road from me, knew him a long long time ago back when I was at school, haven't seen him in a number of years.
JazzDen More from 1 of my favorite groups back in the day. These brothers say they need a roof over their heads, bread on their table & love in their hearts.
JazzDen This one goes way way back, right now am back there in 1975 or 1976 skanking to this one. Marcus Garvey is one of Jamaica's National Heroes.

Mighty Diamonds right time

| play
JazzDen Friends we are rocking at The Jazz Den, its ok to dance and sing along with the songs if you know the lyrics. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen A big group from back in the day, This one was released in 1976 and was warned of an event that was to take place on the 7 of July in 1977 (7.7.77).

Two Sevens Clash * Culture

| play
JazzDen When Culture did their first song, they were said to sound too much like Burning Spear. In time Culture established their own sound.
JazzDen Back then dreadlocks was thought to be unclean and Ras Tafarians were not seen as productive individuals, so this type of message was very common.
JazzDen This was based on an experience of Mr Joseph Hill. Joseph Hill is the lead vocalist for this group. Check out the lyrics. He died a few years ago.
JazzDen These brothers were calling out to society to give them a break. They deal with peace and love and are not ashamed to be Ras Tafarians.
JazzDen This one was released soon after a Ras Tafarian pilot was employed by Air Jamaica in the late 1970's. They were then seen as getting ahead.

Culture -Natty Dread Taking over

| play
JazzDen This is a twist done to a gospel song. A Really good song, used to love this one back in the day. In fact I still do. Thanks for the props fluffyboots
JazzDen A rather rare one from Joseph Hill and Culture. Thanks to ambit and quadnightclubja for the re-blips and support. Check it out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another very rare one from Culture. BLIPfm apparently Facebook is blocking songs posted here from being displayed there. Please check it out.


| play
JazzDen You know we can't play Culture and not play Burning Spear, right? Some of this guy's relatives lived about two doors away from me.
JazzDen Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear, doing his thing, ENJOY!!!

burning spear-calling rastafari

| play
JazzDen Burning Spear only sings music with conscious lyrics. Culture may sound a little like him but they each have their own distinct sound.
JazzDen This is a very deeply religious brother. More message music coming from Burning Spear, thanx monkeyhouse for the props and re-blip. ENJOY!!!

Burning SpearAfrica

| play
JazzDen Exceptional music from Mr Burning Spear, not much needs to be said, the music speaks for itself, ENJOY!!!

Burning Spear Teacher Dub

| play
JazzDen I so agree with Burning Spear, we all know that Christopher Columbus was a liar and a cold blooded murderer. Nuff respect to Burning Spear.
JazzDen 'The way is long but the road is foggy foggy = Life is full of challenges....' Message in the Music, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Jacob 'Killa' Miller back in the day. Marijuana is illegal in Jamaica so those who smoked it had to hide whenever they do so. Chillum = ganja pipe.
JazzDen This guy was a very vocal supporter of legalizing marijuana. Fact is it is illegal in Jamaica. Visitors be so advised.
JazzDen A lovers rock from Jacob, he sings about meeting a you lady named Jamie and her sister and making love all night until daylight. Check it out.
JazzDen Bob is the most famous of the three Wailers but Peter is my favorite. Message in the music, check out the lyrics, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Peter 'bush doctor' Tosh, regarded as the most radical of the three Wailers. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, the Mighty Sparrow. Ever asked yourself, is he really singing about saltfish or is it about something else. Check out the lyrics. LOL LOL LOL.


| play
JazzDen Ladies, we are closing with this one now, gotta say good night now. I trust it was just as much fun for you as it was for me. Ladies, good night.

The One and Only Gladys Knight

| play
JazzDen Everyone is special, but to the JazzDen, the ladies are so much more special. All I can say ladies is, you are one in a million, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Gotta give Greg on FB his due. Thanx for this one mih bredren. Ladies this is from me and mih bredren Greg, for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this one's so good I had to send it again, this time from BLIPfm. I really love this one, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, am coming at you once again from BLIPfm. Sending this one for you, almost paradise, how could we ask for more, ENJOY!!!

mike reno-almost paradise

| play
JazzDen Ladies, we are warming up for tomorrow night at The JazzDen, are you gonna come jam with us? Am hoping that you will, cuz its gonna be good, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, welcome to The JazzDen, we do music the best, ENJOY!!!" (reblip)
JazzDen Ladies, this is The JazzDen, our music reaches out and touch you your hearts. Thanx to pdual, tokool4u and Awannabeangel, all of BLIPfm, ENJOY!!!


| play
JazzDen Gotta give Greg on FB his due. Thanx for this one mih bredren. Ladies this is from me and mih bredren Greg, for you, ENJOY!!!" (reblip)
JazzDen Ladies, this is what we do at The JazzDen, we celebrate you everyday. Sometimes a brother messes up, ladies help us save our faces, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Sometimes we get some very hard knocks, but the ladies gives us strength to go through it. Ladies, you are the best. Us guys so need you. ENJOY!!!

"That's The Way Of The World" -Earth, Wind & Fire

| play
JazzDen This is unusual as it is morning but I got the urge to send this smooth groove at this time and I had to choice but to do it. Ladies, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, we are continuing with Bonnie Tyler and her brand of rock, this girl's voice is very raspy, check this out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Ladies, this is The JazzDen and yes I would do anything for love. Well...almost anything for love LOL LOL LOL.
JazzDen We are exploring rock right now. Not my favorite type of music but I guess it has its place. Ladies, for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another one from the rock collection, check this out. The guitar work is classic rock, ENJOY!!!

White Snake Here I go Again live

| play
JazzDen This is the boss, did you know that this song was written by Jimmy Cliff? Yes our Jimmy Cliff, makes it sound even better, huh? LOL. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is the material girl, a bit of a paradox, right? LOL LOL.

Like A VirginMadonna

| play
JazzDen Oops, sorry about this misplaced one. Had it lined up to go before Cindy but got the order mixed up, forgive me. ENJOY!!!

80'sTOTO - Africa

| play
JazzDen We are slowing down once again, very relaxing, very soothing, cool rock, soft rock, call it what you will, here at the JazzDen we call it music.
JazzDen This is a classic, Chicago with Peter Cetera (back in the day when he had hair on his head) LOL LOL. Check it out.

Peter Cetera Chicago If You Leave Me Now

| play
JazzDen Gotta show some love to fellow BLIPfm DJs - Apples305, Vacuum_Boots, octoberland, janetness, Awannabeangel, Mumbling_Genius, wdlands42. Thanx folks.
JazzDen This is one of my favourites for real. Another soft rock. This girl is sooooooooo sweeeeeeeet. I love you Malin Berggren. ladies,for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Upping the tempo a bit once again, check this out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This guy was a blast of heat. This brother's saying what he gonna do to you ladies at the midnight hour, be afraid, be very scared, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Another classic from yesteryear, ladies we gonna ride like the wind to break free - LOL LOL. ENJOY!!!

Christopher Cross Ride Like The Wind Live 1998

| play
JazzDen Showing some love to Nellyb63, its overdue and am sorry for taking so long. Thanx very much. ENJOY!!!
JazzDen For the Mothers. Blessed ladies we love you, we respect you and we celebrate you as always. Enjoy your special day, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Lets have a World Family Reunion as we celebrate these very special ladies. Mamas, we love you. The family as a unit cannot exist without you.

The O'Jays Family Reunion

| play
JazzDen Yes mamas, you are once, twice, thrice umpteen times a lady and we love you. Hugs and kisses. Do have a pleasant day, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Yes mamas, you are once, twice, thrice umpteen times a lady and we love you. Hugs and kisses. Do have a pleasant day, ENJOY!!! (reblip)
JazzDen A little light humour for those special ladies in our lives, serious message, mamas, we'll always be stuck on you.
JazzDen Oh mama, thanks for standing by me and know that I will always stand by you no matter what. Showing some love to Rarebird of BLIPfm. ENJOY!!!

Ben E KingStand By Me

| play
JazzDen Dear Mamas, this one is for you. Really really touching and emotional.

2PacDear Mama

| play
JazzDen We continue to celebrate our mothers. Gotta show some love to Rarebird on BLIPfm. ENJOY!!!

John Lennon- Mother

| play
JazzDen Another one for the mamas in our midst. Too many to name but you all know yourselves so to each one of you, this is from The JazzDen.

John Lennon- Woman

| play
JazzDen To all mothers and mothers to be. Ladies, this is from The JazzDen. This is how we roll, this is how it is done, ENJOY!!!

Taurus Riley- She's Royal

| play
JazzDen Another song for the mothers and mothers-to-be in our midst. Ladies check this out, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen This is GoldenChyl for mothers and mothers to be, saying to just chill today, this is your special day and you are allowed to do absolutely nothing.
JazzDen Mothers and mothers-to-be on FB, BLIPfm PINGfm and Twitter this is from the JazzDen specially for you, ENJOY!!!

SizzlaThank you mama

| play
JazzDen Mothers, sometimes we do you wrong, but you still pull through at great personal loss and suffering. This is for you, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Mothers and mothers-to-be please check this one out too. ENJOY!!!

Cheryl Pepsi Riley-Child Pt 2

| play
JazzDen Really deep. Check this one out and you'll get the picture. Really check it out.
JazzDen This is for Apple305 of BLIPfm, showing you some love my friend. sampling of real old school Jamaican music, ENJOY!!!
JazzDen Bipolarised of BLIPfm, this is for you my friend, you have shown me much love. Thank you so much. This goes back 1969 in the genre of Rock Steady.
JazzDen Ladies, this is for you. This is the JazzDen showing you lots of love and hoping for lots of togetherness between you and yours. Ladies, ENJOY!!!

jays-queen majesty

| play
JazzDen This is for the haters, I pity them, ALL of them, those sorry SOBs with no life. Them check seh mih fool, I well well cool!

DJ APR Mix Mutabaruka Sit Down Pon De Wall Sly a Robbie Dub Of Gold Viceroys Heart Made Of Stone

| play
JazzDen Ladies 'stir it up' Peter will always be my favourite though. I push the wood and blaze your fire to satisfy your hearts desire. Heavy stuff. ENJOY!!!
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