Jenny2485 In a Canadian comedy artist mood today.

Arrogant Worms - 12 - The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

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Jenny2485 I LOVE this version (Live Noise) of the song. It's SO beautiful!
Jenny2485 Awesome cover of "When Doves Cry" by Prince!
Jenny2485 I'm starting to get into these guys. They're pretty good, even though their stuff is in French.

KaolinNe Dis Rien

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Jenny2485 So apparently has videos now, too? Anyway, I've had this song stuck in my head all day. Did I mention how much I *LOVE* Bollywood?
Jenny2485 #bollywoodwednesday Another fave. Did I do that right?

Lucky Boy from Bachna Ae Haseeno

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Jenny2485 This one's really catchy!

Dhoom2 dil laga na

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Jenny2485 Crazy, ain't it?

chori chori -Garam Masala (HQ WIDE)

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Jenny2485 Dare you to get this out of your heads.


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Jenny2485 YES Ce Jeu NES-ified!

YELLE Ce Jeu Gameboy Cover

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Jenny2485 This is an amazing song; Amazing singer as well.
Jenny2485 This is freaky, but one of my fave bits from Patton.
Jenny2485 I like Red Molly's version better but this version's awesome.
Jenny2485 Listened to this THREE times in the gym tonight, This song is friggin' awesome!

Toby LightmanLet Go

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Jenny2485 Melody is catchy here.

Sisters in the Struggle, A music video by K8 Hardy for Lesbians on Ecstasy

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Jenny2485 Since I couldn't find any Lady Gaga bluegrass covers today, I found this, which is EXTREMELY comparable. These guys are amazing!
Jenny2485 This song's been running through my head as of late.
Jenny2485 Another good one by theSTART.
Jenny2485 Thoroughly enjoying this catchy song.
Jenny2485 One of my favorite songs of theirs. That and their cover of When Doves Cry.

The Pursuit of Happiness "I'm an Adult Now"

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Jenny2485 This song's been in my head ALL day!
Jenny2485 @samisgreat Think he sounds like @dtrumeter.
Jenny2485 I know I've been playing a lot of her stuff as of late but this one's been in my head today.
Jenny2485 This song reminds me of Shaun of the Dead for some reason.


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Tsauro Killola – "Cracks in the Armor"
Jenny2485 Listened to this SO many times in the gym last night. Love her so much now!

Sophie Ellis Bextor & Fred Schneider SUPERSONIC

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Jenny2485 This song's been in my head for some reason. Oh and this is a much better version.

CloudHold On

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sambrown This is the song you hear after Harold has sex with an old woman.
Jenny2485 Been really into dance music lately. This one's no exception.
Jenny2485 More dance! Another fave. Wants you to bathe her.
globochem it's like the weather channel and a sega game soundtrack met up and were like, "hey."
globochem this is more like it. @diplo remixes @xxofMontrealxx and @3x1minus1 dances.


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nateblackest passion pit so huge right now. this song from the first album should not be missed though CUDDLE FUDDLE
Jenny2485 Absolutely love the song and adore the video, although it doesn't seem as if Martina's had much dancing experience.
Jenny2485 This one's been running through my head too.
globochem still amazing. in my car, this my jam. *dance*

Holy Ghost!Hold On

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Jenny2485 Interesting song I found last night.
Jenny2485 Had this in my head all day yesterday.
Jenny2485 Don't know why but I woke up with this song in my head today. Been on Daft Punk kick lately.
Jenny2485 Dance around your room to this one.


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Jenny2485 Great song to have in the background while playing a console game.
Jenny2485 What's with all these rogue song spammers sending me music I'll never listen to? But I've been listening to this one a lot the past coupe of days.

Toby LightmanVoices

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SocialVibe RT @bemills At @SocialVibe we (product & tech team) always listen to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on launch nights.
Jenny2485 There's parts of this song that sound like Daft Punk's Aerodynamic.
Jenny2485 Song I still love even with my defunct interest in Blackalicious.
Jenny2485 Been listening to this one on repeat all day. Hell I'm digging the new album!
Jenny2485 Had this one in my head along with Symmetry.

Little BootsREMEDY

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Jenny2485 Possibly the most creative use of a banjo in a dance song.
Jenny2485 Listened to this SO many times in the gym tonight.
kpereira Let's drift to sleepy-town, shall we? Cornelius: Drop


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Jenny2485 Surprised I haven't blipped this one yet. If you're not dancing around to this one, I'll assume you're made of stone.
Jenny2485 Been loving this song the past few days. Can't get it out of my head.

Craig DavidInsomnia

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Jenny2485 @blipfm Cos I'd like to go to #SfMusicTech. I've had this one in my head today.

ShakiraShe Wolf

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Jenny2485 @blipfm This one's for you. And anyone else who wants to listen. #SFMusicTech
Jenny2485 This song has grown on me the past day or so.
Jenny2485 I love this song! Just popped into my head for some reason.
Jenny2485 Had this song in my head today.
Jenny2485 One of favorite songs from The Start.
Jenny2485 Been listening to this 3x straight!
Jenny2485 So we all go to Heaven in a little rowboat.
Jenny2485 Cute song AND incredibly catchy.
Jenny2485 I think Kaki does this cover justice. Simply amazing.

Kaki King Gloves Off An Horse Cover

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Jenny2485 Was listening to this song when I read Scott Thompson had cancer. Seemed to fit the moment of sadness perfectly.
Jenny2485 This song popped into my head for some reason. Don't know why.
Jenny2485 Surprised I haven't blipped this yet either. One of my favorites!
Jenny2485 Really liking this one tonight.


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Jenny2485 Just found this and already loving it. What an awesome Nirvana cover.
Jenny2485 Doooooooown in the valley where the grasses growin' tall and green.
Jenny2485 Hell I'm blipping Le Tigre just for this awesome story. One of my faves.

Le TigreFYR

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Jenny2485 Wanted to post this last night. One of my fave #Blackalicious jams.

BlackaliciousIf I May

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Jenny2485 Had this one in my head today for some reason.
kpereira Heavy Metal Flamenco? Sure. Why the hell not! Rodrigo y Gabriela: Hanuman
Jenny2485 You cannot deny the awesomeness of this jam!
Jenny2485 Listening to this while surfing past entries of the Kids in the Hall tumblr. Seems to sync with all the animated gifs I see.
Jenny2485 Wish I had a *GOOD* video editing program on my computer. Anyone else see #HeatherWeather's death when they hear this?
Jenny2485 Can't stop listening to this today. I just love @TobyLightman!
Jenny2485 Have been on a bit of a hip-hop kick lately. Been missing the jams I used to listen to like crazy.
Jenny2485 I don't care that there's no real lyrics to this song, it's still pretty damn awesome!


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Jenny2485 This seems to pop in my head from time to time.
Jenny2485 "Hey ya, I need to be closer to you," tee hee. Love this Bollywood stuff!

Karthik Calling Karthik Hey Ya HQ

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Jenny2485 Red Molly's new album is pretty amazing. Just saying.
Jenny2485 Have had this one in my head the past few days.
Jenny2485 Baby when our hearts collide...
Jenny2485 Not since Killola's Cracks in the Armor has there been a song I can really relate to. The lyrics describe me to a T!
Jenny2485 Can't stop listening to this one. Has to be my favorite cover of "Real Love." I love her stuff!
Jenny2485 Some of the music I heard in class reminded me of this song.
Jenny2485 I never used to like this one, but now it's growing on me. Gary Numan ain't bad either.
Jenny2485 I'm guessing @kakitwit will be playing Falling Day tomorrow.
Jenny2485 Song that just won't get out of my head today. #MusicMonday
Jenny2485 Very creative for a J5 song. Very good advice. #Jurassic5Nostalgia.
Jenny2485 A Little Bit of Riddim. Re-blipping this cos the version I blipped was a 1:30 long.
Jenny2485 For some reason this song's been in my head like the past 2 days.

AMDarker Days

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amsounds finally uploaded some of my songs here since they are impossible to find

AMWe Will Remain

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Jenny2485 "We just have to rearrange in order to get by." (reblip)

AMSelf Preservation

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kpereira Saturday morning fuel brought to you by BT, Suddenly:


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Jenny2485 Surprised I haven't blipped anything from #GangOfFour yet. Was totally obsessed with this album 5 years ago.
Jenny2485 Kaki's guitar work on Close Your Eyes and You'll Burst into Flames is simply amazing. Listen at the end, total freaking rush!
Jenny2485 Sometimes I haunt #ExperienceProject for new tunes. Found this one on their MySpace. Good one.

oh laura - the mess you left behind

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Jenny2485 Just saw Juanes on ESPN performing this. One my fave songs of his.
Jenny2485 Was listening to this song once when snow was falling lightly. Seemed to fit a beautiful moment perfectly.

CabasTu Boca

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Jenny2485 Makes you feel gooooood! :D
Jenny2485 Great, now I can't stop singing "Not Dead Yet."
Jenny2485 Can't stop singing this one at the moment.

AMIt's Been So Long

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Jenny2485 "I want someone, you want everyone else."

AMI Want Someone

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Jenny2485 Oh Usher why can I NOT get this song out of my head today?
Jenny2485 You tell me you've heard this all eh eh!

AMTroubled Times

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Jenny2485 Ain't this SO true? I <3 Atmosphere.

AtmosphereWhite Noise

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Jenny2485 One of 2 new songs from the 7" vinyl from @theactiondesign. Loving both tracks!

Tiesto ft. Tegan and Sara Feel it on my bones

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Jenny2485 Am I the only one that wants to dance around to this?
Jenny2485 I've had this song in my head in my head all day. #earworm
Jenny2485 Real name of this song is Better Than The Best. Creative beat remixing AND boastfulness? Well I find it funny anyway.

MURSGlove Edit

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Jenny2485 "No good when I'm a bad bad man/ I dance so slow, it looks like a photo."

Slow Man

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Jenny2485 Why does this seem like the perfect song to do a sexii dance to?

EOTOFlying Red

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Jenny2485 I feel like #CreedenceClearwaterRevival was the #Nickelback of their day. Anyone out there agree? #alltheirmusicsoundsthesame

Creedence Clearwater Revival Cotton Fields

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Jenny2485 I didn't know she collaborated with Velvet Revolver.

Macy GrayKissed It

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Jenny2485 The cutest song about reincarnation I've ever heard. #cuteoverload
Jenny2485 I will always love the vibe of this song. Kudos to Moka.


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Jenny2485 Michael Franti + Sublime cover = Win!
Jenny2485 This song's been in my head today for some reason.


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The John Butler Trio -To Look Like You ( April Uprising 2010 )

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Jenny2485 I was OBSESSED with these guys' music way back when (early 2000s). This is one of their most beautifully crafted tracks.

Outside of Me: Killing Heidi

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Jenny2485 These ladies sound a lot like @gangof4official. Surprisingly enough, I found this on a Tumblr blog of someone named "Heccubus." #imahorriblelurker

HYPNOGAJA "Nothing Box"

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amsounds will be playing this tonight

AMSelf Preservation

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Jenny2485 This combines my love of funny sounding long song names and post 80s electronic fun.
Jenny2485 And Seal's version.

SEAL "Free"

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Jenny2485 Ever get a weird word stuck in your head and can't remember who said it?
Jenny2485 Is @lyricsborn channeling his inner cheerleader here?
Jenny2485 Mazel Tov to Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss on the new band, Wild Flag. Here's to hoping Portlandia is a hit on IFC!

Kaki King Fortuna

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Smooth Jazz Fourplay (Fortune Teller)

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Slung by Erin Mckeown

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Jenny2485 One of my favorite "Holiday" songs.

Blink 182 I Won't Be Home For Christmas With Lyrics

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Julicolo Lou Reed – My Love Is Chemical
Julicolo Mike Oldfield – Foreign Affair
Jenny2485 This popped into my head for some reason.
Jenny2485 The score in this sounds like Leavenworth by @amsounds.


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Jenny2485 Can't stop listening to @1900s - Two Ways and Babies today.

The 1900sTwo Ways

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Hypnogaja Listening to the beautiful "Baker Street." RIP Gerry Rafferty. You will be missed.
Julicolo All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun " Sheryl Crow" (reblip)

" All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun " Sheryl Crow

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Hypnogaja Keep marching on ;) Thanks for listening! RT @freakshow202 cnt stop hearin the march by @Hypnogaja

Jonathan Butler-So Strong

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All Star by Mindi Abair

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CocoaRow "...Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."
Jenny2485 Why this song is in my head right now I have no idea.


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MARCUS JOHNSON-18th & m.wmv

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Jenny2485 Can't stop listening to this today. Love it! :)
Julicolo Stephanie de monaco – Comme un ouragan

Cooler Couleur -Yelle ft Crookers with Lyrics

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Hypnogaja Glad you likes! Thanks for the support! RT @Werner950 Awesome song Last man on earth from @Hypnogaja :-)
Jenny2485 Excellent use of 8-Bit backing.
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