JettSuperior The phrase 'Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future' has been pounding the shit out of my brain for the last month. Thank you, Oscar Wilde.


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JettSuperior (one of the best bands you've never heard of. you're welcome.)
JettSuperior This song always makes my heart stutter.
JettSuperior "See my soul makes it home, I'm high on wretched wine, standing here alone...." (I miss Steven Terry, pblthtt.)

The Damnwells Recording "I Am A Leaver"

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JettSuperior I'm told I will someday die. Here's hoping that someone remembers that I want this played at my funeral. And also to set up some kegs.

Small Blue Thing-Suzanne Vega

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JettSuperior This song makes me want to go running far, far away.....and then upon arrival find a place to dance until I collapse.
JettSuperior Did you know that I will never, ever get tired of this song?
JettSuperior There's a really hot burlesque routine playing in my head to go along with this, w00t!
JettSuperior Elbow says that you have permission to be hopeful, everyone. As a matter of fact, so do I.
JettSuperior Respectfully dedicated to all the hypocrites that the rest of us spend our time atoning for. "Bag and burn, bang bang."

Dead Confederate "The Rat"

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JettSuperior "Maybe it's not really so revolutionary after all to have one person out of a group of twenty tell everybody else what's right."
JettSuperior Kiss was my first official cousin snuck me away to their show when I was a wee thing. RIP, Ritchie; thanks for furthering my 'education'.

KissHard Luck Woman

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JettSuperior Hot, hot, so very motherfucking HOT indeed. Try not to squirm, I dare ya.
JettSuperior One of my very favorite covers of all time. Durrett stomps my guts.
JettSuperior Some days you just want to hug the Sad to you because it is all you have left of someone.
JettSuperior Jump! Around! Exuberantly! FLAIL!
JettSuperior They put on one of the most amazing shows I've ever had the good fortune to see.
JettSuperior To @maggiedammit, a self-described 'stay-er' from an avowed 'go-er'.
JettSuperior Juliette Lewis loves you and wants to beat you to death with her microphone.

Doves Kingdom of Rust music video

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JettSuperior @deadwood4 I have! (but never seen that vid) Do you know this one? One of my faves, ever. *sigh*
JettSuperior ohhhh, *guts* "Go wash your heart in the river / Till the water runs clear"

The Veils"The Letter"

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JettSuperior A goodnight lullaby to me. Not the original, but this boy's voice is delicious and I just can't help myself. (I've found to be delightful!)
JettSuperior I've been really hard on myself lately. Resolving to be gentler altogether. You do yourself that same favor. Nite-nite, people in the glowing box.

Coming Right Along

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JettSuperior I reckon Thom Yorke might be my favorite junkie of all time.

RadioheadHigh & Dry

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JettSuperior "anyway, I think you wouldn't understand"
JettSuperior I cannot promise any upbeat Blips tonight. Apologies in advance. Unless you want to that case, pull up a box of wine, YAY.


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JettSuperior Three strange days, multiplied by ten. O_o
JettSuperior Sometimes certain musicks make me feel like I have wings that I could strap on and soar, soar, soar with if I could only find where they are stashed.

Carly ComandoEveryday

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JettSuperior I searched 'being sad is stupid' and got this. YOU LUCKIES.

Sad KermitHurt

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JettSuperior Jury's still out on this interpretation, cause I LOVE ME SOME LOVE AND ROCKETS. Like, in that way that makes ya defensive about covers of their stuff.
JettSuperior Local guy, very talented and graceful to his audience. HI JON, WE TALKED ABOUT YOUR GRAMMA AND GOD AT WORKPLAY. You can follow him @whoisjonblack
JettSuperior FWIW most intarweb acronyms sux0r, IMHO. Okay? Okay.
JettSuperior "So maybe I didn't see it first / But I'm the one who wants it worse" Get. UP. Thrasharoundtherooooom.
JettSuperior My most favorite misogynistic diatribe with a backbeat ever: "They's only two women / Big ole good ones / And good ole big ones"

Get Em Up-Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold

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JettSuperior A staple for every collection. The awesome never wears off. (reblip)

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

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JettSuperior Grab your booze (or your honey). Inhale. Swirl around room grandiosely. Cesaria kicks much ass.
charmstep @Tjeerd: "how are u?@charmstep" Busy working on design portfolio. Sorry your vacation is over but good to hear from you. Where's my souvenir? :D (reblip)
JettSuperior Good night, rest well, be sweet to one another.
JettSuperior Somewhere between terrified and intrigued?
JettSuperior Been watching Spike Lee's documentary about Hurricane Katrina. Only able to take it in fits-and-starts style. Ow, my heart. Ow, my country.
JettSuperior There is always something to grab hold of if you look long enough.

Shawn Colvin Something To Believe In

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JettSuperior Something tells me that I'll never stop loving this one.

Pilot Speed's "Alright"

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JettSuperior This one brings up Hysterical Hilarity in me and I've never been able to pin down why. (Oh look, hot boys making musicks!)

MilkKings of Leon

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James_F 2009 Tesla ... Still Rockin !

Tesla-I Wanna Live

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LeloRdgs Kiss – Kissin' Time

KissKissin' Time

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JettSuperior @ZoeRight: "This makes me smile" As well it should. (reblip)
JettSuperior (one of my favorite bands of all time)
JettSuperior Maxim: "I saw Nick Cave exactly one time. It was during the daylight and he scared the shit out of me. I'd hate to see him in the dead of dark."
JettSuperior Big, evil music for dainty, codependent girls.
JettSuperior @fadkog: "My first concert ever...." One of the first albums I bought with my own cash (age 8 or sommat) was Foreigner's '4'. I was smitten. (reblip)
JettSuperior "Lord, give me grace / And dancing feet / And the power to impress" AyyyyMEN.

Bloc PartyThe Prayer

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JettSuperior In case you didn't know that Leonard Cohen is the man, I'm here to say something: Leonard Cohen is the man.
JettSuperior 'Dirty Boots' is probably my favorite Sonic Youth joint of all, but I'm really feeling this one tonight. *sigh*

Sonic YouthOr

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JettSuperior I DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE THAT HATE THE ROLLING STONES. I just don't. A strutting, singing cock-of-the-walk and a madly guitaring piece of leather!
JettSuperior Room was mostly dark when he played this, just prior to album release. I silently wept fat globules of rolling tears; never were politics so eloquent.
JettSuperior Let's kick it old school with one of my vox idols....yay, Johnette Napolitano!
JettSuperior Did you know that you have arms? Did you know that they lift above your head? Did you know, brother, sister, that you can wave those fuckers around?
JettSuperior If I had a pillow full of hope I'd never get vertical....just loll around in the blankets all dang day. You too?
JettSuperior 'Iunno, my neck hurts.' The Black Keys leave it on the stage. You stand there with your mind blown. Hallelujah!

The Black Keys "Your Touch"

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JettSuperior For my husband, who likes to say, "I lump you, I lump you a lot."
JettSuperior (you WISH you were badass enough to wear three guitars at once)
JettSuperior Finger cymbals at the ready, y'all! *ching-ching*
JettSuperior You should love The Magnetic Fields. No, should. That's my best advice of the day.
JettSuperior "I just need to know the depth of doubt or faith to fall into"

Collective Soul Home_06 Needs

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JettSuperior Endless days, driving around with my big brother in his Olds 88 with the red interior. He had ALL the best music, every minute of every day.
JettSuperior This version kicks ass. Thanks to @makinitrite for turning me on to it. (reblip)
JettSuperior There are worse cover songs.


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JettSuperior Makes me want to shimmy in go-go boots and fringe; first song I ever heard by Kravitz, I believe, waaaay back when.
JettSuperior Taking it waaaaay back. Shake what your momma gave you, baby.
JettSuperior 'these streets will make you feel brand new / big lights will inspire you'
JettSuperior 'in between the silence / living is an empty space'
JettSuperior "get out of my house and hit the road / and I kept fallin' like a Rolling Stones song"
PetCobra I'm pretty sure I could listen to the VU's "Loaded" every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.
JettSuperior Hello, here is the space wherein I was conceived.
JettSuperior "Lower me down / Pin me in / Secure the grounds / For the later parade"
JettSuperior When I march, I always want it to be for the right things.
JettSuperior Lookin' at you, @ZoeRights HA!

Blackstreet-No Diggity

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JettSuperior "I suffer dreams of a world gone mad / I like it like that and I know it"

Leave 2005

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JettSuperior Liz Durrett's stuff is what I play incessantly during my writing time lately. I could pound out a whole fucking book under her voice.

Liz DurrettMarlene

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JettSuperior Music for new tattoos, okay? "I speak my mind / Its sorta funny / I'm violent with the hands in my head"

MelvinsLet It All Be

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JettSuperior (you wish you could drive a point home as adroitly as the Deftones, mang)

Deftones"Engine #9"

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JettSuperior short and sweetly spooky, "little babies eyes eyes eyes eyes"

RadioheadI Will

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JettSuperior "If it don't end in bloodshed dear / It's probably not love"
JettSuperior We'll call this a Halloween warm-up.
JettSuperior This one belongs in a good Halloween mix, yeah?

The White Stripes One more cup of coffee (valley below)

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JettSuperior Music to listen to when you're a little buried in your head. You know, like today.
TwoBusy This is why your stereo was mean to be turned to 11.
JettSuperior "all the gelded mongrel / bare their teeth for you"

ElbowFallen Angel

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redclay12 you got to be King of something

"Makeout King"

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JettSuperior ....aren't enough by themselves

Cat PowerNames

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JettSuperior "All secrets sleep in winter clothes" (*sigh*)
JettSuperior both classic and gooood: "....the thought of you just caves me in...."
CynicalDad Up next is Let's Wrap Each Other by The National Splits for @JettSuperior
redclay12 damn, honey.@MsBojangles: " secrets @megg it was just a crazy sweater i had on earlier ;)" (reblip)

The PiercesSecret

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JettSuperior I can't seem to muster up the discipline to stop singing this damn song in my head. It's so very lovely to me, all enthusiastic hopefulness & gushing.
JettSuperior If you hate KISS, fucker, you are dang dead to me.
JettSuperior "while you were sittin' in the back seat smokin' a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last, I was fallin' deep, deeply in love with you"
JettSuperior the flobots deliver a nifty newish take on a turtles oldie, spun with an eminem-flavored flow and sewn up with fat brass

Flobots Happy Together w/ lyrics

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JettSuperior "I've learned for myself / What you cannot face will follow you around"
JettSuperior Let's take it back about a million years, y'all. "Now tambourines, raht now!"
JettSuperior "I'd let you run away with all you borrowed." One of my very favorites by the Damnwells.

The Damnwells-Shiny Bruise

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JettSuperior (skinned our hearts and skinned our knees)
JettSuperior "all the colors that fell from you" *sigh*
andretatoster olá meu, blip corre nas veias!@sonicmichel: "hello my friend " (reblip)

Magik MarkersTaste

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whoisjonblack "Look at the world. It's waking up. I couldn't sleep for dreaming..." enjoy this gem friends.
JettSuperior This one always wakes up the Beavis in me, "Y-Y-Yeeaaaahhh! ROCK. ROCK!" (reblip)

RancidRuby Soho

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TwoBusy For @JettSuperior... this is probably a more accurate summary.

Kennahell bent

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JettSuperior Joanie throws it down, stomps on it and catches it with her teeth on the return bounce. Rrrrr.
JettSuperior For to chair dance your way into Friday!
JettSuperior 'I'm working / But I'm not working for you / SLACK MOTHERFUCKER'

Superchunk Slack Motherfucker

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JettSuperior 'well you can go if you want to / I don't own you, go be wild'
mrbigdubya Ditto, my friend @theholmes: "Current favorite song by current favorite band." (reblip)
JettSuperior (I humbly dedicate this song to my favorite yellow track shorts.)
JettSuperior 'I don't like you / I don't hate you / I just don't want you around' (reblip)
TwoBusy Gorgeous and captivating. I suggest you listen to it over and over again. Kind of like I'm doing right now.
JettSuperior I know where I belong and it ain't here. (but I'll share my travels if you go my way)
JettSuperior 'You can throw it off a bridge / You can lose it in the fire / You can leave it at the altar / But it will make you out a liar'

Tom WaitsThat Feel

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JettSuperior 'after the fires, before the flood / sweet baby, I need fresh blood' (sometimes a song just gets all up in your face and yells 'YOU! HAVE SEX NOW.')

EelsFresh blood

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PetCobra Love how this song was used in 500 Days of Summer. The acoustic version is pretty great, too.
JettSuperior The groove of this gets stuck in the base of my brain every time. "You better run, better run / Faster than my bullet"
JettSuperior You should believe some bands' hype. This is one of those bands.


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JettSuperior This is how this week feels: "I'm removing myself from the queue."

Belle BrigadeLosers

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PetCobra God damn, this is a great song.
JettSuperior This song just always, ALWAYS makes me grinny. You grin too, you over there.
JettSuperior Waiting room music. For Laurie. Who hates 'Big Yellow Taxi' in all its iterations.
JettSuperior "A little piece of a bloody tooth / Just so you know I was thinking of you"
JettSuperior This song makes me all grins. Every time.


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JettSuperior "Come with me and walk the longest mile."

ClutchThe Regulator

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