Jillee @His_Boy_Ellroy@SarahHorvat: Still at The Cedars grammar school Leighton Buzzard, Beds, England but loving this
Jillee @Lunaladee@SarahHorvatLove pirates movies... Cap'n jack is just so bloody cool as is Lisbeth et al. Tara fer now offta move more furn & cook grub

The Best of Epic Music 2014 | 1 Hour Full Cinematic | 30 Epic Hits | EpicMusicVN

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DJBadBilly "Beatles...100 Greatest Songs @keefee@Jillee (reblip)

The Beatles-100 Greatest Songs (Rolling Stone Magazine)

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Jillee @scotlandlover: G'day youse a new policy of starting/ending the day wiv a larf.
Jillee Ah well, offta prep/cook. leave yer wiv a gr8 English composer.

Henry Purcell, ground in d

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Jillee @GeorgeSand@His_Boy_Ellroy@DJBadBilly@GaiaMix@scotlandlover @EchoesJai: G'day, DB as many wouln't ave seen im. This is stunning piece of mod history.

Waiting for my man The Riot Squad David Bowie Bob Evans

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JazzYogi888 Taa e Obr all my girl is Lindaa ! :)@Jillee: "@GaiaMix: Absolutey Gawjus Rb luv vocals piano and cello. Fanx big ! @GeorgeSand@JY@SarahHorvat" (reblip)
Jillee @LisaWorld: Almost weeping but it's an SEP (someone else's problem) innit? alvo it still hurts wen I speak 2 me bruvva like s'morning (reblip)

54 46 Was My Number Toots & the Maytals (This is England's version)

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Roy Harper Come out fighting Ghengis Smith Full MONO mix

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Jillee @TheJabberwocky@DJBadBilly@MorningStarMusic:@His_Boy_Ellroy@SarahHorvat@ate2zee@ZONE: Absolutely brill album from past. How we rolled Rizlas to this

Roy Harper Folkjokeopus Full album Mono mix

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GeorgeSand "Put all your soul into it, play the way you feel!" ~Fryderyk Chopin Happy weekend BlipFriends! ღ♪♫•*¨*•.¸

Chopin Fantasie Impromptu Opus 66 in C sharp minor by Tzvi Erez, HQ

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Jillee Be sure you're over 18 before watching vis as it's all to do wiv healf
Jillee G'day, brill comedienne wiv just the right music. She's just so funny K
GullyJumper Doris Day – Dream A Little Dream of Me
Lunaladee watching now ~ ty, rb@Jillee: "@Lu Phenomenal... Not only was SJ writing for PCO he devised this ballet. > @SarahHorvat@scotlandlover" (reblip)

"Simon Jeffes" "Still Life At The Penguin Café"

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Lunaladee love them! makes me think I should dig out some LPs :) thx! @Jillee: "@Lunaladee Voila a complete PCO album. Good innit?" (reblip)
Jillee @Fediate: Ta for gr8 Rb of such a gr8 std (reblip)

Eric ClaptonLayla

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scotlandlover esp after a 10er :) @dj_happygirl: "sorry, had to charge my laptop@sl "re 10 propper @dj_happygirl: "worth a re.... bolero ;)) @dj_happygirl: "hmmm (reblip)
daytonacharger @Intermittent~~~THE POINTER SISTERS~~~Neutron Dance~~~#Dance_Party~~a Bloody Brilliant song & video !!! (reblip)
MonkeyQ @metheeDeeJay: "How about a hoot and a holler for The Who?" (reblip)

The Who in Monterey Pictures of Lily Live 1967 Stereo

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Jillee @His_Boy_Ellroy I'll see what I can do abowt me Arsenal badge. In meantime please listen to Penguin Cafe
Jillee @NaturalDancer: Welcome to fave club. More Oils> this time about asbestos mining in OZ resulting in death frm Asbestosis & Mesophelioma Keef ;
mrgrayfox Santana – Full Concert - 08/18/70 - Tanglewood (OFFICIAL) Later Im out ....
Jillee Well, if yer live in SA yer've gotta have this outlook innit?

Family "My Friend The Sun"

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Jillee @SarahHorvat: We've developed a great love of Mozart en Francais... ici la reine de la nuit Such Impossible vocals and Mozart's brilliance Avagoodone
Jillee @JazzYogi888@StreamingMimi@DJBadBilly: Heard discussion with leader today.. Impressed its nt jst 4 seasons, toccata & fudge and ovva well knowns :)

The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra in concert

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Jillee Bye all Keef's cooking porterhouse steak tonite (It'll be lip smacking bloody) after its rested. Not a 4 seasons in sight but only 21 days till spring
Jillee Get the not too subtle message?

World War 1- A Tribute

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Jillee Aussies will never forget this anthem. In fact yer cant get Aus citizenship if yer cant recall the words.
Jillee @SarahHorvat: Great harpsichord (Bach I think) and keef says designs to die for. Great find (reblip)

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2007 Full Fashion Show

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Jillee @DJBadBilly@carmen1943@SarahHorvat: SF Pouts and PP Arnold... What joy. Heard live rec of SF with Jon Swan today... so good
Jillee @scotland___lover: Simply gorgeous Rb ty... Jill who wants to be there again (went in 2000) (reblip)

Gerry & the Pacemakers -- Ferry Cross The Mersey

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Jillee @SarahHorvat: Simply love this. We had 1 other nite. Also this is likelihood of me ever cooking again. Muttley snigger (cartoon wackey racers)
Jillee @StreamingMimi: Thanks for reblipping a beautiful piece. Jill in Oz and a state of absolute calm. (reblip)
Jillee @scotland___lover@DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat: Probably near Wayne's (Keef's brother) in Gloucestershire. But now Wayne luvs Oz since Manfred tour
Jillee @SarahHorvat: So gawjus whilst he's cooking for me :) Ceeyas later
Jillee @BadBoyBily: Been looking everywhere fer vis blip Thank God for YouTube :) had vinyl LP yonks ago

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Mickey's Monkey

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Jillee @JazzYogi888: G'day squire fanx fer this rb always wondered what it was called (knew composer) so cheers fer info (reblip)
judi Jethro tull Cross eyed mary live 1976 (reblip)

Jethro tull Cross eyed mary live 1976

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Jillee @JohnnyClash@TheBlockheads: Fanx all fer RB and yeah, wot ee sed annall innit? ...TheBlockheads Just fucking brilliant this! (reblip)
scotlandlover a MUST rb tks @Jillee: Its like opera an audio/visual feast until sensory overload sets in" (reblip)
Jillee @Intermittent: "Lady Marmalade - LaBelle" Gawjus Rb almost Phoenix like innit? (reblip)
Jillee @musecrossing@DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat@growitall@ellendiane@scotlandlover@Lunaladee: A fave piece a vers used in bril Gatsby movie (Saw it last night)

Rhapsody In Blue: Gershwin

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Jillee @SarahHovat@EchoesJai@scotlandlover: et alI... I tried not to but the gawjusness was too great so earya. Bye all offta cook fings agen avagr8weekend K
Jillee @Eclecticist@DJBadBilly@badbabygirl@SarahHorvat@eyedeal: Yup fashionista & A dance involving jumping and crying 'La Volta' odd innit. Bye now JnK

"La Volta" for Elizabeth I.

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Jillee @Eclecticist@DJBadBilly@badbabygirl @SarahHorvat@eyedeal: So gawjus, so far advanced for her age. Check the so called Tilbury speech. JnK

Elizabeth I: 1558-2008

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Jillee @DjBad Billy@badbabygirl@AscensionArcana@avard: Magic but can't remember original :(

I'm Crazy for Loving You ...

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Jillee @Miss_Goldilocks: So raw. Thanks for this amazing RB & welcome to fave Dj club Jill :) >> @DjBad Billy@badbabygirl@AscensionArcana (reblip)
Jillee @DJBadBilly: Strangely k's likes ave rubbed off on me so thanks for Gr8 Rb (reblip)

the supremes where did our love go

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Jillee @GeorgeSand: So very nice can almost forget vat keef using vis computer also. After W10 his is cactus (as we ozzies say) yes I'm from Broken Hill, NSW (reblip)
Jillee @JazzYogi888@SarahHorvat@GeorgeSand: Best? probably most popular would be a better description but enough of the value judgments... Enjoy It
Jillee @GeorgeSand@JazzYogi888@SarahHorvat And also for a nice lunch on the patio. Now if I could just find my duffle-coat and gloves :)
Jillee @DJBadBilly@GeorgeSand@JazzYogi888@SarahHorvat Why not pussycats of war? she posed innocently

PINK FLOYD Dogs of war Melbourne 88

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Jillee G'day and a great big oink to our cricketers. :-)
Jillee @DJBadBilly@GeorgeSand@JazzYogi888: G'day blipsters, If yer gonna be King/Queen what nicer music fer a shite job

Handel 'Zadok the Priest'

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Jillee Yet anuvva version to leave youse wiv. Bye now... Just had tax done... a luvvly surprise for me :-)
Jillee @DJBadBilly: Luvvly Rb squire fanx. Wish it was summa or at least Spring but still 20 days ter go :) (reblip)
Jillee @JazzYogi888@avivajazz@SarahHorvat: G'day from sunny SA. This is band Keef saw in Adelaide wot memries. Shows Miles always moving musically
Jillee @DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat@His_Boy_Ellroy@carmen1943: G'day from a reasonably dry SA. Just let it envelop you with nice thoughts JnK
Jillee @DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat@His_Boy_Ellroy@carmen1943: So beautiful yet painful at the same time when you're aware of JdP's sad story
Jillee @SarahHorvat: G'day, taming me dyed red hair didn't work will now wait for it to grow out. Blast. Enjoy ISB anyway JnK
Jillee @HawkNoize: Always loved JJ's humour buried deep in those songs of angst. >> @DJBadBilly@Scott_hn (reblip)
Jillee @DJBadBilly@Scott_hn@SarahHorvat Just downloaded Victorian edition ebook (odd ifya fink abt it) of Jane Eyre hope vis elps me wiv odd phraseology :)
Jillee @SarahHorvat@carmen1943@DJBadBilly@Scott_hn: G'day, Well, why not? today is 2nd last day of Winter and a gawjus 17 degs C equation is>> (5/9xC)+32 F
Jillee @DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat @badbabygirl : Fashions and Voulez vous what joy looks like today may be PL day
Jillee @DJBadBilly@Miss_Goldilocks: Keef sez JD had a phenomenal stage presence in the 60s Now sings as Julie Tippetts
Jillee @SnailKid@SarahHorvat : Would have to be their most popular piece if popularity applied

Music For A Found Harmonium

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Jillee @DJBadBilly@vampyrekittie@Miss_Goldilocks: This just bores into your head and like any ear-worm is constantly there. Ava Gr8 weekend Jill & keef

The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony

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Jillee @Annaleise: Gawjus RB thanks, welcome 2 the fave DJ club (reblip)
Jillee @eyedeal: Fanx for Rb... celebrating an amazing chapter in history wivout which keef probly not able to be born (reblip)
Jillee @DJBadBilly: Entranced by the meeting of cultures thru instruments. Rem hearing Handel viol and organ recital, amazing just think of PenguinCafeOrch" (reblip)

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal "a benim kahve sesli, ince sızım" 27/07/2010

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Jillee @DJBadBilly: Brill Rb fanks mate, we hope evryfink ok re you & W/fires. Keef & Jill :):) (reblip)
Jillee @bluesgal: Good wottevva Cheers for gr8rb Keef rems release of Beano (reblip)
Jillee @badbabygirl@DJBadBilly@ArronZW@Echoes_Jai@Eclecticist@bluesgal: JMB stuff not thick on the ground but ere ya

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (feat. Peter Green) ~ ''Double Trouble''&''So Many Roads'' Live 1967

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Jillee @DJBadBilly@StellaBears@Greenfields47@badbabygirl@EchoesJai: 1 of keef's faves The riffs, the vocals and to use a term popular at time... the vibe :)
GeorgeSand "Music was his language, the divine tongue thru which he expressed a whole realm of sentiments that only the select few can appreciate." ~Franz Liszt
Jillee @ellendiane@CovingtonBeasley@SarahHorvat@MorningStarMusic:There comes a time in any Englishman's life when he needs vocal excitement this is it.

The Queen of the Night(Der Hölle Rache) 40 sopranos

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GeorgeSand "No one before or since Chopin has contributed as many significant works for the piano's repertoire, or come closer to capturing its soul."


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Jillee @DJDustmon This is the real writer of H&G mike d'abo (keys) wiv me bruvva Wayne (bass) gigging at posh ldn club. Keef in Oz. Bruvva still in England
Jillee @Intermittent@Substitute@DJBadBilly@carmen1943@SarahHorvat: Always loved Family.. Special to me as last group seen at Marquee B4 Oz adventure

FAMILY Face in the Cloud + Emotions

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Jillee @His_Boy_Ellroy: Tres bien n'est pas ( well vats me schoolboy French used up innit?) Keef Tara offta cook n see Adelaide Fringe Stuff (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover: Nice one, ta fer ve Beethoven cultcha RB innit? @His_Boy_Ellroy@ate2zee (reblip)

A Clockwork Orange Billy Boy scene

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Jillee @SarahHorvat: Should be called the chopping an onion concerto cos it always brings tears to me eyes knowing she died young from MS complications
killahtunz Wonderful @noharasannpo: "Thank you Quiet!@QuietDJ: "[rb] I share your love of her music ~ ty, @noharasannpo: "gn☆彡" // ☾gn☽"" (reblip)
Jillee @killahtunz Thanx sicerely for JDP RB. Anuvva by JDP that I hadn't listened to B4 now hope yer like

Jacqueline du Pré-Mendelssohn-Granados-Saint-Saëns (HD)

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Jillee @noharasannpo: Nevva heard b4 thanxVM fer Rb Avagooday. (reblip)

Bach: Goldberg Variations | Version For String Trio, BWV 988 | "In Memoriam Glenn Gould"

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Intermittent sounds like they got their heads up their arses, ur best rid of that place rb@Clair_De_Lunar: "their loss, I could've been a real asset to the company (reblip)

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 1960 /Shop Around/スモーキー・ロビンソン

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Al_Hes_Slim Nigel Kennedy plays Jules Massenet – Meditation de Thais

Nigel Kennedy Plays-Jules Massenet Meditation de Thais-HQ

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Jillee @scotlandlover: Innit vo, but don't eat too much choklit to compensate. Avagr8 night/day/wotevva & fanx fer bril RB KnJ in SA (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover: We Really hope your dad well Fanx fer Rb by Steven Demetre Georgiou (a place in time I guess) KnJ far away (reblip)
sommergirl oh boy..did she take notice..she is looking at me..I think she loves it;)...lol..I do too;)@pulsar: "bbg Very special pick for M! LOL! Luvit! (reblip)
diamondgal rb happy w/e :))@ClariceLoyola: "In My Bed - Amy Winehouse (Cover) Bruna Góes - Música e Moda" (reblip)
scotlandlover gee, K..heck getting up there, eh? :) @Jillee: "@sl buggered me knee by slipping on papers but "Got to admit it's Getting Better" etc. k :-)" (reblip)
Jillee Watch as England leads in race to the bottom... bloody Thatcher.

54 46 Was My Number Toots & the Maytals (This is England's version)

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Jillee @eyedeal: Cheers fer RB. we now get visits from a wild blacknwhite phenenal Cat. Dunno who it belongs to but we feed it (reblip)
Jillee @GJV: Fanx fer abs gawjus RB. Really encapsulates SDs folk prowess. Cheers Keef on the last sunny arvo in SA for some time so it's forecast. (reblip)
Jillee @eyedeal: "• So bloody Good Ta 4 Rb. A virtual tour of Hieronymus Bosch's bewildering “Garden of Earthly Delights” ➜ http://j.mp/1VsMZNQ (reblip)
Jillee @aerowolf36: ";)@scotlandlover: Fanx bofe fer RB larfing so much. (rest of comment censored for y'aall) (reblip)

Bargain! Shop Panties

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Jillee More briliant phrasing in this Folk classic
Jillee @scotlandlover@SandroC: Fanx bofe 4 Rb of wot mst be one of most gawjus toons evva. > @DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat K on a very sunny (but cool) Sunday (reblip)
Jillee One of the greatest anti war songs ever but it appears that nobdy's listening if middle east anyfink ter go by. Tara offta cook & eat Lamingtons

Eric Bogle The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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Jillee G'day, still got me non-call-up card. I was shitting meself that ballot. In a way, looking back it wud ave bin bloody good 4 me but ven I ad career

Redgum : I Was Only 19

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Jillee @Kithurst_Close: Tara offta cook so leaving yous wiv a funny from the late great Victoria Wood singing the Pam song
Jillee @eyedeal: G'day a gawjus song fer an overcast warm day in SA. Gr8 you u/stand C-F conversion equation F=(2C)+32
DJBadBilly Mary Wells ..He's A Lover. first single after leaving MOTOWN(Big Mistake)@Jillee@keefee@frankierocker@StreamingMimi @ARDELLd (reblip)
Jillee @djaces29@eyedeal@scotlandlover@DJ_Kithurst_Close: One of most innnovative groups of musos In my humble opinion... PCO with the late Simon Jeffes
Jillee @djaces29@eyedeal@scotlandlover@DJ_Kithurst_Close: Gawjus and really mind blowing ballet

Still Life at The Penguin Cafe

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Jillee @DJBadBilly: Still here (just) but elbows causing loads of pain evry now and then. Fanx fer RB Billy... Goodun cos it's a reflection of me at pres (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover@eyedeal@DJBadBilly@DJ_Kithurst_Close@GeorgeSand@SarahHorvat: These bits go so well vat exes havta wait Ceeyas KnJ

Careful with that Axe, Eugene / The Shining

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Jillee Oh the Goosebumps as ve opening riff is played
gypsybug RB!This is a gem@Jillee@GeorgeSand@DJBadBilly: Both J&K Quite taken mid-twenties envelope pushing There'll be more I'm sure Jazz is absolutely great (reblip)
eyedeal from 1925, that's 91 years! TYVM xo@Jillee: "@scotlandlover@eyedeal@SarahHorvat G'day + great jazz & retro fashions on a glorious Saturday in Sunny SA (reblip)
Jillee @GeorgeSand@DJBadBilly: G'day blipsters... And the Rite Wing media suggests S&M etc newish phenomenon not 1930's wiv syncopation. Just an observation.
Jillee Y D Pulse

Pink Floyd Live at Earl's Court 1994

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The 100 Greatest Motown Songs (1960-1994) (Part 2)

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Jillee Def. going... Just let her gawjus voice wash over you for 53 minutes (reblip)
luka2810 This gets me everytime @GeorgeSand: Goodnight/day BlipFriends ღ♪♫•*¨*•.¸ (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover@eyedeal@dj_kclose Me bruvva (bass) and Mike B4 last years ozzie tour
Jillee @SarahHorvat: @dj_kclose: Anuvva one for all you Dolly Birds from the annals of history (well 60's anyhow)

Georgie FameSunny

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Jillee @SarahHorvat@dj_kclose: G'day. what can i say except "I'm not coming out" ... he shouldn't have said mattresses you know MP sketch
Jillee @dj_kclose: Holy moly, what am I watching? LOL. 1 ov ve funniest R.S.C actors in Britain.. Was often in 80s Young Ones ☺K (reblip)
Jillee @SpinninSara Gawjus stuff, ta fer UB40 Rb & idea. Welcome to ve fave Dj club innit.

UB40- Madam Medusa (H20 Version)

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Jillee @scotlandlover: G'day... Bugger it, J I'm so jealous... hot days here :) Jills by heater in ovva room beside gas heater (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover: @sir_edward_ross@SarahHorvat@dj_kclose: Literature wiv a certain charm innit?

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

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Jillee @SarahHorvat@dj_kclose: 1hr:17mins:51secs of a certain mindset sticking wiv late 60s mode
Jillee @Shaman777@scotlandlover@ZONE@dj_kclose: Always loved this since it was used on SBS (Aust) as station ID
Jillee @SarahHorvat@dj_kclose@ed_dietryin: Such a gawjus montage in vid.

Handbags and Gladrags, Chris Farlowe

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scotlandlover ty, K...tis the stage where I once danced ...gn rb @Jillee: "@ scotlandlover Sumfink ter match those argyle socks" (reblip)
Jillee G'day, influenced by Gr8 Butthole Surfers Rb from @mark_till. Fanx squire delic
Jillee @DJBadBilly@GeorgeSand@scotlandlover: G'day, innit vo? Keef on a sunny spring morning in Adelaide, SA
Jillee @SarahHorvat@GeorgeSand: Just watched film with vis in score... Fort to meself I know blip'll ave it so ere it is :-)
Jillee @Jillee: @SarahHorvat: Je le trouve, oh what joy... Brilliant album set. Fink mine's converted to MP3s somewhere" (reblip)
DJBadBilly What Can I Do For You? , the followup to Lady Marmalade @Jillee

What Can I Do For You- Labelle

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Jillee @DJBadBilly: All coming tergevva now. Bloody wonderful daze


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Jillee I'll get all the bastards if I try hard enuff
Jillee @scotlandlover@Besos@His_Boy_Ellroy@JazzYogi888@DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat: Ow abowt vat... English words given fer ppl wivowt famblies from LDN innit?

A day in Paris MILES DAVIS full album

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Jillee John, Eric Slowhand Clapton, John Mc Vie and Hughy Flint Play the BEANO Album - Send this straight to the Pool Room (I have)
Jillee @Substitute: 'Ees from Essex and torking abowt is yoof . Is muvva's in ve ordience but is farva's not ees ve alpha/silverbak So funny anyow tara all

Russell Kane

| play
Jillee @DJBadBily@scotlandlover@SarahHorvat: G'day Jst found vis... Alan Price (keys), Manfreds and me bruvva on bass beside AP. Cheered me up on a rainy day

Alan Price I Put a Spell on You and Boom Boom

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Jillee @DeAnnLR@MemoryLane@Clair_De_Lunar@GJV@DJBadBilly@StarDust3: One of best LPs smoke yer spliffs ever... Listen 2 the poetry and the imagery is tangible
Jillee @DJBadBilly Fanx fer all the brill rbs terday... Hope this appeals

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 'Volume One' [HD] with Playlist

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De_Ann ♪ღ✽@Jillee: @DeAnnLR@DJBadBilly@scotlandlover@SarahHorvat: Bruvva makes appearance wiv Manfreds. ... Dorian Gray nevva gets older looking" (reblip)

Do Wah Diddy Diddy, The Manfreds, Nottingham

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Jillee @SarahHorvat@scotlandlover@GeorgeSand: Simply gawjus avagoodweekend tara offta cook fings

Chopin Nocturne opus 9 no.1 par Brigitte Engerer

| play
Jillee Enjoy... from an idea by an old Morse episode. Tara offta cook ceeyas

MOZART/ BERGMAN, 'TROLLFLÖJTEN', 1975 [ En. subtitles, 'The Magic Flute' ]

| play
Jessica_Rabbit yeah I've heard of Amish in PA.@Clair_De_Lunar:Ha! No kidding. @JR: Ha Ha@Clair_De_Lunar: "LOL that's the other side of the state, we're gangsta here (reblip)
DJBadBilly When The Levee Breaks (reblip)

When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin +Lyrics

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Jillee G'day all, saw the story of Garifuna people in Belize last night. what a history from W/Af to US as slaves, s/wrecked on Belize coast... own language

Garifuna Music "Mabahudubadina"

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Jillee @diamondgal: Cheers fer wonderful Tamla Rb. Playing air-bass as I lissen > @DJBadBilly (reblip)
Jillee late night present Keef in SA
Jillee @scotlandlover@SarahHorvat@DJBadBilly: Something to watch on a lazy Sunday Keef enjoying warm wevva and watchin the rain :-)
Radiobread an era not forgotten @Jillee: "@DJBadBilly@Sven777@Radiobread: It was a 60s album full of 60s mems & values that we relished" (reblip)
AlienThomas 1 more time (after time)@StreamingMimi:Hi & TY@Jillee: @STM Absolutely gawjus Fanx so much for just the right toon with just the right Vid @sll (reblip)
Radiobread we love you @Jillee +Keef

The Rolling Stones WE LOVE YOU

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DJBadBilly NEVER with a Capital "N"@Jillee: "@DJBadBilly: So bloody frightening... its why right-wingers must never be trusted" (reblip)
Jessica_Rabbit yeah!@gypsybug: "The original video! @Seal_FM: "Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time"" (reblip)
Jillee @DJBadBilly@SarahHorvat: Similar to the Hollow crown series of Shakespeare after Richard 111 murdered at Bosworth in 1485 when Stanley turns traitor.

The Shadow of the Tower Episode 1 Henry Tudor.

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Joe Jackson LIVE @ Ottawa Bluesfest July 7, 2016 [4K UHD]

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Jillee @DJBadBilly: Familiar wiv ovva vers but winsome vocals nails it fer me. Ta fer gr8 Rb & ave Gr8 Easter Sunday. Keith & Jill in souf oz :-) (reblip)
Jillee @Al_Hes_Slim: Fanx fer gawjus Sheila Chandra Rb gave me idea for Maddy and Steeleye and proves can't judge book by cover innit?
Jillee @SGMan G'Day. Fanx fer JJ idea here's lovely song that was so popular in Ozzyland fer sum reason maybe cos it's arranged like wall of sound
Jillee @DJBadBilly G'day, Fanx fer I'm a man idea, listen to This it's bloody priceless esp keith Relf's harp & samwell-smith's bass on Smokestack Lightning
Jillee @scotlandlover@GeorgeSand@Shaman777@JazzYogi888@DJBadBilly: G'day all, sumfink nice on vis sunny Satdy arvo... ope yers like it KnJ in Souf Oz

The Kinks In Concert (Live at the BBC 1973)

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Jillee Obviously you cant always trust Eugene wiv yer Danelectro lyre can yer?

Careful With That Axe, Eugene [Live]

| play
Jillee @DJ_ursuLLa7 1 good turn deserves anuvva dunnit? Ta 4 LL Idea. Keef in sunny souf oz
Jillee @SarahHorvat@scotlandlover:Such a gawjus toon wiv all the right components played just right. Must get blip ter bruvva b4 goes to eng in Nov

"Memphis Soul Stew" (live) King Curtis & The Kingpins

| play
Jillee @DJ_Annie85: TY4gr8 rb will use this to start sleep g'night K in Oz @ 11:40 :-) 11 (reblip)

Erik Satie — Berceuse (Lullaby)

| play
Jillee Voila

The Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company, Little List.wmv

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amycanbe to be on your playlist :-)


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eyedeal ★ Emma Gonzalez survived the #Florida.shooting — She speaks more eloquently, fiery & honestly than any gutless politician, lawmakers & gun advocates.

'We call BS': Florida students demand stricter gun control laws

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Jillee @Sven777: Not familiar wiv Biber so fanx fer intro n gawjus RB 23:14 so g'night ppl knj Adelaide, SA (reblip)

Biber Violin Sonatas

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special THX4~~> My 475 Fav DJays Last 10 #HNY2019
Jillee @Sven777@karatte@scotlandlover: G'day, best I can do at short notice. Will discuss wiv bruvva wen ee arrives later vis mumpf

Ginger Baker's Air Force (1970) FULL ALBUM

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Jillee @scotlandlover: Had to be done, forgive me J. KnJ :-)
Jillee @Radiobread @scotlandlover: About 13 days to vis years B-Day (Gosh... sounds like toilet humour dunnit) KnJ
Jillee @GeorgeSand@StreamingMimi: et al not in Oz... Mid morning music for me. Ah well, the days travails begin :-) bugger ver goes my mobile (cellphone) now
Jillee @ate2zee@Sven777@scotlandlover@GeorgeSand: So vers me n Wayne talking about great gigs of ve past wen vis pops up How I luvved Highway 61
Jillee @Sven777@scotlandlover@ellendiane@GeorgeSand: G'day...To me, J n W this is like stepping thru a looking glass wivout a Tardis 2 get back home to now.

MELANIE SAFKA Lay Down Extended Version YouTube

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Jillee @scotlandlover: Heard Eng folk version last night but vis has Dolly's typical vocal fullness

Dolly Parton Silver Dagger on Regis Kathy Lee

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Jillee Could be retitled eat the old Etonians
Jillee @GeorgeSand: G'day, still surviving the bloody heat. Must confess the cat pic did it for me (oh and the gawjus music). Happy holidays all.

Classical Music for Studying & Brain Power | Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky...

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Jillee @ellendiane@GeorgeSand@scotlandlover Anyone in/near/around Connecticut should get along to Silver-Water, Conn for only mass showing of JMWT in US.
Jillee @ellendiane@GeorgeSand: G'day youse... Gobsmacked, but to make it easier at least there's a score to follow but sadly no bouncing ball. K :-)

Bach Preludes and Fugues 1-12 Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, PIANO + SCORE

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Jillee @scotlandlover@DJBadBilly@ellendiane: Poor sods in NSW, ACT. SA etc wake up to this as maybe new normal everyday Adelaide's turn 4 smoke haze today K
TheJan With A Little Help From My Friends

Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Friends 1969 in Woodstock

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DJBadBilly Dr. Buzzard reformed into Kid Creole..Wonderful Thing (reblip)
ate2zee Pass me one of those Colt 45s CZ--or maybe a half can. RB@CharlieZipp: Where have all the listers gone? Have they found a new place to list song after (reblip)
ellendiane tears of a clown-s. robinson drinking coffee;)-@ellendiane: "I second that emotion xx rb@eyedeal: "☕ Life is short. Drink coffee first. .❛‿❛."" (reblip)
ellendiane x rb@eyedeal mesmerizes with a smile …” .❛‿❛.#Spectacular animated video: 9,000 hand-drawn frames illustrate a late-night rendezvous at a Jazz club." (reblip)
giuliozu @eyedeal: "“Give me liberty. Or give me death. But keep it simple❣” Thanks. (rb) x@dirt_creak" (reblip)
ate2zee UhHuh BTW how bout plugging that thing in RB@CharlieZipp:Dreams wasn't bad, Seen the Ramones 15 times@ATE And now, for balance, I need a soothing lute (reblip)
GaiaMix ✯^-^)/ Great choice! Thanks, @ate2zee: "1986 with Keith Richards and Ron Wood on guitar ...so it's Spotify or RBs time again Blip diehards" (reblip)

Aretha Franklin ~ Jumpin' Jack Flash

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ate2zee Beautiful version RB@GaiaMix: "❋^-^)/ Meirelles e Os Copa 5 –❂– Naima" (reblip)
scotlandlover been awhile since took that drive @sir_edward_ross: "re-visted @sl "driving away via @sir_edward_ross: "....somewhere out on highway 61 ..." (reblip)
ate2zee I don't know either, but that's my life story. Here today gone tomorrow seems pretty real lately RB@CharlieZipp: "Don't know what else to say@ate2zee (reblip)
giuliozu @smaclaren: "Take a look at the film clip: Jam session at the Harlem Cats Eatery...."" (reblip)
sommergirl @pulsar.. "bittersweet symphony....The Verve.....I love love this.. (reblip)
GeorgeSand "The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart." ~George Sand(1804-1876)-Pseudonym of Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, friend of Chopin (reblip)

Nocturne No 6 In G Minor, Op 15, No 3 Jacques Loussier

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GaiaMix ✿^-^)/ Great version! Thank you, @smaclaren: "Some mellow jazz with Zoot Sims on saxophone & Bucky Pizzarelli playing the guitar." (reblip)

Zoot Sims. Come rain or come shine. (1974)

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ellendiane so very sorry for your multiple losses xo rb@QuietDJ: "Cancer" My Father died on 5/13/20, just 4 days after the 2nd anniversary of my Mother's death. (reblip)
GaiaMix ☆^-^)/ Autumn in New York •*.❋.*•☆• Autumn in New York (reblip)
Hymns4Eva masterpiece✴ ty @DJOubliette: "I cried at the end @eubieland: "automatic!@avivajazz: "Very nice! TY ✴ @tirebouchon: "miles davis, blue in green" (reblip)

Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

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I'll Never Smile Again

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Jillee @scotlandlover: fanx fer rb, absolutely gawjus G'night from chilly Adelaide, SA. So takes me back 2 a more innocent time of less stressful living knj (reblip)

Jefferson Airplane "Come up the years"

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Verissimo @zoja01: "Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms - Live in Copenhagen" (reblip)
eyedeal ★ Listening RJ's Crossroad is still an outstanding experience. Watching Bruce Conner's Crossroads http://j.mp/2injuj3 is still a horrible experience. (reblip)
GJV @giuliozu: "@eyedeal hope this catches on (reblip)

Miles Davis Kind Of Blue

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GeorgeSand rb @smaclaren: "Jackson C. Frank (1943 - 1999) was an American folk musician & song writer with a beautiful voice & an astonishingly tragic life." (reblip)

Jackson C. Frank : Blues Run The Game

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Jillee @eyedeal: "★ … gawjus rb fanx. Worf waiting up for. G'night (reblip)

Pink FloydTime

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Seal_FM @Seal_FM: "The Spencer Davis Group – Keep on Running" (reblip)
Seal_FM @Seal_FM: "Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (reblip)

♥ Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini"

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Seal_FM @Seal_FM: "The Zombies – She's Not There" (reblip)
Seal_FM @Seal_FM: "Unit Four Plus Two - Concrete And Clay 1964 Stereo" (reblip)

Unit Four Plus Two Concrete And Clay 1964 Stereo

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Seal_FM @Seal_FM: "Lulu - To Sir With Love -1967 Stereo" (reblip)

Lulu To Sir With Love 1967 Stereo

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ate2zee Wait a minute--I thought Sunday was the day of rest RB@CharlieZipp: "You need to keep busy@ATE My Ma says idleness is Beelzebub's plaything. They alwa (reblip)
smaclaren Henry Thomas' Bulldoze blues (1928) was used by Canned Heat (reblip)

Bulldoze blues, Henry Thomas

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smaclaren The three Boswell Sisters go down that lonesome road in 1934 (reblip)
smaclaren Beautiful rendition of Bach's 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' by Martin Fröst, clarinet, Svante Henryson, cello & Roland Pöntinen, piano (reblip)

J.S.Bach: Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude

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roc_one @Hymns4Eva: "ty both@killahtunz: "@GeorgeSand: "Self-Portrait in Three Colors - Charles Mingus Jr. (April 22, 1922 – January 5, 1979)""" (reblip)


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eyedeal ★ Classical soprano Renée Fleming —and cellist Yo-Yo Ma & Billy Childs— add new meaning to her hometown Laura Nyro's ode, “New York Tendaberry.” Λ gem

New York Tendaberry

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Jillee @scotlandlover@StreamingMimi: G'day from an Englishman in Adelaide, Souf Orstraalia (notice the typical, drawn out Strine accent on the country name) (reblip)

G. Gershwin (Arr. Heifetz): An American in Paris

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Seal_FM Love Affair. Bringing On Back The Good Times. My old home town during the '60s.

Love Affair. Bringing On Back The Good Times.

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eyedeal ★ And the sun slowly sets in the American East. — ‘Night mates.
killahtunz @Rocketron: "Have a good day @killahtunz" U2 and we will make future arrangements (reblip)
HobbeLink Mary Hopkin ~ Those Were The Days
Jillee @eyedeal: Gawjus & powerful tune❣️ unheard solo vers of "Neva Gonna Lose My Faith” arrived 2 honor #Juneteenth. Enjoy" Bravo frm Souf Oz K @ellendiane (reblip)
ellendiane I used to know the keyboard player- Toots & the Maytals Pressure drop
plural Free Music Archive (FMA), music licensed under Creative Commons. Good option for podcasts and media projects in YT ---> https://freemusicarchive.org/
eyedeal ThanQ kindly (from a Dylan-fan), dear Stephen, for this Bob Dylan's mournful protest song! A truth telling worth to learn, indeed. xo@Radiobread "@eye (reblip)

The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll March 10th 1964

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Ancient Celtic Folk Song (In Gaelic) Lyric Translation in description

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geegee_ Ummm... *undo* I think- it might have to do w/ privalge Do You feel Privileged???

Rocky Raccoon (The Beatles) Guitar Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics

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CharlieZipp Ages ago, Granpappy came here with his mandolin and a dream to open an adult bookstore. The internet destroyed the dream.
CharlieZipp Of course, then there are those "woke" shoguns.
CharlieZipp This man was a real whiz-bang kid.

JON LORD Continuo on BACH (Munich 01.06.74)

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CharlieZipp Once I wore Sassoon, and Ma thought that was so beyond the pale she wouldn't speak to me for a week. (reblip)
CharlieZipp Do you believe in magic? I do. I saw it when two bachelor silver spoons moved in together, one to get away from his bitchy mother. I was enchanted. (reblip)
CharlieZipp I will be spending the rest of the afternoon in deep meditation.

Lute Classical Music | Baroque Renaissance Instrumental Music

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eyedeal ★ “I didn’t think it was unorthodox,” Hendrix had said. “I thought it was beautiful.” Woodstock performance resonated then, and it still does now.

Charlie Musselwhite ‎- Takin' My Time 1971 (full album)

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Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

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yahowa57 Joe Jackson ~ I'm The Man (reblip)
EarwaxOfSatan Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers ~ A Night In Tunisia

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / A Night In Tunisia (1986)

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CharlieZipp Not many people know that Chuck Wooley was the original host of Wheel of Fortune I knew... (reblip)

God bless the Child-Blood, Sweat and Tears

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sir_edward_ross re-honk, re-tonk @scotlandlover: "more cowbell needed... "Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women"" (reblip)
CharlieZipp Do those Gammons wear dull-colored turtlenecks?@Jillee Because harveys tend to wear those, especially the older ones, along with funny caps at times. (reblip)


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Miles Davis- Night Music with David Sanborn

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BklynBagel @ellendiane: "listening;)xx rb @ComixRock: "this is an amazing intro total surprise"" (reblip)

Eric ClaptonLayla

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DJBadBilly Janis Joplin..Me and Bobby McGee (reblip)

janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

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killahtunz @Jillee: "@yahowa57: G'day from rainy SA, Fanx fer gr8 JJ Rb. >> @GJV@CharlieZipp@killahtunz" LOOOVE JOE! I woul have chosen PGFM, also! (reblip)
CharlieZipp I'm trying to forget those days, except for the music of course@Jillee (reblip)
CharlieZipp My barber is also a Shaolin boxer, and he's going to show me the dim mak, a.k.a. the "stun touch".
eyedeal ★ Jeff Beck play ❶ Nadia ❷ Scatterbrain ❸ Lopsy Lu — with Vinnie Colaiuta & guest Stanley Clark. #Live at North Sea Jazz Fest. '06

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke  North Sea Jazz Fes.2006 (3Songs)

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Jillee @Sven777@CharlieZipp@eyedeal: G'day, wot rampant capitalism leads to innit. Hope oz wakes op b4 too bloody late. Luv billy bragg stuff
Jillee @Sven777@CharlieZipp@eyedeal: BB Sorta keeps me sane in a world disappearing into itself K
Jillee @CharlieZipp@eyedeal:G'day, bruvva says incredibly tight band musically to gig with. Enjoy concert. Lovely day in Adelaide very sunny. K

osibisa live 1972

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GJV TY@killahtunz: "@oopipip: "Monkey On A String • Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers (1926)" have a great evening!" (reblip)

Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers-Monkey On A String

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CharlieZipp I never heard of James Hardie. You should hire punks to beat him up@ate2zee Or at least trash his car
CharlieZipp That rustic Minn. cabin@ate2zee That might be the perfect place when Armageddon comes.
CharlieZipp Yes, it's a miraculous time@ate2zee And me on the verge of being named Mr. Lunch three weeks in a row makes it even more special. (reblip)
CharlieZipp Good to see you too! Have a swell night@GaiaMix (reblip)

Miles Davis -- Herbie Hancock --- Watermelon Man

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sir_edward_ross Hiding in the attic with Martha Lorraine on #FishFriday (reblip)

Country Joe & The Fish "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"

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eyedeal ★ The Mississippi Delta is the birthplace of #blues music. And of a staple street food: the hot tamale, which inspired #Robert.Johnson to pen an ode.

Robert Johnson-They're Red Hot

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CharlieZipp And now it seems to be working again@ate2zee What a swirly place these days.
Jillee @StonyTunes: Great toon regardless of platform innit? K in sunny Adelaide, Souf Oz >> @eyedeal (reblip)

The Kinks 'Lola' Live.

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tenderlee ~~ ~~ very strange~~you gotta pick up every~~stich ~~ ~*~

Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & Trinity: Season of the Witch- Live

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Axioma74 The Who – Baba O'Riley (reblip)
sommergirl lol!..lively indeed..they could be rockin' to this..tyrb;)@pulsar: "Strolling on with @sg Very lively audience! lol (reblip)
Jillee @CharlieZipp: Bloody brilliant RB, fanx loads. How I rate these musos. K in sunny Souf Oz (reblip)
Seal_FM Cream – White Room ( Farewell Concert 1968)
Seal_FM [The Virgin Queen OST] The Virgin Queen (feat The Mediaeval baebes)

[The Virgin Queen OST] The Virgin Queen (feat The Mediaeval baebes)

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Seal_FM Zadok the Priest

Zadok the Priest

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ellendiane Country Joe McDonald @ Woodstock

Country Joe Mcdonald at Woodstock

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CharlieZipp And who can forget that nail-biting time when Arnold and Dudley almost fell victim to that kooky bicycle shop owner? Such a close call. (reblip)
Jillee @scotlandlover@ellendiane@eyedeal@CharlieZipp: G'day, Steve' vocals, Hammond & Leslie Tone Cabinet... musical gawjusness personified Keef
CharlieZipp "We got to watch these people all the time" - Hieronymous Fox, circa 1979/80
ellendiane Bob Dylan -Thunder on the Mountain- wishing Colorado (Estes Pk) and the rest of our country fire & hate free
ellendiane "Which Side Are You On"- American Socialist song

“Which Side Are You On” — American Socialist Song

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ellendiane No more performing - G-d bless Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie/ Amazing Grace

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ellendiane I thought it was the bridge in Maine;)haha x rb@CharlieZipp: "Ring ring! Would you be interested in a Iowa timeshare, then? Hardy Har!@ellendiane" (reblip)
plural rb @me: "The Pogues: the story of the landing at Galipoli (1915), #AntiWar songs" / @Jillee (reblip)
Jillee @eyedeal: this is what a real socialist sounds like... brilliant
CharlieZipp I hope when the next "protests" come, the Footlocker has my size.
scotlandlover ~ttfn~xo

Long John Baldry Band 'Flying'

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MZDancer no, i'm never too old in Rock'n'Roll when I have young soul! :) @plural: "too old to rock 'n' roll ~too young to die" (reblip)
MZDancer :) @eyedeal: "★ My sentiments exactly regarding the political situation. ///// https://bit.ly/32oov0L • Att:@MZ @smaclaren @all" (reblip)

Dmitri Shostakovich [Дмитрий Шостакович]: Symphony No. 7 in C major “Leningrad”, Op. 60

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Translinear_Sound "These are some of my favorite things"

John Coltrane "My Favorite Things" 1961 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)

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Jillee @plural@ellendiane@CharlieZipp@Translinear_Sound: G'day, A truly gawjus toon as ISB evolve

The Incredible String Band -- The Water Song (From DVD 'Live at The Lowry')

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smaclaren a very good horse...ha ha @UltraMarin: "..perhaps reincarnation as Paul Revere’s horse? @smac (reblip)
GaiaMix ✿^-^)/ Great jazz! Thanks, @CharlieZipp: "Miles Davis Septet – Spanish Key" (reblip)
ate2zee 1957 Thelonious Monk–piano John Coltrane–t sax ...Thelonious Monk was born in North Carolina, & some of my people lived there too...a beautiful state (reblip)

Off Minor Take 5

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Translinear_Sound Thank you, i hope the dark look is temorary @smaclaren: "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special THX4~~> My 3,965 Listeners & 475 Fav DJays Last 1 Goodbye, Blip family Blip.fm has finally died. Thank U #PinkFloyd


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CharlieZipp North American lute players are an eccentric bunch@ate2zee Although all the cool kids in my school were in lute recital and air hockey,

Joseph Haydn Cassation in C major for Lute Violin and Violoncello

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CharlieZipp Around here, air hockey is a way of life@ate2zee It got my brother through community college.

Going To A Go-Go

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Spikester Radio K.A.O.S - Roger Waters (Full Album)
CharlieZipp I can't see my fave DJs page. I ain't paying for this anymore! (reblip)
CharlieZipp I'm in need of a nap. Too much thinking as of late. Have a glorious Thursday. (reblip)
CharlieZipp The computer did not solve pi, mind you. It just worked on that until the entity left@ate2zee And discos are still alive and well in certain parts.
CharlieZipp Here's one right here@Jillee

Waterloo Sunset ~ The Kinks ~ Live 1973

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plural re Kinks @CharlieZipp: "Here's one right here@Jillee" (reblip)

Waterloo Sunset ~ The Kinks ~ Live 1973

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sommergirl indeed!..smokin' hot!..tyrb...@pulsar: "@sg Some Jeff Beck for you :) Smokin'! (reblip)

Jeff Beck-Led Boots

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sommergirl Excellent!..love..love..tyrb;)..@pulsar: "@sg Good blues rock (reblip)
ate2zee 1979 by Muddy Waters

Howling Wolf (Live)

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HobbeLink Donovan ~ Season of the Witch

DONOVAN Season of the Witch #1

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ellendiane thank you x rb@Buzzz Jethro Tull- Locomotive Breath - (reblip)
CharlieZipp I began listening to them not too long ago. Interesting@Jillee
Sven777 @CharlieZipp@Jillee get this book with Free unreleased third ear band cd FERRARI, LUCA: GLEN SWEENEY’S ALCHEMIES: http://www.rermegacorp.com/
Jillee G'ay Eng crown never come to formal Treaty wiv original peoples. State of Terra Nullius or empty land declared 1770ish. In Fact Ab culture 60k yo
Jillee @Sven777@CharlieZipp@ellendiane@scotlandlover: Put it in your playlists. A rare Fairport with Sandy Denny vocals. Hens teeth are easily found.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Live)

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Jillee Hows this for some nostalgic fluff eh?

LIVERPOOL A GO GO the mersey beats ARC8050 MONO FULL LP

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eyedeal ❤️ ▬ The best way to honor #Beethoven’s 250th? Listen to every note he ever wrote: https://wapo.st/3hsHJZG .❛‿❛.

LIVE: 250 Jahre Ludwig van Beethoven – Jubiläumskonzert aus der Oper Bonn I Daniel Barenboim | WEDO

| play
eyedeal ❤️ • Martha Argerich and Mischa Maisky #Live from the Görlitz synagogue. Oct.13.2020 • Works by J. S. Bach, L. v. Beethoven an M. Bruch • Absolute Gem

Martha Argerich & Mischa Maisky LIVE aus der Synagoge Görlitz 13.10.2020

| play
eyedeal ❤️ Tchaikovsky's esoteric Piano Concerto # 1 ☀️ Martha Argerich & Daniel Barenboim/ East-West Divan Orch. \\ #Mesmerizing, unforgettable performance.

TCHAIKOVSKY PIANO CONCERTO # 1 ~ Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim/ East-West Divan Orch.

| play
CharlieZipp John's German girlfriend Bettina is in the audience. You can hear him say her name.


| play
scotlandlover thank you so very much and wishing you the same :) rb @plural: "P. McCartney @ scotlandlover / hope you will have a wonderful 2021" (reblip)
ate2zee I'd stick that in a blender @CharlieZipp: Supper tonight will be some kind of poultry, a nutritious delicious vegetable paste. one Hostess Ding Dong (reblip)
Jillee @Sven777 : Fanx fer Pigs idea. BTW adn't seen vat photo phasing since Aimee McDonald's Knock on Wood
ate2zee It was almost banned in France, and totally banned in New Jersey until edited...Dangerous Liaisons, murder, etc--a cautionary tale @CharlieZipp: @ATE (reblip)
Limerence Wow. Tysm @Usva: "When Covid landed up here this was #stayhome video by police authorities. Singer is former opera singer, now a policeman..new 2021 (reblip)
Seal_FM The Zombies – Time Of The Season (with lyrics) official
Seal_FM Supertramp – Dreamer (Live in Paris 1979)
Jillee @eyedeal: Sadly, for many poor bastards could almost be post covid economics. Watch last frame of vid in particular, just frightening.
eyedeal #HNY cara Sally❣️❣️(rb)...Voulez-vous Miles avec moi ce soir? Big hug, m'dear @smaclaren Happy New Year, dear Laura & keep your good music coming @eye
Jillee Love this Mike D' Abo and me bruvva at posh London club where Bentleys and Lambos common as Vauxhalls or Chevvys
CharlieZipp It's amazing that anything Floyd plays here@Jillee Everything else is blocked, or only half works.
CharlieZipp When we hill and woods folk heard this for the first time, we didn't know if it came from angels or demons.

Kate Rusby: Until Morning from Philosophers, Poets and Kings

| play
Jillee @Spikester@Sven777@CharlieZipp@scotlandlover@ellendiane: Incredible visions without using Rizlas

A Very Cellular Song

| play
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special THX4~~> #PinkFloyd @Jillee Fearless
scotlandlover tyvm for the CK...love it! (also just cream for me as well) @Spikester: "Hi good morning =^••^= @sl (reblip)

Carole King 1971

| play
plural Telegraph Road @Jillee / I used to like to go to work but pandemic shut it down
Jillee @sommergirl@CharlieZipp@Sven777@scotlandlover@ellendiane: Just found this Album on a random trawl of YouTube didn't know existed > amazing comments

Incredible String Band --- On Air

| play
CharlieZipp Yes, you can find them with just a little effort@Spikester
Jillee @ericsradio: Gawjus should be Nat'l Anfem Gr8 Blip fanx loads (reblip)
ellendiane we r ol'school rocking x rb@CharlieZipp: "September 25, 1982. By fate I was around, and there they were, face to face, a couple of silver spoons... (reblip)
Jillee @CharlieZipp: "Tell us the secret of time travel. We know you know." Simple innit? Get a TARDIS :-) (reblip)
CharlieZipp Here's something I haven't blipped in a while. Kinda sad@Jillee
Spikester Great find! @CharlieZipp: "Could you pick him out in a lineup?" (reblip)
ellendiane sideways but lovely x rb@Jillee: "@scotlandlover@CharlieZipp@ellendiane: Well, after a brief sojourn Normal Service .... Pic is Muvva n me innit? K" (reblip)

Atom Heart Mother Suite

| play
plural rb @Jillee: "@p@CharlieZipp: Just listening to ve KOP at Anfield chanting is enough Gr8 RB Bofe Fanx" / gawjus, thanks (reblip)


| play
ate2zee CZ, it's an hour long...I'm busy listening to Mingus @CharlieZipp: Listen to this whole blip,& prop it. I guarantee your life will be happy & complete (reblip)

Weiss: Sonatas for Transverse Flute and Lute

| play
ellendiane tyvm x rb@Jillee: "Both music and artwork so bloody gawjus" E. Cortes (reblip)

Edouard Léon Cortès (1882–1969) ✽ French post-impressionist artist

| play
Jillee @scotlandlover@CharlieZipp: Have ter blip vis dunni? even if showing family favouritism to me bruvva who secretly misses gigging wiv vese blokes. K
Jillee @pulsar@sommergirl@ate2zee@CharlieZipp@scotlandlover@Sven777: Always rated Chris' voice and bruvva sez ees a nice bloke annall K

Handbags and Gladrags, Chris Farlowe

| play
Jillee @CharlieZipp: "Guess I'm obligated to play at least one Floyd per day." as am I obliged to say bravo & fanx fer ve brilliant RB. Keef in sunny Souf Oz (reblip)

Pink Floyd ‎– Saint Tropez 1970 Full Concert

| play

Elizabeth I and Victoria — Mediæval Bæbes (My care is like my shadow and The Suite)

| play
CharlieZipp Who knows. We may even throw in a Chuck Norris movie into the screening party. Perhaps two, if the feeling is there.
CharlieZipp We aren't hard on Gramps. After all, he did teach us computer science. A valuable skill.
Jillee @sommergirl: Great version of Miracles Tamla

Choosey Beggar

| play
Jillee @ellendiane: "miles davis human nature"brilliant RB band I saw in Adelaide, SA Fanx k (reblip)
Translinear_Sound Classic ty@reincarnation: "Sad Anniversary Marvin Gaye ( #April2 1939 – #April1 1984) gotta play this one..." (reblip)
HobbeLink Donovan ~ Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

| play
CharlieZipp This is a groovy find. Going to listen right this minute. Danke@Spikester