Model_Daughters this one's popular, what a shock ;) // Robots In Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
rico Move away Joe Frazier!

CASSIUS CLAY * Dennis Alcapone.

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Joleesa ☆ Bam Bam ☆ ~k, this girly got ta get to bed bed...thank you DJs and Listeners - goodnight~

Sister NancyBam Bam

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JimmyStagger Half of Johnny & The Self Abusers became Simple Minds, the rest did this (1977)

Cuban HeelsDowntown

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skip_intro Copenhagen: A lotta people won't get no justice tonight, the way things are going.

Willie Williams armagideon time

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vandaleyes another great one off the killed by death series. inspired by @JimmyStagger.
pussygaloria007 Here's a local band...used to watch them when I was a teen...hope I don't lose you! Haha xx @JimmyStagger
JimmyStagger @Modster...this guy has amazing vocal abilities in squealing.. ;~)" No effin' joke, chief. Whoah haha... (reblip)
pussygaloria007 IDK what I was Googling when I found "angry brocolli" but found it again! xx @PunkBroc (reblip)


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pussygaloria007 Love this! (And as for my previous blip, I like your brocolli more!) xx @PunkBroc: "Howdy do" (reblip)
pcsketch This is fun! Black Sabbath - I am Santa Claus (reblip)
razorfire There ain't no hole in the Washtub!!!! @squidbrain: ". Anal Cunt covering the Riverbottom Nightmare Band from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas." (reblip)

Anal Cunt / Riverbottom Nightmare Band

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General Oh my god this is so good.

Joe Queer And The Nobodys-Walk Like An Egyptian

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JimmyStagger RB @hamburglar // People, this fine individual has no badge. A CRIME. Let's go. The classics are spun here. Follow or face my wrath. (reblip)
pulsar Automatic reblip on Q65! One of my fave tunes! RB @hamburglar: "gettin' sleepy, so long all!" (reblip)
TMA7 Our headlines should be more like this.
lantz45 Black Hawk Down "All is vanity and vexation of spirit." lantz45

black hawk down soundtrack denez prigent & lisa gerrard gortoz a ran

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sandyriverside It's like watching a Law & Order where the serial killer wins @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
TroyHolder "Wild Weekend" by Psycho Surgeons (Australia)1978

02-psycho surgeons-wild weekend-1978-Australia

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sandyriverside @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice agreed. I wish I could say it gets worse and worse every visit. But it seems to maintain the same level of shit.
TroyHolder "Nothing" by Ground Zero (US)1979

Ground ZeroNothing

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TroyHolder @JimmyStagger "Agitated" by The Muldoons (US)2005
TroyHolder "Cyclotron" by Die Electric Eels (US)1975
vgan gnite everyone, thanks for all the fun blips tonight! @JimmyStagger @Modster @vandaleyes
TroyHolder "Baby's On Fire" by Peter Laughner (US)1993


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JimmyStagger Love it thanks! @vandaleyes: "@JimmyStagger some sleazy power poppin' shite. :)" (reblip)
TroyHolder "Cloud 9 / I Live in a Neighborhood of Murderers / Two Horse Collars" by Charles Bukowski (US)1976


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SkaRadio vi@JimmyStagger @tommygunnn @DJSkalexy if you don't think this is the shit, I don't even know you ;)
LynnSunshine Very good>@LinwoodStudios: "choice! RB @BohlianSunshine: "@gpharley: "@bluedreamz: "TY rb@ckafadar2: "The Police "Message in a Bottle" 1st time live"" (reblip)

Rock History: The Police "Message in a Bottle" 1st time live

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JimmyStagger NICE! Already out of props, so must RB @Blahzy: "@JimmyStagger" (reblip)

Pegboy 'Through My Fingers'

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JimmyStagger @Blahzy just got into these guys! // @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Mama Stagger didn't raise no fool ;)

Nervebreakers: Politics

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JimmyStagger @Joleesa Eddy's band who originally did "Baby Back Come Back"...Clash did this one later on "Sandinista!"...

The Equals "Police On My Back" (Studio) Eddy Grant clash uk pop

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The Drums-Dont Be a Jerk Jonny

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cheesy80s Turn around @CBSRadioFM Look at what @kimme23 sees In @StreamingMimi's face The mirror of @kymberlie's dreams


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Thompson Twins Doctor! Doctor!

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magdalenasqualor @JimmyStagger @chelseagirl @smilecin But I warn you,there are some extremely SPOOKY and CREEPY adjectives here. Listen only in a well lit room.
magdalenasqualor @JimmyStagger but it pays the bills (and you guessed it - I pimp)

Liquor & Whores

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FLASHBACKFREDDIE Ronnie's song - LAX (It's all about Mr. Reagan)

LAXRonnie's Song

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powerdrill Bebop careful...

Axe Victim

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FLASHBACKFREDDIE Icehouse – We Can Get Together (1981)

Man From China ~ Vivabeat ~ 1979

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Blahzy @JimmyStagger. I Would Love To See A Ball Game At Fenway!
JimmyStagger Alright kids, show's over for now. Goodnight and ta!
FLASHBACKFREDDIE PLEASURE AND THE BEAST – DR. SEX More from the underside of humanity

The Confidentials-Heartache

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DJPJH great pop band...the early singles are gems, all

The Brain Train-Me

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noiseAnnoys83 evening @JimmyStagger just surfin' away on the internets
WildWildSound A declaration and a damned if I don't care anymore..."I'm a Born Loser", baby!

Patrik Fitzgerald: 'Come & Get Your Punk in Woolworths'

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rico joe's gonna get his piece of the pie
Uller Dropkick Murphys~Jailbreak Check this cover out
JimmyStagger Short break from GP to play this killer one from @BrainSaw thanks man (reblip)
TroyHolder "Old World" by The Modern Lovers (US)1976


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TroyHolder "Nothing" by Ground Zero (US)1979

Ground ZeroNothing

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SHERRYBABY65 :):):):) dont disturb x lololol excuse me im in a another world hang the sign upon the door lololol :):):) i am grooving tonight
JimmyStagger What...the...hell...hahaha @Dawnrazor: "Big Country – Don't Fear The Reaper. Great cover" (reblip)
DependableSkeleton Nice one. RB vi@CargoCulte: "@JimmyStagger Come to think of it, I share my last name with a porn star." (reblip)
exlibrix lets follow all of this up with a little love and squalor @JimmyStagger / hello @verticalhouse

The A-Bones w/The Great Gaylord-Squat With Me Baby

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The Racket Squad "Hung Up" 45rpm 1968

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JimmyStagger RB @Dawnrazor awesome pick, sir. Yeah I have to figure out how to convert my CDs, at the moment I've just got vinyl up (automatically mp3s) (reblip)
JimmyStagger Out of props, awesome RB @Paddy (reblip)

Everybody's On Revolver Tonight ~ O Level (1978)

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Joleesa ✫ Brigadier Jerry - Armagiddeon Style ✫ ...laaaaaawd a mercy...

Jeff Britton-Rub Out

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JimmyStagger @katterfelto @Will_the_bloke sadly Dale Bozzio is in a New Hampshire jail related to animal cruelty charges
ElDorkoPunkRetro @nofrills: "All the base are belong to us... ;) RB @BurstPistil: "I love this title! @nofrills" I can't believe I'm hearing this on" (reblip)

The MopsI'm A Mops

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ElDorkoPunkRetro The Meteors - I Hate People ...not sure why, but I think I like this better than anti-nowhere's version...
TenaciousF Thanks @JimmyStagger. I'm just gonna do this last one and then that's it. Time for sleeping. (What are you doing up so late?)

CultsGo Outside

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SECOND LAYER fixation 1981

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Ktistec Thanks as always for being a constant listener! Hope you are doing well. @JimmyStagger
JimmyStagger @Ktistec thank you, chief...I'm good and hope you're the same or better
JimmyStagger @PenelopeVintage you know what they say about great minds and all...
JimmyStagger RB @pulsar thought this got deleted! I'd buy you a beer for this! (reblip)

R. Stevie Moore 'Manufacturers'

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JimmyStagger @toxiferous man, I should have thought of this, follow up to "Birds Fly" I think #screwyouandthehorseyourodeinon
JimmyStagger @Flying_Roundhouse strted up a scooter in my mind...Mod Mod Mod (1980)

THE CROOKSModern boys

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Aces- One way street 1981 UK Powerpop Mod

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JimmyStagger @deadwood4 hey sorry forgot to thank you for that tune before, here's one for you
ElDorkoPunkRetro U.S. Distress – Jess @JimmyStagger you dislike this band???...I used to love this song in the 80's

U.S. DistressJess

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JimmyStagger ah shucks pal, thanks. Everyone needs to tune into @ElDorkoPunkRetro b/c he totally lives up to his name :)

The Sneaks: Why Do You Run (1984)

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JimmyStagger MUUUUahaha @ElDorkoPunkRetro @Last0fmyKind (who should really be in on this) @PenelopeVintage

False Prophets-Overkill/Somebody React 1981

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JimmyStagger RB @thailis: "The Drones – Bone Idol!""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (reblip)

The DronesBone Idol

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JimmyStagger RB @smilecin & @brucifer I have never heard this!!! I love the Eddie & The Hot Rods' version, this is new to me! Killer! #coversthatdontsuck (reblip)
vandaleyes thanks @IDONMINE @babubeth @orangekittypie (undoubtedly the cutest screen name) @solid @eliott_is_dead // @JimmyStagger you are unstoppableeeeee! :)

The Alley Cats "just an Alley Cat"

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JimmyStagger @Last0fmyKind Second wave Cleveland punk salutes first wave Cleveland punk, you alone (of those up) will appreciate.
JimmyStagger RB @FCKahunaBob "i could do week of Stiff and only scratch the surface" (reblip)
JimmyStagger @greentrees be careful man, stay out of the water

Blue OrchidsThe Flood

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JimmyStagger OK last one at 4:40 AM. @FCKahunaBob Stiff single OFF 4. Have a good day, everyone!
rockboy Lifter Puller – Star Wars Hips >>> great track from craig finns old band give it a spin
pcsketch The Jack…Scream for me!

AcdcThe Jack

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FOGGIELOANER havent heard this in ages, cheers @FCKahunaBob: "Wire -- Midnight Bahnhof Cafe" (reblip)

Wire -- Midnight Bahnhof Cafe

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JimmyStagger @greentrees haha they were too funny. Hung out with them once in like, 1998. Good guys. Here's my favorite from them...(notice album title)
JimmyStagger @TommyGunnn while I always respected the Lakers, my loyalty here is obvious...Have to get past the Conference semis anyway, lets not get crazy yet :)
JimmyStagger I always try to, in my own weird way....

The Truth / Spread A Little Sunshine

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JimmyStagger @ShiaoMei Hey! Yeah haha we're never on at the same time it seems...
LynnSunshine GoodmorningHoney:)@zoja01: "rb@LynnSunshine: Muse vs Adam Ant-MUSE AT THE TOP (reblip)
JimmyStagger Now HERE is an organization I can join
JimmyStagger More Texas punk for @DirtyUrine ...aha thanks man

The Telefones-Bowling

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Elvis Costello and Beastie Boys- Radio, Radio

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JimmyStagger @Matericia here's a classic Philly punk/new wave band for you, chief.

The A'sWords [1979]

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pulsar Great sampling of a Sgt. Carter rant from the Gomer Pyle TV show. :) @JimmyStagger @vandaleyes

Tone SetOut! Out!

| play

MOOD SIX A1 What Have You Ever Done?

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Lindsey Buckingham – Trouble (1981) ~ How about a version that isn't cut off? ;-) This song is too good not hear in its entirety
JimmyStagger @SkaRadio Infamous, but awesome. #ska

Inspecter 7-Sleeping With Enemy

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JimmyStagger @SkaRadio HOLY CRAP. 90s New Jersey boys, saw them like 100 times. Terrific and excellent live. Respect! #ska
JimmyStagger RB@Blahzy I need to make a pilgrimage haha (reblip)

The DiodesChild Star

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The Tranzmitors- You Get Around

| play
JimmyStagger RB @Blahzy this guys are still around right? I need to catch them... (reblip)

The Tranzmitors- You Get Around

| play
JimmyStagger @ElDorkoPunkRetro what I'm sure you thought about saying at this meeting haha
JimmyStagger This song (actually just called "Fuck You Hoe") lovingly goes out to my brother, who found this tape by the side of the road in Miller Place, NY '99
rico This is England is a crap 7" but it has this excellent tune on the flip

Do It NowThe Clash

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JimmyStagger I have never, in my life, heard this song. #RamonesDay

The RamonesSlug

| play
JimmyStagger RB @tread: "I can use the blues. You can use this back-beat..." how was Pylon not bigger? I ust never understand... (reblip)
JimmyStagger RB @chelseagirl19 wow you people are on fire today, holy crap... (reblip)
Swampratje got this violent spirit.. feel I'd like to wax my TV @JimmyStagger
vandaleyes @JimmyStagger marry you? why, i'm flattered. haha, but there's just one thing i gotta know ... were you popular in high school?
JimmyStagger RB @ElNito: "french rock'n roll in its best outfit" (reblip)

DOGS evil heart 1980

| play

Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury, Diamonds Are Forever

| play
vandaleyes @JimmyStagger i think that's all i got.. well, besides the yummy fur's "catholic" which isn't on here haha.
vandaleyes :D RB @ElNito: "no miracle in hell !?! @JimmyStagger@vandaleyes" (reblip)

JOHNNY C AND THE BLAZES inferno (196?)

| play
22Crystal22 #1981 - if you play the record it goes on forever . beat beat beat.....
ElDorkoPunkRetro The Inhalants - Automatic Pilot, stolen...
JimmyStagger RB! Awesome sir @dronnoisseur: "the original rollins piss-take inspired by Jimmy Stagger" (reblip)
JimmyStagger RB @Cribs66 this is awesome, never heard this. (reblip)
jspace3 studio version that you can actually hear.

Big BoysFun Fun Fun

| play
JimmyStagger @PenelopeVintage oh I'm doing pretty good thanks. Looking forward to the weekend.
shakeyourmop Yellow Dog – Just One More Night
PenelopeVintage sets my heart a'flickering when I set eyes on you
shakeyourmop Dr Feelgood – She Does It Right @JimmyStagger @smilecin .... Word. :]
JimmyStagger RB! @Qrobur: very different from Bill Withers, but you put me in mind of // Fire Engines - Get Up And Use Me (Lubricate Your Living Room, 1980)" (reblip)
ElDorkoPunkRetro Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - You Stink
groundhog forgotten this -gem! (reblip)

The Au Pairs "We're So Cool"

| play
eLi182 The Groovie Ghoulies – A New England
GrassyKnoll RB@JimmyStagger: "@GrassyKnoll we probably were at a lot of the same shows's a great Joisey band from back then." - I'll ask her! (reblip)

Inspecter 7Agent 86

| play
LetGo haha, true. &thxs for being my 500th listener. rb@JimmyStagger: "Ha! Well you will be soon. Stay 34 as long as you can hahaha... #jimmystaggerturns35" (reblip)
badbabygirl good visuals..I can see for miles and it..tyrb;)@pulsar: "Visions of bbg ! Great pysch/garage! (reblip)

Looking Glasses Visions

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