JonathanEM It's getting hard to say "open your eyes". I guess we're millions of faces waiting for someone else's place to feel like home.
JonathanEM Wait...we swear we'll love you more...
JonathanEM @Adrianagonewild As promised...HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Birthday Massacre (from Vampire Diaries) on your birthday. *Hugs and birthday kisses*

Submersed, You Run

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Halestorm- Rose In December

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Sky Ferreira-Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

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Arcade Fire : Vampire/Forest Fire

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Lover I Don't Have to Love by Bright Eyes with lyrics

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Carina Round For Everything A Reason

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Natalie Merchant- My skin (with lyrics)

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Paper Route-"Only Words" Music Video (Unofficial)

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A Little Less 16 Candles a Little More "Touch Me" Acoustic version

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Belle & Sebastian at BBC Scotland -Dress Up In You-

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JonathanEM After your wounds have healed...I will love you, after the war, love you for always, for evermore... [Sarah Slean - After The War]
JonathanEM Why would I carry such a weight on my shoulders? [The Do - On My Shoulders]
JonathanEM Darling, darling, darling can't you see...what you mean to me? [The Hellacopters - Darling, Darling]
JonathanEM Hello, it's so nice to see your face again :) [Dirty Little Rabbits - Hello] *awesome song*
JonathanEM Thousands killed on the internet. Life delete, all is set. If this is your truth, your truth is a mess to me. [Division of Laura Lee - Black City]
JonathanEM We can dance if we want to...we an go where we want to... [The Donnas - The Safey Dance]
JonathanEM <3 this song [Bloc Party - Vision of Heaven]
JonathanEM I've been trying to live this life...with no success because I will die...shotgun sister waiting for me [Friska Viljor -Shotgun Sister] 1 of my faves
JonathanEM Wake my sleepy eyes. Wrap me in your comfort. Stay with me for all of time. [Marie Digby - Paint Me In Your Sunshine]
JonathanEM I'm young again...I'm young again...I'm young again!!! [We were Promised Jetpacks - A Far Cry] NAnother great rock band from Scotland.
JonathanEM In time the trees die and life will fade...but I want for a new breath, a new life, to take me away [The Lonely Forest - We Sing in Time]
JonathanEM Violence it ripped through...while they lied at night...I love you... [Band of Horse - Cigarettes, Wedding Bands] One of my fave songs ever

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands by Band of Horses (lyrics)

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JonathanEM The countdown starts! [Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom] Another electronic band, but I love them so so much!
JonathanEM [Shiny Toy Guns - Froen Oceans] This stunned me first time I heard it,

Shiny Toy Guns-Frozen Oceans (Season Of Poison)

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JonathanEM Take it away, take it away. It's so easy to stay when you know everything [You Me At Six - If You Run]
JonathanEM I'll find deep inside me I can be the one. I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. [Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel]
JonathanEM I thought you said forever, over and over...these thoughts go through my head, over and over... [Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn]
JonathanEM She's a broken it warm and safe in there? [Your Favorite Enemies - Little Sister]
JonathanEM Tonight we drink to heart still has a there a spell that I am under? [Incubus - Love Hurts]

Love HurtsIncubus

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JonathanEM Like the world was crashing off her... [Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Seventeen Ain't So Sweet] <3
JonathanEM All those empty faces...the wheels are standing still [Pretty Maids - With These Eyes]

Amity Lane- Broken Wings with lyrics

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JonathanEM Just as beautiful as you are, it's so pitiful what you are. Should have seen this coming... [10 Years - Beautiful]

10 YearsBeautiful

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JonathanEM I know things will never be the same...but all the time I'm wishing you were here [Seven Channels - Breathe]
JonathanEM You know that we're falling back into the sun... [Lifehouse - Into The Sun]
JonathanEM I'm free! [Taproot - Free]


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JonathanEM She's too young for the club but the guys at the door don't mind her [Strata - Cocaine] <3
JonathanEM It's a shame that it had to be this way...Maybe I'm to blame or maybe were the same but either way I can't breathe [Secondhand Serenade - Goodbye]
JonathanEM Forget what you've heard and all that was said. Lines get blurred, it's all in your head [Brendan Benson - Lesson Learned]
JonathanEM Every time i feel alone, and left forgotten, I have to believe in something...Like angels, to breathe... [Elegeion - Scars]


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JonathanEM Welcome love, I have made a place for you here and I know every word they say. I don't want it to make you change [Copeland - No One Really Wins]
JonathanEM Still the wanting comes in waves... [The Decemberists - The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid]
JonathanEM I'm here for you, so don't forget. You can count on me...everytime you fall apart, you can hide here in my arms... [Default - Count On Me]
JonathanEM Change my attempt, good intentions. Should I, could I? Here we are with your obsession. Should I, could I? [10 Years - Wasteland]

10 YearsWasteland

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JonathanEM ...stressed from the pain and I know you know that you could do more but you don't...but I still believe [Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Believe]
JonathanEM There are times in our lives when we just can't compromise... [A Thorn For Every Heart - Worthless]
JonathanEM I can't seem to shake this awful feeling... [My American Heart - The Shake]
JonathanEM This is the moment that I live I am, pouring my heart onto these rooftops... [Story Of The Year - Anthem of our Dying Day]
JonathanEM My baby don't mess around because she loves me so... [Lorene Drive - Hey Ya]
JonathanEM So why are you waiting? I will die without your grace, so baby, enslave me [Classic Case - Revival]
JonathanEM Come on if you think you're hard enough! [30 Seconds to Mars feat. Kanye West - This Is War]
JonathanEM I guess I got to get it on my way now?

KoRnWord Up

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JonathanEM Now I've broken the girl.........

Anna Nalick Singing Breaking The Girl (lyrics included)

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JonathanEM Sometimes I don't feel like waking up

LoveLikeFire Boredom

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JonathanEM I can hardly're the end of me, I'm the end of shoot me

Atom Smash Sunburn (with lyrics)

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JonathanEM Makes me want to go for a drive now *laughs* Love this! [Atreyu - Slow Burn] I know that it's killin' me...what I see I don't want to believe

Atreyu-Slow Burn Lyrics

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JonathanEM Your insecurity is so soft to me...we are falling into us [Guano Apes - Quietly]
JonathanEM Holding on to what we had before... [Spinnerette - Valium Knights]
JonathanEM Baby you seduce me... [FisherPrice - Seduce Me]
JonathanEM Hate will get you everytime [Nada Surf - Always Love]
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