JosieMK I imagine that the band in Heaven sounds a lot like this!
JosieMK thinks this is a good song to fade into sleep with too! (reblip)
JosieMK When I want to run away, I listen to this instead!

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
JosieMK Let the night surround you on this Island of Dreams! Sleep Well :)
Aluciel Ok, blippers. I'm outta here for the night. Have fun, and I'll see you tomorrow! Goodnight! *muah* ^_^

StarsSleep Tonight

| play
blm849 is listening to night music (reblip)
blm849 is half asleep listening to the School of Seven Bells sing Half Asleep (reblip)
blm849 thinks the only thing better than this song is the amazing video....(U2 – Window In The Skies) (reblip)
blm849 thinks You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (or so says Madeleine Peyroux...oh, and that Dylan fella... :) )
blm849 is listening to night winter music (Arvo Pärt's Spiegel Im Spiegel) while the snow falls as if the world is within a globe. (reblip)
adbert [Herman's Hermits – No Milk Today] This song was written by future 10cc member Graham Gouldman.
blm849 is listening to perfect late night music (Elis Regina - A noite do meu bem (La nuit de mon amour)) (reblip)
RadioRider Ah, but I have to. G'night all. Peaceful sleep PL&R
EdOvett Paul Simon – Under African Skies
blm849 is happy people are giving me train songs...props to JMo821/@jennifermo! (reblip)
blm849 thinks there are a thousand train songs, like Downtown Train – Tom Waits
JosieMK This is the "home of my heart"....Cape Breton!!! :D
JosieMK In spite of his "antics", Ashley IS a great musician!
JosieMK What more can I say? Sarah is a monster talent who hasn't yet received the acclaim that she deserves.
JosieMK Literally AND figuratively speaking.
JosieMK "Any minute now, my ship is comin' in...."
shamelesshussy Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze.
EdwardMichalik Coldplay - "42". ~ I couldn't get this song out of my head last September.


| play
randymatheson @melodyofyourlife Heartless Bastards are in heavy rotation on my iPod along with Calexico and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs - great tracks
randymatheson over and over I could blip this song... Ro 'friggin' mantics
bizzybee Can't do a "peppy/perky/mellow" set without this one. :)

Jason MrazIm yours

| play
blm849 time for some Blind Melon

Blind MelonNo Rain

| play
shortygal Level 42 – Something About You
JosieMK Sometimes I see myself in this song!

SeekersGeorgie Girl

| play
JosieMK A terrific cover of this tune, can be found at:
JosieMK Time to pick up the pace, and no one lifts my spirits quite like, Jonathan! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Jonathan & The Modern LOvers!
JosieMK Sometimes I feel I've got to get away....


| play
JosieMK We DO live in a beautiful world! (reblip)
JosieMK When things seem bad & your future looks bleak, just remember to..... (reblip)
JosieMK It's all right if you Love this song, it's all right if you don't! ;)
JosieMK It's the "Age of Miracles"! Here's one GUARANTEED to get you moving! ;)
JosieMK Fantastic song from a band who live in a veritable, "Ghost Town"....the infamous town of perpetual FOG!!! (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)
JosieMK I Love the "hypnotic quality" of this tune! It also has a great video to go with it on YT!
JosieMK Whenever I feel impatient, I try to remember this!
JosieMK One of my new fav Canadian Artists!
JosieMK Not, "Lush Life".....that's a whole other genre, but THIS is very nice too! :)
JosieMK Great song!!! (Inspired by the Kinks) :)
blm849 things this song is a hoot! (The Wombats – Let's Dance To Joy Division) (reblip)
TheMostReverendJim gotta catch a nap / I'll leave y'all with the Lennon/McCartney of my generation g'nite@microskomp let's pick up this conversation later :-)
JosieMK Fantastic guitarist! Uplifting song! :)
kwilly @GR8FL !!! can't believe you like clannad! awesome :D!

ClannadCaislean Oir

| play
JosieMK Nice cover of one of my fav songs! :)
JosieMK Close your eyes, lay back, and let Neil lull you to sleep with this, "Rock'n Roll, Lullabye"!
JosieMK Long May You Run ....but NOT on slippery sidewalks, or down, dark, dangerous streets! (reblip)
JosieMK Great song! (But I prefer my bed to be just, "warm & comfy"! :)
JosieMK It may be freezing cold here, but it is a beautiful clear night and you can see....
JosieMK I'm a gonna tell ya, how it's gonna be...!
JosieMK This guy, is PHENOMENAL!!!! (Faith Hill recorded this one, and "Jesus Take the Wheel" is his too!) Check out his "Sunburn" CD!

Gordie SampsonParis

| play
jtothe9 and when you scan the radio, I hope this song will guide you home
JosieMK "Sign your name across my heart" like, the ULTIMATE tattoo!!! Very sexy song! :) (reblip)

terence trent darby sign your name

| play
JosieMK Never Fails to lift my spirits! :) (I recently heard that some guy actually DID this to try to win back his former sweetheart! It didn't work! :(
randymatheson don't get me wrong... if Im looking kind of dazzled... happy weekend @herethereeverywhere
JosieMK Memories of the "Annual, Spring grass fires" back home in Cape Breton! :-)
fizzygood I love the use of this in the Scorsese film 'After Hours'.
RoseWolf Mommy's all right, daddy's all right... they just seem a little weird...
JosieMK The song says it all!

You Wreck Me

| play
ladypn I stopped drinking coffee hours ago, @taxibob, but am about ready to start a new pot! ;) (reblip)
randymatheson @Ghazya some even older Neil Young for y'all
JosieMK Actually, I had too much to DRINK last night! LOL!
JosieMK .....cause there's magic in my eyes! ;)
blm849 is listening to the totally infectious Animal Collective (My Girls) again (see, I told you it is infectious!) (reblip)
blm849 thinks this is true....regardless of whether sung by Dylan or Peyroux... (reblip)
shortygal The sweat of your body covers me....
PauloStudio2002 Christopher Cross – Sailing................ vi@RenatinhaCB (reblip)
JosieMK Never heard this's quite powerful.
JosieMK Possibly my absolute favoutite "Classic Rock" tune!!
HobbeLink @tubilino There are so many Venuses :-)


| play
JosieMK Fell in LOVE with this instantly! Hope you like it too! :)
TrainWreckRadio O' how I can smell the Incense While Popping Peppermints! (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio Time for some, "Chapman Stick Talk"!!! :) @JosieMK whoa! thats the first KC I've seen here............coolness! (reblip)


| play
shortygal Oh darlin, darlin, darlin, walk a while with me....
blm849 is signing off with one of his top 5 songs (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Stompin' at the Savoy)
tac OMG, @deadbeatJONES -- I totally forgot about this song, but it really brings me back to high school. SO GOOD (reblip)
JosieMK loves the simplicity of the Weepies songs!
JosieMK is signing off with a "Dreamy, Celtic Dance Tune"... "Nite All! Sleep thee well! :)
GeneBrady From the movie 'August Rush'
blm849 thinks it's the right time....(Del Amitri – Roll To Me) (reblip)

Tasmin Archer-Sleeping Satellite

| play
JosieMK says, just let this one wash over you..... ;)
randymatheson saw Airborne Toxic Event last month, they opened with this song, a few pics here -
blm849 wonders what we keep tryin' to hear....It Must Be Love ...RLJ
JosieMK loves the sound of this...on the very first listen!
JosieMK nice my fav songs,by 2 of my fav artists! :)
randymatheson live tonight at the Mod Club in Toronto... and I'm not there :-(
JosieMK knows that,"one day you'll see the clear blue, beyond the gray sky!" ;)
JosieMK "feels a pull to the blue velvet dark & stars... All it takes, is a little faith, and a LOT of HEART!" ;)

The WeepiesStars

| play
JosieMK Loves Radiohead! And Blip, happy children, chocolate, old friends, good coffee and sunshine! :) @gorester (reblip)

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
JosieMK has had this song playing in her head for weeks!!! (but, couldn't find it here!) Thanks @GAY_AMSTERDAM (reblip)


| play
JosieMK this may come as a surprise but....

SadeIs It a Crime

| play
JosieMK just a great song for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Thnx @messinwiththekid (reblip)
JosieMK thinks that Pilate has a sound that is reminiscent of a combination of U2 & Coldplay!


| play
blm849 is listening to Boards of Canada (reblip)
blm849 thinks this is a good song to fade into sleep with
JosieMK Oh Yeah.....this song gets to me everytime!
JosieMK thinks in spite of its gloomy title, this is actually pretty nice! (Good one for, "insomniacs"....
Jeffie Skylark - "Wildflower" (spring, 1973) ...Let her cry, for she's a lady; let her dream, for she's a child...


| play
Jeffie Eric Carmen - "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" (1976) ...I don't want 2 start with someone new, 'cause I couldn't bear 2 C it end, just like me & u...
djMnemosyne limerick for @anjeee ! thx for the 100th reply =) There once was a blipper named anjeee/ I heard of her shoutout so gladly/
blm849 more great Friday night sweet.... (Rachael Yamagata – Would You Please) (reblip)
emilymphocyte i just mowed the lawn in the rain to this. now i'm really hyappy.
JosieMK just found another great, new song! (I don't just think that....I KNOW!) ;D
Jeffie Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - "I Second That Emotion" (late 1967-early 1968) (reblip)
JosieMK knows that, "the night closes in, but ...faces the tide, and takes her chances!"
blm849 loves this, baby (Koop – Come To Me) (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

| play
JosieMK is wishing on stars...Love this song! Sleep well. :)
blm849 loves both The Postal Service and Sleeping In (reblip)
JosieMK is reminding everyone to remember this! ;) (Gotta LOVE, Django!) (reblip)
JosieMK knows that, "the night closes in, but ...faces the tide, and takes her chances!" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE This beautiful song! :) (reblip)
JosieMK knows that, "the night closes in, but ...faces the tide, and takes her chances!" Nite All! :) (reblip)
JosieMK is considering looking for a "protective cover" for hers! :(
blm849 loves Gerry And The Pacemakers – Ferry Cross The Mersey
JosieMK agrees whole-heartedly with @impossiblewmn. There's just something about this song...:) (reblip)
swilson Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil @SteelGuy and @Mangia Blipped this song at the same time.. :) (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @HippieMarye check out Monte. He plays 3rd Lindsey when he comes to twang-town (reblip)

come away

| play
JosieMK doesn't have to "dream" about this, anymore, because Spring is HERE! (Lovely song nevertheless! :)
blm849 loves Groove Theory – Tell Me (reblip)
JosieMK likes this song by Neko Case very much!
blm849 thinks this would be a good idea, everybody. :) (King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight) (reblip)
JosieMK wonders, "if there is a chance...if there is a way." (Last one from me tonight.) Goodnight everyone....
JosieMK thinks this is a great idea, & a great song! :) (reblip)
JosieMK @ ucana422...."One" of my fav U2 Songs! :( (reblip)


| play
blm849 it's time for The Hush Now – Traditions (reblip)
Jeffie Herman's Hermits - "There's A Kind Of Hush" (reblip)
Jeffie Herman's Hermits - "I'm Into Something Good" (reblip)
robotmunky i shazaamed it while me and andrew were eating lunch at baja fresh! i like it!
GenuineIndianGuru Thank god for little babies and puppies and great 70's guitar rock! Well we all know that there's a bit more to Jeff Lynne than that. Solid single!


| play
blm849 more great Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart (reblip)
swilson @GiantPimpslapper: "A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) : A Flock of Seagulls (1982) ...I'm running off too bed. @all g'night" (reblip)
GenuineIndianGuru As we should. Pretty harmonies that we've all come to know and love. The lyrics ofcoarse say something nice...which can't be bad.
impossiblewmn Hello and welcome @DJ_Marcus and @Bertani! Thanks for listening!
JosieMK @Jeffie Thanks for Blipping! I had forgotten this one! It's a very nice song! ;D (reblip)

Roberta Flack - The Closer I Get To You

| play
JosieMK is surprised to see so many G.G. tunes. I thought there would be....
blm849 some (not really) easy listening music (Bjork + Kronos Quartet)
JosieMK is signing off a bit earlier than usual tonight.... feeling extra sleeeeeepy @Aluciel ^_^ (reblip)
Jeffie Manolo Sanlúcar - "El Poeta Pide A Su Amor Que Le Escriba"
Aluciel Goodnight, blippers! *muah* ^_^
JosieMK has been blipping these pretty much all night, so why not this one, too? ;)
JosieMK @studiojewel: "It's not always easy, And sometimes life can be deceiving, I'll tell you one thing, its always better when we're together " (reblip)
Jeffie Tommy James & The Shondells - "Crimson And Clover" (reblip)
Jeffie Robbie Dupree - "Steal Away"

The Alan Parsons Project-Games People Play

| play
blm849 is going to sleep listening to Caribou's Crayon (from source of great music)


| play
JosieMK @whistlepunch...CLOSE! but not NB. The giant fiddle is in Cape Breton from whence THIS great fiddler hails! ;)
blm849 loves this's one of his top three (The Way You Look Tonight)
JosieMK @pinkpolkadots....LOVE this!!! Fantastic Video too! ;D (reblip)

Gotye 'Hearts a Mess' By Gotye

| play
darklion @JosieMK haha ty... i got nothing on that.
JosieMK this has wonderful energy! (Great for Bike riding!) :D
JosieMK @Kayacat: I've never heard this before. It's beautiful! Thanks for Blipping! (reblip)
JosieMK @darklion long as we're on a "Moonsong theme".....hope you like this one as much as I do. ;)

Moonchild by King Crimson

| play
JosieMK ,@jsae & @SheLooksLikeEva wants every flavor of cake but won't even eat any! (Well maybe sometimes);) (reblip)
messinwiththekid thank you @azure for listening. & thanks @ShiaoMei for all the props & RB's... Now I have to get some sleep. :)

Dido06 Thank You

| play
JosieMK Yet another, "Classic"....this time, by Coltrane. :-)

Giant Steps

| play
Mattynabib @JosieMK If you like the sax, you may know this killer combo - quartet: tenor, baritone, bass and drums!
JosieMK is Blipping one more from the Dandy Warhols....appropriately enough, entitled, "Sleep"! ^o^ Zzzzz..... 'Nite All, Sleep Well
JosieMK Loves their sound & "groove"! ;) (& I also could use someone to "Hold Me Up" right now! (SOOOO sleeeeepy!)
DensOnAir RB @djsushi: ""never tear us upart" inxs featuring new zealand singer jon stevens (dedicated to michael hutchence)" (reblip)
JosieMK Thanks @ luiz_com_z! .....More Beatles Blues! ;D
JosieMK wonders why we haven't heard any covers of G.F.R. by any of the current bands....check out the interplay here between Bass & guitar!!
sswayze you're beautiful tonight -
ElZorro thx :) @DJMissT: "Minnie Riperton 1975 Loving You" (reblip)

Minnie Riperton 明妮 1975 loving you

| play
jsae haven't heard this in a while, thanks! rb vi@Mia__Cavallo: "Stars & Boulevards" (reblip)
emilymphocyte stuck in my head + i love the fact that she still wears these things at 60:
blm849 is listening to night music (John Coltrane – In A Sentmental Mood)
JosieMK GREAT DJ name!!@futurebiblehero: "i'll keep their legacy alive - singlehandedly, if necessary" (reblip)

Go-Betweens - The House That Jack Kerouac Built

| play
ambit fRESH jAZZ Cafe: might be surprised but I had to add this one by Steve Howe fro YES....Cause it's nice and tight!
mammara rain and autumn weather here.
DJMees rb@hawaiibuzz: "The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer (2002 Digital Remaster)" (reblip)
CarolannB ♐Wicked Wednesday Jams♐ "Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut"
CarolannB ♐Wicked Wednesday Jams♐ "Dangerous - YES"
poochiesan24 last one got cut off, must hear it all the way through
RadioGhost Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
JosieMK never heard this before, but LOVED it instantly! Thanks @jsae ! ; ) (reblip)
jsae @JosieMK: glad you like, doves are one of my very favorite bands of all time!!! --here's another great one from them...


| play
jsae listening to this band's music just make me smile... :)
JosieMK @jsae: listening to this band's music just make me smile... DITTO! : D (reblip)
JosieMK used to love this back in grade school........ NOW, I just like the song!!! ; )
ambit Something very nice from Eric Benet~Spend My Life with U!!

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

| play
ambit Smooth tune from AFTER 7~One Night

After 7One Night

| play
JosieMK just stumbled upon this lovely, sleepy song..... Goodnight All! Sleep Ye Well! ; )
TaxiBob It's 104F and 9% humidity right now. The sun is beating down on the dry, dusty desert streets.
ambit YES...And Friends.....TO BE OVER (Acoustic version) from STEVE HOWE!
JosieMK Could there possilbly be a more, heartfelt sentiment???! (I LOVE this song!) ;-D (reblip)
JosieMK just stumbled upon this lovely, sleepy song last night..... Goodnight All! Sleep Ye Well! ; ) (reblip)
melodyofurlife @JosieMK one of my favorites by Chad VanGaalen
JosieMK thinks this is such a lovely sentiment...... (reblip)
JosieMK can't stop listening to this!!! ; ) (reblip)
Surreality rb @ElZorro: " "Judy Collins - – Both Sides Now "" nice cover (reblip)
WunDaGround rb "@HellenKellersIpod: "@dancingrae It's perfect, it's yours, hopefully this one doesn't skip" do you mind if i sit in on this on my way to bed ;)" (reblip)
WunDaGround via @JosieMK of my fav bands at the moment and I'm always happy to be able to rebleep them ;) (reblip)
sheryonstone I hate having to deal with people with "crappy attitude"
RHYTHMjunkie good evening @ElizaHerp -- @WunDaGround I'm with you on Metric -- top drawer @JosieMK

JehroAll I Want,

| play

incense and peppermints "strawberry alarm clock / vibravoid" (psychedelic trip)

| play
melodyofurlife RB --> @dancez: "Am I right-side-up or upside-down?" (reblip)
JosieMK a simply delightful song from the latest Wilco CD, "The Album". Jeff Tweedy is joined by the lovely, Leslie Feist on this track.

wilcoyou and i

| play
TrainWreckRadio @SpinninSara "Happy Sunday!! ;-) and a very happy Sun AM to you as well! (I think it's gonna be a lazy day) :-) (reblip)
TheFish Gentle Giant. Dusty. What have we here? Even dustier. @JosieMK @TrainWreckRadio: @SpinninSara


| play
blm849 not everything I blip has edge :-D (Savage_Garden_-_I_want_you)


| play
JosieMK not the Beatles, but another great songwriter from the 60's......

Bob DylanI want you

| play

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

| play
JosieMK @jilliansaint: "my current activity ..." MINE too! (Actually, Literati) ;) (reblip)
JosieMK @TrainWreckRadio I was doing something on another tab, and knew INSTANTLY, this HAD to be your Blip! Beautiful! Never heard this arrangement before! (reblip)
yoyesno @Sephora: "john mayer instrumental from yesterday, beautifully done. " (reblip)

John Mayer with Human Nature @ Michael Jackson Memorial

| play
JosieMK asks, is there ANY doubt.......that Michael Jackson's vocal style, was heavily influenced by Diana Ross & the Supremes? Lovely song!
CarolannB Winding down the ♐Wicked Wednesday Jams♐"Runaway (TwitterExpress) Train - Soul Asylum"
JosieMK just heard this song for the very first time, as I was waking up this morning, and instantly LOVED it! ; ) (reblip)
blm849 is going to sleep...wondering if there is a way to get back homeward... (Ben Folds – Golden Slumbers) (reblip)
JosieMK can't stop listening to this!!!.... I mean, just LISTEN to these beautiful lyrics! How could you not,LOVE it! ; ) (reblip)
JosieMK @ sheryonstone Wonderful song! ; ) (reblip)

Traveling Wilburys Handle with Care

| play
JosieMK sublime!

David Gilmour Sonnet 18

| play
JosieMK I guess that last one, wasn't my last Blip, "Afterall" ! ; ) (reblip)
JosieMK can't get this out of my head! ; o (So beautiful!)
waztwit @musicfanmic: "She doesn't think you are attractive. Play this. A love potion. It also works on hims." (reblip)


| play
JosieMK is moving on from Jenn Grant, to Amy Grant..... Remember this one? ; )

Amy GrantBaby Baby

| play
Joleesa But Ill die as I stand here today Knowing that deep in my heart Theyll fall to ruin one day For making us part...
CarolannB "The wind blew some luck in my direction, I caught it in my hands 2day" (Moonlight Feels Right) G'night & thx all 4 props, rbs, & rts :)

Starbuck Moonlight feels right

| play
dharshaw love this, thanks for some great blips today @RightNowRadio

love me like a river does

| play
rogue_fm Blip says you don't exist @SeP Guess I'll find out when I post this. Maybe you are the ghost of blippers past...
JosieMK is signing off with this absolutely gorgeous Everly Bros. tune.....Goodnight. Sweet Dreams : )

Everly Brothers, Let it be me

| play
SpinninSara ~~Ray La Montagne – Be here now~~
JosieMK 's a "hopeless Romantic".... How could anyone listen to this, and NOT be?! ;)
Jeffie Patti Smith Group - "Because The Night" (mid-1978)

Patti Smith - Because The Night

| play
blm849 thinks this is gorgeous: "Sea of Bees - Skinnybone" (reblip)
blm849 <3 this (Matt and Kim – Daylight)

Matt and KimDaylight

| play
JosieMK @dsb1218 Hey! I thought THIS wasn't available? Glad to see it here again! : ) (reblip)

Teddy Geiger-Try too Hard / Pictures of Life

| play

MGMT "electric feel" video

| play

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See

| play
JosieMK CAN'T believe THIS song is HERE!!!! I'm headed out for a walk....."I Love, Hot Nights" "You stay up later, you don't mind the long walk home....."


| play
sheryonstone thanks we are all well @by_starla Ricki of course sends a kiss kiss to you, sasha & Liam "[Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss] " (reblip)
JosieMK Last one from me tonight.....Beautiful sentiment! 'Nite All.... Sleep thee well.... ; )

love me like a river does

| play
Cranphi @JosieMK: "Thanks @blm849 for this... The Noisettes....and,The Killers!...well, how great is that?! :)" (reblip)

The Noisettes cover 'When You Were Young' by The Killers in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

| play
yamamiya THE BIRD AND THE BEE - Again & Again
blm849 a v nice, slow cover...the incomparable Rickie Lee Jones – Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
JosieMK "is not sticking to her, off "Round Midnight" rule! Goodnight Everyone....Sleep ye well! ;)" (reblip)
JosieMK is being patient, & falling asleep listening to the lovely lyrics of Fiona Apple. For the time being.....

Fiona AppleI Know

| play
JosieMK MMmmmm.....piecrust. LOL! ;) @blm849 will appreciate this one!
JosieMK absolutely Loves, the wistful sort of far away longing, and sense of present hopefulness in this beautiful song. .....hope you like it too! ; )

HOTEL LIGHTS "Blue Always Finds Me"

| play
JosieMK Loves, the wistful sort of far away longing, and sense of present hopefulness in this beautiful song. .....hope you like it too! ; )" (reblip)

HOTEL LIGHTS "Blue Always Finds Me"

| play
JosieMK is keeping an eye on the world going by my window...& likes the Vines version of this! ;)

i'm only sleeping- the vines

| play
blm849 <3 Passion Pit (Smile Upon Me)
blm849 working to this *great* cover of Love My Way (Psych Furs) by the very cool sounding Cruel Black Dove - buy their stuff. :) (reblip)
JosieMK Is "Welcoming a new Beginning"!!! ; )
Jeffie Gary Lewis & The Playboys - "Sure Gonna Miss Her" (1966) ...I don't suppose I ever said "I love you," and I found out too late that wasn't right...
Jeffie Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - "The Closer I Get To You" (spring, 1978)
JosieMK @messinwiththekid: Thnx for Props & lately, I CAN relate to this song! LOl! :) (reblip)
JosieMK @NicoleVSanchez ....had never heard this one before! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ; ) (reblip)

Jason Mraz Absolutely Zero

| play
poochiesan24 like this one two!! rb@paraboschi: "i'm sleeping to dream to about you. i'm so tired...of living without you." (reblip)
poochiesan24 nice RB@JosieMK: "@NicoleVSanchez ....had never heard this one before! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ; )" (reblip)

Jason Mraz Absolutely Zero

| play
JosieMK asks, "how "swoonworthy" is THIS??? ... sigh! ... " ; )
ambit No matter what happens in ur life....Keep ur Head Up...and Never let them see ya sweat!!!! Chaka.....I love this tune....enjoy!

Modest Mouse-(Ocean Breathes Salty)

| play
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: @LadyFantastick thanks for dropping into the cafe...this is for U...ENJOY! Oh and @honeygirl...your gonna have mutant piders now! :)
poochiesan24 all that's left is gone away

Jet Look What Youve Done low(live)

| play
ratface rb@Zahgon: I agree! "This song really lives up to it's name. So great, I can't even begin to tell you." (reblip)
AuthenticCoast @mayburygrrl Thanks for the community Ceilidh on the Guysborough Harbour retweet. Here's some more great fiddle!

Shetland Folk Festival 2007: Troy MacGillivray

| play
TrainWreckRadio @LEM_40 Monte kicked acoustic azzz this past Sun nite here in MedCity......EPIC PERFORMANCE for my 20th time seeing him perform!! (reblip)
JosieMK @TrainWreckRadio: Thanks for Blipping this! ....was not familiar with, Monte Montgomery, but now I will check out more of his stuff! ; ) (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio hELLO @hotbeans this new snack-mix I have is kick-azz! (crunch, crunch, crunch) no is! :-D (reblip)
JosieMK I think my bed is calling me to do this:
avivajazz Sahib Shihab – Please Don't Leave Me | Summer Dawn (1963) | Fantastic polyrhythmic intro; great ethnic / world jazz fusion | #ethnojazz #world #jazz
blm849 more great women artists (Mary J. Blige – Come to Me (Peace)) (reblip)
blm849 has found a ton of The Cure performing acoustically on YouTube, including Friday Im In Love. Thanks to @paulacajaty! (reblip)
JosieMK thinks this is stunningly beautiful! (Song AND video) : o
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe:@honeygirl come on into the careful though.I have XRAY~NightVison!! :) Pieces Of A Dream~Night Vision! Hey there @rosecryst
avivajazz Jasser Haj Youssef (Violin) | Broad | Gaël Cadoux (p), Joachim Govin (b), Youssef Hbeisch (percus) | France 2008

Jasser Haj Youssef / "Broad"

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JosieMK thinks that THIS is TRULY a GREAT, GREAT song!!! Just listen to these lyrics!
JosieMK A nice one to sign off with.....Goodnight everyone! Thanks for listening! Sweet Dreams..... ; )
ambit Stanley Jordan~Stairway To Heaven....Awesome individual effort on this wonderful cover....Check it out and enjoy!

Stanley Jordan plays "Stairway to Heaven"

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Kathleen Edwards "Back To Me"

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avivajazz Tim Eriksen | Old Song from Amherst, Massachussets |

Old Song From Amherst

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JosieMK signing off with a beautiful, "Lullabye" from Martin Simpson. Goodnight everyone.....sleep well. ; )
JosieMK is not sure why she is playing this always brings me down.

Sara Bareilles "Gravity"

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JosieMK "Thanks @blm849 for this "cute & quirky" video/song! : ) (reblip)

Lisa Mitchell Coin Laundry

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JosieMK Oh Boy!!! It's "The Chi-Lites"!!! Haven't heard THIS one in YEARS!!! LOVE it, Love it,..... LOVVVE this song! ;D

Oh GirlThe Chi-Lites

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JosieMK remember THIS??? Ah yes....."Summer Love"! ; )

Suddenly Last Summer/stereo version/The Motels

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JosieMK more great "Synth Pop" from the 80's......

Strange AdvanceWe Run

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JosieMK another one from the 80's......I LOVE this stuff! ; D


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CarolannB Thx @carlnat & @SteelGuy: "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band" <-- Gr8 band, gr8 song! (reblip)
CarolannB "Hey are u feelin' ... ru still the same?" Thx & rb @flipchickmom (Telephone Line - ELO) (reblip)
JosieMK needs to hear one more from her, "childhood"..... Hey! I was a DJ in my basement back in those days, playing my big Bros records! lol!

The yardbirds-For your Love(Rare)

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JosieMK Thnx to @DJAZZAY for this perfect song to sign off with.... ; ) (reblip)
JosieMK couldn't resist one more! Thanks @LindyLuv for all the Props & nice replies! We ROCK!!!! LOL! ; D
melodyofurlife not bad

Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer

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JosieMK @melodyofyourlife: This is FANTASTIC!!! & Thnx for listening @DJDreamy! ; ) (reblip)

Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer

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Versh "That's a frosty way to speak/ To tell me how to live next to your potpourri/ All this talking pulls my teeth/ I believed in you, so you believed in "
Versh Heartbeat Radio coming September 8th – I bet it'll be the album of the year at this rate
yamamiya Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
blm849 says hey @JosieMK, I have always loved the Spinners and I'll Be Around, too! (reblip)
JosieMK is sticking to her, off "Round Midnight" rule! Goodnight Everyone....Sleep ye well! ;)
TrainWreckRadio @KristaDarling "Popular music of 1944- #6" [ I'm taking your test ] wondering if i'll PASS (carry on) ---->>>oops, a SURVEY would be more accurate (reblip)