rico bought this 7" yesterday

Amy WinehouseCupid

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melodyofurlife since the REM love fest is going on give Mike Mills some props
danielmaia @Dj_Palito hahahaha assistimos o finzinho Hj amanha vamos ver Mad Max!!!!
danielmaia @lianacarolina nossa lia ta inspirada pra blipar hein deuzolivre

The WhoThe Real Me

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danielmaia to querendo viajar um poko antes de dormir
danielmaia @francesconi , ow a chuva pegou sua casa la em joinville?
Stolen Dreams of falling asleep, counting sheep, waking dreams, traveling back to where I've never been.

Cat StevensThe Wind

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danielmaia certo ta na hora de me acalmar e esperar o sono
danielmaia nossa até q enfim consegui
danielmaia começando o dia, é o 4º sem fumar ☠


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danielmaia @netspas to contando os ponteiros


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RockItRadio .....so free her....

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

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RockItRadio With you I'd withstand all of hell to hold your hand.....

NickelbackFar Away

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RockItRadio He's a stranger to some and a vision to none..
RockItRadio Whitesnake wants to ask you- Is This Love?
MaddyTheSongWhore This song..always makes me sad..I think it's the melody...idk..*shrugs*
lolaaudu One of my favorites...I still haven't found what I'm looking for - U2 (reblip)
RockItRadio Time is flowing like a river to the sea...till it's gone forever....
themelis_cuiper With good friends you don't feel Under Pressure

QueenUnder Pressure

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messinwiththekid [a little more sax for me please...] .. got all excited, then realized I read that wrong...oops ;) (reblip)
messinwiththekid I promise not to rub it in and to offer consolation, when the Wings prevail :)@rogue_fm Wings are only thing we have going here plus we put up w/Lions
themelis_cuiper Annie Lennox – A Thousand Beautiful Things
Ju_Ju One of my son`s favorite...And mine too!!
Ju_Ju Oh, my favorite of all rock ballads ever!!!

Led Zepelin - Starway to Heaven

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themelis_cuiper Leonard Cohen, U2 – Tower Of Song
themelis_cuiper Bach – Prelude #16 played soft as a feather on piano opposite normally played broad majestic on clavichord
messinwiththekid you people are keeping me up way too late. Good night all. Throwing a last disco blip at disco/hockey diva @rogue_fm
Lady_S @ Ladypn I love this girl, what energy thnx 4 this 1 (reblip)
Ju_Ju Brazilian great composer singing in Italian...
Ju_Ju Beautiful and good to work while listenning
Ju_Ju Everyone has a turning point...
MaddyTheSongWhore If I ever get out of here...thought of giving it all away...to a registered charity...all I need is a pint a day...If I ever get out of here.....
Lady_S Bread - guitar man - a favorite of mine


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ilbis ...nice....melanhonic...where's my youth for sake....
MaddyTheSongWhore it really is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! <3

U2Beautiful Day

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MaddyTheSongWhore The hammer of the gods....will drive our ships to new lands...to fight the horde....sing and cry...VALHALLA I AM COMING!!!
RockItRadio I'll sing it one last time for you.... (reblip)

Snow PatrolRun

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RockItRadio ....So free her.... (reblip)

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

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Coldplay - Parachutes - 02 - Shiver

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My Sacrifice - Creed

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ilbis My favourite Nirvana track :), my tooooooo!!!!!! (reblip)
Ju_Ju I like that song and the clip itself..
Lady_S Hello @ Justgirls the days weren't dARK, THEY WERE JUST GETTN STARTED :), Hello @ FranciscoIV, @ Tardisgirl, @ b_s_lynn, @ empress - how r you guys?
Lady_S This one is for my honey, who lovingly calls me Sugar _ Good morning everyone - enjoy the day.
edullima RobertoFendler essa vai pra voce meu bom!!! sei que voce curte!!!
Myr Nina Simone – Lilac Wine
Ju_Ju Brazilian rock band called Legião Urbana
Ju_Ju my Beatles`favorite of all

Beatles - The Long And Winding Road

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Ju_Ju My Rod`s favorite...Sailing...

Rod StewartSailing

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Ju_Ju If many around the world would listen...
Ju_Ju the show was awesome..


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Ju_Ju Just so very nice...

U2Miss Sarajevo

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Ju_Ju Goes along very nice with a rainy Friday night...
Ju_Ju My son plays with drums it very nicely...
Ju_Ju Sometimes is better hold no quarter...Another great Led ...
Ju_Ju Would be great physically but it is greater on mind...

alphaville - forever young

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Ju_Ju Saying goodbye for tonight...

Pink FloydTime

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Ju_Ju Let`s elevate the spirit!...
Ju_Ju Un peut de français...
Ju_Ju More French music, it`s a classic!
badtemperedzombie so pumped to see these guys again tonight, part 2
Ju_Ju Beautiful music, so nice song...
Ju_Ju Is this love???

Power Ballads - White Snake - Is This Love

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Ju_Ju The movie and songs are forever on my heart...
Ju_Ju It`s something to think about ...
Ju_Ju NY and jazz...My favorite city in US...
Ju_Ju I think I will back then...

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

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Village People - YMCA

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Ju_Ju Was today, even with the rain..

U2Beautiful Day

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palomera canción para ver ropa o postear en flicks de decoración
simonhamer Great after a break up song, windows down, roof open. Tearing down the motorway, tears still streaming.
Ju_Ju Much more love less flu

All You Need Is Love

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Ju_Ju it`s raining ...And we are in April already..

Águas De Março (Com Tom Jobim)

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AC DC - Thunder Struck

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Ju_Ju Alequinho, wish you are here...
Ju_Ju Alequinho, I wish you were here
JonasFiel This song makes me want to cry sometimes, but i really like it
DJBELLADONNA I love this Sting Tune...Desert Rose (reblip)

StingDesert Rose

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katn but honestly won't someone stop this train
organicsue Rita Coolidge – All time high
danielaferraz @GabiFidalgo @mayarasantana "não e tão simples assim...tem hormonios além do coração" (reblip)
Ju_Ju We all should counting blessings everyday...


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themelis_cuiper Sparks – This is the Renaissance
djblackwhite Free bird NÃO ME CANSO NUNCA DESSA (reblip)
misfits1996 being 6 foot 8.5 you have a thing about doors or at least there frames
stereomari Now the theme is Cities! \o/ The Clash – London Calling
stereomari Cities Theme! (São Paulo) Caetano Veloso – Sampa

Caetano VelosoSampa

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Whitesnake - Is This Love(1)

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messinwiththekid ah the memory is the first thing to go... (well actually not the first thing... :)
Ju_Ju Sometimes is the best to do...
Ju_Ju Love the lyrics, love the melody..
PurplePrincess FYI: "Magical Mystery Tour" was released December 8, 1967.


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Ju_Ju Portuguese music!

MadredeusO Mar

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messinwiththekid ciao to you also @crispast By the way what part of Italy are you from? My father was born not far from where the quake was.

The StrokesSomeday

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Ju_Ju Brazilian rock band

RPMLondon London

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messinwiththekid a bit of a reach, but I guess this qualifies for a Cinco de Mayo themed blip :)
messinwiththekid joe jackson, one that I have not heard in a while. Forgot about his little adventure in swing..
ICEGIRL152 this song gives me goosebumps!
DJMuffdiiiva Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walking
ilbis one of the best pop songs! The Police – Message In A Bottle
ilbis Audioslave – Be Yourself
SgLight no no!! that's yours Sunlighta..eheh @Sunita


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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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Ju_Ju On a Sinatra mood tonight..
djsurfer She always seems to make me change my mind.
djsurfer And every day, Id laugh the hours away Just knowing you were thinking of me

AmericaI Need You

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mwbtle the bird and the bee reminded me of this


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HAEFLIGER need a whole in the wall!


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iSiTi the wind is a breath of fresh air...so good....thats magic

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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Candice_Jo RB!~~@jdpeterson: "this song has been on repeat lately..." (weird, keeps playing here too...) (reblip)