cneri terminado el día escuchando She's a Rainbow
Just4Julia What can you do with a sentimental heart? And what can I do? (reblip)
Just4Julia Waiting fora sweeter Sunday Morning
Just4Julia Many thanks @Bebcho1603 Das ist so wunderschön, berührend. Very touching. (reblip)

SiaBreathe Me

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Just4Julia It's not going to stop 'till you wise up

Aimee MannWise Up

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Just4Julia Steppin' Out... into the light
Just4Julia I won't use words again They don't mean what I meant
Just4Julia I just want to feel safe in my own skin

didohonestly ok

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Just4Julia Lovers Dream

Anna Ternheim - Lovers Dream

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Just4Julia Maybe you are the one, who makes the winds blow

Jamie CullumOh God

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buchmamsell Something leads you here despite your destination, under the milky way tonight~Sleep tight, @nirakatak @Just4Julia @Nachtdenker @adbert @CherryBlossom
Just4Julia reblipping @treebears you ask me why it is I come to you ... spend a minute in my shoes .... I'll show you that all our fates are so intwined ... (reblip)

Oi Va VoiRefugee

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Just4Julia Greed For Your Love (reblip)

Missy Higgins - Greed For Your Love

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Just4Julia I'm not a man of too many faces The mask I wear is one (reblip)
Just4Julia if you swear that you no longer care Well then Ill sail this ship alone
Stay19 Lorena McKennitt - Dantes Prayer<><>beautiful vi@halleia (reblip)

Lorena McKennitt - Dantes Prayer

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Just4Julia reblipping the sweetest @Shrip ever since :-) & reblipping a grant night (reblip)
Flower Regina con un buen piano para q algunos se relajen...Apres moi
klitoria i really believed,you are the one...and i really believed when you said you love me...and now i am here sick and devastated and you...where are you
Just4Julia Oh @Shrip ! I just love the morning light :-) (reblip)
adbert [The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses] "Faith has been broken, tears must be cried / Lets do some living after we die."
adbert [Camille – Ta douleur] Back to the music, thanks to @thaisvido. :-) (reblip)

CamilleTa douleur

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Just4Julia Poetry and...


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Just4Julia For all the letters I’ve never sent - For all the time we haven’t spent
Just4Julia ...und 1001 Dank an @Bebcho1603 ...das ist der richtige Song zur richtigen Zeit! (reblip)
Just4Julia Today I am a small blue thing

6. Small Blue Thing

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Just4Julia "A Beautiful Mess" - a nice song, which I've found vi@abarbosa (reblip)
Just4Julia But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here. (reblip)


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threebears thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/morning/day in any order. (better not blip in your sleep/sleep in your blips!)
Just4Julia 1001 Dank an @buchmamsell: Sweet night, sleep tight, too :-)
Just4Julia I was looking for this song such a long time... (reblip)
Just4Julia "Leave your stepping stones behind, there's something that calls for you. Forget the debt you left that will not follow you." (reblip)
threebears @threebears are you sick or something? quote'n'rb @Dillin_Chillin ^_^ thanx! How did you know that? Have one nostril streaming... allergy to cleaner (reblip)

FlyleafI´m So Sick

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Just4Julia And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness. And I promise you you'll see the sun again.

didosee the sun

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Just4Julia happily reblipping @Bebcho1603, even though it is a sad song... (reblip)
Just4Julia reblipping vi@aebar UNKLE (feat. Thom Yorke)...Rabbit In Your Headlights (reblip)
Just4Julia Good night @aebar @muttnik @Bebcho1603 and all the other blippers in the "Labyrith of Moonlight" (reblip)
Just4Julia No you can't always win, I guess you'd rather just wait. Better days will come (reblip)
serifenlos almost my taste ... some milk please ... Glenda Davenport – Black Coffee ...
Balder dance this mess around ... great great song ... (reblip)
vento @crispast no purtroppo non la conosco...mi auguro comunque che tutti i nostri blip-amici stiano bene!
Just4Julia "... lend me your wings and teach me how to fly" thanks @volante (reblip)
byebyelaura I think Janis and I would have been great friends, she understands me too.
byebyelaura *love* this song. emiliana torrini - you speak to my heart.
YaelBeeri Good morning Twitterzone, make it a great one.

Charles AznavourShe

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Versh "The cars and freeways implore me to stay way out of this place/ My mother said just keep your head and play it as it lays"
HuMBush Thanx @OneLuvGirl =P U Rock!! I love Blipster: ~This app Roxx! I'm still a lil confused by it, but it's awesome!!

Joni MitchellBlue

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HuMBush ... Wow. I think I need help with this app! *giggle* yeah, well I need help period... such is life =P
buchmamsell I'm not trapped anymore between madonna and the whore, when I lay with you. And the days run away. Thanx again @ dear @patia
mmemaledicta that's right, @xtcdukes, preach it! no one will EVER do Kate better than Kate, Ever.

Kate BushFeel It

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tresatresa a fave band....@DeAnn you too can be washed away , sweetie ;)
LEM_40 When you love someone, but it goes to waste. Could it be worse?

ColdplayFix You

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vento Goldfrapp – Horse Tears (reblip)
Just4Julia thx @LEM_40 for "Wishlist" [I wish I was the verb "to trust", and never let you down] (reblip)

Pearl JamWishlist

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aebar Hljomalind... thx@Just4Julia and have a good night, too :-) (reblip)

Sigur Roshljomalind

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status6 Es ist spät geworden - ich verabschiede mich mit Mr. Waits... #Tom_Waits #good_night
totalblamblam how's it goin' @Betterlucky? "ooooh, what a lucky man you are!"
TuraSatana nighty night, blipstars :) need to get sme sleep. xoxo
Just4Julia Brillant, I was looking for this one. Thanks a mill @Betterlucky (reblip)
Houdinial David's voice is so beautiful! He was excellent in concert!
Just4Julia Merci @mmemaledictca ... this is grand music! (reblip)
Houdinial This is beautiful ;-) I always put this on my compilations for people. Away from this sad world...come wander with me...
avivajazz ♫ Lisa Gerrard | Come Tenderness // rb@Houdinial (reblip)
LEM_40 @tiltcr I've been trying to find this song. Beautiful. (reblip)
LEM_40 Music helps, every day. No matter what.
avivajazz Talk Talk | I Believe in You // Good night, and thanks for all the superb tunes, rb@Houdinial!
salondelynn 1974—Dirty Pierre's bar across the street from LSU campus… drinking into the night instead of studying world history … (reblip)
LEM_40 "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel...I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real." @tiltcr

Johnny CashHurt

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LEM_40 "You didn't forget me, at least immediately. So here I'll hover and feed off your love..." @tiltcr @J2ad @NurseSpunk I am loving Missy Higgins.

Missy Higgins - Greed For Your Love

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Just4Julia Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro [from the impressive movie THE CONSTANT GARDENER]

Ayub OgadaKothbiro

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buchmamsell I don't regret the things I've done - I leave them all behind.
buchmamsell Du träumst mich, ich dich; keine Angst, ich finde dich, bevor du noch von selbst erwachst.
heavenlyhands Aint no sunshine (because its dark)


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Just4Julia Rickie Lee Jones - Gravity
Ira_0 ...please use only what you really need

Jack JohnsonCocoon

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Skyfleet Halah -- some early Mazzy Star .... and hi to @DJPrimitivo @impossiblewmn & @halleia @MattBukowski, good to see you guys

Mazzy StarHalah

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BeamonMusic ... makes me sad...that's why I don't drink black coffee... :os
Just4Julia Minnie Driver - Stars & Satellites
Just4Julia who's in a bad mood? [Great song btw, thx @GR8FL] (reblip)
SEKert RT: @shanti45 - this evening's trio no 2, she's got the Joni thing going on..........Little Green (reblip)
avivajazz ◄ Camille | Pâle Septembre
ethia piano magic

La Nuit

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aebar Rachael Yamagata...Reason Why
Just4Julia "If it's a broken part replace it... if it's a broken heart than face it. Go your own way." [What a touching song, many thanks @LEM_40] (reblip)
Just4Julia Wow! @LEM_40 ...this is peaceful! Chris Martin – Yellow (Acoustic) (reblip)
ZONE o mio babbino last......enjoy......this one.....and everything else.......catch you next time....good night!


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Soap&Skin - Spiracle

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avivajazz Anouar Brahem أنور ابراهم | Oriental Tunes // Tunisian oud player and composer, fuses Arab classical/folk with Western folk/jazz idioms
Houdinial The French female hour finishes with Ms Greco and a wonderful song celebrating Paris... ;-)
air @avivamagnolia great tastes particularly Eastern Music. Love this. (reblip)
aebar Joan As Police Woman...To Be Loved
mmemaledicta such a mundane name for a good band
LEM_40 "Do you hear me talking to you across the water?"
LEM_40 "Waiting on an angel / one to carry me home / hope you come and see me soon, cause I don't wanna go alone."
Houdinial Perfect timing - sure is ♫ *coffee time* ♫
aebar Sometimes you just have to walk away, walk away...

Ben HarperWalk Away

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Ira_0 goodnight blippers...und gute nacht @Just4Julia!
LEM_40 I've been wanting the full version of this on here, too. Thank you :)
threebears 20K+ listeners now for you @threebears ...quote'n'rb @briangreene ^_^ thanks! Appreciating all this kindness especially now & u 20k listeners xxxx (reblip)
air Ahhh soothing Stan..................
avivajazz Elvis Costello | Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / I love this gritty, hoarse version! Thanks, vi@aflow (reblip)
GR8FL rb @ShiaoMei it's non-imeem so the whole world can enjoy this beautiful cover! thanks :) (reblip)
buchmamsell Night's so dark, where are you? Come back in my heart. It's so dark. ~ Sleep tight. ~ Thanx @GR8FL @boamorte (reblip)
buchmamsell Sleep tight, Blippies out there. I'm going to sleep myself into a brighter tomorrow - & hope you'll do so as well, my beloved, princes & night-queens.

ElendMoon Of Amber

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Just4Julia vi@rerkaizen: "ain't chasin' rainbows anymore .. goin' home .. via @Jinder" (reblip)
Just4Julia and what a beautiful mess this is...

A Beautiful Mess-Jason Mraz-w/ lyrics

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Just4Julia rb @buchmamsell: "The enemy is after me again - Afraid of the sea and what’s down there. I need to sleep - It’s been a whole week. " (reblip)


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Just4Julia TYSM @LYRIC: "Beautifully haunting" ~ yeeees, indeed :) (reblip)
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