MrThompsonR @bendrix @SquarerootZ @SatinLegsSmith @buttafingaz this voice was meant for this kind of music. Did he do a "covers" album/ CD?
KFEM Just once, before I go to work . . .


| play


| play
KFEM Noel Pointer, son of one of the Pointer sisters, with electronic violin jazz
KFEM Billy Preston - As One
KFEM James with the baby blue eyes.
KFEM Rain dance #2 Al Green Standing in the rain
KFEM Mr. Ray Charles - Still crazy after all these years.
KFEM Continuing a theme: You may be right - I may be crazy!
KFEM Crazy he calls me - Billy Holiday
KFEM Mr. Ray Charles - I got a woman.
KFEM Bobby Blue Bland - I wouldn't treat a dog
KFEM Sarah Vaughan - Stormy Weather
KFEM Otis - Dreams to Remember

Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember

| play
KFEM Baby What You Want Me to Do. Couldn't get Etta James' version.
KFEM wait for it - Nina: Little Girl Blue
KFEM Sarah Vaughn - I didn't know what time it was
KFEM Errol Garner -- Laura

25. Errol Garner - Laura

| play
KFEM Isley Bros. Seek and you shall find
KFEM "I feel like it's raining all over the world" (reblip)

(AM Gold 1970) 11 Rainy Night in Georgia - Brook Benton

| play
KFEM I'm still doin the rain dance out here on the plains. . .
2HandedJam *** My Funny Valentine - Sergey Strakhov
2HandedJam *** Misty - Sergey Strakhov
acmoises Por que necesito relajarme... aunque no se cuantas partes de 9 sean en esta versión:
DareToEatAPeach Mmmmm-hmmmmmm...just something Miss Celie scratched out of his hair.
mburger heartbreakingly beautiful

Percy Sledge - Warm And Tender Love

| play
KFEM Not my usual but nice for settling in on a Sunday evening
KFEM Platters - Twilight Time
KFEM I've fallen down the rabbit hole into the past. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.
KFEM Thinking about New Mexico this morning. Snowing on Raton.
KFEM Pack your bags and go to New Mexico . .
KFEM Dorian - In New Mexico where my soul was free. . in the Land of Enchantment
KFEM Goin to Albuquerque and rent a car. . .
KFEM Stormy Monday . . .overcast out on the plains. . .
KFEM Police Dog Blues - Etta Baker
KFEM . . .out of your dustbowl and westward we roam
KFEM Pointer Sisters - YES WE CAN can
KFEM Ana Gabriel - Eres Todo En Mi
KFEM Ana Gabriel - La Despedida
KFEM Linda Ronstadt - Por Un Amor
VanMae do you ever wonder what became of all our dreams?
KFEM that was then and this is now - I will not be broken. Bonnie Raitt
KFEM Al Green - Are you lonely for me baby?
KFEM Mr. BB King and Van Morrison - If you love me
KFEM Quincy Jones - Shady Lady
KFEM Sun Goddess - Ramsey Lewis
KFEM Bessie Smith - Muddy Water - A Mississippi Moon
KFEM Moonlight Sonata. you know me. . .find a theme and can't let it go . .
KFEM Tell me how you've been . . . tell me that you'd like to see me soon . . .
KFEM Etta James - I'd rather go blind
KFEM Sam Cooke - Bring it on Home
KFEM You're good for me. Lou Rawls. Haven't heard his smoooooth voice in a while.
jammeone brining it down just a little...
KFEM The wind came up again. Carlos Santana - Song of the Wind.
KFEM The storm came back up. Can't go to sleep. Wild is the Wind - Nina Simone
crowjane Yet another example of how one can find a little somethin' somethin' for everybody over at ole @FOGGIELOANER (reblip)
KFEM Almost Blue - Chet Baker
truk77 John Hammond and Tom Waits clappin' and singin' gritty gospel. This is the good stuff.

John Hammond - I Know Ive Been Changed

| play
KFEM Baby It's Cold Outside! (Snow blowing 45 mph across the plains. .. brrrrr!)
KFEM Al Green - Ain't No Sunshine
KFEM Teddy Pendergrass - And if I had you
KFEM Eres Todo En Mi - Ana Gabriel
KFEM Betty Carter- Birdseyeing It
jazzyManda this song takes me to a happy place.
KFEM Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most - Jane Monheit

Coffeehouse Jazz - Clifford Brown - Portrait Of Jenny

| play
KFEM Oscar Peterson Trio - Have you met Miss Jones?
KFEM Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton - Driftin'
KFEM Ruth Brown - I want to sleep with you
KFEM Born Under a Bad sign - Paul Butterfield Blues Band
KFEM Baby What You Want Me to Do - Jimmy Reed
KFEM I think I got the blues - Sonny Terry
KFEM Sickbed Blues - Skip James
KFEM Rosco Gordon - Kickin' the Boogie
KFEM Kenny Barron - All of Me
crowjane Dear John...............

Little Willie John - My Baby's In Love With Another Guy King 5744

| play
KFEM Freddie Hubbard - Blues for Miles
KFEM Mr. BB King and Etta James - there is something on your mind, baby.
KFEM MR. BB King. That's why my guitar sings the blues. I want to tell everybody the news!
KFEM To Larry . . .Do what you gotta do
KFEM and to Wes . . . get me out on the floor
KFEM Hey Look At Little Sister (VanMae) listenin to Stevie Ray OO
KFEM Big song from another BC survivor! Open Your Mind: Melissa Etheridge
FragileGhost You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
giraffee No collection is complete without a tribute to the man of steel
KFEM @Karuna. . .drat! I'm just on my way out the door ... Have ta catch ya next time. Thanks.
elliefont "...and he was always in between his word and what his word means."
KFEM More like it...Thanks for the follow & props @Karuna (missed your wave last night) @DownLow @cosita @elliefont @jupiterjazz (thx for the xanax tune!)
messinwiththekid not really.. but it just sounds good this morning
KFEM Solomon Burke - He'll Have to go - What I meant to blip the 1st time.
KFEM Irma Thomas' I've been loving you too long. If I keep this up, I'll have to open a bottle of wine
KFEM Eric givin Jerry Lee a little help . . Trouble in Mind
VanMae oh, yes, Leszek stands up to the big boys and the mountain.
KFEM @crowjane (quit it?) I don't know how to stop!!! . . .. help . . .!!
Charitouss ohhhhhhhhhh me despido con esta bella canción ...¡buen fin de semana blippers!
KFEM Very mellow Monday morning. . . Have you met Miss Jones?
KFEM Don't get around much any more (wish it would stop snowing so I could!)
KFEM Temptations: I wish it would rain (actually NOT)
KFEM from Brazil - Bolao: guadalupe


| play
KFEM Elvis: Love me quietly . .
KFEM Wynton Marsalis - Rustiques. .
KFEM Un Amor. . . this man's voice grabs my soul
KFEM Thanks @Charitouss for this - (didn't find the original to reblip) que bella!

Gypsy Kings - El Mariachi (Desperado)

| play
KFEM Thanks @Charitouss ! wanted to but couldn't reblip...sending prop thanxxxx!!
KFEM Heading out now! Thanks for a quiet morning with friends. @Charitouss @JuneMoonTune @rfoley08 and @VanMae if you're there!!
KFEM I can't stand the rain (wind)! Tina Turner
KFEM Brook Benton - A Rainy Night in Georgia
KFEM I ride on a milk train, baby. . . I been up all night. .
KFEM Buddy Guy - Can't See Baby


| play
KFEM Black is the color of my true love's hair. Nina Simone
avivajazz Yo-Yo Ma and Ennio Morricone ~ Roma Sinfonietta ~ Gabriel's Oboe // I never tire of this excruciatingly, exquisitely beautiful symphony. // rb@ZONE (reblip)
KFEM Have mercy, somebody

ZZ Hill - Have mercy someone (UK R&B)

| play
KFEM @BarbieRay Hey girlfriend! Thanks for lettin me know about your move. Woulda really missed ya!
KFEM @BarbieRay - Kiddin' me? I been lookin for this tune for days. (Koko version) Thanxxxx
KFEM @RubensA How long has that evenin train been gone? Leroy Carr
KFEM I ride on a milk train, baby . . .I been up all night, leanin on the windowsill . .
KFEM @djinn973 Thankxx Do you mind if I get comfortable? Down Home Blues - ZZ Hill
KFEM thankxx @dginn1973 (sorry abt the typo)
KFEM Pretending it's me sittin on the porch playin the guitar. . . On the other hand, baby
KFEM Stormy Monday - Moxie Brown
KFEM @BarbieRay Mmmmmm MMMMmmmm MMMmmmm. Sister, ya been on my mind. .
KFEM If ya feel like talkin' . .I'm gonna hang on every word ya say.
KFEM My alley boogie . . .to drive away my blues
KFEM Mr. BB King and Eric Clapton mellow Worried Life Blues. . .
KFEM Someone like you (@all) should never have a sad face @Nani982 @crowjane @MaddMatt @LadyFantastick
KFEM well ya know I want a mansion and a diamond ring. . .(well, not)

Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember

| play
KFEM How it's been out here all day: sky is crying.
KFEM You can't keep runnin' around. . . you can't be lucky all the time
KFEM Sittin here in this bus station . . my man is a thousand miles away
KFEM I've had my fun if I don't get well no more.
PedanticBohemian Another slice of Bessie Smith genius: "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl"
KFEM played it earlier, but it's worth it to reblip. . thankxxx @kissia (reblip)
KFEM Jimmie Vaughan (I got the "vaughan's" tonight) Hush hush
KFEM Vaughan again - this time, Sarah.
KFEM @BarbieRay - Good 2night - but just about bluezzzzzzd out...gotta quit. Take care.


| play
KFEM Call my baby . . Muddy Waters, Cold Weather Blues
KFEM I guess I can say that since my ancestors came here from Ireland???
KFEM Just a fool - you know you're in love. God gawd this woman has had a voice for ever

Existential Blues

| play
KFEM More great women on Sunday afternoon - Nina Simone, Who Am I?
KFEM Without a word of warning - the blues walked in this morning
KFEM Billie Holiday - I'll never be the same
KFEM Meooooowwwwwwww - Earth Kitt - Where is my man?
KFEM What 3 a.m. looks like to Dexter Gordon
KFEM Tina Turner's 3 o'clock in the mornin blues
KFEM Van Morrison - Have I told you lately that I love you? @suzeinc @DHS @mywebgal @Charitouss @crowjane @kerina @VanMae
KFEM I'm on your side - Keb Mo. (I'm lookin for a guy like this.) Oh. He also has to sound like this.
KFEM Hey! Slow that thang down, Sally!
KFEM and Slow down that hand while ya at it
KFEM I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town *with* Mr. BB King
KFEM If you ever change your mind about leavin me behind. . . bring it on home
KFEM Oh I've got to see you somehow .. . .and not tomorrow. . . Steal Away (reblip)
KFEM Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? (Ain't ya missed me??)
KFEM Down Home Blues . . . everybody havin' a good time. You know what's goin thru my mind. Do you mind if I get comfortable???
KFEM Try Saturday morning at Joe Harper's
KFEM Something told me it was over. . . Etta James, I'd Rather Go Blind

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn - Sweet Home Chicago (8 - 26 - 90)

| play
KFEM your party's jumping & everbody's having a good time. . . .do you mind if I get comfortable?
KFEM Tried to quit you baby . . . but hadda come back -- I can't leave ya alone
KFEM In the beginning, you really loved me. . .
KFEM Playin' this for an old friend. . . I miss ya, buddy. . .
KFEM M mmmm mMMMmmm..... I want a little sugar in my bowl . . .
KFEM You said you loved me, baby -- please call me on the phone some time

14 Long Distance Call

| play
KFEM You got to help me - I can't do it all by myself
KFEM Here we go again - he's back in town again. . .I'll take him back more time
KFEM All my tears are in vain . . .
KFEM I'm just a prisoner of love. . .
KFEM You said you loved me. . I'm a little mixed up about you
KFEM Every day there's something new. . to keep me lovin you
KFEM I cry, cry, cry. . .please come back where you belong
KFEM Okay, enough of that old time rock and roll . .
KFEM You said you loved me, baby. . .please call me on the phone sometime
KFEM Well you got me where you want me. . .baby, whatchu want me to do?
KFEM I've had my fun if I don't get well no more. . .
KFEM Well, it's three o'clock in the mornin - I can't even close my eyes
KFEM 3 o'clock in the morning. . .Mr. B.B. King