ZOEBOE Music is my.....wirld, next to my doggy.
DiligentRadio605 two times for my people who react off this...
DiligentRadio605 one i dont play often... older slug is bad ass.
DiligentRadio605 since im in the mood for shameless self promotion... here's one of the newest tracks to rollout of camp diligent... HIT ME UP!!!!
austinlarue Took me 3 weeks to figure out who made this mashup

Bob Marley Is This Love

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Bubbly3 ok, everyone evacuate the dancefloor-there are more pressing things to do :)
theygowild Fun blip (short and sweet?) -- Thanx rb@MiraSan (reblip)

SleepyheadPassion Pit

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ReconChesty Damn VMA's..Now cant get Pokerface out of my Head! (LOL)
ad_infinitum Timely in a Kanye kinda way. @eatyourblud: "Green Lantern, Dead Prez and Immortal...Doesnt get any better than that" (reblip)
Nukka Last blip for a bit y'all. Gotta get that mornin' jog in. Take care. :)
djgeek ****************************************************************************************************

Apes & AndroidsRadio

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MANHILL Peaches / Set It Off

Peaches / Set It Off

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ishibutsu G'mornin' @mountvienna: "good mornin' this one is for my girlfriend :P" (reblip)
MysticTris I suspect you'd be deaf after two hours on Planet Bass.

Planet Rock(Bass In The Plane)

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HOTROCKINMAMA Great song that will jump start your day! Silversun Pickups ROCK!

Joss Stone "L-O-V-E"

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batistinha rb vi@TormentedOne: "♪Sleep like a child♪ ~Joss Stone"" (reblip)

Joss Stone Sleep like a child

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TeenAnalTerrorist @KTeeZ ♫ Goldie – Saint Angel "Who's feeling a little jungly?"
ZOEBOE We don't trust in the judicial system.

Geto BoysG-Code

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ZOEBOE K, bed time. I'm getting under the sheets. Night cha'll @DaLady @DaLady @Karuna @djilo and everyone else too :)
CLARITY head. pressure. senses. clutch.... damn. this. study. sesh. really sucks! cept @mkvkelly are cuddling later, and I'm excited about it. (reblip)
Yan @scream20: "NOFX – Fermented And Flailing" (reblip)
ZOEBOE :} too much work...too little time. dagnabbit.
ZOEBOE this>IS>so>fun ;} rb->@formalhaut: "wh at m ak es a me lo n bal l b oun ce?" (reblip)
Bobbin that last song was incubsy. this is newis dj shadow @Tom4681 and is hot

Walkie Talkie (Irn Mnky Beat Down Mix)

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CargoCulte @honeygirl hey hey hey, how ya doing?

Eazy-ENobody Move

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Atmosphere-Can't Break

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Bobbin this and another track is available as a free download for the next 24 hours http://djshadow.com/
smartard Summertime – The Zombies

SummertimeThe Zombies

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ZOEBOE Very nice. Though fer a sec I thought my pc was mad at me ;) rb-->@Karuna: "Dope chopped beat. Hip hop for philosophically-inclined punk rockers... (reblip)
ZOEBOE It was nice runnin into ya yesterday @theimf . Keep my old hood safe. hahaha ;}
CargoCulte @honeygirl Hump day is a busy one, but I'm doing good. ;)

FeltDirty Girl

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MissM773 thanks!@Shoom: "http://suffdaddy.bandcamp.com/ also great free Album! Go and load it! @aktovoir @ZOEBOE @BiggL @MissM773 @BototheFlow @Thnikkaman" (reblip)
CargoCulte Thanks! @pratinsky: "hi CargoCulte I come to add you to my favs, your barb its a constant in the message -people who also blipped..." (reblip)
smartard #nowplaying JJ BASS " IF I COULD WRITE" "BLAckf flag Records"

JJ BASS " IF I COULD WRITE" "BLAckf flag Records"

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Dido- Dont Believe In Love

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ZOEBOE haha. thank u dear sis. hope ur right ;) rb->@LYRIC.... sending u chocolate-dipped wishes for a ~beautiful day and a night full of lubadubdub haha.. (reblip)
ZOEBOE Awesome. Thanks for this cuz rb-->@DJLOPZ (reblip)
ZOEBOE Ya duckie @DHS... i'm ready to go, go, GO!
ZOEBOE LOL! This is my friend's little brother! I went 2 school w/them.They're cool cats. RB-> @deeprez via->@aktovoir @MissM773@DJLOPZ@BiggL@jambands@DJLOPZ (reblip)
smartard #NP Deniro Farrar – Dedicated
ZOEBOE You can't hide...

FUGEES Ready or Not

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CLARITY do you want more?! was my 1st roots album. what about you? @bendrix @ZOEBOE @DJLOPZ @CrankItUpshow @djilo @bduubz @Ad_C @Lingerer @BiggL

The RootsProceed

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smartard Big Boi – Shutterbug Ft. Cutty (Produced By Scott Storch Co-Produced By Big Boi)
smartard Big KRIT – Can't Be All (Official Music Video)
smartard Superchunk Majesty Shredding 2010 sep 14

Superchunk Majesty Shredding 2010 sep 14

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Greenie Need a musical interlude! thxxxx @Ashakur.. always has some tight music for me (reblip)
ZOEBOE Happy Saturday. How do I begin today? Hmm...

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek- Just Begun feat. Jay Electronica, J Cole, & Mos Def

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CLARITY ahhh I miss the days that I had time to Blip..and sleep. and party.
smartard vi@krisp Brahms German Requiem; How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place; Klemperer (reblip)

Brahms German Requiem; How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place; Klemperer

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ZOEBOE I'ma start today's session with this one from rb-->@AnitaBreakSoon thanks for this! (reblip)

Skillz "Call Me Crazy" feat. Raheem DeVaughn

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Bobbin only one bad line in this song. I mean who doesn't have time for Jordans?

LexiconNike Head

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How To Destroy Angels- Fur Lined

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smartard The Books – Take Time

The BooksTake Time

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smartard lazy eye – Silversun Pickups
smartard Tobacco – The yeah-yeah time
smartard Elton John – Your song

Elton JohnYour song

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CargoCulte Thanks & hello! @DJFrankie I realized I haven't played this since they added YouTube to blip That's been a while, I guess @fsh@dronnoisseur@Jazzhole" (reblip)

AM 180Grandaddy

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Rihanna-Only girl in the world (Official song)

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smartard The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun (1965)_HQ
CLARITY I really wish my wifi out in the boonies was faster. Its painful to hear choppy blips. But I do it cus I blove yall <3
ZOEBOE I bet Tully has a favorite tree. Zoey seems to love a shrub..full of ants. Figures. @solid_au
ZOEBOE thanks fam. This is mellow :) rb->@DJLOPZ: "#ZOEBOE Downtempo?" (reblip)
smartard vi@1001songs: "off to take the kids to MCD's...thanks for props @ImJustBlue and others. Stage 1: Utter denial" (reblip)
ZOEBOE Thanks for the Free the Robots tune @4C3C. This is one of my favorites...

Free The RobotsDiary

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Eyedea & Abilities-Now

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CLARITY CHRIIIIS! bout time!! IM GONNA BE ON THE BAY FEB 1ST! we must party in San Fran @Ktwist I miss you mucho! (reblip)
ZOEBOE Happy birthday @LUCIDBW @ajablue !! Get it!! :}

JeremihBirthday Sex

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ZOEBOE Thanks for this rb-->@Str8Ballin and ditto dude @eightbitkoala (but wondering why I'm even at work...) (reblip)

Fly Gypsy "Saturday Night Fever" feat. Wyclef Jean, Kanye West. PLS Re-POST!

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Greenie CREAM gets the money (reblip)

Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M (Music Vid)

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ZOEBOE SAWHEET RB->@fuzzygroove: ... All the public tracks from SoundCloud will be searchable. #dubstep #dnb #mecca." (reblip)

Taal FizaBudstep

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Riva Starr- Dance Me (single out Jan 11th 2010)

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ZOEBOE This is dope. Thanks 4 the tune! rb->@fuzzygroove: @Karuna @bduubz @Corts @solid_au Just bought this album, NiT GriT has some SICK tracks too.. (reblip)
ZOEBOE I think it's time to hear this @DJLOPZ

illa J "Sounds Like Love" feat. Debi Nova

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TeenAnalTerrorist @KTeeZ ♫ Goldie – Inner City Life "Another oldie from Goldie"
ZOEBOE I still want to buy this on vinyl :} That big heart record is soo cool!
ZOEBOE @oracle364 I agree! Especially hoodies that have come right out of the dryer!

Lady SovereignHoodie

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ZOEBOE ♥♥♥♥@CLARITY♥♥♥♥@Blippo♥♥♥♥@LYRIC♥♥♥♥@1001queen
ZOEBOE :} I think I need to clean my computer screen... hehe..
ZOEBOE @Corts it's lightly raining here too...makes me want to listen to more soul music..
CLARITY @axefield calm down bout your wknd baby boo, you gonna get all excited and cream yo self before you get to feel the DROP. baha @TiffTackToke :D blove
ZOEBOE I'm always happy in my hoodie too @Karuna (I know this is one of your faves!)
ZOEBOE Agreed. I love this music (especially on rainy Sundays) rb->@AlexStone: "#ZOEBOE this is what music is supposed to be....soothing and cathartic." (reblip)
ZOEBOE Okay. Time for sleep. I hope everyone has a ***magical*** night/day =)
ZOEBOE Wow. dub, I mean love this @solid_au =) Thanks 2 u n Tully both (Zdawg sends her love... the little traitor) (reblip)

DubwoofaDevoliz [HQ]

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MissM773 I need a splash of motivation today... i have none at the moment.
ZOEBOE This is a perfect tune for the rainy weather outside 2day rb-->@solid_au (reblip)


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Slug (of Atmosphere): Not Another Day

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ZOEBOE Was anyone else broken-hearted that Beyonce didn't fall off the stage last night? (I know, I'm a horrible person)
ZOEBOE @DJLOPZ I hope you have some good painkillers over there!
ZOEBOE @DJLOPZ @djilo my girl actually works for the label..she lets me know when something cool is bout to drop :}
smartard #nowplaying DJ Green Lantern ft. Eminem – Mosh
ZOEBOE ***everyday fly away***@LYRIC

Sade | Morning Bird

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ZOEBOE A trip up North sounds nice @ladypn :} I bet the stars are lovely at night there.

Portishead ~ Wandering Stars

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ZOEBOE a few weeks ago, but always worth hearing again!! tx! rb->@djilo: "Not sure if you've already blipped this one, but thought you would like kitten :) (reblip)
ZOEBOE This recording...was made for @WIGSTA...

Slightly Stoopid killin' me deep inside

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djsurfer At Last

At Last-Etta James

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"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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djsurfer Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter

"Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" by Nina Simone

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