KatieKapow "I gave you my heart, hold on let me sign it ;) <3 <3 <3"
KatieKapow One for the road, before I go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling until it looks like something else.
KatieKapow What I need right now! Yasumi!!!!

Puffy ami yumi- V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n

| play
KatieKapow Anata no hitomi no oku ni hisomu shounenn. Watashi no honnou kusugutte yamanai. Aah douka sonomama. My darling, stay gold.
KatieKapow Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds, dreaming aloud....
KatieKapow If those days are going to continue then I want to go far away....
KatieKapow I may still have some secret sides you have never seen, which no one in the world knows.
pointgiver Feeling rather paranoid. It may be time for a good, old fashioned conspiratorial rant.
KatieKapow Kate couldn't get to sleep, red bull at bedtime very bad yes. She was swimming in her sheets, while wings were growing out her back um.

Colin HayOverkill

| play
KatieKapow Blipity do dah, blipty yay! My oh my I'm just starting my day! >< =D
KatieKapow This road looks endless but surely it has an end. Let's stop on the way.
KatieKapow Running barefoot, stop me. Anna Tsuchiya - "Rose" =D

Rose-Anna inspi' NANA (BLACKSTONES)

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "Olivia Ong – Feelin So Good =^..^= OMG I'm LOVING this! =D (reblip)
KatieKapow @TidyCat @sn0wrose "If I could I'd eat the clouds, that's how I feel!" =D

PuffyNice Buddy

| play
KatieKapow @sn0wrose @TidyCat "Just when I thought I had to make it alone, you were right there by my side!" =D

PUFFYFriends Forever

| play
KatieKapow Fill my heart with song and let me sing forevermore. 'Cause you are all I long for, all I worship and adore.
KatieKapow @TidyCat Putting on a ribbon on its head! Big big big cat! Big big big cat! Where you at?
KatieKapow Mario oh Mario, how I love you. A A A B! B! A! WIN!

Audiosurf Brentalfloss Super Mario Bros 3

| play
KatieKapow POW POW! Mega Man!

Audiosurf Brentalfloss Mega Man 3

| play
KatieKapow @pointgiver: "Mutha-effin' Sufferage..." (reblip)

3.14 Apple Pi

| play
KatieKapow @pointgiver: "I don't know who it is (probably it was fhwdgads)" (reblip)

strong bad: TROGDOR!!!

| play
KatieKapow It's the proof of being alive! *mwah* @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow anytime, tomodachi! =^..^=" (reblip)
KatieKapow You wanna take Kapow on? Do ya? Do ya? <3 KAPOW!
KatieKapow And I'll be anything you ask and more...falling, falling, falling, falling, falling, falling, falling, falling....


| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat @sn0wrose You know our hearts beat time out very slowly...
KatieKapow I’m getting off track and I can’t control a thing, a thing…


| play
KatieKapow Came home for a while, wanna know why? I'm the b0ss, Yup.
KatieKapow But seriously, I'm on a mutha effing boat!
KatieKapow Oh Natalie, even I want you. Bawhahaha!
KatieKapow @pointgiver Can you hear my heart beat in this bond? Do you know that behind of this bond, lies the deep desire I'm in love.

MétisseBoom Boom Ba

| play
KatieKapow And no one spoke at all.

MonoLife in Mono

| play
KatieKapow I'm always there when you need me, will you be there for me?
KatieKapow Going mad, going mad, not too bad, not too bad!!!
KatieKapow A special little something for my least favorite company EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!
KatieKapow @TidyCat @sn0wrose Blipped a thousand times but still soooo good! *dances* ^___^
KatieKapow When we are older we'll understand....
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@EtaruSando0: "Hahaha. KOOL Who are these ROCKIN chicks!!" <-- Chatmonchy - they rock =^..^=" (reblip)

チャットモンチー シャングリラ

| play
KatieKapow Come roll the dice for me...roll the dice for me...


| play
KatieKapow And you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?
KatieKapow Do let do let do let jugulate do let do let do, let’s go slowly...
KatieKapow And when she passes, each one she passes goes, ahhhh...
KatieKapow Every day I love him just a little bit more, and he loves me the same. (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow It broadcasts from the Heart Station of lovers. @pointgiver I love you.

Utada Hikaru: Heart Station Live

| play
KatieKapow Love has tortured and love has killed but love has saved a million still...

TAT"Road To Paradise"

| play
KatieKapow The ground beneath your feet...
KatieKapow Kazaritsukenaide kono mama no watashi de ikite yuku tame. Nani ga hitsuyou.Jibun sae shinjirezu, nani wo shinjitara ii no.Kotae wa chikasugite mienai.
KatieKapow I'm not yer girlfriend.

Utada Hikaru : Dirty Desire [ Full ]

| play
KatieKapow Now you wanna kill me in the act of what could maybe save us from sleep and what we are.
KatieKapow I hope that doesn't scare you, I hope that doesn't scare you off

Gwen Stefani "Candyland" (B-Side/Dropped Song)

| play
KatieKapow Voodoo Lady. Shakin' that stick and drivin' me crazy.

WeenVoodoo Lady

| play
KatieKapow Tsumetai kusa no ue ni taore komi hoteru karada wo kakushitai

Utada HikaruTake 5

| play
KatieKapow And when the lights are coming out And I come down in your room...well well...


| play
KatieKapow Eating, sleeping and breathing comics.
KatieKapow Everybody wants me to be their angel. They don't know I burn.

UtadaDevil Inside

| play
KatieKapow Nanimo tsukame nai te. Yumemiteta no wa doko made?
KatieKapow So you've got your own little story to tell.
KatieKapow When a heartache begins, is it like this?
KatieKapow @TidyCat Best friend EVAR!: "Utada Hikaru – Close To You (Cubic U)" (reblip)
KatieKapow Yeah I'm effing fine. I'm effing better than effing fine.

Fiona Apple- Waltz (Better Than Fine)

| play
KatieKapow "So 1, 2, 3, take my hand & come with me because u look so fine & i really wanna make you mine." He says he says he says...
KatieKapow @Hard_Tellyn Bawhahahaha! I'll let you whip me if I misbehave.
KatieKapow And right back at you my dear. @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow some happy for my friend =^..^=" (reblip)

Nakanomori BANDHappy

| play
KatieKapow A whisper in the darkness disappears...sincerely...
KatieKapow So kiss me before it all gets complicated.

Bloc PartyPlans

| play
KatieKapow How do you afford your rock'n'roll lifestyle? Tell me?

Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle

| play
KatieKapow I lied a little and said I wanted to be alone.
KatieKapow Oh all alone. I’ve got a call from the bear. Gonna take all his honey honey. Done, all alone .


| play
KatieKapow Tell me lover are you lonely? The thing we need is never all that hard to find.

Tell Me Baby-Red Hot Chili Peppers (lyrics)

| play
KatieKapow RB @TidyCat: We fight the blues. Yuutsu ni makesou ni natta hi mo aru. Nagashita namida wa boku no jiyuu. (reblip)
KatieKapow Maiasa yowakime na sugao. Utsusu kagami taiji shitai yo.

hikaru utada-keep trying

| play
KatieKapow chatmonchy – Hirahira Hiraku Himitsu no Tobira

Cocco 「Raining」

| play

Puffy AmiYumi ~Urei~

| play
KatieKapow Isn't the tip of your brush thirsty?
KatieKapow @TidyCat Kogoeru bara no you ni. {{hug}} Kuzureteku kodoku na little girl.
KatieKapow Home... calling you, calling you! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow uh-huh =^..^= Utada – Kremlin Dusk" (reblip)

UtadaKremlin Dusk

| play
KatieKapow This side of me, this side of me...

MeikoPiano Song

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@katarinax: "@TidyCat これもcoccoだよ~" 大好き!ありがとう!@KatieKapow" (reblip)
KatieKapow Fresh like mint.

Bonnie Pink

| play
KatieKapow Chatmonchy - Shangrila ^___^ Soo in love with this band! @pointgiver


| play
KatieKapow She rises with the sunset. Utada - Hotel Lobby ♫ http://blip.fm/~e2gnx
KatieKapow *smooches* love you madly! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow - for my great friend =^..^= Utada Hikaru – Deep River " (reblip)
KatieKapow lol u KNOW I love this one! =P @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow ~ Utada – Dirty Desire ~ lol! =^..^=" (reblip)

UtadaDirty Desire

| play
KatieKapow Boom-Shalaka, he start’s ta talka to me. Boom-Shalaka, my heart skips a-Boom-Shalaka laka. Boom. Boom. @Wiretapper ;)

Anjulie | Boom

| play
KatieKapow And if we stay here tonight, under the moonlit sky, will we breathe in, or will our hearts just fade away? @TidyCat @thedeo =D

Living ThingsOxygen

| play
KatieKapow O-Shot #kapow ;) @big_diel @docstrange @Wiretapper @manyko2 @MexiColaJones @mortythemouth

The Gay Blades "O Shot" Music Video

| play
KatieKapow I like this one too much, RB x 2! @KatieKapow: "@TidyCat: "@KatieKapow SLUNT - Never Say Never .... ever =^..^="" (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow David, you rock! *hugs* RB @TidyCat: "Rin' - Anti Hero (featuring Lisa Loeb)" (reblip)

Rin' "Anti Hero" featuring Lisa Loeb

| play
KatieKapow One wasted life, one wasted youth. Wasted prospects, idols too. Your own demise. No alibis. No compromise. - TaT

TAT"Road To Paradise"

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow @chickenkatsu ~ Clocks - Twelve Girls Band" (reblip)

CLOCKS by 12 girls band

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait *hugs* =^..^=" (reblip)
KatieKapow Chatmonchy ~ Sekai ga owaru yoru <3 # k a p o w

Chatmonchy Sekai ga owaru yoru

| play
KatieKapow Oh she moves, oh she moves you. And I know that top has something to do with it. ;) @Wiretapper @mortythemouth @TidyCat
KatieKapow Hipity hop jump pop #kapow! RB @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow ~ =^..^= Chatmonchy – Shangri-la" (reblip)
KatieKapow DUDE! I've been waiting 4 this to come up! "tight jeans..." =O #sexy @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow ... yes! =^..^= Utada – Poppin'" (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Even if no one in the world knows us, wWe know each other so well.
KatieKapow Deo mush lol @thedeo: "this song turns me into a pile of mush. @TidyCat @KatieKapow" (reblip)
deo yup all mushy :). just like vanilla wafers that have been sitting in banana pudding. @KatieKapow

Not an Angel

| play
KatieKapow Never Say Never... @Wiretapper (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow Tight jeans no panties on. Oops! Did I turn you on? ;) (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow What kind of a dream are you able to have? Are you entranced by? - Kanon Wakeshima "Still Doll"

Kanon Wakeshima-Still Doll[PV]

| play
KatieKapow She's got such a dirty mind and it never ever stops.

Bloc PartyBanquet

| play
KatieKapow *smooches* to my lovely boys! @deo: "wuv @TidyCat@KatieKapow" (reblip)

Otsuka Ai/ Shabondama (大塚 愛/ シャボン玉)

| play
KatieKapow Your body's over me.

"Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio

| play
KatieKapow Mmmm I love this one! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow Utada - The Workout =^..^=" (reblip)

UtadaThe Workout

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow a song for the kitties =^..^= (shhh - not just you, Moxie!)" (reblip)
KatieKapow @goose_s chatmonchy – Hirahira Hiraku Himitsu no Tobira
KatieKapow @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow @Mortythemouth canons? idk ... big drums maybe ... ;p" (reblip)
KatieKapow Blipity bop! @TidyCat Bestie Hugs! =D and don't #foflmaoc Ta hee!
KatieKapow Top of the world!!!! @TidyCat ^__^ Weeeee! Kitty and Kapow powers, ACTIVATE!

Shonen Knife Top of the World MJ090116

| play
KatieKapow DUDE! @TidyCat can I have Chocobars wif my Hot Chocolate? Or is that a sin? ^___^

Shonen Knife, "I Wanna Eat Choco Bars"

| play
KatieKapow So sweet.

Meiko; Piano Song; Song; Lyrics; Picture

| play
KatieKapow Wake up dreamer it's happening without you.

Bloc PartyPlans

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Feel better friend! Get some sleep and sweet dreams! ~Shonen Knife - Fruit Loop Dreams ^__^
KatieKapow "Demo Koi Wa Circus" – Chatmonchy
KatieKapow Everything that I need. Everything is what you mean.
KatieKapow Thank you! @Alturn8tive =D Sometimes we rock and roll.

Wolf Parade "This Heart's On Fire"

| play
KatieKapow Forever is a long long time when you lost your way.


| play
KatieKapow RB @deo: "i was out of your league." (reblip)
KatieKapow Suki de suki de dou shiyou mo nai. Sore to kore to wa kankei nai.

Sakura Drops

| play
KatieKapow Oh! and there you are! (^_^) @Thaiangel I know it's late, I live here! - The Moon World ~ Shonen Knife #Kapow!
KatieKapow @Thaiangel it will be a celebration! Utada Hikaru ~ Celebrate! ~

Utada Hikaru -Gentle Beast Interlude & Celebrate

| play
KatieKapow Yes! RB @Thaiangel: "should we go "on the beach"? @KatieKapow :) I luv beach but I can't swim :( " (reblip)
KatieKapow Oh! @Thaiangel I'm SURE @TidyCat wud say yes if we go shopping here! ---> "Rome" ~ ^__^ (say yes kitty, I'll buy you a Jameson)


| play
KatieKapow I think this one's my fav! Thanks pally! @deo: "3rd :) @KatieKapow" (reblip)
KatieKapow Taiyou ni me ga kurande mo. Sono te wo hanasanaide.
KatieKapow What do I do with this fire inside of me?


| play
KatieKapow Between the click of the light and the start of the dream.

Arcade FireNo Cars Go

| play
KatieKapow On any rainy day you filled a dent. / Bonnie Pink ~Mint~

Bonnie Pink

| play
KatieKapow I'm bending time. / Zero 7 ~Destiny~

Zero 7 "Destiny"

| play
KatieKapow @Thaiangle @TidyCat Oh *SO* hungry! / Reel Big Fish~Hungry Like A Wolf
KatieKapow I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy. / Fiona Apple~Paper Bag~
KatieKapow @TidyCat Mou ichidido anata wo dakishimetai dekiru dake sutto.
KatieKapow @thedeo Count down those sheepies pal. 1...2...3...KAPOW! / Phoenix~Countdown~
KatieKapow I LOVE this one! @TidyCat: "Wakeshima Kanon - Still Doll" (reblip)

Kanon Wakeshima-Still Doll[PV]

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Better than fiiiiiiiiiine! =) *mwah!*

Fiona Apple- Waltz (Better Than Fine)

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Sonna ni itsu demo Ii ko bakari de irarenai . / Ayumi Hamasaki~Real Me~

Ayumi Hamasaki-Real Me-Sub.Esp.HQ

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat How can I make a tidy dance? / Ashley MacIssac~Sleepy Maggie

Ashley MacIssac / Mary Jane Lamond Sleepy Maggie

| play
KatieKapow Sleep in the shadow of you. / No doubt~Big Distraction~
KatieKapow Jingling a wish coin that I stole from a fountain.

BeckGo It Alone

| play
KatieKapow Oh! @Thaiangel So nice to "see you". I wouldn't mind a snuggle at all. Kapow's feets get cold. ^__^ / Foo Fighters

Foo FightersSee You

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat speaking of photos, I do believe you haz mail. / The Verve Pipe~Photograph~
KatieKapow @Thaiangel @TidyCat although if we just get up and move around a little, I wouldn't be so cold! Let's dance! / Anjulie~Jamba~ (^__^)


| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat I *thinks* they are AWESOME! How about, a photo celebration. Only one problem w/ them, made me miss you. Glad u like! *smooches*

Utada Hikaru -Gentle Beast Interlude & Celebrate

| play
deo @KatieKapow the number you have reached has been disconnected.
deo my bad @KatieKapow

♂AV 順子-I'm sorry

| play
KatieKapow It's okay. I won't disappear. =) @deo (reblip)

Otsuka Ai/ Shabondama (大塚 愛/ シャボン玉)

| play
KatieKapow @Model_Daughters @Thaiangel @TidyCat I do believe it's my time. You've all been great! Maybe someone can take me home now? *mwah!*
KatieKapow Chatmonchy~Demo Koi Wa Circus~ <3 <3 <3
KatieKapow Anna Tsuchiya~Scream~

Anna Tsuchiya " Scream "

| play
KatieKapow @Thaiangel (^__^) You are sweet dear! Otona ni natte iku koto no imi. Nante wakaranai mama da yo. ;)

Ayumi Hamasaki Fairyland PV

| play
KatieKapow Whoo hooo! Me naw me baw bay be doe!
KatieKapow Glad to have you back! mwah! @TidyCat / Ayumi Hamasaki~Evolution~

Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution 雙字幕

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Let's get better so we can boogie woogie. =D / Some Puffy dear?
KatieKapow @TidyCat Should we buy an Atlas since we so on top of the world? ^__^ / Shonen Knife~A World Atlas~
KatieKapow You know our hearts beat time out very slowly...
KatieKapow Hey why am I so worried? / Utada Hikaru~Never Let Go~
KatieKapow @TidyCat Goodnight dear. See you. Sweet dreams.
KatieKapow @TidyCat "Moshimo negai hitotsu dake kanau nara" / Beautiful World ~Utada Hikaru~ (She says it *real* good!)
KatieKapow Ai Otsuka – Planetarium

Ai OtsukaPlanetarium

| play
KatieKapow Rin Oikawa – She Said

Rin OikawaShe Said

| play
KatieKapow Cinderella is allowed to dream all day. ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ Bonnie Pink ~ "Try Me Out"

Bonnie Pink Try Me Out

| play
KatieKapow <3 @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow one of those thousands of obscure ones i have but this one is yours now =^..^=" (reblip)
KatieKapow A favorite for a favorite, again! lol @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow - it's 'Junigatsu' before but then 'Lucy wa Moon Face' ... =^..^= ..." (reblip)

Lucy Wa Moon Face

| play
harmony60 Zero 7 { Home } Please enjoy the music~Thanks~

Zero 7 Home

| play
KatieKapow @Thaiangel Good day to you good lady! ^__^

Puffy AmiYumiSunrise

| play
KatieKapow And I still believe in the phrases that we breathed.

True Affection

| play
KatieKapow DUDE! There you go again! Frawsome! @TidyCat: "@disopedient lol! this is just the starting point! there's so much more out there =^..^= @KatieKapow " (reblip)
Thaiangel Hello hello @KatieKapow .. and u suppose to zzzzz.. time huh? well ..It's ok for ur friday nite hun .. muahhh

atomic kitten-it's ok

| play
KatieKapow I'm not gonna stop til you're addicted to me <3 <3 <3 ~ K ~A ~ P ~ O ~ W ~ !

Anjulie 2009 addicted2me

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat ~ Shhh! Be varwee qwiet! We hunting wabbit. / Utada ^__^ ~ Tippy Toe

UtadaTippy Toe

| play
KatieKapow *SO* in love with this! <3 @TidyCat: "@ShiaoMei @lillianwong surprisingly groovy =^..^=" (reblip)

レモンキッド lemon kid PUFFY

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat I know you do dear and it makes me smile. ^__^ / Utada Hikaru ~ Passion (after the battle) ~
KatieKapow It's so hard to pick a favorite but this one is *for sure* top 5. / Utada Hikaru ~ Kairo ~

Utada Hikaru-Kairo-Translated

| play
deo do want you want to. just don't pretend anymore.
KatieKapow Too bad you called dibs, I'd fight you for it. RB @deo: "i love this song so much. i think i'll marry it :) @KatieKapow" (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow Oh man bestie! This is loverly. Thank you! ^__^ RB @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow ~ Otsuka Ai - Renai Shashin" (reblip)

Renai Shashin(Photographs of Love)

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum
KatieKapow @TidyCat Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road (That last one's hard to top!) <3
KatieKapow Stella Soliel / ~Kiss Kiss~ mwah mwah

Kiss Kiss NaruHina

| play
KatieKapow Meiko – Sleep (or lack of it)


| play
KatieKapow Kanon Wakeshima / ~Kuroi Torikago~
KatieKapow Sex and Candy (Acoustic)

Sex and Candy (Acoustic)

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Utada Hikaru – Addicted to You あなたに熱中される ^__^
KatieKapow @disopedient @TidyCat I *will* have the mouse poised and ready to click *buy* on saturday morning for those tix! ^__^
KatieKapow Awesome! rb @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow @disopedient ~ Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down – Bag of Hammers" (reblip)
KatieKapow @TidyCat @spacesheep @lilbirdman Shhh! I need some sleep! (><) / Eels ~I need some sleep~
KatieKapow B@by Soul ~A Life Trip~

B@by Soul A Life Trip

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat チャットモンチー Chatmonchy ~Last Love Letter~

チャットモンチー chatmonchy last love letter HQ sound+lyrics

| play
spacesheep お~すごいや!ビートと曲が好き。>Sadie(サディ) / shallow rain

Sadie(サディ)- Shallow Rain

| play
KatieKapow チャットモンチー Chatmonchy 夕日哀愁風車 Yuhi Aishu Kazaguruma ^__^
KatieKapow @nicklokes lol Word. I did. And now, I'm not scared. ^__^ Utada Hikaru ~Simple and Clean~
KatieKapow Nice! ^__^ ^5! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow SAKURA – Oh we Oh" (reblip)


| play
KatieKapow I *love* this! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow b@by soul - dream maker =^..^=" (reblip)

b@by souldream maker

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Who loves you back. Olivia Ong ~Feelin' So Good~
KatieKapow チャットモンチー (Chatmonchy) ~Live~ 惚たる蛍 (Horetaru Hotaru) @TidyCat @disopedient

惚たる蛍 チャットモンチー

| play
KatieKapow I am yours for as long as you will have me. <3 The Bird and the Bee ~Love Letter to Japan~ (sooo in love with this song!)
KatieKapow The Bird and the Bee ~"My Love"~ I'm not afraid of all the reasons why we shouldn't try. <3 I get excited when I think of crawling into your arms. <3

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

| play
KatieKapow Hitomi Yaida ~Over the Distance~
ducks2007 thanks for the listen! @KatieKapow such an eclectic mix you have I'm not sure what to blip!
Azuki Another great female band from japan

LAZYgunsBRISKY/Navy Star【PV】

| play
Azuki I love this band! Amazing vocals and beautiful lead
KatieKapow (*o*) So mysterious! (and cool!) (~_^) RB @Azuki: "Created a seperate account, not telling you who I am ;) Only blipping asian bands on this one. " (reblip)
Azuki @KatieKapow It's my super secret account! I created it to see how many fans I could find out there


| play
KatieKapow SHINK ~Take It Easy~

【PV】Shink『Take It Easy』09.07.27 on sale!

| play
KatieKapow Ai Otsuka 金魚花火 Kingyo Hanabi (ahhhh...so beautiful.)
KatieKapow *Love* this! RB @Azuki: "Only blipping the awesome Asian music and the underrated bands" (reblip)

AJICO すてきなあたしの夢

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Tomoyo Harada ~If I Can Meet You in a Dream~

If I can meet you in a dream

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat @Thaiangel (^_^) "Skip Turn Step" frolic, leap, jump, play? *muah*!

Kanon Wakeshima- Skip Turn Step

| play
KatieKapow Puffy ~Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds~

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

| play
KatieKapow RB @Gidyean Nice! ^5 "Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited" (reblip)

Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited

| play
KatieKapow @TidyCat Because I *know* you dear. *muah* Nanase Aikawa ~Snowfall~
katarinax これはヤバい awesome!
KatieKapow @TidyCat @Thaiangel @Classyvixenart Nana Kitade ~Tsukihana~ (love this video, she looks so beautiful!)

Nana Kitade [PV] 月華- Tsukihana

| play
DebbyBruck @studioloraine That is very strange. But many have sung about it. Live like you are going to die. #FRIENDS

Dear You ~Friend~

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KatieKapow I'm lonely as floating ice. Bonnie Pink ~ last kiss ~
KatieKapow Hiro ~Itsuka futaride~

Hiro-Itsuka futaride いつか二人で

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deo @KatieKapow@TidyCat fresh off the press!! this one turns to gold for me at 01:15.
KatieKapow Utada Hikaru ~Never Let Go~ (music box version) OhEmGee Kapow swoon!!!
KatieKapow Love this! *hugs* @deo: "@KatieKapow you are most welcome." (reblip)


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FarEastPROJECT [Japanese] "Dear..." by Kana Nishino

Kana NishinoDear...

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KatieKapow Nana Kitade ~ Unerasable Sin ~ Raw 'Breath' Track
takumikid 本日もマイナーコードの嵐の時間がやってまいりました 茜唄 / UNLIMITS


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KatieKapow HALCALI ♥♥♥ Koi no Bububun ♥♥♥
KatieKapow Love City

Heartsdales: Love City

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Maikeru48 @TidyCat @KatieKapow / Hazel Nuts Chocolate パ・パ・パ・パ・パンツでGO!

Hazel Nuts Chocolate パ・パ・パ・パ・パンツでGO!

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KatieKapow RB @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow ~ Kudo Shizuka - Moon Water *hugs* =^..^=" (Anata no koe ga kikoeta ki ga shita) *hugs* (reblip)
KatieKapow RB @TidyCat: "Jyuri Yuzuhara - You never know" (reblip)

You never know/JYURI YUZUHARA

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KatieKapow @savagemike *listen* Heartsdales ~Mic Play~ (^_^)

Heartsdales: Mic Play

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sybi thank you for this :)@Maikeru48: "@TidyCat @KatieKapow @sybi @lalali Thanks for all the great tunes / Rie Fu – Sunny Days" (reblip)
Maikeru48 @TidyCat @KatieKapow @lalali @sybi @katarinax Perfume - Perfect Star Perfect Style

Perfume Perfect Star Perfect Style

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KatieKapow ty! RB @sybi: "for all of you ゚・:,。☆(*'ー')/ @Maikeru48 @TidyCat @lalali @KatieKapow @teketeketetsuya ゚・:,。☆" (reblip)


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KatieKapow lol! I looked 4 this earlier cudnt find! RB @TidyCat: "@sybi @KatieKapow@Maikeru48 @lalal ~ Hayashibara Megumi – Going History - seiyu goddess =^..^=" (reblip)
Maikeru48 @KatieKapow @TidyCat @sybi @senoa @lalali Hope you all like this one / Coltemonikha - Namaiki


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KatieKapow Nice! @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow @Maikeru48 ~ Puffy - Aig a tomaranai (a cover of Wink which was a cover of Kylie Minogue ;) )" (reblip)
KatieKapow Oyasumi nasai my bestie and new friend! (^_^) *chuu* @TidyCat: "good night & ty all =^..^= i'm looking at *you* @iMickeyD & @KatieKapow ;)" (reblip)
DJ_Tekky SKE48 - Tsuyoki Monoyo <3

SKE48 Tsuyoki Monoyo 強き者よ Full Video HD

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KatieKapow The Seatbelts ~Wo Qui Non Coin~
Maikeru48 Thank you! I love their older stuff too :-) / RB @cocona: "Thx for Capsule! I've been listening to their older stuffs lately...this one's for U!...;) (reblip)

capsule: 空飛ぶ都市計画 【HD】

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Maikeru48 I love this! Thanks for blipping. (OOP4U) / RB @cocona: "砧とかどんだけローカルwwまえに住んでたとこから結構近いしww@shikiko" (reblip)
huangmarong : a chinese song

Sweet Love Song 两只蝴蝶 Two Butterflies by 常龙

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KatieKapow RB @shikiko 太陽のうそつき - ゆらゆら帝国 太陽のうそつき – ゆらゆら帝国 (reblip)
shikiko School Food Punishmentの略だったのか。@cocona: "ちょぴっとスピードあげるよーーーーw" (reblip)

SFPLight Prayer

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shikiko rb@mochiunagi: "ビタミンLOVE - 小倉優子" (reblip)

Cute Japanese Song

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KatieKapow @TidyCat @G4GTi PERFUME // Zero Gravity


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KatieKapow @TidyCat Oyasumi nasai, bestie! *huuugs* for Monday. (^_^) // Ayumi Hamasaki ~Fairyland~
KatieKapow GIRL NEXT DOOR ~Infinity~


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KatieKapow Ayumi Hamasaki ~Marionette~

Ayumi Hamasaki--Marionette

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KatieKapow @Maikeru48 Koda Kumi ~Get up and Move~ Hey, it's the love of your life! (^_^) #kapow!
KatieKapow Off to a BBQ! AFK * BBL * OMW * BBQ * AOK * TTYL * KAPOW! Hazel Nuts Chocolate ~ Love Peace IceCream~
KatieKapow @Maikeru48 @TidyCat @spacesheep @Sybii @G4GTi Saori@destiny // ~ My Way ~ パーフェクト・ワンダーガール

Saori@destiny「My Way」~「パーフェクト・ワンダーガール」

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KatieKapow Aira Mitsuki ~ Plastic Doll ~ ゚・:,。☆(*'ー') ♫
KatieKapow Salyu // Extension


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KatieKapow Azu ♥´*•.¸For You¸.•*♥ @J___Spot

AzuFor You

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KatieKapow Saori @ destiny「ステンレス・スターライト」~「ブリーズ・ブリーズ」


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KatieKapow Sound the alarms! I ate too much ziti! // Namie Amuro ~Alarm~ lol @J___Spot
KatieKapow Ai Otsuka 大塚愛 ~ クムリウタ ~ Kumuriuta @ShiaoMei @iMickeyD @Maikeru48 @TidyCat @J___Spot

大塚愛 クムリウタ PV

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FarEastPROJECT [Japanese] 午前8時の脱走計画 by Cymbals #asian ~ Good luck on the marathon badge, @KatieKapow. I tried it once, but gave into sleep. Wasted a whole day. (reblip)

# 午前8時の脱走計画 / Cymbals

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KatieKapow GIRL NEXT DOOR – 偶然の確率


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KatieKapow @J___Spot (I was at this very show!) UTADA /swoon I loves her!
KatieKapow Heartsdales featuring DOUBLE // Should have whaaat!!??!

Heartsdales: Should Have What?! feat. DOUBLE

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KatieKapow Perfume ~ ワンルーム・ディスコ ~
KatieKapow チリヌルヲワカ CHIRINURUWOWAKA – はなむけ a different Yumi Nakashima (^_^) @TidyCat @Maikeru48


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KatieKapow noodles ~Hush Bell~

noodlesHush Bell

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KatieKapow Meisa Kuroki 黒木メイサ – Kind Of Guy
KatieKapow Who's on BiH??? #KAPOW! // Capsule - Tokyo Smiling

CapsuleTokyo Smiling

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KatieKapow Kana Nishino ~ Septemeber 1st ~
shikiko ども。@cocona: "ほい!シキねーちゃんw@shikiko" (reblip)

apotheke kawaii

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KatieKapow ravex featuring BoA ~Believe in LOVE~ @TidyCat *muah!* my bestie <3 you!
KatieKapow Meisa Kuroki ~Late Show~

Meisa Kuroki 黒木メイサ | Late Show

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KatieKapow @Maikeru48 @J___Spot @TidyCat Perfume ~I still love you~

「I still love U」 by Perfume with Lyrics(English, Japanese, Romanized Japanese)

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KatieKapow Tamaki Nami 大胆にいきましょう↑Heart & Soul↑ (uk club mix by the whip)
KatieKapow @TidyCat LOVE this! RURUTIA ~Hoshi to Hane~

RURUTIAHoshi to Hane

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KatieKapow ^5! Hey Bestie, btw I HAS NEWS! @TidyCat: "@Maikeru48 @KatieKapow ~ Nami Tamaki – Heroine" (reblip)

Nami TamakiHeroine

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deo @KatieKapow thx for the jpop explosion :)
KatieKapow @deo lol yw~it kinda was a j pop explosion! (^_^) Hazel Nuts Chocolate ♥ Future Popp

Hazel Nuts Chocolate ♥ Future Popp

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KatieKapow @J___Spot BoA ~Scream~

BoA-Scream (Lyrics)

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KatieKapow Meisa Kuroki 黒木メイサ ~Kind Of Guy~
KatieKapow @Maikeru48 awwwww! We loves our friends! @TidyCat ~Alpha~ Stereo Love <3 (reblip)
KatieKapow Ayumi Hamasaki ~Together When~ @TidyCat

Together When  ayumi hamasaki High-resolution

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KatieKapow I think Kapow must depart. Oyasumi nasai! Yoi yume wo! * ちゅう * HALCALI ~Long Kiss Good Bye~ * kiss *
KatieKapow TRUTH! Baby Kapow on da way! (^_^) RB @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow victory sperm - #ftw! =^..^=" (reblip)
KatieKapow BoA ~T O U C H E D~ (wanna be...KAPOW!)

BoA-Touched [FULL SONG]+Download Link

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KatieKapow Namie Amuro ~SeXy GiRl~

♫Amuro Namie 安室奈美恵 SEXY GIRL♫

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KatieKapow RB @FarEastPROJECT: "[Japanese] あいにいくよ by SAWA #asian" (reblip)
KatieKapow Jasmine // No More

JasmineNo More

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KatieKapow Sweet Black featuring Maki Goto ~~Tear Drops~~


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KatieKapow Anna Tsuchiya ~Sweet Rishi Boy~

Sweet Rishi boy ~ Anna Tsuchiya [letra]

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KatieKapow LOL! RB @Maikeru48: "If you look closely, you'll see @sybi in this video /Pizzicato Five - La Depression/ @TidyCat @lalali @senoa @cocona @shikiko" (reblip)

Pizzicato Five La Depression

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KatieKapow #KAPOW RB! @Maikeru48: "@KatieKapow Honey FLASH!!! (^_^) / Koda Kumi - Cutie Honey" (reblip)

倖田來未 キューティハニー Koda Kumi Cutie Honey

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KatieKapow Utada Hikaru / Foxy Brown // Blow My Whistle
KatieKapow @Maikeru48 @TidyCat 島谷ひとみ – Domenica

島谷ひとみ Domenica

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Maikeru48 Because I'm in a Perfume kinda mood tonight... / Perfume - Ceramic Girl

Perfume セラミックガール【MAD】

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KatieKapow @ShiaoMei As I approach hour 8, my blips are making less sense. O_o // BoA - Energetic #MarathonKapow RED BULLLLLLLLLLLL


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KatieKapow @ShiaoMei @Maikeru48 Bei Xu ~ Time After Time ~

Bei Xu "Time after time"

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KatieKapow Happiness, I have it sometimes... // Thelma Aoyama 青山テルマ - Happiness

青山テルマ(Thelma Aoyama)★Happiness

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KatieKapow I could be your lady. // BoA-Touched

BoA-Touched [FULL SONG]+Download Link

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FarEastPROJECT [Korean] Dala Dala by Lee Jung Hyun #asian ~ Don't give up, @KatieKapow! You're almost halfway through. As for me... *yawn* heading to bed. (reblip)
KatieKapow OhEmGe! <3 RB! @ShiaoMei: "Hello & Hugzzz ~>@Audi420 (-:@lillianwong @TropicsZ4 aNd..@DjRuca.. @EFR56 @LadyFantastick @Atomik:-) @KatieKapow <<~ xoxo" (reblip)

akiko スウィングしなけりゃ意味ないね

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KatieKapow 木村カエラ Kaela Kimura ~Memories~

MemoriesKaela Kimura

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tasogare -Rie Tomosaka -murasaki

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KatieKapow LOL! And I just got my level 2 Headliner badge! #DOUBLESCORE! RB @TidyCat: "@KatieKapow w00t! おめでとう! =^..^=" (reblip)

Rina Auichi-Full Jump

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KatieKapow Did u guys know I was a Top 40 Radio DJ in the 90's? KAPOW!!! /// Jeff Buckley ~Last Goodbye
Maikeru48 This goes out to my friend @KatieKapow--thanks for all the great music you sent me while I was hiding under the comforters. (^_^) I'm RBing all of it!
KatieKapow The Brilliant Green ~Maybe We Could Go Back To Then~ Do you know there's a place waiting for you, a special place in my heart and my life.
KatieKapow (^_^) RB! @DJManekiNeko: "shouts, props and happy Komodo no hi (Childrens Day) to @KatieKapow :^)" (reblip)

Advantage LucyMetro

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KatieKapow @TidyCat Just because I love you. // Ayu -Love n' Hate
KatieKapow YES! RB! @Maikeru48: "@KatieKapow / Perfume – Baby Cruising Love (^_^)" (reblip)
KatieKapow *mwah* \(*O*)/ <3 RB! @Maikeru48: "*mwah* (^_^) @KatieKapow / Perfume – Dream Fighter" (reblip)
Maikeru48 ☆☆☆☆☆! / RB @chiew_76: "Hoover's Ooover - Collection" --->@KatieKapow (reblip)
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