Kaye_Loves_You umm im kind of new to this but this is the JAM so get into this peps
Kaye_Loves_You This is for my number 1 @SexiiSexAppeal


| play
Kaye_Loves_You This song been in my head for the past few days
Kaye_Loves_You I twiddle my baby..song made by @BHBADDEST ...this is the jam


| play
Kaye_Loves_You ummm the song is self explainatory @ibechillin 4rm me to u =D


| play
Kaye_Loves_You 4 @THEANGELSDEVIL turn off the lights and see if u wanna get n2 my dark side

Beyonce "Lights Out" by Danity Kane

| play
Kaye_Loves_You A song for my sister since we both love us some Robert Curry @mynameiskaye

Free Robert (Day26)

| play
Kaye_Loves_You @FREAKBOYKELS this song goes out 2 u =D

Dru-ski : Nympho

| play
Kaye_Loves_You I remeber when I walked out, I remember when gave up lovin u...i was saaaaddd and lonely

Keyshia Cole "I Remember"

| play
Kaye_Loves_You You know u wasnt raised like that (ay) this is the jam ladies
Kaye_Loves_You And we both know ur wrong, theres nothing u could do to ever undo wat u done 2 me.i loved u deep in my heart i kno..
Kaye_Loves_You i seen niggas get crossed up cuz they the realest and the realest niggas in the streets dont have no feelings, its called bein neglected and all alone
Kaye_Loves_You Baby im trippin on silly things, boy i need u to meet half way if u want me to be wit u *sing it Keysh*
Kaye_Loves_You I knwo i did wrong but i blame it on midnight *puts head down*


| play
Kaye_Loves_You ok so what, i like-NO LOVE the Spice Girls when i was younger...and this is my fav Spice Girl song
Kaye_Loves_You cant no one take my title [KrazySexyKool]

TLCDiggin' On You

| play
Kaye_Loves_You heyy i didnt knowthey would have my video up here...well ENJOY MY...I WORKED VERY HARD ON THIS


| play
Kaye_Loves_You i gave u my heat and i tried to make u happy but u gave me nothing in return..u know it aint so hard to say, would u plz just go away

Destiny's Child Sail On

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Trey knows how to take some1 song and make it 10 times better
Kaye_Loves_You @SexiiSexAppeal damn thats a bitch well heres a song 4 u..well heres a song 4 u
Kaye_Loves_You this just been in my for a few days -
Kaye_Loves_You wat u gonna do wit all that junk all that junk inside ur trunk -

Usher I Don't know

| play
Kaye_Loves_You this was everyone's fav. song on the doggy Bag Album

All I Know--Bow Wow

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i will always be in the Britney Spears cult lol *dances to Ima slave 4 u*
Kaye_Loves_You ..U got a message

Raheem Devaughn-Text Messages

| play
Kaye_Loves_You U dont fuck us nigga we fuck u....
Kaye_Loves_You first time hearin this song..its actually okay
Kaye_Loves_You "he's my friend lover, lover like no other, he fills me up when im runnin low on love..love this song" (reblip)
Kaye_Loves_You i thought i wouldnt really give a fuck but now a bitch all in love, dont mean to be a hater but oh shit damn..he so good
Kaye_Loves_You @SexiiSexAppeal is my baby girl and i aint scared to let the world know....(we stay fly 24/7, 365) =D

Nivea Okay

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i think about us all day, dream about always, love aint always Complicated


| play
Kaye_Loves_You i think ill write him a notice


| play
Kaye_Loves_You i met him at this party, sittin at the bar he, walked up right to me, bought me some bacardii, i dont know what happened.....my jam

Cherish- Before You Were My Man w/lyrics

| play
Kaye_Loves_You when i first heard this song i was sstuck on it..listen to it like 27 times that day- souldnt even tell u how many the whole month

Girlfriend Omarion ft. Bow Wow

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i found heaven on earth, u are my last my first, and then i hear this voice inside...Ave Maria

BeyoncéAve maria

| play
Kaye_Loves_You when i leave..i gotta crib to go to that i got myself straight outta high school.....
Kaye_Loves_You we cant be friends cuz im still in love wit u *the jam*

NextButta Love

| play
Kaye_Loves_You and i would never try to deny that u were my whole life cuz if u were to let go i would die...the one and only
Kaye_Loves_You i miss my baby @IBEChillin


| play
Kaye_Loves_You Somebody 2 somebody who loves me....LOVE THIS SONG

Christina Aguilera-Somebody´s Somebody

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i called up my favorite radio station and i dedicated this to u *points*
Kaye_Loves_You I tried every remedy and nothing seems to work for me...DK all day
Kaye_Loves_You if u take ur love away 4rm me, ill go crazy..ILL GO INSANE
Kaye_Loves_You sometimes i be wanting to do something wrong just so i play this song
Kaye_Loves_You best song on the street love album
Kaye_Loves_You I jerk..do u ...i wish i did lol

New Boyz "You're A Jerk" OFFICIAL Music Video HD Extended / Uncensored *Skee.TV

| play
Kaye_Loves_You @MJSTL can i get toot toot and a beep beep lol
Kaye_Loves_You stop trippin, i know u got a man but he slippin, i can see myself gettin in where i fit in, i just want u 2 see just how much ur man aint me

ya man ain't me chris brown lyrics

| play

MarioLay in my Bed

| play
Kaye_Loves_You see theres this girl that i knwo and she's more....more than average she's a perfect 10 @SexiiSexAppeal

B2Kout the hood

| play
Kaye_Loves_You #musicmonday i guess that was the straw that broke the camles back cuz there wasnt no talkin after that, came home and her bas were already packed
Kaye_Loves_You @SexiiSexAppeal We about to set it off up in here now...=D
Kaye_Loves_You #musicmonday i saw u walkin down on Melrose, u looked like an angel, straight out of heaven girl
Kaye_Loves_You this is when i really started diggin Bobby V. #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You WHATS UR FAV. CHRIS BROWN SONG...mines is *sings* recently i had a girl & her name was Nikki but she left me cuz i called her ur name #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You My fav. Brandy song "Sitting Up In My Room" #musicmonday

Brandy sitting up in my room

| play
Kaye_Loves_You I wanna take you outerspace with me...so wat u say baby #musicmonday

Yung Berg Outerspace

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Good job Bow Wow but theres nothing like the orginal #musicmonday

tlcbaby baby baby

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Do yall think thongs would be so popular if Sisqo never came out wit the thong song lol #musicmonday
starvingartist1 Thanks to Miss @Kaye_Lovely , I fux with these fools *
Kaye_Loves_You @SexiiSexAppeal been so long, he's been on..#musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You @starvingartist1 take my hand and close u eyes and picture me touchin ur....#musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You if u want it u can get it, if u wit it ima hit it, flip it, rub it....#musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You was was meant 2b, makin history, carvin our names in tree's, mixin berries and bee's- Stay wit me #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You I dont want something thats made for t.v., rather fall in love with a girl thats made for me #musicmonday

omarion-made for tv

| play
Kaye_Loves_You im just gonna stay here face down in my own tears, im drowning =[ #musicmonday

Jhene AikoDrowning

| play
Kaye_Loves_You in my eyes ur my guy but i keep a lil somethin somethin on the side, LADIES dont play urself, keep a spare #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You omg this is how feel right now - only diff. is that i told him =D


| play
Kaye_Loves_You 3 little women got these young boys tryna be there man...#musicmonday

3LW- No More Remix Ft. Nas

| play
BullieFM really tallented acuistic Aussie Singer Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins Nightminds

| play
Kaye_Loves_You got ur hair did, im about to mess that shit up, my gun on fire theres about 2b a stick up..#musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You More Chingy 4 u "what u doin", "nothin chillin at the holiday inn" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You THE CHINGY MADNESS IS NOT OVER..remember im only one call away =D #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You everytime i try to leave something keeps pullin me back =D #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You DAMN GIRL, how the hell did u get all that in them jeans #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You but u aint never see a girl look so fly like me =D #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You u dont like ur job, DO I CARE HOE, auh un ...more Chingy #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You I woke up with this song in my head, and i been feelin this way a min. bout someone but i cant say who due 2 his....hmm


| play
Kaye_Loves_You and since its 2pacs bday- ill hit yall off wit the remix too =]
Kaye_Loves_You *cries* this so brings back to many memories for me....=[

for you i will-monica

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Im addicted to kissin and huggin touchin and rubbin, ima sucka 4 love
Kaye_Loves_You boy u so trendy, got ur fendi glasses, ur paper light..DEDICATED 2 ALL THE PRETTY BOYS
Kaye_Loves_You you say that u love me then say that u love me..wat are u hinding...YOU STARTED A NEW VERSE LIKE POETRY =[
Kaye_Loves_You even when there is trouble u handle it b4 i know so im letting u know, its beatiful, us together who could ask 4 more =D
Kaye_Loves_You u mad cuz he wit me and u aint get him 1st, he told me his homie said that u was worst *clownin on a bitch*
Kaye_Loves_You why im down i always play this song and it makes me feel...it actually makes me feel worse =[
Kaye_Loves_You words cant express how much i love this song *sings* u dont have 2 answer this if its too personal but do ur thoughts of me over become sexual
Kaye_Loves_You baby i love makin love in front of the mirror, so that i can watch u enjoyin me @SexiiSexAppeal ....this is mirror


| play
Kaye_Loves_You B4 THERE WAS BDAY SEX...JARVIS HAD MAKE UP SEX & i think its better so...

JarvisMake up Sex

| play
Kaye_Loves_You cant control it any longer cuz the feelings just too strong....we should be makin love @SexiiSexApeal
Kaye_Loves_You Dear Jayne is mos def. under rated.....there hot
Kaye_Loves_You thats ur girlfriend yeah whatever, i know i can love you better, she's not special i just met her...
Kaye_Loves_You feel like i feel, relate to Kaye_Breezy, I make being in L.O.V.E. so easy =D
Kaye_Loves_You I cant wait to get to school each day.....old skools kats no its not the Troop version

B5All I Do

| play
Kaye_Loves_You the lovely Aaliyay..truly one in a million..r.i.p
MJSTL @Kaye_Love just scratch it and shsss... lol now u can..
Kaye_Loves_You cna we talk....cuz i wanna kno ur name =]

Tevin Campbell- Can We Talk

| play
Kaye_Loves_You nobody wants to be with somebody that lets u get ur way all the time...everyone wants to be with someone thats strong..tru story

Mila JComplete

| play
Kaye_Loves_You good lookin out lil homie, glad that u show me, just what he was all about - Mila J
Kaye_Loves_You You gets n.o l.o.v.e from me, u be steady gamin all the time - Jhene


| play
Kaye_Loves_You Lemme break is down and tell u wat ur sex it like ---*drop the beat* (reblip)
Kaye_Loves_You when she walked past me i looked so what big deal, i dont understand how that can make u feel that my love aint 4 real


| play
Kaye_Loves_You *slids across stage* FEEEEEL THE FUNNNNNK..LET THE RYTHEM TAKE U..yeah yeah yea-a-a
Kaye_Loves_You Immature - Watch Me My Thing *watches Good Burger*
Kaye_Loves_You Immature - We Got It .....my jam
Kaye_Loves_You the video for this makes me so sad...Immature - Please Dont Go =[

Please Don't Go

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Tamika, i dont wanna wait till 2morrow cuz everyday im away 4rm u i feel so bad oh cuz i need some1 in my life.. Immature - "Tamkia"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You Immatures back..throw ur hands 2 side....(yeah) do u think we're tight (yeah) IMx - Stay The Night
Kaye_Loves_You I should get smack for singing this song when i was in the 5th grade lmao .. IMx - "My First Time"

IMX-My First Time

| play
Kaye_Loves_You IMx is back again so everybody run and tell a friend, LDB, Bat, Romeo, these 3 bad brother bout 2 run the show..IMx - "Aint No Need"
Kaye_Loves_You baby i promise the whole world 2 u, anything u want baby i will do and.... IMx - "Beautiful You Are"
Kaye_Loves_You Im in my ride at the corner by the light bout 2 pull up in front of ur door =] @sonnieoryan o'ryan - "take it slow"
Kaye_Loves_You i know u want it, u wanna hit it but u can have it oops cant touch it =] TG4 - "Virgintiy"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You TG4 - "2 minutes" i L.o.V.E this song


| play
Kaye_Loves_You it was commin yall....*sings* baby thats the reason why i love u, ur my heart girl...B2K - "Why I Love You"

B2Kwhy i love you

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i will forever always have a hole n my heart becuz B2k is no longer =[ they were my E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G,B2K - "Everything"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You its not my way to talk to strangers but i feel like i already know u and if u meet somebody i wanna manage u, B2K "Gots To Be"

B2KGots Ta Be.mp4

| play
Kaye_Loves_You wish Omarion would have made or maybe he will make a video to this song @1Omarion - "Vroom"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You can u keep a secret girl i just wanna freak u girl, lay ur body down & show u how i do..@1Omarion this has 2b on ur next cd
Kaye_Loves_You =D ima super fly chick ....... Omarion - "Entourage"
Kaye_Loves_You Im leavin this shit alone and u gonna miss me once im gone [my jam] Nivea ft. The Dream - "Once Im Gone"
Kaye_Loves_You call it envy i want her me, all up in my head now she in my bed like ah ah ah ah, The Dream - "I Luv Your Girl"
Kaye_Loves_You *ja rule voice* WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY BABY..Ja Rule - Put It On Me
Kaye_Loves_You every lil thing that we do should be between me and you.. Ja Rule ft. Christina Milian - Between me and You
Kaye_Loves_You when i touch her she like ohh.....girrlll tonite ...NO NOT READY 4 THE WORLD lol Twista ft. Trey Songz - Girl Tonite
Kaye_Loves_You cant belive the way u repaid me, i gave u my alll but i guess my all wasnt good enough 4u... Mario - How Could You

How Could YouMario

| play
Kaye_Loves_You You may be young but ur ready...he had me right when he said that lol : Mario - Right And Wrong Way

mario right and a wrong way

| play
Kaye_Loves_You You should know babi, ur my angel, nothings gonna make u fall 4rm heaven, girl i just wanna luv u. Jon B - They Dont Know

Jon B. They don't know

| play
Kaye_Loves_You they dont really understand the way i feel, wonder why we're so infectionante, just tell em that is human nature, Tyra B - Givin Me A Rush
Kaye_Loves_You all i wanna know baby, if what we have is good, how come u dont call me anymore .... Alicia Keys - How Come You Dont Call Me

Alicia Keys- How come you dont call me anymore

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i done had lovers in my life that i like but i aint feelin them like im feelin you - 3LW - "Feelin You" @IBEChillin
Kaye_Loves_You J to the L.O hello ... Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule - Aint It Funny Remix

Jennifer Lopez ft Ja Rule Ain t it funny Remix maroc parol p

| play
Kaye_Loves_You always loved this song....LOVE YOU JARV....Jarivs - "Radio"

jarvis radio

| play
Kaye_Loves_You she dont do it for u anymore, she dont rub ur back when its soar...4 ALL MY FELLAS THAT ARE GOIN THROUGH IT, I got u
Kaye_Loves_You 4 @SexiiSexAppeal I LOVE YOU....OH and this song is why i will always love boy bands =D

god must have spent a little more time on you

| play
Kaye_Loves_You u are my fire the 1 desire believe when i say i want it that way and we are 2 worlds apart..MY SHIT
Kaye_Loves_You Dear Kevin Jonas, even though ur engaged,i still love u & ur my fav Jonas, c u when it dont work out wit her My Love Bug
Kaye_Loves_You Round 1: I hear a ding, i walk up and shake ur hand girl i gotta kno wats up, tell wats ur name.....CB STANS ALREADY KNO

Winner- Chris Brown

| play
Kaye_Loves_You You think im not gonna take it back... Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam - All Cried Out
Kaye_Loves_You here i lay all alone tossin turning, longin for some of ur, tender love...Force MD's yall
Kaye_Loves_You girl if i could i would, i would stroke ur body like i do my keyboard, girl are u ready 2 do something u never b4, lets make luv in the studio...
Kaye_Loves_You i-15 "In The Studio" .....they wanna do it in the studio ladies..LETS GO!!!....hot song

i15In The Studio

| play
Kaye_Loves_You songing the chours to this song is a mout workout lol... Bow Wow ft. Ciara - "Like You"

Bow Wow ft ciara- Like you

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i said the sun dont shine the same but without ur love it dont shine at all ... ATL ft. Ciara - I Wish ...MY JAM

ATL ft CiaraI Wish

| play
Kaye_Loves_You scream if u got a boo aint nobody mad a chu babe, aint nothing wrong..aint nothing worng...Houston - "Aint Nothing Wrong"
Kaye_Loves_You always talkin bout what he wants and just sits on his BROKE ASS.....I DONT want NO scrub

TLCNo Scrubs

| play
Kaye_Loves_You I barely can breath, I love when you Kiss Me....Cassie ft. Ryan Leslie - Kiss Me

Cassie Kiss Me w/my photos

| play
Kaye_Loves_You MY JAM.....Yung Berg ft. Trey Songz - "One Night"
Kaye_Loves_You here we are again, boy this always happens, it aint like we scared but we kno wat happens when.....Jhene - Wait No More

Jhene-Wait No More

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i think The Evolution is the best Ciara cd so far and this is my fav. song on that album =D enjoy

Ciara-My love

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Teairra Mari ft. Flo-Rida - "Cause A Scene" the jam
Kaye_Loves_You oh my u got that thang that make a girl wanna act right....Teairra Mari - "Act Rright"
Kaye_Loves_You i cant help my sapiness but this is the only song in my head right now....smh
Kaye_Loves_You i-i-i I Need You Tonight @SexiiSexAppeal
Kaye_Loves_You B2K - "Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas" .....ALL YALL KEEP YALL COMMENTS 2 YASELF CUZ I ALREADY KNO
Kaye_Loves_You Jhene Aiko - "July" -sighs-

Jhene AikoJuly

| play
Kaye_Loves_You You cut me open and I...keep bleeding, Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You if this isnt the most stalkerish song then i dont kno wat is lol, Mya - "Ridin" #musicmonday


| play
Kaye_Loves_You @SexiiSexAppeal #musicmonday

Alicia Keys ft John Mayer- lesson learned [+lyrics]

| play
Kaye_Loves_You My favorite Keri Hilson song..."Make Love" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You missin MJ so much right now, wouldnt kno how to take it if i lost my mommy so this song is 4 her


| play
Kaye_Loves_You anyone that uses a smaple of Human Nature in there song..i automatically love it ...SWV - "Right Here" (Human Nature mix)

SWV-Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

| play
Kaye_Loves_You now on to the orginal....my fav. MJ song..yall already know...*sings* and i say why why, tell em that its human nature

Michael Jackson- Human Nature

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Tell me......Who's Bad?....We Love You MJ - "Bad"
Kaye_Loves_You My last tweet made me think of this song... JoJo ft. Bow Wow - "Baby Its You"

jojo and lil bow wow-baby it's you

| play
Kaye_Loves_You I wish you loved me...Tynisha Keli ft. Sammie
Kaye_Loves_You My jam....Tynisha Keli - "My First Love" <3

Tynisha Keli My first Love

| play
Kaye_Loves_You So i creep yeaah just keep it on the dowload so no body else has to knoo yeaaa so i creep...TLC - "Creep" best group EVA


| play
Kaye_Loves_You So come through my door, takeoff my clothes, and turn on the red light....TLC - "Red Light Special"

TLC: Red Light Special

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Ayyyy must be the money.....Nelly - "Ride Wit Me"
Kaye_Loves_You alot of people sleep on Karina but she's the shit, im tellin u...Karina - "Slow Motion"
Kaye_Loves_You my heart he takes, he'll always be my baby.....Karina - "The Love We Got"
Kaye_Loves_You No introduction nessesary, baby ima 90's baby.....Karina - "90's Baby" ....and if u born in '91 ur a classic baby =D
Kaye_Loves_You u may think im crazy but im serious...and wat i thought was happiness was only part time bliss...Janet Jackson - "Pleasure Principle"
Kaye_Loves_You aww i love this song by LL Cool J......"Hush"

LL Cool JHush

| play
Kaye_Loves_You LOVE THIS..Lloyd ft. The Dream - "I Need Love" .....WHAT UP DREAM

Lloyd ft. The Dream- I Need Love [Video + Lyrics]

| play
Kaye_Loves_You she can opperate on me anytime...Ciara - "Like A Surgeon"
Kaye_Loves_You Man i dont know i just dont remember..Ciara - "I Dont Remember" one of my fav songs on fantasy ride
Kaye_Loves_You this was my jam on the Chapter II album...Ashanti - "I Found Lovin"
Kaye_Loves_You for @Alexis_Michelle @breezyfeen the jam...

Jhene Aiko-He Couldnt Kiss

| play
Kaye_Loves_You shawty wat is the deal, all up on me girl u needs to chill lol..love lil fizz's part in here...B2K - "Back It Up"

B2KBack it up

| play
Kaye_Loves_You now that i got u all soak and wet i bet u kno wats commin next.....damn the club tonite lets twork it out...


| play
Kaye_Loves_You sometimes we want things that may not be right for us been when ur in love u seem to look over the obvious.....Hell yea


| play
Kaye_Loves_You #Aaliyah always gotta play this song cuz i feel like i live the shit daily..."Choosey Lover"

Choosey Lover Aaliyah

| play
Kaye_Loves_You CRAZY!!!!! I think i lost my mind today.....Day26 - "Bipolar"
Kaye_Loves_You u are the reason why sometimes i cant sleep at nite....my jam..Cassie - "Miss Your Touch"
Kaye_Loves_You dont care bout ur man, wat has he done, wat is u sayin, girl stop frontin....Day26 - "Lemme Luv U Girl"
Kaye_Loves_You Janet Jackson ft. Nelly - "Call On Me"

Janet Jackson - Call On Me ft. Nelly

| play
Kaye_Loves_You this is my song...LOVE IT →_→ Jagged Edge - "Sunrise"
Kaye_Loves_You This song been in my head all damn day...always remember a realationship wont work without "Trust"
Kaye_Loves_You The Emancipation Of MiMi....best MC cd 2 me.....love this song too
Kaye_Loves_You Where the hell did JoJo go...i love her..."Too Little Too Late"
Kaye_Loves_You ..and this is also the song @JustAnEpiphany =]
WhatUpWill Clipse – I'm Good feat. Pharrell. Are you feeling like i am your good
Kaye_Loves_You only thing that keeps me up when im feelin down, i dont know about you but i gotta keep mines around

Shawty Like Mine-Bow Wow ft.Chris Brown

| play
Kaye_Loves_You thats how them country boys roll...ugh this was my jam when i cam out...Lloyd - "Hey Young Girl"

Lloyd-Hey Young Girl

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Spending every moment in the studio, i never said it be fair...yall already kno =D
Kaye_Loves_You This song right here, is what made me start Stanin 4 Trey Songz...and the video was hot
Kaye_Loves_You Jhene ft. B2K "Happy".....i love this song--- i sing every time i see my ex.

Jhene ft.B2k-Happy

| play
Kaye_Loves_You 112 - "U Alread Know" ...myyyy jammmmm
Kaye_Loves_You this song always puts a smile on my face....Yong Gunz ft. Rell - "No Better Love" 4 @JustAnEpiphany
Kaye_Loves_You Cant stop wont stop Roc-a-Fella records cuz we, we get down baby, we get down, girls 2 girls they love us cuz. stay fresh 2 death...
Kaye_Loves_You I listen to this whole song just to hear rhe end of it.....but i love this song though..Crime Mob - "Circles"
sweetlilmZmia Kid Rock – Bawitdaba (Woodstock 99) Must See!!!v #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You i hear u on here Raz...B2K - "Sleepin" #musicmonday


| play
Kaye_Loves_You "Im lookin 4 a girl like you"...."well here i go" Aaliyah ft. Naughty By Nature - "A Girl Like You" #musicmonday
WhatUpWill Drake feat. Trey Songz – Replacement Girl
Kaye_Loves_You visions of me and you shattered in a day like broken glass, perfectly blind, DAY26 =]
Kaye_Loves_You 1,2,3, L.O.V.E....Day26 - "Silly Love"
Kaye_Loves_You this is my shit....Nivea ft. The Dream - "Once I'm Gone"
Kaye_Loves_You *cries* what happen to "yea its ride or die cuz we boys 4 lyfe" *sighs*...B2K - "Boys 4 Life" =[

My B2k memorial

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Danity Kane - "Ride for You" <3 im keep my promise 2 u, i got ur back now
Kaye_Loves_You Im ready 2 get naughty, best of both worlds so HEY SHAWTY..... J-Kwon, "Hood Hop"

J KwonHood Hop

| play
Kaye_Loves_You when i was on the dance team all we dance to was J-Kwon lol..J-Kwon ft. Ebony Eyes - "Show Your Ass"
Kaye_Loves_You this is my fav Cassidy song =D...Cassidy ft. Mashonda - "Get No Better"
Kaye_Loves_You Tell me, who didnt like this song when it came out..."PUT UR 6 UP"...Cassidy ft. R.Kelly - "Hotel"
Kaye_Loves_You but can u blame me as fine as u are, i mean i kno ur just a girl but n my mind ur a star.Lil Fizz - "L.O.V.E You"

Lil FizzL.o.v.e u

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i got this crazy feelin, im gonna be single again, i kno if i can feel it, u gon mess up..Keri Hilson - "Intuition"
Kaye_Loves_You I <3 JoJo...she need to bring her ass back out.....JoJo - "Not That Kinda Girl"
Kaye_Loves_You *searches for JoJo cd* .....JoJo - "Homeboy"

JoJo- Homeboy

| play
Kaye_Loves_You da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da, You Make Me Happy =D....JoJo - "The Happy Song"
Kaye_Loves_You *still looking for my cd*...JoJo - "Never Say Goodbye" <3
Kaye_Loves_You caught in a maze, i cant find my way back...JoJo - "Like That"

JoJoLike That

| play
Kaye_Loves_You my jam...nuff said....JoJo - "How To Touch A Girl"
Kaye_Loves_You saved the best JoJo 4 last..i kno theres nothin like the original but DAMN she sunged the fuck outta this.."Weak"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You if i never see ur face again i dont mind, cuz we much further than i thought we get tonite..Maroon 5 ft. Rihanna

Maroon 5 ft Rihanna If I Never See Your Face Again w/ Lyrics

| play
Kaye_Loves_You wished 3LW stayed together a lil long so they could have made a video 4 this...."Things You Never Hear" ..TRU SHIT

3LW-Things you never hear a girl say(with lyrics)

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Yes i found the 1st version of it...wayy better than the new one....R.Kelly - Keri Hilson - "No.1 Sex"
Kaye_Loves_You ill hit the switches, let me remix it, and listen to some love music....Chris Brown - "Love Music" <3
Kaye_Loves_You this might be my fav. Britney song....."From The Bottom Of My Heart" <3

From the bottom of my broken heart lyrics

| play
Kaye_Loves_You ...thats what im gonna do my baby love if i cant have u,---that line there had me.....Dru Hill - All Alone
Kaye_Loves_You I played this song the whole summer of 2004...Dru Hill - "April Showers" <3
Kaye_Loves_You No Introduction Nessasary On this.....*does the Dru Hill stomp*.....Dru Hill - "Tell Me"
Kaye_Loves_You and as if my mind was being read...Rihanna - P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
Kaye_Loves_You & i can hide the tears cuz even though ur here, it feels like ur a million miles away..Rihanna - "A Million Miles Away"
Kaye_Loves_You not bullshitin, 1st time hearin this remake, i slid out my chair...like ahh..Pretty Ricky - "Knockin Boots '08"
Kaye_Loves_You You cant tell me this isnt the jam....Bobby Brown - "Every Little Step"
Kaye_Loves_You New Kids On The Block ft. Neyo - "Single" ...pretty mama if ur single ( u dont gotta be alone tonight)
Kaye_Loves_You #favelyrics "one kiss felt so good but i never should have got that kiss..." B2K - One Kiss

B2kOne Kiss

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i was listenin 2 thiss last nite & i started crying, which is odd cuz this is about sex, Omarion - "In The Dark"

Omarion "In The Dark"

| play
Kaye_Loves_You couldnt get this out my head all day...Chris Brown - "Not My Fault" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You why couldnt this song b 1 Exclusive or watever 1 it was suppose 2b on...Chris Brown - "Nothin" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You I really love the ending to this song.....Chris Brown - "I Wanna Be" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You me and @LABELmeRoyalty jammin 2 this all day...Pretty Ricky - "Personal Trainer"
Kaye_Loves_You summer nites on the beach under the rain drops, wind blowin through ur hair this is what it feels like...Day26 - "What It Feel Like"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You im feelin the hell outta this song...Mishon - "Just A Kiss" =]
Kaye_Loves_You im such a Stan....Lil Fizz ft. Sean Kingston - "2 Young"
Kaye_Loves_You #ThrowBackThursday ....B2K - "Why I Love You"...its a throwback to me damnit lol

B2Kwhy i love you

| play
Kaye_Loves_You #ThrowBackThursday ..can i take yall back to day 1?...Trey Songz - "Gott Make It"
Kaye_Loves_You Destiny Fufilled is in my top 10 fav. albums.....this jam right here is why, DC3 - "Cater 2 U"

Destinys Child- Cater 2 U

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *04 Jamz* man im just a sucka 4 a carmel skin dude with braids...nothin better..Jarvis - "Radio" the jam

jarvis radio

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Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* Nellys double cd..Sweat, and Suit.lets explore Sweat...Nelly - "Flap Your Wings"
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* Now lets explore Nellys Suit side...Nelly ft. Jahiem - "My Place"

NellyMy Place

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* oh yeah in 2004 N.E. had there lil comeback...cute lol....New Edition - "Hot 2nite"
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* Since B2K was out the pic., another group had 2 take there place, or try...ATL - "Calling All Girls"
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* omjd..this video was soo cute...ATL - "Make It Up With Love"
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* didnt someone else come back in 2004..*thinks* oh yeah...Mase - "Welcome Back"
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* this is when i fell in love with T.I......"Bring Em Out"

Beyonce- Bring Em Out

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Songz* this song and video had me rollin..still love it..R.I.P Proof.....D12 - "My Band" <3

D12My Band

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *'04 Jamz* ...yep this was the def. the jam....Ying Yang Twins - "Salt Shaker"
Kaye_Loves_You 2morrow ima do it all over again wit the Jamz of '05,cant wait & im n a Usher mood so..BONUS: Usher - "Bad Girl"

Bad Girl

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i cant get out of this Usher mood, *sings* its 7 oclock on the dot, im in my drop top cruzin the street....yall kno
Kaye_Loves_You never in a million years will i get tired of this song....Usher - "My Way"

UsherMy Way

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i kno i cant be the only 1 that thinks of Sister Sister when this song plays...Usher ft. Monica - "Slow Dance"
Kaye_Loves_You broke out of my Usher mood 4 this, and this is my last song i swear lol....SILK - "Meeting In My Bedroom"
Kaye_Loves_You OMAG! i swear this just..*poped* in my head lmao....Marques Houston - "Pop That Booty"

Marques Houston pop that booty

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* Starting the 2005 jamz off is *drumroll* 50 cent ft. Olivia - "Candy Shop"
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* oh man when this came on at the 8th grade dance....i cant even tell yall smh lol....Trillville - "Some cut" (reblip)
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* Roc-a-fella yall *throws the diamond up*.......Teairra Mari - "Make Her Feel Good"
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* how n luv was i wit @IamSpectacular when i seen the video, & he walkin on the beach..oh..."Your Body"
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* are u kidding me, this was the shit.....Amerie - "1 Thing"

Amerie1 Thing

| play
Kaye_Loves_You "Fizz can u take that shirt off dude" im like naw that aint cool...midaswel bump B2K...."Bump That"

B2KBump That

| play
Kaye_Loves_You ....I hear u Raz.....yep this is the shit....B2K - "Out The Hood"

B2Kout the hood

| play
Kaye_Loves_You .....cause its time for us to start this love makin, but first we gotta get butt naked....@IBEChillin *jammin*
Kaye_Loves_You Last song of the night....ugh this was jam last year...Raheem Davaughn - "Customer"
Kaye_Loves_You if ur not on this song u need to get on it now...Cherish - "Show and Tell"
audiorgy true blood theme? well... still a great song
Kaye_Loves_You the end of this song always maks me cry cuz of this vh1 special bout her....Aaliyah - "I Care 4 U"
Kaye_Loves_You i wonder if i take u home would u still b n luv baby bcuz i need u tonite..Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam...*POW*


| play
Kaye_Loves_You #WhatHappenedTo Isyss.....man there cd was fire and this is my jam....Isyss - "Message 2 U"

isyssmessage 2 u

| play
WhatUpWill Jagged Edge – Good Luck Charm. What you know about this @scorpio510
Kaye_Loves_You if u dont have @1Omarion 's 21 album..ur missin out on all the jams......Omarion - "Just That Sexy"

Just that Sexy Omarion

| play
Kaye_Loves_You <3 this.....Drew Sidora ft. Mario - "For The Love"
Kaye_Loves_You dont talk...just listen...#ThrowBackThursday Jodeci - "Stay"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You i got family in high places like Jesus neice...love this..Slum Village ft. Kanye West, John Legend - "Selfish"
Kaye_Loves_You i said this was gonna be my wedding song.....K-Ci and JoJo - "All My Life"
Kaye_Loves_You iStan for Ashanti 100%.....Ashanti - "In These Streets"
Kaye_Loves_You also Stan for 3LW even though there gone cuz of the damn Cheetah Girls..ughh..."Neva Get Enuf"

Neva Get Enuf By 3LW Featuring Lil'Wayne

| play
Kaye_Loves_You 3LW - "Ghetto Love and Heartbreak"...love this song

3lw-ghetto love and heartbreak

| play
Kaye_Loves_You she's my chocolate fantasy (they were talkin bout me lol).....B2K - "Fantasy" #musicmonday


| play
Kaye_Loves_You dont make fun...i really like this song....Vanessa Hudgens - "Say Ok"
Kaye_Loves_You cant get this out my head....Demi Lovato - "Here We Go Again"
Kaye_Loves_You i like this song...Kristina Debarge - "Sabotage" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You betta holla if u hear me cuz Left Eye gon' shine..Donell Jones ft. Left Eye - "You KNow Whats Up" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You no ones a bigger TLC Stan than me ok....dont even test the fact.....TLC - "Let's Do It Again" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You this been in my head all day....Sammie - "Come With You" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You my fav Brandy song....."Sitting Up In My Room" #musicmonday

Brandy sitting up in my room

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i was the only 1 that pay this attention...Keshia Chante - "Bad Boy" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You im addicted 2 kissin & huggin, touchin & rubbin, ima sucka 4 love...Danity Kane - "sucka For Love" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You where the hell is my bitch Paula D. at..i LOVE her....hot cd too...Paula DeAnda - "Good Girl"

Paula DeAnda "Good Girl"

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *sings* cant wait 2 get u home cuz 2nite im feelin oh so sexy....Olivia - "So Sexy"

OliviaSo Sexy

| play
Kaye_Loves_You #ThrowBackThursday BTW this is my fav Monica song...."Before You Walk Out Of My Life" <3
Kaye_Loves_You i was gonna play Im So Into You but this is my jam....#ThrowBackThursday SWV - "Use Your Heart"
Kaye_Loves_You the video for this song still gives me this chills *shakes*...#ThrowBackThursday Keith Sweat - "Twisted" <3
Kaye_Loves_You still my jam..i see you Tiny =] #ThrowBackThursday Xscape - "Understanding"

Xscape- Understanding (Lyrics)

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Kaye_Loves_You this song was the shhh....#ThrowBackThursday Something For The People - "My Love Is The Shhh" <3
Kaye_Loves_You YES MY FAV SONG PERIOD...#ThrowBackThursday Tevin Campell - "I'm Ready"
Kaye_Loves_You this story has no happy ending =[...#ThrowBackThursday Case - "Happily Ever After"
Kaye_Loves_You Cuz its breakin my heart 2 watch her stare n2 the glass..=[ #ThrowBackThursday Case ft. Joe - "Faded Pictures"
Kaye_Loves_You im gettin too sad...this isnt helpin either lol #ThrowBackThursday Brandy - "Have You Ever"
Kaye_Loves_You i love this song so much #ThrowBackThursday Donell Jones - "Where I Wanna Be"
Kaye_Loves_You maybe there is a happy ending #ThrowBackThursday Mariah Carey - "Always Be My Baby"
Kaye_Loves_You hella tired *yawns*.....Keri Hilson - "Make Love"
Kaye_Loves_You i aint tryna fuck ya man, everyone kno he my number 1 fan...*jammin* Tila Tequila - "Fuck Ya Man"
Kaye_Loves_You so need them back out.....Blaque - "Bring It All To Me"
Kaye_Loves_You B4 i go to sleep i have to hear this..Ciara - "So Hard" <3


| play
Kaye_Loves_You im reading something called Halo, no i cant get the song out my head...Beyonce - "Halo"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You feel like watching Carmen...Beyonce, Mos Def, Sam S. - "If Looks Could Kill" (You Would Be Dead"

Beyonce-If looks could kill + lyrics

| play
Kaye_Loves_You need Bow and O to make another cd together..FACE OFF is the shit.Bow Wow & Omarion - "Cant Get Tired Of Me"
Kaye_Loves_You urtime he call i cum but its time i think about me..(THATS RIGHT)....Ciara ft. Lil Jon - "Thats Right"

ciara feat. lil john thats right

| play
Kaye_Loves_You need these bitches to come out of hiding.....Cherish - "Oooh"


| play
Kaye_Loves_You i feel the same way, i shouldnt though...Cherish - "That Boi"
Kaye_Loves_You ask me how many times i played this song last summer.....Day26 - "Dont Fight The Feeling" I LOVE YOU ROBERT
Kaye_Loves_You love Aubrey's lil rap in here....Danity Kane - "Want It"
Kaye_Loves_You where the hell these hoes at....i like them....Dear Jayne ft. The Dream - "Fallback"
Kaye_Loves_You this is my sooonnnnnggg......Mila J - "Complete"

Mila JComplete

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i aint even give him no booty, look wat i did 2 him....Mila J - I'm Me <3
Kaye_Loves_You this my song. i was in..*thinks* the 6th grade......Da Brat ft. Cherish - "In Love Wit Chu"
Kaye_Loves_You this is my shit......Dem Franchize Boys - "Suckas Come And Try Me"

Suckas come and try me

| play
Kaye_Loves_You its time to visit my white girl side =]...Jessica Simpson - "A Public Affair" <3
Kaye_Loves_You YES! Ashely Simpson - Pieces Of Me <3 this
Kaye_Loves_You i stayed on this song last year......Ashely Tisdale - "He Said, She Said" <3

He Said She Said Lyrics Ashley Tisdale

| play
Kaye_Loves_You really needs to Jhene to come back out....Jhene Aiko - "July"
CrescentMoonglow Going out to my 17 year old son Evan...He requested this & is right here with me...a rare treat. Love from Mom
Kaye_Loves_You im in such a J.Lo mode today....Jennifer Lopez ft. LL Cool J - "All I Have"
Kaye_Loves_You cant get this out my head today...B2K - "Streets Is Callin"

B2K-You Got Served-Streets Is Callin

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Beyonce said independent women but i say show me the money.....Butta Creame ft. Diamond Blue - "Sugar Daddy"

Butta Creame ft. Diamond Blue- Sugar Daddy

| play
Kaye_Loves_You peps need to stop soulja hatin on Natasha..she's kewl and she can dance her ass off....Natasha - "Hey Hey Hey"

natasha: hey hey hey

| play
Kaye_Loves_You wish they were still 2gether...3LW ft. Jermaine Dupri - "Feelin You" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You Teairra Mari's first cd was the shit..like i love that cd.....Teairra Mari - "Phone Booth" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You love this....Teairra Mari - "La La" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You hey hey hey....hey hey...Mariah Carey - "Say Somethin" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You n the closet thats ur stuff but bitch i bought it so bitch dont touch ..."Male, Irreplaceble" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You i mean i kno ur just a girl but n my mind ur a star...love that...@FizzoPopuLarEnt - "L.o.v.e U" #MusicMonday
Kaye_Loves_You Ciara ft. R.Kelly - "Promise" Remix....#MusicMonday

Ciara ft R. Kelly "Promise" Remix

| play
Kaye_Loves_You wasnt gonna play b2k 2day but fuck that shit, its 5 min. till 12, fuck off lol.....B2K - "Take It To Floor"
Kaye_Loves_You i wanna rock right now, im Kaye Dee and i came to get down....lol....Ciara - "Make It Last Forever"
Kaye_Loves_You C-I-A-R-A.....#Ciara - "Ooh Baby"

CiaraOoh Baby

| play
Kaye_Loves_You did he say u must want the dude wit braids....*coughs* Omarion....um...~Fizz and Boog - "One Night Stand"

one night stand lil fizz & j boog

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *does the motorcycle* meet me in Sixburgh, its goin down....Yung Joc - "It's Goin Down"
Kaye_Loves_You this is stuck in my head....Michael Jackson - "In The Closet"

Michael Jackson-In the closet

| play
Kaye_Loves_You cant denie the hotness of this song.....ALRIGHT....Yung Berg ft. Trey Songz - "One Night"
Kaye_Loves_You i love new edition more than my mommy and they 4rm her generation lol....New Edition - "Can You Stand The Rain"
Kaye_Loves_You my bestie/S.L lol actually got me on this song....New Edition - "I'm Still in Love With You"
Kaye_Loves_You its a throwback to me..it aint come out this year so...#ThrowBackThursday Lloyd Banks ft. Keri Hilson - "Help"
Kaye_Loves_You the love i hhave for this guy...oh my...#ThrowBackThursday Tevin Campbell - "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do"
Kaye_Loves_You found out that the Jackson 5 actually were the 1st 2 make this song....#ThrowBackThursday Troop - "All I Do"
Kaye_Loves_You my fav song 4rm him actually....#ThrowBackThursday Tyrese - "I Like Them Girls"
Kaye_Loves_You where the hell is this kat....#ThrowBackThursday Lil Zane - "Not Tonight"
Kaye_Loves_You #ThrowBackThursday Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott - "Ladies Night"
Kaye_Loves_You #fact i kno the whole dance step to this video....#ThrowBackThursday New Edition - "If It Isn't Love"
Kaye_Loves_You lawd my grandmom played this video like all day the other day..wasnt mad...Michael Jackson - "Remembet The Time"
Kaye_Loves_You are u serious..like this is the real deal jam.....Amerie - "I Just Died"
Kaye_Loves_You dont b afraid 2 touch, i kno u think ima good girl, dont u think a girl like me should b...TOUCHED...Amerie - "Touch"
Kaye_Loves_You Christina Milian - "7 Days"

Christina Milian ~ 7 Days

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Christina Milian - "Someday One Day"
Kaye_Loves_You STOP!!!!! Aguilera Time.....Christina Aguilera - "Impossible"
Kaye_Loves_You i drive my mom crazy with this song...so what..i love it.....Christina Aguilera - "Candy Man"
Kaye_Loves_You #FAct there not a bigger TLC Stan than me....i dare anyone to try and test me on that, TLC - "Diggin on You"

TLC-Diggin on you(Sims 2 version)

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Shut Up.....i had a very happy child hood......S Club 7 - "Two In A Million"
Kaye_Loves_You i wonder why they broke up.....S Club 7 - "Love Train"
Kaye_Loves_You I wonder how Bradley is doin...S Club 7 - "Bring It All Back"
Kaye_Loves_You #Fact didnt know how much i missed S Club 7 and there show till now....S Club 7 - "Never Had A Dream Come True"
Kaye_Loves_You i have to many sentamental moments .....Keri Hilson - "Where Did He Go"
Kaye_Loves_You bought there cd just for this song....PCD - "Stickwitu"
Kaye_Loves_You wasnt a fan of Avant until this song...."Dont Take Your Love Away"
Kaye_Loves_You shake that booty, turn it around. back that ass up, whine go down...Elephant Man - "Jook Gal" (Remix)
Kaye_Loves_You u wont regret it, match made in heaven, girl watever u want me 2b....Donell Jones - "I'm Gonna Be"
Kaye_Loves_You aside 4rm the fact that this is a prince song..i love it...Alicia Keys - "How Come You Dont Call Me Anymore"

Alicia Keys- How come you dont call me anymore

| play
Kaye_Loves_You Started wit Glaydis Knight then Stephanie Mills and now Alicia Keys - "If I Wa Your Woman/Walk On By"
Kaye_Loves_You the only spice girl doll i didnt have was Ginger Spice..and that was the one i wanted..Spice Girls - "Too Much"
Kaye_Loves_You i was a very musical child lol how do i remember all this.....Cleopatra - "Cleopatra's Theme"
Kaye_Loves_You u say that u love me then say that u love me, what are u hiding.....Danity Kane - "Poetry"

Danity Kane Poetry With Lyrics

| play
Kaye_Loves_You i was searchin 4 somethin completely different and this came up..4rm @1Omarion - "What Do U Say" *listens*
Kaye_Loves_You i like Ray's better than Rihanna's......Ray J - "Good Girl Gone Bad"
Kaye_Loves_You my cousin's best friend dont like this song..hmmm i wonder why.....Jarvis - "Pretty Girl"
Kaye_Loves_You cuz MH is all over my damn tv midaswel......Marques Houston - "Walk Away" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You love how Pleasure be singin on this...Pretty Ricky - "Push It Baby" #musicmonday
Kaye_Loves_You pissed as hell that this version isnt on the cd.....#ThrowBackThursday Lil Kim - Crush on You
Kaye_Loves_You havent been on blip for a minute..oh how i missed it.....O'Ryan - "Bad Situation"
Kaye_Loves_You =D i finally remember the song *sings* choppa style, chop chop choppa style....*jumps around*

ChoppaChoppa Style

| play
Kaye_Loves_You been waitin to hear this, #NowPlaying Johnta Austin - "Turn It Up"
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