Shawn Mullins "Beautiful Wreck"

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Eddie & The Cruisers****Boardwalk Angel

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KcMarMar nice.. RB @VonD: "Jr. Walker and The All stars ~ What does it take? (One of the best Sax players of all time)"" (reblip)
KcMarMar right up your alley;-) @Sinai .... thanks....beautiful blip RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "harmonic genius" (reblip)

Rock Me Baby-BB KIng/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn

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KcMarMar "she took to the air with the greatest of ease" ....Patty, thanks for everything;-)

Patty GriffinTrapeze

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KcMarMar thank you...for being bliptastic;-)@RadioFreeIllinois: "we all need the same thing..."<<yes we do.... (reblip)
KcMarMar had to RB;-)@TropicsZ4: "Eagles – Heartache Tonight" (reblip)

Nanci Griffith & John Prine-Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

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KcMarMar thanks! RB@SarahABQ: "The Wailin' Jennys~The Parting Glass" (reblip)

Lay Down beside Me Alison Krauss John Waite

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KcMarMar nice...thanks;-) RB@DeAnn: "unforgettable Dusty...@KcMarMar (reblip)

Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To Say You Love

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KcMarMar beautiful is right;-) RB@jimmybog: "OK, now you're just showing off! ;-)) Beautiful! @wisewoman" (reblip)
KcMarMar just what I need to hear..thank you again RB@wisewoman: "another Stephen Foster for @jimmybog &@KcMarMar...another of my favorites..hope you like it." (reblip)
KcMarMar thanks! RB@KitDakota: "Leo Kottke – Accordion Bells " (reblip)
KcMarMar thanks! RB@str8jgirl: "the morning sun, when it's in your face, really shows your age.....mother, what a lover-you wore me out!" (reblip)
KcMarMar nice...gotta RB@beingtheo: "And some greens ...- The Gourds - Poke Salad Annie" (reblip)
KcMarMar great tune!..RB@Marystudio: "Roy Milton ~ Baby Don't You Know" (reblip)
KcMarMar nice blip..RB@Chise: "Free – All Right Now " (reblip)
KcMarMar to you as well...perfect song..thank you..RB@jimmybog: "To my American Blipster friends: a very happy Thanksgiving! @wisewoman@KcMarMar" (reblip)
KcMarMar one of my favorite songs by my favorite Canadian musicians for my Canadian Blipster friend @jimmybog (and an American blipster friend...@wisewoman)
KcMarMar me too;-)...nice..RB@waggonerradio: "Is thankful that this song was written. :)" (reblip)
KcMarMar for my mom....I'm so thankful for you;-)
KcMarMar for my dad...I'm so thankful for you;-) now off to cooking...
KcMarMar the whole household just danced to this...thank thank you for blippin' it!! RB@beingtheo (reblip)
KcMarMar dancin' out on this one...nite all....
KcMarMar gotta MB..she's a great musician and person... RB@RadioFreeIllinois (reblip)

Marcia BallLouella

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KcMarMar gotta RB@JeanneBehr: "Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster" (reblip)

Ohio Players Love Rollercoaster (Studio Version)

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KcMarMar sweet...thanks..RB@Boheme: "She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey" (reblip)

bob neuwirth/lucky too

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KcMarMar Patty is one of my favorites...hope you enjoy this....@jimmybog
KcMarMar my best friend used to play this on her's no Jim Cuddy but maybe it'll do...ha ha...;-)@jimmybog
KcMarMar good way to start the day..thanks RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "Mississippi John Hurt" (reblip)
KcMarMar nice..gotta RB@str8jgirl: "Gr8!! RB! @RockItRadio" (reblip)

Goo Goo Dolls Give a Little Bit

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KcMarMar thanks..howdy;-)RB@ECLECTICIAN: "Jackson Browne – Love Needs A Heart...TWO FER" (reblip)

Alison Krauss James Taylor Hows The World Treating You

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KcMarMar great...RB@Marystudio: "Ray Charles ~ I Can't Stop Loving You" (reblip)
KcMarMar one of my favorite duets..RB@jimmybog: "I'm liking this duet. Peaceful and lilting." (reblip)
KcMarMar just need some Chet.....comforting...

Chet BakerTenderly

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KcMarMar thanks..RB@BestYet2B: "I found out about you new listeners... hi! (reblip)
KcMarMar sure know what to blip;-)..RB@BluesdaddyD: "thanks @KcMarMar" (reblip)
KcMarMar thanks...great blip..RB@DensOnAir: "Van Morrison – Reminds Me of You" (reblip)
KcMarMar fare thee well Liam Clancy..."Bob Dylan regarded him as "greatest ballad singer" ever"......@jimmybog
KcMarMar oooh...good call;-)...great blip!!! gotta RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "Hold on....♫♫" (reblip)

Tom WaitsHold On

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KcMarMar leavin' with my paper wings.....nite..
KcMarMar great blip!....RB@seaux: "Delbert McClinton – Blue Monday" (reblip)
KcMarMar great blip..RB@Coffeenuts: "Band of Horses – Marry Song" (reblip)
KcMarMar thanks...nice blip..RB@djwttw: "RB @eclecticbob. love this." (reblip)

Son Volt on Austin City Limits

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KcMarMar love this..RB@avivamagnolia: "Chet Baker – I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)" (reblip)
KcMarMar inspiration vi@BluesdaddyD

Patsy Cline-Walkin' After Midnight

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KcMarMar gotta be a goodbye girl...later...

SqueezeGoodbye Girl

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KcMarMar great blip! RB@ArtLinkGallery: "Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited " (reblip)

Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited

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KcMarMar nice blip..RB@eclecticbob@JerryKidd: "Emmy Lou if I could only win your love..."" (reblip)
KcMarMar I LOVE this....ah brilliant ;-)...thank you so much...RB@jimmybog: "Heard them on a concert on our CBC on my way to work this morning." (reblip)
KcMarMar this one! RB@JerryKidd: "Old Rocker and Beautiful Country Diva = Exquisite Sound" (reblip)
KcMarMar Love Mr. Gray & this song... great blip! RB@jimmybog: "This was my first exposure to Mr. Gray several years ago. @tiofyra" (reblip)
KcMarMar me too ;-) RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "RB@NotAsPunkAsYou >>hey mon>this record was the bomb (and I sooo wanted to hate this pairing...:-) (reblip)
KcMarMar howdy...nice to hear this again;-)...RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "inspired vi@toosweet4rnr>>>hi :-)@KcMarMar" (reblip)
KcMarMar one of my faves to sing and strum...
KcMarMar for KerrBear...wish you were here to request this at a hipster party;-)
KcMarMar great blip...RB@joegracey: "Now some Austin-style blues, circa 2009" (reblip)
KcMarMar yay!!! another one of my favorite bands;-) great blip!!! RB@jimmybog: "I've been listening to these guys lately. Like 'em a lot! " (reblip)
KcMarMar nice blip...gotta RB@tbell (reblip)

I CAN'T HELP IT by Linda Ronstadt & EmmyLou Harris

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KcMarMar great blip...RB@chitchens: "love love love. Kathleen Edwards is so great" (reblip)
KcMarMar miss me....joe purdy

Miss MeJoe Purdy

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KcMarMar nice;-) thx..RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "'she caught me stealin' y'all's color teevee//called the cops and they arrested me/'>>oop4u @Songbird1@DownLow (reblip)
KcMarMar glad you're back and the computer's up and running;-) @jimmybog
KcMarMar dives is right! this is the 1st record that I bought for my dad;-) RB@SarahABQ: "song reminds of playN in smoke filled dives...i mean night clubs!! (reblip)
KcMarMar 100! RB@heyjo: "Steve Earle – Condi Condi" (reblip)
KcMarMar nice blip..RB@jimmybog: "Liking these guys! (reblip)

The Mary Onettes "Pleasure Songs"

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KcMarMar we can't be in love like the movies.....

HOTEL LIGHTS "Blue Always Finds Me"

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KcMarMar in these shoes....I don't think so.....

Corpus Christi Bay ~ Robert Earl Keen

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KcMarMar great blip;-)..RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "Devil In A Woodpile~I'll Be Rested" (reblip)
KcMarMar enjoy yourself...the years go by as quickly as a wink.....
KcMarMar nice blip;-) RB@jimmybog: "Another ditty from Ms Barber" (reblip)
KcMarMar one of best SXSW performances I ever saw.....

Guy Forsyth "Red Dirt"

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KcMarMar this song too..pic is 1 of my dogs..queen of the house;)..I like the pic of your beer;-) Hope it's a pleasant summer in Canada! RB@jimmybog (reblip)
KcMarMar "today my heart is big and sore......won't see you anymore"...
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