Instra:mental-Watching You

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Germany @russasis: "rb @Eclecticist: "rb @MaskMuse: "Bjork – All Is Full Of Love- Live""" (reblip)
axefield @moloko_sp:"Really cool! Tks@spacecrafters: "http://www.myspace.com/spacecrafters check our page !"" | #electropop #synthpop support for growing art (reblip)

[DUBSTEP] Jammin By Bob Marley (Dubstep Vocal Mix)

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Keizer @tanzbunny @kundunphei @axefield @MusicIsMySunshine I remember this is from back in the day when I lived in the Republic of Panama
skunk63 Heimataerde – deus lo vult.
kundunphei cool autoblip! RBin@bytera: "...'life gives you surprises' =) @backtoback: "let's give this a shot ok ..suprises give life? (reblip)

祇園小唄 【Gion Kouta】 美空ひばり 【Misora Hibari】

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Fated i'm off all! bye everyone! and special goodbyes to my special lovers, you know who you are <3
bankaiAP @Lingerer: "rb @axefield: "@Keizer Killabits = New Favorite Dubstep Artist" Plus detroit sounds scary muahaha" (reblip)
axefield Coralie Clément – Samba de Mon Coeur qui Bat @kiezer wassup.
skunk63 A psychopath, you shall hail him or beware. Torture the innocent, Darkness falls, flames flare.

X FusionPsychopath

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axefield hehe man... I love Chromeo.
axefield The lyrics to "now we can see" song work well with the lyrics from this song @lauterhaus

Pyramiddd / Starfucker /// Medicine

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tanzbunny ☆...have a great evening.... night...@thelema2009....@Chekkov...@adbert...@all .....CU....:))

Miss Kittin and the Hacker- Hometown

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axefield now cock back and put that pretend cigar in your mouth

Dr. Dooom-Take That Ride

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Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

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Keizer @axefield: "Tight as hell. @CLARITY: "@speculoos This would get my booty on the dance floor. "" (reblip)
axefield I have to listen to daft punk like 3 times a day... I don't know why. WTB moar chat Buddies @ AIM: P4Page
Keizer pwn

Where My Heart Will Take Me (Faith of the Heart)

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axefield You know me, I keep on coming back | Hustla or death
axefield rb @RandyElliott: "I'm lost in an atari 64 in the best of ways;^>" | more journeys @TiffTackToke | #8bit (reblip)
axefield where's @razorfire when your blipping #darkwave #industrial #endzeit techno

Assemblage 23-Let Me Be Your Armor Lyrics

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axefield (correction) #dubstep From New York Resident DJ AC Slater

AC SlaterHello

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Keizer @axefield: "I have a fever and the only cure is more #cowbell" (reblip)
skunk63 You follow orders, But in your mind, insanity borders
axefield http://tinyurl.com/yayeqw2 | Drop The Lime + Sloppy Seconds | #Miami - Jan 16 @ White Room | #electro | we are the future
luciash Female Jungle by bandite ▶ female jungle @amette: #drumnbass w/ a taste of #dubstep ?
kundunphei good evening! ★★★@MCDEIBEM: ""Hi! @kundunphei: "Һҿℓℓө➟➟✶➡ @22Crystal22: "@aclift: "That's all right; I still got my guitar."""" (reblip)

Unbelievable Technology by Astral Projection

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leaferi Take that back, snap judgment re YelworC -->poor FLA substitute (and yes, I realize this is them sounding more like their Derleriumselves than FLA)

Fruits Basket: Ordinary World (remix)

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Keizer @armon @tanzbunny @Germany @axefield @Varhalla @bidchedd Parkour ftw music video

Evolution- Le parkour

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Depeche Mode Never let me down Alexampler Mix

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Keizer @axefield What kinda music is this

Depeche Mode "In Chains" (ishi-Remix)

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Ugk-The Game Belongs To Me (Swishahouse Remix)

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stoopitnerd Thank you so very mucho..wishing you a tremendous weekend as well @G_r_e_g: "Have a relaxing week end (reblip)
zoja01 Hello & thx! :) rb@kiddo84: Muse – Exo-Politics (reblip)
lillianwong bitter:sweet – bittersweet faith (thievery corporation remix)
La_Vera_Mahshid haha same here :-D TGIF !!!! @GeeOh: "hey sunshine! cos sun is def shinin here today *covers eyes* @lvm LOVE this! Hello Gee! My time-zone-friend " (reblip)
PositivID @2Tall:can't go wrong w/ "LTJ Bukem – Journey Inwards" (reblip)
stoopitnerd Wow! @blipstarz: "vi@KatieKapow One more before the top of the hour! Thanks for the fun on the AsianKaPowerHour! come say high at www.blipstarz.net !" (reblip)

Perfume Kiss and Music

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Minitel Rose- Continue- Maethelvin Remix

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stoopitnerd It's good to listen to while making scramble eggs for breakfast or brunch :p
zoja01 rb@lillianwong: Nice! Like this! TYVM!! :) @Time2Burn: Inspired by @lillianwong ~Korn – Creep (radiohead cover) (unplugged) (reblip)
stoopitnerd WOA!! Is this Daft Punk in disguise? Harder..better..faster..stronger...
G_r_e_g ****** Have a great saturday evening blippers !!! ****** See you :-)
stoopitnerd Your mind might be drifted away. Bye for now, gonna have an interview soon.
leoarteiro @xTRiPPx: "BTW: Ressurection Mary is a famous ghost of #Chicago that used to hitch rides and disappear when u get past the ressurection cemetary (reblip)
axefield Justin Faust – Holdin' On (Moullinex Remix) #electrofunk
stoopitnerd So that's how they live..poor chicken. Nice music and video by the way RB @Mysterymix: "@midas22: "• A music video I made today | …" good job mate!" (reblip)
Keizer It's all about Intel's market share baby


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Solar Fields: Discovering (from the album Movements, 2009)

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Klangphase [Gaetano Parisio - Old Melodies] #house | @neonmonster

Gaetano Parisio "Old Melodies"

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Solar Fields: Discovering (from the album Movements, 2009)

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Keizer @axefield @tanzbunny @taniasonnenfeld @kundunphei @AprioriKreuz @rhino: "Há sempre um lado que pese e um outro lado que flutua. Tua pele é crua." (reblip)


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MiamiStoner #dubstep | I just convinced someone that they'll pass a drug test | took 3 molly's 7 days ago.
MuzanE I haven't been this excited about a score since Equilibrium and Batman Begins. It even approaches Ravenous in excellence. ^_____^
MuzanE So, guess who saw Kick-Ass this weekend? *Yeah*. ^_____^ Consequently, headful of Omen!

David Bowie I'm Afraid Of Americans V3

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Mentallo and the fixer- grim reality- best video

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Klangphase [Substrain Dubstep - Darth Vader ( You Are Not A Jedi... Yet.)] #dubstep | instant rb via @krisinizu (reblip)

Pfadfinderei & Modeselektor-Concrete Jungle

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zoja01 rb@skunk63: :wumpscut: – Flucht (Das Ich Remix) (reblip)
lacarita rb@AmberLily: "True Affection - The Blow (reblip via @bouncekitty)" (reblip)
lacarita rb@angelachang: "ManBoy spun this tonight & I was instantaneously intrigued. HAD to know what song it was. Here you go world..." (reblip)
stoopitnerd Supaaahh!! RB @ABoyNamedSue: "This sounds like it would sound even better at around 4am." (reblip)
EveningOcean Daft Punk – Derezzed (We Are Crisis Children remix) - [Tron Legacy]
EveningOcean Ulrich Schnauss – Sunday Evening In Your Street
EveningOcean Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
EveningOcean Ulrich Schnauss – Shine (MINT Remix)
EveningOcean Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
zoja01 rb@skunk63: in the dead of night- full of joy and endless fun (reblip)

Captive SixThe Job

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skunk63 I dont suffer from insanity,I enjoy every minute of it @Carmilla@inavision@olhonanet @micoy
skunk63 Control Alt Deus is aggrotech / harsh EBM from lisbon - Portugal@JMoriarty
axefield Yes @Keizer @liltilly (@DoubleDigitCatastrophe - your name is long and hard to spell out sometimes srry man)
skunk63 industrial / rhythmic noise act formed in Latvia
kiddo84 another u2 song that goes out to @LindyLuv :) heya! glad to see you
zoja01 rb@skunk63: Die Braut – Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Freundschaft! (reblip)
zoja01 rb@de_knuppel: rb @backtoback: I'm coming with the limes hope you have the good stuff @sir_edward_ross (reblip)
skunk63 Keller Kinder – She Likes The Candle Burning
skunk63 i would die to embrace that serious glow


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die_Kalte T_T irreversible damage. Oh me and my....misuse :p they were old tho, but i <3'd them :x @Carmilla
pussreboots rb @Alvaroxx: "The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony..." (reblip)
Alvaroxx Radiohead – Paranoid Android...
lacarita Eric B & Rakim ~~ Don't Sweat the Technique vi@cubbymendoza (reblip)
Alvaroxx Supergrass – Kick In the Teeth...
axefield Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix) @armon @Keizer
axefield Heaven (NARCTRAX REMIX)


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axefield The Polish Ambassador – Space Kitten
stish Chora no #dubstep. Som pra deixar sua tarde em choque!!! #musicmonday


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axefield ok I'm headed underwater now, have to continue the epic mission in SPACE (Dreamweaver window) the MACHINE
axefield rb@rtn: "love these sticky gooey swamp beats!" | #dubstep #glitch (reblip)


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axefield Not Much, @sandyriverside just working voodoo @ work making User Interfaces | This goes out to bros @Keizer @armon for keeping me sane in hard times.
axefield @Keizer @Keizer #ambient #endzeit #codernaut | .win_soWin{winWin:WIN; !win} cheeky bastards..

OrbitalYou Lot

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axefield Enter the machine with me. Watch out for the intense algorithmic wavelengths this tune sends your way though. Enjoy!
atank rb@axefield: "@Sensa111 @atank @randyelliot @Orgambient777 @Keizer @zuperFREAk @romanus This is the only tantrum I want. AHAHA @armon" (reblip)

Tantrum- Dubsteppa

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axefield Hey when you're thirteen this song is awesome! I dedicate this to unwinding after long stressful days way back when. Celia, -
stoopitnerd Very much appreciated for the tunes. Do you like this one, @Keizer ? Oh yeah, happie Friday. Clap clap!! ;)
Sibyll ~Project 100~ another all time favorite :)
EveningOcean Peaches – Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
axefield rb@DJFrankie: "Something for @axefield. Not like you don't have enough going on over there... :)" | #fridaydanceparty (reblip)

Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix) // Two Door Cinema Club

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CD1 05 MRK1 Trip Down the Nile

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axefield Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)
basicmovement Nero - Night Thunder #dubstep

Nero- Night Thunder

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axefield Grafton Primary – Allstars (Calling In Sick Remix) | #FridayIndieDisco
axefield The Shins – Sealegs ( Hoop Star Remix) | #FridayIndieDisco
axefield Apes & Androids – Nights Of The Week
axefield Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami #Miami #bass #Sobe #cars #that #go #boom
axefield rb @HaLaN: "Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci | <3 :D jjajaja" This gots #Miami all over it | #FL #Sobe @Power965 (reblip)
axefield Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Mix)
axefield Thermostatic – As Stars We Belong
axefield Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream | @Jukah ;-)
axefield Kito Featuring Reija Lee – Sweet Talk | ok more sets after I do my work!
axefield Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl (Siren Remix)
axefield M3tric – Twilight Galaxy (Gladkill Remix)
axefield Skrillex – Ruffneck (The SoniXx Remix) | @Feminomaly @bduubz @djilo
axefield Boards of Canada – Buckie High | The slow dance.
axefield Indidginus – Hold Your Vision | You definitely got great taste bro | @kcdavmusic: "loveeee this song" (reblip)
axefield @SlipperyDistortion Finally have you on Blip Pete | Here's one for you, extra tight, from Florida.
OriKaL Excellence sir! flashbacks all round (:@djilo: "Classic for you mate :) @OriKaL" (reblip)
axefield Klaxons – gravity's rainbow (Van She remix) | @Jukah
axefield R2D2 – Diesel


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axefield DEFTONES – Prince (Bassnectar Remix)
axefield and I leave with you a gem | #guibeats | I'll be back later
Keizer @lacarita I was born on LRAFB, went to college at ASU, worked at UCA and now I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I miss hiking in the Ozarks though ;) (reblip)
axefield Modern #funkfriday | @antenaweb rocking the party fo sho | @YoniBeat @formalhaut @Vyxen007 | @GrassyKnoll chillin like a villian
axefield BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE | #Electrofunk #funkfriday | ahhhh I could do this all night.....