aprildax so smoooooooth....a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun....

Lindsey Buckingham ~ Don't Look Down

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linrose Linda Ronstadt – Silver Threads And Golden Needles
sensorysound This is the closest to Celtic I want to come, but I like it...

Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Music For A Found Harmonium

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Bewildebeest Maybe there's a God above, and all I ever learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you.
Kelan108 happy happy song - The Peanut Vendor, a very oldie from Cuba

Cuba LA Narada El Manisero Good Quality

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Kelan108 irresistable

Music For A Found Harmonium

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Kelan108 you don't have to be a Believer to love the uplift of Gospel
Kelan108 Thanks to Eva

Diablo Rojo (Rodrigo y Gabriela)

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Kelan108 Ex-Chinese major falls in love with Old Time American country mix, and here's what you get

Uncle Earl in Mandarin Chinese

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Kelan108 Clogging meets Gongfu (K'ung-fu)-with funny video

Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat

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Mozart The Magic Flute Queen of the Night Aria

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Kelan108 Good night!

Chopin: Nocturnes (op32) No 1 in B Major

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Awannabeangel Thanks everyone for your generous props & RB's ! HUGE thanks to the great DJ's and wonderful listeners ! Have a great day everybody ! (reblip)

Venus by Shocking Blue

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Bewildebeest HEEehehehehehehehehehe!

"I Feel Fantastic" music video

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Kelan108 Sail away from all your troubles
Bewildebeest WNCW is right. This IS fun in warm weather.
lantz45 VIVALDI FOUR SEASONS-“Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage”WSB lantz45@DelightfulMiles@huangmarong (reblip)


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Kelan108 perfect for harmonizing while driving
Kelan108 doesn't sound lazy, but I like it anyway, now that I am in an Enya mood today
Greenfields47 TY and hello new friend rb ..@library_rose: "Cat Stevens - Morning has broken" (reblip)
Kelan108 Love it!

Celtic Connections 2009-Abigail Washburn

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Kelan108 magic

Abigail Washburn "Great Big Wall In China (live)"

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Kelan108 HERE IT IS!

Everything You Know Is Wrong

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山居吟- 龚一Chinese meditation

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huangmarong : "dream into the paradise", a chinese song

[每日歌曲] 梦入桃花源陈思思汉服美女歌手人美歌更美Han Fu Folk Song

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huangmarong : "legend", a mongolian song

传说- 成吉思汗主题歌蒙语版Genghis Khan, Mongolian version

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Kelan108 真好听!请多来几首中国古典歌曲,好不好?而且我也很喜欢蒙古族的[长歌]。不知到你那儿有没有?谢谢 (reblip)

China classical music中国古典音乐美女

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ArturoFurioso bit o' meditation... the immense beauty of nature...

Khyal In Raag Gour Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Aasha Bhosle, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri And Pandit Ramesh Mishra

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Flying_Roundhouse Mason Williams – Classical Gas ( Eric Clapton) greatest solo ever ~ and awesome video!
Kelan108 Great, but where is the version with Peter Gabriel and a back-up chorus?

Iris Dement - Let the Mystery Be

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Lindsey Buckingham ~ Don't Look Down

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Majhnavea Love this song, and the video cracks me up.
huangmarong : " dream of ordos ", a chinese instrumental [bamboo flute] music


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Beautiful Chinese Music【3】Traditional

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Qi Gong Video (Segment 3): 10 min

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Música china tradicional (clásica) para la guitarra China y la cítara china, solista Liu Fang

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keefee @TheTAZZone:@WayLo:@UKDad:@PoeticHeart34:@ukgal:@harmony60:@avard:"one of the most beautiful songs ever, or is that just the spliff talking?" (reblip)
2pogi4u Enya - Only Time #Enya "This is my I woke too darn early on a a Saturday morning song. Slept @ 4:30am woke up 7:30am. argh."

EnyaOnly Time

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avivajazz Sara Vidal + Luar na Lubre | Tu Gitana | Saudade | ...for @all who love heavenly, romantic female voices...
smaclaren Thank you and happy holidays to you @dronnoisseur: "blipstars, hope you all have wonderful, safe and happy holidays // (reblip)
HappyInBag I got 99 problems but, well, you know... (R.I.P. W.Z.)

Linda Ronstadt-1977-07-Poor Poor Pitiful Me

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smaclaren Yes, I'm sleepwalking too , thank you both @CBK: "Danke : ) @amphore: "good night :) thank you as always .... :))"" (reblip)
smaclaren Io invece sono felice di ascoltarti, grazie @DonkeyRide: "Tristis est anima mea" (reblip)
Bewildebeest If a piece of music more reminiscent of the state of slowly falling asleep has been written, I haven't heard it.

Classical/Guitar Jim Greeninger Recuerdos de la Alhambra

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raywoodwouldu There once was a boy named PIERRE : )
mark_till Hope you had a great St. Paddy's Day,you bastards, now Bugger off - Fiddlers Green BYE!
ArturoFurioso Can you... feel the cool breeze in the coconut trees ?...
smaclaren Scottish violinist, Nicola Benedetti plays Ralph Vaughan Williams." (reblip)
smaclaren John Williams plays Domenico Scarlatti.
smaclaren Thank you @quantumfield: "tango...flamenco..." (reblip)

Paco de Lucia Chambao Tango Flamenco.wmv

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HowieWard1 @whatevertunes: "Awwww...tks!! MUAH!!! rb@BattLady: "Ghostbusters Soundtrack – Ghostbusters <~~~@whatevertunes that's who I'm calling! o.0"" (reblip)
smaclaren The Cambridge Singers with John Rutter perform 'If Ye Love Me', by Thomas Tallis.
smaclaren Thank you @kavonk: "The #500_Greatest_Albums of all Time // No.262 Workingman's Dead - The Grateful Dead // Uncle John's Band" (reblip)
DensOnAir rb @Jynxx Grateful Dead – Touch of Grey (reblip)
smaclaren Thank you @DesertLily: "It was a good weekend, so rhythmically good I almost got a headache." (reblip)

Elis Regina - Gracias a La Vida (DesertLily)

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smaclaren I'll leave you with a Welsh lullaby, sung by the choir, Chanticleer.

Suo Gan

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classique @Kelan108: "@HappyInBag: "Ravishing." played in which movie? Kelan108. I'd give you a prop but I have 0 left (see my new Blip "Big Spender badge"" (reblip)
smaclaren Thank you @aquamarines: "Amália Rodrigues – Lágrima ... thx kids :) @BleakMouse via @avivajazz" (reblip)
Kelan108 But why won't it play? I gave you a prop anyway cause I love the song. Too many "unavailables" at Blip.fm from Kelan108 (reblip)
Kelan108 funny! kelan108 (needs more props again-my bad) (reblip)
avivajazz :-) Hope so! @leffi333: "nice - hope to have nguyen here in the autumn. thanks @avivajazz: "Nguyen Le – Autumn Wind ~ Saiyuki" (reblip)
backtoback backtowork....but first let me say goodnight djs...my thanks and kudos sent
smaclaren Thank you @TulayC: "@Douryeh: "flamenco Paco de Lucia & Chambao – Tango flamenco #greatmusic"" (reblip)
Kelan108 @TUCKA56: "TUCKA56RADIO Forgot to identify myself where I asked where your radio station broadcasts from - it's Kelan108, sorry (reblip)
Kelan108 @Kelan108: "But where Are the lyrics promised?" The Pretenders has a lower key version on Youtube with lyrics but I can't find it on blip (reblip)
Kelan108 Now if I can only find this with Beverly Sills singing - heavenly
Kelan108 Playing a marvelous life-size doll in this number if I recall in The Tales of Hoffman. Can you hear the master winding her up in the middle?
Kelan108 pt 2 of "Did I already Post This". One of the greatest operas in the world. Wait til I get to Chinese opera though, if I can
Kelan108 I DID post this before but can't find it. Never mind.
geekette43 @Kelan108: "Kelan108 for me "To reach "Tastemaker" Level 2: I need to "Be reblipped by 100 different DJs in 30 days." HELP!" (reblip)

Handel: Concerto Grosso op.3 Sonata a 5

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Kelan108 Good to have lyrics for singing in the shower. But I can't find the video with an actual sailing ship in it. Seen it once, but too lazy to look here
Kelan108 First you "Sail Away", then right into a storm!
smaclaren A fado about fish! Salt cod, yum! Thank you @koiheart: "Adélia Pedrosa – Fadinho do Bacalhau" (reblip)
ExtremoOriente Welcome, i will try my best as soon as i can.Thanks for props!@opruimfee: "thanks for the special china music every day for dinner" rb*huangmarong: " (reblip)

TianLu 天路

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[centre_stage] In a far away place (Qinghai Folk Song) 在那遥远的地方

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Ayong Zerang 阿勇泽让- " Singing Aloud " Tibetan Love Song 康巴西藏

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ExtremoOriente » to my favorite listeners :

Beautiful Chinese Music【18】Traditional

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classique @GeorgeSand: "TY Slovak Chamber Orchestra! U have no idea how many really bad versions I heard before finding this nice one, incl. 1 w/ Mozart's pic" (reblip)

Pachelbel Canon, Slovak Chamber Orchestra

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ForeverInYourSmile #smile rb @AlwaysSmiling: "Sweet Dreams To All :)))))) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" (reblip)

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Sophie B. Hawkins (with Lyrics)

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She's Got The Look

| play
Kelan108 @Majhnavea: "Sentiment shared... & best song by them yet." (reblip)
Kelan108 There's still a role for guitar finger-picking in rock! Easier on an electric than acoustic though. Wish I had one of the former.

Lindsey Buckingham ~ Don't Look Down

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Kelan108 zooooom (in your head only please)
eraser @nololamento a san pedro nole pusieron te temita allá arriba ojala llueva cafe nel campo ;-) #kfe04 #educación (reblip)

juan luis guerra --- ojala que llueva cafe

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straywebsurfer ♫ "Gypsy Mama"...TY~ rb@ruthiara (reblip)

Gypsy Mama

| play
Bewildebeest Found it! :) :)

Roustabout by Beats Antique Juggle Jam Song of the Week

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smaclaren Thank you @SabineWe: "Merci les ☯ Djs ♤. Time for lovely ❤ ☾dreams ♚. La merveilleuse Anne Sofie Von Otter et Mozart pour vous saluer.☆☽" (reblip)
smaclaren Cancion Mixteca. One of my favourite songs, this version is from Wim Wenders' 'Paris, Texas', I think. (reblip)
ExtremoOriente : the song " lan hua hua (autumn harvest) "
amphore Schubert Quartet, 1-3 SCHUBERT, Antares AE Sagbas,

Schubert Quartet, 1-3 SCHUBERT, Antares AE Sagbas,

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Kelan108 So they did dance in the Middle Ages!

Cantiga II "Muito devemos, varões" Alfonso X El Sabio (1221-1284)

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