prp2 Really like this song. (Guess I should stop saying that. If I didn't like it I wouldn't Blip it, right?) Catchy and cool, and relevant (to me). Yup.
Glauow romance..

Silverchair - Miss You Love

| play
Glauow Why do you always do this to me?
cah @casualvices [2] para o "saudade", mas não necessariamente para a época da caixinha.
Glauow trying to collect my thoughts...


| play
Glauow These mist covered mountains..Are a home now for me..
prp2 Very sweet song, and speaks to me right now as well. Ever just want to be with someone? Well...
Glauow Ooooh, shes a little runaway
TaisG saudades do violino!
TaisG disk mtv.. e o clip deles pela casa...
TaisG ingresso na mão tbm.. óbvio!
TaisG acabando o dia de trampo!
Kl2 My day late friend!!!!!!!
Kl2 u dismatle me u dismantle me!!!!!!!!
Kl2 so far away to far to know
JaLeRu WOooJuuu!

Blur - Song 2

| play
crisdias Apenas uma música legal do BNL que São Random me agraciou.

03 - Light Up My Room

| play
youragentsteph Honey why you callin' me so late?
youragentsteph Where I come from isn't all that great....
youragentsteph Guess I just lost my husband I don't know where he went

PinkSo What

| play
Glauow the champion in me!!! woooooww!!!
Glauow I don't care what you think as long as it's about me
Glauow will you wait for me?
Glauow I see nothing in your eyes..
mattwilkins according to @realtyman many of us on twitter tonight have a...

Matchbox 20- Disease

| play
SarahWV Been dreamin' bout those dreamy eyes
Kl2 i don't know if he is listening
Kl2 welcome to wherever you are!!!!
Kl2 i'm sorry, it's all that i can say, u mean so much
Kl2 over my head for something i said
Kl2 quien t beso lejos de aqui quie t acompaña esta mañana??
Kl2 fwae

Van Halen When It's Love

| play
Kl2 cam't stop lovin' you!!!!!!!XD
Kl2 Just put the blame on me
Kl2 lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kl2 are we human??...or are we dancers??
Kl2 theres only hate, theres only fears,theres only pain, there is no love here
Kl2 Numb!!!

Linkin Park - Numb

| play
Kl2 i've give u my jacket, i've give u my heart
Kl2 i'll keep on walkin to the sun
Kl2 shake, shake,shake shake u shake it
Kl2 this is a very hot video....and a sexi singerXD


| play
Kl2 i fell the wings are broken in your hands
Kl2 in the lips of an angel
Kl2 i know you can do much better than me
Kl2 Slide

Goo Goo Dolls - Slide

| play
Kl2 no no no no no...don't lie
Kl2 take a shower, shine your shoes!!!
Kl2 when we collide!!!!!
Kl2 i kissed a girl, i like it
Kl2 can you fell the love tonoght!!!!!!!!
Kl2 the face of love, the face of love!!!!!!
Kl2 i know you're out there somewhere out there!!!!!!
Kl2 your boice was the soundtrack of my summer
Kl2 we are rock man!!!!
Kl2 Wonder boy!!!!!...what is the secret of your power
Kl2 the black sheep!!!!!!!
Kl2 sometimes you got to meke some love!!!!!
Kl2 i gona kick your ass
Kl2 that make us who we are!!!!!!!!
Kl2 no me arrepiento de este amor, aunque dejo este corazon!!!!!!!
Kl2 always love!!!...hate will get you any time
Kl2 bienvenido al plante eskoria!!!
Kl2 don't wanna be an american idiot!!!!!
Kl2 wake me up!!!!!!!..when september ends
Kl2 smells like teen spirit!!!!!
Kl2 uha holy shit is about time u get out of my dick
Kl2 i a very good song...i just found this guysXD
Kl2 wow..qede impresionado cn esta cuatica
Kl2 i loved her, yes i love her!!!!!..oh oh
Kl2 i could never really love u...simply because
Kl2 you're to young for me, but i can keep the secret
Kl2 i show u the blueside!!!!


| play
Kl2 a beautiful day!!!!
Kl2 this is my favorite song of this group
Kl2 i want you to show me!!!!...a clasic slow song
Kl2 give me a long kiss goodnight an everything will be alright
Kl2 this is how to save MY life!!!!!
Kl2 maroon 5 and kanye west..amazing
Kl2 saber aceptar las derrotas tambien es vencer...i se voi a morir mejor que sea luchando
Kl2 this music song is one of the better songs tha i never listen
Kl2 hurry i'm falling!!!!!...this is what i call music
Kl2 a goos song for a good dj
Kl2 todo un clasico del rock latino
Kl2 una de las mejores canciones de amor latinas en la historia..a mi gustoXD


| play
Kl2 es más facil llegar al sol que a tu corazón!!!!!!


| play
Kl2 wow..this is what i call a sad love song...this son it's incredible
Kl2 otra muy buena cancion latina..para mi la mejor de mana

07 Bendita Tu Luz

| play
Kl2 tell me why!!!!!...a very gay song, but i have to say it is a good love song

Back_street boys-=-I_want_it_that_way

| play
Kl2 nothing better than classic slow rock songs
Kl2 this song relax me and makes me think about so many things...i belive this song is onje of the best song of oasis
Kl2 is a cover..but is so good as the real...and avril is so hotXD
Kl2 para mi gusto la mejor cancion de su nuevo disco con when you're gone..pero esta tiene la razon diciendo que la inocencia es el mejor sentimieto
Kl2 this is a very good love a little bit gay, but is a good song
Kl2 a song with travis barker(blink 182)..this is great!!!!!!
Kl2 this song is the better love song that avril have.. she just want somebody in order to not be alone...
Kl2 pretending i'm still sleeping...yeah i don't belive in love
Kl2 wow this is what i call good musicXD
Kl2 i hate this kind of music, but this is coolXD
Kl2 this song is like a multiple orgasm..the best love song ever

Journey Open Arms

| play
Kl2 this is what i call a true artist
Kl2 otra de las grandes canciones de amor latinas..y aunque a mi juicio ricki martin sea un gay...las canciones son buenisimas!!XD
Kl2 insisto es gay(ademas q esto enoja a unas amigas)..pero no puede ser cmo una gay puee tener tan buenas cancionesXD

Ricky Martin - Te extraÞno, Te olvido, Te amo

| play
Kl2 escuche esta cancion de @CrisAoy una muy buena cancionXD
Kl2 i hear this song of @cesinha is a very good songXD
Kl2 E já que estou por aqui, um pouco de Bowie - ou o que for me surgindo a cabeça. (reblip)
Kl2 let it rock let it rock let it rock!!!!!!!!
Kl2 encuentro muy fea a la madonna , pero esta cancion es muy piolaxD (reblip)
Kl2 sin duda nunk avia escuchado algo tan es wenoxD
Kl2 el bajista y baterista de blink 182 se unieron a esta banda
Kl2 Exactamente lo que la @espe no es... juju.. xD (reblip)
Kl2 don' close your eyes!!!...this is your life. are you who you wanna be??...una buena cancion la recomiendo
Kl2 another clasic love song that makes you fell inlove
Kl2 el video de esta cancion es muy interesante en especial en el minuto 1 con 32 segundos sierto @JaLeRu y @espe ...XD
Kl2 another good clasic song...the classics still alive"!!!!!!!
Kl2 es una buena cancion de este gallo que estoi más que seguro que es gay...@espe si gayXD
Kl2 this is how an animal fell when the humans used them for experiments...lets fight for the animal rights
Kl2 this is the best song of my concern
Kl2 my my concern this is the best song of sum 41...i tried to be perfect

sum 41pieces

| play
Kl2 i miss you, you know!!!!
Kl2 god shave the queen..o sorry save, save
Kl2 todo un clasico de silvio...una de sus mejores canciones sin duda, pero siempre e tenido una duda...COMO SE LE PIERDE UN UNICORNIO AZUL!!!!!!!


| play
Kl2 this is a clasic song that reminds me a person...
Kl2 @clarkowitz , @world_united LoL! now I don't know who to talk to! haha (reblip)

Queen - We Will Rock You

| play
Kl2 una cancion de amor que llega

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

| play
Kl2 this is the best son of iglesias in my concern
Kl2 this is a love song perfect for sing it to your girlfriend
Kl2 dedicate this song to a girl..and is yoursXD
Kl2 i need to get closer!!!


| play
Kl2 mood: News // Vatican "forgives" John Lennon - (reblip)
Kl2 mood: News // McCartney, Guns N' Roses albums to launch on MySpace (reblip)
Kl2 she'll do right now!!!!!

SR-71Right Now

| play
Kl2 the best song..of the greatest guitarrist of the world(sorry santana)
Kl2 this is a great song that try to show what usa do to this world
Kl2 confucion is nothing new!!!!
Kl2 i'm not crazy i'm just a little unwell!!!
Kl2 you don't turn away
Kl2 Its quite annoying to have classes where you feel the teacher doesn't care...the acoustic version just a very few times are better than the original (reblip)
Kl2 how is the world that a women wants
Kl2 wow a amizing version of the song lost with jay z!!!!!!
Kl2 this is one of my favorite songs of clodplayxD


| play
Kl2 hendrx and morrison at the same song...amazingxD
Kl2 another clasic in the music..i love this songxD
Kl2 i want to break free!!... a clasic by queen
Kl2 the abba song by U2xD
Kl2 mr. lonely!!!!!iiiiiiiiiiiiii
Kl2 a michelle branch my concern is better than the originalxD
Kl2 escuchala @JaLeRu es muy wena...Good Friend
Kl2 if i am!!!!!!!!!....this is a great band
Kl2 dup dup dup..dudududu..xD

01 - Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life

| play
Kl2 the shadows on the background of the mourge
Kl2 Come on let me hold you touch you feel you, Always, Kiss you taste you all night, Always ...dedicate to a girl
Kl2 the girl in the rock show!!!!!
Kl2 it's hard to wake up!!!!!... yes is very hard wake up i prefer sleep..i love sleepxD
Kl2 all the girls have a different world on her own...for this a man never gonna undestand a just love herxD
Kl2 she's unnstopable, unpredictanble..pleas home to late is gonne
Kl2 you don't belive me??...jus see a girl. sierto @espe y @JaLeRu xD
Kl2 are you gona new girlfriend!!!!!!!

Blink 182M&m's

| play
Kl2 hallelujah!!!..hallelujah!! like a shreck songxD
Kl2 do you belive in god?..say yes and pull the shot gun!!!!!!


| play
Kl2 a very relaxing song
Kl2 wuuuuuuuuuuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!... yeah this is music

BlurSong 2

| play
Kl2 escupele al sistema xD (reblip)
Kl2 a cometer los errores que cometo yo..ya eres una más ya eres una más
Kl2 estamos aqui nos podemos ver, TODOS CONTRA EL PODER
Kl2 @espe anarquista!!! toa la razon escupele al sistema... bienvenida al planeta eskoria!!!xD
Kl2 u are not alone together we stand
Kl2 oo vuelve!.q sin ti la vida se me va!! (reblip)
Kl2 sorry, it's all that i can say,you mean so much and i fix all that i've done, if i could start again!!!!!!...@espe y @JaLeRu escuchenla es wena
Kl2 i'm in over my head, for something i said..Completely misread i'm better of dead
Kl2 i'll pay all the bad things i've done
Kl2 en el video de esta cancion le mean en la cara a bush8simbolicamente)xD
Kl2 a love balad of sum 41..dedicate to a beauty girlxD... @espe escuchala es wena

Sum 41With Me

| play
Kl2 (complete unknown)
Kl2 it's to late, it's no time...MARCH OF THE DOGS To a beat of disillusion
Kl2 de tantas formas siento miedo, que e preferido no salir.. 60 veces dije puedo, 80 más me arrepenti..una d las mejores canciones de amor latinas
Kl2 lejos la mejor cancion de arjona...el problema es que te quiero..quen no a tenido ese problema??xD
Kl2 cuando fue la ultima vez que t quisieron tanto??
Kl2 we live our lifes in differents sides but we keep together u and i...we live our lives STIGMATIZED!!!!!!!!!!!. @espe escuchala
Kl2 what you do to me??????


| play
Kl2 a love song..listen it is very good
Kl2 te quiero recordar, que somos mucho más i vamos a combatir...TU XENOFOBIA
Kl2 maldigo a la persona que es capaz de maltratar a un anima..cuanta iresponsabilidad!!!! más maltrato animal!!!!!
Kl2 mi tierra se llama miseria...y no conosco la palabra libertad..qeren q esto sea el mundo...NO MÁS GUERRA

Ska-Pc dolar

| play
Kl2 Good times last forever!!!!
Kl2 ♪♫ whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there with open arms and open eyes... ♪♫ (reblip)


| play
Kl2 Confusion's all I see Frustration surrounds me Solution, bid farewell Sedation, what the hell?
Kl2 i don't want to waste my time, become another casualty of society. i'll never fall in line, become another victim of your conformity. and back down (reblip)

Sum 41Fat Lip

| play
Kl2 @espe esto es lo q tu 100pre dics en las fiestasxD (reblip)
Kl2 esto es lo q 100pre pide la @espe xD...weno aunq seai pervertia = algo d cariño t tngo
Kl2 @JaLeRu no t preocupes io tngo mas...@espe ,t la dedico
Kl2 a love song of red hot!!!!!!! incredible

Red Hot Chili Peppers I could die for you

| play
Kl2 @espe tu cancion!!!!!!!!!!!!..niña pervertida
Kl2 too good :D

no woman no cry

| play
Kl2 Uh oh, it's magic. :D (reblip)

The CarsMagic

| play
Kl2 kiss my dick, kiss my head!!!!!xD


| play
Kl2 a great and good songh to hear it when you are tired or boring...i love this songxD
Kl2 ... And Taste my Cherry pay? xD @JaLeRu !!!!! es pie no payxD...put a cherry on my cake (reblip)
Kl2 Good Morning! :D -- the video is increible and the song it's relaxing...perfect to wake upxD (reblip)
Kl2 Me gusta tu hermana, me gustas tu. xD @espe perfecta pa tixD (reblip)
Kl2 This is 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure, 50% pain And a 100% reason to remember the name! (reblip)
Kl2 un sincorazon buscando el reino de los corazones...un lugar que no existe!!
Kl2 tus petalos son mi vida..tus espinas mis heridas...t escoji por ser diferente a las demas rosas..
Kl2 más alla del solo abra un lugar donde los sueños se hacen realidad
Kl2 they're only gonne tell you all the bad things I've done even if they words they say aren't true they've won, any I'm left here dyin in the sun
Kl2 Rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine,The wind is gonna blow, the water's gonna rise
Kl2 "We're gonna vent our frustration.. If we don't we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse" (reblip)
Kl2 Baby kiss me slow so I don't forget to make my way back home
Kl2 And I wanna give to you Give to you... More than a love song can give More than a feeling like this More than a dim light upon the path you walk
Kl2 @JaLeRu y @espe an escuchao la tipica cancion de pepsi..esta es, es wena (reblip)
Kl2 "you aleays learnd to hold the things you want to say. you're always gonna be afraid" when you want say something just say it
Kl2 i'm sorry, i can't be perfect!!!!!!
Kl2 Are you sick of everyone around? with the big fake smiles and stupid lies While deep inside your bleeding...yes
Kl2 So shut up shut up shut up,Don't wanna hear it Get out get out get out,Get out of my way Step up step up step up,You'll never stop me
Kl2 I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare I'm just a kid, I know that its not fair Nobody cares, cause I'm alone and the world is having more fun than me
Kl2 I guess things are not how they used to be,There's no more normal families,Parents act like enemies,Making kids feel like it's World War III.crazy!!!
Kl2 I've got noplace to go I've got nowhere to run They want to watch me fall They think they know it all I'm a nightmare,a disaster. Me against the world
Kl2 I'm trying to forget that I'm addicted to you But I want it and I need it I'm addicted to you Now it's over Can't forget what you said...heartbreaker!
Kl2 I made my mistakes I’ve got no where to run The night goes on As I’m fading away I’m sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen
Kl2 I'd do anything Just to hold you in my arms To try to make you laugh Cuz somehow I can't put you in the past!!
Kl2 listen this version of the brian adams song...and after listen the originalxD
Kl2 @espe caxa este orrible plagio a la originalxD
Kl2 so i am still waiting,for this world to stop hating,can't find a good reason for this world to BELIVE!!!!!!!
Kl2 When flowers gaze at you... they're not the only ones who cry When they see you ...i love this song!!!!!!!!
Kl2 Walking through wintertime Where the stars all shine The angel on the stairs Will tell you I was there...@espe
Kl2 It’s the first thing you see as you open your eyes The last thing you say as your saying goodbye
Kl2 ♪♫♬ Oh, yes, we'll keep on trying, yeah We'll tread that fine line Oh oh we'll keep on trying Till the end of time Till the end of time ♪♫ (reblip)


| play
Kl2 cada vez q te busco te vas, cada vez que te llamo no estas, es por eso que debo decir q tu solo en mis fotos estas!!!

Juanes & Nelly Furtado Tu Fotografia

| play
Kl2 I can't get no satisfaction, i can't get no satisfaction.
Kl2 I walk the streets of love and they're full of tears And I walk the streets of love and they're full of fears... i love this sad song
Kl2 feeling good now don’t be afraid to get down say i don’t wanna be in love I don’t wanna be in love
Kl2 Is anybody listening?,Can they hear me when I call?,I'm shooting signals in the air,'Cause I need somebody's help,I can't make it on my own
Kl2 So this world Is too much For you to take Just lay it down in front of me I'll be everything you need In every way...we this love!!!
Kl2 “Now you’re rich and Now you’re famous Fake ass girls all know your name and Lifestyles of the rich and famous Your first hit aren’t you asham
Kl2 You know the happiest day of my life I swear the happiest day of my life Is the day that I die
Kl2 I heard that evil comes disguised Like a city of angels I'm walking towards the light
Kl2 I will try to believe in the things I cannot see But my faith is shaking now like it's never been before
Kl2 Don't you know, misery was haunting me Yeah I heard, misery was looking for me Happiness, a place you don't if you know me
Kl2 And in my heart I wanna undo all this murder and give back the innocent life,
Kl2 Don't say a word, I know you feel the same Just give me a sign, say anything, say anything Please don't walk away, I know you wanna stay
Kl2 So tell me what you want 'cause I would give you anything, Tell me what you need and I'll go get it.
Kl2 I wanna feel the way I did back then, With love in my heart.
Kl2 You could be a princess; you could be a working man But in the end... We all want something we can't have.
Kl2 just a funeral march for love today the band strikes up and they're playing our song
Kl2 Don’t cry Open up your eyes and know There’s someone else out there that feels this way
Kl2 They say "Aha, ahha", Keep your hands off my girl, Keep your hands off my girl,
Kl2 ojala pudiera aogarte en un charco, lleno de rosas i amor!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
Kl2 todo un clasico de la musica..muy buena @espe (reblip)
Kl2 Because Close to You has put me in the mood for love songs. Whenever I'm alone with you you make me feel like I am home again. (reblip)
Kl2 and I think that'll be end of the story of the pirate that chases cars and asks about peace, love or else...a good song (reblip)
jencvs mood: Flash marathon // The fray rush....Somewhere between unsure and a hundred
Kl2 this is just a great song (reblip)
Kl2 Put two of them on your ASS!!!! (reblip)
Kl2 ...@espe no soporto a robie williams lo encuentro un imbecil!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)

Robie Williams - Tripping

| play
Kl2 Unfortunately truth is cold So you stay young while I get old But always know, I'm your best friend (reblip)
Kl2 And just... Let her cry...if the tears fall down like rain (reblip)
Kl2 the truth is hiding in your eyes and it's hanging on your tongue (reblip)


| play
Kl2 wuujuuuuu my song!!!!!!! regret you made me, its to late to save me!!(8) (reblip)
Kl2 "each day's a gift & not a given right" (reblip)
Kl2 definitivamente mi futuroxD
Kl2 wooow i love this songxD!!!
Kl2 close your eyes, clear your mind
Kl2 wow..i love this new song of nickelback!!!!!!!!!!
Kl2 yeah this is lifestilexD
Kl2 ...

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

| play
Kl2 a ti te estoy hablando a ti
Kl2 u my wonderwall!!!!
Kl2 That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa. I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating
Kl2 Theres nothing but the rain No footsteps on the ground I'm listening but theres no sound
Kl2 waaaaaa this song reminds me another person...
Kl2 Living in a world without you Ah, there is hope to guide me I will survive Living in a world without you
Kl2 The way you shake it, I can't believe it I ain't never seen an ass like that The way you move it, you make my pee pee go Doing, doing, doing
Cintita Essa vai pro meu pai, que adorava Eric Clapton. Saudades, pai....
Kl2 You better be sure Tom, you know, no one likes a heartbreaking inside theirs pants. (reblip)
Kl2 mama !! we all go the hell
Kl2 So shut your eyes, Kiss me goodbye, And sleep just sleep,the hardest part!!!!!!! leting go of, your dreams
Kl2 i'm not afraid to keep on living I'm not afraid to walk this world alone Honey if you stay,I'll be forgiven Nothing you can say can stop me going home
Kl2 despues de ti la pared!!! me faltes nunca
Kl2 Suerte que en el sur hayas nacido y que burlemos las distancias
Kl2 i'm a perfect obligationxD
Kl2 It's quiet in the streets now It's screaming in your head
Kl2 There's a smell of stale feeling that's drinking from our skins. The drinking never stops because the drinks absolve our sins. (reblip)
Kl2 Made my mistakes, let you down And I can't, I can't hold on for too long Ran my whole life in the ground And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone
Kl2 Just let go, but keep it inside.
Kl2 I'm gonna overcome this, paper hearts can't win this time
Kl2 We could leave this town and run forever I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together Let your waves crash down on me and take me away
Kl2 I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do You are my only, my only one
Kl2 tengamos sexo con ropa, esto sera entre tu y yo
Kl2 seamos fuego en el fuego, llamas en lo oscuro!!!
Kl2 "Why are you so far away?" she said "Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you That I'm in love with you"
Kl2 ahaha i'm going out i don't care if you're angry
Kl2 i can`t take my eyes off of you!!!!!!!(8)...

Damien Rice - 03 - The Blower's Daughter

| play
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