LiquidX Because it's that time again...

Todd SniderBeer Run

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LiquidX Cause all I really want is Girls...
paulisded For the bootylicious beauty who loves "sunshine" songs. [Paul Westerberg - Sunshine]
LiquidX Let me tell you what it's like, being Male, Middle Class, and White...

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

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Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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Knuckleragger I sang this with Steve on stage in chicago
paulisded @thegoddess: "i think i'm on another planet with you [Paul Westerberg - Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)]" (reblip)
paulisded The days have featured a bit more sunshine lately. [Paul Westerberg - Sunshine]
paulisded "Your time has come." [Replacements - Darlin' One]
DJMees RB@Jeffie: "Willie Nelson - "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"" (reblip)
paulisded Goodnight, gorgeous. [Ben Folds - Golden Slumbers]
dionroy @Aluciel: "Hey there, @dionroy. I've been teh lame, as well, on blip and twitter. blerg. And hiya, @melodyofyourlife. How are you both doing?" (reblip)
WebCrush @theclairemarie "You, you got what I need but you say hes just a friend"
UncleRay @nastysurprise72: "@UncleRay "I was watching Letterman the night he [Zevon] said that." Was that his last appearance? Yes it was. Great interview. (reblip)
markmac rb@Figgywithit: "thanks vi@TwangNation: "Johnny Cash – Pocahontas (Neil Young)"" (reblip)
rammerplex live, but good once they get started
Lysts29 you were the treasure that i longed to find.............. ÓTIMA NOITE !!!!! ;-)
LiquidX Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it? I can't say, people just liked it better that way.
LiquidX When he's underwater, does he get wet? Or does the water get him instead?
Knuckleragger Nice find I never wuld have thought that they would have done this song. (reblip)
Knuckleragger cool song almost sounds like Ray Charles (reblip)


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Stolen Aragon Ballroom 29.8 setlist 27/29. The crowd confirmed my suspicion that a lot of people like this song for the wrong reasons.
Knuckleragger Proably the happiest version of this song. Still great. I'll say it again I think I'd listen to anyone sing this song.
Stolen "gonna take you down"


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Knuckleragger Not really the Bad Religion that I remember bu still cool
glenncase #757 of 10,000. Cracker played a fantastic free show in Spokane last night at "Pig Out in the Park". I was very happy that they played this song.

CrackerMovie Star

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melodyofurlife @tammyphinney heres another classic for you! :-P

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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TheNova Ah memories of fall and... and winter!!
djsurfer The Cure – Why Can't I Be You?
SylentSyd "They say roses are red, violets are purple, sugar's sweet and so's maple syr'ple..."

Roger MillerDang Me

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everythingispop Gotta leave on a high note. Farewell BLIP Nation. Happy Sunday to you all and your mighty fierceness.
SylentSyd you're probably your own worst critic ;) @tuatara: "I have dreams of walking around in public in the nude- awful!" (reblip)
Cephy Social Distortion – Ball and Chain
Knuckleragger not as good as I remember but it's been running hrough my head all day
ginhollow nothing really matters...

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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melodyofurlife A dedication: This one goes out to Diet Coke and the stronghold it has on my head!
Knuckleragger I saw WPA do this a week ago as a bluegrass song this is better.

WeezerPink Triangle

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Angie Aparo "Spaceship"

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Knuckleragger I liked the version he did on the The Craig Ferguson Show a while ago better but this one is cool too.

Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized

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MsBojangles thx for this! @JimmyDanko I've been to a few of his shows... I'm a fan too :) he comes to Dallas quite often. (reblip)
UncleRay Underrated band - all 3 members are incredible musicians - wish I could have seen them perform live

AMV Bleach: Ichigo's Hollow on Beasty Boys Sabotage

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everythingispop This was a favourite the other night. (Performed with Califone.) Very, very nice (reblip)

The Caulfields-Devils Diary(I'm Bigger Than Jesus Now).wmv

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Knuckleragger Just another one of those songs I ould listen to just about anyone cover.
Aluciel She will scream and try to run /But there's nowhere she can hide/When a crazy cyborg wants to make you his robot bride! ^_^
Knuckleragger I know it's proably been said hundreds and thousands of times but everytime I hear this song I think it's The Talking Heads.
Knuckleragger I just a clip of this on warehuse 13 and I had to hear the rest of the song

"I Am Superman" Music Video

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"First We Take Manhattan" By Leonard Cohen at Coachella

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dooode some of me thinks I haven't given this band their due RB@zappaconcrete (reblip)
Knuckleragger For all your using credit cards while climbing a chimmey rock needs.

LPInto the Wild

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I'm Looking Through You- The Beatles (Rubber Soul)

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Knuckleragger NSFW or at least turn it down

John EddieForty

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Knuckleragger the song from the hatfield and MCoy mini series on history channel
mark_till The Cranberries--Go Your Own Way
mark_till NIRVANA--Drain You Radio Appearance [ John Peel Sessions ]
mark_till The Black Keys--Your Touch - Glastonbury 2010
mark_till Bob Mould--The Descent (Official Music Video)
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