rapradu Joe Satriani is the Silver Surfer
ATG Question: (In honor of @laffingbuddha) Which do you like better, OG Bladerunner or the Director's Cut, and why? Show your work. :-P
cezarmaroti Frank Sinatra, Let It Snow! - But as long as you love me so / Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
miketrevis ...come mammiferi su dicovery channel :P
7zZ すげー! 見っかったよ!!(UI+Stereolab)
KosherX staring at the tv screen.
SidneiTrindade Mozart, um sujeito inatingível prum jeca como eu, quase me fazendo chorar aqui. Karajan era o cara mesmo...
grapevine This is the Jim Hall I really had in mind, though. Styleesh furniture.
KosherX You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
shumy Me gusta mucho esta pieza musical.
KosherX I'd rather be using a MSX, but the C64 is fine too.
KosherX Now it's officially declared the WTF jam session.
maucantara Ainda não acredito que vou rever o show dos homens-máquina! Duas vezes!
maucantara Pro fim de ano ficar ainda melhor, faltava apenas anunciarem a volta do Daft Punk...
KosherX We are man-machine-machine-machine-machine-machine-machine-machiiiiinneeeee! (reblip)
KosherX Softer Worse Slower Weaker. Totally the opposite. (reblip)
KosherX In the 70s, there were THE Robots. (reblip)
trecker She BLINDED me with science!

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

| play
KosherX Pollution is low, no fuel to go. Should please ecofreaks everywhere.
Atomik I think the one thing that saved 2008 from being a crap year was blip.fm - I have never felt so connected to music and people before. Love U All.

Lindstrom - The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)

| play
fishdeleuze Last Smile (extension mix) – LOVE PSYCHEDELICO
teukkam Some brand new RKO remixes, yay!

Sperling - Comic Bakery

| play
KosherX Which one is better, original Blade Runner or the Director's Cut? (reblip)
luiz_com_z @Andarilha, e eu sou uma interjeição. Por isso que nos damos bem.
luiz_com_z @FernandaW, concordo. E essa é a música que os anjos cantam no Casseta & Planeta deles, pra sacanear os diabinhos. (reblip)
pairazaweb Gracias a VH1, me acorde que hace años escuchaba esta bandota, muy The Smiths
KosherX Em homenagem às vadias Bianca Jagger e Annie Lennox. http://is.gd/epyv
KosherX Melhor ouvir a versão no tempo original, não-acelerada, não?
KosherX cool. and they say kraftwerk invented electronic music.
rauffenstein Bunch of fellas


| play
KosherX @greenbacker is back... in black.
gnaisse das antigas, com uma certa estrutura de música eletrônica
elizs I hadn't heard their version! It's strange hearing them singing with instruments. =)
KosherX Only being drunk to stand by this day, damn. (reblip)
geh Vamos fazer um filme de faroeste? Já temos a música!

Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More

| play
KosherX I'M SCAAAAT-MAAAAANNNN!!!!! ski-ba-bop-ba-di-du-bop. bi-ri-du-bop.
rifer Encerremos os blips da noite com uma música erudita. E pra rir um pouco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM
MrBabyMan an all-time favorite classic,
rifer Descobri a américa. Hoje descobri que o Danny Elfman (o mesmo da abertura dos Simpsons) fez parte do Oingo Boingo \o/
rifer A máquina terminou de lavar a roupa e eu termino os blips de hoje com o Mestre
KosherX U Can't Touch This! Tchan, ran, ran, ran! Yea, yeah!

Aerosmith - Dream On

| play
KosherX yyyeeeeeehhhhaaaaahhhh!!! yipiee-kee-ay-ey, ghost riders!!!!
KosherX no catchy phrases this time, lacking imagination right now

Stan BushDare

| play
Feenstuh Is feeling something close to inspiration. It kinda tickles.....like a bullet
htakano Theme from "Enter the Dragon" (Original) – Lalo Schifrin (reblip)


| play
KosherX TOCA POUR ELISE! (sim, sei bem que é 'Für Elise' há tempos, perguntem ao autor da HQ porque mudar o nome do alemão pro francês).
rifer Comemorando o Lançamento da SDF-1.

Do You Remember The Love

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rifer @KosherX To celebrate the launching of Macross' SDF-1 (reblip)

Do You Remember The Love

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rifer Do grande compositor da trilha sonora de Ladyhawke, o Feitiço de Áquila. (reblip)
rifer Um pouco de clássica pra acalmar a noite (a anterior estava bichada)
rauffenstein Em homenagem à garotada Brasiliense se espancando no Parque da Cidade.
KosherX Only could find this music from Robotech, damn it. I wanted Mari Iijima's version.
alfonvaina Blippers attention and the best movie trilogy of the history of cinema... thaaanks @KosherX (reblip)
rifer Que burro, dá zero pra ele!!! A anterior estava em inglês. :(
KosherX Moskau! Moskau! bwahahahaha! HEY!
KosherX ho!!! hah!!! Genghis, Genghis, Genghis Khan!!!
gleegirlrock It's 6.15am here and I'm saying Goodnight/morning or whatever it is where you are!@AlanSmithee61 @kaaeyl @KosherX @johno signed,sealed delivered.
rifer Tem músicas que deixam a gente com um arrepio na nuca. Essa é uma delas.
rifer Pra quem pensa que a Marisa Orth é só uma cabeça oca num corpaço...
KosherX Woo!!!! Waw!!!!! Annie, are you okay??? (How I miss these times...)
KosherX Just another one today, cuz the (only at his peak, not anymore nowadays) king DEMANDS it!
KosherX Just one more, for old good times sake.
rifer Uma música que não ouço há muito tempo.
rifer Amanhã vai ter matrícula, e nessa semana começam as aulas.
rifer Cover do Everly Brothers (que eu já blipei por aqui)
rifer Eu durante muito tempo jurei que essa música era do B-52's...
alfonvaina Blip 1989, Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting and too (Camouflage, love is a shield) (Martika - Toy soldiers) for example...

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

| play
rifer Pra fechar a noite. Lembram do Fantasia (o único desenho decente do mala do Mickey Mouse)?
KosherX @KATRIORD it's not that hard singing "girl from ipanema".
jcbmac This was on my head all day...

God - John Lennon

| play
KosherX Tu mama hace amor con mi pierro!
KosherX @greenbacker this Mises Institute cartoon got this music through my mind. But why?
KosherX Cracking the whip, heavy-metal remix
KosherX Celebrating carnival-like with the Marvel-themed car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc5l91No2gM


| play
mortimas Joey Scarbury – Theme From ''Greatest American Hero'' (Believe It Or Not) (reblip)
mortimas Van Halen – Right Now
KosherX Psycho-techno-eurobeat-mecha-gaming-synthesized-electro-trance-oriental-themed-remix... I think it covers all... maybe?
GoUp Lets walk or way with a litle fun... If you are run go faster, if wont, wake up and move now boy. Lets #change (reblip)
Rudra 1000 blips celebration! Rebliping my best stuff since the beginning! =] (reblip)
KosherX Where east meets west and past meets... not so much past.
KosherX Where east meets west and past meets.. not so much past, part deux.
KosherX All your base are belong to us, you have no chance to survive make your time.
KosherX Haven't been listening Aphex Twin's music for years.

Aphex TwinOn

| play
driczz @warhorus One of my favorite ZZ Top songs too...made it 4me =P (reblip)

ZZ TopLegs

| play
KosherX Tocata e Fuga in D minor, metal VG remixed.
KosherX From the Back to the Future 3 soundtrack.
rifer Acho que nunca blipei ABBA....My mistake.
rifer Electric Light Orchestra!!!!

Elo-Mr Blue Sky

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rifer Drunken Blip...Não curto muito Sinatra, mas como bom ex-otaku vai a "fechadura" do Evangelion
rifer Drunken Blip...Quem assistiu (na sessão da tarde) e não gostou dos Goonies que atire a primeira pedra
rifer Drunken Blip...Outra frustração da minha vida é ter perdido o show do New Order em Brasília
rifer Drunken Blip...Uma não-frustração da minha vida é ter assistido o show do Ira! de graça em Brasília
rifer No more Drunken Blips for today....G'Night to all!!!
shortygal Survivor – High on You
Stay19 8 Bit Instrumental – Atari Age <><> vi@KosherX (reblip)
Stay19 The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Audion House Arrest mix)<><>
KosherX I'm selling BAD! So BAD! My arcade games! Woo! I feel BAD! http://is.gd/kSIK
jerrycurl @GiantPimpslapper reminds of The Crystal Method – Name Of The Game
DareToEatAPeach I've heard a few Led Zepplin mashes, no surprise since everyone love's them. This one vi@AmericanGuitarAcademy (reblip)

Streets Of Desolation

| play
KosherX Young and naive, full of energy and empty of knowledge.
renataruiz Eles lançarão CD em maio mas vamos matar saudades....


| play
TheHose Listen. I'm sorry. This has to stay. I'm not throwing it away.
slugger41 Just three words I want to say to you...I Just Called to Say I Loved You by Stevie Wonder
MrBabyMan In honor of Daft Punk scoring the upcoming Tron sequel... Two great pop things returning, one more time.
cagey2519 forgot how good this sounded.

Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up is Hard to Do

| play
PauloFrancis Para salvar o tal Watchman do total fracasso
MrBabyMan @markfrost was reminding me of palatable Depeche Mode songs.
cheesy80s @bjurkhamer "...is an easy lover. She'll get a hold on you, believe it. She's like no other. Before U know it you'll be on your knees..."
cheesy80s @bjurkhamer @ipsis "I saw U there. Just standing there. And I thought I was only dreaming U..."


| play
KosherX You asked for the best! Now you got the best! (No, not Kiss, really)
cheesy80s Phil Oakey made an 80's career on movie soundtracks. Remember this one? @pfeifferphotos @classicart @Alluna @bjurkhamer @PHyX8 @ipsis @DGenX @pumajack
MrBabyMan Re: proposed Last Starfighter Sequel. Whatever direction they go with it, I hope they hire Craig Safan back as composer.

12_Last Starfighter

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rightcommentary F*cked over..get use to it - the screwin' just started. #TCOT
MrBabyMan RT @slashfilm No Way! Stan Bush has recorded a new version of "The Touch" for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
MrBabyMan Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David is filing for divorce from her CTO husband. She needs more than $53,000 a week to live. http://is.gd/o4G0 (reblip)
gleegirlrock Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now
KosherX Could an eagle touch the sun?
KosherX Bandits at 8 o'clock are moving behind us Ten ME-109's out of the sun


| play
KosherX proposed Last Starfighter Sequel. Whatever direction they go with it, I hope they hire Craig Safan back as composer. (reblip)

12_Last Starfighter

| play
MrBabyMan Complications!


| play
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - Halo
EricSSJ I start with this one. Kamelot - Center of the Universe. enjoy

Kamelot - Epica - 02 -Center Of The Universe

| play
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Medal of Honor
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Still Alive
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Metal Gear Solid
EricSSJ My favoeite song from Epica


| play
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Tetris A & B
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Star Fox - SNES Ending
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - Hikari
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - Tender Secrets
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - Hall of Champions
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – The Legend of Trogdor
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - The Promised Land
KosherX UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Castles
KosherX Chris Cornell - You Know My Name (Casino Royale Theme Song) (Bonus)
KosherX Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another Way To Die
MrBabyMan Retweeting @zaibatsu: How Much Would You Pay for Your Twitter Account? http://bit.ly/U8WkX
KosherX PlayStation 3 Will Outsell Xbox 360 This Generation, Says Hirai http://is.gd/p5nG
mariocardoso you can play on my synthesizer
libertyrant Dedicated to the magical #bho and his loyal admirers.
HerrDoktor Recession #8, good times past
cardoso Eu PRECISO do DVD de Watchmen. Quando sai essa bagaça afinal?
KosherX Do not shatter stuff unless absolutely needed.
altovolta "Eu sou astrólogo / Vocês precisam acreditar em mim / Eu sou astrólogo!" - Hino do Olavo de Carvalho.
HerrDoktor Each woman in my life had her soundtrack. So this is my soundtrack of unnacomplished love, the ones I never had. #1 was for A.C.B, when I was 19.
HerrDoktor Finally, our very last case, #8, S.B, few time ago. Now @Paddy, @vdarkbloom, @mrguavaman, @gunter77 @generalelectrik you guys tell your stories.

BlondieCall Me

| play
GrandaddyPete is more deadly than the male.

Female Of The Species-Space

| play
HerrDoktor @generalelectrik Now I'm getting all corny. THIS corny. I'm warning, the next girl to break my heart will be forever attached to THIS SONG!
Cooper_Designs ... One of their better tracks IMHO...
KosherX "Live And Learn" - Main Theme of Sonic Adventure 2
KosherX PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - Out Run: Magical Sound Shower
BeckaBellasTunes BOYS DON'T CRY – I WANNA BE A COWGIRL...and you can be my Cowboy. :-)
KosherX @davidbutter o diabo é o pai do rock?
KosherX More Outrun's Magical Sound Shower showering over my little plantation.
cheesy80s This video has made my day so bright. What if Top Gun had been written by the Brokeback Mountain writers? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekXxi9IKZSA
KosherX MAIS um pedido da minha sobrinha! Não aguento mais!
Keilas Fervoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KosherX Going ninja this week. It'll be a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
adriamaral Mais uma bandinha da safra australian neosynth
LXIX Eurythmics – Would I Lie to You? @tubilino
KosherX @HerrDok mas sempre haverá "Rock Me Amadeus". É a coisa mais perto disso no rock.
KosherX @AtomicBlue @arrais Somebody's watching me.

Rockwell ft. Micheal Jackson - Somebodys Watching Me

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rightcommentary ... the battles will be fought on Health Care, on the Environment, on Income Taxes, on National Security; make them pay dearly for every inch taken.
rightcommentary ... and this one is for you Princess Pelosi. I'm still waiting for the AG to frogmarch you across the Hill. #KCON
lordlancaster Música bem legal do Electric Light Orchestra: 10538 Overture. Eu não me lembrava dela, parece diferente de sua sonoridade habitual dos anos 70.

Electric Light Orchestra- 10538 Overture

| play
altovolta @urublog 'First, we take Manhattan / Then, we take Berlin'
libertyrant For the heroes of the "unrest" in #Iran: this song got us through some tough times. Hope it helps. #tcot
compulsivo Uma das maiores coleções de clichês da história do rock...

twisted sister-we're not gonna take it

| play
KosherX @davidbutter http://is.gd/1lKzH mas acho que não serve pra nada pra ti, a não ser que teu celular rode em Palm OS (reblip)

Back to the Future theme

| play
KosherX E não é que tem essa porcaria no blip?

Michael Jackson Beat It 2008 With Fergie

| play
lordlancaster Michael Jackson – Rock With You. Nem tudo o que reluz é ouro, mas essa eu tenho que admitir, é de primeira. (reblip)
lordlancaster Sim, ficamos velhos, mas ao menos envelhecemos com grandes músicas. @DJfbbraun: "tbm amava!!! RB @lordlancaster: "Oingo Boingo – Not My Slave. (reblip)
lordlancaster Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart. A great 90's piece. @plateaux: "某動画で使われていたので" (reblip)
altovolta Conclusão inevitável aos ler comentários na internet:
KosherX To celebrate the newest (another) Golgo 13 Gallery. http://is.gd/1MDh0.
HerrDoktor Airplanes #6


| play
KosherX Homage to the newest JDF weapon developed against the DPNK's nuclear missiles.


| play
KosherX Depois de conversar com @izzynobre e falhar no teste de turing, só me resta ouvir Kraftwerk pra combinar.

Kraftwerk-Man Machine

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KosherX Depois de conversar com @izzynobre e falhar no teste de turing, só me resta ouvir Kraftwerk pra combinar. (reblip)

Kraftwerk-Man Machine

| play
KosherX @inconfidente não sei o que você vai pensar disso. essa é minha música preferida dos Titãs


| play
altovolta "Quer fumar? Então teu lugar é na cadeia." - O Serra ainda vai concorrer com esse slogan. http://tinyurl.com/mzvbkn
altovolta Envelhecer na internet é... saber dos memes, mas não ter a menor disposição de vê-los.
KosherX @davidbutter corre mané futuristic version 2.x


| play
KosherX Cool! Nanowar on Blip.fm! TRICYCLES OF STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
KosherX Em homenagem aos meus amigos @gravz e @izzynobre : OTHER BANDS PLAY, NANOWAR GAY! (reblip)
janetasteful I spend so much time believing all the lies...
KosherX What is love??? Baby don't hurt me!!! Don't hurt me!!!! No more!!!

Haddaway-What is Love?

| play
KosherX @KosherX: "Feeling... Wou wou wou feeling... wou wou wou feel you... again in my arms..." (reblip)
KosherX Nothin' to do, nowhere to go-o. I wanna be sedated!
maurilao inbox full

Shonen Knife S-P-A-M

| play
KosherX Just listened to this rockin' Styx tune. Thumbs up!
KosherX RT @maurilao: "inbox full" (reblip)

Shonen Knife S-P-A-M

| play
KosherX @fabiomarton Ivan Meets G.I. Joe. Rock the casbah.
KosherX @Phoenix7 @blogdoamorim I always feel like, somebody is watching meee... And I have no privacy, wo-woh.
KosherX What is love???? Baby don't hurt me, no more!
KosherX So many Julias in the world. So much deception and betrayal.

Eurythmics (Annie Lennox) : Julia ( Album Version) Widescreen

| play
KosherX The Ministry of Love, bureaucracizing love since 1984.
KosherX Mamma mia! É chegatta la hora de la pizza! (em italiano macarrônico).
KosherX Mas não sabia que seu mundo era pequeno, e os insetos que vagam pelos charcos, têm poucas chances de alcançar o oceano.

Sawamu - o demolidor

| play
KosherX Earth girls are easy, what you gonna do lil' buckaroo?
KosherX This time, the real, original Konya Wa Hurricane video.


| play
70srocker Howlin' Ted

Ted Nugent- Dog Eat Dog (vinyl)

| play

Surfin' USA, Jesus & Mary Chain (Beach Boys Cover)

| play
KosherX DAAAAYTOOOONNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... you know it already.
DragonMoonTunes @k8e: "We've all had that one hot teacher, right?" (reblip)
KosherX @kurtrizzo já conhecia a banda sueca S.P.O.C.K. ?


| play
KosherX is listening to The Picard Song, from DarkMateria.
KosherX Never, ever, ever trust a Klingon.


| play
HerrDoktor One day I placed this as my cell phone ring for her number. She said: "Change that, I'm not like this. I'm not beautiful".
HerrDoktor Then I configured this song for when she called me: "Now that's more like it!".
Orlando Isto é um remix da versão (maravilhosa) de "The Mix", onde eles escancararam o quanto o New Order chupou deles.
condottiero & now, a song of unwanted love and loneliness in a cruel world.
KosherX For my dear friend @Nayelianne, a song of unwanted love and loneliness in a cruel world. (reblip)

Sub-Zero's Theme (Chinese Ninja Warrior) by Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire

| play


| play


| play

AC DC - Back In Black

| play

Cheetah Men Main theme Remix [Remix by CUBE lab.]

| play

Cheetahmen (ACID MIX)

| play
HerrDoktor (a little bit of nerd rage)

Bullet With Butterfly Wings HIGH QUALITY By Smashing Pumkins

| play
KosherX @ruronio we are the robots.

we are the robots

| play
StreamingMimi Clyde McPhatter – A Lover's Question
KosherX Creio que @fabiomarton , como bom 70/80ista que é, gostará dessa do Protomen.

Light up the Night- The Protomen

| play

The Protomen: The Will Of One (Music Video)

| play
KosherX Another try at The Will of One.
DeeStroi The best song about the movie Willow ever. Takes a few minutes to start. Its been in my constant song rotation for the past week or so.

Willow Don't Cry

| play
amber201 bakabakabakabakabakabakabaka...kabakabakabakabakaba...

けいおん!YMO 「Rap Phenomena」

| play
KosherX @ruronio música pra acompanhar o assunto.

Turning Japanese- The Vapors

| play

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round

| play

dead or alive-you spin me round 2003

| play
KosherX Believing in the sign of ZETA... beyond the hard times from now!!!
KosherX YEAH YEAH YEAH! Ride on Shooting Star, kokoro no koe de, sandanju no yo ni, utai tsutzuketa
KosherX It's your pain or my pain or somebody's pain, Dareka no tame ni ikirareru nara, It's your dream or my dream or somebody's dream

Get Wild / TMN (PV)

| play
KosherX Get wild and tough! Get chance and luck!

Get Wild(シティーハンター)TM NETWORK(TMN)桃井はるこ・アイドルマスター IDOLM@STER

| play

Eagles of Death Metal: Speaking In Tongues

| play
DeeStroi 4th rule is eat kosher salami!

The Ramones-Commando

| play

Macross Plus (1995) OST- Information High- Sharon Apple

| play

Macross- "Ai Oboete Imasu Ka?" ENGLISH

| play

Mari Iijima Rock Masters 5 -Do You Remember Love- 愛おぼえていますか

| play

Mari Iijima 1984 Live Ai oboedeimasuka 愛おぼえいますか

| play
KosherX Once more: you spin me round round baby right round like a record baby round round round round... @heilucy favorite megahit

macross greek sub

| play
KosherX @Inacio_ AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Captain America Fuck Yeah!!!

| play

Metroid Metal- Metroid Theme

| play

Beyond the time(FULL)

| play
KosherX Vacas móveis! Atropelamento e muge! Carne fácil! Atropelamento e muge!
DeeStroi Hell yeah! @gleeok @KosherX: "DAAAAYTOOOONNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... you know it already." (reblip)
golfnovels @golfnovels: "Haddaway-What is Love?" (reblip)

Haddaway-What is Love?

| play
KosherX Take me back to Sao Paolo, country roads!!! NOW!!!!
KosherX Viajanooo... peru istoradaaa... i nóis três viviaaa... tokano vaka...
Schoork I second that!rb@flinndc: "This cover is better ----> No More Mr. Nice Guy " (reblip)
KosherX (Eikichi Yazawa - Trouble Man http://is.gd/5GO7m ) Dedicated to @Skellington

Darkstalkers: Trouble Man

| play
KosherX Tanaka bebeu, ensheu kara di sakê, i purô na pikadero! Atirei nu vaka! U shifuruda toremeu, i nu puro ki deu, matô coropanhero Tanaka!
KosherX For auld lang syne, my dear.

Auld Lang Syne (with lyrics)

| play
KosherX Por falta de música melhor, vai essa da série sobre a Guerra de Um Ano que acaba justamente no dia de ano novo. http://is.gd/5IiZC
KosherX @fabiofduraes cuidado com as mensagens subliminares. >:-)


| play
KosherX Dedicated to @AlGoresBrain - "Polution is low! No fuel to go! We ride the Tricycles of Steel!!!!"
KosherX @mises dedicated in memory and respect of Murray N. Rothbard's death today, 15 years ago.
Skellington "All I ever wanted. All I ever needed. Is here in my arms" { Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence } (via @hot_pantx) (reblip)
jampa Polonaise, Opus 53, by Vladimir Horowitz

Horowitz plays Chopin Polonaise Op. 53 in A flat major

| play
jampa The Ride of The Valkyries, Wagner. Para aqueles momentos em que dá vontade de invadir a Polônia ou lançar napalm nos coqueiros.
KosherX The show must go on! / RT @mariocardoso: Tudo bem galera, o show continua no Inferno: http://bit.ly/4qkYRH


| play
KosherX Get Free!!! Get Free!!! Get Freeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macross VFX 2 op. PSX

| play
KosherX @vanessa_ma "You've lost that loving feeling. And now it's gone, gone, gone..." (reblip)
KosherX "I wanna have a good time! Everyone's a noble mind!"

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Opening Theme Full (Toki wo Koete)

| play
KosherX Estou escrevendo sem artigos agora? Acho que estou virando japonês.

Turning japanese- Vapors (with lyrics)

| play

DGM-You Wa Shock!(Ai Wo Torimodose)

| play

Ai Wo Torimodose

| play
KosherX #neogeo neo geo, a cool red cab and a name that sticks.
Nisso70 Outlaw's - GhostRider's In The Sky (reblip)
Nisso70 You Are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan @nicklokes (reblip)

Poor man's son / HD

| play

Survivor-The Moment of Truth (The Karate Kid Soundtrack)

| play


| play

Hearts On Fire (as seen in Rocky Iv, with lyrics on Description)

| play
KosherX Now The Protomen version of No Easy Way Out

Mortal Kombat OST (1995): Techno Syndrome ~The Immortals~

| play
KosherX @vanessa_ma "No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it's dark..."

Turning Japanese- The Vapors

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Street Fighter IV Intro English Version theme

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Street Fighter IV Theme Song With English Lyrics+MP3 Download Link

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KosherX @gravz esqueceu-se dos fãs de Kraftwerk. http://is.gd/bILGC

Heart Of Madness

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Hokuto No Ken (Opening) You Wa Shock [Extended Version]

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S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Elvis Presley - Wooden Heart
Dancer12 [No Particular place To Go --Chuck Berry] Might as well hang around! @digitpt TYs p's, rep, RBs

No Particular Place To Go -- Chuck Berry

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Nisso70 quem vai? Crazy Train – Ozzy Ozbourne
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