Krazy_Kris Perfect wind down music - thx @Dr_Wes: "rb:) @divadonna5: "such a lovely place @sir_edward_ross: "RB @patita: Eagles - Hotel California (Acoustic)""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris YES! @hawaiibuzz: "i'm doing alright - we gotta high wind advisory in hawaii - but it's nice and sunny here vi@sandiegogil: "do you feel like we do"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOVELY! @softnblue: "Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOVE THIS - thanks! @scotlandlover: "PG rb @JosieMK: "Dreaming of Mercy St.....wear your inside out.... Powerful song ....AND video."" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @scotlandlover - No Blip - Don't Slow Down! LOL" (reblip)

India Arie : Slow Down

| play
Krazy_Kris Groovy - Enjoy - & thanks for the tunes! @blues_be_us @BluesdaddyD
DDPlay Thx for making me smile sweetie! Mwuah! @theFRUKE: "Your chin UP? Speakers UP? Smile ON??? :)@donnadontplay: "Mornin @theFRUKE @donnadontplay" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris PERFECT! Thanks! @BunnyHoney: "Ok bedtime for me ~kisses~" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris good call! @harmony60: "after this one..bed!! fav..see ya later..ty @iReignMusic: ";) harmony60"" (reblip)
margsabell Harry Nilsson – Coconut thanks for the props @NewOrleansKat@sir_edward_ross
Krazy_Kris Winding down with slower tempo - wind is blowing, temperature has dropped - thanks everyone for great fun tonight!

Annie LennoxCold

| play
sir_edward_ross A Hard Days Night- The Beatles @KrisOConnor ... this was the shit when it came out

A Hard Days Night- The Beatles

| play
CMFlinn I can't wait to do just that!! :oP RB@flinndc: "Are you eyeing them????? LOL @CMDoria @SuperSpaceAngel @BunnyHoney" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Yes! @Dancer12: "G'Morn 2 You! RB@pixelmongress: "Morning! "Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel.""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Great album! @TropicsZ4: "Nice, Jessica, great wore this record vinyl out in 1973 , Allman Brothers Band number 25 :))" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Here's what was playing on my #8track What was playing on yours?
Krazy_Kris Here's what was playing on my #8track What was playing on yours? @shiner Just another music lover remembering the #8track days ;-)
Krazy_Kris YES - More #8track love! Good one! @scotlandlover: "oops4y2 rb @enricchi: "Roberta Flack – Killing Me Softly With His Song"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Shoe boxes of #8track 's Gotta Love It! @SarahABQ: "Wore this #8track out:-) ~Kansas~Dust in the Wind" (reblip)

Kansas- Dust In The Wind (Live 1978)

| play
Krazy_Kris I didn't have this on #8track - did you? It's a great tune! @acanuckfan: "•´`•...•....>>----» @DJTheFox@boardbetty@KrisOConnor" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Yes - we are all connected! Music does that immediately ;-) Thx for the great tunes! (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @KrisOConnor: "Stevie Ray Vaughn – Mary Had a Little Lamb: A Little Medicine for Your Friday Night" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris I've never heard this before - outstanding! @krisp: "@KrisOConnor Nina's rendition of this Dylan tune is one that really moves me..." (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Walkin the Line on Hookie Friday LOL Good Day All! (reblip)
SarahABQ so glad you blipt this, love it! hellohugz! ty rb@indyh: "╰•ღ✿♪•╮ keep on when your mind says quit... dream on ‘til you find your living it ╰•♪✿ღ•╮" (reblip)

Eric Bibb Shine On

| play
Krazy_Kris Groovy tune - enjoy! @TropicsZ4 @MrsASoprano

The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone

| play
Krazy_Kris @NJsteve LOL - today's the 1st day I've done any #80s stuff - it's been fun - thanks!
Krazy_Kris Lovely! @SarahABQ: "nothing you confess, can make me love you less:-) ~The Pretenders – I'll Stand By You" #awesome'80s (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOL! @SarahABQ: hey, that's what my 23 yr old son & his fiance are doing! tie dyed:-) Have fun!! rb@Louden: Time to dye eggs Back later. #awesome'80s (reblip)
Krazy_Kris haven't heard this one in a long time - thanks! (reblip)

roxy music-- slave to love

| play
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv LOL Glad I found this! When searching I came across some dude in his dorm playing guitar - YIKES! That's just WRONG!" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris ooooh ooh ooh oooooh @Dr_Wes: "Here's another kewl one:) @KrisOConnor Walter Egan-Magnet and Steel" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris You guys are on FIRE today! Great tunes! Love this one, Mary is a powerhouse... amazing!

Mary J. Blige, U2One

| play
Krazy_Kris love this! @TropicsZ4: "Yes, this is the 3rd most popular blipped song :D:) RB @patita: "does it include south americans?? :D"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris I was trying to think of these guys for #awesome'80s !@DJDustmon: "mashupwithvariedmeters468thsprogressprecussionssoftinaharderacuzivemissedu" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @CastlesideCat 499? that just seems wrong - am I lucky 500? (reblip)

Louie Louie by Richard Berry & The Pharohs

| play
ANOUK4US @KrisOConnor: "Heading to the park now with my nephews for egg hunting ;-) Have a great one! @Lady_Lindsay: "Saturday in the Park"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Released in britain in #1967 that counts right??? LOL
Krazy_Kris @russasis You are so sweet! I'm all propped out too... It's easy to have happen LOL #1967
Krazy_Kris @Air_rapupo Lovely music tonight - this is worth the listen... sigh... Thanks for sharing your tunes ;-)
blues_b_us Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman (reblip)
Krazy_Kris I was blipping to myself, before there was @Dr_Wes @JoebellaCoffee @Greenfields47 @Intriguingds @shiner @SarahABQ TY for Showing Me the Blip Way
SarahABQ wanted to hear this, now:-) ~Chris Rea & Vargas Blues Band – Do you believe in love (rare)
Krazy_Kris Before I slip into, unconsciousness.... @BunnyHoney: "Another kiss... another flashing chance at bliss.. until tomorrow..~all my love~" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Love the way we connect here w music - great song ;-) @Lady_Lindsay: "Wicked Game // RB @lukesharp @aprildax" (reblip)
SarahABQ Prince~Let's Go Crazy :-)

PrinceLet's Go Crazy

| play
blues_b_us tks!@MCDEIBEM: ":))@donnadontplay: "HEY EVERYONE this awesome DJ === @blues_b_us === is very close to his 1K badge! ADD HIM!"" (reblip)
blues_b_us tks!@donnadontplay: "HEY EVERYONE this awesome DJ === @blues_b_us === needs JUST (( 10 )) LISTENERS for 1K badge! SHOW SOME DJ LOVE TODAY!""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris uh, huh.... @readmylipstick: "@Lady_Lindsay: "Joe Cocker – Feeling Alright"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOL thx! @russasis @sir_edward_ross:"Good thing it wasn't a turkey ;) Yo mama cooked a chicken, thought it was a duck."BTW Congrats on the new badge!" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Thanks I missed this yesterday :) RB @LindyLuv: "@TropicsZ4 ~ Here's another one I added..." (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv LMAO - the bigspender250 wore me out! Don't think I could ever marathon... LOL
rockchalk75 @catiaFM: "A favorite of mine Ben Taylor – Nothing Compares to You (Prince cover)" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris outstanding, I'm not as savvy in this yr.... hmmmm will have to wiki ;-)@TropicsZ4: "Number1 song #1973 @KrisOConnor , Free Bird :)" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Great song, great album #1973 what a great year! #nowplaying
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv I'm innocent! It's all @TropicsZ4 fault for getting me hooked on #1973 LOL How can you not resist this year? woooot!

I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)

| play
Krazy_Kris What's your favorite album from #1973 ? It is VERY hard to choose..... Love this song, I always think of my fav college roomie ~

Pink FloydTime

| play
Krazy_Kris **blushes** @acanuckfan: "※※Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love※※" (reblip)
DJIkki @DeAJay: "@BunnyHoney: thanks.DeAJay" you sure know how to pick em :) (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @CMDoria: Perfect!! Happy Easter :o) RB!!@alexparr: "My all time favourite song for Sundays and what could be better for Easter Sunday?"" (reblip)
bluedreamz Well hello there! @DJ_DanceMix. Gotcha! lol // Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (Ben Liebrand Remix)
Krazy_Kris RB!!! @2liveis2fly: "I understand he was leading an Easter Mass. Now he's on to Nawlins. On PUBLIC transportation! Socialist!" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Ah! Then I bet you'd like the #1973 thread ;-) @LEVS: "Was 14 then TY for playing rb: vi@KrisOConnor: "Great song, great album, great year!"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOVE This! Love the Whole Album - Thanks ;-) RB @snoop_dizzle (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Sigh - might as well do the album... so lovely :-D

Roxy Music To Turn You On

| play
Krazy_Kris Title track to the 1982 album... although, i think this was one of the first cd's I bought...
Krazy_Kris So nice, it's been years since I've listened to this
Krazy_Kris wow! @broadwayg: "At last. 27 away from 5000 listeners. TY all and Happy Easter my wonderful ones......." (reblip)

Etta JamesAt Last

| play
Krazy_Kris ahh @scotlandlover: poetry rb @Jeffie: "Phoebe Snow - "Poetry Man" .Talk to me some more; you don't have to go. You're the Poetry Man -" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @STEVENDOES: "@Contactdavel: "#1968 The Moodies never made typical, avg. music. It will forever stand out."" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv That's not very helpful LOL....

Wings Let Em In 1976 HQ Lyrics Original

| play
Krazy_Kris I can't, I won't, You can't make me! @LindyLuv: "@KrisOConnor ~ someone's knocking at your door; you'd better answer it. Oh~ it's Johnny Depp, hurry!" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris annie is our angel after all ;-) @fxp123: "rb @giesebrecht: "Annie Lennox A Whiter Shade of Pale"" (reblip)

Annie Lennox A Whiter Shade of Pale

| play
Krazy_Kris Even tho your face is covered w pretty fabric, I'll stand by u ;-) @scotlandlover: "RB @giesebrecht: "The Pretenders – I'll Stand By You"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @GGDANCE Outstanding! A fav from #1980 **winks** You know how I am w/ my tags!
Krazy_Kris Title Track to this #1980 gem (despite the wrong artwork on the vid LOL)
Chise Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love So Bad
Krazy_Kris happy happy happy song! #1980

The Spinners-Working my way back to you

| play
snoop_dizzle @KrisOConno Lol I loved the Staples (I think it was them) commercial that has this song some years ago.
Krazy_Kris Don't spill the wine! Shameless plug for our Earth Day Food & Wine Festival on April 17 ;-)
Krazy_Kris @Dr_Wes Seriously, she can SING! I saw you blipped her, so that's why I blipped her back to ya - not thinking of the song lyrics LOL
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv Operator? Give me Johnny Depp... LOL


| play
Lady_Lindsay No Sugar Tonight

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature

| play
Krazy_Kris Lovely - Love this song - just to prove I'm not stuck in 8tracks ;-) @Awannabeangel: "rb @dirtylittlesecret" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Deep exhale............ "Across the street he stood, and he played real good, on his clarinet for free"
Krazy_Kris A little something from Court & Spark? Exhale.....
Krazy_Kris thanks @Air_rapupo for reminding me of some of this stuff... a bit diff style, but who can resist two sleepy people? hehehe
Krazy_Kris yep - sigh... @new_clear_MUSIC @KrisOConnor: Title of the #1982 album... although, it was one of the first cd's I bought..." [god, was it 1982??]" (reblip)
essjam Savoy Brown Blues Band – Cold Blooded Woman - #blues
Krazy_Kris sooooooo CUTE #classic80's #1987 "So slide over here, and give me your number"
scotlandlover :-) as long as you had a good time!!! rb @tuihat: "@scotlandlover - yes, great trip. somehow still recovering and have had about 5 gm of ..... (reblip)

James TaylorMexico

| play
Krazy_Kris Getting a visual of Eddie Murphy LOL #girlnamesongs

The PoliceRoxanne

| play
Krazy_Kris Nice one! @dsb1218: "I love old beatles footage #girlnamesongs" (reblip)

The Beatles Lady Madonna 1968

| play
renothespinner No Doubt - No Doubt It's My Life
Krazy_Kris @Lady_Lindsay Never too late for #classic80's - it's been fun revisiting all the very different music!
Krazy_Kris And a great #girlnamesongs too! @TropicsZ4: "#1970 , Number 1 , Derek & The Dominos – Layla" (reblip)
pamplays Flower to the people ~ hunger
CallMeRicco Nice Cover, TY! @CocoPancakes: "ohhhh my heart love this song killing me softly@creativeness: "aww..hang on girl. gets better. thx. @CocoPancakes"" (reblip)

Hall & Oates-Sara Smile

| play
Krazy_Kris Fittin' in to #girlnamesongs - so fun! @donnadontplay: "Good morning Will! @TropicsZ4: "The Kinks – Lola #1970"" (reblip)

The KinksLola

| play
Krazy_Kris nice! but, uh, explain? @TropicsZ4: "Thanks this is my 4pm stock market song :) RB @KrisOConnor: "#girlnamesongs now trending - care to join us?"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris #girlnamesongs trending now - care to join us? Can't go wrong with Rubber Soul ;-)

Track 7- Michelle- the beatles, rubber soul

| play
Krazy_Kris I'm thinking #8track too! @TropicsZ4: "Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime #1970 @donnadontplay , it's been Sunny and 80 all week :)" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris you're on fire! @Flying_Roundhouse: "Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones" (1993) ~ Hey @chickenkatsu!" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris We have another Mancini option for #TV themes - are we running out of good ones????? @misterDW @2liveis2fly

The Pink Panther TV show theme song

| play
lilwldchld Love them :-D @TropicsZ4: "I blip this a lot cause like Heart too @lilwldchld" (reblip)

HeartNever (1985)

| play
Krazy_Kris Love this song! RB @avard (reblip)

Rod Stewart-Young turks

| play
scotlandlover missed this first time...rb @yahowa57: "@westham999: "TURN IT UP! (reblip)

Dj Rui Da Silva- Touch Me (DJ TIESTO REMIX)

| play
Krazy_Kris To @Air_rapupo - I have so much to learn... thank you! So lovely ~
Krazy_Kris A little lovely to wish you all a good night...
Krazy_Kris easing into the weekend! nice! @MaskMuse: "AL Green- I'm So Tired of Being Alone" (reblip)

AL Green- I'm So Tired of Being Alone

| play
Krazy_Kris **grinds**@djwttw: "Oh, hello, Mr. Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason ... why in crowds just a trace of my face could seem so pleasin'?" (reblip)

Neil YoungMr.Soul

| play
Krazy_Kris Brace yourself. I'm going off line, for a pseudo date. Wish me luck? **winks**
new_clear_MUSIC rb@aggierick: "#oldfavorite" RADIO FREE EUROPE [thanks for listening.. i wasn't sure this thing was on..] (reblip)

REMRadio Free Europe

| play
Krazy_Kris #classic80's ? @Air_rapupo: "Thanks! rb @ladypn: "Aw. holds such a special place in my heart this song... thanks & rb@fun4lilli!: "Just4 @ladypn" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @MrsASoprano: TY SM _ :) @Shilo: ":)@ShutterBugGeek: TY! You're the best! Have gr8 w/e! @MrsASoprano: "nspired by @ShutterBugGeek -LOL Welcome back~" (reblip)

Paul SimonKodachrome

| play
Krazy_Kris ahhhh.... good morning! (at least in cali it is)@bellbtmblues: "Bob Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Top 10 Reasons I Love Blip: No6 Cuz I learn more & so enjoy jazz inspired by @Air_rapupo (reblip)

Don't Smoke in Bed-eddie higgins trio

| play
Krazy_Kris always makes me smile ;-)@TropicsZ4: "Happy Saturday, just got back from walking :-)" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Haven't thought about this one in a while... #1977
fxp123 Taj Mahal - Done Changed My Way Of Living
Krazy_Kris totally! @hpseaton: "Beautiful! @Positivism: "@KrisOConnor: "Haven't thought about this one in a while... #1977""" (reblip)
Chise Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Parts I-III]
scotlandlover thankyou birthday boy (u share it also with foggieloaner) rb @flinndc: "Ohhhh,!! Happy Blipday Anniversary @scotlandlover" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris donttouchmepleaseicannotstandthewayutease@dawnie22: "Lunch can wait, this Must be danced 2 lol @Nessa1972: "@golougo: "Soft Cell – Tainted Love""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Excellent! @kirkill: Tonight's the Night #1976 @me @TropicsZ4 @BBWolfey @22Crystal22 @SarahABQ @dawnie22 Didn't know if you blip'd this yet." (reblip)

Rod Stewart ~ Tonight's The Night

| play
Krazy_Kris Great! @RRicco: "I'm not scared of dying, and I don't really care. If it's peace you find in dying, well then let the time be near." (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @RRicco I used a spreadsheet for my level3 big spender LOL & @sir_edward_ross i've given up on hot streak! i'm not famous yet.....
girlsflyingsolo Hey Lady... love this song. rb@LadyFox: "Smooches, Good Night djs!" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Congrats on your new badge! @renothespinner: "Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Missed you all today - so sad that work gets in the way of blip.... #sexygroove
Krazy_Kris Good Luck! @MaskMuse: {I'm going 4 the 24 hr Marathon Badge...sor far 12 hrs. 9am - 9 pm. I hope I can make it & if I don't fade 2 black. lol" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Here's to us, eh?! @donnadontplay: "Mine too! @hankpoints: "one of my favorites. "long cool woman" yeah .@donnadontplay: "For you @TropicsZ4""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris LOL I thought ATL was some blip acronym... Gosh... I'm blushing! I was there a bit back and loved it!
Krazy_Kris I promise I'm not really that stupid and really do know that ATL is Atlanta GA ha!... perhaps a bit tired? @BKZorro @fxp123
Krazy_Kris My first and last blip of the night - soooooo tired - if you're in Cali, come to my little party on Saturday ;-)

I'm so tiredrare take

| play
Tropicsz4 Blue Oyster Cult – Burning For You
Krazy_Kris @djwttw C'mon down to the mermaid cafe, and I'll buy you a bottle of wine...
Krazy_Kris Ck out this West Coast Swing Dance Routine to this song @MrsASoprano @1627sw (reblip)

Waiting For YouSeal

| play
Krazy_Kris Excellent! @MrsASoprano: "Merci beaucoup! @Saltydog: "In the Air Tonight"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Hey Me Too! No, wait... I'm in Cali ;-) @TropicsZ4: "Hi,Good Song, I'm going too :) @BBWolfey @SHERRYBABY65 @wdlands42 @renothespinner (reblip)
LindyLuv Song was written when he was a teen RB@TropicsZ4: "Hey :) RB@lilwldchld: "I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase...."" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Seriously - sooooo pretty! @bellbtmblues: "I love the spelling words ;) @Louden @scotlandlover @donnadontplay @Wes_H @AlienThomas @lindy_luv (reblip)

Heart Dog and Butterfly

| play
CallMeRicco Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of a choir. You light my morning sky, with burning love
Krazy_Kris @LindyLuv Along the same lines? So good..... @donnadontdance @MagicalOne
Krazy_Kris Yes!@whatevertunes: "One of his best @TrishLewis: "Hello&TY&Love your poetry as well>@storylet: "classic :-)@Air_rapupo: inspired by...@LeeDuncan"""" (reblip)
softbluenrock The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues (reblip)
Krazy_Kris night night - gr8 music tonight - thanks!@softnblue: "Boz Scaggs - I'll Be Long Gone... heading out, wish I could stay longer... night all!" (reblip)

Boz Scaggs I'll Be Long Gone

| play
Krazy_Kris Completely random thought and blip.... Night all & thanks for the great music!

Rod StewartSailing

| play
Krazy_Kris Losing the boa is the least of our worries ;-) @doctortrustme: "@Dancer12 OK here goes a giggle: Lost your BOA? Still got your bag? @MrsASoprano" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Awww - Thanks! I'm mostly sweet... with a healthy dose of SASS! **winks**@DJNickPapag: "Thanks fro being so sweet!!@KrisOConnor" (reblip)

Bob Seger-We've Got Tonight (WITH LYRICS)

| play
Krazy_Kris Love the emergence of 80's country! @rockchalk75: "@spectagirl: "been thinking of this song... I can hear thunder around me..."" (reblip)

Garth Brooks -The Thunder Rolls

| play
Krazy_Kris cuh-cuh-cuh-cuh-cuz i'm a love man...Loving this #moodbooster !
Krazy_Kris ""Lie to me, I promise, I believe..." @Air_rapupo: "Thanks!! rb @ncmtnman: "Strong Enough""" (reblip)

" Strong Enough " [ High Quality ] Sheryl Crow

| play
Krazy_Kris Good Morning! @MrsASoprano "Hey what else can we do now? Except roll down the window, and let the wind blow back your hair" #BruceJuice
DDPlay ~ Joss - Put Your Hands On Me ~
Krazy_Kris I'm up! Thanks for the #moodbooster while I'm pretending to work... @russasis: "ty @KyrasWeekendRide @jeffhinz: "Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!!"" (reblip)

Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star

| play
Krazy_Kris Really like this RB@roberlan: "TLC - Waterfalls" (reblip)

TLC - Waterfalls

| play
softbluenrock Shelter Me - 3 Girls & Their Buddy (Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller)

Shelter Me

| play
Krazy_Kris Last one for tonight - thanks everyone! Nighty Night
Krazy_Kris Sooooo much fun tonight! Killer music all - thanks for the blip love - but for now... I'm fading, so I must sail......

Rod StewartSailing

| play
Sheribaby_SPH @Garrett_The_K WORTH EVERY SECOND TY!!!@Sheribaby_SPH: "Muddy is WELL worth wait believe me @BlueLori: long intro of musicians, then high quality (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @diamondgal Awwwwwwwwww.... nicest thing I heard all day! MWAH!
Krazy_Kris too tired to blip or reblip...will return manana for the proper thanks & love ;-)))
Jeffie Oliver - "Good Morning Starshine"

Good Morning Starshine by Oliver

| play
Krazy_Kris @Wesley_H AQUANET break ;-) Joni would never use the stuff ;-)
russasis ty @Djfunkysounds: "A fave Journey Tune @lilbratsie: "Journey – Stone in Love"" (reblip)

JourneyStone in Love

| play
Krazy_Kris Perfect song - perfect album RB@Djfunkysounds: "A great early DS tune." (reblip)
whatevertunes "Cool woman, cool eyes, Got me hypnotized So head down, get a rhythm Stop your stalling and your bitching..." #arf

Def LeppardLet It Go

| play
Krazy_Kris haven't heard this in YEARS - thanks for reminding me of this album ;-))) #threesomethursday inspired by @divadonna5
ambit TY and I like most everything U send this way :)) >>"@ShiaoMei: "foR ~> @ambit <<~ Hope you like.." (reblip)
Krazy_Kris As my computer was down this week, I thought of all of you as I played Aftermath from start to finish on the iPod ;-)
Krazy_Kris Rough Day - this is just what I needed - TY! @scotlandlover: "have to send to @bellbtmblues rb vi @harmony60: "Eric Clapton – Bell Bottom Blues"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Needed this one - TY! RB@Shaman777 (reblip)

allman brothers band melissa

| play

rolling stone angie

| play
Gidyean Thx darling but I think @spinsiren got's me handled :)) @MrsASoprano: "As many times as you can handle..@Gidyean: "Led Zeppelin – (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Love this - so beautiful - TY! @harmony60: "Eric Clapton & Babyface – Change the World" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris It's got a, uh, downer title - but RAISE YOUR HANDS! "Hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

Death came a knocking- Ruthie Foster

| play
Krazy_Kris really like this one! ty RB@lilbratsie: "The Comodores - Nightshift" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris work always gets in the way.... just a song before I go **weeps uncontrollably**
avard @Dancer12: "RB@TropicsZ4: "Yes always like this video :) rb @biapfreitas: "You gotta love her!""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Thanks to @Surferess @MSBloom for inspiring this #threesomethursday #3 - love this version ;-)
Krazy_Kris Thanks to @Dancer12 @in2it @hankpoints for inspiring this #threesomethursday #3 "I don't hardly know you, but I'd be willing to show you..."
Krazy_Kris **blushes** **giggles** @in2it: "YMW, yes, you may touch me...for awhile :)) @KrisOConnor: "Thanks to @Dancer12 @in2it @hankpoints (reblip)
Krazy_Kris I'll take a cowboy or calgon... take me away! Thanks to @lilbratsie for inspiring this #threesomethursday #3
Krazy_Kris Love this.... powerhouse! Happy Sunday All!
Krazy_Kris she hit the floor.... next thing you know...

Little Wing-Stevie Ray Vaughn (lyrics)

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Krazy_Kris awww - you are so sweet! he's almost 17 yrs old, I'll give him, uh, 8 years before he recognizes my full coolness ;-) @sir_edward_ross: (reblip)
MrsASoprano Thank you both!@ShiaoMei: "rb! Thank you (-: @TropicsZ4: "Gary Moore - Still got the blues :)) @MrsASoprano @ShiaoMei"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris good morning!@GGDANCE: "@jugigante: "#nowplaying "I'm so tired of being alone, I'm so tired of my own, would you help me?..." #listening (reblip)
Krazy_Kris I'm BLUSHING - hehehe - have a great day! TY! @sir_edward_ross: "RB @KrisOConnor ... "Muddy Waters - i just wanna make love to you"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris "And when the morning sun comes streaming in...." Easing into the day - good morning all!
Krazy_Kris At the Zoo - happy happy happy - a little theme inspired by @DJIkki @scarletkittie
VelvetCharmer @zoja01 Good one...memories of East L.A. :) (reblip)

WarLow Rider

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Krazy_Kris Haven't seen my "friend" in a bit, so I had to pay some stranger down the street to mow my lawn LOL? OMG? HMMM?
Krazy_Kris Only 4 more to go for the 5K badge - listen to ====>>>>@sir_edward_ross (reblip)

The KinksLola

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Krazy_Kris inandoutandinandoutandinandout@Angie74: "Awesome choice girl! It's been fun hanging with you girl! :) @me "One last #fmefriday (reblip)

The WhoSqueeze Box

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Krazy_Kris Rah Rah - With An Ever-So-Provocative Short Skirt ;-) Hugs and Congrats! @sir_edward_ross: "Thank You! All 5,000 of you ! ... (reblip)

Led ZeppelinThank You

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sir_edward_ross Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane – Sweet and Lovely @KrisOConnor ... a nice slow dance will wow the ladies iff he does it right ;)
sir_edward_ross The Rolling Stones – Cocksucker Blues
Krazy_Kris will do! @GGDANCE: "@iMickeyD: "Babylon Sisters... Shake it!"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris Wore this one out... great album from #1988 inspired by @TropicsZ4

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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BunnyHoney Well, have fun with your flowers @hotnote

Liz PhairFlower

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fayezeewayzee @claudiadobem: "gracias@orpine: "@SabineWe: "Louis Armstrong Feat. Sy Oliver's Orchestra – La Vie En Rose. Bonsoir @digitpt (rb)""" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris soooo good! TY@russasis: "ty @backtoback: "a goodie thanks for playing RB @DaveL: """ (reblip)
jordan1507 TY rb @opruimfee: "rb@Believer Coldplay – Brothers and Sisters" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris @Thaiangel: "this is a good one :) rb yap ☮ < here we need it rb@hawaiibuzz: "Heart – Dog and Butterfly .. and then there was ☮"" (reblip)
DDPlay Wos! typos today! @donnadontplay: "~ Pearl Jam - Just Breathe ~" (reblip)

Just BreathePearl Jam

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Krazy_Kris I was just going to blip this! @divadonna5: "TY@NewOrleansKat: "@pugdogsrule74@MayLily@Sporty72@lunanola@pugdogsrule~~ Miracles..they happen!"" (reblip)
Krazy_Kris In the road, in the field, in the castle ;-) RB@sir_edward_ross: "Road sex? @me: "Time for some sexy history lessons with The Tudors! Night all ;-) (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ Candlebox - "Far Behind"...thanks @KrisOConnor ! You're the one I've been looking for!
Krazy_Kris Thank YOU! @Angie74: "THIS is awesome! TYSM :) @KrisOConnor: "@Angie74 Some #mellowmood with some serious girl power too ;-)"" (reblip)

Mary J. Blige, U2One

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Krazy_Kris @Wes_H Well hello..... three is the magic number for our deep blippin' affection ;-)