KristaDarling I wonder what the story behind this beautiful song might be.
KristaDarling An Andrews Sisters-like take on the 70s staple!
KristaDarling This reminds me of Lucille Ball, my idol.
KristaDarling From Mona Lisa Smile. A movie favorite.
iMarkus Love this - Seen her live, she has an amazing voice live, better than her recorded stuff.
micotrim ♫ ♪ Johnny said "Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again / "I told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best that's ever been" ♪
KristaDarling Discovered recently. Like it a lot.
KristaDarling An accquired taste no doubt but, I've liked them for years.
KristaDarling Didn't like this at first. Mom did. Its grown on me.
KristaDarling Its sad how this is like my family to a tee..
KristaDarling Reminds me of lazy summer days!
Apfelwiese no reason for reblip. I just like the song (reblip)

Jamie TSheila

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CyndiCraven What are you in the mood for today? Why not swing it?! Yeah! (Glenn Miller - In The Mood)
KristaDarling I've liked this for years as well.


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KristaDarling listen to this. Its heart rending. a well loved wwII recording.
KristaDarling so mean but, in a happy manner anyway.
KristaDarling One of the best musicals of all time. Best song from it as well.
KristaDarling from Singin' in the Rain.


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KristaDarling Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey.


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KristaDarling Reminds me of jumping wildly on my sister's trampoline, Georgia, summer 2007.
KristaDarling I just decide this will be my wedding song.
KristaDarling I haven't heard this in years. My mom had this album.
KristaDarling One of the few I really enjoy in his repetoire.
KristaDarling If I'm not mistaken, Bing & Andrews Sisters. (reblip)
tintinabulation don't you know everyone wants to laugh
KristaDarling Donald O'Connor, from Singin' in the Rain. (reblip)
KristaDarling Reminds me of sunday night radio shows and hot cups of tea.
MinderOne A search for "Hotel Chevalier" on comes up with "0" results, sadly... Bon Nuit, Children of Cyberspace.
KristaDarling Another gem from this now defunct band. :(
KristaDarling Poppy 60s fodder. What's not to love?
DRCHOI 달콤 쌉사름 함...이런 표현 영어로 가능할까?
KristaDarling DANCEDANCEDANCE!!! This makes me want to play with glow sticks again.
KristaDarling One of my favorites by this group.

Billy Talent - Worker bees

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KristaDarling The song that turned me on to these guys.
KristaDarling this song speaks to me.

Billy Talent - Sympathy

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KristaDarling Noone beats Julie in the role of Eliza Dolittle.
KristaDarling My best friend, Heather, loves this!
KristaDarling This would make a superb song for walking down the aisle as a nice change.
KristaDarling Good cover but, original is supreme but, I can't find it. So, we'll have to settle.
KristaDarling Those high notes go right to my testicles!-Colin Mochrie- (NO. Not me!) (reblip)
KristaDarling If I tried that bench jumping routine, I'd break both legs, a hip, my arm, and at least 4 ribs. (reblip)
KristaDarling I don't know why but, this reminds me of starry nights. (reblip)
KristaDarling Oh Judyyy. For me, this song is like a farwell dirge to a world class, all around entertainer. (reblip)

Mills Brothers - Paper Doll

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KristaDarling This makes me laugh. HARD. So bad but sort of addicting..
KristaDarling A bit tasteful but hey, its Amanda.
KristaDarling Aw mann, this is so wrong. I still like it though.
KristaDarling Hey pops, what you mean "what a wonderful world?"

The Hollies Bus stop

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KristaDarling Every time I hear this, all I can think is Married With Children..
KristaDarling reminds me of Gone with the Wind.
KristaDarling I never liked her movies but, this is awfully cute.
KristaDarling Fireplaces and cuddling would be nice with this.
KristaDarling best version, best tv show EVER:D


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KristaDarling Soo 60s but, it could be used in a modern context, of course.
KristaDarling first song i liked of theirs.


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KristaDarling this song is so neat. i think its underrated.
KristaDarling I could see a group doing synchronized swimming to this.
KristaDarling Lovely. Its one of my favorites of Doris'. (reblip)
KristaDarling My aunt, Mary Ann, IS a bitch but, not to me. :) Just everyone else..
KristaDarling Be sure to watch the mesmerizing video for this song!
KristaDarling You can never go wrong with Francis.
KristaDarling Nobody likes to but, I really like to cry..
djiezes Listen closely, to what I say. And if you do this. It will help you some sunny day.
KristaDarling hair like jesus wore it. hallelujah i adore it! hallelujah, mar loved her son. why don't my mother love me?
KristaDarling I used to imagine I was Annie and I'd act this out with the movie. LOL.
KristaDarling Suoicodelaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus.. That's going a bit too far, don't you think?
suzan Este definitivamente es uno de mis unplugged favoritos>> Boa noite!!! @wwmello @Cabl @djblackwhite @paulocss (reblip)
KristaDarling Sounds like one hell ofd a disco song to begin with.


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KristaDarling while recording her album, Natasha Khan worked as a school teacher.
KristaDarling In actuality, I think Bette Davis' eyes were rather frightening. Not particularly attractive. Still a good song though. (reblip)
KristaDarling Hmmm, I'm going to have to look these people up. Unique song. (reblip)
KristaDarling There are no words for this production.
KristaDarling tits out, pants down, overnight to London.
KristaDarling Emily Haines voice is cute.
KristaDarling Monster hospital, can't you please release me? You hold my arms down. I've been baaad.
KristaDarling I want you, I want you so bad.
KristaDarling Woodstock. That's what comes to mind here.
KristaDarling I'm freezin', I'm starvin', I'm bleedin' to death..everything's fine!
KristaDarling I first heard this on an episode of All in the Family. Hahahaha. :P
KristaDarling Simona, you're getting older. Your journey's been etched on your skin.
KristaDarling If I kiss you where its sore, will you feel better?
KristaDarling My mother had been a rather crazy queen but, not at all like a sex machine..
KristaDarling I love the gregorian chant, catholic feel to this..

EnyaMay It Be

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KristaDarling only song from these guys that I like.
elizs what I learned in zumba class yesterday: I can't jitterbug worth sh*t.
KristaDarling LMAO. I watched them today. The ghost town episode..
KristaDarling One more, that's all. Promise.


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KristaDarling Take a trip..

Eagles - Hotel California

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KristaDarling reminiscent of Imagine, if you ask me..

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

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KristaDarling one of the select few that I like from le vadge..
KristaDarling of course, this one as well.


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KristaDarling Good afternoon, fellow blipsters! Enjoy this pretty song. (reblip)
KristaDarling are you really that pure, sir? thought i saw you in vegas. it was not pretty but, she was. (not your wife..)
KristaDarling if you want me, you better move fast.
KristaDarling Essential country classic. Written by Willie Nelson.
KristaDarling If you were QUEER, I'd still be here; year after year, because you're dear to me! from Avenue Q.
KristaDarling chapel is spelled incorrectly..and it irks me.
KristaDarling @sheryonstone :) Okay then but, I don't like it that way in that case. :P
KristaDarling Hold out for the ones you know will love you.
KristaDarling One of the two songs of his I like.


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KristaDarling you are my sweetest downfall..
KristaDarling better when done by judy but, this is the best i could get.
KristaDarling These stories don't mean anything when you've got noone to tell them to..
KristaDarling you're friends are never gone if you look to the sky and pray.

17 Beatles - Something

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KristaDarling she is an accquired taste but, this song has grown on me.
KristaDarling Don't believe that its better when you leave everything behind. Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die.
KristaDarling Only one individual has ever hurt me so badly..I'm happier without him.
KristaDarling HAHAHAHA. I forgot about this! Soo catchy!


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KristaDarling @nikkiii_sosa, no problem! I'm surprised you haven't heard of them! Check out the rest of their stuff :-)


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KristaDarling the only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man.
KristaDarling May this stay in your head for dayssssssss.
KristaDarling Apparently, Beyonce fancies herself a..diva.


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KristaDarling the people that you meat wanna open you up like Christmas..