thePulpit Four Tet, aka stare bene. Stare piuttosto bene.
Lady_Frostbite I have been broken, polluted, destroyed. Ripped apart and crushed by a thousand lies.

Android LustRefuse

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Aluciel No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it's dark.

Vapors - Turning Japanese

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Lady_Frostbite The bed isn't big enough for grief or regret.
PrinceJsJukebox Hey Bay Area, last minute show in Oakland this Sunday! Maldroid, The AKA's (Philly), and yours truly in the DJ booth. Stork Club - Oakland, CA
Lady_Frostbite don't you miss me, synthetic tight-rope night dreams? all day outbursts, coming from my electric therapy machine.


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rmmarshall Needing to up the pace and write faster; also thinking of Krakow gigs in September.
ddamours brings back memories of living in Toronto listening to CFNY (aka The Edge)
ddamours let take a trip back through time...
Geo8 Dead Kennedys, as dirty as a rock band should be.
row1e Just got back from a pub and had to blip this song. It was so much fun.
ogg 80s is OK on Fridays, right?

Bonnie Tyler - Betty Davis Eyes

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cosmicboogie and she could see a near by factory
dojodub brings me back to Folkstone in the summer of 1980
NyQuilDriver I've never even seen the movie 'Kids'
humidhaney discovered by jason and I before everyone and their grandmother.

Nick DrakePink Moon

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movieguyjon Bed Head is expensive, that was a shitty thing to do!


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vik407 Desparchau, waiting, waiting...

UltravoxQuiet Men

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labfly my sounds laid down by the underground - let me funk thee - love it :D

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dumpty Dance

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florencio eso por que no puedo ser vos?????
Torrefaction We're Incandescent Revelations In A World Of Darkened Forms.
waveshaper can't keep up transmissions..
eknapier strange and wonderful music from the future, 30 years ago

WIREI Am The Fly

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J_Gusto One more old school club track..everyone ready for the interpretive mime? Big black nemesis, parthenogenesis..


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calamari @whoismari Ha!! Thankfully more than a drawing. Although drawing probably made me hungry in the first place.

CursiveArt is Hard

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eMotionBlur This makes me want to do stuff. I hope it does you too
hjshorter Still reliving high school...


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emilythemom this is so 90s WOXY. and so me 5 years ago today, c-section style.
Geo8 I bet not many remember about them... Quite pop, anyway.
emilythemom ready for a dance party, brothers & sisters....
stormgrass And here's the definite Good Morning song. Listen!

SparksGood Morning

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Geo8 Shoot that Poison Arrow, if you dare!

ABCPoison Arrow

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DJScratchNSniff But we don't drink alone. No, never alone.

BeckWe Dance Alone

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TheShopKeeper heart shaped box. simple as that.

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

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djxkn The Melvins, good since early 1980's... (and they'll play in São Paulo thes week)
rodrigocunha Information Society era demais. Existe ainda? Me falaram que ainda gravam, mas o som não lembra nem do longe a fase GOLDEN
rodrigocunha Quando o RAP e o ROCK se encontraram e, juntos, se tornaram POP!
devobrain Kevin Barnes walks that fine line between genius and stupid, as only few people can do!
sosureimparanoid they only want you when you're seventeen, when you're twenty-one you're not fun (not a true story)


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andrerafanhin relembrando os desenhos que costumava ver

Cowboy BebopTank !

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NitroSlippers Its under Finland, hanging off Russia


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childermass I (heart) Camera Obscura... they're like Belle & Sebastian & Rilo Kiley rolled into one, but more underground so you feel cooler. (heart) = <3, broke
Lady_Frostbite Tall, tall, tall, I want to be tall, tall, tall. With concentration, my size increased. (I will run out of room, break my box, swallow the universe.)
lunarboy this is the time of our great undoing
xulex Groove is in the heart! Novo flyer multimídia nascendo neste findi! YEAH

Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

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toddtyrtle And instantly I am back in my car, it's after school and the year is 1986...
Lady_Frostbite (was looking for something else, and stumbled upon something delightful.) Love that. Coffee is -so- good, bring me more?
NyQuilDriver more descendants! Those sheets are dirty and so are you.
NitroSlippers This is what I would introduce The Apprentice if they ever made a film around him, and if it was directed by me of course.
hewletto 5 4 3 2 1

Throwing Muses - 01 Counting Backwards

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gridlockd "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" by Indeep, right from the 80s core.
suedonim now i think it's time i lived my life on my own, i guess it's just what i must do.
Lady_Frostbite Doesn't mean I'm sorry, (there's a ghost in me wants to say I'm sorry. And I'm -always- sorry, we're always sorry, life is sorry too.)


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calamari Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarrr!!!
hewletto Ladies and gentlemen, you are such a wonderful crowd, we'd like to play a little tune for you... and I'd like to dedicate it to @redfiasco

Beatles - Twist and Shout

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quakkaz God damn it, this song is awesome, "And it breaks my heart!"

IamxSpit It out

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purplesime Beautiful cover of the Sisters of Mercy original and it's live. The original video was shot in Docklands before it was really developed.
toddtyrtle Maybe if I play enough music like this it will actually *become* Friday night.
MightyXenu adjusts the knobs of the super computer and hopes that it's enough to regulate the brain patterns of @Lady_Frostbite before cardiac arrest sets in.
NyQuilDriver I want to tell you you're hot, but you'll think I'm sexist. You're so hot you're making me sexist..... bitch.
quakkaz Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The BolshoiAway

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NyQuilDriver remember that no one can breathe underwater.
gridlockd I'm with a killer mindgrain but look what I found buried in my stack of CDs: SHELTER's "Here We Go" (1995). Sweet! :D A budist punk-rock band.

ShelterHere we go

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calamari It's clear that I'm a sucker for pianos. Add a piano to a song and I'll probably like it.
gridlockd The danish indie-rock duo THE RAVEONETTES with "Hallucination". That's crazy!
Torrefaction It's so hard to be the man I would be if hatred and fear no longer appeared.

11 Skin Of A Drum

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gonequiet Love is a missile/a heat-seeking missile.
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