Lady_S average white band


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Shame_Evelyn Champagne King

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Lady_S ain't this the truth - people love dirt!!!
Lady_S This guy is crazy with his guitar. One of the best!

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group

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Maze-Back in Stride

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Lady_S Hey Pumpkin I know this feeling well haha @ T_DeBarros Harry Nilsson. Coconut. vi @AmberEyez (reblip)
Lady_S oh yeah, can you feel it, what a ride, you just feel good with this one

Vanity - Nasty_Girl

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Lady_S thx 4 this 1 @ crd - you can't help but want to shake it. (reblip)
Lady_S thx great song @pattisunshine - song is stuck in my head - might as well blip it (reblip)

india arie video

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Lou Bega - Mambo number five

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Lady_S This goes out to my baby Kor, he loves this song and jammin to it when he was young. You go boy!
Lady_S much better blip no static


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Los Lobos-Come On Lets Go

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Greenday - Time of Your Life

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Lady_S Morning T how's it goin????????????? Love ya @ T_DeBarros kno a few of this peeps ha-ha

ToolThe Pot

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Lady_S doin fine here gettin ready to head outdoors, the yard is callin :) @ T_DeBarros. tell Chan he's got a lot of work here ha-ha
Lady_S Good mornin people. Hope you like what your hearing.
Lady_S @ ivan_filios thanks 4 this 1 oh my such memories for me lol Men At Work - Down Under via @cahfeina Bom Dia!! (reblip)

Men At Work - Down Under

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Lady_S my ex was a guitar man - oh brother what memories I hold - lol
Lady_S Thank you both for this one. @ broadwayg @Cyad you are my hero. I have been searching for this song since I started blippin.You are awesome...... (reblip)
Lady_S Hi there good morning to ya. This song is awesome, thanks so much. @ RonnieBeBop (reblip)


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Lady_S Ouch!!!!! this 1 will hurt u in a good way :)

dangelo - really love

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Lady_S ah yeah nice one here thnx @ TheSun -Roy Ayers ranks pretty high on my favorite list... (reblip)
Lady_S I haven't heard this in a long long time, thanks so much @ Jeffie Ambrosia - "How Much I Feel" (late 1978) (reblip)


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Lady_S thanks for the blip love this song @ GAz50 David Essex – Rock On (reblip)
Lady_S this 1 is for the fellas @ RonnieBeBop, @ braodwayg enjoy it
Lady_S Bread - guitar man - a favorite of mine


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Lady_S everybody hustles one way or another
Lady_S thnx @ Edainsmom Gotta go, be back for lots of fun later! Eric Clapton--She's Gone (reblip)
Lady_S @ superbadcharly oh yeah,nice jam here. thnx so much (reblip)


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Lady_S @ T_DeBarros Thnx Pumpkin Love ya much, kiss my boy for me ☺ ☼ (reblip)
Lady_S thnx so much kick a-- sweet @ Ketno (reblip)
Lady_S @ DJPennyLane - thnx for this one (reblip)
Lady_S Hi @ Calma, @ Ladypn


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Lady_S Good night yall, gotta go - gotta go - right now, Peace
Lady_S This one is for my honey, who lovingly calls me Sugar _ Good morning everyone - enjoy the day.
Lady_S To my cuz Di- who just happened to marry the guy who lived below he, We dedicated this song at her wedding.Y'all don't know how well this song
Lady_S makes me think of Stripes ( Bill Murray) I love that movie, just kills me, and that's a fact Jack.
Lady_S haven't we all been down before
Lady_S now u kno someone who had one of these,if not yourself lol, guilty (back in a day)
Lady_S morning, @musiqmqsterrp1493,@Deesound,@Maridol34,Steste,2 Lissame,@CalMa,@bobscopper - thnx for thhe props-peace
Lady_S Thnx 4 the props @capeirce,@StewieRocks

Van Halen- Dance The Night Away

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Lady_S Good mornin- something slow today. Hi Pumpkin, sister J, niece J, how you all doin? get ready it's gonna be hot this wkend, finally - heat
Lady_S so smoooooth___________________yeah

Supernatural Thing (DK EDIT) - Ben E King

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Lady_S come on an get Ziggy with it


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Lady_S ok i'm being silly now, but this guy kills me, lmao


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Lady_S thank you Tubilino


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Lady_S nice take @ AshleyAss-Showin' how funky strong is your fight. Ow! (reblip)
Lady_S Godd morning & thank you @luiz_com_z @samsoncomics, Live at the BBC, 1963. :) (reblip)
Lady_S Hello -thanx so much @ nuffced -Hello @120hippos1girl Strollin' in the park 4 lunch... It's sunny. Profitons-en ;) (reblip)

New Birth - I Can Understand It

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Lady_S good mornin @ b-s-lynn r minds are thinking alike lol :) (reblip)
Lady_S thanks so much @ BelleSuena -Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Please Read The Letter (reblip)
Lady_S this song makes every woman feel beautiful and sexy :) so smooooooth
Lady_S thanx appreciated @ nuffced(@Lady_S Hey & thx 4 da funky Butter). I've upped dis version 4 U blippaz to uplift your saturday... (reblip)

Gene HarrisAs

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Lady_S love this song-talk to me some more-your the poet
Lady_S Good mornin,T,sis J,niece J- how's it going ladies? Hi everyone, another fine day for blippn.
Lady_S remeber this 1-PRAY y'all

MC HammerPray

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Lady_S thanx @ DeeSound-this will get me movin 4 sure :) (reblip)
Lady_S thanx @ Michele-Safe up high... (reblip)


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Lady_S taken a breakk - got some work outdoors - peace
Lady_S hello and good mornin~@RonnieBebop thanx 4 the tunes,@bigbdisco thanx for listening@sandraew my thanx
Lady_S 4 my hurting man,u kno who u r
Lady_S hello everyone~hope you all had a great weekend


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Lady_S lmao lmao~check out u tube & the guys in the service lmao~check out youtube & our boys in the service~so funny ` `
Lady_S hello blippers~hope y'all r havin a great night~thankx y'all 4 the props & listening


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Lady_S @LeonDj~Oh Yeah a little Clapton with a splash of King~just perfect!!!!!!!!!ThanxEric Clapton & BB King – Riding With The King (reblip)
Lady_S good mornin~off the radar 4 awhile~i'm back~how y'all doin?~ just more than 1 of those days,ya kno??????????/ `
Lady_S let's get this day started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady_S sometimes you can't help yourself!
Lady_S mornin blippers~it's Friday so play at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lady_S morning T,J & sis J~enjoy the day ladies. much love S
Lady_S every lady needs a handyman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady_S and so they do~talkin all the time
Lady_S some of us r best to just remeber r daisy dukes~lol~summer is headun in


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Lady_S mornin Blippers~thanks to all those listening and for the props
Lady_S goodnight blippers~i'm tired,spent the day in my gardens
Lady_S good morning blippers~how u all doin this fine day? everr feel like drifting away?


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Lady_S taken a break,got to do some cookin here( in the kitchen that is~lol) not my first choice,ya kno :) Peace y'all
Lady_S @dabnotu: my thanks to you,one of my all time fav singers (reblip)
Lady_S @sandraew: "Weekend greetings right back at you,thanks for this great pick me up song (reblip)
Lady_S @RichBlood` totally agree,thank God 4 Marvin in my life lol. I have so many memories with his songs. Thanks 4 thinking of me. (reblip)
Lady_S @T_DeBarros:Thanks T love the choice here :) ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥ ☺" (reblip)
Lady_S @StonyTunes: " ~thanks 4 this 1~all this great music~oh my~ keep me groovin people (reblip)
Lady_S @vaniakg: I'm enjoying this day,all the great music I'm reblippin~thank you sooooooooooooo much (reblip)
Lady_S @RnBE: "Drake – Unstoppable ~ my thanks to u~the heads a bobbin,ya kno (reblip)
Lady_S @broadwayg: Hey G, thanks 4 this 1,couldn't remember if I tagged this 1,so i'm doin it now~great selections on your part~great reblips 4 me (reblip)
Lady_S @miguesme: "Bryan Ferry – Kiss and Tell, Never would I kiss & tell lol~thanx so much 4 this 1 (reblip)
Lady_S @GR8FL: "don't leave~thanks 4 this 1~great song here (reblip)
Lady_S Hey people,how u all doin? been off the grid awhile. So much to do,so little time. Nice to be back.
Lady_S ever get that feelin that ur on shakey ground, pay attention to it
Lady_S Good mornin everyone, hope that ur summer has been great!
Lady_S I love me some Maxwell. Smooth brotha.
Lady_S listen well-u make me wanna love u,again and again, love the old school
Lady_S @PazzoRagazzo: "Hello! and good morning-thanks I love this song. (reblip)
Lady_S I played the crap out of this album-lol


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Lady_S this video was awesome-loved it-u all gotta watch

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

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Lady_S this song just pop in my head and I can't shake it, so here goes
Lady_S ain't got nothing on me, nothing on me
Lady_S thanks 4 this 1@SteveMiami: "Karl Denson – Bag of Funk #FunkyFriday" (reblip)
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