Lafnalot This gets into your head and you find yourself singing it all day long.
Lafnalot Powerful heart thumping , feet moving drumming
Lafnalot This would overwhelm the defenses of any woman

Northern Cree- LoveSick Blues

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Lafnalot Nice mix of tradition and modern sound

Brule & Airo 1/18- Hoop Dancers

| play
Lafnalot This always puts me in a meditative state.

Brule & Airo 11/18-Buffalo Moon

| play
Lafnalot Rita, her sister Priscilla and Priscilla daughter Laura blend into one voice.
Lafnalot Le sigh - his rich voice makes this song so beautiful
Lafnalot I always want to be swung around the floor to this one
Lafnalot Redbone=Cajun term for "mix breed" (half breed) I feel a kinship


| play
Lafnalot I love to paint to Herbie and Headhunters
Lafnalot "For I've been a Temptress too long."

PortisheadGlory Box

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Lafnalot Miles Davis - Blue in Green-perfect
zanesafrit You don't wear continental clothes or stetson hats...
J_Bay John Coltrane - My One And Only Love
Lafnalot She has a magical voice~Jane Monheit-Somewhere over The Rainbow
Lafnalot Shhhhhhh Shhhhhhhh ~ Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
Lafnalot Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice
hajoni last blip is the remake of this one. He had his success when M'Shell was just born... Bill Withers – Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?
bill_starr I'd probably like to have this one done at my funeral.

Blue HighwaySome Day

| play
Lafnalot For Scott, now and forever, I miss you ~ Ani Difranco-"Untouchable Face"

Untouchable Face- Ani Difranco

| play
juankarh @GaiaMix: "Porque hoje é sábado...! Great blip and Great avatar! rb@roberlan: "Ray Charles & Count Basie – Every Saturday Night"" (reblip)
thedigitalbee54 Marvin Gaye - Ain't That Peculiar " Flowers grow thur rain,but how do 'Love grow thur Pain ? "
Lafnalot "La Môme Piaf" (The little Sparrow) Edith Piaf~"La Vie en Rose"
Lafnalot When I first got sick my daughter sent this to me crying saying this is how she felt but couldn't say it.-Kimya Dawson ~ "My Mom"
Lafnalot Reminds me why I got clean: I heard a Policeman say Just another overdose...Everclear~"Heroin Girl"
Lafnalot Oh head was partially shaved and bleached white with red ends when this came out--total flashback! - Fems~"Go to a Party"
Lafnalot Sade es tu diabolique ou divin?~ Enigma-"Principles of Lust"
Lafnalot The Pogues – The Sunnyside of the Street
Lafnalot Violent Femmes – Blister In the Sun
ducks2007 Commander Cody – Hot Rod Lincoln
Lafnalot Do you know what its like to be hunted? Cowboy Junkies-"Hunted"
Lafnalot This can still get my motor running - Eartha Kitt – "Where Is My Man?"
Lafnalot I ain't gonna take it no mo'~Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skippe
Lafnalot My memere would hum this : Jean Sablon – "J'attendrai"
Lafnalot If Mary doesn't make you feel all Zen, nothing will.
snoop_dizzle Ooooh a new badge. Big thanks @ everybody!
DDPlay I agree, yes it is! @ScriptTease: "No clue why, just love this song. Good toe tapping music." (reblip)

Black BettyRam Jam

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Lafnalot A great cover of The Divinyls "I touch myself"


| play

Tie me up (Agent Provocateur).

| play
Lafnalot Just come home Baby, I miss you and your guitar

Michael BubleHome

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Lafnalot I knew his son Baird when I was a kid in Bucks County Pa.
Lafnalot Amy Winehouse was supposed to show up tp do this tune with the band and didn't---so they did it without her. Very nice.
Lafnalot RB @sir_edward_ross: "RB @BlueEyestotheSoul: ..."♪Someday My Prince Will Come - Miles Davis""""" (reblip)

Dave Matthews Band "Thank You"

| play

Rem Shiny Happy People Music Video

| play
Lafnalot @THEORDEROFEARTH: "o*o thxs @indyh: "now listen carefully...╰•ღ✿♪•╮ Mr. Cohen"" (reblip)

Leonard Cohen-Always

| play
Lafnalot @Unaturalsoul: "@RunswithCizers: "Inspired by @Clover4a Thank you much for the return listen. I hope you enjoy I Sit On Acid by Lords Of Acid."" (reblip)
nawlinswoman Many women loved him (often 2 great despair!)..something 'bout him! :o) thx Rb @Eri_Z: "I love Chet Baker's flawed sound @nawlinswoman" (reblip)
flinndc Never Met A Girl Like You Before @CMDoria :-)

Iggy Pop - Never Met A Girl Like You Before

| play

Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Suzie

| play

Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire

| play

Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy.MP3

| play
Lafnalot Sky plays this for me when I paint
Lafnalot RB @EllenaG: "~Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones~" (reblip)
Lafnalot Had an ex boyfriend who used to call me this...I have no idea what he was inferring...

sugar ray fly

| play

Hootie and The Blowfish -Only wanna be with you

| play
Lafnalot I was a moonie 14 year old when this song came out
Lafnalot Wonder how many version and covers of this we could find
Lafnalot Base? Lets try "bass"@lafnalot: "This guys base makes clothes drop off people" (reblip)

Marcus Miller "Boogie on Reggae Woman"

| play

That Smell...Lynyrd Skynyrd

| play

Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

| play

Nick Gilder Hot Child In The City

| play
Lafnalot I can never get enough of this song--it still makes me weak in the knees
Lafnalot I cut school to see these guys & got lost for 2 days (its blurry).@TropicsZ4: "The Romantics – What I Like About You , Rock and Dance #rockanddance" (reblip)
Lafnalot Since we're already in that direction

Untouched "Smack Me" Music Video

| play
Lafnalot @TropicZ4---sometime4s you just don't want to remember
Lafnalot This guy had a wicked temper on the bandstand but look what he produced

Straight, No Chaser-Buddy Rich

| play
Lafnalot For you baby girl @Ongaku_ga_daisuki_yo

.:*Little Bitty Pretty One*:. ~Fruits Basket~

| play

The Beer-Kimya Dawson+Lyrics

| play
Lafnalot Thats a guy thing ;) @sir_edward_ross: "A lot of that going 'round @afnalot... Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck" (reblip)

Soil & Eclipse Phosphorous

| play
Lafnalot Good night...Im being sent to bed :|

Buffy Sainte-Marie Native North American Child

| play
Lafnalot This is such a winsome & bittersweet interpretation

★ Natalie Cole ★ Miss You Like Crazy ★ [1989] ★ "Good To Be Back" ★

| play
Lafnalot Can't say being too shy was ever an issue for me
Lafnalot 'with or without you'~~ Human League-"Don't you want me, Baby?"

Willie Nelson Stardust Don't Get Around Much Anymore

| play
nawlinswoman Can't resist one more cup! thx Rb @straywebsurfer: "♫ ...ANOTHER BLACK COFFEE...@nawlinswoman @xatstilo" (reblip)
Lafnalot (It helps if I learn to spell! Let me try typing my thanks again) Thank you @BrooksBrosSuit and @Saffii...
Tropicsz4 I was a freshman in College 1971 and had a cinnamon girl @lukesharp: "I love my Cinnamon Girl ......" (reblip)

SUNDANCER by Eagle & Hawk

| play

The Sexual Hot Bitches: Lets Fuck

| play
Lafnalot Paul Thorn on the Bob and Tom Show

It's a Great Day to Whoop Somebody's Ass...

| play

Come Rain or Shine- Al Jarreau

| play

The Ramones- What a Wonderful World

| play
Lafnalot Happy Birthday Scott. Meet me at the gates when I get there
Lafnalot "I kinda like that extra three feet in my bed"@77ozzie: "song..It's not so bad having an empty bad after someone leaves..."" (reblip)
Lafnalot Night night @Puls_A_tion: "goodnight blippers @hankpoints @Totengrber@doctortrustme@lafnalot@ Leonard Cohen – Do I Have To Dance All Night?" (reblip)
Lafnalot The problem with obsessions, cant put down the duckie @doctortrustme: ";)" (reblip)
Lafnalot Trying to psyche myself into a good mood for one of my many doctors appts this morning...maybe more coffee?
Lafnalot ...for life and a few other nouns

I'm not an addict

| play

House MD: A Junkie's lament

| play
Lafnalot Thanks its a gift and a curse, double entendre intended @hankpoints: "you have taste" (reblip)
Lafnalot They call her amphetamine (or Christal Meth)


| play
Lafnalot Unforgetable--:) @hankpoints "at least u remebered me"

Joe Walsh "One day at a time"

| play
Lafnalot I wanna be Betty when I grow up

Betty Page Lords of Acid Bibo Version Olli Schulz

| play
Lafnalot RB @WDavidStephenson: "enough fun 4 me: back to forced labor..." (reblip)

Chain GangSam Cooke

| play
Lafnalot I bet you say that to all the girls...good evening :) @hankpoints: "@lafnalot: "Everytime I think of you, I always catch my breath"" (reblip)
Lafnalot I loves me some Dave @Angie74: "Dave Mathews Band ft Incubus -- Crash Into Me #threesomethursday #2" (reblip)
Lafnalot He's torqued in an awesome way@hankpoints: "I love MM for some sick reason@lafnalot: "RB @EllenaG: "~Marilyn Manson – I Put A Spell On You~""" (reblip)
Lafnalot Not going to add to the biting remark @hankpoints: "mom just bit her tongue @lafnalot: "The kind you dont bring home to Mother"" (reblip)
Lafnalot Silver tongued devil @hankpoints: "antime@lafnalot: "Hello, hey Joe you wanna give it a go?"" (reblip)
Lafnalot @EllenaG: "~Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)~" (reblip)
Lafnalot Twist it round again and again


| play
Lafnalot I suppose it keeps me out of trouble @hankpoints: "is that good or, bad?" (reblip)
Lafnalot My favorite Sigur Ros *sigh*

Sigur RosHoppipolla

| play

Punkrocker Feat Iggy Pop

| play

The Rockafeller Skank

| play
Lafnalot Night all--being summoned...thanks for another great night of great music

Lords of Acid- stripper

| play
Lafnalot Missing my daughter in Chi-town
Lafnalot 'Just like Marie Antoinette'

QueenKiller Queen

| play

Johnny Horton -- Cherokee Boogie

| play
SGMan Human Nature ~ Uptight (everything's alright)
Lafnalot Modern native

Chief Rock Rez Reppin(native reservation,indian reserves)

| play

Brule 'N Airo "Firedancer"

| play
Lafnalot most in poverty still

FREEDOM. Rage Against The Machine

| play
sir_edward_ross RB @manolopolisena: "Bob Marley Redemption Song Live – Legendado Memories from Max Romeo concert yesterday night" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Bay City Rollers – Hot Child In The City

Tru Rez Crew -- I'm A Lucky One

| play
Lafnalot My fav rockabilly @Totengrber: "rb@BBWolfey: "@MarianitaG: "rb@BBWolfey: "Reverend Horton Heat - Bad Reputation" Great tunes, glad i added you =)""" (reblip)
Lafnalot "my thighs have been involved in many accidents"
Lafnalot rb @accdias: "Extreme – More Than Words... good night." (reblip)
Lafnalot This got me through the death of my best friend

Los Lonely BoysHeaven

| play
Lafnalot thanks for rb--they always make me smile @crazyd: "ty@Iafnalot cute video" (reblip)
Lafnalot Charles Mingus, written as a tribute to Thelonious Monk

Jump Monk

| play
Lafnalot I knew Parkers son Baird back in Philly in the 70's
Lafnalot a new sketch book and Wes...what a nice night
Lafnalot So sexy~great pick! @Air_rapupo: "...You Go to My Head∿∿" (reblip)
Lafnalot I may end up simply reblipping all your choices :) @Air_rapupo: "∿Remember the Sound...∿" (reblip)

Remember the Sound (Homage to Michael Brecker)

| play

Jazz Is Dead -Billy Cobham, Jeff Pevar, T Lavitz, K Gradney

| play
Lafnalot Whenever these two get together its kick ass
Lafnalot Awesome stuff! Thanks. @TidyCat: "@lafnalot you might like ~ indigo jam unit – Pirates" (reblip)
Lafnalot This tugs at my heart

Carleen Anderson, Nervous breakdown

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 8453 songs left :: Waste not fresh tears over old griefs. -- Euripides
Lafnalot & last but not least @avard @22Crystal22 @comicmama @ChristienGB @Dimitriuss Ok Im really going to sleep now lol
TheJohnC Sweet, Thanks @Apples305: "Very nice... @Salvosong: "Sunday jazz."" (reblip)
rocksujo Reverend Horton Heat- 400 Bucks...ow yeah!

Reverend Horton Heat- 400 Bucks

| play
rocksujo Reverend Horton Heat- One Time For Me...common baby...i know you do it to yourself...

Reverend Horton Heat- One Time For Me

| play
GimmeSomeJohn @apple_annie: "TRUST IN ME – Bobby Womack (original)" After Sam Cooke was killed, Womack married Barbara Cooke. (reblip)
avivajazz Charlie Haden + Egberto Gismonti – Don Quixote | #twitjazznet #jazz
avivajazz Carla Bley + Charlie Haden | New Liberation Music Orchestra | Throughout (Bill Frisell) | Marciac (2004) | #twitjazznet