thundercunt PEACE OUT. i'm out to watch a documentary on zillionaire kids called "Born Rich",blaze up,& work on my thesis.SAYONARA (@bunq in love? w/ me rite lol)
godninja @TheUnwelcomeGuest Man my connection is crawling along. think the signal in the knock is shit.
djbringit CooperHarris @mellowmello You can tell John Bush because he sings like he has balls. He changed Anthrax and made them more musical and less thrashy
djbringit More John Bush


| play
djbringit This is not an Exit? An Entrance Maybe?
djbringit Where It's At? What is he looking for? The BEEF?

BeckWhere It's At

| play


| play
djbringit Boo YAAAA! (reblip)

Limp Bizkit w, Godsmack and Disturbed Blood In My Eyes

| play
djbringit the arena is empty except for one man and his blips (reblip)

CakeThe Distance

| play
star45 Gogol Bordello - 60 Revolutions – . . . if you like the drama @Lambchop check this out!
th3ron If you got the money honey we've got your cheese!
iddybud This is your life – Dust Brothers with Brad Pitt - uh - not exactly a feel-good ditty ;)
boamorte looking for Mr integrity.... not here.... Rio 93....


| play
Doberman I haven't listened to enough Alt Country to know if I like it as a genre, but damn do I love Whiskeytown.

WhiskeytownInn Town

| play
omgalec If I'm correct, it was Tigerstyle that did this remix. Excellent tune!
green_i_girl I can't help but think of the "2 Coreys" from this movie.

Sisters of Mercy Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)

| play
star45 Dream Theater - As I Am – . . . just the way it is! - @Lambchop let's see if you like this - @MrsASoprano hi - @toxea I have no access!
Sandman5 Skip town. slow down, Push it to the east coast, Step down turn around, Push it to the west...

MetricDead Disco

| play
thundercunt ☎ ✆ ✇☎ ✆ ✇☎ ✆ ✇☎ ✆ ✇☎ ✆ ✇
tigerpop On an Elliott kick today. Something to do with recording.
Lambchop wow.. have discovered some seriously cool music tonight alone, thanks to you, my fellow blippers... (reblip)
daveblip Missy Elliot and Robert Smith have a love child . . . I heard . . . He can 'work it' despite his peally wally complection . .
mrvi Because, as I said,,,,my neurochemistry is special right now and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...well..nuffsaid

1200 micsMescaline

| play
AleBourg out of props 4ya @karencunha .. aliás tava la na sua pagina , pirando..

Booka ShadeDarko

| play
klitoria YEAH...THIS IS LOVELY....I REALLY LIKE IT VERY MUCH...@czg123... (reblip)
klitoria SUPERCOOL !!!! LOVE IT !!! thx @SteveO ♥ ♥ ♥ (reblip)
Lambchop @Fluter oh don't we girls just freakin ROCK, though... hahahaha... @sendchocolate heeheehee, bring it baby! love what yer blippin! (reblip)

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

| play
Fluter its been7 hours and 15 days.........@ Lambchops I love The Kinks
dostioffski @Lambchop Amy's trying to find Johnnys' stash.. :-P
dostioffski @Lambchop I like so many things.. ;-)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
Lambchop love Lillica, love LOTP, no reason not to love them both at the same time.. kinky, no?
Lambchop @TarantulaMan- hey there... got knocked off the msn gimme a sec


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gReg0r my shoes are burning, are yours? ;)
Lambchop One of my favourite movies.. ever.
preuss Mas então, eu tô com 49 ou 50 followers? Anyway, não esperava tudo isso :D Yeee \o\ /o/ \o/ Thanks!

Le TigreDeceptacon

| play


| play
dostioffski oohhh the funky shit.. bass! @Lambchop

Pelle BuysBalance

| play
dostioffski toninho da rota. (podia ter red light district...)

anthony rother - popkiller - 08_10 000 dancer

| play
dostioffski blips.. noises.. whee.. \o/

SAMUEL, JeffFire

| play
dostioffski classic.. love this.. :-)

John Tejadasweat

| play
Lambchop @lepanic - I like this Steve Bug dude...

Steve BugI Like It

| play
Lambchop @star45- dude, that coz you've been blipping for like 10 hours straight! lol
Lambchop felt like a bit of psychobilly... must be the MSG (the food additive, not texting...) (reblip)
Lambchop aw crap.. now I'm hungry : s

DJ FoodDark Blood

| play
Lambchop ok, it's a bit of a Le Tigre overkill. Still though... (reblip)

Le TigreDeceptacon

| play
Lambchop FUCK the unplugged version, all you Pussies! This was supposed to get you on your knees! Now play some fucking air guitar, dammit!

Eric ClaptonLayla

| play
Lambchop ROCK that 5-point kill bill type deathy yokey thing, Bee! hahahahaha ; )
Lambchop @Fluter funny fact: Sinead O'C and Prince actually had a fight (on his bed) because he was jealous of her success with the song.. oh the images... lol
Lambchop aaaarrrrrrgh.. FUCK insomnia! and don't lay a finger on my poodle! oh crap, I've lost it... lol
Lambchop ... taste just like Cherry Cola....yeah :-) @DeAnn sweet blips girrrl.... : ) @Fluter ok so it's not by a chick, but still though, no?! lol (reblip)

The KinksLola

| play
Lambchop @star45... ah, but I did though ; ) ah-oo. ah-oo. ahoo.. heheheh go Stevie you wild woman! give it loads, as we say in Dublin! (reblip)
Lambchop @sendchocolate- another Mom who knows how to get down! Muchos Wigglios! lol

B-52'sRock Lobster

| play
Lambchop @star45 you totally rock when you don't play 80's lololol@everybody else- I love my fave djs and listeners, WHAT an education!
Lambchop @ladypn- we don't stop playing when we grow old- we grow old when we stop playing xxx
Lambchop hehehehh.. bounce on THIS, bitches... (reblip)

Girl TalkSet It Off

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Lambchop @godninja- who ELSE would it be, muthafucka?! heehee...
Lambchop @bartholomewJstriker- I believe we were introduced by Brian, the Bridge. Smithfield, a long long time ago... when all this were fields, lad... lol
Lambchop @godninja- would I be thinking right in that I've met @bartholomewJstriker before? He DOES look familiar... lol
Lambchop @godninja- so, are you gonna be there when I come to Dublin next? Lambchop needs to dance up a party! lol
Lambchop human traffic: rave before mobile phones! a great, nay, a CLASSIC movie... am I wrong? I think not...
Lambchop still FRESH! after all this time... yeah yeah YEAH!!!
Lambchop put your head down and DANCE LIKE FUCK!!!
Lambchop the livin' dead insist it's the latest twist!
Lambchop makes me think of Cali sunsets... oh to be on the beach in Venice again... miss Malibu too! stay cool, Ricky, I'll return someday... lol
Lambchop don't wanna think about anything right now...
Lambchop Miss what we used to get up to, T.M... here's to organised days of good... lol
Lambchop We were looking for something to blow up...
Lambchop I been down so goddamned long it looks like up to me...
Lambchop @gRegOr- hi there! right back at you with the blips... we are impressed..!

The CrampsHuman Fly

| play
Lambchop @klitoria- great name, great taste is music- one funky lady- respect!
Lambchop my general Monday-mentality...

10 pretty vacant

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Lambchop love this... and with good reason, methinks.


| play
Lambchop the only romantic song I know that doesn't make me want to regurgitate... (reblip)
Lambchop this woman is a freakin Goddess...
Lambchop Lots of fun, for ALL the boys and girls! (reblip)

SpandecksNo Way

| play
Lambchop can't but party on to this one... it's only right.
Lambchop can't figure out your watery love...
Lambchop wakka tikka wakka tikka wakka tikka
Lambchop Lost my acid but found my thrill.. it's something I suppose... : (
Lambchop this song never fails to stop me from whatever I'm doing just to listen for a while... beauty! (reblip)
Lambchop Skip town. slow down, Push it to the east coast, Step down turn around, Push it to the west... (reblip)

MetricDead Disco

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Lambchop heheheheh... I had that once. VERY unpleasant... In a nice way though...
Lambchop oops on the last one, what tosh... silly baby voiced shite..
Lambchop G-girrrrl!!!!!! heehee....
Lambchop think I feel a wind of change...
Lambchop go on you skins or some shit...
Lambchop lovely stuff, this...

Aphex TwinIZ-US

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Lambchop I like to smoke because it's good for me ;0
Lambchop makes you wish it would rain... almost!
Lambchop kinda homesick for Dublin, dammit.. tsk
Lambchop The froo-its of Evol hehehe

PJ HarveyEvol

| play
Lambchop phone calls from loan companies and phone companies and- I'M ON SOMEBODY'S SHIT LIST!!!!!


| play
Lambchop @th3ron, you do tend to rock, don't you? lol (reblip)


| play
Lambchop Daily greetings, fellow people of the Blip persuasion...

The DickiesHideous

| play
Lambchop Paranoid: The drugs may wear off, but you still can't beat the classics when all is said and done..
Lambchop @star45 just discovered these dudes literally seconds ago (this site has taken a well-meaning machete to my attention span lol) and I am smit!
Lambchop if this is the future of girly, then colour me girly indeed. @star45 check this!
Lambchop talk about crappy turned crazy (and not in a bad way, bless her)
Lambchop oh the memories of all those mammeries...
Lambchop Alright, enough of this mellow business, time to get fired up and play some serious 'doing stuff' music. And... ON WITH MY DAY!


| play
Lambchop Thanks for tonight's consumable entertainment, Bobby.. We'll go far, you and me ; ) hoo-ahhh!
Lambchop @jlightbody- this IS a party! It's Blip, the club in my kitchen while I'm cookin up a storm! Comin up, comin up..!


| play
Lambchop As I always say, it ain't Friday night without a Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs...
Lambchop I lost my virginity while listening to this song. Ironically.
Lambchop wicked.. on at least.. 8 different levels.
Lambchop ...I dream of a day when chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
Lambchop wicked track.... seriously funky stuff : )
bentoboxed i'd like to see her live, but i guess that's kind of unlikely... (reblip)

Sokoi'll kill her

| play
QuicksandRangero Tractile are a live Canadian minimal techno and microhouse duo, comprised of Adam Young (b. 1983) and Joel Boychuk (b. 1985) [acc. to Discogs]


| play
QuicksandRangero Gurtz aka Gonzalo Urtizberea with an track off 2006


| play
QuicksandRangero Dub techno track by Christian Quast (2007)
QuicksandRangero To continue with Kompakt: Reinhard Voigt - Brown Star
AmandaGomez I'm gonna try to nullify my life. Pois drogas requer ritual ..
cloudchair Katamari on the Rock ~ Main Theme of Katamari Damashii
QuicksandRangero Jörg Burger & Wolfgang Voigt off the famous Kompakt-label (2007)
djkarate Psychedelic Mood - Piero Piccioni
QuicksandRangero Great tune by Love Inc. aka Gas aka Wolfgang Voigt - look out for the excellent album "Life's A Gas"

Respect - Love Inc

| play
QuicksandRangero Chloé Thevenin, French DJ and producer - her style is a cross between German minimalism and dirty electro (acc. to Discogs)
ChristofferMalling These guys are gonna tear Kødboderne 18 a new one this Friday the 13th. Uh uh. Scary shit.
ChristofferMalling A big up to the illest microphone controller who showed the good people of CPH how shit is done last night.

Warning ft. Flowdan

| play
ChristofferMalling And now for the hit of their 3rd album. This is where I have a hole in my collection. I have to admit that I never listened to it. Is it any good?
ChristofferMalling The odd tune with Noel G. from Oasis. I remember his Liam saying something like: "If he want's to do techno, fuck that/him, I'm rock and roll." :)
ChristofferMalling One of the several great tunes on CB's second album.
ChristofferMalling One of the not so celebrated tracks from the '97 album Dig Your Own Hole, but still decent. More to come on this channel.
ChristofferMalling One of the several great tunes on CB's second album. Pik-U.
ChristofferMalling One of the not so celebrated tracks from the '97 album Dig Your Own Hole. Absolutely not at hole (the k-kind) you want to be lost in.
ChristofferMalling Let's go back to '95 and this killer of an album. "The Brothers are gonna work it out". Indeed.
ChristofferMalling I tried finding something else but stumbled over this great tune which I heard some months ago on the dope podcast NYUB. Big up to Mr. Kemp!
ChristofferMalling Oh yeah. After The Prodigy and Chemical Bros. had kicked the doors in these two Frenchies began making history starting with these masterpieces.
ChristofferMalling Oh yeah. After The Prodigy and Chemical Bros. had kicked the doors in these two Frenchies began making history starting with these masterpieces.
ChristofferMalling Crap 90's dance tour-de-force is OVER!!! Let's remember the good times. The timeless electronic tunes made back then. Like this. My absolute fave.
ChristofferMalling This deserves a least one reblip! Little electroclashy boots (reblip)
ChristofferMalling The police theme cont. : Punks don't like the cops either.
PlasticRobot via@mGee Awesome. What a great flashback! I'd forgotten about this one. Thanks! (reblip)
PlasticRobot Speaking of bringin the funk... "Your heart's a pumping bass And I like that My heart is missing pace And I like that"


| play
PlasticRobot via@davidwatts1978 the perfect guitar riff <===Yes, perfect & apparently impossible to replicate, as many have tried & failed. Damn that Johnny Marr! (reblip)
PlasticRobot via@PaulFrankRizzo Awesome! I had not heard this remix before. Thanks! (reblip)
PlasticRobot via@estrogen Another one! Awesome. Thanks! @haarp <=Do provide your info regarding the assertion that this is just Aphex Twin under a fancy name! ;) (reblip)
PlasticRobot via@bendrix via@estrogen Gorgeous! I'd never heard of this before. Thanks! Reminds me of...[something I'll blip next...] (reblip)
PlasticRobot Speaking of Tracey Thorn, here's my fav track from Massive Attack's album, Protection. @bendrix @ladypn @iguanaP @clonazepam @curatEar @MelodyELize
sunnysunnysunny Switch. Anything they remix turns into gold.// @nansan di bale, binibilang na araw ko dito haha.// @ladypn g'morning :)
aggressive "You let me violate you..." NIN - Closer
Lambchop Ahoy hoy, Blippers! Miss Me? I missed you... lol
klitoria hallo meine liebe....alles frisch bei dir....ach danke für den tipp, werde mir gleich die hände waschen und dann aber
sesner some more bass heavy stuff, this time from the uk..


| play
klitoria für meine geliebte freundin und schwester...@tanzbunny
sesner he who says dillinja must say lemon d ..

Lemon DSubphonic

| play
aggressive "You've got me on my knees, Layla / Begging darling please, Layla / Darling, won't you ease my worried mind?" Eric Clapton - Layla

Eric ClaptonLayla

| play
Lambchop Alright Blippers? I'm in the mood for a bit of Rock n Roll and Americana tonight...
star45 Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name – @Lambchop 'morning well probably eve for you!! hey, what's up . . .
star45 Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels – . . . I like the early AC much better!!!
tubilino Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes – Thievery Corporation
hermetic @godninja @Lambchop 'To absent friends', as they used to say in cult films
chiron08 @Stendhal .. so cool...⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ (reblip)
kilwar The 90 Day Men - Last Night, A DJ Saved My Life
QuicksandRangero Mekon aka John Gosling using Roxanne Shante's rant for a acid house inspired dance track (2006)
QuicksandRangero Gaiser - Withdrawal (2008)


| play
QuicksandRangero @humbert15 excellent choice with "What's Going On Mekon" - "Cause jammin' on is what we do best / It's what separates us from the rest"

Newcleus - Jam On It

| play
QuicksandRangero tks@budesigns for excellent old school stuff; do you remember the LL Cool J-Kool Moe Dee battle? Musically I prefered LL, personally I was a KMD-fan
QuicksandRangero Aril Brikha (b. 1980) in the tradition of Detroit Techno
QuicksandRangero Coldcut - Timber; remember the impressive video about the destroying of the rain forest


| play
gReg0r @coloured ... bitte erinner mich nich daran .. am mittwoch muss ich wieder auf den folterstuhl :/ *dance* (reblip)
QuicksandRangero King Horror - Frankenstein; I will never stop until I find Count Dracula
formalhaut hi @anjuscha danke! aber kaum da und schon wieder weg ;) (reblip)
star45 Uh Huh Her - Not A Love Song – . . .
briangreene Just spoke to the Gaza Border. Tuesday'sChild refused entry to Gaza since Saturday by the Egyptians. 4 Plastic surgeons/Belfast's Royal are with them.


| play
faz Handsome Boy Modelling School - I got kicked out.
kilwar Happy Mondays - In The Blood
Greenie 'old paper with songs written on it #11'
JulieK It's still hard to believe these guys are Brits when I listen to them, they sound so American southern rock.
Greenie 'old paper with songs written on it #13'

The ProdigyBreathe

| play
BlondeUniverse happy POTUS day (aka happy we'll take a holiday any way we can get it day) ~ time to rawk . . .

UFOrock bottom

| play
RustyJames One Way System - Punk as Fuck!!!


| play
dojodub The Vibrators - Stiff little fingers - SLF got their name from this


| play
dojodub this song by Dublin band moutpiece reminds me of that vibrators song

Moutpiece24 Stella

| play
Lambchop Never ever get tired of this tune...
Flower Se me salió la cadena después vuelvo, o noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
jlightbody With just a touch of my burning hand...
Lambchop @TarantulaMan - oi! I resent that remark! Now where's my crackpipe? lol @Lambchop Theme tune for some-one's life...anyone??anyone??lol (reblip)
jojofm 1982

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
gReg0r a great dj, thats for sure @driczz. love your last choice. nice cover!
hellorenats Sim, adoro passar feriados em SP.
hellorenats Uma das faixas mais maravilhosas do Laurent.. Essa música é simplesmente perfeita!
hellorenats Tá confirmado na Argentina e no Chile. Eles bem que podiam aterrisar em terras brasileiras também..
Lambchop Lambchop's Theme for Saturday Night: ACID!
Lambchop thanks @QuicksandRangero.. you know, everything you blip goes straight to my playlist- you can do no wrong imo :)
gReg0r As in Rebekkamaria - She Lion // **MSPR** // My swedish Queen :)


| play
gReg0r As in Rebekkamaria - Yours Truly // **MSPR** // Grandios!!


| play
gReg0r dicke junge, dicke junge, dicke - dicke junge! ... kleine dicke junge!! *♥*
gReg0r my bass box need some work ... here we go :)
gReg0r i meant 'boxes' ... you guys have to excuse my bad english spelling :/ an edit button for the bliptext would be helpful ... talk so sentimental yahya!
gReg0r Chikinki - You Said // **MSPR** // Great band who has by far not enough reputation ;)


| play
threebears .... re-blipping @Crispas ^_^ thanks! (a veggie version without 'let me eat your brain' would be .... er even more unrealistic ;D) (reblip)
Lambchop kick ass... move your mind, move your feet :)
Lambchop right, back to my acid theme, no more fuckin' around...

Lords Of AcidLSD

| play
star45 Robots In Disguise – LA Nuit – . . . @Lambchop thanx, hope you having a great time! - @SlipperyDistortion hi - @patita hola, apenas despertando!!
kilwar Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
threebears CLASSIC [Cream – Crossroads] .... re-blipping @adbert ^_^ thanks! (reblip)


| play
DJFrankie Blipped this a day or two back. Just love it.
Lambchop If there's a word for how I feel right now...
cdub @SlipperyDistortion and @Lambchop - jimmy lavalle (the album leaf) and guitarist for tristeza - fan of both
Sven777 just loove the song on this one folks

FocusHocus Pocus

| play
Sven777 tune in drop out maaaaaan
Lambchop Ok,so it's 2pm, but it's Sunday, ergo it is, in fact morning. Get what I'm saying? Yawn...


| play
Sven777 which albums should a Dylan novice start with?
VinTriste Not tired of this yet. Woo hoo!

HifanaStrip Grind

| play
Lambchop vi@VinTriste - had to reblip this, it's fucking brilliant - nice one! (reblip)
QuicksandRangero The Great Unwashed, a band off the Flying Nun label (incl. The Chills, The Clean) in New Zealand
Lambchop Be back soon, Blippers.. gotta go walk the dog, he's looking at me all melancholy like.. :(

BeckDiamond Dogs

| play
kKobold Pixies – where is my mind ------- ?
Lambchop @hermetic @godninja (vi@DJBillyWarhol) these dudes are from Derry! Hope yer hopes are bolstered, Bridges... mine are! (reblip)
KiddRock Troggs - Wild Thing (1966)

TroggsWild Thing

| play
KiddRock GREAT Blip! "THX to" @djwttwblip How I remember, cruising in my 69 GTO with speakers blaring listening to nothing but Led Zepplin. My Favorite Band! (reblip)
KiddRock Exp for: @djwttw [Turn Up Your Speakers!] ~ Led Zepplin - Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Love (1969)

Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Lov

| play
KiddRock Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused (1969)
KiddRock More Great Tunes Form Led Zeppelin, Year (1969)
KiddRock Led Zeppelin - Good Times, Bad Times (1969)
KiddRock Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown (1969) More Zeppelin To Come From Year (1970)
sendchocolate trying blip again... she's the only one I got... [Cupid's Chokehold -- Gym Class Heroes]