Leksi say what you want, say what you mean... question yourself, are you really what you seem?
Leksi My absolute favorite band.
Leksi I'm nicotine, I'm coming clean, I fooled the crowd, I made it sound like I was born and ready.
Leksi I wanna see Incubus when they come to Md, so badly.
Leksi just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and waiting for my rocket to come.
Leksi This is the song that plays when Nancy Botwin burns her house down in Agrestic on Weeds... it still gives me goose bumps!
Leksi I always remember what grade I was in when I first heard a song... 8th/9th grade for this one. (reblip)


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Leksi I wanted freedom, bound and restricted... I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted. Muse - Time Is Running Out
Leksi One of my favorite Muse songs. "Can you see that I am needing, Begging for so much more, than you could ever give."
Leksi Okay, yes it's Nsync, but I love this song. KTHXBI! :)
Leksi Muse - Apocalypse Please
Leksi Another song that gives me chills.


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Leksi Fun, poppy, indie music! Love this band.
Leksi I wish you would, Come pick me up, Take me out, Fuck me up, Steal My Records...
Leksi The fighting rages on and on, to challenge me you must be strong. I walk your land but don't belong, two million soldiers can't be wrong - Good song
Leksi Karma police, arrest this girl. Her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill & we have crashed her party... This is what you'll get when you mess with us
Leksi Your love is a verb, here in my room... I came here expecting next to nothing... so thank you for being "that" kind of girl. <3 Incubus
Leksi Don't hold back! (The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize)
Leksi You seem so out of context, in this gaudy apartment complex.
Leksi when you're lying in your bed, the eulogy's been read, you know that it's fitting, you lie....!!
Leksi Cause I'm gonna touch her, all over her body... and she can touch me all over my body! ..........I ain't no runt, come on girl gimme your _____!
Leksi "Now dance fucker dance... man, he never had a chance"
Leksi Instant Karma!

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

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Leksi Third Eye Blind - London: I see the way your face has changed... we're no good for each other
Leksi "Let's have bizarre celebrations. Let's forget who forget what forget where. Let's pretend we don't exist. Let's pretend we're in Antarctica."
Leksi Totally not! :) @OneLuvGurl: "Even if Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite, does it really matter? " (reblip)
Leksi "Might like you better if we slept together..." Great discovery on StumbleUpon tonight!! :)

Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better"

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Leksi original version of my previous blip :)
Leksi "Trust me girl, I know your legs are pleading to leap. But I offer you this easy choice instead of dying, living with me"

Self Conclusion with lyrics by: Spill Canvas

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QUEEN: One Vision

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Leksi "I used 2 get high 4 a livin, Believing everything that i saw on my tv, I used 2 get high 4 a living Eating all the bullshit food that they sold me"
Leksi "open up your hands and let me see the things you keep in there" <3 Pavement.


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Leksi "Help!" One of my many favorite Beatles songs.

The Beatles - Help! - 01 Help!

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Leksi "All Im asking for is love but you never seem to have enough" RB via @bmcdev: "I really think it's guts that matter most." (reblip)
Leksi Oh, it's jam band time! "because you could be better than that don't let it get the better of you... What could be better than now?"
Leksi "this this is our new song, just like the last one... a total waste of time."
Leksi "I'll get plenty of rest when I am dead... But till then won't you share my bed... Cause all I mind's losing you"
Leksi "You are a damn fine lady like no other... Want to introduce you to my father and my mother"
Leksi "our love is like water... pinned down and abused for being strange"
Leksi I love this! Thanks! @pearldrumz: "funny.......in miami" (reblip)
Leksi "If you set your mind free, baby, maybe you'd understand... Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam" (reblip)
BrewskiDrewski can't get enough of these guys. reminds me of a mix btw Springsteen + The Killers. Jersey shore baby.

The Gaslight Anthem- Old White Lincoln

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Leksi Nice! I approve :) @LexiePixie: "@vix_rock @LUSCIOUSDDJA @Leksi @Liberty @melancholy { I Don't Care – Apocalyptica Feat. Adam Gontier (with lyrics) }" (reblip)
Leksi LOVE THIS SONG. "I'm gonna get my shit together... 'Cause I can't live like this forever"
Leksi "so here we go, lets show them how to live... accept the pain, always forgive" this song is beautiful.

This Day and Age -- Second Place Victory

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Leksi GREAT song! @Mr_Steve: "The Decemberists - A Cautionary Song" (reblip)

the decemberists cautionary (esta noche tuve un sueño)

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Leksi love this rb@geo_: "I just wanted you to tell me the truth You know I'd do that for you So why are you running away? Why are you running away?" (reblip)
Leksi "Caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette... Extraordinarily nice." ONE OF MY FAVS<3


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Leksi just discovered this one today... I'd advise you give this a listen even if you've never heard of the band. :)
Leksi OHHH ITS NEW! That's why I hadn't heard it before. I blipped it earlier and was like =O @themusecalliope: "New Muse song!!! Muse – Uprising" (reblip)


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Leksi I was looking up for songs w/ the name "Baltimore" and found this gem! If you like jam-bands or folksy 70s music, check it out! :)
Leksi "All the things that I feel that I can't describe.... Why can't it be like the first week?" :)
Leksi Yes, it is x2! @ChadThomas: "yes it is!! rb@70srocker: "The intro is so great"" (reblip)
Leksi !"I'm not exactly a salesman, sure there's a product I'm selling. Guess you could say I'm an actor, but acting's not what they're after-no not quite"
Leksi I love Guster, thanks! :) @sparklysqualor: "I want to pull it apart and put it back together." (reblip)
Leksi Saw them live last year, and they were amazing. :)
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