De_Ann yo, back to the booty shake'n gurls :-) @ShelleyH Hi to @redroulettes @GR8FL @gleegirlrock DeAnn @LexiePixie @patita and everyone else incoming! :) (reblip)
crowjane @ MusicWithMsB @MusicWithMsB sez This is NOT Mozart. My kids performed this version. ~ aw bet it was lovely~cyber auntee would have loved it! (reblip)
crowjane Good singing became a more important part of country music. Singing stars like The Carter family contributed to advancing traditional country music.
misslazarou TÁ A RRRRRRODAR: Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
benyasbabe my fave tom jones song
gr8n10zt Now that ain't workin'! That's the way you do it. You play the guitar on the MTV.
avivajazz Arkady Shilkloper | Carnival // Curious jazz trumpet and percussion improvisation.
AramZS It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Re-Blip @senhoritarosa (reblip)
DJSandals Billy Joel - She's Got a Way....gonna listen to him all day :)
AnderKJ Supergrass - Alright, from Clueless

Alright [Supergrass]

| play
ramon_bcn The Bee Gees - More Than a Woman
lunanola Another guilty pleasure/"stupid, happy song" for me (life really was easier back then, wasn't it?).
PranK For peace and trust can win the day
Jalapeno So now i will be the King Of Wishful Thinking that you really consider everything before you decide..

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
kencasey @jen004 Maybe a Lullabye with help by Billy Joel. Pleasant dreams. :-)
ThrillKill =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
indecisivecake i wish i was in san francisco


| play
AlyG i love them and i wish i was zooey. my sister's name is zoe. lucky.
deadwood4 i can blip this song if i want to - that's my prerogative
Skyfleet G'day @TrainWreckRadio -- you might like this one -- catch you later
Listersmate I actually have a person in my family tree who is their own grandpa!!!

Ray Stevens - I Am My Own Grandpa

| play
seancarmody Thank you @Audiophile021 falettinme be mice elf again! (You earned me a prop)

Ray Stevens-Everything is Beautiful

| play
surforama Werewolves are prowling around Lee Ho's Chop Suey Joint!
MarijoJ The Police - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Listersmate I wish I knew where to play pinball these days!
tinabeats thank you turtles for another rockin show
dickadcock Right! rb@organicsue: "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts @MetalMagnum Thank you 4 this!!!" (reblip)

Keep Your Hands To Yourself - The Georgia Satellites

| play
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe~ My Cherie Amour~Peter White.....nice!!
Herr_Lorre Moonchild from Buffalo 66 soundtrack. Me encanta! :D
Tsauro Song dedicated to wonderful, beautiful wife of last 25 years who just fell asleep. I am truly blessed.

Supertramp Dreamer

| play
UNI 3 more listeners is all i need
DJLeesaK He likes to show off his physique! @hawaiibuzz (reblip)
jenowens Best thing I'm hearing on XM these days. And who knew HSN also markets quality music? Next up, Quacker Factory.
1bebelestrange I got two turntables & a microphone
DuncanDogg I Can't Believe It's The Same Song 10
DJtracy The Hollies-He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
dawnser always :)

Monthy Python Always look on the bright side of life

| play
amandaarany lol brings back good memories @DJDreamy: "I Get Knocked Down~Chumbawamba <= "He drinks a whisky drink, He drinks a vodka drink....." (reblip)
eraser mod microblog/ "♥*♥♥*♥esperando un "♥*♥♥*♥ Wonderful World, aunque me conformaría con seguir aquí ...a q más? Joey Ramone (reblip)
AngiesCopywriting Scatman John-im a scatman - | @FreedomFreelance (reblip)

Scatman John-im a scatman

| play
Listersmate @GuitarDragon @LBCIslander @SpunkeyMama @Stellaexotibabe @lindale41@MamaCapps

OutkastHey Ya!

| play
TGDude ok ... you convinced me ... one more ... My 5th all time favorite for the night ... enjoy
jet333 Gerry Mulligan With Chet Baker – "Makin' Whoopee" (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @imperfectfit "i have the biggest grin on my face... you should too" RB THANKS! (reblip)
Listersmate @joniben

red dwarf theme (full)

| play

Pachelbel Canon in G Major on Guitar

| play
77ozzie song-if I listen long enough to you,I find a way to believe it`s all true-knowing that you lied straigthfaced while I cried-still I look to find....
FineNGood rb @nimbusrogue: "Tommy Tutone - 867-5309/Jenny" (reblip)

867-5309/Jenny, LIVE

| play
djaces29 Émilie Simon – Swimming

Steve Martin performs on the Grand Ole Opry

| play
LynnSunshine @klitoria: "off for work.....see you later dear blippers....." (reblip)
SHERRYBABY65 :):):)@@ watching :):)

Take My Breath Away... Berlin (Top Gun) [Lyrics]

| play
hipEchik @NASA Fly Me to the Moon .....soon? @hipEchik
nestorilian What a better way to start your new journey as a married couple? Lyrics will make even the toughest guy cry tears of joy.
ladypn Another your your secrets, @CooperHarris, that you laugh at funerals? LOL! ;) (reblip)
LunaJune @bobvolanti: "John Denver – Perhaps Love #Twitterlovestory Always a good goal. " (reblip)
GregariousMisanthrope #MUSIC: Celtic Woman – Over the Rainbow (Sweet dreams my friends ;)
cpcdiniz @annapurna: "never live :( and you?@DirtyUrine: "Have You Ever Seen The Ramones @annapurna ?"" (reblip)

Neil Diamond, 'Cherry Cherry' (circa 1967)

| play

Fleetwood Mac-Landslide

| play

Ray Stevens Everything is Beautiful

| play

Banana Phone

| play
ARDELLd @Italia - me and Julio down by the schoolyard (reblip)
GregariousMisanthrope #MUSIC: Van McCoy - The Hustle #DiscoSaturday


| play
kaos42 @Listersmate How about this one?

The Badger Song ( original ) badger badger badger x3 mushroom snake

| play
Listersmate @kaos42 I like this too! :-D


| play
MusicWithMsB Hope this heavenly sound will help you sleep@jennyleepenny ...and me too!


| play
jtaylortowry A little traveling music... Gnight to all, sleep tight, sweet dreams.

Rubinstein plays Chopin Nocturne Op.9 no.1 in B flat Minor

| play
mrrodd Ditto @chickenkatsu that deserves a toast, bring me your cup!
LeParadis ...would you hold it against me... ;-)) x

THE BELLAMY BROTHERS "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body"

| play
SgtMac @lisa_michele: "bedanken Sie sich dafür, dass Sie so süß sind!@Schoork: "weil du es ja auch bist;-)@lisa_michele: "Immer so süß zu mir!@Schoork""" (reblip)
nestorilian It's a girl in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me

crystal da doo ron ron ron ron ron

| play
impossiblewmn It won't be long 'till happiness steps up to greet me. Many thanks to all for the props, replies, reblips...and simply for listening. Good night!
KristyRNinAZ Going back *just* a little bit... so now here I am ♫ Stuck in the Middle With You ♪ ~Stealers Wheel

♥♫ Stuck In The Middle With You ♫♥ by Stealers Wheel ... a FUN video!

| play
KristyRNinAZ Oonga chucka oonga chucka (<--what's that mean anyway?) ♪ Hooked on a Feeling ♫ ~Blue Suede
dwo34 Will Smith-Summer Time (More summertime fun) Enjoy,.... "sit back and unwind (love this song)" @LoriMoreno (reblip)
malibujammin Thx @Awannabeangel@Listersmate@lilymar@Crashlndin you're all alright, just the way you are!

Billy Joel- Just the Way You Are

| play
lilLADYT8845 @SHERRYBABY65 ta he he,long stem ro$e sent out ur way@}->------>------------I see ur a Donnie Osmond fan LoL

Velvet Sugar

| play
compere "Let go of whatever brings you down." -Sensei (reblip)

didoThank you janf

| play
dwo34 "That's What Friends Are For" – Dionne Warwick & Friends @KimberleKelly @_SDO Have happy BDAY! (reblip)
houtai Blondie – Good Boys

BlondieGood Boys

| play
Bright_Blue Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life
Listersmate @puppetguy

disco duck

| play
DuncanDogg @RAW1963: "Pop's Candy...awesome & Kate's other gig @SabriESC" (reblip)
boneymaroney sorry suckahs I'm gettin my bump on over here.
jet333 Joshua Bell [Violin] – "Méditation de Thaïs"...a beautiful goodnight to you:) (reblip)
boneymaroney more from Cali :) Didja know that Buck Owens made a tape for the moon-o-nauts?
eraser Louis Armstrong – When The Saints Go Marching In (reblip)
Stay19 Miguel Migs – By Your Side ft. Sade (Naked Music Remix)<><> (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
KristaDarling Hi lovelies! Just returned from a trip to Broadway to see Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons so naturally, I must blip away :)
lilwldchld I just can't get you out of my head.....
ARDELLd You must remember this...a kiss is still a kiss...the fundamental things apply, as time goes by
Listersmate @DebBennett555 @KristyRNinAZ @Flawless326 @Seattle_JC @glitzyorbit @Puppetguy @MomsofAmerica @pillpushera FREE BIRD!!!!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird-BBC 1975

| play
Lil_Wing Hey S ;-) How are you my awesome friend? @TrainWreckRadio: "@vixxeninpink have a great nite! (morning) :-)" (reblip)

Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me"

| play
Schnik I think @DaleChumbley and I should get these outfits and do this song. :)
FineNGood Love is in the water Love is in the air Show me where to go Tell me will love be there....
ktp107 I so know where I'd be....

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

| play
hanseebundee Gooodnite Sweeeheart Gooodnite TheSpaniels singing this one 2 myself! from @hanseebundee
KristyRNinAZ I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT And play everyday! ~Kiss


| play
VictoriaTAW Love this song. :-) @KristyRNinAZ: "I just have to play Seger. Old Time Rock & Roll (soothes my soul and all that)" (reblip)

"Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

| play
brudberg Morning Has Broken ~ The Chieftains with Art Garfunkel & Diana Krall

Morning Has Broken ~ The Chieftains with Art Garfunkel & Diana Krall

| play
kerryinholland I've never seen a vid for this Beatles song. Cool.
77ozzie song---- It's in his (her) kiss...yep (reblip)
BakingMan No, futbol de Americano pero me gusta tuyo tembien=) mi hija juega también cuando los jóvenes @BBlanca "Como en España... te gusta el futbol ! Gol ! (reblip)
ericats Breeeeega! Adoro!via@ManaJunkie: "Sleepwalk" (reblip)
blondetxgoddess Bob Seger~Old Time Rock and More
BakingMan Ciao @godoyflavio!! Sono fantastici, Grazie :DD @BakingMan Hi, friend!! How are you? I hope you're fine! Have a nice weekend! Ciao ciao" (reblip)

Bee Gees- Jive Talkin'

| play
ladypn Back to my 90s kick, now in 94 Crow's lyrics paints a picture as if a lyrical movie with this song!@AdamOfDallas@DirtyUrine@jakks@Jazzzyone@McDreamie
theclockworkbox Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
jet333 Dean Martin - "I'll Be Seeing You"....good night:)
DirtyUrine ~ great song as well! ~ @ladypn: "A surprising hit - such self-deprecation must have hit the right chord in 94. And so began my Beck FIXation. ;) " (reblip)


| play
FineNGood @AdamOfDallas: "@CooperHarris ~ ...I like smokin' lightning ... Utah is a bit safer." I've always wanted to ride there (reblip)
DirtyUrine ~ FNM – Midlife Crisis (Phoenix Festival '97) !!! (reblip)
angiece @jgmusic >The Soprano's theme song sounds wrong to me with the HBO's static noise . how's that for "indoctrinated?"
ladypn This late in the evening & I'm getting my first blips of the day in? ;) Not fair is it,@Mr_Steve@periferica@organicsue@popr333@ramboswife@Liberality?
sweetlilmZmia Harry Belafonte – There's a Hole in the Bucket
BleakMouse @angiece: "RB @romanus: "Des Yeux Qui Font Baisser Les Miens | Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose"" (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @MeggsT you get TRIPLE-PROPS for your avatar alone! :-D (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Neil Diamond – I Am I Said
vanbytheriver Billy Joel- New York State of Mind ....yes, I just may be that.
MetalMarty Q107 Top 40 Beatles Songs -- #34 • Ticket To Ride ♠♥PBR♦♣

The Beatles-Ticket To Ride

| play
lilwldchld SURE!! :-D @ladypn: "Are you driving, @lilwldchld? ;) "@ladypn Take me with you, lol! :-D "" (reblip)
Damu my out song, gotta go think 'bout my baby.

Glen Campbell in Concert-Classical Gas

| play
KristyRNinAZ Piano sounds like a carnival-microphone smells like a beer...Man what are you doin' here? (via @vanbytheriver) (reblip)
lilLADYT8845 0.o.M.G.I'm 0ff t0 my brb,0nly thnx@Oialoha,I luv OMD!long stem ro$e sent out ur way@}->->---------n0w y0u g0t me started 0n 0MD,shame 0n y0u LoL (reblip)
deadwood4 we had joy ~ we had fun ~ we had blipping in the sun ~ goodnight and peace out all
LynnSunshine @Listersmate: "@Listersmate1 I love the String Bean Coffeeshop!" (reblip)

Frank Sinatra _ The Coffee Song

| play

Ray Stevens----It's me again magret!

| play

Ray Stevens Everything is Beautiful

| play
LynnSunshine @cloudssanswater: "Always been a sucker for this song. Since I was like..4." (reblip)
cpcdiniz @DJRosaNava: "@Fatal_Romantic: "Last blip for the night, my arms are lead & I need to dream of a lovely blue eyed lady with blonde hair...sigh"" (reblip)
blondetxgoddess Dreams~Thunder only happens when it's raining, players only love you when they're playing
BleakMouse @DJTinasTuneMake: "@backtoback: "@BleakMouse thanks again mousey...I'm outta here..."" me too. almost. probably. (reblip)
70srocker Baby called me and said she wants it NOW!
impossiblewmn I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind...
LEM_40 I love how music brings people together. Goodnight everyone. Hope today was a good one, and I hope tomorrow is even brighter.
Annimallover RB@BakingMan: @Annimallover: "Wow. she could grab your heart like no one else! Karen I hope you have found your way to heaven~Godspeed"" (reblip)
Doylex "1 2 3 4 ....We'll she was just 17..." (That's what I'm saying!)
Northrunnnercan @pedalbypedal .. ♫ LOVE,LOVE IT !!!!! Jim Carrey – Cuban Pete (C & C Pop Radio Ed"" (reblip)
blondetxgoddess Jewel~Foolish Games

Jewel "Foolish Games" (1998)

| play

Super Freak- Rick James

| play
Listersmate @earthfire @melissakeyes @JoLoPe @nsane8 @Spudski @clblack79 @LessaT @Shelley_Rae :-D


| play
lust uiii uii baby uii uii baby uii
SarahABQ Blackbird – Crosby, Stills & Nash
AshJames007 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Neil Young...but had 2 play this after Southern Man....:o)...
LisaWorld I wish 'nobody' would come back and blip with us...@nobody09: "Herman's hermits – I'm Into Something Good" (reblip)
Henie @Henie: "just love this!" (reblip)

moon river-breakfast at tiffany´s

| play
Thanatos Some ol skool funk to make ya feel ALRIGHT! The Spinners - Rubberband Man Live 1976 (Video)


| play
hotbeans "Man dig that crazy chick!"

The Royal Teens ~ Who Wears Short Shorts

| play
senatorjohn that was exactly what the doctor would have ordered had there been a doctor

Always Marry A Ugly Girl

| play
isaacricarte THIERRY, our Unforgettable, Moonlighting Ending Theme by al jarreau (Full TV ver.)

Moonlighting Ending Theme (Full TV ver.)

| play

Red Dwarf Starbug (music by roger & dave)

| play

red dwarf theme (full)

| play

The Arnold J Rimmer Song

| play
jennecy going faster than a roller coaster
angiece "Blue Moon" - Billie Holiday
vanbytheriver JT- Fire & Rain ...well, then @nbztunes , we must share the greek gods' passion, fire and introspection. Good to know there's another out there.
SuzyBlue Now this is the song I Wish I had done for my trials at BCC...
Listersmate @LessaT @MomsofAmerica @AZBlueEyes @CiaoBella50 @ModelSupplies @donnette @kkyno @FTL137Kari @Nansen @shelley_rae @melisakeyes @LisaD35
strawberry_star @spiderdadfrank: "@mark_till: "Show me yours I'll show you mine. Weezer – (If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" (reblip)
BakingMan Thank You for the props and reblips and all the Gr8 selections =D @EnterChaos (reblip)


| play


| play
Listersmate Yeah, I have North Carolina on my mind!
Awannabeangel rb @tamij: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye (reblip)

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye

| play
lunanola Courtesy of @sherinola, we now have the theme song for the October @NOLABroadSquad gathering! #NObs
SpeakOfTheDevs #80sShowdown ...Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science

Shaving Cream Song

| play
Mr_Steve The song that completely changed my impression of Duran Duran...

Grammar Rock Adjective

| play

Grammar Rock Mr. Morton

| play

Grammar Rock Interjection

| play

Grammar Rock Pronoun

| play

Grammar Rock Adverb

| play

Grammar Rock Verb

| play

Conjunction Junction

| play
arcticarab {blondie - the tide is high} 'so i'm moving on.." until next time..thanks for the p's/rb's/l's!

blondie - the tide is high

| play
lilwldchld The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark....
Simchabe @Tierrah: "@Simchababe No boogie shoes, just Boogie Oogie Oogie!" **LOL!! (reblip)
malibujammin @SgtMac: Love this ole country stuff! Sometimes I listen to it all on on Sirius.. (reblip)

Jim Ed Brown ~ Pop A Top

| play

Are You from Dixie?--Grandpa Jones

| play

Tritzem Yodel -- Grandpa Jones

| play

Grandpa Jones The New Vitamin

| play
KristyRNinAZ Don Henley – The End Of The Innocence
DJRosaNava Listen my favorites: @bshendr "The Beatles" Anyone played Beetles Rock Band yet?" (reblip)

Penny Lane

| play

Masta Killa ft Ol Dirty Bastard & RZA-Old Man

| play

Wonderful World ~ Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon & James Taylor

| play
SHERRYBABY65 good night blippers peace and love :):):)
Joleesa ~would love to blip all night long but gotta get up early, 'night~
77ozzie song - you can dance every dance with the guy that gives you the eye...but don't forget who's taking you home..and in whose arms you're gonna be

Save the Last Dance for Me

| play
vanbytheriver RB @Unpredictable @diddlysquit:Doris Day ~Que Sera Sera (what will be will be)" Had to RB, an acquaintance loved the song (Her Mom&all...) (reblip)

Morning Has Broken

| play
77ozzie I have tried-in my way-to be free....If I have been unkind- I hope that you can let go on by, If I have been untrue.I hope you know it was not to you

Classic Sesame Street: Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange!)

| play

Alexander Robotnick Dance Boy Dance

| play
LynnSunshine @TupeloJo: "i'm with ya girl @LadyFantastick: "Things I've Learned from Songs: I shouldn't chase waterfalls (whatever that means) "" (reblip)


| play
DJRosaNava One More Kiss, Dear : Blade Runner

Blade Runner Music Video: One More Kiss, Dear

| play
ARDELLd There she was just a walkin down the street...singing do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do. She looked good...she looked fine.
UKDad Listening to Always on my mind by Pet Shop Boys - subscribe to my high quality audio ONLY playlist (reblip)

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! Bay City Rollers

| play
Donta247 I guess i just got lost being someone else, I tried to kill the pain but nothing ever helped. 3 Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself (reblip)
Doorn34 All you life waiting for this moment to ... {The Beatles - Blackbird}

The Beatles- Blackbird with lyrics

| play