LizGilbert Percussion ! Sound quality not the greatest on this note...but a great live performance. Take the money & run...
LizGilbert what I needed to hear this morning


| play
LizGilbert White Chalk is a haunting powerhouse.PJ's live performances in support have been amazing. Check a few out on You Tube. Power in acoustic instruments
jpostman Message Of Love – The Pretenders
Reckon You like? you like the thoughts? you like the thoughts i think? you do? They're naught to me compared to just one fleeting thought of you. - Moondog


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Reckon The emotional reaction is all that matters as long as there's some feeling of communication. It isn't necessary that it be understood. - John Coltrane
Reckon I stand up next to a mountain And I chop it down with the edge of my hand. I pick up all the pieces & make an island. Might even raise a little sand.
jpostman @giorodriguez Isleys' counterpoint to Work to Do: Fight The Power!
jpostman While I'm throwing around superlatives, Clampdown – The Clash from London Calling, arguably the best album ever released
artbizness Nice gentle way to start the day. One of my favourite tracks ever.
Reckon Monk was thumping. Suddenly in walked Bud and then the joint started jumping
tindle He doesn't live far from me, about 18 miles, I can hear him from here..
megmagdah @unmoving I want to listen to Patterns of Interference. The clip is really beautiful.
tindle Introducing a superb band to you..chances are, most of you don't know the Chameleons..very, listen, don't eat them, dumbo!
LizGilbert @tindle Thanks for getting me onto Blip down the rabbit hole I feared. You cld get lost in here. Wanted to hear you,but NO.So,here's AL
LizGilbert We are the innovators,they are the imitators.Come on,don't you know how it started.We forgot about love,but we're not broken hearted... (reblip)
comoduermes Please give me a second grace, please give me a second face. I've fallen far down the first time around. Now i just sit on the ground in your way.

Nick DrakeFly

| play
solobasssteve haven't blipped any of my own music for a while, so here's a coupla minutes o' me :) -
LizGilbert there are code breakers...mornin all from desert.
LizGilbert beauteous @solobasssteve I never thought there'd be another Jaco P but there is in you +
LizGilbert @solobasssteve ,notes: @euskir /here R Lee Jones/Blue Nile connect & Jon Martyn waaay back
LizGilbert Talkin Bout A Revolution/T Chapman Poor people gonna rise up & get their share...How bout that? Finally the tables are starting to turn
LizGilbert Bjork & Antony Dull Flame of Desire last blip for now...hope you're all flourishing,flowering..a human span is short but we all give to the @longnow
andrexnavarro Who are you to wave your finger?..Ya' must have been out your head..

ToolThe Pot

| play
transitenator Twenty 'GruselTanten' sing a not ending GoodNightSong. Play it aloud to impress your neighbours ( ;),no, just kidding).
LizGilbert @pareidoliac for you In a Station/Karen Dalton..."how could you ever know me,or the reason why I'm here..."
LizGilbert One Step Closer M Franti Live @tindle do you ever have probs w choppy blip playback ?
LizGilbert "!" test of blip this shouldn't go to Twit,but if it does..Analyze/Thom Yorke @raymondpirouz song says it all re: there's no time to analyze,to think
megmagdah @AbbyOhmyGod were you in the office yet when I discovered this song? I don't think so...but you should have been.
megmagdah @iamdanmckinley You should listen to Minus Story if you don't already.
by_starla @eSandberg good luck! i'll look forward to hearing how it goes--fingers crossed! :)
by_starla and here's the original studio version from Shoot Out the Lights.
LizGilbert @shannatrenholm,@technomonk,@sashakane This Town... night all.
FredMC Woh, oh, mercy, mercy me! Oh, things aren´t what they used to be!
by_starla good afternoon to you as well, @NyQuilDriver. and you were the FIRST person to say that to me. :)
LizGilbert Hi to last night's light shift ;@shannatrenholm,@technomonk,@shashakane,@artmaker,@onestringcello Waits/Kronos Q Down in the Hole
LizGilbert @megmagdah like yr music ! Here's one for you . What gallery? Checked yr blog too...excellente. On Twit I'm @anodyne2art
LizGilbert Animal Collective For Reverend Green ...Scream & Stomp..always laugh when I hear this one.Wonder what Rev Green thinks abt this
LizGilbert I stand up next to a mountain And I chop it down with the edge of my hand.Thnks @thePR (reblip)
briangreene "Education is an admirable thing, but it is as well to remember from time to time, that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." Oscar Wilde

sonic youth purr acoustic

| play
LizGilbert People Have The Power/ Patti Smith (timed send it's 3PM)
LizGilbert Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thing/Aretha franklin
phreak20 o_O actually I*m a pretty ugly one
briangreene ‘The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind’ said Martin Luther King
briangreene KT Tunstall singing Sophie fiddling with all the score.
Reckon Alice is wearing her sexiest gown, but she doesn't want you to look at her.
LizGilbert Thanks @ThePR What a Wonderful Surprise/Radiohead/Louis Armstrong Mashup...I think to myself,what a wonderful world..Mornin Tweethearts (reblip)
LizGilbert thanks @reckon I used to see Moondog evry morning in NYC riding the same bus I took to school. Got to know him (in his viking ensemble). Brilliant ! (reblip)
LizGilbert So many people talking in this live show over the incredible music of MMJ: Do you see my smoking guns ...Do you live yr life on the run ?
LizGilbert This Mess we're my NYC know who you are !Thanks for all today.

PJ Harvey & Tom Yorke This Mess We're In

| play
LizGilbert dear @onestringcello How sweet it is ! Before work tday,uploading some of my music/only 2 wks behind (behind what ?)..madness in general.Will call.
JohnnyB For my upcoming podcast for our cover story on philanthropy, I'm thinking of using this Jack Johnson/Ben Harper tune. Any other suggestions?
mii First Light – Brian Eno & Harold Budd うん、なつかしー@urone
phreak20 Don’t you know I love you and I always have
artbizness OH MY GOD! They've finally put this up!
LizGilbert Bend In the are all "shining through" today.
LizGilbert "This feeling is wonderful...don't you ever turn it off."
JohnnyB Pure bliss. And you wonder why many call consider this Coltrane/Hartman album the "best makeout music of all time?"
LizGilbert The Puzzle/ Ane Brun I walked into love...
LizGilbert reblipping cause I love Fredo Viola & we need to/LET THE SAD OUT.. (reblip)
mii Minimalism – Fred Frith Reblip @higeuma (reblip)
novalis This Is Your World - Calvin Russell
LizGilbert Thnks @artbizness Hello to all UK Twit Buds & Happy TDay to Los Americanos & remembering a Trail of BrokenT...wind at your backs/warmth/love/ always. (reblip)
LizGilbert Miss Elliott Smith & Morphine too...
LizGilbert Also Chris Whitley..Was just thinking about missing voices from the current scene...
LizGilbert Pretty eclectic mix today..?! Gil Scott-Heron
LizGilbert We all things hangin about..things that make us cool, things tht make us mad.things we wish we never had...just the things that make us real.. (reblip)
LizGilbert What can you say? A brilliant song.
LizGilbert CinematicOrchestra/Patti Smith-Helpless In my mind still need a place to go, all my changes were there..
LizGilbert Fredo Viola Tweeple ! Welcome him to Twitter @fredoviola. A beauteous musician & videomaker. This is live performance of The Turn.
LizGilbert Laura Nyro/Black Patch clicks & all...
DigitalNatives Young people, stand with me to say "I'm not your Soldier!" (reblip)
LizGilbert Citizen Cope/Penitentiary Yes,Clarence...waitin on a time for the people to walk free & see...
LizGilbert reblip:Quality of Mercy (is not strained)/Michelle Shocked. (reblip)
LizGilbert @terra210 The Future/Leonard Cohen..(you'd like Neko Case if you don't know her I think)..Canucks RULE ! (reblip)
phreak20 Metüllüca - d/l from recommended
LizGilbert May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold/J Martyn. Mornin ALL. Still BLOWN AWAY: Marielle gets a kidney & part the tweeple played !
LizGilbert O'Reilly on glories of Twit/Thom Yorke Atoms4 Peace. .Want you to get up & make it work/SO MANY feel the love (reblip)
LizGilbert I shall be released/Nina Simone...they say every distance is not near...
transitenator Blip is also good for inserting music into posts. Cat Stevens (Yusuf): Where children play ...
by_starla oh, lovely! @matcherbach, you have given me another excuse to blip from Mule Variations. @CargoCulte @AleBourg.
LizGilbert Clarence...Finding My Way Home...night all/a little lullaby.
by_starla @melsie73 heading to sleep now-just finally finished grading extravaganza. hopefully will get more sleep soon. LOVE Persuasion-RT's version my fav. :)
cloudchair Nobody's fault but my own / Beck
briangreene invited @wally1 the legendary dub dj to blip. i said "get on the last train to skaville" he said he will join,
you999 Great!!!   Soul Kitchen(The Doors Cover) - X

XSoul Kitchen

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megmagdah This song really makes me so happy. I'll probably blip it a bunch.
DownLow Ray LaMontagne's cover on this song is quite good! (reblip)
misterperturbed This is as close to holiday music as you will get from me, other than James Brown X-Mas Carols, but that will be more time appropriate.
LizGilbert @lilpecan some dance music for you (bit macabre)..Scott Jacobson/The Guinea Pig Night/Sweet Dreams


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LizGilbert @onestringcello probably...La La La.... (reblip)
LizGilbert Fellow Blippers: what think you of B's new "no upload" ? As musician,realize lots o bootleg but rare gems we collected as community etc& Twit integrat
LizGilbert NASA/Spacious Thoughts. (T Waits & Kool Keith)I'll meet you in the music..I'll meet you down at the well...peace y'all. (reblip)

NASA Spacious Thoughts (feat Tom Waits and Kool Keith)

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LizGilbert Hi @cloudchair Wanted to hear your music, but "not available" ;( Buena/Morphine for you !


| play
LizGilbert shake your seasick legs around...hang your clothes on a chainlink fence


| play
LizGilbert Odetta Pastures of Plenty for you...and oh the roads you travelled.
euskir Antipop Consortium, algo de la mejor música de los últimos años / some of the best music from the last years
Reckon Do not fear mistakes. There are none. - Miles Davis (reblip)
LizGilbert Hi y'all ...recording & not Twittering Yikes...I'm Confessin that I love you/Thelonius Monk
LizGilbert Language is a Virus/Laurie Anderson
Reckon Dear Mr. Obama, I have an idea: For the inaugural ceremony set up a stage in front of the Whitehouse and have Mr. Heron make the party right. Right. (reblip)
LizGilbert Antipop Consortium/Nude Paper, algo de la mejor música de los últimos años Thnks @euskir Turn It Up Another Level .. (reblip)
LizGilbert Give Me a Sweet Soul Dream/World Party I'd lose em all,burn em all, if you'd let me know the heart of it.
LoopZilla For What It's Worth – Buffalo Springfield
LizGilbert Strange are...rain falling all over me...old story haunting me...big changes here they come(sweet dreams all you strange angels)...
LizGilbert One Nation Under A Groove – Funkadelic Thnks @loopzilla Mornin Tweeple .Gorgeous day out in the desert .Take care of each other. (reblip)
LizGilbert Mornin @technomonk Songwriter/Van THE Man ...yeah, check's in the mail but wouldn't trade it for anything in this crazy old world. We be late night ;)
LizGilbert Crazy Love/Van & B Dylan..jam/loose & very cool from the good ole daze.Dylan's guitar out of tune makes me righteous & makes me whole..
LizGilbert Here's Red Bus from dear friends @onestringcello,@moscowfish.They'r abt to embark on thr world music nomad(ish) (reblip)
LizGilbert Can music ever get any better than this Duke Ellington/John Coltrane collaboration? (nope! Hiya @johnnyB & may I say: B Week under you is a must read) (reblip)
LizGilbert Oh distance has a way of making love understandable.
LizGilbert Sweet rest twitterville..we are a jigsaw falling into place...
LoopZilla Ode to Joy – Beethoven
cloudchair Under The Bridge / Red Hot Chili Peppers (reblip)
LizGilbert Hello @mrsstranahan Further on down the road(You will accompany me)/Taj Mahal..just because ;) the groove here...
LizGilbert Strange Powers...stars fall down like money...I can't sleep cause you got strange powers...
LizGilbert Ramblin on outta good to each other. Beam Me UP.
DownLow oh yeah, it's a bit nippy out there.
JohnnyB Remember this one? Great funky beat behind the vocal improv of Al Jarreau.
JohnnyB Guitarist George Benson with a great vocal performance by Al Jarreau.
LizGilbert (@reckon) Dear Mr. Obama, I have an idea: For the inaugural ceremony set up stage in front of Whitehouse and have Mr. Heron make the party right. (reblip)
LizGilbert One Pure Thought/ "I won't be on my way...I will help you on your way..How's everyone in Twitterville/Twitter family?..another day.
LizGilbert @celticagent enjoyed hearing yr great fiddle playing. Brought back memories 2..coupla of old East Coast buds here..Good to meet ya.(love klezmer too)
cloudchair The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / The Smiths (reblip)
LizGilbert Don't Give Up/K Bush-P Gabriel- we don't need much of anything..don't give up cause you have friends, you're not the only one...
DigitalNatives You hold on to love that's gone
LizGilbert Little Things/Los Lobos.stood atop a golden tower...Don't forget the heart beating inside you...gone 4 a bit. Be good to each other.Beam Me Up (reblip)
DigitalNatives Catch my trouble, I'm missing you to death
euskir y ahora con Petra Haden, disfruten... / and now with Petra Haden, enjoy...
LizGilbert Ben Sollee Only A Song (w Jim James from MMJ) If you don't know Ben/24 yrs old..have Voice & Cello & my oh my..reminds me of Steve Forbert
LizGilbert Yoo Hoo rt me Help @anca_foster & break down walls: @humanrightsday Join/sign/Dec 10 write/tweet.She's wrking on 1 Day 4 Human Rights solo/amzing (reblip)
LizGilbert @MikeRapin was gonna blip Rising Down (w Mos Def) for ya but Cldn't/So: In the Music. Some peeps just showed up to see if I needed help/cool.I do ;)
LizGilbert @foulbastard think Lateralus is a meme...thinkin abt memes.Making something (sound) generated by canyon itself...canyon Musak. Microwave sound or?


| play
LizGilbert Off into the wild wind,coyotes MMJ's idea here: Keep it off the record,got to know we will change it. Come on ! Helps w every battle. <3 (reblip)
DigitalNatives @retrocket @threebears @PlasticRobot @Alebourg @stolen @LizGilbert @legsandboobs I could've stayed beside you could've stayed for more
briangreene its like watching bloomberg for the stock exchanges. watching busy blippers thanks to the brother @dojodub
LizGilbert @digitalnatives THANKS: one of my faves I could've stayed beside you could've stayed for more..Take care of each other/we have this moment. (reblip)
LizGilbert For What It's Worth/Oui 3 Night to the tweethearts... (reblip)
moscowfish here's a moscow fish version of a song written by anodyne2art
LizGilbert @hughbriss, @perrybelcher Tell It like It Is
LizGilbert @chrisolsondc Arrest this man...he talks in Maths & buzzes like a fridge (reblip)
LizGilbert Keith Jarrett The opening to this has been almost a lifelong memory.Such beauty in this world. @technomonk hrd him N/Port Jazz/NYC @ 14 yrs old. (reblip)
LizGilbert Dave Mckenna Jazz Great is gone at 78. My dad knew him from the late great jazz daze ( Woody Herman) .Legendary.
moscowfish a beautiful tune from/by Liz Gilbert also known as @anodyne2art - she's having connection difficulties so please pass this blip on to all her peeps...
LizGilbert In My Life/Richie Havens..all these places have their my life I loved them all. Beam Me UP & take care of each other/see ya later.
LizGilbert And She Was & @MarilynM Snowing here Right Now ! Hope you're all having a grand day:outta here. Take care of each other.
LizGilbert Major wind damage here,brrr...cold in desert mountains I'm Lucky/Joan Armatrading. Wishin you all "Livin For Right Now"
LizGilbert The Eraser ...please excuse me but I got to ask...are you only being nice...Take care of each other,OK? One on One,We cld change this world.
LizGilbert Where do the Children Play? Welcome from desert S/West & thnks @transitenator Stay Tuned for Chordata #Ragamuffin Christmas (christmas eve/youtube) (reblip)
LizGilbert Chocolate Jesus " it's one you're gonna be hearing a lot on the radio -AM."-Tom Waits (thnks & hi @abarbosa) (reblip)
LizGilbert Waiting for the Great Leap Forward/B Bragg Take care of each other. We are 1 human family, dontcha know? Off to the snow/wind/ but fire burns bright.
euskir una de mis baladas favoritas, gracias Peggy Lee / one of my favorite ballads, thanks Peggy Lee

Angels On Your Pillow

| play
solobasssteve chatting about social media stuff with @susanenan. She's amazing - have a listen -
euskir esto también es tango ... / this is tango too...
LizGilbert Better Way/Geoff Smith... Thanks Geoff & friends for a wonderful, there's a better way,raise your voice
LizGilbert My Body is a cage...keeps me from dancin with the one I love,but my mind holds the key. You're standin next to me,my mind holds the key
solobasssteve this SO should be the most blipped song for the next week or so :) Props plz -
LizGilbert Come In From The Cold/Joni We thought we had a purpose...something we were anxious to achieve...I feel renewed...bonfires in my spine
LizGilbert & @theentertainer Love & Happiness THE Al Green ...
LizGilbert Melody Cool/Mavis Staples & Prince...
LizGilbert Love is Plentiful/Staples Singers...Night tweethearts.We take care of each other here in's an amazing thing.Pass it on.
LizGilbert Express Yourself/Charles Wright &Watts 103St Rhythm Whatever you do, do it's not what you look like when you're doin what you're doin
LizGilbert Thank You...Huge props to @vansshoeco : You are the best. Two kids will be so happy & they need some joy.
LizGilbert Love Comes (to the rescue)...twitterbees...stay warm & safe...goin to try & drive through a snow bank,slide on a garbage can lid,build a snowgirl
euskir una de las más bellas canciones que conozco, buenas noches / one of the most beautiful songs I know, good night


| play
juliewright The official Christmas Carol of Canada immortalized by Bob & Doug McKenzie. Enjoy! (Am I homesick after 8 yrs in U.S.?)
LizGilbert Think it's going to work out fine..@ellmcgirt,@beekerstudios Hope you're having a fine day...Let's pick up experiment. Ellen, you say the word !
LizGilbert Good day all in my kind of town Twitterville: Higher Ground...take care of each other. Be back soon.
juliewright No Sunday is complete until you've listened to this classic...
euskir otro gran guitarrista, James Blood Ulmer / another great guitar player, James Blood Ulmer
LizGilbert &@vansshoeco Dear Nikki: the Angels With Dirty Faces are going to be thrilled.She'll have a pink guitar to match shoes! You are beautiful.
LizGilbert & @ellmcgirt,@beekerstudios Hoy No Quiero : village Cancun area/ruins far from tourist diesel thought I saw you...
LizGilbert Shout Me Out / put your love into action
LizGilbert & @euskir,@onestringcello,@pareidoliac,@meryl333,@technomonk,@sashakane,@shannatrenholm,@exoticat Just Because.
LizGilbert C'Mon People (We're Making It Now)...Thinking bout ALL of you this day..good tweeple.May the wind be at your backs,a warm & friends.
LizGilbert @crazyonyou,@onlineteacher,@beekerstudios,@ellmcgirt,@jpostman,@shezcrafti,@tindle,@mrsstranahan,@MarilynM,@raymondpirouz,@keithburtis <3
LizGilbert <3 to @greenmodernkits,@lilpecan,@nwjerseyliz,@legere,@artistshouse,@joshcharles,@eliottcole,@yogacowgirls,@geekbus,@delanne,@theentertainer
LizGilbert more LOVE to:@quiverandquill,@artmaker,@linnetwoods,@coffeesister,@aronado,@staceymonk,@desertblog,@halfacat,@anca_foster,@additive,@lend4health (reblip)
LizGilbert Feeling Good...a little Nina Simone for you. Sweet dreams Twitterville...
LizGilbert Are you ready ? Dear friends:May all your wishes come true. Peace & Joy & deep thanks to special tweeple who have made some kids' dreams come true.
solobasssteve wow, here's Herbie Hancock & Corinne Bailey Rae doing 'River': outstanding.
LizGilbert Eartha Kitt,,,another great one gone. We all listened to her last night on RCA 1920's Victrola..C'est Si Bon.
LizGilbert "Everything in this world is SO old.We're so young.Who'll be here for us?(6 yr old said to me last night/hers a storm tossed life.
juliewright This song is so great. I need one more listen before Christmas is declared officially over...
LizGilbert A little blip set to follow: Thinkin bout War On Drugs,cost to keep a person in jail Versus cost to keep 1 child in USA clothed/fed/sheltered/educated
LizGilbert We gotta have peace/C Mayfield : Reflecting on this Xmas w street kids.Yes,hundreds of homeless on our doorstep/fallen thru cracks & most are kids
LizGilbert What's So Funny Bout (Peace Love & Understanding)/Nick Lowe: As I walk on thru troubled times...Where are the strong? And who are the trusting?
LizGilbert In the Ghetto/N Merchant & Tracy Chapman Don't you understand/this child needs a helping hand...he'll be an angry young man one day..his hunger burns
LizGilbert Better Way/Ben Harper nuff said.
Figgywithit almost makes this cranky man want to get up and dance

Le TigreTKO

| play
ramelot Tiene un estilo Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mola. ¿quien coje el guante? jejeje
LizGilbert Mornin Twitterville :hope you are warm,safe in your travels,loved
LizGilbert Boy About 10/Harold Budd Where are ya Harold? Desert is missing you...
LizGilbert &@pareidoliac We're good thanks but I've got a fuse lit & burning:Xmas w street kids.Kids in danger,hungry,walk these streets...crazymaking sometimes
LizGilbert @KathySierra:Brian Eno/Twitterville:Artists "Design a society where you wouldn't mind having any job in it" A lot to be learned from artists.. (reblip)
LizGilbert To all the lovers on Twitterville today: Partic @solobasssteve & @lobeliasabo, @foulbastard &@tatty,@maggieconv & @cwardzala..Take care of each other
nbr there was one thing we weren't thinkin of
ramelot Human Interest de Hooverphonic. No la conocía de nada. La he encontrado en plan "suffle" aqui en y me ha encantado la letra.


| play
LizGilbert & @7thscreen Wait Until Tomorrow/ here's point(If there was one) :Is Hendrix today, yesterday or tomorrow ? Unsure,insane windowpane..
LizGilbert One Of A Kind by Freddie Hubbard (written for Miles Davis): Great Art Never Dies.
LizGilbert Thanks @ you_decide : Nakba-Slovo (reblip)


| play
LizGilbert We're on a rock spinning silently...won't you get close to me ? Night Twitterville /new & old friends. Dream Peace...we need it.
by_starla @lunarboy--thanks so much for blipping this--it's a particular favorite of mine. the lyrics are wonderful, and very meaningful to me. <3 to you. :) (reblip)
GR8FL @Sandman5 - good choice! ♪ ♫ ♫I can't understand What makes a man Hate another man, Help me understand People are people....♫♪ (reblip)
LizGilbert Until philosophy which holds 1 race superior, & another inferior, is finally & permanently discredited & abandoned, everywhere is war. thnks@gr8fl (reblip)
LizGilbert @evrideva Theologians...don't know nuthin bout my soul. I'm an ocean....slow motion
LizGilbert Prayer for Earth/Mike Oldfield:The Long Now think loooooooong & slooooooooow for future human generations.1 World.
LizGilbert & @danlatorre Tesla's Hotel Room...drew plans for a camera to photograph thoughts. The Silent language,my friend. (reblip)
juliewright Anyone see Bettye Lavette sing 'Love Reign O'er Me' on Kennedy Center Honors last night? A perfect moment!
rushjr Gah! This song blows me away
rushjr Beautiful voice. Rough Trade's cd of the year 2007. Uninspiring live, though the crowd wasn't really into her to begin with so...
LizGilbert Bold As Love/Jimi...yeah...seems like tomorrow,not so long. We're burnin into the New Year & plan to be as bold as love.A toast to you all.
LizGilbert so great to find all of you this year in the Twitter village.Extraordinary.Happy New Year everyone from Liz & Richard & Chordata peeps.
LizGilbert Call me Up in DreamLand get the message to me any way you to me man
LizGilbert & @shannatrenholm Yes Yes...rendezvous 09. In meantime,you're "2 cool 2 B 4-gotten" 09 Your Time OK? Best of the deserve.
LizGilbert & @euskir,@onestringcello,@moscowfish I love you dearly.Together for the long run,eh?See you on the other side.
LizGilbert Signing out on West Coast...See you all in 09. Onward,Upward.
LizGilbert &@dadderley Welcome old friend to Twitterville.So happy to see you here.It's all abt who you follow & I'll point ya to kindred spirits/lots of em.
LizGilbert Had to reblip (ha & on request !) 1 more time for all the #happy09 peeps. Sing It To The Birds...Rock ON.. (reblip)
nbr a song for the New Year: The Neville Brothers - Fearless

04 Fearless.mp3

| play
euskir @GabriL amo la música de Matthew Shipp / I love Matthew Shipp music #88 Another Excerpt from Astonishing Matthew Shipp. (reblip)
euskir Trane & Eric Dolphy en clarinete bajo / on bass clarinet Happy new Mantra. "May there be peace and love and perfection troughout all creation, O God" (reblip)
euskir for @LizGilbert,@onestringcello,@moscowfish film music from Pedro Aznar, "Take off", and the best wishes for 2009...
LizGilbert &@songrytr,@OMGfree & all Twitterville buds old & new:Music trumps time...everyday people.
LizGilbert &@gr8fl Feel the maybe world,was wondering how many birds you're gonna bring me ? Dreamy stuff.
LizGilbert Hard Times Come Again No More..tell it Mavis Staples & the power of Stephen Foster's quintessential American music.
LizGilbert Won't you join us for the Pirate's Gospel ...big bellied whales & tiny dancers ? Thnks @rushjr (reblip)
adbert @JonathanGunson [Say After Me – Bic Runga] Elton John and Jimmy Page are fans of her. ;-)
adbert [I'll Stand By You – Pretenders] You're right, @samsoncomics! ha ha ha. Amazing, isn't it?
ShyTrbleMaker @NicLizD A peace train is always good for ridding oneself of toxicity!
LizGilbert Via @philanthropic My country is the world;My religion is to do good./Thomas Paine may say I'm a dreamer
LizGilbert Love Vigilantes thnks @aldenia,@striker (i be LizGilbert on Blip...someone asked ?) but you are love vigilantes...gotta be. (reblip)
ShyTrbleMaker "Dancing Shoes" @robsonsanchez (Thanks, my favorite Arctic Monkeys song! Ran out of props, great playing today!) (reblip)
LizGilbert Ron Asheton /Stooges:Wanna Be Your Dog: He had a big heart,behind the scenes. Another who will be missed.
Streek @marilovisky wow crazy! Ok cool ive done it! Yes its a small world!;) Ha!
Streek @marilovisky me too! Im outta here now! Take Care! Oiche Mhaith!....Ps not laughing .....hahahahahaha!;)
Streek @ALL Night people....;) Oiche Mhaith!!! XO
LizGilbert Dear @armano We are family/birds of a feather flock together...Hey,you're a SOUL MAN Beautiful.
LizGilbert @hardlynormal Yell Fire ! A revolution never comes with a warning...We're out here in Palm Springs area where people are REALLY falling thru cracks.
flickie sounds cliche, but i don't even have words for this song. it could be my all time favorite. ever.
flickie dude. his voice. however many or few effects are involved. always. kills. me.

Bon IverWoods

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ToriTuncan so happy to come across this one on Blip! (reblip)
LizGilbert @lend4health glad you found it too.ReBLIP.Mornin friendly're the best ! (reblip)
LizGilbert Honoring Betty Freeman. Suite for Toy Piano/John Cage
LizGilbert Tell me how do you stand there with your broken heart ? Shower the people with love ...if you only will/ Show them the way you feel.
LizGilbert @pareidoliac Everybody Pays...either on the strip,or on the edge of town...everybody pays to play
LizGilbert EarthQuake Weather ...little things (add up)
LizGilbert @songryter LAND Do the Watusi ;-)
LizGilbert @greenmodernkits A kinda Mr. Bourbon song in a weird way.
LizGilbert Greenback Dollar/ Richard Thompson &David Byrne for all artists re: America...
LizGilbert Dear @Hedreamsawake No matter you're "nowhere"Florida:Make the best music & art you can make & keep doing it.Just in case:Love Trumps ALL X
LizGilbert Sweet Dreams to @lilpecan,@ABartleby,@shannatrenholm,@akelaa,@gregorylent,@emperornorton,@songrytr,@wendelldotme,@artmaker,@linnetwoods ,@vinylarts
LizGilbert I DUG UP A DIAMOND (s):you know who y'all are sharp as any razor/bright as any laser...maybe once in a lifetime,rare & fine...Thank you:heart overflow


| play
LizGilbert Dirty Mind Imogen Heap & Jeff Beck @imogenheap YEAH !!
LizGilbert In A Station : "In the street I heard children laughing/They all sound the same. " Off to the barricades.Take care of each other. We're all we've got
ShyTrbleMaker Is it just me or are they getting even better? Love the stuff I'm hearing off the new CD.
ShyTrbleMaker Conor Oberest's project. Good stuff.

Bright Eyes Easy Lucky Free

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ShyTrbleMaker Like this song very much. Band from Glasgow.
LizGilbert From Richard (partner in crime):ESP/Maybe when all our human senses are working in perfect sync with our brains. Everything in its right place...
LizGilbert @ndbob Blipper after my own heart. Chris Smither/Jessie Winchester...oh lord/blast from my past let me tell ya THX (reblip)
LizGilbert Simply Spalding Gray/Steve Forbert...Wonder what Spalding would have made of Twitter? S Forbert...blippin friends,part of my earlier daze in NYC.
LizGilbert one last for the night: Jerusalem/Steve Earle There'll be no barricades,no wire or walls,& we can wash all this blood from our hands
LizGilbert Night to you all...I'm in the woods...looking up at the night sky & thinking of you.Bon Iver/beautiful nighttime sky song. (reblip)

Bon IverWoods

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ndbob My 300th blip for @LizGilbert, my blipping kindred spirit.
LizGilbert You gotta be bold, You gotta be bad, you gotta be wiser, you gotta be kinder,you gotta be stronger Challenge what the future holds. TX @vipvirtualsols
LizGilbert Throwing Caution to the winds now/Love Over Gold.
LizGilbert Sharkey's Day With hat in hand I's a Twitter/Blip busking;Anyone in SOCAL know an enlightened art collectin dentist?Emergency. @judyrey ,@SashaKane
LizGilbert Sharkey's Day With hat in hand I's a Twitter/REBlip busking on the night shift:Emergency.Any SOCAL peeps know dentist who'd trade for art etc..? (reblip)
LizGilbert It's not the bullet that kills you (Sharkey was unavailable ;) What ? You didn't like my busking ? Want me to move it along ?
LizGilbert @KathysArt The Mummer's Dance for you.Straight from the heart.
LizGilbert Inner City Pressure/Flight of the ConChords Lint, I tell ya...can get you down.
LizGilbert @musecrossing No Expectations...You have me laughing crazily re" corrupting the murals of a miner."
LizGilbert Love (is all we need):Departing Twitterville for today...Take care of each other.
LizGilbert @joegerstandt The Ghetto /THX today for Letter from Birmingham .Love Does Conquer ALL. The Fall of the biggest wall of all:The idea we are separate.
LizGilbert @onestringcello It's the 19th still here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! To Build A Home/to you who are home to me. (Working on song in yr honor/for you).
DamienBasile For @ABartelby- a band named She & Him with Zooey Deschanel in it. Love. It.
LizGilbert My Own Eyes- Mavis Staples It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break.
LizGilbert @gregorylent grace ,the ephemeral made manifest in art. We loved watching you make something.
LizGilbert @eve11,@zoestardust Free/Cat Power

Cat PowerFree

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euskir Maria Rita, más música fantástica de Brasil / more fantastic music form Brazil
LizGilbert Let's not live in "Splendid Isolation" Pete Yorn Brilliance...@peteyorn & to all my Blip Buddies...catching up...Hope you're having a great night.
LizGilbert Blue Monday People/Curtis Mayfield
songrytr I'm going through some almost-done recordings choosing a few to finish for an EP. Critical feedback welcome:
LizGilbert @euskir It was up in the mountains...the tigers,the to you & @lilpecan it's snowing here in these desert mountains/ Power on & off.
LizGilbert Crime in the desert/Eno & Cale Think I'm gonna go detune autoharp cause it's snowing in the desert & it'd be a crime not to yodel at the snowflakes.
euskir @Fraueva Secret garden ;) algo de paz para refrescar el día / some peace to refresh the day... (reblip)
LizGilbert Pass thru fire to light/best not to wait for luck to save you. Lou & Laurie Anderson 4/5/09 Mind Meets Music/Phoenix AZ
LizGilbert Not A Robot But A Ghost @AndrewBird W/out doubt,one of great musicians producing today. "I cracked the codes that end the war." New "Nobel Beast" out.
quozza ...and round again ... ...its a lovely interaction.
LizGilbert John Martyn is gone but his music lives on & on. Just caught the next train home John.We'll meet you in the music once again.
LizGilbert A day of huge personal double loss: For B.G.I'll remember you forever.We will carry much work still to be done.
LizGilbert How to Disappear/Night all.Post tomorrow on loss of threading for us this wk on Twitter & how this affects value of Twit:the convo & sharing.Miss you.
by_starla i could just blip nothing but Mojave 3 and be happy. such wonderful songs. sigh.
LizGilbert rB @Reckon If we cld read secret history of our enemies,we wld find in each man's life a sorrow & suffering enough to disarm all hostility.-Longfellow (reblip)
LizGilbert RB @ThePR (how be you ?) The greatest;Otis Redding/Cigarettes & Coffee. THX for fantastico feedback & your GRACE.Carry you in my pocket village. (reblip)
LizGilbert TwitterCitySong This city tells me state of the world..high frequencies...night y'all & mornin to London in snow & @onestringcello here's to fish.
LizGilbert WIndpower/Thomas Dolby there is no enemy...@gregorylent (yes,all a school)
LizGilbert Big Science ...don't forget your mittens.
LizGilbert @GarethCrew never too young/too old for such beauty...don't you just wanna be "up on the roof?"
quozza ...Austrian soul-folk oddness... (smiles)
SourNotHardcore "The Birds – Telefon Tel Aviv" Nice! (reblip)
LizGilbert @CrazyOnYou,@vaxen_var,@euskir,@eddiebreen If 6 was Eddie says...he's got a bunch of off kilter artist buddies...#NED
CrazyOnYou @anodyne2art Feeling like a little Woodstock. We got to get ourselves back to the garden... #TED
musecrossing @anodyneart TY for re-minding me ;)
musecrossing Drum moves me in this song about our ancestors.

Mes Aieux - Degeneration

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GR8FL I've changed my avatar so many times I don't know what to do.
tindle Roll up, roll up! hear the remarkable, amazing, gargling vocalist..Love your work Stevie, but please, please, learn to articulate!
quozza ...mess the message... this has soul.
LizGilbert People Gotta Be Free/Keb'Mo' #NED @gregorylent Re: surface turulence. Surfers know:Study way it looks on surface to know deeper & to choose yr wave.
LizGilbert Halo to @fredoviola for making such beautiful music.
ShyTrbleMaker Some old-school sounds. Soul to send you on your way.
LizGilbert Come as you a friend,as a known memory. Swear I don't have a gun
LizGilbert @vaxen_var,@rawdawgbuffalo RDBuff/We're not just meat,eh? RE:EMP/according to wikiP:1-3% streetlights in Hawaii extinguished from StarFish Prime.
LizGilbert @CrazyOnYou (TY for #100),@patipatah(Halo Brazil),@tindle(xo FOR REAL),@shytrblmaker LOVERS all...keep it up. #BIL
LizGilbert @desertpigment3 The Scientist going back to the start
LizGilbert @tindle Stand Up Guy...if you don't buy the snake oil,you don't got a show...
LizGilbert @silverton Political Science...Let's drop the big one...
CrazyOnYou A beautiful voice silenced too soon. Eva Cassidy gives us Fields of Gold...
LizGilbert @lxpk n ALL.Superstition The 13th YAY #SCIFRI,#ARTSEVO

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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LizGilbert I am not afraid. The Outsiders are gathering...A new day is born. #ADOPTARTIST
LizGilbert @treesandshrubs Let My Love Open The Door
LizGilbert For @akelaa I Want It All | Please support A valentine to the Children of Gaza. Here's to the future of the dreams of youth. <3
LizGilbert Donate/Children of Gaza -Halo @briangreene in Ireland 4 TY/Waiting for the day when the people walk free
LizGilbert Send your love & $ to the Children of Gaza- May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold/J Martyn
Reckon The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy. (Nin) (reblip)

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

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LizGilbert Give to Tuesdays Child. @Reckon I don't wanna grow up:Petra Haden/Bill Frisell (hi peeps ;) & Vancouver blippers
LizGilbert For the Children of Gaza ;Born Never Asked.No children should ever have to grow up in such conditions. @cloudchair,@euskir
LizGilbert BB waay later to dj for You know what to do! Night dear fellow blippers/In My Secret my orders.@desertpigment3
LizGilbert Give a Valentine to Children of Gaza. Hi Clarence...For record/I blip music I "own",my own,or peeps I know re:royalties contro
LizGilbert Who By Fire ? Who in these realms of love,who shall I say is calling ? @eve11,@gregorylent,@euskir
LizGilbert & we're baaaaack.Send love & $ for Children of Gaza:@tindle Ashes of American Flags.Where's yr music on blip..wanna blip it.
LizGilbert An old one Live noodle from me (short vers) more words: Where you gonna go,when you're naked to the bone..?TY @onestringcello
LizGilbert Love to you all Share your Toys ! Red Bus/MoscowFish (@onestringcello on Twitter).DJ Set of many Music Compadres to come.
LizGilbert Nothing Feeds A Fire Like A Dream Deferred/Liz Gilbert (Moscow Fish Vers).Feed this fire for Children in warzones made by adults
GR8FL so after all is said & done - are we more cohesive as a world community? can we live together without killing each other?
LizGilbert Here's @lobelia...(I don't want to )" Wake Up & Lose You Again" everybody...stick around OK?
LizGilbert I know I'm not alone.Make sure GAZA children don't feel alone in this world. Http:// TYsweet blippers,@briangreene #ARTSEVO #ONEWORLD
LizGilbert Nothing's Free but Guaranteed 4 a lifetime/Look into yr glovebox.W S Burroughs/REM #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert The Ascent of Man/In the desert floor as you pan for gold /I'm trying to divine you...
LizGilbert @solobasssteve the bowling alleys,in the morning papers,something good got lost along the way,We could be high. XO
LizGilbert @manmanly for you from Southern California New Surfer Music/Gamma Ray/Beck XO

BeckGamma Ray

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LizGilbert @batterista Slow Numbers/Morphine...Hope your basement's holding up.
LizGilbert @CrazyOnYou "I'm the passenger...yeah,everything is yours & mine...LA LA...Scream anything ya want...XO

REM Passenger (Iggy Pop) (Live Jools Holland)

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LizGilbert Google say Get offa my cloud,cause it's MY cloud.."the telephone's ringin..WIckipedia say Indie Musicians:Get offa MY cloud/it's MINE #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert Love is Bad for Business but we know different don't we ? R Thompson
LizGilbert @manmanly Here Comes comes my Chinese rug ! Here comes the zoo..HA HA
LizGilbert Rock the Casbah Twitter...yeah.Like That.
KathysArt It's a good life if you don't weaken the tragically hip...

It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken the tragically hip

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LizGilbert @yokoono Happy Birthday ! Bless you for "your sea of goodness."
LizGilbert DO the Evolution Watusi It's Social Evolution Baby The sun is free,air is free...#ARTSEVO
LizGilbert @imagist & ALL What is Success ? How does one decide that the methods he's using,just won't jive #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert Down is the New Up ..sometimes feel like cartoon character running in air who hasn't hit ground yet.@imagist #TRUTH
LizGilbert The telescope/Mr.Galileo: Don't Nucleate...Share Your Electrons...Ha Ha...TY again for #ARTSEVO fabulousness.
FineNGood I got a right, I got a right to sing anytime I want
FineNGood This broken wing will fly again One fine day This blackbird's mute gonna sing again One fine day
jesseluna Very No Doubt-ish, but not them.....Sister Hazel - Your Winter.
LizGilbert @ManaJunkie There Is A War/Leonard Cohen |Yay Canada
LizGilbert Renegades of Funk @vaxen_var Rock Out...ride this wave of energy,no can drive this SHIFT,better believe it. #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert Dontcha Know ? Talkin Bout A Revolution | SHIFT #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert @rawdawgbuffalo Just keep walkin the talk...Rising DOWN.
LizGilbert Dear Friends...Remember we're a "jigsaw falling into place." Just happy to be a puzzle piece on this wild ride.Be Kind.<3
LizGilbert Braided Hair.."twisted together from the same dirt..same place crosses burned/same place loss was earned...Just the things that make us real
LizGilbert @desertpigment3 It (should) be so easy...

Timbuk 3Easy

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LizGilbert @onestringcello,@euskir perfect description of the situation (perspective is everything)..
LizGilbert @eve11 How I feel right now...there is a light that never goes out.
LizGilbert @Trendygoodnight Wanted to send you Perfect Day Elise,dear Elise but not avail to say Perfect Day (meeting you) Elise.Send ya PJ anyway. <3
LizGilbert Zappa Say no more:Cosmik Debris #ARTSEVO Soundtrack
euskir for @WaterBears,@anodyne2art,@pareidoliac,@manmanly,@Reckon,@onlineteacher,@CrazyOnYou,@onestringcello

Search For Peace

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LizGilbert Night all: Schism /Tool " I know the pieces fit ,cause I watched them tumble down. Rediscover Communication. There was a time when the pieces fit..


| play
LizGilbert Truth itself is wounded..light to light funeral trains:Let it be over & written off,everybody's bad debt." (K Patchen 1952 So Be It) <3
LizGilbert @danlatorre (@youngyouth on Blip) ;) They are neighbours...They've come back from the dead..(ie,Waking Up/little more every day)
LizGilbert Leonard Cohen/Villanelle for Our Time...We rise to play a greater part/ reshaping narrow law & art/ from bitter searching of the heart. #ARTSEVO
LizGilbert @vaxen_var Mose Allison/ Seventh Son
LizGilbert <3 to Y'all. CAN I HAZ A WITNEzZ ?Neville Brothers "Change Gonna Come...(Bless Sam Cooke)..feel I have the strength to carry on. TY.
LizGilbert Take good care of each other,friends. See ya...Rock the Nation/The Dawning|DJ Spooky/Michael Franti
LizGilbert A Heart Needs A know who you are/my home. Thank You,dear friends farflung.Buckets of desert stars flung to you/no time/no distance <3
LizGilbert Hollywood Hopeful/ Loudon Wainwright3...never saw so many rented cars..tryin to get a billboard on the boulevard
LizGilbert Human Thing (TBGT)...hey ,nice to see ya..Vangroover...yeah,yeah...sooner than you think at this rate. <3 (When are you gonna go Twitofficial)
LizGilbert @Akelaa We are Scientists(haz a plan going to plan B) em too.
LizGilbert Hey,Soul Men/Women Make it better each & every day...You ain't seen nuthin yet ! Sam & Dave (1967) TY @ManaJunkie (reblip)
LizGilbert Follow this audiosapien @johnnymcdaid From ashes a phoenix rises..great new music from him.
LizGilbert @akelaa How about "Handshake Drug" versus Addiction as in;I'm handshake drugged n high on LOVE...;) "It's ok for you to say what you want from me."
LizGilbert @elasticfate Free Money/Patti Smith also "paths that cross will cross again." ha ha buy you an airstream...
LizGilbert @shannatrenholm Littlest birds sing the prettiest songs/global tribe,nessie paws? @carolannb for you too this song/Stumble a bit,you'll inspire more
LizGilbert The Art Teacher....#ArTSEVO...I looked at the Rubens & the Rembrandts...but
LizGilbert @db Poet...appreciate you. You've got fire...oh yeah
LizGilbert @legere for you,,,long ago (guitars etc...) BUT JOY is the aim...
LizGilbert Same Brown Earth...Today Comet Lulin is soooooo close. Go look : you can see with binoculars's so beautiful.
LizGilbert these words are too solid,they don't move fast enough..(Language) we are in a silence more eloquent than any word could ever be & is gone..
LizGilbert @sophiessoaps There are no words..just know we in your Twitter family are sending you all the love and you can lean on us.
LizGilbert Big Science...this must be the place. #artsevo Golden Cities/Golden Towns.
euskir uno de los más grandes músicos de todos los tiempos / one of the greatest musicians from all times: Charles Mingus (reblip)
LizGilbert @shiningtvscreen Some Tha Funkee HomoSapien for ya "a new rhyme to do." got rascally musicality ;)
LizGilbert Crash after 50 secs so night folks <3 Crazy...for @akelaa,@foulbastard,@CrazyOnYou,@EmperorNorton,@lilpecan,@vaxen_var,@ydubel PROBABLY !!! LA LA LA
LizGilbert Chain Gang.Sam Cooke: Workin on the chain gang...long pair Links & bonds.
LizGilbert @vaxen_var Chain Gang/Pretenders Know you can hear this one:"to a place in the past we've been cast out of...NOW we're back in the fight."
LizGilbert Wow...check out Moon & Venus conjunction in sky right now (@eve11) Venus as a Boy..."believes in beauty...exploring..
LizGilbert @susandelaney Essence...with <3 from the semantic web & a fri night #cognotini
LizGilbert With our naked eyes..we share this conjunction, this moment beyond words,language & we're sharing Moon & Venus across Twitter..WOOT & Triple WOot
jesseluna Love the beginning to this song.. The Beta Band - Dry The Rain
LizGilbert Last in mini L Williams blipathon (halo mr guitar man how's coast ?)
LizGilbert @vaxen_var Advance BDAY <3 from Django Reinhardt " I Saw Stars" et Le Quintette Du Hot Club de France avec Stephane Grapelly.
LizGilbert Chris Smither Origin of the Species...You & that cat named Felix,all wrapped up in a double helix...
LizGilbert Jingle & a wish coin...the sky is burnin in my rear view mirror
LizGilbert Already're already there. Night good people..take care of each other."You walk around like some kind of angel."
LizGilbert Time Has Come Today.Can't Put it off another day...Hey !
LizGilbert Strange Currencies... you know who you are.
euskir más Charlie Parker, porque no pueden olvidar la música verdadera / more Charlie Parker, because you can't forget real music
euskir ahora, Charlie Parker, el gran compositor / now, Charlie Parker, the great composer
LizGilbert @theloveartist "don't have to be beautiful to turn me on,don't need experience,don't have to be rich,don't have to be cool HA HA


| play
LizGilbert @annran5 Wolf Like Me ;) addin to yr dog-painting soundtrack
LizGilbert @penguinasana I always think of this "Profanity Prayers" re: scammers & God.."who's gonna answer ?"
DamienBasile You're hot hot hot and you're cold cold cold
LizGilbert @beth83 For you...& I know you're not kidding...Me,I'm in a wilderness. Oh yes,agreed abt Arrested Dev too ;)
LizGilbert @euskir Hold ON...Love you,dear friend. Right with you...something like the miles are nothing to us..take my hand,standin right here.
ESQ_80 Love this NIN instrumental track..
CrazyOnYou Now... The mist across the window hides the light... But nothing hides the color of the lights that shine, electricity so fine.. Steppin' Out
CrazyOnYou Took my love, took it down.. Climbed a mountain, turned around... Landslide
LizGilbert Kamera...I've driven in the dark,with echoes in my heart...counting on the heart I know by heart,to walk me thru this war


| play
LizGilbert @CrazyOnYou,@euskir Flying Lesson...but this is what I really think...& am working on all the time ;) This is a passing moment today...
LizGilbert Know Your Rights (all 3 of em )/Clash TY @FOGGIELOANER (reblip)
LizGilbert @vaxen_var (TY @ESQ_80 ) Blue Ridge Mountains/Fleet Foxes...know you can't hear this,but it's waiting for you anyway. (reblip)
LizGilbert r/b @threebears ^_^ through @morganq with thanks to both! & @GR8FL USE ME ! (til you use me up)...yeah...Hi there Order of Unified Blippers <3 (reblip)
LizGilbert Robots/Flight of the Conchords...we killed em, so we could have fun...Affirmative.
LizGilbert Singing to the Birds ( that means y'all in TwitterVille...happy SUNday) what if ...?
LizGilbert @nilerodgers Deeply honored. <3 You !! & also We Are Family. Yours in music.
bouche Oscar Peterson – Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
Figgywithit David Lindley and El Rayo-X. Don't know what it means but I love the song.

My Romeo

| play
SourNotHardcore "Radiohead – Where I End And You Begin" Wow, I forgot all about this song and now it's back up to my 2nd favorite Radiohead song.
LizGilbert @SourNotHardcore TY... (@ydubel...where I end & you begin ; so wonderful to share all that time with you..time & space collapse/no boundaries sistah (reblip)
LizGilbert @ydubel,Light enough to travel..You will be here with us in the desert <3 @pareidoliac here's to our identity-less existence ! <3 ;) (meet each other)
LizGilbert #artsevo Twitter artists of all denominations:Queen of the are,dontcha know ? Elevate,Illuminate.
LizGilbert Everything is Broken....ain't no jivin/ So,let's fix some things & mend some hearts...
bouche going to a neil young tribute in Toronto on June 10th at Massey Hall!
LizGilbert @jeffschmidt Lucky dime for ya...13 can also be a lucky #
LizGilbert Light here's to you geoff..<3
LizGilbert If you wanna drink that green stuff,gotta light it on fire...hangin around at the Clown & Bard.
bouche A great Canadian band featuring guitar great Kevin Breit covering Neil Young - The Sisters Euclid – Helpless
WaterBears @CrazyOnYou Neil Young, a Taoist philosopher if there ever was one...Long May You Run.
LizGilbert Dance Party over here...Brimful of Asha/She's the one who keeps the dream alive.Greetings from C side of the 45/Happy SUNday to all.
dsb1218 "At #2 on the charts this week, Better Than Ezra. At #1 - Ezra" (deadpan) haha, loved Norm McDonald on SNL Weekend Update
adbert [The Kinks