Lou_ter_Lou And I'm heading west... without a sad goodbye... (@SW_Driver ;-)). <Cyndi Lauper-Heading West>

Cyndi Lauper-Heading West

| play
Lou_ter_Lou En vanzelfsprekend is onze actiegroepsong natúúrlijk: I don't like Mondays <Boomtown Rats> #5dagenweekend
Lou_ter_Lou WAAAAKKKKEERRR WORDEN!!! Geluid op max! <eurythmics - thorn in my side>

eurythmics thorn in my side

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I did it all just for her. or was it a HIM after all? <HIM Poison Girl>

HIM Poison Girl lyrics

| play
Lou_ter_Lou You and your heart... shouldn't be so far apart... <Jack Johnson>
Lou_ter_Lou Good morning song 4 you ALL, Sweet Sweet Babies!!! <Macy Grey - Sweet Baby>

Great Macy Gray Video

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I feel good enough!!! 4 you. <Evanescence – Good Enough>
Lou_ter_Lou What I am and what I always will be.... Everybody's Fool <Evanescence>
Lou_ter_Lou and back at ya! love it. RB @mark_till: "Evanesence acoustic My Immortal ty4props! @LouLaBa @giftzwockel @jazcan @DJRosaNava" (reblip)

Evanesence acoustic

| play
Lou_ter_Lou geniaal... RB @mark_till: "Evanescence - bring me to life acoustic live" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou en hier krijg ik dus écht kippenvel van hè.... zo mooi... <Pillar of Davidson – Live>
Lou_ter_Lou me like :-) <Lily Allen - Fuck You> (RB @auticomics) (reblip)

Lily AllenFuck You

| play
Lou_ter_Lou special blip 4 @heidtjepeidje ... says it all. <Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here>
Lou_ter_Lou well, what about now.... <Daughtry>
Lou_ter_Lou I can't breathe easy, can't sleep at night....cursed me inside... <Blue – Breathe Easy>
Lou_ter_Lou Very special blip 4 @MissMar29plus1 - you're allowed to be... <scared - Judith>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou thanXXX lieve @cis67, idd prachtig nummer voor het momentele gevoel... #wasmuts <Incubus - Love Hurts>

Incubus "Love Hurts"

| play
Lou_ter_Lou En het is zo stil in mij... ik heb nergens woorden voor... <Van Dik Hout – Stil in mij>
Lou_ter_Lou special blip for one very special person... <Kelly Clarkson – You Found Me>
Lou_ter_Lou I do too #rainbows ;-) do you see your own?? let me be Your Mirror then ;-) <Simply Red> @straywebsurfer
Lou_ter_Lou a last good night song (and a must!). NO ONE EVER IS TO BLAME!! <Howard Jones>
Lou_ter_Lou I did it all 4... my poison girl... <HIM>

HIM Poison Girl lyrics

| play
Lou_ter_Lou my current feelings in one song. piece of art... <Natalie Merchant- I May Know the Word> and again... and again... and again...

Natalie Merchant- I May Know the Word

| play
Lou_ter_Lou It's silly... but I still got the blues 4 u... <Gary Moore>
Lou_ter_Lou Those Were The Days (my friends)... (goodnight song 4 you all!!) <Mary Hopkin – Those Were The Days>
Lou_ter_Lou Ook lekker! (het liedje ook trouwens :-P). "what did I do? you say I screwed it up..." <Nikki>

Nikki -What Did I Do? + Lyrics

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I drove all day... far away from you. sad now. but I will drive all night again soon. <Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night>
Lou_ter_Lou oooh even zwelgen hoor. soms moet dat hè :-P <Righteous Brothers – Lost That Loving Feeling>
Lou_ter_Lou I gave away all my thoughts now.... <Feel - Miss Montreal>

Miss MontrealFeel

| play
Lou_ter_Lou en ik zeg enkel: "more than a feeling?" <Boston>

Boston-More Than A Feeling

| play
Lou_ter_Lou @vanmaanen: "PUUR op het GEVOEL.... #BAM" mooi is-ie. (reblip)

Puur Op Het Gevoel

| play
Lou_ter_Lou so.... Call Me!!!! hup dan. <Blondie>

Blondie-Call Me

| play
Lou_ter_Lou one of my favourite genesis-drum-songs!!! RB @TropicsZ4: "Genesis - Home By the Sea" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Hey, all I wanna do is have a little fun before I die!!! <Sheryl Crow>
Lou_ter_Lou RB @mark_till: "Linkin Park – Numb yeah don't suicide, dude! @TropicsZ4 Don't delete your account bro, wait and see what happens @Schoork:" (reblip)

Linkin ParkNumb

| play
Lou_ter_Lou heeeee, mijn liedje op de radio :-D yeah!! "Sweet Louise" <Ironhorse>

"Sweet Louise" Ironhorse (1979)

| play
Lou_ter_Lou THAT's what it is!! now I know, HÁ!!! <Thorn in my Side - Eurithmics>

Eurythmics Thorn in My Side

| play
Lou_ter_Lou zo'n heerlijk nummer... all my power into this. A Heavy Cross... <Gossip>

Gossip-Heavy Cross

| play
Lou_ter_Lou @Mountainmama_ liefff!! THANX!! die versie doet 't bij mij weliswaar niet, maar deze wel ;-) "Nachtzuster, doe iets aan de pijn" And I will...

Doe MaarNachtzuster

| play
Lou_ter_Lou lekker!! I Will Love Again!! #BAM!! <Lara Fabian>

Lara Fabian I Will Love Again

| play
Lou_ter_Lou a romantic one... How can I fall when you just won't give me reasons at all... <Breathe - How Can I Fall>
Lou_ter_Lou Special blip for someone... How did we get so mean??? <Pink – Mean>

pinkmean * lyrics *

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Leave me alone.... just stop dogging me around! (the best MJ-song ever)
Lou_ter_Lou Think!! and then think once more please ;-) FREEDOM!!! <Aretha Franklin - Think>

Aretha franklin-think

| play
Lou_ter_Lou You broke me, now I can't feel anything... RB @cidermaker <James Morrison Featuring Nelly Furtado – Broken Strings> (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Special Blip 4 @Aimmunition - Knetterhard inderdaad!!! <Heart – Alone>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou The miracle of love... a mystery to me. <Eurythmics – The Miracle of Love>
Lou_ter_Lou This is the end, beautiful friend... <The Doors - The End>

The Doors-The End [FULL]

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Sinds een dag of wat... <Doe Maar – Sinds Een Dag Of 2>
Lou_ter_Lou I know there is no way back to yesterday. I will be with you. <T'Pau>
Lou_ter_Lou Het is zo stil in mij.... <Van Dik Hout>
Lou_ter_Lou Rebus: girl = boy & woman = man. <Guns N' Roses – Patience (LIVE)>
Lou_ter_Lou Springsteen en R.E.M. in 1 blip... 2 nice... <Man on the moon>

Springsteen/Rem man on the moon

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Maybe I drive, maybe you walk... Maybe you try to get off, baby... <REM Drive>

REM Drive **HQ**

| play
Lou_ter_Lou This one goes out to the one I love... (guess who :-)). <R.E.M. – The One I Love>
Lou_ter_Lou Ik vind dit zo'n heerlijke song hè... I try to walk away and I stumble... that's me :-) <Macy Gray – I try>
Lou_ter_Lou Welcome to MY truth..... <anastacia-welcome to my truth>

anastacia-welcome to my truth

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Deze moet ff. heeeeerlijk nummer, ultimate drumdoel. <Toto - Rosanna>

Toto rosanna

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I'm gonna have to put the law on you baby... <Nathalie Merchant>
Lou_ter_Lou Should've known better indeed... <Jim Diamond> (reblip)

*I Should Have Know Better* Jim Diamond (tradução e Legenda)

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Fiction Factory - Feels like Heaven... - heavenly.... (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Zo mooi dit, hè... "smiling when the shit comes down" ;-) <Crowded House – Four Seasons In One Day>
Lou_ter_Lou baby it's all right now... it really is!! RB @chow322 <Paul Rodgers - All Right Now> (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou current state of mind song. <Anastacia – Heavy On My Heart> good night.......
Lou_ter_Lou "don't you ever ever feel, like you're less then fuckin' perfect..." Okay! I won't!! <Pink>
Lou_ter_Lou Don't cry... well, I'll do my best... <Guns N' Roses Don't Cry >

Guns N' Roses Don't Cry 1987 Version

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Echoes - empty space - silence... pure joy of sound. no music no life... <Pink Floyd>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou I really do... <Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd>
Lou_ter_Lou ... or in there... for that matter... <Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb>
Lou_ter_Lou Who do you think you are, running round leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts... <Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts>
Lou_ter_Lou You'r poison. But I've got the antidote. HÁ!!!!! <Alice Cooper>
Lou_ter_Lou Is dit wat je bedoelde? Ach... laat het los... <Van Dik Hout>
Lou_ter_Lou Gewoon. Dat dus. <Van Dik Hout – Pijn>
Lou_ter_Lou En dan wordt het vanzelf ook stil in mij...<Van Dik Hout>
Lou_ter_Lou en die stilte, die valt zo hard, hè. <Van Dik Hout>

Van Dik Hout~~De stilte valt zo hard~~

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Goeiemorgen. wakker worden. Met dat dus. I'm off. Dag allemaal!

De DijkBloedend Hart

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Good Night Song... People Are Strange... (niet? lieve @heidtjepeidje?) XXX sleep tight all!!

The Doors "People Are Strange"

| play
Lou_ter_Lou goh... ja....kennen jullie deze nognognognog.... *listening to* <Fiction Factory – Feels Like Heaven>
Lou_ter_Lou ge-wel-dig. De song & 't mens zelf. yummm. <Lady GaGa – Yoü and I>
Lou_ter_Lou mag dan mogelijkerwijs vaut wezen, maar ik vind dit zo mooi hè.... <Pat Benatar – We Belong>
Lou_ter_Lou special blip 4 all ya lonely souls out there... <10cc – I'm Not In Love>

10ccI'm Not In Love

| play
Lou_ter_Lou So.... so you think you can tell... ('t blijft geniaalst...) <Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here>
Lou_ter_Lou ik vind dit zo'n coole song hè... [Text beachten] <Tim Bendzko – Nur noch kurz die Welt retten>
Lou_ter_Lou I want you to notice when I'm not around... You're so fucking special, I wish I was special.... <Radiohead – Creep>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou Ik zou een woord willen spreken, dat waar en van mij is, dat draagt wie ik ben, dat het houdt...<Ken Je Mij–T.Oosterhuis&L.Amuedo> (thanXX @meola1976)
Lou_ter_Lou I was your tramp and your trampoline, I was your plaster, I was your plasticine, Remodel me and dynamite my bridges <Cutting Crew – Frigid As England>
Lou_ter_Lou Trijntje zingt 't gewoon mooier... bij deze tekst komen de tranen. Altijd... <Trijntje Oosterhuis - Margherita (Marco Borsato)>
Lou_ter_Lou Sorry, from the bottom of my heart... <Judith>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou effe lekker... I Need Love - Deep Purple
Lou_ter_Lou special blip 4 @heidtjepeidje - thinking of you dear!! xxx & HUGGG (Amy Macdonald)

Don't tell me that it's over-Amy Macdonald

| play
Lou_ter_Lou one of her biggest fans... #me <Natalie Merchant - wonder>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou 't-is waarschijnlijk niet jouw muziek, maar hij's toch echt voor jou... @Verfspetter <Pink – Fuckin' Perfect>
Lou_ter_Lou don't ask me why... I don't love you anymore... don't think I ever did... <Eurythmics>

Eurythmics Don't ask me why

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Na "Fuck You" gisteren hoort deze er ook nog ff bij (mind the lyrics please!!). <Lily Allen – Smile> (cc @Miss_Psil)
Lou_ter_Lou weet je hè, ik loop echt al de héle avond met dit liedje in my hoofd... <Lily Allen – Fuck You> :-) heerlijk.

Lily AllenFuck You

| play
Lou_ter_Lou LOUDA SISTAS!!! En zo is 't maar net. #BAM!! <Aretha Franklin Eurythmics Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves>

Aretha Franklin Eurythmics Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I've seen... blue skies... throught the tears of my eyes... - voor jullie, ladies! <3 <3 <Rocky Horror Picture Show – I'm Going Home>
Lou_ter_Lou en hier ga ik MORGENAVOND heen!!! de echte musical. Zo'n zin in hè... yeah!!! <Rocky Horror Picture Show>
Lou_ter_Lou Lievelingssong. Geniale text. <Falco – America>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou I'm a true Falcophile... can't change it. <Falco – Out Of The Dark>
Lou_ter_Lou mijn lievelingsmeeblèrer... love natalie. <Natalie Merchant - River>

Natalie Merchant

| play
Lou_ter_Lou so beautiful.... For all of you in need, I reach out to you... Or at least I will always try to... <Natalie Merchant - My Skin>

Natalie Merchant-My Skin

| play
Lou_ter_Lou BANG!!!! Out. throw away today. bye. #twexit. <Blur>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou God I wanna be that Someone that you're with... <Nickelback>
Lou_ter_Lou oohhh put it on LOUD!! oh leckomio haha! RB @mark_till: "Afroman - Because I Got High" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou and I love this one... special blip for @yellowstar2000 <LIVE – Turn My Head>

LIVETurn My Head

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Sorry, was the wrong version!! this one should 've been the one!! @yellowstar2000 <3 once more ;-) <Live - Selling The Drama>
Lou_ter_Lou Bring me to life once more? <Evanesence> (RB @Chow322) (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou I love LIVE... RB @yellowstar2000: "Live – Lightning Crashes" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou my absolute, absolute, absolute favorite. I'm a dedicated Falcophile. A tribute. <Falco - Jeanny Trilogie>
Lou_ter_Lou RB @wild_divine: "~ warum willst du dich oder jemand an etwas erinnern?@state1848: "i will reblip this as many times as i have to!"--- I'll help, OK? (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou even lekker hartstikke vaut - DE Gute-Nachtsong van vandaag: <Münchener Freiheit – Ohne Dich>
Lou_ter_Lou RB @NewOrleansKat: "Tina Turner – ~I Can't Stand The Rain~ earphones off yeah! .....killing my drums!" Mine too!!! (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou anytime, cat! RB @blpfrk: "Take Me Home" <Phil Collins> -- awesome... -- (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Damn I wish I was your lover.... <Sophie B Hawkins> --- RB @sunshine66: "Damn I Wish I@stille_willie" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou guess I might be.... <Over You - Chris Daughtry>

Chris Daughtry- Over You( With Lyrics)

| play
Lou_ter_Lou impossible.... <Don't Speak - No Doubt>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou Should have known better.... <Jim Diamond>
Lou_ter_Lou I'd run right into hell and back... <Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything For Love> (RB @TropicsZ4) (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou special blip voor diegene die weet dat 't voor hem is.... Once in a while, two people meet... (((HUG)))!! <Dont get me wrong – The Pretenders>
Lou_ter_Lou special blip for @BennieBakfiets: the Night Nurse is waiting in the reception hall ;-) <Simply Red>

Simply RedNight Nurse

| play
Lou_ter_Lou for all of you who feel addressed... (mind the lyrics please...): I'd come for you. really. <nickelback>
Lou_ter_Lou deze moet even hoor. dit had ik me vanavond graag afgevraagd... Who's gonna DRIVE you home tonight? <The Cars>

The CarsDrive

| play
Lou_ter_Lou and TY @JoanieBeachMusic !! <FRIDAY I'm in love - The Cure> to all Friday lovers ;-)

Friday I'm in Love- The Cure

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I don't want anybody else, when I think about you... (and the rest ;-)) <Blondie - I Touch Myself > (RB @sunshine66) (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou mooi is-ie hè ;-) ... RB @stille_willie: "@LouLaBa: "and I love this one... special blip for @yellowstar2000 <LIVE – Turn My Head>"" (reblip)

LIVETurn My Head

| play
Lou_ter_Lou very special blip for @jbartelds - you're so damn right :-) <More than this - Roxy Music>
Lou_ter_Lou as a RW-fan, couldn't not reblip this one :-) RB @vichi99 - RW-She's madonna (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou no no no this one!! now we'll all learn to fly!! Pink Floyd (live) once more *sigh*
Lou_ter_Lou @Vandezoete NU ben ik jaloers....


| play
Lou_ter_Lou and this is mine too. Natalia Kills - live @Ö3 Studios. Gotta love this.
Lou_ter_Lou special Blip for @heidtjepeidje - get a little of that holiday feeling back... will warm you up inside!
Lou_ter_Lou don't mind the video (is somehow "schräg"), cindi is what (who) really counts in this case ;-)
Lou_ter_Lou feel down? get that gooooood feeling again, play THIS very loud (in your car, preferably ;-)) YAY!!!
Lou_ter_Lou absolutely cool!! was looking for Jessie J & found this. Superb!! Still got a lot to learn, I see...

Price TagJessie J

| play
Lou_ter_Lou RB @cidermaker - together with this one and Carnival. Natalie is awesome.
Lou_ter_Lou 7 years... 23 years... whatever...

Natalie Merchant- Seven Years

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Blues in the head, blues in the heart, cotton balls in my nose... Gary Moore - Still got the...
Lou_ter_Lou no words needed. Sheryl Crow – Run, Baby, Run
Lou_ter_Lou who knows what will be by then... really? In the Year 2525 (Zager & Evans)
Lou_ter_Lou Slave to love, I am. (Brian Ferry knows it all).
Lou_ter_Lou there is no better love song. sorry. <Judith - You>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou RB @wild_divine: "~ Dancing the Tears away" - Turn up the volume as loud as u can and feel that beat in your stomach!!! (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Alanis says it all (*Flinch*) - you touch me like you are my blood
Lou_ter_Lou Geduld is een schone zaak... Guns N' Roses – Patience
Lou_ter_Lou Guns N' Roses – November Rain
Lou_ter_Lou just a feeling... LOVE HURTS – NAZARETH

Love HurtsNazareth

| play
Lou_ter_Lou kijk @Pleurtje zo doe je dat :-) Anouk -Nobodys Wife

AnoukNobodys Wife

| play
Lou_ter_Lou For all of you who hurt a.t.m. - R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts
Lou_ter_Lou What a MAJOR song.... listening to: Gary Moore – Empty Rooms

Gary MooreEmpty Rooms

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Oh why... Can't sleep at night, til you're by my side.... <Blue - Breathe easy>

BlueBreathe easy ♥

| play
Lou_ter_Lou We could be heroes... just for one day... <David Bowie – Heroes>

David BowieHeroes

| play
Lou_ter_Lou it's Such a Shame.... <Talk Talk>
Lou_ter_Lou the last L.I.V.E. of tonight... I wanna <Dance With You>
Lou_ter_Lou L.I.V.E. night continued: Run to the Water

LiveRun to the water

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I simply can't stop... L.I.V.E.-night 2nite <LIVE – The Dolphyn's cry>

LIVEThe Dolphyn's cry

| play
Lou_ter_Lou one of the 'heavenliest' of L.I.V.E.... <Pillar of Davidson>
Lou_ter_Lou All Over You. Period. <L.I.V.E. – All Over You>
Lou_ter_Lou Like a koi in a frozen pond? hmm... <REM – Imitation Of Life lyrics>
Lou_ter_Lou nog meer 'snoepje' ;-) voor @Me_Desi <LIVE – I Alone>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou I'm just... <Selling The Drama - Live>
Lou_ter_Lou listening to... <Live – Lightning Crashes> (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou heerlijke song... RB @TropicsZ4: "Hinder ~ The Life" (reblip)

HinderThe Life

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I hope you know it has nothing to do with you... <Fergie – Big Girls Don't Cry (live)>
Lou_ter_Lou ik vind deze tekst ZO geniaal hè... elke keer weer. #ZAPPA!!! (veel beter dan Tsjakka). <Frank Zappa – Bobby Brown>
Lou_ter_Lou Sometimes I wish I could tell my brain to just shut up... <I Think Too Much – Kristy Lee Cook>
Lou_ter_Lou it's still my time, thinking too much.... all of my life... <Phil Collins>
Lou_ter_Lou hey mien jong, don't ya lose my number!! <Don't Lose My Number – Phil Collins>
Lou_ter_Lou Love this video :-) and ohhh, how I wish it would rain down indeed... RB @auticomics <Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down> (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou oh I'm trying, I really am.... "Don't try so hard, don't take it all to heart"... <Queen – Don't Try So Hard>
Lou_ter_Lou another one for @Twailbreaker... not THAT ruthless, am I? ;-) <Kayak – Ruthless Queen>

KayakRuthless Queen

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I've done a lot, to find the truth, I've even lied (...) but down inside, I'm bleeding.... <Super Heroes - RHPS>
Lou_ter_Lou so tired of being alone.... <Al Green> (RB @djsurfer) (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou ohww... it's just like... just like starting over... <John Lennon>

Just like starting Over, John Lennon. (Lyrics)

| play
Lou_ter_Lou sentimental journey... (RB @Rockerman1) <The Rolling Stones – Angie> (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou another heavenly one... <San Andreas Fault – Natalie Merchant>
Lou_ter_Lou I may know the word, but not say it... I may know the truth, but not face it... <Nathalie Merchant>

Natalie Merchant- I May Know the Word

| play
Lou_ter_Lou simply divine... <Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl>
Lou_ter_Lou Special Blip for @SW_Driver!! <Nits – Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof>
Lou_ter_Lou RB @Unaturalsoul: ".....Just Love This..!!...Awesome Of Ya~~~>@TropicsZ4: "The Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play .... @Unaturalsoul @LouLaBa" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou this one simply cannot go without reblipping... again and again and again... RB @Unaturalsoul <Prince – 1999> (reblip)


| play
Lou_ter_Lou 'kay.. I will ;-) RB@straywebsurfer: "♫ Taylor Dayne - "Don't Rush Me"...Take your time just a little bit in case of... RB@wild_divine: @LouLaBa" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Meredith!! yay! I'm a bitch :-) RB @auticomics (don't know why Alanis is in that picture but who cares). (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou I know I'll be.... I'll be your substitute.... (thanx to @Jacobde13e!!! X!) <Clout>


| play
Lou_ter_Lou very very special blip for @Malienkolder - Old & Wise - you will probably never be... 4ever young, never grow old, never die... ;-x
Lou_ter_Lou Stained.... 4ever. RB @TropicsZ4: "Staind – *For You" (reblip)

Staind*For You

| play
Lou_ter_Lou my alltime favorite. SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.... <Alan Parsons Project – Sirius/Eye In The Sky>
Lou_ter_Lou Addicted to love indeed ;-) RB @IRadio3: "Robert Palmer ~ Addicted to Love ~ Now That's What I Call the 80s♩ #rock" (reblip)
Lou_ter_Lou Here comes the summer sun!!! (yeah really!! Ik zie 'em!!) <TEXAS - Summer Sun (Live)>

TEXAS-Summer Sun,Cologne E Werk 1999

| play
Lou_ter_Lou but hey, so what... I have a Chrome Plated Heart... I'll take the time to polish those scratches... <Melissa Etheridge>
Lou_ter_Lou En een hele mooie... mijn snikliedje... "I still cry sometimes when I hear your name" <Ilse de Lange – I Still Cry>
Lou_ter_Lou The best Robert-Palmer-song ever to my humble opinion. <Robert Palmer – She Makes My Day>
Lou_ter_Lou special thanx to @Malienkolder - prachtig nummer!! heerlijk. <Windows of My Eyes - Cuby & the Blizzards>

Windows of My Eyes by Cuby & Blizzards

| play
Lou_ter_Lou Gotta write a CLASSIC, Babe, I'm an addict now, An addict for your love... (BEWARE: romantic song!!) <ADRIAN GURVITZ>
Lou_ter_Lou oh en nog zo'n jeugdsentimentding, deze dus ook. <Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms> (leuke jeugd had ik hè :-))
Lou_ter_Lou love tanita. RB @EinerVonAllen <Tanita Tikaram -Twist in my Sobriety> (reblip)

Tanita Tikaram -Twisted My Sobriety

| play
Lou_ter_Lou en DIT is MIJN jeugdsentiment in 't kwadraat. tis maar dat jullie 't weten. <The Outfield – Your Love>
Lou_ter_Lou just a mood song. nothing more than that... <Natalie Merchant- Seven Years>

Natalie Merchant- Seven Years

| play
Lou_ter_Lou I'm the ONLY one. good to know. <Melissa Etheridge>

melissa etheridge "I'm the only one"

| play
Lou_ter_Lou If you want me, you can call me. punt. <Melissa Etheridge – No Souvenirs>
Lou_ter_Lou En nog een speciale, voor de zich-aangesproken-voelenden ;-P <I want to come over - Melissa Etheridge>
Lou_ter_Lou & this is a MUST 4 2nite.... hope you're feeling happy now... <Skunk Anansie – Hedonism>

Skunk AnansieHedonism

| play
Lou_ter_Lou there is one, I'm pretty sure... <Life After You - Daughtry>
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