Maureen a very gentle hate song by a great band, this one with drummer Grant Hart on lead vocals.
ElaineElle Ca c'était de la musique, rien à voir avec ces emmerdeurs actuels soporifiques
ElaineElle Vieux de 30 ans, mais vous connaissez sans savoir pourquoi -
ElaineElle Pour @pdrouin, qui est un connoisseur ! -
DrEdge Stuck inside of Austin and I got them Memphis blues again..
mikegil Pretty sure the dancing is not as good in this one, even if the music is better (IMHO).
DrEdge "Looking cool and 'spec-less".. With my Brkln Indrs msngr bag (thanks rlp)
Tempestaire pensa ad una persona che un tempo si commuoveva ascoltando questo pezzo, che non sperava più e che ora è felice. (reblip)
TheMostReverendJim overlooked classic from an overlooked classic album
djxkn "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop [James Newell Osterberg, Jr.], from 1977 album "Lust For Life" - thanx @ericats! (reblip)
Louis19 Favorite Steve Reich track... I hear something new everytime I play it.
Louis19 Let us now expand our minds...(Klaus Schulze – Floating)
Louis19 Cleveland Rocks (Pere Ubu – 30 Seconds Over Tokyo)
Louis19 Epic... (Sonic Youth – The Diamond Sea)
Louis19 Eerie... (Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country)
Louis19 Mighty fine hurtin' song - Linda Thompson/Richard Thompson – Walking on a Wire
Louis19 The Mad Gemius at his best. (Thelonious Monk – Brilliant Corners)
Louis19 From a very underrated album... (Richard Thompson – 1952 Vincent Black Lightning)
Louis19 Love the Metheny/Reich sample... (The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds)


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Louis19 From "One World"... (John Martyn – Small Hours)
Louis19 Intense... (Godspeed You Black Emperor! – The Dead Flag Blues)
Louis19 Best use of the Theremin, ever! (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Electricity)
Louis19 Let us now gaze at our shoes... (My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow)
Louis19 Great cover of this Kraftwerk classic! (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Autobahn)
Louis19 Train music... (Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express)
Louis19 Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
mawdawgie One great song from a great band.
Louis19 Get the LP out and give it a spin... (Husker Du – 59 Times the Pain)
Louis19 Great Tangerine Dream sample (DJ Shadow – Changeling)
Louis19 (Charles Mingus – Better Git Hit In Your Soul)
Louis19 Von Lmo – Future Language
Louis19 Gilbert Bécaud – Nathalie
Louis19 From the "Closer" album...(Joy Division – Heart And Soul)
Louis19 Hadn't heard this one in ages... (The Fall – Totally Wired)
Louis19 Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi's Dead
Louis19 A unique voice singing a great song: Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding
jadelane [Jane's Addiction – Been Caught Stealing] rb @Tjclassic82 never liked perry farrell as portrayed by rock media. this song, however.... (reblip)
EmilyMedvec catch your Santa Fe dreams before they slip away
Louis19 All Hail the King: Bob Dylan – Queen Jane Approximately
Louis19 Hawkwind – Silver Machine
Oldies Frijid Pink - The House Of the Rising Sun


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Louis19 Beautiful: The One AM Radio – In The Time We've Got
Louis19 From "154", fave Wire LP: Wire – The 15th

WireThe 15th

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Louis19 Très cool: France Gall – Laisse tomber les filles (reblip)
Louis19 Monumental: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party (formalhaut) – Judaian de Dukhre
Louis19 Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic – Ptoccata
Louis19 Old school... I'm digging up the LP right now!
Louis19 Still looking for a good clean copy of "All Mod Cons" on vinyl...
Louis19 Beautiful piece. Not familiar with this version, though.
Louis19 A big Fuck You to the world.
evablue is coming august 1 & 2! w00t! blipping the line up.
s0apy just a little bit, a little bit more time to live out my life..
Louis19 Clearly Canadian: Buck 65 – Dang

Buck 65Dang

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Louis19 One of the best Fripp solos ever...
morganh For @xtcdukes...What we called and I.D. 10-T problem...exists between keyboard and chair...
Louis19 More Eno... Possibly my favorite non-musician musician ever
Louis19 No list would be complete without this one


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DJDaria Ahhh.. memories


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pabloidz i can't understand a word, but i sing it along very well
Louis19 From "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" (Brian Eno/David Byrne – Regiment)
morganh It's in the trees! It's coming!
Louis19 Wonderful


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Louis19 Great instrumental track from SM...
LaKarune ...the written word is a LIIIEEE....
Louis19 Ear bleedin' time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louis19 Those Pesky Canadians with the nasty band name!
Louis19 Current Canadian Power Pop Fixation...
Tsaksonakis ...right through the night... Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
Louis19 A great one from The Undertones...
purplesime @warhorus Don't be jealous, but mine came Saturday morning! It's amazing and you'll so enjoy it. (reblip)
Louis19 Deep sadness through an axe...

Patti Smith - Because The Night

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Apple_chic @GR8FL - The Orb sampled Riperton on this originally, but were asked to get a different vocalist and change the title. It was called 'Loving You'
Louis19 Fave AC/DC song from fave AC/DC album...
Louis19 Great version of a classic ambient track...
Gufler @locuta... Oldschool, maar wel lekker... nog steeds!
Louis19 Deep groove... great guitar...
newyorkTimes @daretoeatapeach - still at work. what time are you guys there 'til? i might catch you next time, whenever that is...
Louis19 Another great British pop ditty...
darkhairedgirl misheard lyrics: "this fun thing's going to happen." =)
diverbh Sonic Youth – Disappearer
ErnieE lithium the only way to unplug


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dsb1218 yes indeed, @loriiselectric - "anything off of Mermaid Ave." (reblip)
meritree Must share this more: way-to-go! Thanks for this to @whistlin_indie UL'd this to share. The new Great Lake Swimmers is something quite special. (reblip)
Louis19 Winding down... (Brian Eno – 1/2)

Brian Eno1/2

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Louis19 Still winding down... (Terry Riley – Slow Melody In Bhairavi)
louielouai A language I do not speak or understand. I like the sound.
Louis19 Let's start real smooth... (Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm – Like Pictures)
Apple_chic in fact, I won't just prop you @PrimeObjective. This one deserves and instant reblip becuase I love Kieran Hebden!! :) (reblip)
Louis19 Let's pick it up a bit... (Curtis Mayfield – Freddie's Dead)
arwin This has always being a theme of mine.. always.. (reblip)
purplesime Today's second most popular song on Blip. According to Blip stats.
Louis19 Un grand classique de la chanson française... (Boris Vian – Le déserteur)
kickstand447 Got 17 minutes? Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Tneodepressivo Mais do que nunca este é a minha manha favorita - The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
Louis19 Time for some serious prog: All hail King Crimson!!


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Louis19 First LP I EVER BOUGHT! Don't laugh, it was a DAMN FINE record!
jenmo Decade...can picture the album cover....used to use it for "album tokes"
petersaints Mais uma dos Incubus... Rogues ;)


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Louis19 Novelty heaven... (Von Lmo – This Is Pop Rock)
AstrOdub afternoon ambiance________David Byrne and Brian Eno – Everything That Happens
teffymae @gonequiet Love Fake Empire. My friend turned me on to them and this band. I quite like them. When's Camera Obscura coming?
Dillin_Chillin Has it been that long since I've heard this? I might like you better... LOL,but not my words. (reblip)
karnevil Right up there among my all time favorite songs
beenjamin didn't like rock in the 80's but this one gives me a lift! listen
Louis19 Ooh, what a great album that was...
Louis19 ein kraut --- Fantastic track. (reblip)


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Louis19 Pre-ambient chef-d'oeuvre: Cluster & Eno – Ho Renomo
Louis19 More! Kraut! rock! (NEU! – Super)


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Gracie78 nothing like a joy division song to make one happy!
Louis19 Merde... (Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem pour un con)
Louis19 Time for a good kick in the ass...
Louis19 Other than Leonard's original, this is the better version (John Cale - Hallelujah)

John_Cale - Hallelujah

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Louis19 O yeah... (Laurie Anderson – O Superman)
Louis19 Now, THAT was a great video (w/Donald Sutherland)
Louis19 Perhaps one of his finest songs...
Louis19 A **FANTASTIC** piece by a vastly underappreciated sax player...
sireneatspoetry ...another new song to add to my lovely collection of songs. I think I need to hear more of these guys' music.
Louis19 Great fusion from the master...
Zick The first and last time I arrived to Paris this song was on the radio. It's a curious thing it HAS to be played in MONO to fill the whole space. 2:04
Louis19 Winding down with some vintage space music (Klaus Schulze – Wahnfried 1883)
Louis19 Gettin' ready for #followfridays! (The Cure – Friday I'm In Love)
Louis19 Another predictably obvious Friday song... (The Black Crowes – Good Friday)
iboy Listening to Robert Plant's Big Log from The Principle of Moments
Louis19 Another Friday song...(The Darkness – Friday Night)
DonMac One for all you G20 protesters out there!!
Louis19 another great song from The Fall
Louis19 More great music from The Fall
RemyFoster Song i would have played yesterday, if i dident need to go in for physics today...
littlefunk "Brown Eyed Girl" - Van Morrison

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

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7sus4 ふっふーふーふふふー
mikeyboy50 Like the calm of that voice... relaxing
njschloss #480 on the Rolling Stone 500 greatest songs list. We were born before the wind.
Louis19 More Jazz... This is a masterpiece, of course...
Holycow Dark. Very dark. And very German.
crowjane What becomes of us...

jimmy ruffin - what becomes of a broken heart

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nawlinswoman Probably my favorite song about loss...ain't no sunshine
lourdesmarie Behind every beautiful thing there's been some kind of pain. (reblip)
Louis19 One of my fave Radiohead songs...
Louis19 Another day on Earth... (Brian Eno – Just Another Day)
Louis19 king's lead hat = talking heads...
Louis19 great track from Fourth World Possible Musics
Louis19 Lennie... Leonard Cohen – Night Comes On
Louis19 Kraut Dub... (Moebius & Plank – Miss Cacadou)
Louis19 Fave Cocteau Twins tune...
Louis19 Album préféré de 2008: The Seldom Seen Kid (Elbow – Mirrorball)
Louis19 Monster 70s Funk - Jimmy Castor Bunch – Bertha Butt Boogie
mikeyboy50 Another nice piece for a rainy day
Louis19 Current Canadian indie pop fixation...
Louis19 Lovely... (The National – Fake Empire)
Louis19 Monster Track from Spaghetti Head! Copy availale here:


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Louis19 Killer Funk! Maceo & The Macks–Cross The Tracks/Available here:
Louis19 Great track from Sandinista! The Clash – Police on My Back
Louis19 Great Track (Led Zeppelin – Tea For One)
S4Songcrush I think this logically follows the previous one from Marvin Gaye..... but maybe that's just me :?


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Blipflirt For @robertbland - longest #bowie track ever blipped!!! [David Bowie – Station To Station]
zenzizi écoute Atom Heart Mother en loop // Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother
wedwithease wake up kids If you feel your dream is dying, Hold tight, Don't let go, One dance left, This world is gonna pull through You've got a reason to live (reblip)
eraser ja ja ja ja!!!... esto es la junnnnnnglaaaaaaa (reblip)
Louis19 Pour les nostalgiques de l'hiver... ;-) (Malajube – Montréal -40C)
Louis19 Félix Leclerc – L'hymne au printemps
dbalieiro [♫][ Ram Jam | Black Betty ]|| Well' shes shakin' that thing (bam-BA-lam); Boy she makes me sing (bam-BA-lam) || [∞][lol lol lol] @QueenBean (reblip)
Louis19 Serge Gainsbourg – Black trombone
Dyin2leaveFla Led Zeppelin – Nobody's Fault But Mine
Louis19 Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Air à danser
Louis19 Électro Disco du Québec: Kebekelektrik – War Dance
MartaHo Ugh. I wish I could go see Metric at the Mod Club. Downloaded the album. It's good stuff. If they ever come to your town, go see them!
Louis19 Make some noise! (Einsturzende Neubauten – Steh Auf Berlin)
RachelES I always listen to this at the gym.
Sublimelife The most trippiest Marley tune...but top of the list for me.
Gaz50 @DJJazzyJacq, hey jacq, listen to the start of this and the Stretch tune, no difference lol ..climax blues band – couldn't get it right
Bimbler Kraftwerk – The Model
purplesime I'm writing ads for inflatable beds today! Best not drop a cigarette in one of those!
Louis19 Voilà comment j'me sens.../How I feel (Air – Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping)
Louis19 This translator's fave song about language: Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
Louis19 Brilliant... Easy Star All-Stars – Airbag (featuring Horace Andy)
Louis19 Best sequencer ever... (Donna Summer – I Feel love)
Louis19 Second best rock instrumental ever!!!
Louis19 3rd best rock intrumental ever!


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Louis19 Memories of a misspent youth...

Aerosmith - Dream On

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2fast4u I've never known a girl like you before
RoasterBoy one more from the Belfast Cowboy
TheLifeGym GOD SAVE THE QUEEEEN... she ain't no human being... The Sex Pistols of course :o)
sarah__o 'a sip of wine, a cigarette, and then it's time to go...'
zenzizi écoute des trucs relax dans l'espoir de rentrer dans sa zone optimale de codeur Flex // Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi
Louis19 Animal Collective – My Girls
Louis19 Cool mashup... totom (Blue Cheer vs. Queens of the Stone Age) – Regular Blues
Louis19 Metal precursors extraordinaire... (Blue Cheer – Summertime blues)
Louis19 Fave Pink Floyd track: Several Small Species Of Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict
Louis19 Wow... Josephine Baker - J'ai deux amours... mon pays et Paris...
zenzizi ZZZzz beaux rêves // Boards of Canada – Alpha And Omega
ALFHART Pink Floyd,The Great Gig in The Sky.
GnomeBodhi Another day on Wall Street lies ahead:

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

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Louis19 Vive la Louisiane! (Zachary Richard – Pagayez)
Louis19 Serge Gainsbourg – Ballade de Melody Nelson
Louis19 All hail the Pixies...


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B_B_Beat That might be Charlie's bird land?
xtnblue Noir Désir – le vent nous portera
thepetshopboy after seeing "adventureland" last nite i've been singin' alot of replacement songs :)
rodrigoffonseca listen what the good and old Neil have to say!
CmodulBaresi Ihr könnt mich übrigens auch Al nennen. (reblip)
DaHilster from a levis advert many moons ago
chestyle Yes, I'm blipping this again, shoot me :P
PhilCool The correct version !!!!!
Louis19 Psyched out... (Ultimate Spinach - Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess)

Ultimate Spinach_Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess

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Louis19 'Scusez-moé, ça m'tentait... (Les Frères Brosse – Y neize)
brianmcculloh first heard this in The Devil's Advocate end credits.
Louis19 Ian Dury - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll


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playalongjon Goodnight all blippers, a track guarantee to send you off to sleep......zzzzzzzzzz ........Bye
Louis19 Now I got a reason... (SEX PISTOLS – Holidays In The Sun)